{"results": [{"id": 54251, "text": "N00000685 Mpileng Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 54250, "text": "N00000684 Peak Child Education (pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54249, "text": "N00000683 Ambleside Southern Africa"}, {"id": 54248, "text": "N00000682 DIMAOSC"}, {"id": 54247, "text": "N00000681 Khanyuchume Information Technology (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 54246, "text": "N00000680 Mulundi Holdings (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54245, "text": "N00000679 Philani Maternal Child Health and Nutrition Trust"}, {"id": 54244, "text": "N00000678 CONFIDO TRAINING CENTRE (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 54243, "text": "N00000677 At the Business Clinic"}, {"id": 54242, "text": "N00000676 Siyabonga"}, {"id": 54241, "text": "N00000675 Inside Education Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 54240, "text": "N00000674 Get Informed Youth Development Centre"}, {"id": 54239, "text": "N00000673 iLEINSTEC College"}, {"id": 54238, "text": "N00000672 LNM Fundanathi Institute"}, {"id": 54237, "text": "N00000671 Sbusiso Ngcobo"}, {"id": 54236, "text": "N00000670 South African National Council for the Blind"}, {"id": 54235, "text": "N00000669 No-Valo Learning Centre"}, {"id": 54234, "text": "N00000668 Ikusasalethu Educare"}, {"id": 54233, "text": "N00000667 Leboneng Nursery Kids College"}, {"id": 54232, "text": "N00000666 Karabo Educare"}, {"id": 54231, "text": "N00000665 Khayalami Day Cre"}, {"id": 54230, "text": "N00000664 Bohlale Educare"}, {"id": 54229, "text": "N00000663 Phosinwe Educare"}, {"id": 54228, "text": "N00000662 Everyday Sunshine"}, {"id": 54227, "text": "N00000661 E\u2019Lshadda Day Care"}, {"id": 54226, "text": "N00000660 Mahlodi Educare"}, {"id": 54225, "text": "N00000659 Minerva Consulting"}, {"id": 54222, "text": "N00000656 Ndzalama Training Pty(Ltd)"}, {"id": 54221, "text": "N00000655 Kishugu Training Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 54220, "text": "N00000654 Snothile Conferences"}, {"id": 54219, "text": "N00000653 bright star"}, {"id": 54218, "text": "N00000652 Itekeng Self Help Project For Disabled"}, {"id": 54217, "text": "N00000651 Facilitators on research development"}, {"id": 54216, "text": "N00000650 Fs Compusteps and Information Technology"}, {"id": 54215, "text": "N00000649 freshly baked bakery"}, {"id": 54213, "text": "N00000647 SONDELA ROADS CC"}, {"id": 54212, "text": "N00000646 Bsw security and Cleaning services"}, {"id": 54211, "text": "N00000645 MSAADA DEVELOPMENT NPC"}, {"id": 54210, "text": "N00000644 THE SAN VISION FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 54209, "text": "N00000643 kwinda institute of learning & consulting"}, {"id": 54208, "text": "N00000642 Built Africa NPO"}, {"id": 54207, "text": "N00000641 Davhana Training and Development"}, {"id": 54206, "text": "N00000640 Holofelang Training Academy"}, {"id": 54205, "text": "N00000639 Cheeba Canabis Academy"}, {"id": 54204, "text": "N00000638 Mortarboard Solutions"}, {"id": 54203, "text": "L740785946 Smiley Kids Boksburg"}, {"id": 54202, "text": "N00000636 Lefa Co-op"}, {"id": 54201, "text": "L610782452 Twinkle Star Pre-Primary School"}, {"id": 54200, "text": "N00000634 INYATHI LOUNGE (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 54198, "text": "L710820715 Michelangelo School of Hair (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54197, "text": "L210812899 Joseph Business School"}, {"id": 54196, "text": "L810824153 Kgabisopalesa Cares NPC"}, {"id": 54195, "text": "N00000629 Marsillo Consulting (Pty) lTD"}, {"id": 54194, "text": "N00000628 ELITE ESTHETICS"}, {"id": 54193, "text": "N00000627 Jo's School"}, {"id": 54192, "text": "L750823108 AHC Nursing College"}, {"id": 54191, "text": "L390818542 Maite Business Consulting and Training Agency (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54190, "text": "N00000624 Young Entrepreneurs Hosting Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54189, "text": "N00000623 SITHEMBISO NEL"}, {"id": 54188, "text": "N00000622 Tiespro Training Institute"}, {"id": 54187, "text": "N00000621 COLOSSEUM GROUP"}, {"id": 54186, "text": "L260816485 Rivoni Training N Communications"}, {"id": 54185, "text": "N00000619 SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP"}, {"id": 54184, "text": "N00000618 FoodBev SETA"}, {"id": 54183, "text": "N00000617 Impilo-Life Community Centre"}, {"id": 54181, "text": "N00000615 KO MABELE CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 54179, "text": "N00000613 Africa College of Education"}, {"id": 54177, "text": "N00000611 All About Kids"}, {"id": 54173, "text": "N00000607 Ukhokhelo Lolutsha"}, {"id": 54172, "text": "N00000606 ATCA"}, {"id": 54171, "text": "N00000605 Kagisho Maetla Training Academy"}, {"id": 54169, "text": "L890805585 The Carwash at Rietvlei Zoo"}, {"id": 54165, "text": "N00000599 The Growing Patch PrE-School Educare"}, {"id": 54164, "text": "N00000598 GAUTENG SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY NPC"}, {"id": 54161, "text": "L660810393 South African Medical Association Trade Union"}, {"id": 54157, "text": "N00000591 Polly Short Academy"}, {"id": 54154, "text": "L930822608 Hillary Ann Rust"}, {"id": 54152, "text": "N00000586 Technicon South Africa for Higher Education"}, {"id": 54150, "text": "N00000584 OTB Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 54147, "text": "N00000581 Devon Hulpsentrum CC"}, {"id": 54142, "text": "N00000576 DAMASCUS FAST FOOD"}, {"id": 54140, "text": "N00000574 Samatsimbi Construction and projects"}, {"id": 54137, "text": "N00000571 Okhens Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 54136, "text": "N00000570 Okhens Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 54132, "text": "L870818913 Motse Innovation Centre"}, {"id": 54131, "text": "N00000565 KEALETHABO LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 54130, "text": "N00000564 Roma Nna Organization"}, {"id": 54127, "text": "N00000561 ALINDELWE TRADING ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 54119, "text": "N00000553 Tinoti Agricultural and Construction Cooperative Ltd"}, {"id": 54116, "text": "L300786714 PYKAY CONSULTING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 54114, "text": "N00000548 lauba artisans developers"}, {"id": 54110, "text": "N00000544 Coranation Management"}, {"id": 54109, "text": "N00000543 Usenathi and Futureholdings"}, {"id": 54106, "text": "N00000540 Usenathi and Futureholdings"}, {"id": 54101, "text": "N00000535 MBOMBELA SKILLS TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 54099, "text": "N00000533 UNLIMITED POTENTIAL INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 54098, "text": "N00000532 SEESA PTY"}, {"id": 54096, "text": "N00000530 Bontebokkies Kleuterskool & Naskool / Creche & Aftercare Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 54093, "text": "N00000527 APPARITION MANAGEMENT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 54092, "text": "N00000526 Lucelle Maemu"}, {"id": 54091, "text": "N00000525 PETROLEUM PROFESSIONALS AFRICA (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 54089, "text": "N00000523 Iris Machate"}, {"id": 54088, "text": "N00000522 Foundation Science Programme"}, {"id": 54084, "text": "N00000518 Khumong Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 54082, "text": "N00000516 Erisn Africa"}, {"id": 54081, "text": "N00000515 Tutorials Campus (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54076, "text": "N00000510 Whitestone College"}, {"id": 54071, "text": "L840819777 William Culbert Consultant Assessments"}, {"id": 54069, "text": "N00000503 Tutorials Campus Training Institute"}, {"id": 54065, "text": "N00000499 Lawrence Mucha"}, {"id": 54063, "text": "N00000497 IDG TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 54062, "text": "N00000496 VUKAMZANSI CIVIC MOVEMENT NPC"}, {"id": 54059, "text": "L300786714 Geeks4Learning"}, {"id": 54057, "text": "N00000491 GAOPALELWE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NPC"}, {"id": 54055, "text": "N00000489 K2021/787554/07"}, {"id": 54053, "text": "N00000487 Continuous Educational Training"}, {"id": 54049, "text": "N00000483 Skillie Skilpad Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 54046, "text": "N00000480 Prodev training and development solutions"}, {"id": 54045, "text": "N00000479 BTA TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 54044, "text": "N00000478 LENTEC Training Academy"}, {"id": 54042, "text": "N00000476 Career goals"}, {"id": 54041, "text": "N00000475 PMC COLLEGE TRAINING"}, {"id": 54039, "text": "N00000473 NZOTHO FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 54036, "text": "N00000470 Eco Children"}, {"id": 54034, "text": "N00000468 Thuto Teach"}, {"id": 54032, "text": "N00000466 Ruthekho Training Academy"}, {"id": 54031, "text": "N00000465 NYALUWO INSTITUTES"}, {"id": 54028, "text": "N00000462 Mokgopo Creche and Preschool"}, {"id": 54025, "text": "N00000459 Distictions Pathways Academy"}, {"id": 54021, "text": "N00000455 White Business Solutions"}, {"id": 54017, "text": "N00000451 Unleash Potential Trading (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 54015, "text": "N00000449 Ithuba Skills Development Solutions"}, {"id": 54012, "text": "N00000446 LIXAN PROJECTS"}, {"id": 54006, "text": "N00000440 Tomakhe Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 54000, "text": "N00000434 Global Prospectus Development Institute (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 53996, "text": "N00000430 Fad and Famish (pty)Ltd"}, {"id": 53995, "text": "N00000429 WELL OF WISDOM GLOBAL"}, {"id": 53987, "text": "N00000421 Ntiyiso Training"}, {"id": 53985, "text": "N00000419 Ntiyiso Training"}, {"id": 53984, "text": "N00000418 IRT Training (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 53982, "text": "N00000416 IRT Training (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 53980, "text": "N00000414 IRT Training (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 53978, "text": "N00000412 IRT Training (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 53976, "text": "N00000410 IRT Training (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 53975, "text": "N00000409 IRT Training (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 53968, "text": "N00000402 Emmtapp Training Institute"}, {"id": 53966, "text": "N00000400 Emmtapp Training Institute"}, {"id": 53964, "text": "N00000398 Emmtapp Training Institute"}, {"id": 53962, "text": "N00000396 Emmtapp Training Institute"}, {"id": 53961, "text": "N00000395 Emmtapp Training Institute"}, {"id": 53951, "text": "N00000385 Baleni & Ntame Consultations"}, {"id": 53950, "text": "N00000384 Bokamoso Farmers Acdemy"}, {"id": 53948, "text": "N00000382 Bokamoso Farmers Acdemy"}, {"id": 53947, "text": "N00000381 THUTO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 53946, "text": "N00000380 TRADES Academy"}, {"id": 53945, "text": "N00000379 TRADES Academy"}, {"id": 53943, "text": "N00000377 TRADES Academy"}, {"id": 53941, "text": "N00000375 TRADES Academy"}, {"id": 53940, "text": "N00000374 EN MZANSI MINING SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 53939, "text": "N00000373 EN MZANSI MINING SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 53936, "text": "N00000370 Luleka cares"}, {"id": 53935, "text": "N00000369 ReputableSA"}, {"id": 53934, "text": "N00000368 ReputableSA"}, {"id": 53932, "text": "N00000366 Goalsetter youth Development"}, {"id": 53931, "text": "N00000365 Goalsetter youth Development"}, {"id": 53930, "text": "N00000364 FutureFirst Foundation"}, {"id": 53929, "text": "N00000363 Thutukani Nations NPC"}, {"id": 53928, "text": "N00000362 Wonders Without Delay"}, {"id": 53926, "text": "N00000360 RECLAMIRALOVE FINANCIAL AND TAX SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 53925, "text": "N00000359 spt electrical project"}, {"id": 53923, "text": "N00000357 spt electrical project"}, {"id": 53921, "text": "N00000355 Level Up"}, {"id": 53920, "text": "N00000354 Level Up"}, {"id": 53918, "text": "N00000352 Level Up"}, {"id": 53916, "text": "N00000350 Level Up"}, {"id": 53915, "text": "N00000349 imisebe academy"}, {"id": 53913, "text": "N00000347 imisebe academy"}, {"id": 53911, "text": "N00000345 imisebe academy"}, {"id": 53907, "text": "N00000341 Arch Angel Initiatives (PTY) Ltd"}, {"id": 53906, "text": "N00000340 Sequential Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 53905, "text": "N00000339 Octavia's Training Institute"}, {"id": 53904, "text": "N00000338 Makwena Muleya Consulting"}, {"id": 53903, "text": "N00000337 Makwena Muleya Consulting"}, {"id": 53902, "text": "N00000336 Vusisizwe life center"}, {"id": 53901, "text": "N00000335 Vusisizwe life center"}, {"id": 53899, "text": "N00000333 Ruta Africa"}, {"id": 53898, "text": "N00000332 Rio Training Academy"}, {"id": 53897, "text": "N00000331 Taung Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 53896, "text": "N00000330 BOTI"}, {"id": 53894, "text": "N00000328 BOTI"}, {"id": 53892, "text": "N00000326 KTMO Business Solutions"}, {"id": 53891, "text": "N00000325 Raj Skills"}, {"id": 53890, "text": "N00000324 ISKILL"}, {"id": 53889, "text": "N00000323 Netgrow Training Solutions"}, {"id": 53888, "text": "N00000322 Dineo Tsotetsi"}, {"id": 53887, "text": "N00000321 Dineo Tsotetsi"}, {"id": 53886, "text": "N00000320 Okuhle Quality Protection Training Academy"}, {"id": 53885, "text": "N00000319 RATSHIBVUMO TRAINING AND CONSULTANT"}, {"id": 53884, "text": "N00000318 RATSHIBVUMO TRAINING AND CONSULTANT"}, {"id": 53883, "text": "N00000317 Kagisho Maetla Training Academy"}, {"id": 53882, "text": "N00000316 Sinovuyolethu Trading"}, {"id": 53881, "text": "N00000315 Adroit SHEQ Consulting"}, {"id": 53880, "text": "N00000314 Dunamiss"}, {"id": 53879, "text": "N00000313 MOSIHLE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 53878, "text": "N00000312 Synergistic Covenant Network NPO"}, {"id": 53877, "text": "N00000311 Matasolve (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 53876, "text": "N00000310 NOUVEL AGE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 53875, "text": "N00000309 National Laboratory Association \u2013 South Africa NPC"}, {"id": 53874, "text": "N00000308 Alberton High School"}, {"id": 53873, "text": "N00000307 BT Group Training"}, {"id": 53872, "text": "N00000306 Nghilazi Engineers and Constructors"}, {"id": 53871, "text": "N00000305 Mpholafudi Institute"}, {"id": 53870, "text": "N00000304 Charm Rhulz"}, {"id": 53869, "text": "N00000303 Kwasifikile Enterprise"}, {"id": 53868, "text": "N00000302 Kwasifikile Enterprise"}, {"id": 53867, "text": "N00000301 Kwasifikile Enterprise"}, {"id": 53866, "text": "N00000300 Lusatech Training Academy"}, {"id": 53865, "text": "N00000299 IDWALA HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 53864, "text": "N00000298 Ntathu Consulting Services"}, {"id": 53863, "text": "N00000297 ANF Accounting Academy"}, {"id": 53862, "text": "N00000296 DNL Training"}, {"id": 53861, "text": "N00000295 B M PROPERTIES & AUCTIONS"}, {"id": 53860, "text": "N00000294 Tshaulu Agents Of Change In Rural Community Development Association NPO"}, {"id": 53859, "text": "N00000293 Same"}, {"id": 53858, "text": "N00000292 Symphony Skills"}, {"id": 53857, "text": "N00000291 Silalele Skills Academy"}, {"id": 53856, "text": "N00000290 Steak Makers Academy"}, {"id": 53855, "text": "N00000289 PR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT GROUP"}, {"id": 53854, "text": "N00000288 HLAYISESE TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 53853, "text": "N00000287 Margie Angamuthu"}, {"id": 53852, "text": "L790823589 Lindamahle Management Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 53851, "text": "L140824154 csm project management consulting"}, {"id": 53850, "text": "N00000284 Pfunzo Ye Sive"}, {"id": 53849, "text": "N00000283 Bumblebee Buzz"}, {"id": 50901, "text": "N00000282 *MICY PROJECTS (PTY)LTD"}, {"id": 50900, "text": "L830800472 CAEinstitute (pty) ltd"}, {"id": 50899, "text": "L440804690 AFFINITY BUSINESS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50898, "text": "N00000279 Liphiring training and skills development services"}, {"id": 50896, "text": "L7200818484 ITI"}, {"id": 50895, "text": "N00000276 DE-VI EDUCATION AND TRAINING (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50894, "text": "N00000275 SASCE"}, {"id": 50893, "text": "N00000274 Cymbol Consulting (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50892, "text": "N00000273 Leeko Dorty Consulting"}, {"id": 50891, "text": "N00000272 makhensa global ict services"}, {"id": 50889, "text": "L790823325 JUBILATE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50888, "text": "N00000269 New Start Youth Development"}, {"id": 50887, "text": "N00000268 Lons Pride"}, {"id": 50886, "text": "N00000267 Devine Intelligence Consultants"}, {"id": 50885, "text": "N00000266 DEVINE INTELLIGENCE CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 50884, "text": "N00000265 Infinite Life Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50882, "text": "N00000263 ladies of hope"}, {"id": 50881, "text": "N00000262 Shakes Academy"}, {"id": 50880, "text": "N00000261 Lux College"}, {"id": 50878, "text": "N00000259 Atailpedia"}, {"id": 50877, "text": "L430818650 Plaasjapies Dag en Nasorg"}, {"id": 50876, "text": "N00000257 MMNANGO MEDIA"}, {"id": 50875, "text": "N00000256 Smithroy"}, {"id": 50873, "text": "L290812793 Skills 123"}, {"id": 50872, "text": "N00000254 Future Wings Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50871, "text": "N00000253 Dibber South Africa"}, {"id": 50870, "text": "N00000252 Ntataise Lowveld"}, {"id": 50869, "text": "N00000251 FHI Cinical South Africa (Pty)Ltd"}, {"id": 50868, "text": "N00000250 Abundance AEPP"}, {"id": 50867, "text": "N00000249 Enskills Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 50866, "text": "N00000248 Mdaka Omnyama Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 50865, "text": "N00000247 Mdaka Omnyama Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 50863, "text": "N00000245 CdianePro International"}, {"id": 50862, "text": "N00000244 Right to learn development center"}, {"id": 50861, "text": "N00000243 MGM Designers and Projects College"}, {"id": 50860, "text": "N00000242 Lwandokuhle Holdings (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50859, "text": "N00000241 Orlan Nyezi"}, {"id": 50858, "text": "N00000240 Cathrina Gerber"}, {"id": 50856, "text": "N00000238 makhensa global ict services"}, {"id": 50855, "text": "N00000237 Future Wings Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50853, "text": "N00000235 Wonerboom Kiddies Academy"}, {"id": 50852, "text": "N00000234 EL-SHADDAI CENTRE"}, {"id": 50851, "text": "N00000233 EL-SHADDAI CENTRE"}, {"id": 50850, "text": "N00000232 CORE CAPACITY TRAINING ACADEMY (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50849, "text": "N00000231 SOUL KIDS NURSERY"}, {"id": 50848, "text": "L400804367 Thandimfundo Private School"}, {"id": 50847, "text": "N00000229 SDS Sustainability Projects"}, {"id": 50846, "text": "N00000228 ABC. Solutions"}, {"id": 50845, "text": "L870816339 Stedin College and Stedin PrImary"}, {"id": 50844, "text": "N00000226 Enerhu"}, {"id": 50843, "text": "N00000225 RLDC"}, {"id": 50842, "text": "N00000224 Institute Status Acres Combined School"}, {"id": 50841, "text": "N00000223 CASME"}, {"id": 50840, "text": "N00000222 HAVILAH KIDS"}, {"id": 50839, "text": "N00000221 Positive Light Foundation"}, {"id": 50838, "text": "L180818801 YDN Academy Projects (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50836, "text": "N00000218 T Shongwe Projects (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50835, "text": "N00000217 MS Mokhethi Accountants"}, {"id": 50834, "text": "N00000216 KUSILE"}, {"id": 50833, "text": "N00000215 Deep Learning Academy"}, {"id": 50832, "text": "N00000214 Biocrest SA (PTY)Ltd"}, {"id": 50831, "text": "N00000213 Allan and Gill Gray Philanthropy"}, {"id": 50830, "text": "N00000212 Ilubalethu Projects"}, {"id": 50829, "text": "N00000211 Moremedi REsources"}, {"id": 50827, "text": "N00000209 Algorithmics International Programming School Cape Town"}, {"id": 50826, "text": "N00000208 CCM-IT SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50825, "text": "N00000207 LUCKY MM ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 50824, "text": "N00000206 TNL Training and Development"}, {"id": 50823, "text": "N00000205 Kwetsi kateko Business Consulting"}, {"id": 50822, "text": "N00000204 LUCKY MM ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 50821, "text": "N00000203 HAVILAH KIDS"}, {"id": 50820, "text": "N00000202 KNS TRADING"}, {"id": 50819, "text": "N00000201 Lisuth PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50818, "text": "N00000200 SEEDWAY CAPITAL"}, {"id": 50817, "text": "N00000199 OHS-Med consulting"}, {"id": 50816, "text": "N00000198 Be The Star You Are Consultancy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50815, "text": "N00000197 Positive Light Foundation"}, {"id": 50814, "text": "N00000196 nomdile projects"}, {"id": 50813, "text": "N00000195 Lisuth Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50812, "text": "N00000194 Moremedi Resources"}, {"id": 50811, "text": "N00000193 Sirah Business School"}, {"id": 50810, "text": "N00000192 W And B Driving School (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50809, "text": "N00000191 Babu Fredrick Foundation (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50808, "text": "N00000190 MYDO"}, {"id": 50807, "text": "N00000189 Nangu Facilities (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50806, "text": "N00000188 Style Pro 3"}, {"id": 50804, "text": "N00000186 Hands-On Skills Development Support Services"}, {"id": 50803, "text": "N00000185 Training Connections Community Centre"}, {"id": 50802, "text": "N00000184 Kea Ncube Agri Services (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50801, "text": "N00000183 Free State Rainbow Seeds NPO"}, {"id": 50800, "text": "N00000182 Shelley"}, {"id": 50799, "text": "N00000181 Mamothe Training Services"}, {"id": 50798, "text": "N00000180 Siyabonga Multi-Purpose & telecentre"}, {"id": 50797, "text": "N00000179 Hands on Skills Development Support Services"}, {"id": 50796, "text": "N00000178 Sinefuture Training Solutions"}, {"id": 50795, "text": "N00000177 KENCED HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50794, "text": "N00000176 BBOpEx Solutions"}, {"id": 50792, "text": "N00000174 EWCC INCORPORATING SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50791, "text": "N00000173 TEA"}, {"id": 50790, "text": "N00000172 POP PDC"}, {"id": 50789, "text": "N00000171 Utter Coterie"}, {"id": 50788, "text": "N00000170 fromMEtoWE"}, {"id": 50787, "text": "N00000169 POP PDC"}, {"id": 50785, "text": "N00000167 This Little Light NPO"}, {"id": 50784, "text": "N00000166 ECO MANAGEMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 50783, "text": "N00000165 ECO MANAGEMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 50781, "text": "N00000163 PSCU"}, {"id": 50780, "text": "N00000162 Netgrow Training Solutions"}, {"id": 50779, "text": "N00000161 NDODENKULU GROUP"}, {"id": 50778, "text": "N00000160 BID Consultancy"}, {"id": 50777, "text": "N00000159 BENSEN BUSINESS CONSULTING AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50775, "text": "N00000157 The Academy of Accelerated Technology Education"}, {"id": 50774, "text": "N00000156 KTMO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50773, "text": "N00000155 KTMO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50772, "text": "N00000154 KTMO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50771, "text": "N00000153 SEW CRAZY"}, {"id": 50770, "text": "N00000152 The beauty lab academy"}, {"id": 50769, "text": "N00000151 Pro Brand Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 50768, "text": "N00000150 Seqebo Training and Counselling"}, {"id": 50766, "text": "N00000148 Rophe Community Services"}, {"id": 50765, "text": "N00000147 Mgwezane Training and Events Management CC"}, {"id": 50764, "text": "N00000146 Paradise Institution Learning and Training centre"}, {"id": 50763, "text": "N00000145 GLOBAL INSTITUTE SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50762, "text": "N00000144 Christopher Simon Moropa"}, {"id": 50761, "text": "N00000143 Concept PUMLA"}, {"id": 50760, "text": "N00000142 SpecCon Holdings"}, {"id": 50759, "text": "N00000141 Kitso College"}, {"id": 50758, "text": "N00000140 Lefa Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50757, "text": "N00000139 Jet Energy South Africa PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50756, "text": "N00000138 JMD WORX"}, {"id": 50755, "text": "N00000137 RSA Institute"}, {"id": 50754, "text": "N00000136 Kutloaning Creche"}, {"id": 50753, "text": "N00000135 Genwireless pty ltd"}, {"id": 50752, "text": "N00000134 Genwireless pty ltd"}, {"id": 50751, "text": "N00000133 Renaissance Training Services"}, {"id": 50750, "text": "N00000132 Kazenz Labour and Professional Services"}, {"id": 50749, "text": "N00000131 Matabane Professional Accountants"}, {"id": 50748, "text": "N00000130 Bosele Skills Development Services"}, {"id": 50747, "text": "N00000129 DNL Training"}, {"id": 50746, "text": "N00000128 Infinity Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50745, "text": "N00000127 Mdaka Omnyama Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 50744, "text": "N00000126 Mdaka Omnyama Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 50743, "text": "N00000125 Wonderfully Made Academy"}, {"id": 50742, "text": "N00000124 Wonderfully Made Academy"}, {"id": 50741, "text": "N00000123 Wonderfully Made Academy"}, {"id": 50740, "text": "N00000122 Prospect plus (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50739, "text": "N00000121 Prospect plus (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50738, "text": "N00000120 Prospect plus (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50737, "text": "N00000119 Prospect plus (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50736, "text": "N00000118 Prospect plus (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50731, "text": "N00000113 Mamfusi Training Academy"}, {"id": 50730, "text": "N00000112 Loate Foundation"}, {"id": 50729, "text": "N00000111 Act-Safe SHE Consultancy and Training"}, {"id": 50728, "text": "N00000110 Act-Safe SHE Consultancy and Training"}, {"id": 50727, "text": "N00000109 Act-Safe SHE Consultancy and Training"}, {"id": 50726, "text": "N00000108 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50725, "text": "N00000107 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50724, "text": "N00000106 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50723, "text": "N00000105 Glu Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50722, "text": "N00000104 Glu Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50720, "text": "N00000102 Valley Training Academy"}, {"id": 50719, "text": "N00000101 Valley Training Academy"}, {"id": 50718, "text": "N00000100 Valley Training Academy"}, {"id": 50717, "text": "N00000099 Valley Training Academy"}, {"id": 50716, "text": "N00000098 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50715, "text": "N00000097 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50714, "text": "N00000096 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50713, "text": "N00000095 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50712, "text": "N00000094 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50711, "text": "N00000093 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50710, "text": "N00000092 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50709, "text": "N00000091 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50708, "text": "N00000090 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50707, "text": "N00000089 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50706, "text": "N00000088 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50705, "text": "N00000087 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50704, "text": "N00000086 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50703, "text": "N00000085 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50702, "text": "N00000084 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50701, "text": "N00000083 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50700, "text": "N00000082 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50699, "text": "N00000081 MODE SECURITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50698, "text": "N00000080 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50697, "text": "N00000079 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50696, "text": "N00000078 Babcock Education and Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50695, "text": "N00000077 Babcock Education and Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50694, "text": "N00000076 Babcock Education and Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50693, "text": "N00000075 Babcock Education and Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50692, "text": "N00000074 Babcock Education and Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50691, "text": "N00000073 POP PDC"}, {"id": 50690, "text": "N00000072 Steven Nyembe"}, {"id": 50689, "text": "N00000071 Steven Nyembe"}, {"id": 50688, "text": "N00000070 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50687, "text": "N00000069 IY Group"}, {"id": 50686, "text": "N00000068 IY Group"}, {"id": 50685, "text": "N00000067 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50684, "text": "N00000066 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50683, "text": "N00000065 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50682, "text": "N00000064 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50681, "text": "N00000063 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50680, "text": "N00000062 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50679, "text": "N00000061 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50678, "text": "N00000060 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50677, "text": "N00000059 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50676, "text": "N00000058 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50675, "text": "N00000057 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50674, "text": "N00000056 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50673, "text": "N00000055 Jet Energy South Africa"}, {"id": 50672, "text": "N00000054 Nocklam Education & Training"}, {"id": 50671, "text": "N00000053 Nocklam Education & Training"}, {"id": 50670, "text": "N00000052 KEZ ENTERPRISES AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 50669, "text": "N00000051 KEZ ENTERPRISES AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 50668, "text": "N00000050 KEZ ENTERPRISES AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 50667, "text": "N00000049 Pauls Makarios Centre"}, {"id": 50666, "text": "N00000048 Pauls Makarios Centre"}, {"id": 50665, "text": "N00000047 Pauls Makarios Centre"}, {"id": 50664, "text": "N00000046 Pauls Makarios Centre"}, {"id": 50663, "text": "N00000045 Pauls Makarios Centre"}, {"id": 50662, "text": "N00000044 Pauls Makarios Centre"}, {"id": 50661, "text": "N00000043 Limptech Computer Training Centre"}, {"id": 50660, "text": "N00000042 Limptech Computer Training Centre"}, {"id": 50659, "text": "N00000041 Limptech Computer Training Centre"}, {"id": 50658, "text": "N00000040 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50657, "text": "N00000039 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50656, "text": "N00000038 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50655, "text": "N00000037 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50654, "text": "N00000036 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50653, "text": "N00000035 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50652, "text": "N00000034 ARSA HOLDINGS TRAININGS AND SERVICES (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 50651, "text": "N00000033 Khomanani Health Promotion"}, {"id": 50650, "text": "N00000032 Xana Corp Skills Development"}, {"id": 50649, "text": "N00000031 Meela Training and Development Institute"}, {"id": 50648, "text": "N00000030 Leading Through Innovation (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 50647, "text": "N00000029 5 PM"}, {"id": 50646, "text": "N00000028 Southern African Development Organisation"}, {"id": 50645, "text": "N00000027 QSS Holdings"}, {"id": 50644, "text": "N00000026 Training & Empowerment Academy"}, {"id": 50643, "text": "N00000025 Dijama Training Academy"}, {"id": 50642, "text": "N00000024 Nkuta Mohapi institute of training and Development"}, {"id": 50641, "text": "N00000023 GS LINK SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50640, "text": "N00000022 SG Project Consultants"}, {"id": 50639, "text": "N00000021 Atailpedia"}, {"id": 50638, "text": "N00000020 TheITMogul"}, {"id": 50637, "text": "N00000019 Elanie Raath"}, {"id": 50636, "text": "N00000018 TECHNOFIELD GROUP"}, {"id": 50635, "text": "N00000017 TBL academy"}, {"id": 50634, "text": "N00000016 cheryl carter and associates"}, {"id": 50632, "text": "N00000014 Training manual org 1"}, {"id": 50631, "text": "NL20132552 phosiwe"}, {"id": 50630, "text": "NL20132551 mantwani educare"}, {"id": 50629, "text": "N090895849 BRIDGING GAPS ECD ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50628, "text": "N090895848 Devolden Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50627, "text": "N090895847 MOA CONSTRUCTION CC"}, {"id": 50626, "text": "NL20132550 KARABO EDUCARE"}, {"id": 50625, "text": "NL20132549 Khulisa Social Solutions NPC"}, {"id": 50624, "text": "NL20132548 Tsholofelo Bokamoso Development Centre"}, {"id": 50623, "text": "NL20132547 Grace 2 Learn"}, {"id": 50622, "text": "NL20132546 ZZ Foundation Fund"}, {"id": 50621, "text": "NL20132545 Ataya Pre- Educare"}, {"id": 50620, "text": "NL20132544 The Way Educare"}, {"id": 50619, "text": "NL20132543 THOKOZANI DAYCARE"}, {"id": 50618, "text": "NL20132542 Leseding Edu-care"}, {"id": 50617, "text": "NL20132541 GUGULETHU DAYCARE"}, {"id": 50616, "text": "NL20132540 Thandabantwana Educare"}, {"id": 50615, "text": "NL20132539 Mpumelelo Educare"}, {"id": 50614, "text": "NL20132538 Thembalethu Educare"}, {"id": 50613, "text": "NL20132537 Bekezela Educare"}, {"id": 50612, "text": "NL20132536 KUTLOANONG CRECHE"}, {"id": 50611, "text": "NL20132535 BOHLALE EDUCARE"}, {"id": 50610, "text": "NL20132534 Sechaba Educare Centre"}, {"id": 50609, "text": "NL20132533 LETHOKUHLE"}, {"id": 50608, "text": "NL20132532 Lutineondo Ecudcare"}, {"id": 50607, "text": "NL20132531 Precious Educare"}, {"id": 50606, "text": "NL20132530 Beautiful Stars Daycare"}, {"id": 50605, "text": "N090895846 Gundo Securityand Supply Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50604, "text": "NL20132529 Sinenhlenhla Educare"}, {"id": 50603, "text": "N090895845 RZT ZELPY 4220 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50602, "text": "N090895844 ONDLOVU PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50601, "text": "NL20132528 Anchor Independent Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50600, "text": "NL20132527 HEYPEX HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50599, "text": "N090895843 Ditlou Sons and Daughters Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50598, "text": "N090895842 B Safe Africa Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50597, "text": "N090895841 Bhele Technical Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50596, "text": "N090895840 KENCED HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50595, "text": "N090895839 ITHEMBA TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 50594, "text": "N090895838 LUX MUNDI TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50593, "text": "N090895837 Africa College of Technology"}, {"id": 50592, "text": "N090895836 Bosele Skills Development Services"}, {"id": 50591, "text": "N090895835 Bubomi Consulting and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50590, "text": "N090895834 LP Excellence in Training Academy"}, {"id": 50589, "text": "NL20132526 Kidz At Hart Daycare Nursery and Aftercare"}, {"id": 50588, "text": "N090895833 UBUQOTHO INTEGRITY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50587, "text": "N090895832 KHOMOTSO CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50586, "text": "N090895831 RGK TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50585, "text": "N090895830 STRATISM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50584, "text": "NL20132525 Koba Johanna Wessels"}, {"id": 50583, "text": "NL20132524 CHILD ACADEMY PROGRAMMES"}, {"id": 50582, "text": "N090895829 IMPI Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50581, "text": "N090895828 NCA Enterprise Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50580, "text": "N090895827 POLOKWANE ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50579, "text": "N090895826 Gubanca Somdaka Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50578, "text": "N090895825 Compus Training Institution"}, {"id": 50577, "text": "NL20132523 EBMTC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50576, "text": "N090895824 leadership Dynamics"}, {"id": 50575, "text": "N090895823 All Things Are Possible Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50574, "text": "N090895822 Moses Kotane Institute"}, {"id": 50573, "text": "N090895821 THUTO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 50572, "text": "NL20132522 THE DORCAS-PAGE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 50571, "text": "NL20132521 NKUNGUMATHE"}, {"id": 50570, "text": "L840736138 FOOD BEVERAGES MANUFACTURING SETA"}, {"id": 50569, "text": "N090895820 KULUVUYO CONSLUTANCY ANDWELLNESS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50568, "text": "NL20132519 Ithembalethu Skills Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50567, "text": "NL20132518 SACAI"}, {"id": 50566, "text": "NL20132517 YESHIVA COLLEGE OF SA"}, {"id": 50565, "text": "NL20132516 3f UNITED FEDERATION OF DANISH WORKERS"}, {"id": 50564, "text": "N090895819 Tax Faculty"}, {"id": 50563, "text": "N090895818 NAVY ARTISAN TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50562, "text": "N090895817 RENEPILE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50561, "text": "N090895816 Thandiwenathi Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50560, "text": "N090895815 Gobo Training Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50559, "text": "N090895814 National English Maths and Science Learning Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50558, "text": "N090895813 ROYAL KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50557, "text": "N090895812 MINOLI LOGISTICS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50556, "text": "L510799846 Local toddler Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50555, "text": "NL20132514 Local toddler pre-primary"}, {"id": 50554, "text": "NL20132513 FASSET Financial and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority "}, {"id": 50553, "text": "NL20132512 Astrid Smith"}, {"id": 50552, "text": "N090895811 Southern Cape Education Trust"}, {"id": 50551, "text": "NL20132511 Mamokebe college education and training"}, {"id": 50550, "text": "N090895810 ALVA GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50549, "text": "N090895809 Charisma Training Consultants"}, {"id": 50548, "text": "N090895808 Destiny Management Group"}, {"id": 50547, "text": "N090895807 Myfamily Projects and Consulting"}, {"id": 50546, "text": "N090895806 Xolani TLS Research Initiatives Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50545, "text": "N090895805 02 Safety and Security Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50544, "text": "N090895804 Tsolo Agriculture and Rural Development Institute"}, {"id": 50543, "text": "L310813938 Elohim Tutor Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50542, "text": "NL20132509 The African Angels Trust"}, {"id": 50541, "text": "N090895803 Securitas SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50540, "text": "N090895802 SA Fire and Medical Academy"}, {"id": 50539, "text": "NL20132508 Avianto school"}, {"id": 50538, "text": "L500814027 Kids Cove"}, {"id": 50537, "text": "NL20132506 Christelik Maatskaplike Raad"}, {"id": 50536, "text": "N090895801 Taylor EnviroWaste Consulting"}, {"id": 50535, "text": "N090895800 IRCA Cape Town Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50534, "text": "N090895799 Bidvest Services Pty Ltd t a Bidvest Edge"}, {"id": 50533, "text": "N090895798 SACOB South African College of Business"}, {"id": 50532, "text": "NL20132505 Limani Ngenkathalo Primary Co-Operative Limited"}, {"id": 50531, "text": "NL20132504 Limani Ngenkathalo Primary Co-Operative Limited"}, {"id": 50530, "text": "N090895797 HLOSI SECURITY SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50529, "text": "N090895796 Nouvel Age Business Solutions"}, {"id": 50528, "text": "NL20132503 Qhamasande Talent Management And Development"}, {"id": 50527, "text": "NL20132502 Christmas Lunch for our Children"}, {"id": 50526, "text": "NL20132501 Athletes in Need"}, {"id": 50525, "text": "NL20132500 Aganang Sewing 777 Co0Operative Limited"}, {"id": 50524, "text": "NL20132499 Basadi Ba Kgora Primary Agricultural Cooperative Primary Cooperative Limited"}, {"id": 50523, "text": "NL20132498 Ngqushwa Training Institute"}, {"id": 50522, "text": "NL20132497 Behired Grooming Projects"}, {"id": 50521, "text": "N090895795 Mabidi Funzani Trading And Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50520, "text": "N090895794 Safety and Training Solutions Pty LTD"}, {"id": 50519, "text": "NL20132496 Ping Technologies"}, {"id": 50518, "text": "N090895793 Border Kei Training Trust"}, {"id": 50517, "text": "N090895792 Lionsden Africa Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50516, "text": "L660747124 USB-Executive Development pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50515, "text": "N090895791 Div Consulting PtyLtd"}, {"id": 50514, "text": "L780772481 Stadio Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50513, "text": "L670769886 agile42 Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50512, "text": "N090895790 South African Mobility for the Blind Trust"}, {"id": 50511, "text": "L590721058 The Priory for South Africa of the Order of St John"}, {"id": 50510, "text": "N090895789 Aephoria"}, {"id": 50509, "text": "L900779119 Institute of Business Management of Southern Africa"}, {"id": 50508, "text": "N090895788 Clinical Research Education Development"}, {"id": 50507, "text": "N090895787 Absolute Health Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50506, "text": "L740798642 Flight Safety Training SA"}, {"id": 50505, "text": "L710753528 Safe and Eco Driving Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50504, "text": "L360702262 RIAAN VAN ZYL"}, {"id": 50503, "text": "L960778613 The HR Touch pty LTD"}, {"id": 50502, "text": "N090895786 GUGULUNGI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50501, "text": "N090895785 HAMBA BAMBA FUNDA NPC"}, {"id": 50500, "text": "N090895784 Dalitso Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50499, "text": "N090895783 LAUMEL BUSINESS SOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50498, "text": "N090895782 Palucraft Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50497, "text": "N090895781 WEZA HOME PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50496, "text": "N090895780 Triple S Training and Development"}, {"id": 50495, "text": "NL20132495 Vulamathuba Empumelelo"}, {"id": 50494, "text": "N090895779 JON ALEX HEALTH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50493, "text": "N090895778 Ditshimegatota Education Training and Supply Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50492, "text": "N090895777 Kgori Core Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50491, "text": "N090895776 GIA DEVELOPMENT TRADES"}, {"id": 50490, "text": "N090895775 Neo Africa World Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50489, "text": "NL20132494 Ga-Mokaba Reading Room"}, {"id": 50488, "text": "N090895774 Sisiscelo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50487, "text": "N090895773 ETHEX GROUP TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 50486, "text": "N090895772 UGGU TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50485, "text": "N090895771 Sakhisizwe Community Project"}, {"id": 50484, "text": "NL20132493 Isivuno Training"}, {"id": 50483, "text": "N090895770 OWE REMARKABLES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50482, "text": "N090895769 Dos Reis and Venter Education Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50481, "text": "N090895768 DMR INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY"}, {"id": 50480, "text": "N090895767 Centre for Career Guidance and Professional Development"}, {"id": 50479, "text": "N090895766 Phosaane Training Institute"}, {"id": 50478, "text": "N090895765 Emizo Trading Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50477, "text": "N090895764 Khwezi Lomso Training and Services"}, {"id": 50476, "text": "N090895763 CRANE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50475, "text": "NL20132492 ASSOCIATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Mossel bay"}, {"id": 50474, "text": "N090895762 Signa Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50473, "text": "N090895761 Delt Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50472, "text": "N090895760 Pretoria Learning Academy"}, {"id": 50471, "text": "N090895759 SAFETY AND TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50470, "text": "N090895758 Strat Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50469, "text": "N090895757 Coding SA Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50468, "text": "N090895756 THE DORCAS PAGE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 50467, "text": "N090895755 Maite Business Consulting and Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50466, "text": "N090895754 K2021412240 South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50465, "text": "N090895753 Brightstar Security Services and Cleaning CC"}, {"id": 50464, "text": "N090895752 MSC BUSINESS COLLEGE MIDRAND"}, {"id": 50463, "text": "N090895751 Asakhe Education Network"}, {"id": 50462, "text": "N090895750 Keyline Graphics"}, {"id": 50461, "text": "N090895749 TSWELOPELE TRAINING GROUP"}, {"id": 50460, "text": "N090895748 Straight Success Foundation"}, {"id": 50459, "text": "N090895747 SOLID BEGINNINGS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50458, "text": "N090895746 Slovaqmatome Training and Tracing Agency"}, {"id": 50457, "text": "N090895745 PREMIUM FA TRAINING"}, {"id": 50456, "text": "N090895744 Phutaditshaba Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50455, "text": "N090895743 Phuhlisanani Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50454, "text": "N090895742 Millenium Knowledge Race"}, {"id": 50453, "text": "N090895741 Joypat Farming and Projects"}, {"id": 50452, "text": "N090895740 G-STUFF TRADING"}, {"id": 50451, "text": "N090895739 BRIGHT WORLD VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50450, "text": "N090895738 Dora Tamana Agency for Cooperative Development"}, {"id": 50449, "text": "N090895737 GREENRIM TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50448, "text": "N090895736 FWC Welfare and Development Centre"}, {"id": 50447, "text": "N090895735 Funda Community Training Centre Co-Operative Limited"}, {"id": 50446, "text": "N090895734 EAGLE INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 50445, "text": "N090895733 Balepye Inclusive Community College"}, {"id": 50444, "text": "N090895732 Young Nails"}, {"id": 50443, "text": "N090895731 Lightbearers Private Hair Academy"}, {"id": 50442, "text": "N090895730 Nokuphila Community Services"}, {"id": 50441, "text": "N090895729 St John"}, {"id": 50440, "text": "N090895728 The institute of Certified Bookkeepers ICB "}, {"id": 50439, "text": "N090895727 CREATIVE GLAMOUR"}, {"id": 50438, "text": "N090895726 Beauty Laser"}, {"id": 50437, "text": "N090895725 Yoqobo Training"}, {"id": 50436, "text": "N090895724 A WORLD AWARE SA"}, {"id": 50435, "text": "N090895723 BSE Holdings PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50434, "text": "N090895722 NORTH PROJECTS"}, {"id": 50433, "text": "N090895721 Space Academy and Business Exploration Company Pty ltd"}, {"id": 50432, "text": "N090895720 SkillWise Multipurpose College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50431, "text": "N090895719 Elim and Cornelius Holdings"}, {"id": 7, "text": "N00000007 Wort test"}, {"id": 50430, "text": "N090895718 Vusi J. Mahlangu"}, {"id": 50429, "text": "N090895717 3 Coin Investments Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50428, "text": "N090895716 Dougthul Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50427, "text": "N090895715 PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL INSTITUTE OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 50426, "text": "N090895714 Phakamani Impact Capital Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 5, "text": "N00000005 PJ Mothusi"}, {"id": 4, "text": "N00000004 My Skills"}, {"id": 50425, "text": "N090895713 QSS HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50424, "text": "L510753717 CENTRE FOR PROFFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CPUT"}, {"id": 50423, "text": "N090895712 SOLID BEGINNINGS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50422, "text": "N090895711 GREAT NORTH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50421, "text": "N090895710 Mbalenhle Internet Caf cc"}, {"id": 50420, "text": "N090895709 Thal One Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50419, "text": "N090895708 THANSA TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2, "text": "N00000002 DABO PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 50418, "text": "N090895707 Umehluko the Difference Group"}, {"id": 1, "text": "N00000001 Phemelo Test"}, {"id": 50417, "text": "N090895706 Nyungwa Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50416, "text": "N090895705 ENVOY PLANET CONSULTING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50415, "text": "N090895704 Foxe Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50414, "text": "N090895703 B LUSCIOUS"}, {"id": 50413, "text": "N090895702 Oentshwe Partners"}, {"id": 50412, "text": "N090895701 JJS Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50411, "text": "N090895700 Heric Engineering Assessors Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50410, "text": "N090895699 Riostep Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50409, "text": "N090895698 Academy of Life Coaching Co-operative"}, {"id": 50408, "text": "N090895697 Magomani Training and Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50407, "text": "N090895696 VS Africa Security Training and Guard Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50406, "text": "N090895695 Rebakgoni Trading and projects CC"}, {"id": 50405, "text": "N090895694 Lingomso Development Centre"}, {"id": 50404, "text": "N090895693 Happy Rest Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 50403, "text": "N090895692 Excellence Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50402, "text": "N090895691 CHARNASH ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50401, "text": "N090895690 Enseigner Training Academy"}, {"id": 50400, "text": "N090895689 Victorious Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50399, "text": "N090895688 SEUCRITY EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 50398, "text": "N090895687 EMA-SEBATA TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50397, "text": "N090895686 MECHATRONICS DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50396, "text": "N090895685 World Wide Mice Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50395, "text": "N090895684 Proffessional Accreds Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50394, "text": "N090895683 Willshir Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50393, "text": "N090895682 South African National Accreditation System"}, {"id": 50392, "text": "N090895681 KGOTSO Safety"}, {"id": 50391, "text": "N090895680 QUALITAS CAREER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50390, "text": "N090895679 Kopies Driving School"}, {"id": 50389, "text": "N090895678 Genadeland GF4GF Centre"}, {"id": 50388, "text": "N090895677 Creative Minds Skills development and Training"}, {"id": 50387, "text": "N090895676 WISE GUY ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50386, "text": "NL20132490 Kutlwano Youth Forum"}, {"id": 50385, "text": "NL20132489 Victoria West Youth Services Centre"}, {"id": 50384, "text": "N090895675 Tshwaragano Driving School"}, {"id": 50383, "text": "N090895674 Harvitex CC"}, {"id": 50382, "text": "N090895673 Pampierstad Youth Forum"}, {"id": 50381, "text": "NL20132488 Pampierstad Youth Forum"}, {"id": 50380, "text": "N090895672 Monepe Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50379, "text": "NL20132487 Nadia van wyk"}, {"id": 50378, "text": "N090895671 Coega Development Corporation Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50377, "text": "N090895670 Alabaster Training Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50376, "text": "N090895669 BUMBANI PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50375, "text": "N090895668 Vince Consulting Group PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50374, "text": "N090895667 Afrimat Training Center Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50373, "text": "N090895666 Singriha"}, {"id": 50372, "text": "N090895665 Career box NPC"}, {"id": 50371, "text": "N090895664 IZIBUKO THE BRIDGE INVESTMENTS AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50370, "text": "N090895663 Ntshingila Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50369, "text": "N090895662 INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50368, "text": "N090895661 MAISLY Training College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50367, "text": "N090895660 ELI-MOFO TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 50366, "text": "N090895659 GUILDFORD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50365, "text": "N090895658 Hencon Vacuum Technologies"}, {"id": 50364, "text": "NL20132486 UNIVERSAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 50363, "text": "NL20132485 PHETOHO SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 50362, "text": "N090895657 SILUNGILE TALENT MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 50361, "text": "N090895656 Signify Learning Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50360, "text": "N090895655 PETROCONNECT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50359, "text": "N090895654 Masana Dieticians Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50358, "text": "N090895653 The Photography Institute"}, {"id": 50357, "text": "NL20132484 NYDA"}, {"id": 50356, "text": "N090895652 African Multiskills Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50355, "text": "N090895651 BATHOPELE CONSULTING AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50354, "text": "N090895650 HATFIELD CITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 50353, "text": "N090895649 Redi Cure Emergency Medical Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50352, "text": "N090895648 LEADING LEADERS TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50351, "text": "N090895647 Very Smart kids"}, {"id": 50350, "text": "N090895646 Vhembe Tutors and Coaches Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50349, "text": "N090895645 Zizzy Skills Training Development"}, {"id": 50348, "text": "N090895644 Yenga Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50347, "text": "N090895643 TKS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50346, "text": "N090895642 Thubelihle Graduate Institute"}, {"id": 50345, "text": "N090895641 BRIGHT LIGHT TRAINING"}, {"id": 50344, "text": "N090895640 Heartbeat Training Solutions"}, {"id": 50343, "text": "N090895639 UMNGA TRAINING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 50342, "text": "N090895638 BLS Medical"}, {"id": 50341, "text": "N090895637 ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50340, "text": "N090895636 AGRICULTURE AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50339, "text": "N090895635 Mofenoko Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50338, "text": "N090895634 Sinengomso Training and Development Centre"}, {"id": 50337, "text": "N090895633 Starplex 561"}, {"id": 50336, "text": "L780782142 Burger King South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50335, "text": "N090895632 TYME Training and Development"}, {"id": 50334, "text": "NL20132483 Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority SASSETA "}, {"id": 50333, "text": "NL20132482 Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority HWSETA "}, {"id": 50332, "text": "NL20132481 Agriculutre Sector Education Training Authority AgriSeta "}, {"id": 50331, "text": "N090895631 Thaba Tee Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50330, "text": "N090895630 Taupe Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50329, "text": "N090895629 SILICON VALLEY ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50328, "text": "N090895628 SAMPATLA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50327, "text": "N090895627 RSTG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50326, "text": "N090895626 MA TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50325, "text": "N090895625 Lons Pride Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50324, "text": "N090895624 Kilimanjaro Training Solution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50323, "text": "N090895623 JJM Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50322, "text": "N090895622 GS LINK SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50321, "text": "N090895621 JKL CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 50320, "text": "N090895620 HARVESTEC GROUP"}, {"id": 50319, "text": "N090895619 Glu Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50318, "text": "N090895618 Gateway Development Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50317, "text": "L640759926 Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50316, "text": "N090895616 Akhule Development Institute cc"}, {"id": 50315, "text": "N090895615 Synergy Transformation Solutions Pty LTD"}, {"id": 50314, "text": "L960812503 HAPPY HOURS PREPARATORY CENTRE"}, {"id": 50313, "text": "L950813164 WW SWIM ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50312, "text": "L940813282 SIYAKICKA"}, {"id": 50311, "text": "L930789344 PEREZ TRUST"}, {"id": 50310, "text": "L910813155 VORENTOE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50309, "text": "L910812462 MIGGELS"}, {"id": 50308, "text": "L910808221 NEWTON"}, {"id": 50307, "text": "L910796954 SIYAKWAZI"}, {"id": 50306, "text": "L900800808 OAKLAND EDUCATION GROUP"}, {"id": 50305, "text": "L890813308 EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50304, "text": "L880812534 NXUMALO"}, {"id": 50303, "text": "L870812478 EMMANUEL PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50302, "text": "L860812926 ROBERTSON KLEUTERKAMPUS"}, {"id": 50301, "text": "L860812546 AYANDA JUNIOR ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50300, "text": "L840813192 CAPE TOWN HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE CENTRE"}, {"id": 50299, "text": "L840813085 GLOBAL BUSINESS ROUND TABLE NPC"}, {"id": 50298, "text": "L830812733 SEED SOLUTIONS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50297, "text": "L830812477 ITS ETI EDUCATION TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50296, "text": "L820812495 EBSDOTCOZA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50295, "text": "L820812479 ITS ETI EDUCATION TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50294, "text": "L810813347 POWER MEMORIAL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50293, "text": "L800812689 GELFA"}, {"id": 50292, "text": "L780812766 THE SWANA SCHOOL AND ASSESSMENT CENTRE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE"}, {"id": 50291, "text": "L780805398 MC DONALD"}, {"id": 50290, "text": "L770813287 GAUTENG COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 50289, "text": "L770813121 ZEST DINAMIKA NASKOOL"}, {"id": 50288, "text": "L770813071 SOUTHERN AFRICA FUTURE INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 50287, "text": "L770812966 STOLTZ"}, {"id": 50286, "text": "L760812828 PATROONTJIES"}, {"id": 50285, "text": "L760812794 THE FLUTE PRACTICE"}, {"id": 50284, "text": "L760795775 TATE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50283, "text": "L750813182 CHRISTIAN LIFE ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 50282, "text": "L750813109 KURUMAN TUITION CENTRE"}, {"id": 50281, "text": "L750812556 SF PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50280, "text": "L750805659 SUPER TOTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50279, "text": "L750782684 COMFORT S AVIATE TRADING ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 50278, "text": "L740813292 CULTURAL CONNECTIONS FOR CONVERSVATION AND RESTORATION"}, {"id": 50277, "text": "L740812641 THABANGOFE LE JOY TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50276, "text": "L740812534 LANTO MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50275, "text": "L740801768 LITTLE FANTASYLAND NURSERY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50274, "text": "L720813296 ACADEMICONE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50273, "text": "L720812629 LAERSKOOL BROEDERSTROOM"}, {"id": 50272, "text": "L720803842 PRIMARY SCHOOL KINGSTON"}, {"id": 50271, "text": "L710812720 GETTOKNOWIT"}, {"id": 50270, "text": "L710810401 BRAINLINE CLOUD SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50269, "text": "L710807977 THE OFFICE WAND"}, {"id": 50268, "text": "L700812946 KOTZEE"}, {"id": 50267, "text": "L680813112 NGCOBO"}, {"id": 50266, "text": "L680812510 RESILIENCE 4 EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 50265, "text": "L670794173 AMA-SUPERCO 49 CC"}, {"id": 50264, "text": "L660795826 LITTLE RASCALS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50263, "text": "L640813038 NEW HORIZON COLLEGE BETHLEHEM NPC"}, {"id": 50262, "text": "L640812881 NEU MONDE INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 50261, "text": "L640811917 REGISTREE ROCKS"}, {"id": 50260, "text": "L630813006 THE EDUCATIONAL STUDIO"}, {"id": 50259, "text": "L590813277 MICHAEL CHERRY ATTORNEYS"}, {"id": 50258, "text": "L590812956 CHASE EDUCATION SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50257, "text": "L590812725 IKUTANA ASSESSMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 50256, "text": "L580813030 NEW HORIZON EVENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50255, "text": "L580812511 NISSI TRADING AND PROJECTS PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 50254, "text": "L560813240 GLOBAL INSTITUTE FOR CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 50253, "text": "L550812947 HWS VAAL"}, {"id": 50252, "text": "L530802463 LEACH"}, {"id": 50251, "text": "L520813355 SOUTH AFRICA CENTRE FOR EVIDENCE"}, {"id": 50250, "text": "L520812597 LEPHALALE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 50249, "text": "L520811227 BEAUTYED PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50248, "text": "L500813284 RESOLUTE EDUCATION"}, {"id": 50247, "text": "L500812369 FOREVER FRIENDS LEARNING AND HEALTH CENTER"}, {"id": 50246, "text": "L490812650 GARSIE ONTWIKKELINGS"}, {"id": 50245, "text": "L490812585 KELETSOICT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50244, "text": "L480813098 HEIGHT SAFE 360"}, {"id": 50243, "text": "L480812900 SCOOBY PRODUCTIONS"}, {"id": 50242, "text": "L470813116 UITKOMS AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 50241, "text": "L450812724 SIMUNYE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50240, "text": "L450812559 KHAMOR TRAVEL AGENCY"}, {"id": 50239, "text": "L440797993 STEYN"}, {"id": 50238, "text": "L430813107 NGCOBO"}, {"id": 50237, "text": "L410813036 DIE WYSE UIL"}, {"id": 50236, "text": "L410804159 IB COACHING"}, {"id": 50235, "text": "L380795569 DRAKENSBERG GIRLS CHOIR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50234, "text": "L370813075 TTH ENGINEERS AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 50233, "text": "L370797948 LITTLE CITIZEN ACADEMY FEATHERBROOKE"}, {"id": 50232, "text": "L370787865 OPTIMPROPS 90 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50231, "text": "L360813002 PEO MET SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50230, "text": "L360804282 REDWOOD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50229, "text": "L350813038 CECILIA PRETORIUS RESEARCH AND ADVISORY SERVICES"}, {"id": 50228, "text": "L340812868 MINATLOU TRADING 33"}, {"id": 50227, "text": "L340812629 QADOSH ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 50226, "text": "L340799172 WOLKBERG AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 50225, "text": "L340767013 MONTESSORI CENTRE FOR LEARNING"}, {"id": 50224, "text": "L320812771 BUNGANE"}, {"id": 50223, "text": "L310813201 M"}, {"id": 50222, "text": "L310813169 KALEB AND JOSHUA"}, {"id": 50221, "text": "L310812823 THE GUARDIAN INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50220, "text": "L300808211 NESSICRAFTS"}, {"id": 50219, "text": "L280800857 SWIM HUB PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50218, "text": "L270812888 FAME FET"}, {"id": 50217, "text": "L250813146 ST THERESA EDUCARE CENTER"}, {"id": 50216, "text": "L250807163 TWINKLE HOMEBASE CARE AND SUPPORT SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50215, "text": "L250796564 BOTHA"}, {"id": 50214, "text": "L240813099 CORE K35 CONSULTING"}, {"id": 50213, "text": "L230804454 FOX LEADERSHIP CONSULTING"}, {"id": 50212, "text": "L230795488 HERITAGE HOUSE PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 50211, "text": "L220762779 BLITZ SKILLS DEVELOPERS CC"}, {"id": 50210, "text": "L210811735 WONDERBOOM ALUMNI"}, {"id": 50209, "text": "L200813360 MOKGOPO CRECHE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50208, "text": "L200812693 WE CODE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50207, "text": "L190813362 MOKGOPO CRECHE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50206, "text": "L190811127 LETICOM"}, {"id": 50205, "text": "L180802896 OLYMPIC AUTO TRAINING"}, {"id": 50204, "text": "L170812053 MICHIEFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50203, "text": "L170806733 LEKKER LAG LAND"}, {"id": 50202, "text": "L170796090 DIE AKKER RAKKERS"}, {"id": 50201, "text": "L160813152 SESHEGO RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50200, "text": "L160813079 Rahab Maboya"}, {"id": 50199, "text": "L150811836 PRO ACTIVE LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50198, "text": "L150808022 NOTTINGHAM ROAD PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 50197, "text": "L120813102 MTSHATSHENI"}, {"id": 50196, "text": "L090813199 S R K TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50195, "text": "L090813140 SWELLIES SPORT TRUST"}, {"id": 50194, "text": "L080813019 SYCAMORE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 50193, "text": "L080812813 SKINNY CHICK PRODUCTIONS"}, {"id": 50192, "text": "L070812757 LINMEYER DAYCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 50191, "text": "L070776382 SCHEEPERS"}, {"id": 50190, "text": "L040813372 MTHOMBO DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 50189, "text": "L040811277 MICROTECH BUSINESS AND COMPUTER COLLEGE"}, {"id": 50188, "text": "L040776942 LECTOR SA"}, {"id": 50187, "text": "L030813317 ISIGQI SESIZWE"}, {"id": 50186, "text": "L030812947 ROELOFFZE"}, {"id": 50185, "text": "L030808762 QUMBU COMMUNITY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 50184, "text": "L010812982 BABBELBEKKIES KLEUTER KAMPUS"}, {"id": 50183, "text": "L010812685 MIMOSA SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 50182, "text": "L010808329 KHWEZI DEVELOPMENTS"}, {"id": 50181, "text": "NL20132480 Uthukela District Municipality"}, {"id": 50180, "text": "N090895614 Today s Destiny Trading and Projects 158"}, {"id": 50179, "text": "N090895613 Sithole - ithuba Community Development"}, {"id": 50178, "text": "N090895612 TECHNOFIELD"}, {"id": 50177, "text": "N090895611 Sakhile Training Centre"}, {"id": 50176, "text": "N090895610 Revo Quest Consulting"}, {"id": 50175, "text": "N090895609 Rerotlhe Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 50174, "text": "N090895608 Ontoanetse Consulting"}, {"id": 50173, "text": "N090895607 LFS Designs PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50172, "text": "N090895606 Jwatlala Investments"}, {"id": 50171, "text": "N090895605 Enova Skills Development and Training"}, {"id": 50170, "text": "N090895604 Duyaza Construction"}, {"id": 50169, "text": "N090895603 Creative Joint Venture Trading and Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50168, "text": "N090895602 Buo Puo Pha PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50167, "text": "NL20132479 Tholo Leads The Way CC"}, {"id": 50166, "text": "NL20132478 Kgwana Community Centre"}, {"id": 50165, "text": "N090895601 CHR Academic and Business Consulting"}, {"id": 50164, "text": "N090895600 MISATRON PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50163, "text": "NL20132477 NORTH WEST COMMUNITY EDUCATION TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 50162, "text": "NL20132476 Modupe Creche"}, {"id": 50161, "text": "NL20132475 Ekuphumuleni Day Care"}, {"id": 50160, "text": "N090895599 Inyathelo : The South African Institute for Advancement"}, {"id": 50159, "text": "N090895598 MOSHIA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50158, "text": "N090895597 QI Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50157, "text": "N090895596 THABANGOFE LE JOY TRANDING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 50156, "text": "N090895595 Shine 4 U"}, {"id": 50155, "text": "N090895594 CATO AND ASSOCIATES SDF SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50154, "text": "N090895593 KVR TRAINING AND BUSINESS CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50153, "text": "N090895592 INTELL SOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50152, "text": "N090895591 ACCESS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50151, "text": "N090895590 CREATIVE VENTURE JOINT TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50150, "text": "N090895589 Qhakaza Management Services"}, {"id": 50149, "text": "N090895588 G and K Module Developers"}, {"id": 50148, "text": "N090895587 SHANEL TRADING"}, {"id": 50147, "text": "NL20132474 Perseverance Primary School"}, {"id": 50146, "text": "NL20132473 Nomsa Maphongwana Primary School"}, {"id": 50145, "text": "N090895586 Blue Gem Innovations Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50144, "text": "NL20132472 Yomelela Primary School"}, {"id": 50143, "text": "N090895585 KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50142, "text": "N090895584 Onesimus Rendezvous Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50141, "text": "N090895583 LAVUMA ICAMAGU"}, {"id": 50140, "text": "N090895582 Prospect Plus Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50139, "text": "N090895581 LEBONE INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50138, "text": "NL20132471 Van Der Spuy"}, {"id": 50137, "text": "NL20132470 Hope Pre-School"}, {"id": 50136, "text": "N090895580 GREEN INNOVATIONZ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50135, "text": "N090895579 PMT Construction Engineers"}, {"id": 50134, "text": "N090895578 RESURGAM BUSINESS STRATEGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50133, "text": "N090895577 Impact Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50132, "text": "N090895576 Hope HQ NPC"}, {"id": 50131, "text": "NL20132469 RK Primary School"}, {"id": 50130, "text": "NL20132468 Department of Public Works"}, {"id": 50129, "text": "NL20132467 Snowwhite Educare"}, {"id": 50128, "text": "NL20132466 Community Kids Pot"}, {"id": 50127, "text": "NL20132465 Hangklip Kleinmond Tourism Bureau"}, {"id": 50126, "text": "NL20132464 Imodie Projects"}, {"id": 50125, "text": "NL20132463 Department of Agriculture land Forum Development"}, {"id": 50124, "text": "NL20132462 Radio KC"}, {"id": 50123, "text": "NL20132461 Khayelitsha Hospital"}, {"id": 50122, "text": "NL20132460 HIK Abalone Farm Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50121, "text": "NL20132459 Ilinge Labantwana Educare"}, {"id": 50120, "text": "NL20132458 Dalukhayo Pre-School"}, {"id": 50119, "text": "NL20132457 Khayelitsha Special School"}, {"id": 50118, "text": "NL20132456 Crestway High School"}, {"id": 50117, "text": "NL20132455 Nolungile Primary School"}, {"id": 50116, "text": "NL20132454 Joe Slovo Engineering High School"}, {"id": 50115, "text": "NL20132453 Sisiphiwo educare"}, {"id": 50114, "text": "N090895575 Swift Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50113, "text": "NL20132452 Masakhane Educare Reading Club"}, {"id": 50112, "text": "N090895574 MAMOTHOKOA INVESTMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50111, "text": "N090895573 Najemo Training Institution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50110, "text": "N090895572 NBC and Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50109, "text": "N090895571 STEVOL PRESTIGE TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50108, "text": "N090895570 Makgoke Brothers Investments"}, {"id": 50107, "text": "N090895569 Dolphin Avenue Enterprises Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50106, "text": "N090895568 OL Afrika Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50105, "text": "N090895567 SA National Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50104, "text": "NL20132451 Senzar Marketing Pty Lty"}, {"id": 50103, "text": "N090895566 October Wind Trading 85 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50102, "text": "N090895565 POLOKWANE LEARNING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50101, "text": "N090895564 Azanian Community Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50100, "text": "N090895563 Educate for Prosperity Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50099, "text": "N090895562 INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50098, "text": "N090895561 Midrand Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50097, "text": "N090895560 MOSIHLE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50096, "text": "N090895559 Bakgaga Training Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50095, "text": "N090895558 NALTHAROH SERVICE PROVIDER"}, {"id": 50094, "text": "NL20132450 The Right Roots Foundation"}, {"id": 50093, "text": "N090895557 HD21C Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50092, "text": "N090895556 Southern African Future Skills Academy"}, {"id": 50091, "text": "N090895555 Collaborate SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50090, "text": "N090895554 LabourNet Central PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50089, "text": "N090895553 NHL DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50088, "text": "N090895552 ROTO CONSULTANTS PTY LTD."}, {"id": 50087, "text": "N090895551 Youth with a Purpose"}, {"id": 50086, "text": "N090895550 Ursivox Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50085, "text": "N090895549 SISONKE NEW GENERATION CONSTRUCTION SERVICES"}, {"id": 50084, "text": "N090895548 LITTLE LEADERS GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50083, "text": "N090895547 4 REAL SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 50082, "text": "N090895546 Nompumelelo Leadership Institute"}, {"id": 50081, "text": "N090895545 AFRIMAT TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50080, "text": "N090895544 POWERGATE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50079, "text": "N090895543 RIBO S TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50078, "text": "N090895542 OVERCOMERS TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 50077, "text": "N090895541 KOL HR SPECIALISTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50076, "text": "N090895540 Perez Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50075, "text": "N090895539 Shiloh Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50074, "text": "N090895538 Cornes Processing Machinery Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50073, "text": "N090895537 Zuva College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50072, "text": "N090895536 MOKO SECURITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 50071, "text": "N090895535 VRV Singh Enterprises PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50070, "text": "N090895534 ClassTech"}, {"id": 50069, "text": "N090895533 S P NOMALI PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50068, "text": "N090895532 Baleseng Kopano Training Academy"}, {"id": 50067, "text": "N090895531 Mqhakaza Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50066, "text": "N090895530 IT LABS CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50065, "text": "N090895529 Vulindlela Bekwa Training Centre"}, {"id": 50064, "text": "N090895528 Lathitha Training and HR Solutions"}, {"id": 50063, "text": "N090895527 DIMPHO MAKGOBA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50062, "text": "N090895526 KUTRIX SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50061, "text": "N090895525 Workers Knowledge Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50060, "text": "N090895524 PRODICEL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50059, "text": "N090895523 DMH Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50058, "text": "N090895522 Chithi Holdings"}, {"id": 50057, "text": "N090895521 The Brite Light Bulb Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50056, "text": "N090895520 FLI HI TRAINING Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50055, "text": "N090895519 ACS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50054, "text": "N090895518 Hashtag Academy"}, {"id": 50053, "text": "NL20132449 Northern Cape Community Education And Training College"}, {"id": 50052, "text": "N090895517 Empire Institute of Training"}, {"id": 50051, "text": "N090895516 Boneo Consulting"}, {"id": 50050, "text": "N090895515 EDU GROWTH"}, {"id": 50049, "text": "N090895514 Thabang Xaba Foundation"}, {"id": 50048, "text": "N090895513 XA MAVEKE Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50047, "text": "N090895512 Phudurelepaza trading and Enterprise"}, {"id": 50046, "text": "N090895511 Enskills Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 50045, "text": "N090895510 Learning Support South Africa"}, {"id": 50044, "text": "N090895509 Pachedu Skills Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50043, "text": "N090895508 Evolving People Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50042, "text": "N090895507 Grace and Mercy School Uniform and Projects"}, {"id": 50041, "text": "N090895506 Rhens Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50040, "text": "N090895505 Andziso Institute for Mathematics Science and Technology Advancement Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50039, "text": "N090895504 Future Dynamics Learning Academy"}, {"id": 50038, "text": "NL20132448 Ikhono Funda Training"}, {"id": 50037, "text": "N090895503 TLP SERVICES Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50036, "text": "N090895502 SUNRISE TO SUNSET WOMEN AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 50035, "text": "N090895501 Prospen Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50034, "text": "N090895500 Nomady Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50033, "text": "N090895499 Elangeni Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50032, "text": "N090895498 Ri A Linda Security Solutions Trainings"}, {"id": 50031, "text": "N090895497 Bitline SA 368 cc"}, {"id": 50030, "text": "N090895496 Mahoai Wa Nkishe Agricultural Training Academy and Projects"}, {"id": 50029, "text": "N090895495 Umbona Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50028, "text": "N090895494 Soduko Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50027, "text": "N090895493 Smart HR Solution CC"}, {"id": 50026, "text": "N090895492 Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Trust"}, {"id": 50025, "text": "N090895491 ZN Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50024, "text": "N090895490 Lablab Agri Professionals"}, {"id": 50023, "text": "N090895489 GAGANE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50022, "text": "N090895488 Teachet Bubbles Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50021, "text": "N090895487 NEO KNOWLEDGE"}, {"id": 50020, "text": "N090895486 Get Informed Youth Development Centre"}, {"id": 50019, "text": "NL20132447 EBSDOTCOZA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50018, "text": "N090895485 Wits Health Consortium"}, {"id": 50017, "text": "NL20132446 Bright Rhudulu Constractors Academey PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50016, "text": "N090895484 TAVILLLA PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50015, "text": "N090895483 Forum Sekuriteit NPC"}, {"id": 50014, "text": "N090895482 Atile Management Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50013, "text": "N090895481 MOLEMOTHEO TRADING"}, {"id": 50012, "text": "N090895480 SA KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 50011, "text": "N090895479 Progressive School of Business and Engineering Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50010, "text": "NL20132445 Wow Care Bears Pty Lty"}, {"id": 50009, "text": "NL20132444 Silondiwe Community Development Project"}, {"id": 50008, "text": "NL20132443 Busisiwe Caroline Mdunge"}, {"id": 50007, "text": "NL20132442 Construction Education and Training Authority"}, {"id": 50006, "text": "NL20132441 Makhubalo Community Leaning Center"}, {"id": 50005, "text": "NL20132440 SMAXZ Holdings PTY LTD"}, {"id": 50004, "text": "NL20132439 Siyethemba Day-Care Centre"}, {"id": 50003, "text": "NL20132438 Sandanezwe Community Learning Center"}, {"id": 50002, "text": "N090895478 SRA Holdings Trainings and Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 50001, "text": "N090895477 Tokelo Training Intervention in ECD"}, {"id": 50000, "text": "N090895476 Axolemahle Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 49999, "text": "N090895475 Malumash Enterprise CC"}, {"id": 49998, "text": "N090895474 Cycas Skills Consultancy"}, {"id": 49997, "text": "N090895473 KHULA KE ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49996, "text": "N090895472 PHALANE SAFETY CONSULTANT AND TRAINING PROVIDERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49995, "text": "N090895471 Ilubalethu Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49994, "text": "NL20132437 Gcisa Nyathi PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49993, "text": "N090895470 Twilight Lehlabile Construction Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49992, "text": "NL20132436 Khwezi Developments PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49991, "text": "NL20132435 Lisebanzi Foundation"}, {"id": 49990, "text": "N090895469 Imbokodo Impact Project Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49989, "text": "NL20132434 MESSAGE OF THE CROSS"}, {"id": 49988, "text": "N090895468 TDM Management Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49987, "text": "N090895467 Tinyiko E Hlakati Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49986, "text": "NL20132433 His Righteousness Publishing House"}, {"id": 49985, "text": "NL20132432 Quad Para Association of South Africa"}, {"id": 49984, "text": "N090895466 LA SUE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICES AND TRAINING DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49983, "text": "N090895465 GAUTENG CET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49982, "text": "N090895464 Hlamedia Trading"}, {"id": 49981, "text": "NL20132431 KuNgaMaNdlaKhe Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 49980, "text": "NL20132430 Renaissance Training Services"}, {"id": 49979, "text": "N090895463 Gold Class Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49978, "text": "NL20132429 Dr Maphela Group"}, {"id": 49977, "text": "N090895462 KTMO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49976, "text": "NL20132428 Khanyisile Multipurpose Enterprise"}, {"id": 49975, "text": "NL20132427 Sitembele Dlutu"}, {"id": 49974, "text": "L340740952 Quality Solutions"}, {"id": 49973, "text": "N090895461 Intergrated Development Solutions IDS "}, {"id": 49972, "text": "N090895460 The South African College of Applied Psychology PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49971, "text": "N090895459 Dr Phumzile Mmope Communications Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49970, "text": "N090895458 The Association for Office Professionals of South Africa"}, {"id": 49969, "text": "N090895457 HERS-SA"}, {"id": 49968, "text": "L200748996 Miricle Solutions CC"}, {"id": 49967, "text": "L790790820 Resolve and Change Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49966, "text": "N090895456 AssessmentWorld Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49965, "text": "L030748109 Waterberg Academy"}, {"id": 49964, "text": "NL20132425 Amahle Skills Services"}, {"id": 49963, "text": "L960812370 BALLITO FLIGHT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49962, "text": "L930812179 CVEST MUSIC SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49961, "text": "L880812229 BONITAS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49960, "text": "L860812322 REGRUB AND ASSOCIATES CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49959, "text": "L840812293 PIONEERS CHAMBER"}, {"id": 49958, "text": "L840809828 LAUGH N LEARN FOURWAYS"}, {"id": 49957, "text": "L830812170 INSTITUTE FOR BUSINESS EFFICIENCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49956, "text": "L830809820 LAUGH N LEARN RANDBURG"}, {"id": 49955, "text": "L830803666 SJB DU TOIT"}, {"id": 49954, "text": "L820802553 ULEARN ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49953, "text": "L800812325 LITTLE ANGELS BABY TODDLER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49952, "text": "L790812145 DIVOH TECH"}, {"id": 49951, "text": "L780812329 ALL SAINTS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49950, "text": "L770812420 K2019594480 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 49949, "text": "L760812414 VEZIKHONO ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49948, "text": "L750812291 RUACH PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49947, "text": "L740812138 VAN DER MERWE"}, {"id": 49946, "text": "L740812013 THE TALHADO MONTESSORI PRE SCHOOL AND AFTERCARE CENTRE EDUCATIONAL TRU"}, {"id": 49945, "text": "L720798125 ORENDA STUDY CENTRE"}, {"id": 49944, "text": "L710812316 IVA GLOBAL ONLINE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49943, "text": "L710812282 MAYFAIR ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49942, "text": "L660812092 TAAL-NET TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49941, "text": "L650812102 CLIBRA TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49940, "text": "L620812240 EXTREME DANCE PROJECT"}, {"id": 49939, "text": "L620812091 TAAL-NET BEULA PARK"}, {"id": 49938, "text": "L560812457 XABA"}, {"id": 49937, "text": "L560812093 IALA EDUCATE"}, {"id": 49936, "text": "L530812413 GLOBAL OPTIMA CONSULTING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49935, "text": "L510812227 KHULA VET"}, {"id": 49934, "text": "L500812310 PHAGOFLUX RF PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49933, "text": "L490812197 SDC IT"}, {"id": 49932, "text": "L480812025 PULSE MERCHANDISING"}, {"id": 49931, "text": "L450812385 KHULA LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 49930, "text": "L440811992 Jaswantlal Ramkissoon"}, {"id": 49929, "text": "L430783508 ALTITUDE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49928, "text": "L410812327 OAKHILL PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 49927, "text": "L400718427 COTLANDS"}, {"id": 49926, "text": "L340812272 NELSPRUIT MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 49925, "text": "L330812027 JDI TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49924, "text": "L320812433 KELLYGIRL SKILLS"}, {"id": 49923, "text": "L310812435 KELLYGIRL SKILLS"}, {"id": 49922, "text": "L300812379 THE SISU HUB"}, {"id": 49921, "text": "L280812399 GIGGLE AND GROW PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49920, "text": "L280812233 WILLEKIND"}, {"id": 49919, "text": "L270812037 KLEINSPOORTJIES HENNOPSPARK"}, {"id": 49918, "text": "L250812361 REACT TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49917, "text": "L230812440 IH CAPE TOWN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49916, "text": "L220812095 INNOVATING JUSTICE SOUTHERN AFRICA"}, {"id": 49915, "text": "L220812087 PILLAY"}, {"id": 49914, "text": "L200812065 ITIRELE EMPOWERMENT INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49913, "text": "L160812006 MOLEMI"}, {"id": 49912, "text": "L160799609 TIMMS"}, {"id": 49911, "text": "L140812381 SETANTA COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49910, "text": "L140782824 LITTLE FOOTSTEPS DAY CARE STIMULATION CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49909, "text": "L130812326 DILEEP INVESTMENTS CC"}, {"id": 49908, "text": "L130812086 TSHILASE"}, {"id": 49907, "text": "L130795570 TIRADEPROPS 1074 CC"}, {"id": 49906, "text": "L120812047 SPESRES"}, {"id": 49905, "text": "L120812005 MCHUNU"}, {"id": 49904, "text": "L110812254 VIRTUAL SCHOOL OF AFRICA"}, {"id": 49903, "text": "L110812007 MCHUNU"}, {"id": 49902, "text": "L070812351 IMAGINATION SHAKERS"}, {"id": 49901, "text": "L030812194 RM BIOTECH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49900, "text": "NL20132424 Little Footsteps Stimulation Centre"}, {"id": 49899, "text": "N090895455 ACADEMY OF YORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49898, "text": "N090895454 I CAN 4 IR"}, {"id": 49897, "text": "N090895453 WISDOM REPUBLIC TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49896, "text": "N090895452 eduSOIL Education NPC"}, {"id": 49895, "text": "N090895451 E42moro Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49894, "text": "N090895450 SARDONIX PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49893, "text": "N090895449 SSG Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49892, "text": "N090895448 Phudurelepaza Trading And Enterprise"}, {"id": 49891, "text": "N090895447 Logika Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49890, "text": "N090895446 Liderazgo"}, {"id": 49889, "text": "N090895445 MCMILLAN MANAGEMENT SERVICE GROUP"}, {"id": 49888, "text": "N090895444 INCEPTION INCREDIBLE PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49887, "text": "N090895443 Atlega For Woman Projects Enterprise"}, {"id": 49886, "text": "N090895442 NTUTHUKO YESIZWE INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49885, "text": "N090895441 New Vision Academy of Learning"}, {"id": 49884, "text": "N090895440 CG Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49883, "text": "NL20132423 Lighthouse Community Centre NPC"}, {"id": 49882, "text": "N090895439 JMD Worx"}, {"id": 49881, "text": "N090895438 Sibize Group of Companies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49880, "text": "N090895437 Ikusasa Technology Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49879, "text": "N090895436 DPS Projects"}, {"id": 49878, "text": "N090895435 GEARUP SOLUTIONS IT SERVICES"}, {"id": 49877, "text": "NL20132422 Khetha Ubomi Pty LTD"}, {"id": 49876, "text": "N090895434 Desgat Training Solutions"}, {"id": 49875, "text": "N090895433 Bascon Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49874, "text": "N090895432 Badirile Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49873, "text": "N090895431 Altec Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 49872, "text": "N090895430 Badumile Firearm and Security Training"}, {"id": 49871, "text": "N090895429 Angrolinc solutions"}, {"id": 49870, "text": "N090895428 Atvance Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49869, "text": "N090895427 Academy International College"}, {"id": 49868, "text": "N090895426 ALLINA FRANCIS SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49867, "text": "N090895425 African Training and Management Consultants"}, {"id": 49866, "text": "N090895424 Resolutions Studio Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49865, "text": "NL20132421 Makhuva Consulting CC"}, {"id": 49864, "text": "NL20132420 THUTONG TRAINING INSTITUTION AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49863, "text": "NL20132419 Bhungane Skills Development and Training Centre"}, {"id": 49862, "text": "NL20132418 CHLORINE TECH SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49861, "text": "NL20132417 Toyana Training and Research Solutions"}, {"id": 49860, "text": "NL20132416 Your Human Resource Solution"}, {"id": 49859, "text": "NL20132415 KC HOSPITALITY CONSULTATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 49858, "text": "NL20132414 LITHA BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49857, "text": "N090895423 MarketEdge Enterprise"}, {"id": 49856, "text": "N090895422 Tsamaya Thutong Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49855, "text": "NL20132413 Hoerskool Carletonville"}, {"id": 49854, "text": "NL20132412 Adamantia High School"}, {"id": 49853, "text": "NL20132411 Noordheuwel High School"}, {"id": 49852, "text": "N090895421 Melatrend Management Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49851, "text": "N090895420 MPOFU ENGINEERING PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49850, "text": "N090895419 Dr Indira Naidoo s Institute of Education Training and Engineering Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49849, "text": "NL20132410 Mageba Training Provider"}, {"id": 49848, "text": "NL20132409 M Serfontein Holding"}, {"id": 49847, "text": "NL20132408 LEBONE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49846, "text": "NL20132407 Ignite Training Institute"}, {"id": 49845, "text": "N090895418 The DUX Academy of Healthcare"}, {"id": 49844, "text": "N090895417 Burgess School of Studies"}, {"id": 49843, "text": "N090895416 T4 Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49842, "text": "N090895415 ELIMA CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49841, "text": "N090895414 Dagams Skills Development Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49840, "text": "N090895413 MSC Corporate Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49839, "text": "N090895412 Labournet Learning and Development Solutions Pty ltd"}, {"id": 49838, "text": "N090895411 Think360 KZN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49837, "text": "N090895410 Phambili Training Academy"}, {"id": 49836, "text": "N090895409 BOHLALE PELONG TRAINING COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49835, "text": "N090895408 Talentline Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49834, "text": "N090895407 Public Universities South Africa NPC"}, {"id": 49833, "text": "NL20132406 San Skills Consultant"}, {"id": 49832, "text": "N090895406 Pinnacle Skills Evolution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49831, "text": "N090895405 Lodiscan Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49830, "text": "N090895404 Ulwazi Training Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49829, "text": "NL20132404 NTATAISE NETWORK"}, {"id": 49828, "text": "NL20132403 NTATAISE NETWORK"}, {"id": 49827, "text": "NL20132402 FAMILIES SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49826, "text": "NL20132401 Lesedi La Batho"}, {"id": 49825, "text": "NL20132400 ILISO CARE SOCIETY"}, {"id": 49824, "text": "NL20132399 MPUMALANGA MENTAL HEALTH SOCIETY"}, {"id": 49823, "text": "L940811658 MTAMBO"}, {"id": 49822, "text": "L930811650 MBATHA"}, {"id": 49821, "text": "L920783091 CORNFLOWER PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49820, "text": "L900811946 NOVA GAS TRADING"}, {"id": 49819, "text": "L880811890 EDUSTREAMS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49818, "text": "L850811953 LEGEND HOSPITALITY SCHOOL AND ACADEMYY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49817, "text": "L830811784 ANCHORED EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49816, "text": "L820811869 VAN JAARSVELD"}, {"id": 49815, "text": "L760811796 EDUCO ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49814, "text": "L760802969 TOMORROWS LEADERS IN TRAINING"}, {"id": 49813, "text": "L730811934 EDUWINGU CLOUD EDUCATION SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49812, "text": "L720811845 MYEZA"}, {"id": 49811, "text": "L710811680 GHP PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49810, "text": "L700811849 DIE BOOMHUIS WISKUNDE AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 49809, "text": "L700811690 PROMILEX CC"}, {"id": 49808, "text": "L690804960 WAVECREST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49807, "text": "L680811710 SIPHIWOSETHU OPEN DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES CORPERATION"}, {"id": 49806, "text": "L670811845 DIE BOOMHUIS WETENSKAP AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 49805, "text": "L650811732 TRITON LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 49804, "text": "L600811790 KHANYISA INANDA SEMINARY COMMUNITY PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49803, "text": "L580811927 RESTORATION OF HOPE BUSINESS"}, {"id": 49802, "text": "L580811802 DANISA"}, {"id": 49801, "text": "L570811804 VALKE COMMERCIAL"}, {"id": 49800, "text": "L550811808 SIYAPHAMBILI TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49799, "text": "L510811690 HOFFCO"}, {"id": 49798, "text": "L440811976 LOVE ON PURPOSE KIDZ"}, {"id": 49797, "text": "L440811950 AKASHA SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49796, "text": "L430811879 NORTH WATER PROPERTY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49795, "text": "L420811731 AFRICAN CYBER INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49794, "text": "L410811790 LEFA 4 ME TRADING ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 49793, "text": "L370778724 ALPHADEMIA EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 49792, "text": "L360811618 BOUNDARY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49791, "text": "L340811753 CRESCENT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 49790, "text": "L320797436 HAZELDENE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49789, "text": "L310811973 SOETDORINKIE LEERSENTRUM"}, {"id": 49788, "text": "L280811771 SEDAR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49787, "text": "L260811353 JAPSNOET AKADEMIE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49786, "text": "L250811744 SWALES ONLINE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49785, "text": "L220811881 KUMON EQUESTRIA"}, {"id": 49784, "text": "L220782363 EM AFTERCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49783, "text": "L170763256 ANATELLO CC"}, {"id": 49782, "text": "L160811891 ULEARN ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49781, "text": "L150811950 F A M E SA AWARDS LEGACY"}, {"id": 49780, "text": "L130772025 PLANTATION PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49779, "text": "L110811843 TECHNOLOGICAL HIGHER EDUCATION NETWORK SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49778, "text": "L100811795 PALM HILLS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49777, "text": "L080811807 LITTLE HILL MONTESSORI COMPANY"}, {"id": 49776, "text": "L060811819 THUTO KE BOSWA GRADPROGRAMME"}, {"id": 49775, "text": "N090895403 Mission Point Consulting"}, {"id": 49774, "text": "N090895402 The Wellness Specialist"}, {"id": 49773, "text": "N090895401 FUNZA SECURITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 49772, "text": "N090895400 MALWANDLA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49771, "text": "N090895399 BRIGHTSOMETHINGTOMMORROW"}, {"id": 49770, "text": "N090895398 MOVEUP AND ADVANCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 49769, "text": "N090895397 ON GRID TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49768, "text": "N090895396 Aliangy Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49767, "text": "N090895395 Glidex International Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49766, "text": "N090895394 PMV-DESTINY SKILLS TRAINING DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49765, "text": "N090895393 Siyathemba Consulting Skills Development Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49764, "text": "N090895392 ELEXITO BUSINESS CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49763, "text": "N090895391 KAMPA ETD AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49762, "text": "N090895390 Jojo Training Institute"}, {"id": 49761, "text": "N090895389 COLOURWORKS INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 49760, "text": "N090895388 FINAL CUE"}, {"id": 49759, "text": "N090895387 grow"}, {"id": 49758, "text": "N090895386 Trident Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49757, "text": "N090895385 Headway Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49756, "text": "L960811646 MEDIATION ACADEMY SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49755, "text": "L950797318 VISION WAVE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49754, "text": "L940811591 DG WORLD CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49753, "text": "L790811568 STONECAMP CAPITAL"}, {"id": 49752, "text": "L760811515 KHULANJALO CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49751, "text": "L730811496 K2019462716 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 49750, "text": "L720811647 SCIENZA ACADEMY TUTOR CENTRE"}, {"id": 49749, "text": "L640811552 RAMOROKA"}, {"id": 49748, "text": "L440811612 THE COOPETTO"}, {"id": 49747, "text": "L330811615 HANDEVAT MUSIC PROJECT"}, {"id": 49746, "text": "L240811531 EL ETA SPORT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49745, "text": "L180811657 MAWETU COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS AND ADMINISTRATION SECONDARY PRI"}, {"id": 49744, "text": "N090895384 Essential Skills Management"}, {"id": 49743, "text": "N090895383 Insight Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49742, "text": "N090895382 AMG Training and Hygiene Consultants"}, {"id": 49741, "text": "N090895381 BEV SHORT TRAINING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49740, "text": "N090895380 boti"}, {"id": 49739, "text": "N090895379 Academy of Personal Mastery"}, {"id": 49738, "text": "N090895378 IMPILO TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49737, "text": "N090895377 UMO LEARNING SUPPORT SYSTEM"}, {"id": 49736, "text": "N090895376 ORACLE TRAINING HUB"}, {"id": 49735, "text": "N090895375 FAME SA AWARDS LEGACY NPC"}, {"id": 49734, "text": "N090895374 Roptech Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49733, "text": "N090895373 PNT AGENCIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49732, "text": "N090895372 Modern Training And Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49731, "text": "N090895371 G-STUFF TRADING CC"}, {"id": 49730, "text": "N090895370 Institute of Bio Research Auditing and Training in Southern Africa"}, {"id": 49729, "text": "N090895369 Sihle Global Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49728, "text": "N090895368 Ramadumetja Funeral Parlour and Tombstone"}, {"id": 49727, "text": "N090895367 IZINKANYEZI TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49726, "text": "N090895366 Tloumogale Business development and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49725, "text": "N090895365 PERSPECSTRO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROVIDER"}, {"id": 49724, "text": "N090895364 Bontle Solutions CC"}, {"id": 49723, "text": "N090895363 Umzingisi Solutions"}, {"id": 49722, "text": "N090895362 NERDIE-TECH"}, {"id": 49721, "text": "N090895361 Izwi Labantu Forum NPC"}, {"id": 49720, "text": "N090895360 LETHIKHONO TRADING ENTERPRISE 2"}, {"id": 49719, "text": "N090895359 LIM TRADING ENTERPRISE Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49718, "text": "N090895358 Deaf Federation of South Africa"}, {"id": 49717, "text": "N090895357 THE ENERGYWISE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49716, "text": "N090895356 Skills Junction Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49715, "text": "N090895355 TMX and DK Holdings"}, {"id": 49714, "text": "N090895354 EXCELSIORTECH BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 49713, "text": "L910811290 SONAR INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49712, "text": "L870778141 GOLDEN REWARDS 2060"}, {"id": 49711, "text": "L830811412 TWFG TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49710, "text": "L810811317 OUDITIEWE EN SENSORIESE OPVOEDINGSENTRUM EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 49709, "text": "L810811234 MP AVUXENI ICT"}, {"id": 49708, "text": "L800811251 SEKELA IZWE"}, {"id": 49707, "text": "L670800749 MODDERFONTEIN ACADEMY OF ARTS SPORTS AND CULTURE"}, {"id": 49706, "text": "L660811334 THE BEAT ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49705, "text": "L650811427 STB ETA SPORT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49704, "text": "L640811388 BENEFICIAL TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 49703, "text": "L620777484 THE GOOD WORK FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 49702, "text": "L590811347 BRIDGE FET EDU CENTRE"}, {"id": 49701, "text": "L560811350 Y2K COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 49700, "text": "L450811486 B CRUIT"}, {"id": 49699, "text": "L390811497 PINETOWN INDEPENDENT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49698, "text": "L380811424 PROVIDING SKILLS LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49697, "text": "L360811246 PRE SCHOOL THE LIGHT"}, {"id": 49696, "text": "L240811457 KOL HR SPECIALISTS"}, {"id": 49695, "text": "L230811228 TIMBER 71 TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49694, "text": "L180811236 WESTERN EDUCATIONAL TRUST NPC"}, {"id": 49693, "text": "L180798961 ARKE LEGAL ADVISORS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49692, "text": "L140811466 FASAJ FARMS"}, {"id": 49691, "text": "L050811472 WOODLANDS CRECHE AND PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49690, "text": "L040798250 Ruda ELS"}, {"id": 49689, "text": "L030811337 KISHUGU UNMANNED AERIAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 49688, "text": "L010811455 NDALLYS TRADING ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49687, "text": "L010811331 IMONE BELEGGINGS EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 49686, "text": "N090895353 Langavi Service Provider Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49685, "text": "N090895352 Sinovuyolethu Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49684, "text": "N090895351 KELLERY PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49683, "text": "NL20132398 Sekuss High School"}, {"id": 49682, "text": "NL20132397 St Francis Finishing School"}, {"id": 49681, "text": "L950808792 TERMITE LABS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49680, "text": "L920810654 RAISING THE BAR TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49679, "text": "L920810571 FOWLER"}, {"id": 49678, "text": "L900811151 RUIMSIG ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49677, "text": "L890811138 BAMBINO BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 49676, "text": "L880810611 JLP PROPERTIES"}, {"id": 49675, "text": "L880796257 PELMO BOOKS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49674, "text": "L860811142 CULTIVATING EXCELLENCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49673, "text": "L860810524 PN CORPORATE LEGENDS"}, {"id": 49672, "text": "L860808866 PULA NALA PETROLEUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49671, "text": "L860793746 PIGGY WIGGY PRESCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49670, "text": "L840811170 EYETHU NATIONAL COMPUTER COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49669, "text": "L820810861 TWENTY20SCIENCE"}, {"id": 49668, "text": "L820800318 AKANE TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49667, "text": "L800811087 WONGEZO CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49666, "text": "L800810865 TWENTY20SCIENCE"}, {"id": 49665, "text": "L800808968 KRUISKRAG ELLISRAS"}, {"id": 49664, "text": "L790811139 PITCH SMASHERS SPORTS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49663, "text": "L780810521 ENERGY MOBILITY EDUCATION TRUST"}, {"id": 49662, "text": "L780798551 SEEDLINGS AND FLOWERS"}, {"id": 49661, "text": "L770810952 ILL LOGISTICS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49660, "text": "L770806505 GOODIE TUTORS"}, {"id": 49659, "text": "L740810561 MOHUBE MEDIA"}, {"id": 49658, "text": "L710810617 DE CULINAIRE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49657, "text": "L700811054 TEACH THE NATION"}, {"id": 49656, "text": "L700811005 ST GERARDS NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 49655, "text": "L700810858 KELLER HOUSE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49654, "text": "L680801679 TUTCO TUITION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49653, "text": "L680796903 IGROW NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49652, "text": "L680790021 EDUBLOX POLOKWANE"}, {"id": 49651, "text": "L650810510 STARR STUDENT TUTOR CENTRE"}, {"id": 49650, "text": "L630789891 BEREA-ALBION FOOTBALL CLUB PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49648, "text": "L610810568 GERALD PROJECT MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 49647, "text": "L600810602 LWAZI ACADEMY OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 49646, "text": "L580810648 SWIMMATTIX SWIM SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49645, "text": "L570804635 VALENTURE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49644, "text": "L560810691 THE CALABASH OF KNOWLEDGE"}, {"id": 49643, "text": "L550810891 UYENGO RISING"}, {"id": 49642, "text": "L540784842 MARDEL EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 49641, "text": "L530779208 BUSMETRIX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49640, "text": "L520810682 A CLASS TUTORS"}, {"id": 49639, "text": "L510810510 BLULEVER EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49638, "text": "L500810793 METNEIRO"}, {"id": 49637, "text": "L500807716 PCD ASSESSMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49636, "text": "L470809957 KNYSNA CHRISTIAN MISSION SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49635, "text": "L470804529 TEACH LEARN INNOVATE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49634, "text": "L460810866 WILSON LEARNING CENTER"}, {"id": 49633, "text": "L460810569 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 49632, "text": "L440811174 LOVE TO CREATE"}, {"id": 49631, "text": "L440810473 POWERHOUSE COMMERCIAL FRAMEWORK SOUTHERN AFRICA"}, {"id": 49630, "text": "L430810822 ADVENT HOPE COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49629, "text": "L420810949 GOBETSE TRAINING SPECIALISTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49628, "text": "L410810909 GILES ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49627, "text": "L400810539 CONNECT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49626, "text": "L380810970 LEER EN SPEEL NASORG"}, {"id": 49625, "text": "L370811178 NATIONAL EMPOWERMENT AND TRANSFORMATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49624, "text": "L360810818 SEAT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49623, "text": "L350810851 KHASAKANCANE HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49622, "text": "L340810482 KIEWIETNES KLEUTER EN LEERSENTRUM"}, {"id": 49621, "text": "L340810466 JURIE STEYN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49620, "text": "L330811151 BLISS AND STARS"}, {"id": 49619, "text": "L330795560 KHULA EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49618, "text": "L310810470 FUZE AVIATION ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49617, "text": "L290784992 PULAKGADI TRAINING CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49616, "text": "L280810559 SHAATI EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49615, "text": "L280810179 A AND S TRAINING CONSULTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49614, "text": "L270810601 SETHIKE TRADING CC"}, {"id": 49613, "text": "L270808597 JWD GROUP"}, {"id": 49612, "text": "L270793245 MOTHEO SKILLS ENTITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49611, "text": "L210810802 CEMS EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49610, "text": "L200800565 CARLSWALD MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 49609, "text": "L170810560 RIETVLEI AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 49608, "text": "L160810992 GREENVIEW TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SKILLS CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49607, "text": "L140808785 GREEN ACRES SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49606, "text": "L130810825 EDU BUILD INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49605, "text": "L100811084 SAPIRO ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49604, "text": "L100809278 MANS"}, {"id": 49603, "text": "L090810542 KOSMOS CENTRE FOR LEARNING"}, {"id": 49602, "text": "L080811161 SDC PAYROLL"}, {"id": 49601, "text": "L050810896 REDMOON 112 TRADING"}, {"id": 49600, "text": "L050810797 CAP PRODUCTION SOURCING AND DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49599, "text": "L050810524 RUSAPE"}, {"id": 49598, "text": "L050802497 CAA SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49597, "text": "L050797770 NKAZIMULO APPLIED SCIENCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49596, "text": "L030810891 SK SWIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49595, "text": "L030810503 STAND-OUT YOUTH DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49594, "text": "L020810604 JODIGYN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49593, "text": "L010798637 SULATI EDUCATION AND THERAPY CENTRE"}, {"id": 49592, "text": "NL20132396 Mjaliswa Junior Secondury School"}, {"id": 49591, "text": "NL20132395 Mjaliswa Junior Secondury School"}, {"id": 49590, "text": "NL20132394 Khulani High School"}, {"id": 49589, "text": "N090895350 LUNGILE MCHUNU CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 49588, "text": "N090895349 Yibanolwazi Educational Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49587, "text": "N090895348 In School Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49586, "text": "N090895347 MULAMBO TRAINING AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49585, "text": "N090895346 SCIENTEC EDUCATION AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49584, "text": "N090895345 Institutional Higher Education of South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49583, "text": "N090895344 CM STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49582, "text": "N090895343 TBL Academy"}, {"id": 49581, "text": "N090895342 VISION MEETS ACTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49580, "text": "N090895341 Havohej Consultancy"}, {"id": 49579, "text": "N090895340 THE SKILLS EXTENSION TRAINING COMPANY"}, {"id": 49578, "text": "N090895339 R I M Empowerment"}, {"id": 49577, "text": "N090895338 EARLY LEARNING FUNDAMENTAL INTERVENTIONS"}, {"id": 49576, "text": "N090895337 NokushoM Consultancy and Trading"}, {"id": 49575, "text": "N090895336 Finefinish Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49574, "text": "NL20132393 Isibane Primary School"}, {"id": 49573, "text": "NL20132392 Nyanga SAPS"}, {"id": 49572, "text": "NL20132391 Pick n Pay"}, {"id": 49571, "text": "N090895335 Station Of Life PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49570, "text": "N090895334 JR SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49569, "text": "N090895333 ALTUS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 49568, "text": "N090895332 KDS Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49567, "text": "N090895331 FRESH BRAILLE"}, {"id": 49566, "text": "N090895330 MASHUSHE ETDP TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49565, "text": "N090895329 Genius Business College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49564, "text": "N090895328 Hybri Consultants and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49563, "text": "N090895327 Lasting Impressions Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49562, "text": "N090895326 NGM SKILLS TRANSFER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49561, "text": "N090895325 Foster-Melliar PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49560, "text": "N090895324 Motheo Institute of Business"}, {"id": 49559, "text": "N090895323 Meleric Holdings"}, {"id": 49558, "text": "N090895322 ODIGENIX GROUP"}, {"id": 49557, "text": "N090895321 Atailpedia"}, {"id": 49556, "text": "N090895320 Africa Expectation Safaris Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49555, "text": "N090895319 West Coast Industrial Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49554, "text": "N090895318 SAFARMEX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49553, "text": "N090895317 PR Skills Development Group"}, {"id": 49552, "text": "N090895316 ASPIRATION TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49551, "text": "N090895315 Mvision Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49550, "text": "L900810203 MARAIS"}, {"id": 49549, "text": "L880810405 SIBIKWA HUMAN RESOURCES"}, {"id": 49548, "text": "L880810256 AFRICAN RESEARCH TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49547, "text": "L870810407 COACH PARRY"}, {"id": 49546, "text": "L820810127 BUSINESS GROWTH INCUBATION CENTRE BGIC"}, {"id": 49545, "text": "L810810269 20SEVEN INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 49544, "text": "L810810046 BULL S BUSINESS AND SKILLS TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49543, "text": "L790810313 GLOBAL ALLEGRO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49542, "text": "L750810147 GIL ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 49541, "text": "L750810097 EMBALENHLE ALLIANCE COMMUNITY CHURCH"}, {"id": 49540, "text": "L740810355 GOOD NATIONAL PARLIAMENT"}, {"id": 49539, "text": "L710810369 NELMAK PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49538, "text": "L660810146 FUNDISA ISIZWE TERTIARY EDUCATION FUND"}, {"id": 49537, "text": "L650810155 ST CHRISTOPHER PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49536, "text": "L640810190 I CAN INNOVATE"}, {"id": 49535, "text": "L600810081 CHURCHILL PROJECTS MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 49534, "text": "L480779729 MYBURGH"}, {"id": 49533, "text": "L440810283 ST JOHNS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49532, "text": "L410810305 RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA SECRETARIAT NPC"}, {"id": 49531, "text": "L400810224 ABONGILE HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49530, "text": "L390810390 CLEVER CODERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49529, "text": "L370810097 RANDHILLS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49528, "text": "L360810339 WISE EYE STELLENBOSCH"}, {"id": 49527, "text": "L340810433 STEPUP PRE PRIMARY CORPORATE"}, {"id": 49526, "text": "L340810227 APEX PRIMERE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49525, "text": "L330810104 FORGE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49524, "text": "L320810312 BRAND"}, {"id": 49523, "text": "L270810338 SKHANGI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49522, "text": "L240810152 OHS NETWORK SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49521, "text": "L220810313 EARTHLY TOUCH SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49520, "text": "L180810188 TUMELO EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 49519, "text": "L130810205 POSH MINIONS MONTESSORI PRE AND PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49518, "text": "L090810393 STARR STUDENT TUTOR CENTRE"}, {"id": 49517, "text": "L090810211 P AND S TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49516, "text": "L070810231 ACHIEVERS AFRICA MARKETING AND TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 49515, "text": "L060810118 PHUMELELA EXECUTIVE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49514, "text": "L030810081 NDIVUKA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49513, "text": "NL20132390 Smollan and Associates"}, {"id": 49512, "text": "NL20132389 Olifantsrivier Taxi Association"}, {"id": 49511, "text": "NL20132388 Louwville High School"}, {"id": 49510, "text": "NL20132387 Amalinde Junior Primary"}, {"id": 49509, "text": "NL20132386 Statistics South Africa"}, {"id": 49508, "text": "NL20132385 Siyafuneka Primary School"}, {"id": 49507, "text": "NL20132384 Group six Civils and Holdings"}, {"id": 49506, "text": "NL20132383 Amoya Workplace Consultants"}, {"id": 49505, "text": "NL20132382 HISENSE"}, {"id": 49504, "text": "NL20132381 Human Van Der Merwe Inc"}, {"id": 49503, "text": "NL20132380 Siyaya Skills Institute"}, {"id": 49502, "text": "NL20132379 Atlantis School of skills"}, {"id": 49501, "text": "NL20132378 West Coast Hardware"}, {"id": 49500, "text": "NL20132377 Makro"}, {"id": 49499, "text": "NL20132376 Van Schaik Bookstore"}, {"id": 49498, "text": "NL20132375 Understand Hope and Care"}, {"id": 49497, "text": "NL20132374 MD Trading"}, {"id": 49496, "text": "NL20132373 Ethembeni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 49495, "text": "NL20132372 Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu"}, {"id": 49494, "text": "N090895314 Blazing Torch Trading And Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49493, "text": "N090895313 CDP Sporting Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49492, "text": "N090895312 Ekurhuleni Technical College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49491, "text": "L310812435 KELLYGIRL SKILLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49490, "text": "N090895310 MKHASELA DEVELOPERS AND TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49489, "text": "N090895309 Masakhane Training and Consultant Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49488, "text": "N090895308 Outcore Legacy Pty "}, {"id": 49487, "text": "N090895307 Mfundo Development Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 49486, "text": "N090895306 The Nal ibali Trust"}, {"id": 49485, "text": "N090895305 Okudaliwe Institute of Learning PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49484, "text": "N090895304 Imbizo Training and Development Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49483, "text": "N090895303 AGRI RDA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49482, "text": "N090895302 Valley Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49481, "text": "L880809811 MINDSCAPE EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49480, "text": "L830809721 MINION PLAY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49479, "text": "L760781254 TURNSTONE TRADING 183 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49478, "text": "L740809902 COMMERCE EDGE MANAGEMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 49477, "text": "L740809761 CHRISTIAN WORSHIP CENTRE JOHANNESBURG NPC"}, {"id": 49476, "text": "L660809973 LITTLE LIGHT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49475, "text": "L620809964 A PLUS COMPUTER TRAINING STUDIO CC"}, {"id": 49474, "text": "L590809879 STELLENBOSCH NETWORK NPC"}, {"id": 49473, "text": "L590809762 BRIDGEWOOD EDUCATIONAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 49472, "text": "L560810014 SUNNY SIDE MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 49471, "text": "L530809740 FUNDA COMMUNITY TRAINING CENTRE PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LTD"}, {"id": 49470, "text": "L520809759 KNOWLEDGE WORKX"}, {"id": 49469, "text": "L480809963 QEAL"}, {"id": 49468, "text": "L430809865 MEL INTERNATIONAL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49467, "text": "L300810019 COB ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49466, "text": "L260809787 KAMPUS TRUST"}, {"id": 49465, "text": "L190810020 LIEFIELAND"}, {"id": 49464, "text": "L190809840 JUST JADE TRADING"}, {"id": 49463, "text": "L150809731 STARPLEX 489 CC"}, {"id": 49462, "text": "L060809763 AMAHLE GROUP HOLDING CONSORTIUM"}, {"id": 49461, "text": "L020809804 GLITTER BEKKIES"}, {"id": 49460, "text": "L010809756 PROF ZAK NEL CAREER COUNSELLING"}, {"id": 49459, "text": "L010768515 SNYMAN"}, {"id": 49458, "text": "N090895301 MUST Graduate Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49457, "text": "N090895300 IWELA-STS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49456, "text": "N090895299 Xtyle Fitness and Entertainment Academy NPC"}, {"id": 49455, "text": "N090895298 WILMON GUIDANCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49454, "text": "N090895297 ZAG CONSULTANTS Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49453, "text": "N090895296 BODIBENG TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49452, "text": "N090895295 Xomoloza General Trading"}, {"id": 49451, "text": "N090895294 Think Talent Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49450, "text": "N090895293 RGD Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 49449, "text": "L130809942 ANC Gauteng Caucus"}, {"id": 49448, "text": "N090895292 Mzulwini Traders Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49447, "text": "N090895291 Nkarise Training and Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49446, "text": "NL20132370 Transkido Construction"}, {"id": 49445, "text": "NL20132369 Striving Mind"}, {"id": 49444, "text": "N090895290 Cape Town Workbased Learning Academy"}, {"id": 49443, "text": "N090895289 Ndikhondinani Skills Development"}, {"id": 49442, "text": "N090895288 Achieve Skills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49441, "text": "N090895287 Bachadirang Training Academy"}, {"id": 49440, "text": "N090895286 Octomate Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49439, "text": "N090895285 Level 5 Skills"}, {"id": 49438, "text": "N090895284 Occupational Studies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49437, "text": "N090895283 Sikhosiphisakhosi"}, {"id": 49436, "text": "N090895282 TT AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49435, "text": "N090895281 Corporate Training Learning Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49434, "text": "N090895280 Edulink Training and Projects South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49433, "text": "N090895279 SML4change PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 49432, "text": "N090895278 Artem Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49431, "text": "N090895277 Sino General Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49430, "text": "N090895276 Jerisi Development Propeller NPC"}, {"id": 49429, "text": "N090895275 Khantsha Projects NPC"}, {"id": 49428, "text": "N090895274 Tumpu Trading Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49427, "text": "N090895273 Ikamva Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49426, "text": "L960809509 FRANS"}, {"id": 49425, "text": "L920809615 RADICAL SCHOOL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP"}, {"id": 49424, "text": "L920809508 QURTUBA ONLINE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49423, "text": "L910780545 KYLIX INFORMATION SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 49422, "text": "L870809110 LITTLE ROCK ANGELS PRE-SCHOOL DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 49421, "text": "L840809687 PUTTER"}, {"id": 49420, "text": "L830809242 NASA DBN"}, {"id": 49419, "text": "L820808766 PAX ADVISORY"}, {"id": 49418, "text": "L810809683 RISKWORX ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49417, "text": "L790809091 GIBELA BUSINESS INCUBATOR NPC"}, {"id": 49416, "text": "L770809376 WATOBE SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49415, "text": "L760809527 IWELASTS"}, {"id": 49414, "text": "L720809302 BUDGETRITE TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49413, "text": "L710809585 AFRICA EXPECTATION SAFARIS"}, {"id": 49412, "text": "L700809298 SCECO TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49411, "text": "L690809290 TSHIFHOVHEDZE TRADE AND SUPPLY"}, {"id": 49410, "text": "L680809227 K2020007465 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 49409, "text": "L680809078 BEULAH AFRICA TRAINING"}, {"id": 49408, "text": "L670809609 PENKYU"}, {"id": 49407, "text": "L670809344 ARISE ACADEMIC CENTRE"}, {"id": 49406, "text": "L670807389 FALCK"}, {"id": 49405, "text": "L640809499 EDUCATION CONCEPTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49404, "text": "L630809426 RAINBOW KIDS"}, {"id": 49403, "text": "L610783393 SEEDLINGS MONTESSORI CC"}, {"id": 49402, "text": "L600809455 THE STRATEGISTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49401, "text": "L590809150 XINABOX"}, {"id": 49400, "text": "L580809640 WEAVIND ONLINE"}, {"id": 49399, "text": "L550809422 GENESIS SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49398, "text": "L540809193 HYDE PARK COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 49397, "text": "L530809203 VIRTUALSCAPE SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49396, "text": "L510809280 CAROLINA BEES"}, {"id": 49395, "text": "L500809209 WOLF PACK GROUP"}, {"id": 49394, "text": "L490809128 WESTRAND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49393, "text": "L460809538 TABITTA EDUCATION FOR LIFE"}, {"id": 49392, "text": "L460809512 NS ZONKE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49391, "text": "L420809651 CAMPUS AND SCHOOL SAFETY TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49390, "text": "L410809059 BOPHELO IMPILO DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 49389, "text": "L390809590 PLUTO EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49388, "text": "L380809295 ON TARGET EDUCATION AND SPORT ACADEMY MOOKGOPHONG"}, {"id": 49387, "text": "L370809180 A LO HA KEIKI OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE"}, {"id": 49386, "text": "L370809107 SIGNA INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49385, "text": "L350809648 TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SA FOR PROMOTERS"}, {"id": 49384, "text": "L340805441 PRINS"}, {"id": 49383, "text": "L330809577 KOEITJIES EN KALFIES KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 49382, "text": "L310809407 ACHIEVE-IT CHARITABLE TRUST"}, {"id": 49381, "text": "L300809649 TRAINING OF DRIVERS INSTITUTE OF SA"}, {"id": 49380, "text": "L270809645 KOLABEDUTECH"}, {"id": 49379, "text": "L270809371 KORB"}, {"id": 49378, "text": "L230809644 TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SA FOR DISTRIBUTION"}, {"id": 49377, "text": "L230804058 SSD TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49376, "text": "L220809448 RV RESOURCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49375, "text": "L220797551 LOCU TRADERS"}, {"id": 49374, "text": "L200809640 TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SA FOR BAKERS"}, {"id": 49373, "text": "L190809238 K BONENG CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 49372, "text": "L180805790 GABY S COMPU-TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 49371, "text": "L180804850 MOSTERT"}, {"id": 49370, "text": "L170809646 TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SA FOR BAKERS"}, {"id": 49369, "text": "L170809166 TRI FACTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49368, "text": "L120809175 SKILLS ALLIANCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49367, "text": "L120809134 FLORIDA PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49366, "text": "L110809276 MZANSI AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 49365, "text": "L090809635 KYA CAD TRAINING"}, {"id": 49364, "text": "L060809540 GCUGCWA FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 49363, "text": "L050809641 DARUL ARQAM ISLAMIC HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49362, "text": "L050809591 DAVID RATTRAY FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 49361, "text": "L030809471 DREAM TEAM ADVENTURES CC"}, {"id": 49360, "text": "L020809101 PETRA CHRISTIAN FAMILIES NPC"}, {"id": 49359, "text": "L010809541 DOBSONVILLE HUMAN RIGHTS CENTRE"}, {"id": 49358, "text": "L010809368 HEIDELAND LYNNWOOD KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 49357, "text": "L010809111 LEFA SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49356, "text": "NL20132368 Nare Motho Trading Enterprice"}, {"id": 49355, "text": "NL20132367 SAGDA INVESTMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49354, "text": "NL20132366 MPOWER 357 PTY"}, {"id": 49353, "text": "NL20132365 Takumi Skills Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49352, "text": "N090895272 Masooa K abd M group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49351, "text": "N090895271 LANGAVI SERVICE PROVIDER"}, {"id": 49350, "text": "N090895270 LEARNFORWARD TRAINING SOLUTIONS AND CONSULTING AGENCY"}, {"id": 49349, "text": "NL20132364 Green Pastures Christian School"}, {"id": 49348, "text": "N090895269 LENTSWE LA MOTHEO TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49347, "text": "N090895268 E-Login Business Institute"}, {"id": 49346, "text": "N090895267 Taryn G Training Growth and Development PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49345, "text": "N090895266 Washindi Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49344, "text": "N090895265 Phandora Investment Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49343, "text": "N090895264 Ndlovhukazi Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49342, "text": "NL20132363 PROTEA COMPETENCY TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49341, "text": "NL20132362 Mdaka Omnyama Trading Projects PTY"}, {"id": 49340, "text": "NL20132361 ITHUTENG TEMO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49339, "text": "NL20132360 AMO AMASE BAHANANWA COOPERATIVE"}, {"id": 49338, "text": "NL20132359 Fundza Africa Projects NPO "}, {"id": 49337, "text": "NL20132358 Galaletsang DC"}, {"id": 49336, "text": "NL20132357 KEALINDO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49335, "text": "NL20132356 HENBRO WELDING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49334, "text": "NL20132355 Mallta Co-Operative Limited"}, {"id": 49333, "text": "N090895263 Your Human Resource Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49332, "text": "N090895262 Senzar Marketing Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49331, "text": "N090895261 Luntu for Education and Skills Development Practice Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49330, "text": "N090895260 EWCC Incorporating Skills Development"}, {"id": 49329, "text": "N090895259 Zendalo HR Consulting"}, {"id": 49328, "text": "N090895258 TIYISELANI EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49327, "text": "N090895257 Digital Innovative Solutions"}, {"id": 49326, "text": "N090895256 RAKGAKALA INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION AND RESEARCH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49325, "text": "N090895255 Social Emancipators Transformers NPC"}, {"id": 49324, "text": "N090895254 SINGALOTHI IMBIZA MILLENIUM SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49323, "text": "N090895253 HOPE INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 49322, "text": "N090895252 A E Z CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49321, "text": "N090895251 SK SIMPLIFIED PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49320, "text": "N090895250 ALUTA EDUCATION AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49319, "text": "N090895249 Phomelelo Skills and Labour Relations Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49318, "text": "N090895248 Bells Technical College"}, {"id": 49317, "text": "NL20132354 Bright Future Kids Academy"}, {"id": 49316, "text": "N090895247 Zizipho Labour Relations and Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49315, "text": "NL20132353 Victoria Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 49314, "text": "N090895246 Clear Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49313, "text": "N090895245 Training and Quality Assurance Projects"}, {"id": 49312, "text": "N090895244 THINC ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49311, "text": "NL20132352 Skills Foundation"}, {"id": 49310, "text": "N090895243 LULUTHO VALUE CREATION ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49309, "text": "N090895242 Inkululo African Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49308, "text": "N090895241 Inyathi Vissions"}, {"id": 49307, "text": "N090895240 Sapienta Professional Teacher Development"}, {"id": 49306, "text": "N090895239 Mmuso and Associates"}, {"id": 49305, "text": "N090895238 S A Paramedical and OHS Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49304, "text": "N090895237 Totally Tailored Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49303, "text": "N090895236 Rosco Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49302, "text": "N090895235 Masutha Training and Security Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49301, "text": "N090895234 Premier Human Capital Corporation"}, {"id": 49300, "text": "N090895233 Sonke Gender Justice"}, {"id": 49299, "text": "N090895232 Treinamento CC"}, {"id": 49298, "text": "NL20132351 The Undiscovered Brand PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 49297, "text": "NL20132350 Discipleship Ministry Training"}, {"id": 49296, "text": "N090895231 TSWELOPELE TRAINING GROUP"}, {"id": 49295, "text": "N090895230 Vukasizwe Multipurpose Primary Co-operative Ltd"}, {"id": 49294, "text": "N090895229 Footsteps"}, {"id": 49293, "text": "NL20132349 Wecan Educare centre"}, {"id": 49292, "text": "N090895228 Gem-Meg projects"}, {"id": 49291, "text": "N090895227 Kubula Consulting and Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49290, "text": "N090895226 F AND I ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49289, "text": "N090895225 Emanzini staffing solutions"}, {"id": 49288, "text": "N090895224 Batho National Empowerment"}, {"id": 49287, "text": "N090895223 Anchora Research and Development Practitioners PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49286, "text": "NL20132348 GENESIS SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49285, "text": "NL20132347 DISABLED WOMEN'S NETWORK"}, {"id": 49284, "text": "NL20132346 Teach me Ngifundise"}, {"id": 49283, "text": "NL20132345 Abigail Marere"}, {"id": 49282, "text": "NL20132344 Klerksdorp Youth Club"}, {"id": 49281, "text": "NL20132343 Business Health Theology Academy"}, {"id": 49280, "text": "NL20132342 MSI Project Management and Skills Development PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49279, "text": "N090895222 Clowns Without Borders South Africa"}, {"id": 49278, "text": "N090895221 MuhaNgwene Development Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49277, "text": "L850808975 THE MONTESSORI NEST"}, {"id": 49276, "text": "L850808835 SKITTER SKOLE"}, {"id": 49275, "text": "L840808887 CLIFT COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49274, "text": "L830808756 UMTATA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49273, "text": "L740808888 MANGALA TRADING AND INVESTMENT"}, {"id": 49272, "text": "L640808756 OLGLASKE SCHOOLING"}, {"id": 49271, "text": "L580808766 REDWOOD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49270, "text": "L570808768 REDWOOD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49269, "text": "L550808762 REDWOOD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49268, "text": "L540808922 NGCOBO"}, {"id": 49267, "text": "L520808835 QSTORY SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49266, "text": "L520808744 WONDERLAND EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 49265, "text": "L460793039 WESTCOAST MUSIC ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49264, "text": "L370808935 SWART"}, {"id": 49263, "text": "L360808747 CHAPTER ONE DAY CARE PRE-SCHOOL CENTRE"}, {"id": 49262, "text": "L340808817 BLO BAR INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ACADEMY HAIR BEAUTY MAKEUP"}, {"id": 49261, "text": "L330808793 HEADWAY PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49260, "text": "L310808987 LIGHTBULB EDUCATION"}, {"id": 49259, "text": "L300808872 K2020189485 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 49258, "text": "L280808884 NATIONAL EDUCATION CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 49257, "text": "L280808843 AQE PRIMARY PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49256, "text": "L210808772 HEALTHY LIVING NETWORK"}, {"id": 49255, "text": "L120808763 THE DIGNITY CAMPAIGN"}, {"id": 49254, "text": "L110808872 ITQAAN SERVICES AND INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 49253, "text": "L090808835 JUST IN TIME PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49252, "text": "L090808769 CHRISTEL HOUSE SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 49251, "text": "L030808747 BCM COLLEGE PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 49250, "text": "L030795761 DE BRUIN"}, {"id": 49249, "text": "L020808970 KZN LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 49248, "text": "L010809004 KDJ CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49247, "text": "N090895220 Tshedza Training Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49246, "text": "N090895219 Skilled4IR Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49245, "text": "N090895218 ROBIN T J THOMAS BUSINESS CONSULTANT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49244, "text": "N090895217 PerformLink Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49243, "text": "N090895216 Occupatio Salvus Consultarios Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49242, "text": "N090895215 Mikhulu Child Development Trust NPC"}, {"id": 49241, "text": "N090895214 Ink Scribe Solutions"}, {"id": 49240, "text": "N090895213 Infinity Academy Benoni Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49239, "text": "N090895212 FAME Systems"}, {"id": 49238, "text": "NL20132341 Kaalvoet Kleuter"}, {"id": 49237, "text": "NL20132340 Bafana Mok Petroleum"}, {"id": 49236, "text": "NL20132339 The Learning Collection"}, {"id": 49235, "text": "NL20132338 Limpopo Community Education and Training College"}, {"id": 49234, "text": "N090895211 Prue Leith Chefs Academy"}, {"id": 49233, "text": "L800777437 Rant en Dal School"}, {"id": 49232, "text": "NL20132336 SOUTH FRICAN GRADUATES DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 49231, "text": "N090895210 Dotkay Language SchoolQ"}, {"id": 49230, "text": "N090895209 Pandora SHEQ Consultants"}, {"id": 49229, "text": "N090895208 Pax Projects"}, {"id": 49228, "text": "N090895207 M Zikhali Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49227, "text": "N090895206 Ndalo Wellness Studio"}, {"id": 49226, "text": "N090895205 Zibuyile Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 49225, "text": "N090895204 Kusabelele Investments CC"}, {"id": 49224, "text": "N090895203 Gajeni SE Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49223, "text": "N090895202 HHH Training Academy"}, {"id": 49222, "text": "NL20132335 The One Driving School"}, {"id": 49221, "text": "NL20132334 K CENTRE BUSINESS"}, {"id": 49220, "text": "N090895201 Teacher Coaching Firm Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49219, "text": "N090895200 Harvestine Investments"}, {"id": 49218, "text": "N090895199 Unity Actions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49217, "text": "N090895198 Online Convenience cc"}, {"id": 49216, "text": "N090895197 The Beneficiation Academy"}, {"id": 49215, "text": "N090895196 NG Skills Development Center"}, {"id": 49214, "text": "N090895195 Boitjhorising Institutions Services and Networks"}, {"id": 49213, "text": "N090895194 Ratomac Trading Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49212, "text": "L960800243 E.A.R.T.H. CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 49211, "text": "L900808389 VENTER EN DE KOCK KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 49210, "text": "L870808484 DIE KABOUTERLAND"}, {"id": 49209, "text": "L860798323 PURE MOTION GOLF ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49208, "text": "L840804423 SPEARMINT SERVICES"}, {"id": 49207, "text": "L810808560 FOODBEV INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49206, "text": "L800808604 RUTANANG PRIMARY ENRICHMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 49205, "text": "L790807947 SON OF FRESH INDUSTRIES"}, {"id": 49204, "text": "L770808485 SHINE ACADEMIA"}, {"id": 49203, "text": "L740808409 BPO SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49202, "text": "L730808351 THS HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 49201, "text": "L720808577 SHARP BRAIN HUB"}, {"id": 49200, "text": "L690808599 KUMON MONTANAPARK"}, {"id": 49199, "text": "L690808185 KINSTON ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49198, "text": "L680785427 AVENUE ENGLISH CC"}, {"id": 49197, "text": "L660808439 TENEO EDUCATION LEARNING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49196, "text": "L660808355 HOERSKOOL VOLKSRUST"}, {"id": 49195, "text": "L650806641 HYBRID TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49194, "text": "L610808406 ELI DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 49193, "text": "L600808721 ACUTUSMART PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49192, "text": "L600808473 HOMERUN PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49191, "text": "L590808350 ISG LITTLE CROSSES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49190, "text": "L570808438 CARPE DIEM AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 49189, "text": "L560808372 CREST ON CROSS"}, {"id": 49188, "text": "L520808504 PARADIGM EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 49187, "text": "L510774674 4 KIDS 1ST PRE-PRIMARY AND EDUCARECC"}, {"id": 49186, "text": "L490808492 QLICKED TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 49185, "text": "L460808449 UBUHLE BEZWE PRIMARY SCHOOL SGB"}, {"id": 49184, "text": "L460808274 MOOLMAN"}, {"id": 49183, "text": "L460807961 DIGICENTRAL"}, {"id": 49182, "text": "L460807623 UBUTSHA EMPLOYMENT"}, {"id": 49181, "text": "L430808628 FREE STATE BLACK BUSINESS CHAMBERS"}, {"id": 49180, "text": "L420808448 L E S SYSTEM NPC"}, {"id": 49179, "text": "L420808430 STONE LEARNING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49178, "text": "L400808566 KIMBERLEY INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND AND JEWELLERY ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49177, "text": "L370808653 I LOVE SWIMMING"}, {"id": 49176, "text": "L360808465 GRACEHILL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49175, "text": "L340808601 SECOND AVENUE GROUP"}, {"id": 49174, "text": "L330808512 MOOLMAN"}, {"id": 49173, "text": "L320808407 NITRO TRAINING"}, {"id": 49172, "text": "L300808641 CALVARY HOUSE INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49171, "text": "L300808542 MITRA ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49170, "text": "L280808520 INTEGER DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 49169, "text": "L260795978 RVP 2016"}, {"id": 49168, "text": "L250803816 GROBBELAAR AND LEASK PORTFOLIO"}, {"id": 49167, "text": "L240808354 IMPALA PARK AFTERCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 49166, "text": "L210808574 EDENVALE SUCCESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49165, "text": "L180808489 HOUSE OF FLORIE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49164, "text": "L160807485 EDU A PLUS"}, {"id": 49163, "text": "L140808512 SAPIN PROPERTY ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49162, "text": "L130808712 BEITUL IELM"}, {"id": 49161, "text": "L100808411 ISABEL BEUKES WISKUNDE EN WETENSKAPSENTRUM"}, {"id": 49160, "text": "L090808405 AFRIBIZ TRAINING"}, {"id": 49159, "text": "L080808373 THE BEEHILL COLLEGE TBHC"}, {"id": 49158, "text": "L080757372 MOLEKULA CC"}, {"id": 49157, "text": "L070808532 K2019565748 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 49156, "text": "L070808441 COGNITIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49155, "text": "L030808432 CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49154, "text": "NL20132333 Staalman Pty ltd"}, {"id": 49153, "text": "N090895193 Ibanathi Academy"}, {"id": 49151, "text": "N090895191 Mkalela Trading 100 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49150, "text": "NL20132332 Inkazimulo Community Projects"}, {"id": 49149, "text": "N090895190 Pace Academia College"}, {"id": 49148, "text": "N090895189 Key Remedy Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49147, "text": "N090895188 Mpondo Zengwenya Trading CC"}, {"id": 49146, "text": "N090895187 Siyabonga Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49145, "text": "N090895186 Mpembe Skills Training Project Management Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49144, "text": "N090895185 Pennyray projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49143, "text": "N090895184 Khumo-Matlo Training and Projects"}, {"id": 49142, "text": "N090895183 Advanced Assessments and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49141, "text": "N090895182 Babcock Education and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49140, "text": "N090895181 Pinnacle Performance Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49139, "text": "N090895180 THABASHLEY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49138, "text": "N090895179 ROSHEC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49137, "text": "NL20132331 Diamond Driving School"}, {"id": 49136, "text": "N090895178 Chanrose Training and Development Projects"}, {"id": 49135, "text": "N090895177 Vickotech Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49134, "text": "N090895176 Institute of Skilling Africa"}, {"id": 49133, "text": "N090895175 BEC Training Consultants"}, {"id": 49132, "text": "N090895174 Meyiswa Training Academy"}, {"id": 49131, "text": "N090895173 Reaithuta Computer Academy"}, {"id": 49130, "text": "N090895172 Cedros Development and Projects"}, {"id": 49129, "text": "N090895171 Crestwood College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49128, "text": "N090895170 Trillium Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49127, "text": "N090895169 Alpha Education Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49126, "text": "N090895168 Vinton Consulting Group Pty Ltd."}, {"id": 49125, "text": "N090895167 Peak Skills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 49124, "text": "NL20132330 CHRISTEL HOUSE NPC"}, {"id": 49123, "text": "NL20132329 RHENDANI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 49122, "text": "NL20132328 MLM INNOVATIVE TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49121, "text": "N090895166 The Leadership Dialogue"}, {"id": 49120, "text": "NL20132327 UNAKO"}, {"id": 49119, "text": "NL20132326 Pearson Marang Education Trust"}, {"id": 49118, "text": "NL20132325 Michaelhouse Community Partnership Trust"}, {"id": 49117, "text": "NL20132324 MDF"}, {"id": 49116, "text": "NL20132323 Lesedi Larona Home of Trust"}, {"id": 49115, "text": "NL20132322 IkamvaYouth"}, {"id": 49114, "text": "NL20132321 Community Action Partnership"}, {"id": 49113, "text": "NL20132320 Breadline Africa"}, {"id": 49112, "text": "NL20132319 Biblionef South Africa"}, {"id": 49111, "text": "NL20132318 AIMS Schools Enrichment Centre"}, {"id": 49110, "text": "NL20132317 EMTHONJENI NPO"}, {"id": 49109, "text": "N090895165 SchoolNet South Africa"}, {"id": 49108, "text": "NL20132316 Pamoja Properties PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49107, "text": "NL20132315 Rekgonne Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 49106, "text": "NL20132314 Sechaba Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 49105, "text": "NL20132313 Sijongephambili Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 49104, "text": "NL20132312 Ikamvelihle Day Care centre"}, {"id": 49103, "text": "L960808261 BAMBINOS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 49102, "text": "L960807297 VAN ROOYEN"}, {"id": 49101, "text": "L960804799 LEE"}, {"id": 49100, "text": "L960804658 RIET RIVER PORTFOLIO"}, {"id": 49099, "text": "L960802843 THE CYBER ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49098, "text": "L960791509 HAPPY KIDS DAYCARE AND AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 49097, "text": "L960753467 NORTHLINK COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49096, "text": "L950807497 DYNAMIC WOMEN SA"}, {"id": 49095, "text": "L950806820 LITTLE GENIUS MINDS"}, {"id": 49094, "text": "L950806333 BOTHA"}, {"id": 49093, "text": "L950805897 VIRTUAL ACADEMIES INCORPORATED IN UNITED KINGDOM "}, {"id": 49092, "text": "L950805376 FIRST SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 49091, "text": "L950804593 NEWSHELF 1291"}, {"id": 49090, "text": "L950804122 SPRINGS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49089, "text": "L950803462 PHARMAGROW SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49088, "text": "L950802548 BIZEFF CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 49087, "text": "L940807268 DANIELS"}, {"id": 49086, "text": "L940806963 GENERAL SMUTS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49085, "text": "L940806260 ELIZABETH GALLOWAY ACADEMY OF FASHION DESIGN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49084, "text": "L940804489 MODENA RECRUITMENT"}, {"id": 49083, "text": "L940804018 BRIGHT LIGHT CAMPUS 6"}, {"id": 49082, "text": "L940802889 JOMET HOMES"}, {"id": 49081, "text": "L940801428 SIYAKHULISA SKILLS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49080, "text": "L940799721 STEAM FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 49079, "text": "L940791561 SIX SIGMA AFRICA NETWORKING"}, {"id": 49078, "text": "L930808078 LUCID RESEARCH AND INSIGHT CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 49077, "text": "L930807476 LIVE STOCK REGISTERING FEDERATION"}, {"id": 49076, "text": "L930807211 FINANCE AND ASSET MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 49075, "text": "L930806858 IBUZE BREAD OF LIFE CHURCH"}, {"id": 49074, "text": "L930805215 ABOVE THE HEAVEN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49073, "text": "L930805066 GOLDMAN COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49072, "text": "L930804770 HUPPELKIND LEERSENTRUM"}, {"id": 49071, "text": "L930804341 BREAK OUT OF THE BOX"}, {"id": 49070, "text": "L930803921 TUITION COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49069, "text": "L930793148 VAN TONDER"}, {"id": 49068, "text": "L930788544 ROBIN S NEST MIDRAND HOLDING COMPANY"}, {"id": 49067, "text": "L920805878 LONEHILL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY PTY LT D"}, {"id": 49066, "text": "L920805399 ALMENTA 240 ICHAF"}, {"id": 49065, "text": "L920805209 ALDELIA SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 49064, "text": "L920804574 GAB NETWORK SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 49063, "text": "L920804533 CULINARY KIDS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49062, "text": "L920804319 LITTLE FOOTSSTEPS DAY CARE STIMULATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49061, "text": "L920803816 ONYE-MON TRADING"}, {"id": 49060, "text": "L920801810 CP CHRISTIAN PRIMARY"}, {"id": 49059, "text": "L920793819 GAM DU PLESSIS ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49058, "text": "L910806506 TRAINERS ON TAP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49057, "text": "L910805243 BLUE HORIZON SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49056, "text": "L910805235 KNOWLEDGE CONNECTIONS"}, {"id": 49055, "text": "L910803750 KLEIN WYSNEUSIE KLEUTERSKOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49054, "text": "L910803313 STANDARD EDUCATION AND TRAINING AUTHORITY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 49053, "text": "L910802372 PEPPER TREE KIDZ STATION ROAD"}, {"id": 49052, "text": "L910790874 OPPIEPLAAS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49051, "text": "L910790791 NEW LESEDI PRIMARY"}, {"id": 49050, "text": "L910790049 KIERIEBEENTJIES KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 49049, "text": "L900807258 NABEEL AHOMED INC"}, {"id": 49048, "text": "L900807126 THINK DIGITAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 49047, "text": "L900806706 CAPACITY AFRICA HOLDING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49046, "text": "L900804867 MMV TRAINING AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 49045, "text": "L900804347 MATHBUZZ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49044, "text": "L900804016 BRIGHT LIGHT CAMPUS 5"}, {"id": 49043, "text": "L900803869 DIGITAL SCHOOL OF MARKETING"}, {"id": 49042, "text": "L900803380 PURPLEGROWTH TRAINING AND EXECUTIVE COACHING"}, {"id": 49041, "text": "L900798606 BETHLEHEM AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 49040, "text": "L900793615 STORYVILLE MONTESSORI EARLY LEARNING CENTER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49039, "text": "L900789209 NAPOLEON STREET"}, {"id": 49038, "text": "L900766959 ANGELS PLAY PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 49037, "text": "L890807995 CYBER SHARP"}, {"id": 49036, "text": "L890807987 ASSOCIATION FOR THE EDUCATION AND CARE OF YOUNG CHILDREN"}, {"id": 49035, "text": "L890807003 SAVANT PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 49034, "text": "L890806146 SINAI TRUST"}, {"id": 49033, "text": "L890805916 SAFETY EXPERTS"}, {"id": 49032, "text": "L890805171 MGUKA SERVICES CO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49031, "text": "L890803416 PRET OP DIE PLAAS"}, {"id": 49030, "text": "L890803135 MANENBERG PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 49029, "text": "L890795760 CRESCA PRE PRIMARY LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49028, "text": "L890768460 OSR TRADING CC"}, {"id": 49027, "text": "L880808011 UITSIG PRIMER SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49026, "text": "L880807633 PROMMAC AND NEW AGE RESOURCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49025, "text": "L880806353 PHAKAMISA ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49024, "text": "L880804838 COMPUBOOKS"}, {"id": 49023, "text": "L880804614 MICKEY AND MINNIE CASTLE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 49022, "text": "L880804168 GO MONKEY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49021, "text": "L880803269 CVO SKOOL EENDRAG"}, {"id": 49020, "text": "L880802832 PETERBRIDGE COLLEGE FISH HOEK"}, {"id": 49019, "text": "L880800232 STROEBEL"}, {"id": 49018, "text": "L880795697 RUFFELS"}, {"id": 49017, "text": "L880764743 LOAVES AND FISHES NETWORK"}, {"id": 49016, "text": "L870806561 SARAHBRIGHT FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 49015, "text": "L870804863 ARS DEVELOPMENTS CC"}, {"id": 49014, "text": "L870802065 40 LOVE GROUP"}, {"id": 49013, "text": "L870800358 FSE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 49012, "text": "L870798966 EXPONENTIAL PEOPLE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 49011, "text": "L860808189 ESPOIR ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49010, "text": "L860805201 CAPE NAIL AND BEAUTY ACADEMY"}, {"id": 49009, "text": "L860804618 DANCE MOUSE PRETORIA NORTH EAST"}, {"id": 49008, "text": "L860804014 BRIGHT LIGHT CAMPUS 4"}, {"id": 49007, "text": "L860795022 AMBLESIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL OF KENSINGTON"}, {"id": 49006, "text": "L850806615 HELPERS FOR LIFE NPC"}, {"id": 49005, "text": "L850806607 LITTLE VARSITY NPO"}, {"id": 49004, "text": "L850804461 AFRIKAANSE ONDERWYSNETWERK"}, {"id": 49003, "text": "L850804404 EDUCATION CENTER BALLITO"}, {"id": 49002, "text": "L850804024 GIVAH CONSTRUCTION"}, {"id": 49001, "text": "L850803950 FOCUSED EDUCATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 49000, "text": "L850802879 SIBEKIWE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48999, "text": "L840807004 BEKKER"}, {"id": 48998, "text": "L840805990 MALUTI MONTESSORI CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 48997, "text": "L840805644 AMANDLA OBUNYE CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48996, "text": "L840805594 APTJ TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 48995, "text": "L840805248 BELLES AFTERCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 48994, "text": "L840804837 MASTERCARD FOUNDATION INCORPORATED IN CANADA "}, {"id": 48993, "text": "L840804290 HLP TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48992, "text": "L840803821 ATTI TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48991, "text": "L840803185 SWITCHMASTER"}, {"id": 48990, "text": "L840803169 MAKHOPHILA TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48989, "text": "L830808236 AMASU TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48988, "text": "L830808186 ACHIEVERS CRECHE AND SWIM ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48987, "text": "L830807915 THE NELSON BRAND"}, {"id": 48986, "text": "L830807600 EDU DETTO"}, {"id": 48985, "text": "L830807477 LUSITO LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48984, "text": "L830806883 MPH TRAINING AND SKILLS"}, {"id": 48983, "text": "L830806222 SCHUTTE"}, {"id": 48982, "text": "L830805331 INDAWANA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48981, "text": "L830805232 CONCORD COLLEGE MULBARTON PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48980, "text": "L830805000 3D CHRISTELIKE AKADEMIE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48979, "text": "L830804136 GREAT FOUNDATION PRIMARY"}, {"id": 48978, "text": "L830802882 TOWERSTONE LEAD PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48977, "text": "L830778389 MOSS-KIDDOS BK"}, {"id": 48976, "text": "L830778157 TJOKKIES BABA EN KLEUTERAKADEMIE CC"}, {"id": 48975, "text": "L820807560 KRYPTONITE DANCE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48974, "text": "L820807396 BROADACRES HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48973, "text": "L820807016 ILIFA LABANTWANA FOUNDATION RF NPC"}, {"id": 48972, "text": "L820806968 EREOFUSION"}, {"id": 48971, "text": "L820804476 LIGBRON E LEARNING SYSTEMS"}, {"id": 48970, "text": "L820804278 LEESONS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48969, "text": "L820791848 THE DOMESTIC WORKES ASSOCIATION EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 48968, "text": "L820788943 MTHOMS TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48967, "text": "L810808057 ZAT BUSINESS INCUBATOR PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48966, "text": "L810807695 AEROVERSITY"}, {"id": 48965, "text": "L810807356 CORPORATE TRAINING LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48964, "text": "L810806879 THE INSTITUTE FOR LEADERSHIP AND TRANSFORMATION"}, {"id": 48963, "text": "L810806598 HEIN WAGNER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48962, "text": "L810806440 TD MARKETS"}, {"id": 48961, "text": "L810806234 LAMPRECHT"}, {"id": 48960, "text": "L810805905 MADINEO YOUTH AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 48959, "text": "L810805194 1STIMPACT"}, {"id": 48958, "text": "L810804841 ASAMATHS INSTITUTE OF LEARNING TEMBISA NPC"}, {"id": 48957, "text": "L810804015 BRIGHT LIGHT CAMPUS 3"}, {"id": 48956, "text": "L810803975 AYOBA TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48955, "text": "L810803728 ABBA S HOUSE"}, {"id": 48954, "text": "L810803660 PASEWIRA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 48953, "text": "L810803603 RETALLICK"}, {"id": 48952, "text": "L810773236 AUSTIN DISTRIBUTORS CC"}, {"id": 48951, "text": "L800808216 THE IDEA COLLECTIVE INNOVATIVE DESIGN EDUCATION AFRICA"}, {"id": 48950, "text": "L800807820 STEM DYNAMICS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48949, "text": "L800807739 2 SIMPLE INCORPORATED IN ENGLAND AND WALES "}, {"id": 48948, "text": "L800806558 PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48947, "text": "L800806004 DR W O W"}, {"id": 48946, "text": "L800805923 EDUCATION INNOVATION HUB"}, {"id": 48945, "text": "L800804892 STEP AHEAD KINDERGARTEN"}, {"id": 48944, "text": "L800803779 PEAK GROUP"}, {"id": 48943, "text": "L800799514 TUKSNOVATION"}, {"id": 48942, "text": "L800794093 PHOLOSONG BEE RESOLUTION SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48941, "text": "L800772594 MW MATH TUITION CC"}, {"id": 48940, "text": "L790807590 RADIO101"}, {"id": 48939, "text": "L790806311 VTA SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 48938, "text": "L790805420 AFRICALEADS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48937, "text": "L790805206 LARGODEX CC"}, {"id": 48936, "text": "L790804134 K2018297562 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 48935, "text": "L790803706 MA VUMA TRADING"}, {"id": 48934, "text": "L790803524 HUNAN SIDUN EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CO INCORPORATED IN CHANGSHA CITY "}, {"id": 48933, "text": "L790803276 FIRST STEPS KINDERGARTEN"}, {"id": 48932, "text": "L790800223 VISION CAPITAL CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48931, "text": "L790797312 AFRIC TRAINING CENTRE AND SECURITY STUDIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48930, "text": "L790792073 TALJAARD"}, {"id": 48929, "text": "L780808160 PROBITY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48928, "text": "L780807071 WORKSAFE SUPPORT"}, {"id": 48927, "text": "L780804847 ASAMATHS INSTITUTE OF LEARNING NPC"}, {"id": 48926, "text": "L780804359 OVERBERG TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE CC"}, {"id": 48925, "text": "L780803591 DEV MOBILE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48924, "text": "L780803294 REFLECTIVE LEARNING EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48923, "text": "L770808014 RECRUITAGRI NPC"}, {"id": 48922, "text": "L770807651 SOUTH SFRICAN THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS SOCIETY NPC"}, {"id": 48921, "text": "L770807065 HANDS ON EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 48920, "text": "L770806547 SOUTH AFRICAN CORPORATE TRAINING ASSOCIATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48919, "text": "L770806000 Matsemela K Sam Maloka"}, {"id": 48918, "text": "L770805184 CLARO EDUCATION AND LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48917, "text": "L770804864 SABATHA MUSIC STUDIO"}, {"id": 48916, "text": "L770804401 LOVING CHILD MONTESSORI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48915, "text": "L770804385 UMVONGO AVIATION TRAINING AND AUDITING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48914, "text": "L770803833 NORTHCLIFF EARLY EDUCATION NPC"}, {"id": 48913, "text": "L770803783 AMG TRAINING"}, {"id": 48912, "text": "L770803759 PINNACLE SKILLS EVOLUTION"}, {"id": 48911, "text": "L770803544 RAMS TRAININGS AND CONSULTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48910, "text": "L770803049 SOUTH AFRICA NIGERIA BUSINESS CHAMBER"}, {"id": 48909, "text": "L770776724 AFRIKAANSE TAALRAAD NPC"}, {"id": 48908, "text": "L760807828 IKATSO KGOLO TRAINING"}, {"id": 48907, "text": "L760807661 EDINVEST SCHOOLS OPERATIONS"}, {"id": 48906, "text": "L760806572 Dewald Smit"}, {"id": 48905, "text": "L760806333 HOME OF MODERN LEARNING"}, {"id": 48904, "text": "L760806093 AL JAMA-AH"}, {"id": 48903, "text": "L760805863 SIYAFUNDA TOURS NPC"}, {"id": 48902, "text": "L760805590 FUNDISA SKILLS AND LEANERSHIP ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48901, "text": "L760805145 BREIN BOELIES"}, {"id": 48900, "text": "L760803314 SUNRAY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48899, "text": "L760802928 HEINZ PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48898, "text": "L760802019 THAKHO MEDIA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48897, "text": "L760801383 BRAND FINANCE CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 48896, "text": "L760789034 MILLSTREAM PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48895, "text": "L750808349 CREATIVE ACADEMY PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48894, "text": "L750807218 MAREE"}, {"id": 48893, "text": "L750806814 VLASTARI EDUCATION CENTER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48892, "text": "L750805345 ATTILA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 48891, "text": "L750805154 DASH TRAVEL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48890, "text": "L750804991 AFRO SCAFF PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48889, "text": "L750804017 BRIGHT LIGHT CAMPUS 2"}, {"id": 48888, "text": "L750803613 SEREN HOUSE COTTAGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48887, "text": "L750803332 IKHWEZI EDUCARE TRUST"}, {"id": 48886, "text": "L750803134 OPEN INNOVATION CENTRE AFRICA"}, {"id": 48885, "text": "L750800973 ProudAfrique Human Capital Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48884, "text": "L750791255 HLOMBE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48883, "text": "L750786396 SHINE YOUR LIGHT NURSERY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48882, "text": "L750781942 SEVENTH STAR PROMOTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48881, "text": "L750763221 GARSIE NASKOOLSENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 48880, "text": "L740806726 K2019066738 SOUTH AFRICA P PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48879, "text": "L740806544 TSHWANE TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48878, "text": "L740806205 MUTHU CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48877, "text": "L740805744 KEYSER"}, {"id": 48876, "text": "L740804283 THEKWINI CITY TVET COLLEGE MTHATHA CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48875, "text": "L740803673 TALLTREES LEARNING COMMUNITY"}, {"id": 48874, "text": "L740802915 EMBER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48873, "text": "L740801859 MY STORY MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 48872, "text": "L730807825 GS SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48871, "text": "L730807775 LEADER SERVE CONSULTING INC"}, {"id": 48870, "text": "L730803485 EXCEL BUSINESS INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48869, "text": "L730803477 SKOLEONDERSTEUNINGSENTRUM NPC"}, {"id": 48868, "text": "L730803253 RAEEFA PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 48867, "text": "L730800234 TEKKIES NASKOOL"}, {"id": 48866, "text": "L720808130 THE PEOPLES DIALOGUE"}, {"id": 48865, "text": "L720807603 THE LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48864, "text": "L720806142 AE PLANET PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48863, "text": "L720805896 EBLA ACTIVE PINE PARK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48862, "text": "L720805227 IN TOUCH EDU CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48861, "text": "L720804014 BRIGHT LIGHT CAMPUS 1"}, {"id": 48860, "text": "L720803446 TOM NEWBY SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 48859, "text": "L720802919 SKILLS ACADEMY SUPPORTED LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48858, "text": "L720802844 RUTLAND PLAYSCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48857, "text": "L720787185 HARE FAMILY TRUST"}, {"id": 48856, "text": "L710808199 DESTINY MUSIC ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48855, "text": "L710808041 GROWING AGILE"}, {"id": 48854, "text": "L710806458 GO FOR CHESS CC"}, {"id": 48853, "text": "L710806037 BOURREAU"}, {"id": 48852, "text": "L710805328 YOUTH UNPLUGGED NPC"}, {"id": 48851, "text": "L710803422 LINAH TECHNIKON COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48850, "text": "L710802879 KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR KEY"}, {"id": 48849, "text": "L700807789 MBENSE CONSULTING"}, {"id": 48848, "text": "L700807565 MABUZA"}, {"id": 48847, "text": "L700807383 NATIONAL COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48846, "text": "L700807268 LITTLE MONSTERS AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 48845, "text": "L700806948 V R V SINGH ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 48844, "text": "L700804794 SB ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48843, "text": "L700804380 EDU ECSTATIC"}, {"id": 48842, "text": "L700804018 BRIGHT LIGHT FILM ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48841, "text": "L700803879 SHELANTI GED CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 48840, "text": "L700801246 BRAINWAVE PROJECTS 1928 CC"}, {"id": 48839, "text": "L700772553 OCEANS RESEARCH INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48838, "text": "L690807740 TARIRO CENTRE"}, {"id": 48837, "text": "L690807351 MISHNIK GROUP"}, {"id": 48836, "text": "L690805843 FTCS INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 48835, "text": "L690805660 CREDIT PROFESSIONALS INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48834, "text": "L690805454 TRUE GRACE CHRISTIAN COMBINED SCHOOL PT"}, {"id": 48833, "text": "L690802642 ROSSOUW"}, {"id": 48832, "text": "L680808062 SONEIKE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48831, "text": "L680806546 SEBENZISANANE HUMAN CAPITAL"}, {"id": 48830, "text": "L680805514 GAUTENG CAMPUS"}, {"id": 48829, "text": "L680804004 MELANI SCHOOL OF DANCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48828, "text": "L680793041 ONS 2 MOTORIESE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 48827, "text": "L680789775 STEP AHEAD ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48826, "text": "L670808007 SIYAFUNDA-TTA TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48825, "text": "L670807835 BAKOLA PROJECTS"}, {"id": 48824, "text": "L670807561 EDUCATION BOUTIQUE SCHOOLING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48823, "text": "L670805904 FRIEDSHELF 1703 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48822, "text": "L670805433 PICK"}, {"id": 48821, "text": "L670804634 SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE MATHEMATICS SA 2 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48820, "text": "L670804147 GIRLCODE"}, {"id": 48819, "text": "L670803636 AGB FINANCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48818, "text": "L670802901 THANDILWA TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48817, "text": "L670802232 BEULAH AFRICA CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48816, "text": "L670793944 UNI AFRICA GLOBAL UNION"}, {"id": 48815, "text": "L660807290 DEO GLORIA BABAHUIS"}, {"id": 48814, "text": "L660806821 CABIN CREW ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48813, "text": "L660805179 MBHETSA ACADEMY OF SCIENCE MATHS AND TECHNOLOGY NPC"}, {"id": 48812, "text": "L660805088 NORTH WEST COMMUNITY EDUCATION AND TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48811, "text": "L660803448 BANJO BUZZ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48810, "text": "L660803414 UTOLO EDUCATION INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 48809, "text": "L660803364 CL WILMOT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48808, "text": "L660801830 THE LOUDHAILER COMMUNICATIONS"}, {"id": 48807, "text": "L650807714 WIESE"}, {"id": 48806, "text": "L650807318 SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS"}, {"id": 48805, "text": "L650807052 AVISA ACADEMY OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 48804, "text": "L650806716 NURAL HUDA NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48803, "text": "L650806203 TRANS-HUBER"}, {"id": 48802, "text": "L650804299 MPHO TO MAEONG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48801, "text": "L650802806 MALI MOBILE"}, {"id": 48800, "text": "L650797147 TEMBO PROPERTIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48799, "text": "L640808335 HAUS PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 48798, "text": "L640807105 AMSAI SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48797, "text": "L640805794 EDGE MANAGED CLOUD SERVICES"}, {"id": 48796, "text": "L640805273 INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FOUNDATION INCORPOR ATED IN STATE OF ILLINOIS "}, {"id": 48795, "text": "L640803518 SHAW ACADEMY LIMITED INCORPORATED IN IRELAND "}, {"id": 48794, "text": "L640795219 SIGNA OPPORTUNITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48793, "text": "L630806547 PTDEV PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48792, "text": "L630805713 KGOLEBONE TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 48791, "text": "L630804997 WONDERDAL SA"}, {"id": 48790, "text": "L630804716 DAPPERSTAPPERS"}, {"id": 48789, "text": "L630804351 THE GRASSROOTS PREPARATORY"}, {"id": 48788, "text": "L630804229 MIXFAME DMCC INCORPORATED IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES "}, {"id": 48787, "text": "L630804195 NORTHCLIFF HILL EDUCATION CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 48786, "text": "L630802801 POSITRON RM"}, {"id": 48785, "text": "L620807190 FOCUS BENEFIT NETWORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48784, "text": "L620804932 MAKARIOS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48783, "text": "L620804437 TEMPTATIONS TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 48782, "text": "L620804148 ACTIVE KIDS DAY NURSERY"}, {"id": 48781, "text": "L620803785 SOUTH AFRICAN CAREER DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 48780, "text": "L620803686 REDWOOD EDUCENTRE GLENWOOD PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48779, "text": "L620803066 BAOBAB ASSISTED LEARNING CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 48778, "text": "L620797789 MACHOWSKI"}, {"id": 48777, "text": "L610807630 THE LEARNING STUDIO"}, {"id": 48776, "text": "L610807168 LITTLE BUCKINGHAM PLAYSCHOOL"}, {"id": 48775, "text": "L610806426 INFINITE SWIM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48774, "text": "L610805907 FRIEDSHELF 1702"}, {"id": 48773, "text": "L610801054 SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS"}, {"id": 48772, "text": "L610786495 NIRVANA TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48771, "text": "L600808093 GROOTKAROO LANDBOU EN OPLEIDING INSTITUUT"}, {"id": 48770, "text": "L600807426 GOLDWATER EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48769, "text": "L600807095 ASPIRATION ACADEMIC"}, {"id": 48768, "text": "L600804746 ACUDEE PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48767, "text": "L600803649 CREATIVE EXPLORERS MONTESSORI PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 48766, "text": "L600803144 GRADESMATCH FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 48765, "text": "L600760112 ISITHUBA CENTRE FOR LEARNERSHIP CC"}, {"id": 48764, "text": "L590808343 ISITHEBE INVESTMENTS CC"}, {"id": 48763, "text": "L590808285 PEGASUS EDUCATION HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48762, "text": "L590807055 BAYNESFIELD ESTATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48761, "text": "L590806768 CAPENSIS EMPOWERMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48760, "text": "L590806487 PHURAN"}, {"id": 48759, "text": "L590805141 TSHIRELETSO MULTI-SKILLS TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48758, "text": "L590804482 LITTLE B HIVE ECD CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48757, "text": "L590803781 ASTER PRIVATE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48756, "text": "L590803575 IMPUMELELO INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48755, "text": "L590803104 FRO INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48754, "text": "L580806331 INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL ACADEMY FOR AFRICA"}, {"id": 48753, "text": "L580806018 THUTO KE LESEDI COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48752, "text": "L580805929 MADIBENG EDU CENTRE SUPPLIERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48751, "text": "L580805812 MACHACHULANI MULTI-PURPOSE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 48750, "text": "L580805416 JCS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48749, "text": "L580805051 MGUKA IT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48748, "text": "L580803635 BE EXPONENTIAL AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48747, "text": "L580803346 LANCASTER HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48746, "text": "L580802785 VANSCHALKWYK MATHS"}, {"id": 48745, "text": "L580795716 THK GALLERY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48744, "text": "L580787879 JELLYBABIES EDUCATIONAL DAYCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 48743, "text": "L570807901 SYNAPTIC COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48742, "text": "L570806630 DOWNING"}, {"id": 48741, "text": "L570806515 TOTZWA TRAINING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 48740, "text": "L570806143 HOPSCOTCH PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 48739, "text": "L570805822 MATERNAL ADOLESCENT AND CHILD HEALTH INSTITUTE NPC"}, {"id": 48738, "text": "L570805103 WENDYS PLAY AND PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 48737, "text": "L570803728 IT UPSKILL"}, {"id": 48736, "text": "L570798498 EFO COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48735, "text": "L570786360 STEARN PRE - SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48734, "text": "L560807135 EMALAHLENI TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48733, "text": "L560804777 THEKWINI MATRIC LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48732, "text": "L560803951 THE LEARNERSHIP LAB PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48731, "text": "L560802052 BRING LIFE2LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48730, "text": "L560797799 IMAGO EDUCATION"}, {"id": 48729, "text": "L560796569 CHINESE CULTURE AND INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION EXCHANGE CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48728, "text": "L560792691 TEDDIES PREP ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48727, "text": "L560777015 MPOWER CONSULTING AND TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 48726, "text": "L550807277 CAMELOT COLLEGE FOR VISUAL LEARNERS"}, {"id": 48725, "text": "L550806261 PENHURST ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48724, "text": "L550805883 UDEMANS"}, {"id": 48723, "text": "L550805776 INCASO GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48722, "text": "L550805495 UBUHLANTI SANCES TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48721, "text": "L550803953 LAB DOCTOR"}, {"id": 48720, "text": "L550802112 THANDILWA TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48719, "text": "L540808237 ALTA DE WET"}, {"id": 48718, "text": "L540807866 GROENBERENVIRO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48717, "text": "L540806587 JPL SKY"}, {"id": 48716, "text": "L540805803 RIETVLEI AKADEMIE RIETVALLEIRAND"}, {"id": 48715, "text": "L540805415 ADAMS ONLINE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48714, "text": "L540804822 ORTLOFFS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48713, "text": "L540803899 LUITINGH ALEXANDER MUSICAL THEATRE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48712, "text": "L540803691 THE ATTORNEYS DEVELOPMENT FUND NPC"}, {"id": 48711, "text": "L540803600 IMM EARTH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48710, "text": "L540798537 AACA"}, {"id": 48709, "text": "L540794197 TRADESMAN SKILLS AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48708, "text": "L540783356 LIDERAZGO CC"}, {"id": 48707, "text": "L530808338 OLICO MATHS EDUCATION NPC"}, {"id": 48706, "text": "L530807769 CEDAR INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 48705, "text": "L530806951 EXPLORER PIONEERS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48704, "text": "L530806910 DEMOCRATIC POSTAL AND COMMUNICATIONS UNION"}, {"id": 48703, "text": "L530804329 EMPOWER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48702, "text": "L530801853 FOURWAYS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48701, "text": "L530793068 LIGNO VITAE ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 48700, "text": "L530761537 AFRICA UNITE"}, {"id": 48699, "text": "L520807936 SHEIKH ANTA DIOP PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48698, "text": "L520807563 SISYPHUS SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS BK"}, {"id": 48697, "text": "L520807407 ABC EDUCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48696, "text": "L520804024 LOVE OF DANCE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48695, "text": "L520803448 MTHIMUNYE LEARNING GROUP"}, {"id": 48694, "text": "L520802010 CURIOUS MINDS STIMULATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 48693, "text": "L520778228 SANKHYAA LEARNING SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48692, "text": "L520776602 SIVILE HOUSING ASSOCIATION RSA"}, {"id": 48691, "text": "L510806708 ANDZANIE TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48690, "text": "L510806559 INNOVUS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER"}, {"id": 48689, "text": "L510805676 CRIMSON EDUCATION SA"}, {"id": 48688, "text": "L510805643 CARING ARMS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48687, "text": "L510805353 BEREA MATRIC SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 48686, "text": "L510758198 MOONSTONE BUSINESS SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48685, "text": "L500804598 POSH MINIONS MONTESSORI PRE AND PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48684, "text": "L500804507 CREATIVE MADNESS"}, {"id": 48683, "text": "L500804259 ECE-TECH CC"}, {"id": 48682, "text": "L500803814 SWIMRITE CENTURION"}, {"id": 48681, "text": "L500803616 SAFELY ANCHORED TRANSPORT"}, {"id": 48680, "text": "L500803244 UNUS CAMPUS"}, {"id": 48679, "text": "L500803152 IDINSIGHT SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48678, "text": "L490807403 TEKA TAKO NGWANE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48677, "text": "L490807312 MOLO MHLABA"}, {"id": 48676, "text": "L490805282 JOE SIMON PRE PRIMARY NPC"}, {"id": 48675, "text": "L490804483 MI KINDER EDUCATIONAL CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48674, "text": "L490804202 LISTON AGRI SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 48673, "text": "L490800390 ABC PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48672, "text": "L480807918 EXCEL AT UNI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48671, "text": "L480807884 LADYBIRD PRE PRIMRY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48670, "text": "L480807850 DOWNER"}, {"id": 48669, "text": "L480807520 FARM FOR AFRICA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 48668, "text": "L480805714 RAINBOW KIDDIES"}, {"id": 48667, "text": "L480804584 TRIGGERFISH ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48666, "text": "L480804030 CROPLIFE SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48665, "text": "L480802893 FGTG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48664, "text": "L480802836 LITONYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION"}, {"id": 48663, "text": "L480778283 DISA PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 48662, "text": "L470807092 MEL PRE SCHOOL AND CHILD CARE SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48661, "text": "L470806706 ISH STAFF HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48660, "text": "L470806607 LETS PLAY GRAAFF REINET"}, {"id": 48659, "text": "L470805468 ENVIROMAP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48658, "text": "L470804693 ACTU8"}, {"id": 48657, "text": "L470804479 MAARIF FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 48656, "text": "L470803893 AGB TOURISM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48655, "text": "L460808290 STEPPING STONES NURSERY SCHOOL PARKRAND"}, {"id": 48654, "text": "L460807854 SP I EEL"}, {"id": 48653, "text": "L460807631 OAK HEARTS KLEUTER AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 48652, "text": "L460806013 LESEDI SEDI EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 48651, "text": "L460804679 HOUMOED OPERASIONEEL"}, {"id": 48650, "text": "L460803515 PROVEG SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48649, "text": "L460803473 A P NGUBO INC"}, {"id": 48648, "text": "L460803010 AFRIKAANSE HORSKOOL SASOLBURG"}, {"id": 48647, "text": "L460801055 LERONSA TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48646, "text": "L460798814 SAACKS"}, {"id": 48645, "text": "L450808110 ASSESSMENT ASPECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48644, "text": "L450806882 WIEGEL WAGGEL KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 48643, "text": "L450804234 NORTHSIDE COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 48642, "text": "L450803616 ANCHORED FAMILY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48641, "text": "L450803517 PROVEG SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48640, "text": "L450802915 S A TAYOB TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48639, "text": "L450794831 MTHUNAZI CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48638, "text": "L440808253 SI INSTITUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48637, "text": "L440807909 FIKELELA AIDS PROJECT"}, {"id": 48636, "text": "L440806794 GAMMA EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48635, "text": "L440805861 LOWNE HUGHES"}, {"id": 48634, "text": "L440805812 U AND I TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48633, "text": "L440804443 QUETRA"}, {"id": 48632, "text": "L440795567 LITTLE LION PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 48631, "text": "L440785261 EDULIFE NON PROFIT COMPANY "}, {"id": 48630, "text": "L440776856 WHIZKIDS EDU-CARE CC"}, {"id": 48629, "text": "L440770123 CROSS OVER JUNIOR REMEDIAL SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 48628, "text": "L430808016 K A FRANCHISE"}, {"id": 48627, "text": "L430807943 ECD CENTRE RAINBOW KIDS"}, {"id": 48626, "text": "L430806697 KIDDICAVE"}, {"id": 48625, "text": "L430802886 GREENROCK BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48624, "text": "L430800757 EDU BUDDIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48623, "text": "L420807986 LINDBONG DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 48622, "text": "L420807796 KNOWLEDGE X CHANGE HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48621, "text": "L420807556 MATRIC COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48620, "text": "L420807242 LOWVELD ACADEMY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48619, "text": "L420806848 K2017303732 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 48618, "text": "L420806533 DURBAN NORTH PBK ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48617, "text": "L420804504 OAK TREE EDUCATION"}, {"id": 48616, "text": "L420802060 ECDSA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48615, "text": "L420797294 CORE CAPITAL CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48614, "text": "L420796130 MAARA HOUSE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48613, "text": "L420792097 STUDY XPRESS POTCHEFSTROOM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48612, "text": "L420789325 JG STUDEER NET PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48611, "text": "L410807848 GEOSMART SPACE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48610, "text": "L410807657 OOGAPPELTJIES"}, {"id": 48609, "text": "L410804894 ST LIDIAS NURSERY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48608, "text": "L410804233 EDINVEST SCHOOLS OPCO RF PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48607, "text": "L410802880 APOLITICAL FOUNDATION SOUTHERN AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 48606, "text": "L400807444 LIVE STOCK REGISTERING FEDERATION"}, {"id": 48605, "text": "L400806131 DIGI CAMPUS"}, {"id": 48604, "text": "L400806107 EASTERN CAPE COMMUNITY EDUCATION TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48603, "text": "L400804078 UNDER THE SON EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION"}, {"id": 48602, "text": "L400803799 CONSTANTIA KLOOF CRECHE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48601, "text": "L400803732 ITSI FUNDA"}, {"id": 48600, "text": "L400799179 PIKKIES EN PEUTERS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 48599, "text": "L390807701 TRAINING OUR NATION"}, {"id": 48598, "text": "L390807602 SOGWA SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48597, "text": "L390806414 VERITAS AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 48596, "text": "L390805994 TRACEY MTSHALI FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 48595, "text": "L390805424 AFRICA HOUSE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48594, "text": "L390805044 K2019205564 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 48593, "text": "L390804922 SWEET PEA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT NPC"}, {"id": 48592, "text": "L390783498 MDP EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48591, "text": "L380807570 KATZ ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48590, "text": "L380807364 IKUSASA STUDENT FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMME FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 48589, "text": "L380806598 PCS PRIVATE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48588, "text": "L380806119 COMMUNITY INNOVATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48587, "text": "L380804437 KIDZ COUNTRY CORNER AQUATICS AND EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 48586, "text": "L380803405 CRYSTAL TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48585, "text": "L380794570 EXTRA LESSONS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48584, "text": "L380740904 LOUW EN SEUN PRIVAAT KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 48583, "text": "L370808257 WEST COAST OUTREACH CENTRE"}, {"id": 48582, "text": "L370808042 SYNTERACT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48581, "text": "L370803589 CARBONTECH COMPOSITE SYSTEM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48580, "text": "L370802250 SANNAH HOLDING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48579, "text": "L370790810 SCARLET RED INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 48578, "text": "L360806881 TEKOLLO TRADING"}, {"id": 48577, "text": "L360805933 AKWIELA PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48576, "text": "L360805255 CONSTANTIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48575, "text": "L360805214 BRIGHT IDEA PROJECTS 1688 CC"}, {"id": 48574, "text": "L360804985 GENTLE EVOLUTION TUTORING CENTER"}, {"id": 48573, "text": "L360804704 HUGGY BEAR"}, {"id": 48572, "text": "L360804449 K2017480264 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 48571, "text": "L360803946 HAMPTONS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48570, "text": "L360790093 BASTION OPVOEDINGSTRUST"}, {"id": 48569, "text": "L350806743 YALINA"}, {"id": 48568, "text": "L350806446 K T M S CORRIER AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48567, "text": "L350805349 4 TM MULTI-PURPOSE PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48566, "text": "L350805091 BO PEEP EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 48565, "text": "L350804987 LOVING CLASSROOM SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48564, "text": "L350804656 STEPS ACADEMY EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 48563, "text": "L350769271 VILLIOTI FASHION INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48562, "text": "L350766426 WANDA EN SEUNS OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 48561, "text": "L340807678 JOYSPRING MONTESSORI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48560, "text": "L340807017 TIMMAL INSTITUTE OF EXCELLENCE150"}, {"id": 48559, "text": "L340803248 STARLING PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48558, "text": "L340795683 FOREST RIDGE PRIVATE SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 48557, "text": "L340786583 FELIX RISK TRAINING CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 48556, "text": "L330808074 CROSSPOINT ACADEMY - STRAND"}, {"id": 48555, "text": "L330807993 KLEIN MAAR GETRYN KLEUTERSKOOL EN NASKOOL SENTRUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48554, "text": "L330807472 AS-SALIHAAT ISLAMIC ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48553, "text": "L330807134 STEPPING STONE TECHNOLOGIES AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48552, "text": "L330805716 AFRICA CORRIDOR TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48551, "text": "L330804933 RAND COMBINED ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48550, "text": "L330804339 FOUNTAINHEAD LOGISTICS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48549, "text": "L320808217 EDUACTIVE KIDZ"}, {"id": 48548, "text": "L320807748 SOUTH SFRICAN THROMBOSIS AND HAEMOSTASIS SOCIETY NPC"}, {"id": 48547, "text": "L320805635 BUSINESS SENSE UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 48546, "text": "L320805379 FUTURE LEADERS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 48545, "text": "L320803291 TRIGGERFISH FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 48544, "text": "L320802970 GREEFF"}, {"id": 48543, "text": "L320759287 BOSHOFF"}, {"id": 48542, "text": "L310808235 MY LITTLE SCHOOL HOUSE"}, {"id": 48541, "text": "L310807914 SA TRAINING ACCELERATOR"}, {"id": 48540, "text": "L310807864 M2 ENGINEERING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48539, "text": "L310807377 MOBAX ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48538, "text": "L310805983 MACHABELELE ASSOCIATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48537, "text": "L310805801 TJC GROUP HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48536, "text": "L310805785 TRAINING YOUNG MINDS"}, {"id": 48535, "text": "L310805512 BIZ AND LABOUR PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48534, "text": "L310805462 AUCKLAND PARK LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48533, "text": "L310805272 CLEVER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48532, "text": "L310804028 ELCHEES SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 48531, "text": "L310803988 THE BEDFORDVIEW REMEDIAL LEARNING AND THERAPY CENTRE"}, {"id": 48530, "text": "L310803871 SESAME WORKSHOP INTERNATIONAL INC IN DELAWARE UNITED STATES OF AMERIC"}, {"id": 48529, "text": "L310803749 PLANET WAVES 589"}, {"id": 48528, "text": "L310803731 LITTLE STAR PLAY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48527, "text": "L310803475 NNA TEAM AND SYSTEMS COACHES"}, {"id": 48526, "text": "L310803228 CCIPHO"}, {"id": 48525, "text": "L310802808 THE VALLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48524, "text": "L310798527 HOWARD FET COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48523, "text": "L310798386 NEUMIND PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48522, "text": "L310772597 ZEERUST COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48521, "text": "L300808062 TSHETO LEADERSHIP AND COACHING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48520, "text": "L300807767 BALDERSTONE SPORTS INSTITUTE FOOTBALL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48519, "text": "L300806785 KOPANO ITHUTENG INTERMEDIATE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48518, "text": "L300806710 CASTLE ACADEMY MTHATHA"}, {"id": 48517, "text": "L300805134 ROLANZA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48516, "text": "L300804418 BULCANO TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48515, "text": "L300803949 ZOBUMBO DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS"}, {"id": 48514, "text": "L300798768 NEVERLAND DAYCARE"}, {"id": 48513, "text": "L300774512 E AND H ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 48512, "text": "L290807900 MIASTAX"}, {"id": 48511, "text": "L290807637 LIGHTHOUSE MITIGATION SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48510, "text": "L290806282 ADVANCED ARTISAN TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48509, "text": "L290805078 DREAM BIG PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 48508, "text": "L290804873 OCEAN ECHO PROPERTIES 330 CC"}, {"id": 48507, "text": "L290804717 METROPOLITAN GROUP OF SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 48506, "text": "L290804477 GRAAB EDUCATIONAL CENTRE"}, {"id": 48505, "text": "L290803438 OPULENCE BEAUTY ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48504, "text": "L290794546 RM TYRES PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 48503, "text": "L290792920 TRAINSURE CONSULTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48502, "text": "L290789751 VILLAGE KIDZ SALT ROCK"}, {"id": 48501, "text": "L290780974 CURIOUS MINDS STIMULATION CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 48500, "text": "L280808207 SPLENDID KIDS BRACKENFELL"}, {"id": 48499, "text": "L280806540 CORPORATE INTERN CENTRE"}, {"id": 48498, "text": "L280806532 WINDFALL 141 PROPERTIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48497, "text": "L280805807 ECOPEARL EMPOWERMENT RINGFENCED"}, {"id": 48496, "text": "L280805724 REATS TRAINING SERVICES"}, {"id": 48495, "text": "L280805567 GAME ON AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48494, "text": "L280805245 SMARTBRAIN KIDZ THABAZIMBI"}, {"id": 48493, "text": "L280803380 IKUSASA CNC TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48492, "text": "L270806260 JUMP FOR JOY EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48491, "text": "L270803408 TEAM RISE LIFE COACHING SEMINARS"}, {"id": 48490, "text": "L270801519 DISTINCT LEARNING INSTITUTION"}, {"id": 48489, "text": "L270799143 SBONGUKHANYO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48488, "text": "L270788369 SCHUSS"}, {"id": 48487, "text": "L270779533 JACOBS AN JANSEN BIOKENETIKA"}, {"id": 48486, "text": "L270761820 DENVER TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48485, "text": "L260808045 UNDERSTAND IT CC"}, {"id": 48484, "text": "L260806775 MONDEOR ECO SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48483, "text": "L260804929 GCITI CAMPUS"}, {"id": 48482, "text": "L260803699 FONA RESOURCES AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 48481, "text": "L260803442 CARTER CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48480, "text": "L250808112 BRAINLINE HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48479, "text": "L250807890 PABALLO YA BANA DROP-IN CENTRE AND EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 48478, "text": "L250806447 PHAKAMISA OUTCOMES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48477, "text": "L250805498 KRAAIFONTEIN HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48476, "text": "L250804749 EXPERTREP"}, {"id": 48475, "text": "L250803774 INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE"}, {"id": 48474, "text": "L250792191 AKASIA NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48473, "text": "L240807547 LEARN2BE"}, {"id": 48472, "text": "L240806911 JEPPE PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL .JEPPESTOWN"}, {"id": 48471, "text": "L240805830 IT CAREERS SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48470, "text": "L240805152 VREDEKLOOF PRIMARY"}, {"id": 48469, "text": "L240802597 BRIDGE2BIZ"}, {"id": 48468, "text": "L240801342 INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL ACADEMY FOR AFRICA"}, {"id": 48467, "text": "L240798829 BRIGHT START DAYCARE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48466, "text": "L230807283 BASHUMI TRAINING"}, {"id": 48465, "text": "L230807176 MERIDOX"}, {"id": 48464, "text": "L230804777 THE NEST SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48463, "text": "L230804629 FARNHAM TUITION CC"}, {"id": 48462, "text": "L230804488 SOUTHERN AFRICA RESOURCE WATCH"}, {"id": 48461, "text": "L230804439 HUMAN CAPITAL LEARNING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48460, "text": "L230804223 MCCORMICK INSTITUTE OF TRAINING AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48459, "text": "L230803670 BROADACRES NURSERY AND PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 48458, "text": "L230802920 BEULAH NURSERY AND PRIVATE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48457, "text": "L230784730 ENCONACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48456, "text": "L230784425 FUTURE STEPS EDUCATIONAL CENTRE"}, {"id": 48455, "text": "L220807442 DIE SARDYNTJIE DAGSORG"}, {"id": 48454, "text": "L220807418 DITLOU MEGA HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48453, "text": "L220805602 THE EDMUND RICE JUSTICE DESK"}, {"id": 48452, "text": "L220805073 SUMMERHILL PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48451, "text": "L220804746 THE BEYOND US TRUST"}, {"id": 48450, "text": "L220804357 NATANJA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 48449, "text": "L220797700 MODEL PRIVATE SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48448, "text": "L220792628 JIRAH PROJECTS"}, {"id": 48447, "text": "L220792354 NINASAT"}, {"id": 48446, "text": "L220789756 BRADFORD COLLEGES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48445, "text": "L210808020 HUG BUG PLAYSCHOOL"}, {"id": 48444, "text": "L210808004 Tracey Norton"}, {"id": 48443, "text": "L210807808 SEDIKASI TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48442, "text": "L210806735 SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF STOCKBROKERS"}, {"id": 48441, "text": "L210806115 LOUWQUATTRO TRUST"}, {"id": 48440, "text": "L210805430 JUPITER PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48439, "text": "L210805158 SUGAR CREEK TRADING 154"}, {"id": 48438, "text": "L210802973 BRAINWAVE PROJECTS 1928 CC"}, {"id": 48437, "text": "L210786168 DU PREEZ"}, {"id": 48436, "text": "L200808097 IMAGINE SCHOLAR SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 48435, "text": "L200808014 THE DOOD MOVEMENT"}, {"id": 48434, "text": "L200807446 THE FINISHING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48433, "text": "L200806570 KLEUTERZONE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48432, "text": "L200805150 SUGAR CREEK TRADING 154"}, {"id": 48431, "text": "L200804138 PRESTWICH PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48430, "text": "L200803957 LIFE AT TECH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48429, "text": "L200803759 LEGWETLA FARMING AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 48428, "text": "L200744870 XILUVA EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 48427, "text": "L190807075 NISHI NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL SAFETY HEALTH INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48426, "text": "L190806895 NURSEMATE NURSE SERVICES"}, {"id": 48425, "text": "L190806408 AFROKHUMO INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 48424, "text": "L190806093 ALPHAVETA"}, {"id": 48423, "text": "L190804270 PAVLOU"}, {"id": 48422, "text": "L190803512 INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED IT PROFESSIONALS CC"}, {"id": 48421, "text": "L190798308 DANE PETERS MATHS AND SCIENCE"}, {"id": 48420, "text": "L190782393 ENGELBRECHT"}, {"id": 48419, "text": "L180808331 EMPOWERBEE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48418, "text": "L180807846 DRONE X PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48417, "text": "L180806525 ACADEMY OF PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48416, "text": "L180806509 LETS BUILD YOUR BRAND PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48415, "text": "L180805261 TSHESA ENTERTAINMENTS"}, {"id": 48414, "text": "L180804215 AFRICA SKILLS SOUTH CAPE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48413, "text": "L180804025 ASIKA TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 48412, "text": "L180803852 BRIGHT STAR COMBINED LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 48411, "text": "L180803662 INNOVATION COLLEGE FET"}, {"id": 48410, "text": "L180803035 MAWETHU TRAINING"}, {"id": 48409, "text": "L180801666 WINGS DISCOVERY CENTRE"}, {"id": 48408, "text": "L180771133 CHILDRENS WORLD ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 48407, "text": "L170807962 MAGNUM OPUS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48406, "text": "L170807939 GIVEN RAMASELA SEOLWANA"}, {"id": 48405, "text": "L160807337 KIDDIES ACADEMY EQUESTRIA"}, {"id": 48404, "text": "L160807329 SJN INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48403, "text": "L160807295 AMAZING GRACE PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48402, "text": "L160806610 DIE MOS INISIATIEF"}, {"id": 48401, "text": "L160804771 KONRAD ADENAUER STIFTUNG NPC"}, {"id": 48400, "text": "L160803971 NOTA BENE LEARNING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48399, "text": "L160803633 THREE PEAKS SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 48398, "text": "L160802536 BEAULIEU CRESHE"}, {"id": 48397, "text": "L160800308 CITY KIDS PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 48396, "text": "L160796167 BABY GEEKS"}, {"id": 48395, "text": "L160791580 BLAAUWBERG RISE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48394, "text": "L160773901 CVO OMEGA AKADEMIE KAREEDOUW"}, {"id": 48393, "text": "L150807214 NZIMANDE"}, {"id": 48392, "text": "L150805663 SMALL TALK ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48391, "text": "L150805515 KYALAMI KIDS PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48390, "text": "L150803189 CREATIVE ACADEMY PRE SCHOOL AND BABY CENTRE JACKSON STR"}, {"id": 48389, "text": "L150802926 JAPSNOETENFANJAN"}, {"id": 48388, "text": "L150793232 LITTLE NUTTY PROFESSORS"}, {"id": 48387, "text": "L150787572 UNITED DRONE HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48386, "text": "L140808066 ACCOUNTABILITY LAB SOUTH AFRICA RF NPC"}, {"id": 48385, "text": "L140807423 NKETU TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48384, "text": "L140806656 TRAVEL TRACTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48383, "text": "L140806557 MIDDELBURG PREPARATORY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48382, "text": "L140804842 TIMU TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48381, "text": "L140804792 AMATWALA AMAHLE CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48380, "text": "L140804388 THEKWINI CITY COLLEGE POLOKWANE CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48379, "text": "L140803976 AMANZI AQUATIC CENTRE"}, {"id": 48378, "text": "L140803927 WTSE"}, {"id": 48377, "text": "L140803653 CANON COLLINS TRUST SOUTHERN AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 48376, "text": "L140803521 KUNOKHANYA TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48375, "text": "L140803182 GAUTENG CENTRAL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48374, "text": "L130805171 TROUKOORS"}, {"id": 48373, "text": "L130804240 MURRAY HOUSE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48372, "text": "L130797253 PEPPER TREE KIDZ PROTEAHOOGTE"}, {"id": 48371, "text": "L120807831 OKL INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 48370, "text": "L120807674 TSWELOPELE INDEPENDENT PRIMARY"}, {"id": 48369, "text": "L120807427 MOOIKLOOF MATHS"}, {"id": 48368, "text": "L120807286 BASHUMI TRAINING"}, {"id": 48367, "text": "L120806106 JUACOIS CONSULTING AND TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 48366, "text": "L120804192 CTC COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48365, "text": "L120803392 DINOWIZE"}, {"id": 48364, "text": "L120803343 BAYTECK TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48363, "text": "L120802923 THE HATCHERY SA"}, {"id": 48362, "text": "L120802782 NETGROW TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48361, "text": "L120770187 STRYDOM"}, {"id": 48360, "text": "L110808344 NOORDWYK MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 48359, "text": "L110806983 1ST CHAPTER EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 48358, "text": "L110806942 THE STUDY SQUAD PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48357, "text": "L110805977 SNYMAN"}, {"id": 48356, "text": "L110805852 SECUNDA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48355, "text": "L110805381 PRINCEFIELD TRUST SCHOOL- NPC"}, {"id": 48354, "text": "L110804210 CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS ADVISORY SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 48353, "text": "L110803675 LIMPOPO FIBRE TRAINING LATITUDE"}, {"id": 48352, "text": "L110803303 LITTLE HILL MONTESSORI EMMARENTIA"}, {"id": 48351, "text": "L110802784 WOELIGE WERKERS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 48350, "text": "L110793074 ANCHORAGE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48349, "text": "L110772631 NAUDE"}, {"id": 48348, "text": "L100805722 LIGHT THE WORLD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 48347, "text": "L100804865 KERSTEN COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48346, "text": "L100804162 LEMOGA GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48345, "text": "L100803743 HOUMOED TRUST"}, {"id": 48344, "text": "L100803180 SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS NPC"}, {"id": 48343, "text": "L100803156 TRACKERS SERIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48342, "text": "L100802372 THE INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48341, "text": "L100801515 RECU PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48340, "text": "L100795352 SHEIKH ANTA DIOP COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48339, "text": "L100762840 DE CHERMONT"}, {"id": 48338, "text": "L100737503 POSLEC SECTOR EDUCATION TRAININGAUTHORITY"}, {"id": 48337, "text": "L090807811 VUSISIZWE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 48336, "text": "L090807803 LITTLE LEADERS EDUCATION"}, {"id": 48335, "text": "L090807670 FUTURE PROOF YOUR CHILD"}, {"id": 48334, "text": "L090807092 AUNTY MEPPYS NURSERY SCHOOL AND AFTER CARE"}, {"id": 48333, "text": "L090806029 SPLENDID KIDS BRACKENFELL"}, {"id": 48332, "text": "L090804107 TM SPORTS"}, {"id": 48331, "text": "L090800493 AXIOM PRIVATE TUTORING"}, {"id": 48330, "text": "L090795438 LIGHUIS KLEUTERS"}, {"id": 48329, "text": "L080806484 LIGHT LEARNING EDUCATION"}, {"id": 48328, "text": "L080806260 ALCOVE HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 48327, "text": "L080805627 ANOINTED TRINITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48326, "text": "L070808284 LITTLE MINIONS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48325, "text": "L070808169 GOODWOOD PARK PRIMARY DEVELOPMENT FUND"}, {"id": 48324, "text": "L070808045 APP1011 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48323, "text": "L070806528 RAKER 2918 INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 48322, "text": "L070805520 TWINKLES PLAYSCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48321, "text": "L070804267 MINION KIDZ"}, {"id": 48320, "text": "L070798865 BEULAH AFRICA FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 48319, "text": "L070798402 DORPSJAPIES"}, {"id": 48318, "text": "L070777711 KIDDIWINKLES NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 48317, "text": "L060808260 BREINLYN BEHEREND"}, {"id": 48316, "text": "L060808211 NBNET CONSULTANCY AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 48315, "text": "L060808187 UBONGO SOUTH AFRICA RF NPC"}, {"id": 48314, "text": "L060807486 NKOWANKOWA AFM EPHPHATPA"}, {"id": 48313, "text": "L060805621 KUSI CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 48312, "text": "L060804434 LONDON COLLEGE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48311, "text": "L060792316 FOUR SEASONS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48310, "text": "L060791524 UKWAKHILE PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48309, "text": "L060783851 MULTIPLIN"}, {"id": 48308, "text": "L050805037 KABOUTERLAND LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48307, "text": "L050804626 ABBOTT"}, {"id": 48306, "text": "L050803297 ARCHONEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48305, "text": "L050798539 LARSEN PRIVATE"}, {"id": 48304, "text": "L050788332 VAAL TRIANGLE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48303, "text": "L040807986 NKANGALA SKILLS CENTRE"}, {"id": 48302, "text": "L040807622 ACT DRAMA STUDIOS"}, {"id": 48301, "text": "L040806947 BLOUVLEI ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48300, "text": "L040806673 TSALACH TRAINING AND TRADING PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48299, "text": "L040806665 ECO RUN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48298, "text": "L040806103 TACTICAL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48297, "text": "L040804637 TUTOR CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 48296, "text": "L040804405 LEARN TO EARN TRUST"}, {"id": 48295, "text": "L040804314 ABRINA 234"}, {"id": 48294, "text": "L040803415 OPTIMI CENTRAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48293, "text": "L040803241 NORTHRIDING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 48292, "text": "L040802359 LITTLE BLOSSOMS DAYCARE CC"}, {"id": 48291, "text": "L040799654 VARLOZEST PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48290, "text": "L040789333 ELTIVILLAS PRIMARY SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY"}, {"id": 48289, "text": "L030806949 FYNBOS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48288, "text": "L030806683 BONZAI HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48287, "text": "L030806105 TACTICAL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48286, "text": "L030805636 PHOENIX COLLEGE OF EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48285, "text": "L030804605 TPC EDUCATION"}, {"id": 48284, "text": "L020808202 AFRIMAT TRAINING CENTER"}, {"id": 48283, "text": "L020807899 UBUNTU SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 48282, "text": "L020807881 SKILLS EMPIRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48281, "text": "L020807600 HECHTER-SCHULZ FAMILY TRUST"}, {"id": 48280, "text": "L020806776 GIGGLES AND WHISPERS"}, {"id": 48279, "text": "L020805380 ARA PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48278, "text": "L020804953 RED EAGLE AID NPC"}, {"id": 48277, "text": "L020801074 TREVOR MANUEL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48276, "text": "L020796670 ABZ HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48275, "text": "L020785053 WIL-LOU-JEAN TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 48274, "text": "L020776508 MES AMIS MANNA CC"}, {"id": 48273, "text": "L020773786 LWAZI TELECOMMUNICATIONS CC"}, {"id": 48272, "text": "L010808121 EDUTECH TRAINING"}, {"id": 48271, "text": "L010807800 DESTINATION CA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48270, "text": "L010806943 HOOPLAND ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48269, "text": "L010806711 HILLTOP LEGACY NPC"}, {"id": 48268, "text": "L010805432 BOKKIE MENLOPARK"}, {"id": 48267, "text": "L010805242 ISEMONGER AQUATICS"}, {"id": 48266, "text": "L010805002 BIZFARM VENTURE ACCELERATOR"}, {"id": 48265, "text": "L010804146 NORTHRIDGE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 48264, "text": "L010803593 KPR CONFERENCES AND TRADING"}, {"id": 48263, "text": "L010803163 CAELUM OUTREACHERS NPC"}, {"id": 48262, "text": "N090895164 Ndawo Wellness"}, {"id": 48261, "text": "N090895163 ELAND PROJECT AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 48260, "text": "N090895162 ORMS Cape Town School of Photography"}, {"id": 48259, "text": "N090895161 Mastergrade IT"}, {"id": 48258, "text": "N090895160 CILT"}, {"id": 48257, "text": "N090895159 VEGA"}, {"id": 48256, "text": "N090895158 Red and Yellow"}, {"id": 48255, "text": "N090895157 SmartStart Early Learning"}, {"id": 48254, "text": "N090895156 Premier Recruitment and Training Pty LTD"}, {"id": 48253, "text": "NL20132311 Gatelapele Skills Development and Consulting"}, {"id": 48252, "text": "NL20132310 Action for Social Justice International"}, {"id": 48251, "text": "NL20132309 Basadi Tsogang Disability CentreBasadi Tsogang Disability Centre"}, {"id": 48250, "text": "NL20132308 Banna Ba kae-Tlokwe Men s Forum"}, {"id": 48249, "text": "NL20132307 Matambwaashu Performing Arts Academy"}, {"id": 48248, "text": "NL20132306 Boitumelo Montwedi"}, {"id": 48247, "text": "N090895155 Torque IT"}, {"id": 48246, "text": "N090895154 BC Landscape Training and Consultancy"}, {"id": 48245, "text": "N090895153 Loron Education and Sports Management"}, {"id": 48244, "text": "NL20132305 National Association of Social Change Entities in Education"}, {"id": 48243, "text": "NL20132304 Empowered Girls organization"}, {"id": 48242, "text": "NL20132303 Neverland Daycare Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48241, "text": "NL20132302 Ubuhlebethu 1203 Organisation NPO"}, {"id": 48240, "text": "N090895152 2ENABLE ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48239, "text": "NL20132301 Johannesburg Council for the Disabled"}, {"id": 48238, "text": "NL20132300 KQ Training Institute PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48237, "text": "NL20132299 Uhambo Training Solutions"}, {"id": 48236, "text": "NL20132298 BUCKHAMBURG HOLDING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48235, "text": "NL20132297 Moonstone Business School of Excellence"}, {"id": 48234, "text": "NL20132296 Universal Skills Development Consulting"}, {"id": 48233, "text": "NL20132295 CLEAN TOUCH ADMINISTARTIVE SERVICES"}, {"id": 48232, "text": "NL20132294 Meshack Tabudi Foundation"}, {"id": 48231, "text": "NL20132293 Ortloff Kindergarter School"}, {"id": 48230, "text": "NL20132292 Lushaka Community Development"}, {"id": 48229, "text": "N090895151 Matric College"}, {"id": 48228, "text": "NL20132291 ICT NDI Vhumathelo"}, {"id": 48227, "text": "NL20132290 Ikusasalethu Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 48226, "text": "N090895150 SAGE SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48225, "text": "L380795940 Mother Goose Pre-School"}, {"id": 48224, "text": "NL20132288 Step Ahead Academy"}, {"id": 48223, "text": "NL20132287 Great Foundation Primary"}, {"id": 48222, "text": "N090895149 NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS ORGANISATION OF SOUTH AFRICA SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE"}, {"id": 48221, "text": "LR 2 6 2 1493 and Governance"}, {"id": 48220, "text": "NL20132286 Klitsies Babahuis"}, {"id": 48219, "text": "N090895148 SACAP"}, {"id": 48218, "text": "N090895147 NET CAMPUS PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 48217, "text": "N090895146 IALE School of Advanced Learning and Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48216, "text": "N090895145 Creatividad Consulting"}, {"id": 48215, "text": "N090895144 GMK Skills Academy"}, {"id": 48214, "text": "N090895143 Meliora Business Services"}, {"id": 48213, "text": "N090895142 Nkuhlwana Trainers and Projects"}, {"id": 48212, "text": "N090895141 Divine Academy Skills Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48211, "text": "N090895140 Adom Technologies"}, {"id": 48210, "text": "N090895139 Millenials Holdings"}, {"id": 48209, "text": "N090895138 Growth Management Consulting"}, {"id": 48208, "text": "N090895137 Tlotliso Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48207, "text": "N090895136 A and N Training Institute Pty LTd"}, {"id": 48206, "text": "N090895135 AZFEMA Consulting and Skills Development Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48205, "text": "N090895134 Azmon Nimrod Consulting"}, {"id": 48204, "text": "N090895133 Dzindalo Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48203, "text": "N090895132 Click Certain Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48202, "text": "N090895131 Lehumo La Ditlou Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 48201, "text": "N090895130 RABS Galaxy Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48200, "text": "N090895129 Mindful Revolution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48199, "text": "N090895128 Eagle Computer Training"}, {"id": 48198, "text": "N090895127 Mngoma Empowerment Group"}, {"id": 48197, "text": "N090895126 Botho Nare Investments"}, {"id": 48196, "text": "N090895125 Sipheongobonga"}, {"id": 48195, "text": "N090895124 Charlie Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48194, "text": "N090895123 Africa Psychosocial Support Institute"}, {"id": 48193, "text": "N090895122 Shirs Vision Compleadev Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48192, "text": "N090895121 Upgrade Training"}, {"id": 48191, "text": "N090895120 Molefe Learning and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48190, "text": "N090895119 Lamanisi Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48189, "text": "N090895118 Thuthukisa Talent Relations"}, {"id": 48188, "text": "N090895117 Vuthelani Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 48187, "text": "N090895116 Tinotel Communications"}, {"id": 48186, "text": "N090895115 Keletsoict ICT Media Academy"}, {"id": 48185, "text": "N090895114 SmartStart"}, {"id": 48184, "text": "N090895113 CFK Actuaries and Consultants"}, {"id": 48183, "text": "N090895112 Boipuso Training Academy"}, {"id": 48182, "text": "N090895111 Creamzo Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 48181, "text": "NL20132284 Little Blossoms Day Care"}, {"id": 48179, "text": "N090895110 Bojelong Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48178, "text": "N090895109 Cliff Hair Beauty and Cosmetology Academy"}, {"id": 48177, "text": "N090895108 Spilamart Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48176, "text": "N090895107 CJA Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48175, "text": "N090895106 Exercise and Wellness Training Enterprise"}, {"id": 48174, "text": "N090895105 Synergistic Covenant Network NPO"}, {"id": 48173, "text": "L690805306 Mando Mabuza"}, {"id": 48172, "text": "N090895104 Maravillas Buisness Development"}, {"id": 48171, "text": "N090895103 DTC Works Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48170, "text": "N090895102 ATKV Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48169, "text": "N090895101 Athenam Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48168, "text": "N090895100 Howtotender"}, {"id": 48167, "text": "N090895099 CMM Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48166, "text": "N090895098 Intelek Training and Consultation Academy"}, {"id": 48165, "text": "N090895097 Twinmark Strategy Management Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48164, "text": "N090895096 The Depth Leadership Trust"}, {"id": 48163, "text": "N090895095 Maravillas Business Development"}, {"id": 48162, "text": "N090895094 Mojakhomo Trading"}, {"id": 48161, "text": "N090895093 Kcobodo Training Centre"}, {"id": 48160, "text": "NL20132281 Siyaphambili Training Solutions"}, {"id": 48159, "text": "NL20132280 ID Mkhize Secondary School"}, {"id": 48158, "text": "NL20132279 Maskhuthale Secondary School"}, {"id": 48157, "text": "NL20132278 Itec College"}, {"id": 48156, "text": "NL20132277 Daveyton Secondary School"}, {"id": 48155, "text": "N090895092 Siyabonga Multi Purpose and Telecentre"}, {"id": 48154, "text": "NL20132276 Sakhuxolo educare"}, {"id": 48153, "text": "N090895091 Thusega Financial and Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48152, "text": "N090895090 KumaloGreen Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48151, "text": "NL20132275 TODDLERS EDUCARE"}, {"id": 48150, "text": "NL20132274 Alutha Centre Community Project"}, {"id": 48149, "text": "NL20132273 Thandabantu Pre School"}, {"id": 48148, "text": "NL20132272 Iliso Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48147, "text": "NL20132271 Nokhanyo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48146, "text": "NL20132270 Entokozweni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48145, "text": "NL20132269 Rosie s Angels Playground Educare Center"}, {"id": 48144, "text": "NL20132268 Arthur Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48143, "text": "NL20132267 Amandla Educare"}, {"id": 48142, "text": "NL20132266 Sisonke Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48141, "text": "NL20132265 Born Again educare Centre"}, {"id": 48140, "text": "NL20132264 Zamoxolo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48139, "text": "NL20132263 TAFELSIG Primary School"}, {"id": 48138, "text": "NL20132262 Hlengisa Junior Secondary School"}, {"id": 48137, "text": "NL20132261 Lindokuhle educare Centre"}, {"id": 48136, "text": "NL20132260 Khayelethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48135, "text": "NL20132259 Hope Educare"}, {"id": 48134, "text": "NL20132258 Baphumelele Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48133, "text": "NL20132257 Kukhanyile Educare"}, {"id": 48132, "text": "NL20132256 IMPENDULO PUBLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48131, "text": "L090802911 Koki Butchery Training School"}, {"id": 48130, "text": "NL20132254 Thozama Pre-School"}, {"id": 48129, "text": "NL20132253 Sikhuseleni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48128, "text": "NL20132252 One Nation Educare"}, {"id": 48127, "text": "NL20132251 Mabuya educare and aftercare Centre"}, {"id": 48126, "text": "NL20132250 Ulutho Educare After CARE"}, {"id": 48125, "text": "NL20132249 Sophumelela Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48124, "text": "NL20132248 Aunty s Pre- School Educare"}, {"id": 48123, "text": "NL20132247 Sivertree Educare"}, {"id": 48122, "text": "NL20132246 Alive in Christ Educare Center"}, {"id": 48121, "text": "NL20132245 Villas Tiny Todds Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48120, "text": "NL20132244 Happiness educare Centre"}, {"id": 48119, "text": "NL20132243 Emyezweni school"}, {"id": 48118, "text": "NL20132242 WaveCrest Priamry School"}, {"id": 48117, "text": "NL20132241 A.Z BERMAN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48116, "text": "NL20132240 New Mellenium Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48115, "text": "NL20132239 Shinning Stars educare Centre"}, {"id": 48114, "text": "NL20132238 Nosizwe educare centre"}, {"id": 48113, "text": "NL20132237 Evelyn s PLAY PEN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48112, "text": "NL20132236 Rainbow Pre-School Early Childhood development"}, {"id": 48111, "text": "NL20132235 Phindulwazi educare centre"}, {"id": 48110, "text": "NL20132234 Isiphiwo Public Primary School"}, {"id": 48109, "text": "NL20132233 Chumisa Primary School"}, {"id": 48108, "text": "NL20132232 Masande Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48107, "text": "NL20132231 West End Persevarance Primary Premier"}, {"id": 48106, "text": "NL20132230 Khulani Centre"}, {"id": 48105, "text": "NL20132229 Inkanini Primary School"}, {"id": 48104, "text": "NL20132228 Kuyasa Primary School"}, {"id": 48103, "text": "NL20132227 The Telitebies Pre Primary Learning Company"}, {"id": 48102, "text": "NL20132226 Khuseleka Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48101, "text": "NL20132225 Aluta Centre Community Project"}, {"id": 48100, "text": "NL20132224 LiveSmart DWT educare centre"}, {"id": 48099, "text": "NL20132223 Esbaneni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48098, "text": "NL20132222 Ekanana Educare"}, {"id": 48097, "text": "NL20132221 Ithemba Day- Care Centre"}, {"id": 48096, "text": "NL20132220 GateWay Primary School"}, {"id": 48095, "text": "NL20132219 Hillwood Primary School"}, {"id": 48094, "text": "NL20132218 Silindolukhle Educare"}, {"id": 48093, "text": "NL20132217 Bonisa Educare centre"}, {"id": 48092, "text": "N090895089 Talitha Training and Development"}, {"id": 48091, "text": "N090895088 Skyhigh Skills Development PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48090, "text": "N090895087 Mailula Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48089, "text": "N090895086 ATTI NELSPRUIT"}, {"id": 48088, "text": "N090895085 Reyaya Training Academy"}, {"id": 48087, "text": "N090895084 VUWA OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 48086, "text": "N090895083 Charis Empowerment Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48085, "text": "N090895082 Elim Training and Project Management Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48084, "text": "N090895081 Autism Western Cape"}, {"id": 48083, "text": "N090895080 Greenchild Project Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48082, "text": "N090895079 INTELLIGENT AFRICA MARKETING AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 48081, "text": "N090895078 Edu Works College"}, {"id": 48080, "text": "N090895077 Matash Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48079, "text": "N090895076 CBM Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48078, "text": "N090895075 Umlilo Education"}, {"id": 48077, "text": "N090895074 Phendula Advancement Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48076, "text": "N090895073 Works Training School"}, {"id": 48075, "text": "N090895072 Umtha Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48074, "text": "N090895071 Duke Corporate Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48073, "text": "N090895070 Maluke Training Consultants"}, {"id": 48072, "text": "N090895069 FROMMETOWE GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48071, "text": "N090895068 XO EDUCATION Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48070, "text": "N090895067 Cherity Diale Transormation and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48069, "text": "N090895066 Trinity Skills Solutions"}, {"id": 48068, "text": "N090895065 Tsamaya Thutong"}, {"id": 48067, "text": "N090895064 South West Gauteng Tvet College"}, {"id": 48066, "text": "N090895063 Octopus Business Solutions"}, {"id": 48065, "text": "N090895062 Business Optimization Training Institute"}, {"id": 48064, "text": "N090895061 TSS SASL TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 48063, "text": "N090895060 T69 Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48062, "text": "N090895059 Patnet Business Institute"}, {"id": 48061, "text": "N090895058 Infinite Development Academy"}, {"id": 48060, "text": "N090895057 Eastern Rose Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48059, "text": "N090895056 Itireleng Boitapoloso Business Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48058, "text": "N090895055 Stallion Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48057, "text": "L7170745147 Softsource"}, {"id": 48056, "text": "L500760030 ITSI Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48055, "text": "N090895054 Thalemfundo Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48054, "text": "N090895053 Sadhana Govender Project Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48053, "text": "N090895052 Yenza Umehluko Make a Difference"}, {"id": 48052, "text": "N090895051 Ntiyiso Training and Skills Consultancy"}, {"id": 48051, "text": "NL20132214 Siyas Legal Consultants"}, {"id": 48050, "text": "NL20132213 SonsTraaltjie Educare"}, {"id": 48049, "text": "NL20132212 Sleepy Hallow Preschool and Educare"}, {"id": 48048, "text": "NL20132211 Philani Crossroads Educare"}, {"id": 48047, "text": "NL20132210 Mfuleni ECD"}, {"id": 48046, "text": "NL20132209 Kingdom Kidz Educare"}, {"id": 48045, "text": "NL20132208 JANET S EDUCARE"}, {"id": 48044, "text": "NL20132207 Iminam Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48043, "text": "NL20132206 IEGLAASI NIEYAH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48042, "text": "NL20132205 Christ Edu-Care"}, {"id": 48041, "text": "NL20132204 Kids Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 48040, "text": "NL20132203 Nosapho Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48039, "text": "NL20132202 Sivukile Educare Centre"}, {"id": 48038, "text": "NL20132201 Porterville Primer"}, {"id": 48037, "text": "NL20132200 Louw and Louw Charted Accountants"}, {"id": 48036, "text": "NL20132199 Naluxolo Primary"}, {"id": 48035, "text": "NL20132198 Maskam Primere Skool"}, {"id": 48034, "text": "NL20132197 Goededacht Trust"}, {"id": 48033, "text": "NL20132196 Rabcon Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 48032, "text": "NL20132195 Western Cape Community Education Training"}, {"id": 48031, "text": "NL20132194 Vooruitsig Primary"}, {"id": 48030, "text": "NL20132193 Yadah Forklift Enterprises"}, {"id": 48029, "text": "NL20132192 Essenhout Primary School"}, {"id": 48028, "text": "NL20132191 Babbel en Krabel Bewaarskool"}, {"id": 48027, "text": "NL20132190 TEZEGO GROUP TRADE AS CREDO"}, {"id": 48026, "text": "NL20132189 Allens Real Estateas Primary School"}, {"id": 48025, "text": "NL20132188 Salt River High School"}, {"id": 48024, "text": "NL20132187 Schoonspruit Secondary School"}, {"id": 48023, "text": "NL20132186 NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS"}, {"id": 48022, "text": "NL20132185 SWARTLAND MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 48021, "text": "NL20132184 CHRIS NISSEN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48020, "text": "NL20132183 Childwelfare South AFRICA"}, {"id": 48019, "text": "NL20132182 KAROO HOOGLAND MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 48018, "text": "NL20132181 sophakama primary"}, {"id": 48017, "text": "NL20132180 Drakenstein Municipality"}, {"id": 48016, "text": "NL20132179 BERZELIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48015, "text": "NL20132178 kakamas Primary School"}, {"id": 48014, "text": "NL20132177 Hopolang Primary SCHOOL"}, {"id": 48013, "text": "NL20132176 Bergrivier Municipality"}, {"id": 48012, "text": "NL20132175 AVBOB"}, {"id": 48011, "text": "NL20132174 SAP VANRHYNSDORP"}, {"id": 48010, "text": "NL20132173 Imvumelwano Primary School"}, {"id": 48009, "text": "NL20132172 Department Of Local Government"}, {"id": 48008, "text": "NL20132171 O.J.Erasmus Primary"}, {"id": 48007, "text": "NL20132170 Perdeberg Motors Citrusdal"}, {"id": 48006, "text": "NL20132169 West Coast District Municipality"}, {"id": 48005, "text": "NL20132168 Sopakhama Primary School"}, {"id": 48004, "text": "NL20132167 Overberg Agri"}, {"id": 48003, "text": "NL20132166 Kerria Primary School"}, {"id": 48002, "text": "NL20132165 Blooming Stars 2 Educare"}, {"id": 48001, "text": "NL20132164 Dennemere Educare"}, {"id": 48000, "text": "NL20132163 Hope of Africa Junior Christian C"}, {"id": 47999, "text": "NL20132162 Gateway Children Centre"}, {"id": 47998, "text": "NL20132161 Little Birds Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47997, "text": "NL20132160 Mayibongwe Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47996, "text": "NL20132159 The Little People Educare"}, {"id": 47995, "text": "NL20132158 Jumpstart Pre-School and Educare"}, {"id": 47994, "text": "NL20132157 Imizamoyethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47993, "text": "NL20132156 Albertina Sisulu Educare"}, {"id": 47992, "text": "NL20132155 Panorama ECD Centre"}, {"id": 47991, "text": "NL20132154 Mvula Primary School"}, {"id": 47990, "text": "NL20132153 Groote Shuur Creche"}, {"id": 47989, "text": "NL20132152 Playtime Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47988, "text": "NL20132151 Masikhululeke Educare"}, {"id": 47987, "text": "NL20132150 Zama Zama Educare"}, {"id": 47986, "text": "NL20132149 Way of Life Junior University"}, {"id": 47985, "text": "NL20132148 Morgenson Primary School"}, {"id": 47984, "text": "NL20132147 ACVV Pikkieland Creche"}, {"id": 47983, "text": "NL20132146 Harmony Nursary School"}, {"id": 47982, "text": "NL20132145 Ntlazane Educare"}, {"id": 47981, "text": "NL20132144 Wittebome ECD Centre"}, {"id": 47980, "text": "NL20132143 Silver Town Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47979, "text": "NL20132142 Ikamvalethu Pre-school"}, {"id": 47978, "text": "NL20132141 Nalo Educare"}, {"id": 47977, "text": "NL20132140 DOCM T A Radiance Educare ECD"}, {"id": 47976, "text": "NL20132139 Charlston Hill Secondary"}, {"id": 47975, "text": "NL20132138 Bella Vista Hoerskool"}, {"id": 47974, "text": "NL20132137 Victory Educare"}, {"id": 47973, "text": "NL20132136 Beaconvale Educare"}, {"id": 47972, "text": "NL20132135 Vukukhanye Primary School"}, {"id": 47971, "text": "NL20132134 Kida Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 47970, "text": "NL20132133 Masisebenzisane Educare"}, {"id": 47969, "text": "NL20132132 little Steps Daycare"}, {"id": 47968, "text": "NL20132131 Little Greenies"}, {"id": 47967, "text": "NL20132130 little Prosperouse Educare"}, {"id": 47966, "text": "NL20132129 Sakhisizwe Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47965, "text": "NL20132128 Noapho Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47964, "text": "NL20132127 Solid Foundations Educare"}, {"id": 47963, "text": "NL20132126 Sticky Fingers Educare"}, {"id": 47962, "text": "NL20132125 Little People Day Care"}, {"id": 47961, "text": "NL20132124 Imizamoyenu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47960, "text": "NL20132123 Rooi Kappie ECD"}, {"id": 47959, "text": "NL20132122 Hanover Park Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 47958, "text": "N090895050 Kwelanga Training"}, {"id": 47957, "text": "N090895049 Sisanda Traders Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47956, "text": "N090895048 Abongwe Amangwane NPC"}, {"id": 47955, "text": "NL20132121 Kidz Next Door"}, {"id": 47954, "text": "NL20132120 Liyakha Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47953, "text": "NL20132119 Siyazakha Educare and Aftercare"}, {"id": 47952, "text": "NL20132118 Luyolo Pre School"}, {"id": 47951, "text": "N090895047 ADVS Security and Cleaning"}, {"id": 47950, "text": "NL20132117 Weltevrede Secondary School"}, {"id": 47949, "text": "NL20132116 Bastiaanse Secondary School"}, {"id": 47948, "text": "NL20132115 Nuwerus High School"}, {"id": 47947, "text": "NL20132114 Roodezandt Secondary School"}, {"id": 47946, "text": "NL20132113 Esselenpark Secondary School"}, {"id": 47945, "text": "NL20132112 Kwamfundo Secondary School"}, {"id": 47944, "text": "N090895046 Kym Management Consulting"}, {"id": 47943, "text": "NL20132111 Voorbrug Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 47942, "text": "NL20132110 Usasazo High School"}, {"id": 47941, "text": "NL20132109 Sithembe Matiso Secondary School"}, {"id": 47940, "text": "NL20132108 Oscar Mpetha High School"}, {"id": 47939, "text": "NL20132107 Manzomthombo Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 47938, "text": "NL20132106 Leiden High School"}, {"id": 47937, "text": "NL20132105 Kleinndederburg Secondary School"}, {"id": 47936, "text": "NL20132104 Kayamandi High School"}, {"id": 47935, "text": "NL20132103 JohnRamsay High School"}, {"id": 47934, "text": "NL20132102 Intlanganiso Secondary School"}, {"id": 47933, "text": "NL20132101 Fisantekraal Secondary School"}, {"id": 47932, "text": "NL20132100 Esangweni Secondary School"}, {"id": 47931, "text": "NL20132099 Esangweni Secondary School"}, {"id": 47930, "text": "NL20132098 Bridgton Secondary School"}, {"id": 47929, "text": "NL20132097 Bernadino Heights High School"}, {"id": 47928, "text": "N090895045 Edzani Community Development and Consultancy"}, {"id": 47927, "text": "N090895044 Fourways Private College"}, {"id": 47926, "text": "N090895043 Leeson s Skills Development Academy"}, {"id": 47925, "text": "N090895042 Rasinkhu Investments"}, {"id": 47924, "text": "N090895041 Retail School of Excellence Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47923, "text": "N090895040 Mourema Pty "}, {"id": 47922, "text": "N090895039 Dei Gratia Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 47921, "text": "N090895038 Indalo Tradings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47920, "text": "N090895037 Durban City College"}, {"id": 47919, "text": "N090895036 Kez Enterprises and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47918, "text": "N090895035 Dot Connectors Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47917, "text": "N090895034 Alladin Learning Solutions"}, {"id": 47916, "text": "N090895033 Abvaho Phanda Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47915, "text": "N090895032 GNS Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47914, "text": "N090895031 Tsiku Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47913, "text": "NL20132096 Proteus Technical High"}, {"id": 47912, "text": "NL20132095 Bishop Lavis High School"}, {"id": 47911, "text": "NL20132094 Vusisizwe Secondary School"}, {"id": 47910, "text": "NL20132093 New Eisleben High School"}, {"id": 47909, "text": "NL20132092 Bergrivier High School"}, {"id": 47908, "text": "NL20132091 Atlantis Secondary School"}, {"id": 47907, "text": "N090895030 WITS LANGUAGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47906, "text": "NL20132090 Department: Justice and Constitutional Development"}, {"id": 47905, "text": "N090895029 Meals on Wheels Community Services - South Africa"}, {"id": 47904, "text": "N090895028 Moesi Trading Enterprise Pty "}, {"id": 47903, "text": "N090895027 Keletso ICT Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47902, "text": "N090895026 Lefa Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47901, "text": "N090895025 Seshego Risk Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47900, "text": "N090895024 Kearabilwe Consultant"}, {"id": 47899, "text": "N090895023 Koke Legacy Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47898, "text": "N090895022 S Squared Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47897, "text": "N090895021 Eastern Cape Disability Economic Empowerment Trust"}, {"id": 47896, "text": "N090895020 Ashley Kriel Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 47895, "text": "N090895019 Kgopotso Computer Training"}, {"id": 47894, "text": "N090895018 Rixaladza Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47893, "text": "N090895017 Kenosis Beauty Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47892, "text": "N090895016 Ngidi Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47891, "text": "N090895015 JT Goldilocks"}, {"id": 47890, "text": "N090895014 Muselwa Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47889, "text": "N090895013 Elite Solution Corporate"}, {"id": 47888, "text": "N090895012 Cotlands"}, {"id": 47887, "text": "N090895011 Injabulo: Home Grown Learning and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 47886, "text": "N090895010 Project ECD Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47885, "text": "N090895009 Sokwanya Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47884, "text": "N090895008 Hlolo Entle Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47883, "text": "N090895007 Academy of Management and Entrepreneurial Excellence"}, {"id": 47882, "text": "N090895006 Redefined Skills Training and Development"}, {"id": 47881, "text": "N090895005 LM Training Development"}, {"id": 47880, "text": "N090895004 Beritam Projects and Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47879, "text": "N090895003 Artisans Skills Development Agencies"}, {"id": 47878, "text": "N090895002 Muthu Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47877, "text": "N090895001 Amadlakhe Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47876, "text": "N090895000 Hybrid Dynamics"}, {"id": 47875, "text": "N090894999 Positics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47874, "text": "N090894998 MPIC Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47873, "text": "N090894997 Kele-Thabo Holdings"}, {"id": 47872, "text": "N090894996 Ayaba Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47871, "text": "N090894995 HWM Consultancy"}, {"id": 47870, "text": "N090894994 Progressive Training Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47869, "text": "N090894993 Care4skills"}, {"id": 47868, "text": "N090894992 Prosam Consulting Group"}, {"id": 47867, "text": "N090894991 Abnah Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47866, "text": "N090894990 Adziambei Academy"}, {"id": 47865, "text": "N090894989 Culmen Wes Kaap CC"}, {"id": 47864, "text": "NL00000000 Conferencing LK Company"}, {"id": 47863, "text": "NL20132089 Mashupatsela Solution"}, {"id": 47862, "text": "NL20132088 Leshike Foundation"}, {"id": 47861, "text": "NL20132087 Waterberg Welfare Society"}, {"id": 47860, "text": "NL20132086 Waterberg Biosphere Reserve"}, {"id": 47859, "text": "NL20132085 Tiang Maatla Group"}, {"id": 47858, "text": "NL20132084 Matlhaba Creche"}, {"id": 47857, "text": "NL20132083 Seakhula Creche"}, {"id": 47856, "text": "NL20132082 Manthoko Day Care"}, {"id": 47855, "text": "N090894988 Dynamic Safety Solutions"}, {"id": 47854, "text": "NL20132081 Profin Salt"}, {"id": 47853, "text": "NL20132080 Graasy Park E.C Primary School"}, {"id": 47852, "text": "NL20132079 Smart MI"}, {"id": 47851, "text": "NL20132078 Ikhwezi Lesizwe Primary School"}, {"id": 47850, "text": "NL20132077 Imizamo Yethu Educa Centre"}, {"id": 47849, "text": "NL20132076 Masithembane Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47848, "text": "NL20132075 Nkazimlo Public Primary School"}, {"id": 47847, "text": "NL20132074 Justin Road Creche"}, {"id": 47846, "text": "NL20132073 Imperial Primary School"}, {"id": 47845, "text": "NL20132072 West End Primary School"}, {"id": 47844, "text": "NL20132071 Inzame Zethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 47843, "text": "NL20132069 Vision Afrika"}, {"id": 47842, "text": "NL20132070 St Marks Primary"}, {"id": 47841, "text": "NL20132068 Wielie Walie Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 47840, "text": "NL20132065 Dr G.J. Joubert Primary"}, {"id": 47839, "text": "NL20132066 Mediclinic George"}, {"id": 47838, "text": "NL20132064 Sugar and Spice Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 47837, "text": "NL20132062 Siphamandla Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 47836, "text": "NL20132061 Karoo Hoogland Municipality"}, {"id": 47835, "text": "NL20132060 Sunridge Primary School"}, {"id": 47834, "text": "N090894987 Advanced Risk Solution 10 000 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47833, "text": "N090894986 The Read Institute NPC"}, {"id": 47832, "text": "N090894985 CC Protection and Investigation Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47831, "text": "N090894984 Acacia West College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47830, "text": "NL20132059 Beaufort West Primary School"}, {"id": 47829, "text": "NL20132058 John D. Crawford Primary School"}, {"id": 47828, "text": "NL20132055 Elmor Primary School"}, {"id": 47827, "text": "NL20132053 Redi-Pac"}, {"id": 47826, "text": "NL20132049 Mossel Bay Community Learning Center"}, {"id": 47825, "text": "N090894983 Skills Catalyst Consultants"}, {"id": 47824, "text": "N090894982 Footballers Investment Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47823, "text": "N090894981 Kgaebane Trading"}, {"id": 47822, "text": "N090894980 Drewmach Branding Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47821, "text": "N090894979 RSA Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47820, "text": "N090894978 POPUP"}, {"id": 47819, "text": "N090894977 Lesmas Training and Consultancy"}, {"id": 47818, "text": "N090894976 CBR Education and Training for Employment"}, {"id": 47817, "text": "N090894975 Bakhoana Management and Business College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47816, "text": "N090894974 Sinqoba Ngokwenza College"}, {"id": 47815, "text": "N090894973 New Generation Publishing Enterprises."}, {"id": 47814, "text": "N090894972 Shintsha Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47813, "text": "N090894971 MiChem Dynamics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47812, "text": "N090894970 K Boneng Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47811, "text": "N090894969 Platinum Peak Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47810, "text": "N090894968 Melabongwe Skills Development HR Services"}, {"id": 47809, "text": "L070704897 HUIS MCFARLANE"}, {"id": 47808, "text": "L070737921 HOER JONGENSKOOL PAARL KOSHUISE"}, {"id": 47807, "text": "N090894967 Grootkaroo Career Institute"}, {"id": 47806, "text": "N090894966 Yolande Toohey Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47805, "text": "N090894965 Oxy Trading 735 CC"}, {"id": 47804, "text": "N090894964 The Finishing College"}, {"id": 47803, "text": "N090894963 HMM Tuition Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47802, "text": "N090894962 Boeketlo Conference Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47801, "text": "N090894961 SAFRICA Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47800, "text": "NL20132041 The Institute of Hospitality and Commercial Studies"}, {"id": 47799, "text": "N090894960 Khanyisile Multi Purpose Enterprise"}, {"id": 47798, "text": "N090894959 Amadea Institute for Community Empowerment NPC"}, {"id": 47797, "text": "N090894958 MMS Training Academy"}, {"id": 47796, "text": "N090894957 Jabukile Consultancy Private Ltd"}, {"id": 47795, "text": "N090894956 Simunye Assessor Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47794, "text": "N090894955 Keduecwe Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47793, "text": "N090894954 Siphefu Business Solutions"}, {"id": 47792, "text": "N090894953 Career Builders Academy"}, {"id": 47791, "text": "L7020785053 Jeanette Masters"}, {"id": 47790, "text": "L640805034 Makarios Kids Academy"}, {"id": 47789, "text": "NL20132038 BOKONE BOPHIRIMA LEARNER ASSIST"}, {"id": 47788, "text": "NL20132037 Teent Business College PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47787, "text": "N090894952 Three Way Consulting"}, {"id": 47786, "text": "N090894951 Shamariah Security Training"}, {"id": 47785, "text": "L7580800748 Skills Development Professionals"}, {"id": 47784, "text": "N090894950 Engie Security Services Training and Development Centre"}, {"id": 47783, "text": "N090894949 Dynamic Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47782, "text": "NL20132035 Felix Risk Training Consultants CC"}, {"id": 47781, "text": "NL20132034 Family Restoration Foundation"}, {"id": 47780, "text": "N090894948 Performance Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47779, "text": "N090894947 Higherway Institute of Learning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47778, "text": "N090894946 Ndivuka Skills Development"}, {"id": 47777, "text": "N090894945 On-Track Empowering Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47776, "text": "N090894944 Camblish Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47775, "text": "L540754282 Resonance Institute of Learning Pty "}, {"id": 47774, "text": "L620802969 Insights Learning and Development"}, {"id": 47773, "text": "NL20132031 Federation of Governing bodies of South Africa"}, {"id": 47772, "text": "N090894943 The Arbinger Institute"}, {"id": 47771, "text": "T000000587 Tonex Management Solutions"}, {"id": 47770, "text": "N090894942 Investment Consultation Trustee Services"}, {"id": 47769, "text": "N090894941 GetSmarter"}, {"id": 47768, "text": "N090894940 Practical Solutions"}, {"id": 47767, "text": "N090894939 Maserumule Consulting Learning Organisational Growth Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47766, "text": "NL20132030 Chipros Community Empowerment"}, {"id": 47765, "text": "N090894938 Jamavlo Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47764, "text": "L410756599 Supercare Service Group PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47763, "text": "N090894937 Kahani Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 47762, "text": "NL20132029 House of Timmal"}, {"id": 47761, "text": "NL20132028 Seatide Maintenance"}, {"id": 47760, "text": "NL20132027 Smoking Craft"}, {"id": 47759, "text": "NL20132026 BUSINESS LAB 1564 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47758, "text": "NL20132024 E-Thunga Trading"}, {"id": 47757, "text": "NL20132025 INTELLIGENT COMPUTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47756, "text": "NL20132023 KPT Marketing Matterz Primary Co-operative Limited"}, {"id": 47755, "text": "NL20132022 Beyond Empowerment Sports Team NPC"}, {"id": 47754, "text": "NL20132021 222 Small Business Chamber NPC"}, {"id": 47753, "text": "NL20132020 KPT Small Business"}, {"id": 47752, "text": "NL20132019 LA MERCY TUNNEL FARMS"}, {"id": 47751, "text": "NL20132018 Limpopo Community Education and Training College"}, {"id": 47750, "text": "NL20132017 Timmal Institute of Excellence PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47749, "text": "N090894936 Tshianzi Development"}, {"id": 47748, "text": "N090894935 Dicla Training and Projects"}, {"id": 47747, "text": "N090894934 AMORICOM"}, {"id": 47746, "text": "N090894933 INLEXSO"}, {"id": 47745, "text": "NL20132016 Itumeleng Training Solutions"}, {"id": 47744, "text": "N090894932 South African National Tuberculosis Association"}, {"id": 47743, "text": "N090894931 Sisizathu Training"}, {"id": 47742, "text": "N090894930 QT Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47741, "text": "N090894929 Standard Corp Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47740, "text": "N090894928 Global Star Trading cc"}, {"id": 47739, "text": "N090894927 Soyisa Learning Institute"}, {"id": 47738, "text": "N090894926 The Funeral Academy for Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47737, "text": "N090894925 Business Circle Consultation"}, {"id": 47736, "text": "N090894924 Idwala Holdings 77 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47735, "text": "NL20132015 Southern Africa Youth Project NPC"}, {"id": 47734, "text": "N090894923 Mowils Consultants cc"}, {"id": 47733, "text": "N090894922 Kaelo Computer Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47732, "text": "NL20132014 Savior Assosiactions School Governance Body"}, {"id": 47731, "text": "N090894921 Potential Exponent cc"}, {"id": 47730, "text": "N090894920 Gorach cc"}, {"id": 47729, "text": "N090894919 Novelile Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47728, "text": "N090894918 Dego Consultants"}, {"id": 47727, "text": "N090894917 TOMPI SELEKA COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE"}, {"id": 47726, "text": "N090894916 Institute of Risk Management South Africa"}, {"id": 47725, "text": "N090894915 Chippa Training Academy"}, {"id": 47724, "text": "N090894914 SK Empire Consultancy"}, {"id": 47723, "text": "N090894913 Magos Group"}, {"id": 47722, "text": "N090894912 Autism South Africa"}, {"id": 47721, "text": "L740768017 INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 47720, "text": "L260803939 Steyn City Preparatory and College"}, {"id": 47719, "text": "NL20132012 Pfunani Mageva ELC"}, {"id": 47718, "text": "L000000 ESRI South Africa Pty LTD "}, {"id": 47716, "text": "L720780735 Advance for life Christian Academy"}, {"id": 47715, "text": "N090894911 Trama Agency Primary Cooperative Ltd"}, {"id": 47714, "text": "N090894910 UCS Education and Training Services"}, {"id": 47713, "text": "N090894909 Early Dawn Private School Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47712, "text": "N090894908 Ilinge Labantu Debt Solutions CC"}, {"id": 47711, "text": "N090894907 Imvula Skills and Development Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47710, "text": "N090894906 Leading Edge Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47709, "text": "N090894905 Institute for Advancement of Women Children"}, {"id": 47708, "text": "N090894904 Mmela Village Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47707, "text": "N090894903 Arms Audit and Risk Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47706, "text": "N090894902 Ruthekho Training Academy"}, {"id": 47705, "text": "N090894901 Amadwala CC 623"}, {"id": 47704, "text": "N090894900 THE TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47703, "text": "N090894899 Crystal Training and Consultancy Services"}, {"id": 47702, "text": "N090894898 Mafo and Mank Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47701, "text": "N090894897 Heartlines College"}, {"id": 47700, "text": "N090894896 Dreyer Dreyer Risk Solutions"}, {"id": 47699, "text": "N090894895 George Steven Academy"}, {"id": 47698, "text": "N090894894 BL2000 Bedryfsleiding 2000 BK"}, {"id": 47697, "text": "N090894893 BL2000 Bedryfsleiding 2000 BK"}, {"id": 47696, "text": "NL20132008 MPower Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 47695, "text": "NL20132007 Maths our World"}, {"id": 47694, "text": "N090894892 Leading Training"}, {"id": 47693, "text": "N090894891 TSHEPO EA RONA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47691, "text": "N090894890 Acorser Corporate and Business Consulting"}, {"id": 47690, "text": "N090894889 Bavelile Consultants and Training"}, {"id": 47689, "text": "N090894888 Thembeni Skills Development Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 47688, "text": "N090894887 Inafrica General Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47687, "text": "N090894886 Siyawelela Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47686, "text": "N090894885 R and L Compuer Repairs and Web Design Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47685, "text": "N090894884 NBnet Consultancy Project Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47684, "text": "N090894883 Jacanas Trading"}, {"id": 47683, "text": "N090894882 Umnotho We Afrika Foundation"}, {"id": 47682, "text": "N090894881 NOSA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47681, "text": "N090894880 Utopia Institute"}, {"id": 47680, "text": "N090894879 Gare Kgare Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47679, "text": "N090894878 Katlego Compliance Training"}, {"id": 47678, "text": "N090894877 Mavuni Empowering Consultants"}, {"id": 47677, "text": "N090894876 OD Management Services"}, {"id": 47676, "text": "N090894875 Elvis Koena Konsulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47675, "text": "N090894874 Insika Foundation"}, {"id": 47674, "text": "N090894873 Pulakgadi Training Consulting"}, {"id": 47673, "text": "N090894872 The Globe IT Training Solutions"}, {"id": 47672, "text": "N090894871 Masikila Training Solutions PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 47671, "text": "N090894870 Smart Institute of Mines"}, {"id": 47670, "text": "N090894869 Madzivha HRD Services"}, {"id": 47669, "text": "N090894868 Synergy Learning Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47668, "text": "N090894867 Ithemba Lomphakathi Community Organisation"}, {"id": 47667, "text": "N090894866 Learning 4 Life Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47666, "text": "N090894865 Innovative Technology Design"}, {"id": 47665, "text": "N090894864 SABS Training Academy cc"}, {"id": 47664, "text": "N090894863 Bambanani Community Development Organisation"}, {"id": 47663, "text": "N090894862 Innovation College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47662, "text": "N090894861 Katlego Compliance Training"}, {"id": 47661, "text": "N090894860 Within Reach Technology Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47660, "text": "N090894859 Inter Personal Solutions"}, {"id": 47659, "text": "N090894858 Opelong Business Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47658, "text": "N090894857 Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology"}, {"id": 47657, "text": "N090894856 Vhurena Consulting"}, {"id": 47656, "text": "N090894855 Goldman College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47655, "text": "N090894854 Rock Lilly Connections Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47654, "text": "N090894853 Nasinasi Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47653, "text": "N090894852 Carol Creche"}, {"id": 47652, "text": "N090894851 Truware Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47651, "text": "L960802553 EDUVOD SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47650, "text": "L960802223 BRIGHT STAR COMBINED LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 47649, "text": "L960800953 SAKHIKUSASA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47648, "text": "L960800920 THANDOLWETHU EDUCATION SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47647, "text": "L960800904 INDWE LEARNING CENTRES SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 47646, "text": "L960800615 KIDS PRE PRIMARY AND EDUCARE FISH HOEK"}, {"id": 47645, "text": "L960799866 TJANTJELLO TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47644, "text": "L960774505 PALM TREE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 47643, "text": "L950802720 LYNNWOOD ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47642, "text": "L950802654 CURIOSA ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47641, "text": "L950799934 CONCORDIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47640, "text": "L950792319 AVANTI SUPPLIERS BK"}, {"id": 47639, "text": "L950773764 Successors Training Institute"}, {"id": 47638, "text": "L940802137 THE BALLET BEAT"}, {"id": 47637, "text": "L940802061 DIGITITAN"}, {"id": 47636, "text": "L940785589 CIRCLE WAY TRAINING"}, {"id": 47635, "text": "L930802212 KIGIMA AUTO ELECTRICAL TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 47634, "text": "L930801842 SPLIT SECOND SCIENCE"}, {"id": 47633, "text": "L930801362 TERESA OAKLEY-SMITH CC"}, {"id": 47632, "text": "L930801032 BLUE HILLS PRIMARY"}, {"id": 47631, "text": "L930800216 HELIOS ENERGY ALLIANCE"}, {"id": 47630, "text": "L930800158 GLOBAL LEARNING SERVICES GLS"}, {"id": 47629, "text": "L920802628 SMALL DREAMS SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATIONAL DAYCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 47628, "text": "L920802602 MIBIT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47627, "text": "L920801760 KHETHA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47626, "text": "L920801331 ESANDLWANA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47625, "text": "L920801166 STIMULUS MAKSIMA ROODEPOORT"}, {"id": 47624, "text": "L920800861 KRIEL TRAINING"}, {"id": 47623, "text": "L920800705 CHIEF ALBERT LUTHULI SKILLS CENTRE RF "}, {"id": 47622, "text": "L920800267 THE LEARNING ORGANISATION AFRICA"}, {"id": 47621, "text": "L920800242 BEDFORDVIEW BABY AND TODDLER CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47620, "text": "L920800184 THORNTREE COACHING"}, {"id": 47619, "text": "L910802745 ITHUTENG LEARNING ACADEMY AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 47618, "text": "L910800970 FUNDAMENTAL BRILLIANCE HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 47617, "text": "L900802408 ST ANNE S PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47616, "text": "L900801400 TROVERI"}, {"id": 47615, "text": "L900801327 INTELLECT ADVANTAGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47614, "text": "L900801178 GULDEREN SULTAN CAPE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47613, "text": "L900800204 THE MONEY COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47612, "text": "L900799976 ST LIEUTENANT ROYAL HOUSE SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 47611, "text": "L900787427 POOH-BEAR N FRIENDS EDUCARE"}, {"id": 47610, "text": "L900787229 APPLIED SCIENTIFIC SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47609, "text": "L890802087 SUPERLINK TIPPER TRAINING"}, {"id": 47608, "text": "L890801519 REITUMETSE TSHIRELETSO FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 47607, "text": "L890795554 EDEN MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 47606, "text": "L890775416 TJOMME MET SOMME CC"}, {"id": 47605, "text": "L880802675 CUBICLE TRADING"}, {"id": 47604, "text": "L880802485 BOKONENG TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 47603, "text": "L880802220 PREMA GAYLA PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47602, "text": "L880801362 MALLTA CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 47601, "text": "L880801339 DIE BOOMHUIS AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 47600, "text": "L880800901 JL TENNIS ACADEMY PRETORIA"}, {"id": 47599, "text": "L880800885 MARUNG T"}, {"id": 47598, "text": "L880800570 IKAGE SD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47597, "text": "L880799715 WEMVULA TUTOR CENTRE"}, {"id": 47596, "text": "L870802081 SUPERLINK REVERSE"}, {"id": 47595, "text": "L870801042 UMKOLWANA MINERALS"}, {"id": 47594, "text": "L870800929 SYTTA"}, {"id": 47593, "text": "L870800176 ALMAAZ EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 47592, "text": "L870800044 MANDELANGA TRADING"}, {"id": 47591, "text": "L870796572 ALEXANDER CONSORTIUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47590, "text": "L860801069 OSMOZ"}, {"id": 47589, "text": "L860800962 ST JOHN CAPITAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47588, "text": "L860800905 JL TENNIS ACADEMY MIDSTREAM"}, {"id": 47587, "text": "L850802747 MAGILL"}, {"id": 47586, "text": "L850801962 NATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 47585, "text": "L850801459 INJINI EDTECH VENTURES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47584, "text": "L850800956 LONDIE SIGN LANGUAGE SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47583, "text": "L850800766 AMKO RIVER TRADING"}, {"id": 47582, "text": "L850800204 GUARANTEE TRUST INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS GAUTENG"}, {"id": 47581, "text": "L850800139 ST ANNES PRIMARY AND TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47580, "text": "L850799851 HOEDSPRUIT HUB"}, {"id": 47579, "text": "L850794456 THE LITTLE SCHOOLHOUSE EDUCATIONAL CENTRE"}, {"id": 47578, "text": "L840800330 MJAPANI TRADING"}, {"id": 47577, "text": "L840800280 LUCENT EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47576, "text": "L840799839 CITI COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47575, "text": "L840798906 MWABU EDUCATION SA"}, {"id": 47574, "text": "L830800787 LANDIZIPHOZAKHE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 47573, "text": "L830800704 C J ROSS CONSULTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47572, "text": "L830800365 UMNDENI COPERATE SERVICES"}, {"id": 47571, "text": "L830778629 HIGH FIVE NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 47570, "text": "L820801951 JOLLY KIDS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47569, "text": "L820801415 FRANKS PHILLIPS CORPORATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47568, "text": "L820800813 SOCIAL PLACES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47567, "text": "L820798116 TT ACADEMY 2"}, {"id": 47566, "text": "L820791665 YOUTH FOR SURVIVAL"}, {"id": 47565, "text": "L820780072 RGA CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47564, "text": "L820777466 PUBLIC SERVICE SECTOR EDUCATION ANDTRAINING AUTHORITY PSETA "}, {"id": 47563, "text": "L810802613 ASTROPROPERTY"}, {"id": 47562, "text": "L810802035 LAKESIDE EDUCATION ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47561, "text": "L810801714 THE SABRAGE GROUP"}, {"id": 47560, "text": "L810801490 MACCABI FOOTBALL CLUB"}, {"id": 47559, "text": "L810801037 SMIT"}, {"id": 47558, "text": "L810795114 CREATIVE ACADEMY SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 47557, "text": "L810771586 EDUNATION EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS AND TOYS"}, {"id": 47556, "text": "L800802409 ST ANNE S TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47555, "text": "L800802367 SOLIFE"}, {"id": 47554, "text": "L800802102 KHUSELA INTEGRATED ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47553, "text": "L800801682 LEFATSE SUPPLIES"}, {"id": 47552, "text": "L800799720 LEPHALALE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47551, "text": "L800799696 OUTLIERS NPO"}, {"id": 47550, "text": "L790802054 TIENERDOTCOM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47549, "text": "L790799946 RIGGER TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47548, "text": "L780802536 PEMBURY LIFESTYLE GROUP LTD"}, {"id": 47547, "text": "L780802452 MY LIFE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47546, "text": "L780802080 SUPERLINK TRAINING"}, {"id": 47545, "text": "L780801876 NV QUALITY DESIGN WELDING SERVICES"}, {"id": 47544, "text": "L780800746 DITHIPE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47543, "text": "L780800233 BARSKED"}, {"id": 47542, "text": "L780788115 LITTLE PEOPLES PLACE MONTESSORI CENTRE"}, {"id": 47541, "text": "L770802728 HENNOPS NASKOOL CC"}, {"id": 47540, "text": "L770802280 ALLABOUTWRITING CC"}, {"id": 47539, "text": "L770800383 A COUNTRY FOR JANE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47538, "text": "L770800136 ADS AND A PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47537, "text": "L770800078 CFC CONSULTING AME PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47536, "text": "L770796169 SYNERGY PROJECTS SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47535, "text": "L770787838 IYANA PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47534, "text": "L770773937 LIMPOPO RANGERS CC"}, {"id": 47533, "text": "L760802662 XG PROFESSIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47532, "text": "L760802647 KAJINI INVESTMENTS 555 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47531, "text": "L760802084 SUPERLINK ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47530, "text": "L760801664 FIRE MEDICAL SAVING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47529, "text": "L760801334 ON TARGET PRINTING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47528, "text": "L760799884 SIYABULELA TRAINING AND CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 47527, "text": "L760793721 PAPERLEAF ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47526, "text": "L760791063 DU TOIT"}, {"id": 47525, "text": "L750802284 BROADCASTING ELECTRONIC MEDIA AND ALLIED WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 47524, "text": "L750801393 KINNERLANT"}, {"id": 47523, "text": "L750799324 BULCOF SECURITY AND CLEANING SERVICES"}, {"id": 47522, "text": "L740802402 L.U.C.C.A SUPPORT AND CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 47521, "text": "L740801107 AUTHENTIC RATING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47520, "text": "L740800836 SALMON"}, {"id": 47519, "text": "L740800000 PRIME LIFESKILLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47518, "text": "L740799921 COCCIOLINO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47517, "text": "L740799715 YOUNG MINDS PRE PRIMARY DAY AFTER CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 47516, "text": "L740791431 THE AUTISM PROJECT"}, {"id": 47515, "text": "L730801851 HHO ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 47514, "text": "L730800481 LEARNMORE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 47513, "text": "L730791961 BODYTEC RUIMSIG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47512, "text": "L720800418 MATSAPHA PROJECT MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 47511, "text": "L720800327 GET AHEAD SWIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47510, "text": "L720800194 CRAIGAVON PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 47509, "text": "L720799875 YELLOW BRICK ROAD"}, {"id": 47508, "text": "L710802465 NELUONDE CONSULTING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47507, "text": "L710801335 ON TARGET FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47506, "text": "L710801210 LEARNING 4 LIFE"}, {"id": 47505, "text": "L710800410 DELTRADE 100 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47504, "text": "L710799976 INSIDE EDUCATION"}, {"id": 47503, "text": "L700802426 KINGS KIDS CHRISTIAN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47502, "text": "L700802178 NIELSON ACADEMY OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 47501, "text": "L700801451 IMBEWU SCIENCE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 47500, "text": "L700801121 HOLY ROSARY INDEPENDENT COMBINED SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 47499, "text": "L700783303 PRECISION SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 47498, "text": "L690802634 EDUCATIONAL STYLED INTEGRATION"}, {"id": 47497, "text": "L690801941 NQOTHU PROJECTS"}, {"id": 47496, "text": "L690800869 POLKADOTS CONSULTING"}, {"id": 47495, "text": "L690800430 LABOURSMART TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47494, "text": "L690800372 D AND H PROFESSIONAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 47493, "text": "L690792033 MYPACE COTTAGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47492, "text": "L680802131 BRIGHT TODDS"}, {"id": 47491, "text": "L680801877 TSHUMELA YA VHUDI TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47490, "text": "L680801729 K2017035380 SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 47489, "text": "L680800572 ALHO"}, {"id": 47488, "text": "L680771526 GOLF PARK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47487, "text": "L670802638 NORTHLAND SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47486, "text": "L670800889 VILALEX"}, {"id": 47485, "text": "L670797127 PINPOINT HEALTH AND SAFETY CC"}, {"id": 47484, "text": "L660802465 TSIBA IGNITION ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47483, "text": "L660802358 CARSTENS"}, {"id": 47482, "text": "L660799687 EQ4KIDS"}, {"id": 47481, "text": "L650801667 TAMYX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47480, "text": "L650801634 TML COACHING CC"}, {"id": 47479, "text": "L650799937 CONCORDIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47478, "text": "L650799747 DISABILITY SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47477, "text": "L650792726 THE STUDENTHUB ONLINE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47476, "text": "L650780739 K2012024435 SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47475, "text": "L640801843 LEARNING IN REACH"}, {"id": 47474, "text": "L640801645 THINC ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47473, "text": "L640801629 194 COACHING"}, {"id": 47472, "text": "L640800357 NRBC TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47471, "text": "L640799898 INITIATIVE FOR SPECIALIZED RESOURCE MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 47470, "text": "L640796258 MAGRINHO DOMINGOS MEMORIAL TRUST"}, {"id": 47469, "text": "L640792281 VAN HEERDEN"}, {"id": 47468, "text": "L630802496 TIMON AND MATI ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 47467, "text": "L630801753 SPEECH AND AUDIO"}, {"id": 47466, "text": "L630801266 MOOT AKADEMIE PRETORIA"}, {"id": 47465, "text": "L630800854 NEW TSHILIDZI CONSULTING"}, {"id": 47464, "text": "L630800573 W M MABUNGA GENERAL"}, {"id": 47463, "text": "L630800557 ASCENTECH SAFETY CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 47462, "text": "L630800151 ZULFAH S CONSULTING AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 47461, "text": "L630799817 THOLANGWE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47460, "text": "L630792804 ADP ELECTRICAL AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47459, "text": "L620802118 JT MATSAPE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47458, "text": "L620801482 DURBANVILLE VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 47457, "text": "L620801409 MNS BOKAMOSO CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47456, "text": "L620800625 LITONYA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FOR AFRICA"}, {"id": 47455, "text": "L620800450 MOQHAKA VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 47454, "text": "L620800310 THENGISO HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 47453, "text": "L620797813 CFC CONSULTING AME PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47452, "text": "L610801997 ZAMBESI AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 47451, "text": "L610801559 LNM FUNDANATHI INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47450, "text": "L610801435 HPS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47449, "text": "L610800890 LILY PAD DAY CARE"}, {"id": 47448, "text": "L610800825 COOPER COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47447, "text": "L610800288 DIE VOS KONSORTIUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47446, "text": "L610799936 CONCORDIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47445, "text": "L610799779 STELLENBOSCH INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY"}, {"id": 47444, "text": "L610799662 PEREZ DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 47443, "text": "L610798318 KATBERG HOTEL ACADEMY OF LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47442, "text": "L610764369 THE KIDDIES COLLEGE PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 47441, "text": "L600802310 BUTTERWORTH VEHICLE TESTING CENTRE"}, {"id": 47440, "text": "L600802302 JMD CONSULTING"}, {"id": 47439, "text": "L600802252 PEOPLE CENTRED INSTITUTION"}, {"id": 47438, "text": "L600800504 VONDORF AUTO SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47437, "text": "L600800454 WATER WEENIES SWIM SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47436, "text": "L600800421 JAMES BROLEY CONSULTING"}, {"id": 47435, "text": "L600800108 LITTLE CATERPILLARS"}, {"id": 47434, "text": "L600799920 IRCA CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 47433, "text": "L600799847 ACACIA EDUCATION COLLEGES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47432, "text": "L600795407 DINKYLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 47431, "text": "L590800977 ADVANCED ASSESSMENTS AND TRAINING WC"}, {"id": 47430, "text": "L590800399 WAGHORN"}, {"id": 47429, "text": "L590800183 KIDZ FUN HOUSE PLAY CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47428, "text": "L580800979 ADVANCED ASSESSMENTS AND TRAINING KZN"}, {"id": 47427, "text": "L580800748 SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONALS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47426, "text": "L580800284 LIZETH KOTZE ACADEMIC CENTRE"}, {"id": 47425, "text": "L570802704 TEGO SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47424, "text": "L570801706 MOOPANAR"}, {"id": 47423, "text": "L570800104 COLAB4GROWTH"}, {"id": 47422, "text": "L570799975 HONEYCOMB COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47421, "text": "L570763328 SODWANA BAY PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47420, "text": "L560802607 SELF-HELP ORGANISATION OF EMALAHLENI"}, {"id": 47419, "text": "L560802326 VUMILIA AFRICA GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47418, "text": "L560793178 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 47417, "text": "L560792139 GLOBAL SOFTECH SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47416, "text": "L550801940 EDU SERV"}, {"id": 47415, "text": "L550799953 PRILA FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND EQUIPMENT"}, {"id": 47414, "text": "L550799920 BARTIE"}, {"id": 47413, "text": "L550799789 ISIPHETHU TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47412, "text": "L550799730 SIYA-SARAN LEARNING DESIGN CC"}, {"id": 47411, "text": "L540802156 FBI SCHOOL OF PASTRY"}, {"id": 47410, "text": "L540800986 SOUTH AFRICAN CHEFS ASSOCIATION NPC"}, {"id": 47409, "text": "L540796812 LENJA ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 47408, "text": "L540784792 TURNING POINT TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47407, "text": "L530800012 VS AFRICA SECURITY TRAINING AND GUARD"}, {"id": 47406, "text": "L530797424 VAN REENEN"}, {"id": 47405, "text": "L510802392 THE CENTRE FOR RESEARCH AND POLICY"}, {"id": 47404, "text": "L510801022 CYBOK GENERAL TRADING"}, {"id": 47403, "text": "L510800990 SIYAVULA FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 47402, "text": "L510794300 PRE SCHOOL ACADEMY FOR TODDLERS"}, {"id": 47401, "text": "L500801867 RIDGEVILLE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47400, "text": "L490801836 EARLYBIRD EDUCARE AT WORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47399, "text": "L490801711 WORCESTER NOORD NASORG SENTRUM"}, {"id": 47398, "text": "L490801612 JL S PEE WEE"}, {"id": 47397, "text": "L490800374 THE REALLY GREAT TEACHER COMPANY"}, {"id": 47396, "text": "L480801770 HOERSKOOL BERGVESTING VANDERBIJLPARK"}, {"id": 47395, "text": "L480801481 ELASMOCOL"}, {"id": 47394, "text": "L480800244 SOUTHHILLS FET TECHNICAL COLLAGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47393, "text": "L480800152 CSG INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47392, "text": "L480799982 VAN DER MERWE"}, {"id": 47391, "text": "L480798729 ONE AND ZERO LEARNING"}, {"id": 47390, "text": "L470802358 TENEO EDUCATION"}, {"id": 47389, "text": "L470800915 STELLIETECH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47388, "text": "L470800428 MARISTA INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 47387, "text": "L470800311 EVILJOEN CORNERSTONE ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 47386, "text": "L470799885 SMALL WORLD SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47385, "text": "L470787765 LOVE MATHS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47384, "text": "L470783921 JAK EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 47383, "text": "L470771991 WOOLHOPE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47382, "text": "L460801691 BANDLACELO TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47381, "text": "L460800974 BABYBUMS RANDBURG"}, {"id": 47380, "text": "L460800453 MMS EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 47379, "text": "L460799697 CHUCKLE TAG INVEST"}, {"id": 47378, "text": "L450802568 KOMPAS KLEUTER AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 47377, "text": "L450802089 STAP SOLDAATJIES"}, {"id": 47376, "text": "L450801891 BM ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47375, "text": "L450801578 ROOSEVELT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47374, "text": "L450800489 Ruan Viljoen"}, {"id": 47373, "text": "L450800315 FUTUREME HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 47372, "text": "L450799756 CASHBASE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47371, "text": "L450793890 TALITA KOUMI CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 47370, "text": "L440801720 WIELIE WALIE KLEUTERSKOOL EN NASORGSENTRUM"}, {"id": 47369, "text": "L440801225 ASTERI PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47368, "text": "L440799882 UNDEVELOPED GRADUATES INTO SCIENCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47367, "text": "L440797662 BARCLAY"}, {"id": 47366, "text": "L440785097 TJOKKIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 47365, "text": "L440730200 Dikeledi Nkhona"}, {"id": 47364, "text": "L430802464 SHUTTLEKIDZ CC"}, {"id": 47363, "text": "L430790511 THE BABYSITTERS"}, {"id": 47362, "text": "L420801856 THE CROSSPOINT FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 47361, "text": "L420801757 SUKELA MECHATRONIC SYSTEMS"}, {"id": 47360, "text": "L420800973 KALEIDOSCOPE EDUCATION"}, {"id": 47359, "text": "L420800734 ISIBANE TRAINING"}, {"id": 47358, "text": "L420800668 MOTHERS TAXI CENTURION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47357, "text": "L420800320 K2017419504 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 47356, "text": "L420782379 VECTOVECT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47355, "text": "L410802690 KARNALLIES SPEELSKOOL"}, {"id": 47354, "text": "L410777991 WANDERERS GYMNASTIC CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 47353, "text": "L400802437 TENERE GROUP"}, {"id": 47352, "text": "L400802197 HUGHES"}, {"id": 47351, "text": "L400801124 K2017663269"}, {"id": 47350, "text": "L400800811 BLINKOOG MONNIES NPC "}, {"id": 47349, "text": "L400799948 EDUCOR HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47348, "text": "L400799716 HENLEY NURSERY SCHOOL AND DAYCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 47347, "text": "L390802470 TLALEMOSE AND DAUGHTERS RESIDENCE"}, {"id": 47346, "text": "L390802058 MC LANTE TRADING"}, {"id": 47345, "text": "L390801860 STAR UPLIFTING CENTRE"}, {"id": 47344, "text": "L390799940 DAMELIN CORRESPONDENCE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47343, "text": "L390799742 FIRST FOR PROFESSIONALS"}, {"id": 47342, "text": "L380802696 123 KIDS"}, {"id": 47341, "text": "L380802571 BONZAI SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 47340, "text": "L380801292 MASANA LEGACY"}, {"id": 47339, "text": "L380801110 AFRICAN HEART NETWORK NPC"}, {"id": 47338, "text": "L380800716 WARD"}, {"id": 47337, "text": "L380800591 NACOMA"}, {"id": 47336, "text": "L380800351 TEMBELITSHA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47335, "text": "L380800310 AGRICONSULT AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47334, "text": "L380800179 HEALTH SYSTEMS TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 47333, "text": "L370802334 TOGETHER WE PASS PTY LTD."}, {"id": 47332, "text": "L370800841 DO IT RYT WORX PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47331, "text": "L370799944 INTEC COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47330, "text": "L370799811 X CEPTIONAL PANELBEATERS TWO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47329, "text": "L360795449 AFRICAN WOMENS MOVEMENT"}, {"id": 47328, "text": "L350801918 THEE ZEALOT GROUP"}, {"id": 47327, "text": "L350801884 GOTHAMARA CONSULTING AGENCIES CC"}, {"id": 47326, "text": "L350801546 JONGE EINSTEIN AKADEMIE TRUST"}, {"id": 47325, "text": "L350801397 Sediba Academy"}, {"id": 47324, "text": "L350800241 FX ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47323, "text": "L350799682 CHRIST GEN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47322, "text": "L340802604 SYNERGY CORPORATE CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47321, "text": "L340802398 PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 47320, "text": "L340801911 THEE ZEALOT GROUP"}, {"id": 47319, "text": "L340801838 EMERGING MINDS"}, {"id": 47318, "text": "L340801127 WEALTH CREATOR REVOLUTION"}, {"id": 47317, "text": "L340800855 GEORGE RANDELL PRIMARY SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 47316, "text": "L340794561 Stacey Joseph"}, {"id": 47315, "text": "L340789728 SEED ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47314, "text": "L340789207 BEYOND KINDERGARTEN CC"}, {"id": 47313, "text": "L330800618 HEATHERHILL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47312, "text": "L330800360 THE CULTURE LAB"}, {"id": 47311, "text": "L330800014 VEGVISIR OD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47310, "text": "L330799885 BRIGHT MEDIA GROUP"}, {"id": 47309, "text": "L330783137 TSHIRELETSO MULTI-SKILLS AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47308, "text": "L320801816 VIRLOLOGIX"}, {"id": 47307, "text": "L320801295 SHREE INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL STUDIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47306, "text": "L320801162 REITUMETSE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47305, "text": "L320801147 Irene Byleveld"}, {"id": 47304, "text": "L320800701 HOMII LIFE STYLE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47303, "text": "L320800594 AFRICA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47302, "text": "L320800271 ELDO OMNIA"}, {"id": 47301, "text": "L320799655 LITTLE FOREST ACADEMY OF LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47300, "text": "L320789292 WINNIE THE POOH CRECHE AND JUNIOR COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47299, "text": "L310801727 ILAWU TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47298, "text": "L310801503 GATEWAY CITY COLLEGE DURBAN CAMPUS"}, {"id": 47297, "text": "L310801131 THE LEARNING AVENUE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47296, "text": "L310786233 JL S TENNIS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47295, "text": "L300801026 FULIPART"}, {"id": 47294, "text": "L290802489 IN HIS FACE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL NPC"}, {"id": 47293, "text": "L290802034 ADDNUM HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47292, "text": "L290801747 BRUNO BRUNIQUEL ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 47291, "text": "L290801531 MELISIZWE SCHOOL COMPUTER PROJECT NPC"}, {"id": 47290, "text": "L290801473 THE CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOP OF BISHOPSFORD"}, {"id": 47289, "text": "L290800855 EDUTEL HIGHER EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47288, "text": "L290799958 CPT ETA SPORT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 47287, "text": "L280801715 K2017035380 SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 47286, "text": "L280801533 AKHULULWE AMANTLANE TRADING CC"}, {"id": 47285, "text": "L280801020 MAHARISHI INVINCIBILITY INSTITUTE NPC"}, {"id": 47284, "text": "L280800378 TSHIMA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PRIMARY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 47283, "text": "L280800329 GLOW EDU CENTRE"}, {"id": 47282, "text": "L280800188 MOFINE DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47281, "text": "L280799786 BARON"}, {"id": 47280, "text": "L280787435 HERONBRIDGE TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 47279, "text": "L280761919 WINE TRAINING SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 47278, "text": "L270802327 TSHOMARELO CONSULTING NPC"}, {"id": 47277, "text": "L270801386 LITONYA CAREER INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 47276, "text": "L270800552 BREWIS"}, {"id": 47275, "text": "L270800206 TUT ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47274, "text": "L260801586 Consulting Engineers South Africa NPC"}, {"id": 47273, "text": "L260801305 YOUTH LAB"}, {"id": 47272, "text": "L260801172 PRAGMATTICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47271, "text": "L250800044 ANKIEWICZ"}, {"id": 47270, "text": "L250799774 PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47269, "text": "L250799261 SUIKERBEKKIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 47268, "text": "L240801607 MTHATHA SKILLS TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47267, "text": "L240801227 BIEKIE BUDDIES"}, {"id": 47266, "text": "L240800088 QUAY GROUP"}, {"id": 47265, "text": "L240798779 EMPOWERING LEARNER TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47264, "text": "L240788523 PLANETPALS"}, {"id": 47263, "text": "L230801682 ONCODATA RX"}, {"id": 47262, "text": "L230800890 Cornelius Kiddies Company Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47261, "text": "L230800858 ABACU SILVERLAKES"}, {"id": 47260, "text": "L230780134 COSMETIC EXPORT COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 47259, "text": "L220802443 CNA NJINGA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47258, "text": "L220800421 DR JOHN LANGALIBALELE DUBE INSTITUDE FOR HUMANITARIAN AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47257, "text": "L210801819 VIRLOLOGIX"}, {"id": 47256, "text": "L210800738 Yolandi Smit"}, {"id": 47255, "text": "L210800373 TOMM TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47254, "text": "L210799955 TSHIVHAZWAULU CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47253, "text": "L210799807 SPRINGFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47252, "text": "L200801878 TINY TOTS PROPERTIES CC"}, {"id": 47251, "text": "L200800847 MAIKEMESETSO TSEBO CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47250, "text": "L200800557 SIYAKHULA BUSINESS CONSULTING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47249, "text": "L190802480 FIELDS COLLEGE AND COMMUNITY PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47248, "text": "L190801631 LITONYA INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY AND DESIGN"}, {"id": 47247, "text": "L190770646 XHOSA FUNDIS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47246, "text": "L180802060 ONNIE MEDIA"}, {"id": 47245, "text": "L180801021 Country House School Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 47244, "text": "L180800528 LIZANNE S TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47243, "text": "L180800171 HANNIEL CONTRACTORS"}, {"id": 47242, "text": "L180799886 CHRIST GEN PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47241, "text": "L180799811 TRADESTAFF TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 47240, "text": "L180793467 OWL SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47239, "text": "L170802294 JACKSTRA SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47238, "text": "L170802096 ASSET TV PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47237, "text": "L170801924 GAUTENG COMMUNITY EDUCATION AND TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47236, "text": "L170801635 LITONYA INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47235, "text": "L170800686 MAFI MATHS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47234, "text": "L170800421 NATIONAL SKILLS AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47233, "text": "L170799938 PRIMESTARS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47232, "text": "L170799680 VAN EEDEN"}, {"id": 47231, "text": "L160802718 THE TALENTHUB INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47230, "text": "L160802163 ICEMBE FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 47229, "text": "L160801140 MINI EINSTEINS EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 47228, "text": "L160800605 CRESCO PRESCHOOL AND AFTERCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47227, "text": "L160788735 LIMPOPO CHEFS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47226, "text": "L150801639 APEX HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47225, "text": "L150801134 GONE DIGITAL ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47224, "text": "L150789180 ABOVE AND BEYOND TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47223, "text": "L150787903 YOUNG HEALTH CENTRE"}, {"id": 47222, "text": "L140800915 MEMENTOS TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47221, "text": "L140800345 THEOAMO TRADING"}, {"id": 47220, "text": "L140799125 KMG KLEUTERAKADEMIE"}, {"id": 47219, "text": "L140778467 BOLD VENTURE TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47218, "text": "L130802095 ASSET TV PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47217, "text": "L130801667 TRAINING SOLUTIONS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47216, "text": "L130800818 GOLDEN RATIO COLLEGE"}, {"id": 47215, "text": "L130800396 FRESHLY GROUND INSIGHTS GLOBAL"}, {"id": 47214, "text": "L130800206 BUBBLY HIPPOS PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47213, "text": "L130799838 MODIBE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47212, "text": "L130784061 BODYTEC ROSEBANK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47211, "text": "L120802634 TRINITY LEARNING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47210, "text": "L120801891 LINKS CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47209, "text": "L120801172 GENCREW INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 47208, "text": "L120800596 LIFESTYLE MONTESSORI SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47207, "text": "L120800083 MASTER MATHS ARCADIA"}, {"id": 47206, "text": "L120797644 MODELPRESCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47205, "text": "L110800515 EDINVEST SCHOOLS EDUCATION"}, {"id": 47204, "text": "L110800069 WINE INDUSTRY NETWORK OF EXPERTISE AND TECHNOLOGY NPC"}, {"id": 47203, "text": "L100802695 CODING FOR CHILDREN"}, {"id": 47202, "text": "L100802414 VAAL M TEAM CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 47201, "text": "NL20132216 THE INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47200, "text": "L100799867 VAN DER WESTHUIZEN"}, {"id": 47199, "text": "L100799842 UNENE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47198, "text": "L100785312 LUMMINOS"}, {"id": 47197, "text": "L090802069 UNISCHOOL LICENSING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47196, "text": "L090800683 STELLEMPLOY NPC"}, {"id": 47195, "text": "L090800550 IYANA ENGLISH PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47194, "text": "L090800188 VRIENDE VAN OOSSKOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 47193, "text": "L090799927 Calling Academy Kroonstad"}, {"id": 47192, "text": "L080801436 LARDNER-BURKE"}, {"id": 47191, "text": "L080801428 SION PRIVAAT AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 47190, "text": "L080801279 MATCHPOINT INNERCITY PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 47189, "text": "L080799119 AMAZING DISCOVERIES MINISTRIES-AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 47188, "text": "L080793633 CRESCO PRESCHOOL AND AFTERCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47187, "text": "L080781455 EADVANCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47186, "text": "L070802634 GENII INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47185, "text": "L070802501 THE TRADERS HIDEOUT"}, {"id": 47184, "text": "L070801990 HENNIE EN ALETTA BK"}, {"id": 47183, "text": "L070801693 FULL CIRCLE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47182, "text": "L070801206 CENTURION DRIVING SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47181, "text": "L070800786 2 OCEANS EDUCATION OPERATIONS COMPANY NPC"}, {"id": 47180, "text": "L070800331 LAVENDER BLUE PRE SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47179, "text": "L070799814 SLEEPY HOLLOW EDUCARE"}, {"id": 47178, "text": "L070799723 THE MAHOGANY RENAL TRUST"}, {"id": 47177, "text": "L060802743 KLITSIE KAMPUS KLEUTERSKOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47176, "text": "L060801844 AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIZED TESTING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47175, "text": "L060801836 SANDTON SCHOOL OF POLICING"}, {"id": 47174, "text": "L060801703 MNISIWAMAPHEMBA COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47173, "text": "L060801612 LITTLE ANGELS MARIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47172, "text": "L060800663 LEADERSHIP TALENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47171, "text": "L060800408 HR SUPPORT SOLUTIONS NPC"}, {"id": 47170, "text": "L060800226 OUDE VRIELINK"}, {"id": 47169, "text": "L060798362 BODYTEC KYALAMI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47168, "text": "L050802422 NORTH AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47167, "text": "L050802414 PROUD KIDS ONLINE ENGLISH EDUCATION"}, {"id": 47166, "text": "L050802315 LAERSKOOL BRENTWOOD PARK"}, {"id": 47165, "text": "L050801614 LITTLE ANGELS MARIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47164, "text": "L050801218 RALLIM HOUSE"}, {"id": 47163, "text": "L050801077 WAKE UP LABOUR HIRE CC"}, {"id": 47162, "text": "L050800251 ISIBANI ENVIRONMENTAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47161, "text": "L050799776 SOUTH RAND ACADEMY OF HOSPITALITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47160, "text": "L040801682 CLYROSPARK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47159, "text": "L040800684 HILL"}, {"id": 47158, "text": "L040789747 MASHUP COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NPC"}, {"id": 47157, "text": "L030802260 THREE OAKS PRIMARY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47156, "text": "L030801908 BLANKETT TECH"}, {"id": 47155, "text": "L030801841 AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIZED TESTING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47154, "text": "L030801429 TRAINING FOR UPLIFTMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47153, "text": "L030801346 IORGANIZE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47152, "text": "L030800421 JLD INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 47151, "text": "L030800363 HONESTABE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 47150, "text": "L030800264 MATTSCAPES"}, {"id": 47149, "text": "L030799946 CLEVER KIDS HOMEWORK CENTRE"}, {"id": 47148, "text": "L020800688 HAWK EYE CONSULTING"}, {"id": 47147, "text": "L020800290 SMART E ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47146, "text": "L020800266 SOMA SCHOOL OF MAKEUP ARTISTRY"}, {"id": 47145, "text": "L020800225 GEPETTOS WORKSHOP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47144, "text": "L020800217 DETECTION HUT SPECIALIZED DOG TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47143, "text": "L010801670 CLICK N LEARN"}, {"id": 47142, "text": "L010787572 SAFELY ANCHORED AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 47141, "text": "L010778506 BAOBAB MONTESSORI CC"}, {"id": 47140, "text": "N090894850 Inkaba Human Capital Solutions"}, {"id": 47139, "text": "L89777016 Indaba Montessori Institute NPC"}, {"id": 47138, "text": "N090894849 Precision Skills Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47137, "text": "N090894848 Watson Corporate Academy Pty LTd"}, {"id": 47136, "text": "N090894847 Proexpert Training"}, {"id": 47135, "text": "L660779572 Centretech Broadcasting cc"}, {"id": 47134, "text": "N090894846 Benchmark Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47133, "text": "N090894845 Nemja Security and Projects"}, {"id": 47132, "text": "N090894844 Vukuthu Training Development"}, {"id": 47131, "text": "L820742940 First Car Care Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47130, "text": "N090894843 Intuthuko Yesizwe Community Organisation"}, {"id": 47129, "text": "N090894842 Nationwide Skills"}, {"id": 47128, "text": "L780780583 Little Pig CC"}, {"id": 47127, "text": "N090894841 Tri-Anagram Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47126, "text": "N090894840 Forward Thinking Development"}, {"id": 47125, "text": "N090894839 Shongo Enterprise CC"}, {"id": 47124, "text": "N090894838 LESEDI MOHAU DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 47123, "text": "N090894837 Zinjiva Trading"}, {"id": 47122, "text": "N090894836 Leibrandt Training Academy Cc"}, {"id": 47121, "text": "N090894835 The Skills Development Corporation Private Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47120, "text": "N090894834 Loago Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47119, "text": "L450800919 Amathuba Learning and Training Centre"}, {"id": 47118, "text": "N090894833 Yarona Business Consulting"}, {"id": 47117, "text": "N090894832 HWW Africa Region NPC"}, {"id": 47116, "text": "N090894831 Sigegede Emporium"}, {"id": 47115, "text": "N090894830 Intermasiko CC"}, {"id": 47114, "text": "N090894829 Atleha Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47113, "text": "N090894828 Virtuoso Arts Institute"}, {"id": 47112, "text": "N090894827 Poly Maths Sci Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47111, "text": "NL20132005 NASGB"}, {"id": 47110, "text": "N090894826 Grace and Gaurdian"}, {"id": 47109, "text": "N090894825 Masmab"}, {"id": 47108, "text": "N090894824 Infomage Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47107, "text": "N090894823 Uhambo Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 47106, "text": "N090894822 Tsoelopele Leadership Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47105, "text": "N090894821 Shanwes"}, {"id": 47104, "text": "N090894820 Sanda Skills Development"}, {"id": 47103, "text": "N090894819 Defanzo"}, {"id": 47102, "text": "N090894818 Rams Professional Training and Conferencing"}, {"id": 47101, "text": "N090894817 Amos Kgaphamadi Community Organisation"}, {"id": 47100, "text": "N090894816 Onye-Mon Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 47099, "text": "N090894815 Rousing Varsity College"}, {"id": 47098, "text": "N090894814 LIP Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47097, "text": "N090894813 Liberty College of Excellence"}, {"id": 47096, "text": "N090894812 Konwaba Training Institute"}, {"id": 47095, "text": "N090894811 Afrika Tikkun NPC"}, {"id": 47094, "text": "N090894810 Future Families Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47093, "text": "N090894809 Verwey s Selection and Training Services"}, {"id": 47092, "text": "N090894808 Ultimate Security and body guard training services"}, {"id": 47091, "text": "N090894807 Renata Promotions cc"}, {"id": 47090, "text": "N090894806 Luther Varsity in Southern Africa NPC"}, {"id": 47089, "text": "N090894805 OPTIMI Workplace"}, {"id": 47088, "text": "N090894804 Effective Interactions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47087, "text": "N090894803 Lewerb Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47086, "text": "N090894802 Vusheni Learning Academy"}, {"id": 47085, "text": "N090894801 Skills Development Professionals Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47084, "text": "N090894800 Sbongukhanyo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47083, "text": "N090894799 Noshtac Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 47082, "text": "N090894798 Metro Minds Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47081, "text": "N090894797 Leseding Computer Systems"}, {"id": 47080, "text": "N090894796 East London Technical t a Buffalo City TVET College"}, {"id": 47079, "text": "N090894795 Centre for Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation Pty Ltd t a CEMI"}, {"id": 47078, "text": "N090894794 CCTP Management and Consultants"}, {"id": 47077, "text": "N090894793 Indalo Cup"}, {"id": 47076, "text": "N090894792 ACTCO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47075, "text": "N090894791 Mortarboard Training Solutions"}, {"id": 47074, "text": "N090894790 Ogni Cosa Trading Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 47073, "text": "N090894789 Kairos Soar Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47072, "text": "N090894788 Inyapa Vhusiku Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 47071, "text": "N090894787 Kerdonhan Training and Development"}, {"id": 47070, "text": "N090894786 First Trust Academy"}, {"id": 47069, "text": "N090894785 Summative Training Solutions"}, {"id": 47068, "text": "N090894784 Next Level Learning Pty"}, {"id": 47067, "text": "N090894783 Logtra Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47066, "text": "N090894782 Cape Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 47065, "text": "N090894781 Barungwa Ribeth Consulting"}, {"id": 47064, "text": "N090894780 Milpark Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47063, "text": "N090894779 Tshehang Training and Development"}, {"id": 47062, "text": "N090894778 Heslop Bros Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47061, "text": "N090894777 TJH Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47060, "text": "N090894776 Semase Institute Community Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47059, "text": "N090894775 Joera Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47058, "text": "N090894774 All Risk Management"}, {"id": 47057, "text": "N090894773 Masithuthuke Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47056, "text": "N090894772 Jasintha Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47055, "text": "N090894771 Muditambi Holdings"}, {"id": 47054, "text": "N090894770 Green Tech"}, {"id": 47053, "text": "N090894769 Danearl Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47052, "text": "N090894768 Daluxolo Human Capital Development"}, {"id": 47051, "text": "N090894767 HR OPTIMIZATION"}, {"id": 47050, "text": "N090894766 ADDNUM Education Training and Development"}, {"id": 47049, "text": "N090894765 Royalty Edu-Home Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47048, "text": "N090894764 Ndimeni Construction and Maintenance cc"}, {"id": 47047, "text": "N090894763 Khanya Information and Development Consulting"}, {"id": 47046, "text": "N090894762 Global diagnostics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47045, "text": "N090894761 Dynamic ECD Institute"}, {"id": 47044, "text": "N090894760 ABCR HRD Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47043, "text": "N090894759 Seanapyane Resources Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47042, "text": "N090894758 Jackson Investment"}, {"id": 47041, "text": "N090894757 Situational Security Training Academy"}, {"id": 47040, "text": "NL20132004 MHLABA SOLUTIONS TRADING"}, {"id": 47039, "text": "N090894756 Yab Business Solution"}, {"id": 47038, "text": "N090894755 Uplift Quality Solutions"}, {"id": 47037, "text": "00000 Siphiwosethu Open Development Initiative Corporation"}, {"id": 47036, "text": "N090894754 Mbuso Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47035, "text": "N090894753 National Skills and Technical College"}, {"id": 47034, "text": "N090894752 Visionary Skill Academy"}, {"id": 47033, "text": "NL20132003 Infinitus Consulting PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47032, "text": "N090894751 St Mor Ventures"}, {"id": 47031, "text": "NL20132002 KGOTHALETSO TRAINING CONSULTING"}, {"id": 47030, "text": "NL20132001 Kananelo Training Consulting"}, {"id": 47029, "text": "N090894750 Kernel Management and Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47028, "text": "N090894749 Rhuboni"}, {"id": 47027, "text": "N090894748 Family Restoration Foundation"}, {"id": 47026, "text": "N090894747 Zanda Izifiso Ezinhle Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47025, "text": "0 Resisa Logistics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47024, "text": "NL20132000 Makarios Leadership Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47023, "text": "N090894746 Unisa CPTCET"}, {"id": 47022, "text": "N090894745 CTC College"}, {"id": 47021, "text": "N090894744 SSD Consultants"}, {"id": 47020, "text": "N090894743 Avenida Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47019, "text": "N090894742 Ebotse Development and Training Centre"}, {"id": 47018, "text": "N090894741 Glicam Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 47017, "text": "N090894740 World Pace Development and Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47016, "text": "T000000003 MANPOWER DIRECTORATE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47015, "text": "T000000004 BLESS CRECHE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 47014, "text": "T500781648 GURU GROUP OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 47013, "text": "N090894739 Sherq Global Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47012, "text": "T000000002 Institute for Commercial Forestry Research"}, {"id": 47011, "text": "N090894738 Thrive College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47010, "text": "N090894737 Mentor Me Corporate Foundation"}, {"id": 47009, "text": "N090894736 Assured Vocational Skills Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 47008, "text": "L960799148 CROSSOVER TRANSFORMATION CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47007, "text": "L960799064 LESSON DESK SYSTEMS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47006, "text": "L960798934 AUCKLAND PARK THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY NPC"}, {"id": 47005, "text": "L960798827 AUTOMOTIVE LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 47004, "text": "L960798454 BONTLE BA O NE DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 47003, "text": "L950798407 FRANKGLENT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 47002, "text": "L950771107 ISO-LAB CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 47001, "text": "L940799481 SONCOBA UMJINDI HOME BASE CARE"}, {"id": 47000, "text": "L940799101 HAGGAI TRAINING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46999, "text": "L940798376 CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 46998, "text": "L940798251 THE BUTTON FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46997, "text": "L940797949 HIGHLAND KIDS"}, {"id": 46996, "text": "L940797642 42020 Vision Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46995, "text": "L940794110 BRIGHT HOUSE DAYCARE"}, {"id": 46994, "text": "L940791769 MILLSTREAM EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46993, "text": "L940790381 PUKU CHILDRENS LITERATUREFOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46992, "text": "L930798162 TECHX COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46991, "text": "L920799188 PROVIDING SKILLS SA"}, {"id": 46990, "text": "L920799162 FAIR RIDGE PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46989, "text": "L920799063 SELEME PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46988, "text": "L920798214 META ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION NPC"}, {"id": 46987, "text": "L920798008 Atvance Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46986, "text": "L910799586 BRIGHT HORIZONS EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46985, "text": "L910798232 STEPHEN LEACOCK FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN"}, {"id": 46984, "text": "L910798216 EBN-TEC COMPLIANCE AND PERFORMANCE TRAINING SERVICES"}, {"id": 46983, "text": "L910797788 TANNAS EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 46982, "text": "L900797871 OT OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY"}, {"id": 46981, "text": "L900786429 MINDMAPS THIRTY CC"}, {"id": 46980, "text": "L900774086 VAN ROOYEN"}, {"id": 46979, "text": "L890799077 ATOM FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46978, "text": "L890799044 AKATA LEARNING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46977, "text": "L890798632 KAZ NURSERY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46976, "text": "L890798418 CENTURION SWIMMING AND AQUA CENTRE"}, {"id": 46975, "text": "L890797782 CAPITAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46974, "text": "L890783873 INDUSTRY TRAINING AND CONSULTING FOR AUTOMOTIVE BODY REPAIRERS CC"}, {"id": 46973, "text": "L880799616 REGHERMARK CORPORATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46972, "text": "L880798949 JABULA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46971, "text": "L870799634 ABASEMONTI HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 46970, "text": "L870799618 PREMIUM LEARNING INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46969, "text": "L870799022 ASEMHLE TRADING"}, {"id": 46968, "text": "L870798974 CIDA FATLHOSANG SOCIAL INVESTMENT MANAGERS"}, {"id": 46967, "text": "L870797836 GABASEGA CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 46966, "text": "L870775352 SMITH"}, {"id": 46965, "text": "L860798703 BEST INFORMATION SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 46964, "text": "L860798596 SUAN BLIGNAUT INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 46963, "text": "L850799505 MATRIC AND VARSITY STUDY CENTER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46962, "text": "L850798929 KGOPOTSO COMPUTER TRAINING"}, {"id": 46961, "text": "L850798416 CENTURION SWIMMING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46960, "text": "L850798150 THELMA RASEN SCHOOL OF FASHION DESIGNS"}, {"id": 46959, "text": "L850792948 KING"}, {"id": 46958, "text": "L840798831 MUSLIM ACADEMIC SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46957, "text": "L840798260 LEFA MINERALS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46956, "text": "L840783890 SINOMSEBENZI BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46955, "text": "L830799302 LITTLE EARTH PRE-SCHOOLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46954, "text": "L830797207 RABBEDOE OPVOEDKUNDIGE LEER EN SPEELSKOOL"}, {"id": 46953, "text": "L820799635 ROBERT SOBUKWE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46952, "text": "L820798637 THE ROCK CHURCH JOHANNESBURG NPC"}, {"id": 46951, "text": "L820797738 TEACH A MAN TO FISH UK LIMITED INCORPORATED IN UNITED KINGDOM EXTERNA"}, {"id": 46950, "text": "L810798571 INFINITY SKIES"}, {"id": 46949, "text": "L810797912 THE CORLIA ROBERTS DIAMOND AND GOLD ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46948, "text": "L810772444 BATHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46947, "text": "L800798573 ZIZI TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46946, "text": "L800798516 MINA FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46945, "text": "L800791289 KINGSLAND ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46944, "text": "L790798385 BLUE DOOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION"}, {"id": 46943, "text": "L790778536 DE GOUVEIA"}, {"id": 46942, "text": "L790769840 BURGANDY ROSE TRADING 27"}, {"id": 46941, "text": "L780799401 MARAIS"}, {"id": 46940, "text": "L780798650 VAN ROOYEN"}, {"id": 46939, "text": "L780798213 ACUDEO College Protea Glen"}, {"id": 46938, "text": "L780791499 CREATIVE NESTLINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46937, "text": "L770799213 BLUE PIN TRADING"}, {"id": 46936, "text": "L770797902 YOUTHBUILD SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 46935, "text": "L770797795 I BRIDGE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46934, "text": "L770791889 IMVULA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46933, "text": "L760798969 SAACKS"}, {"id": 46932, "text": "L760797805 MERITING YOUTH CENTRE"}, {"id": 46931, "text": "L750799647 IMPACT FAMILY CHURCH"}, {"id": 46930, "text": "L750799274 SOLID ROCK SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46929, "text": "L750798011 DANCE MOUSE BRAKPAN"}, {"id": 46928, "text": "L750797260 MOSHAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 46927, "text": "L740798956 EVELINE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46926, "text": "L740780632 PHARON 163 CC"}, {"id": 46925, "text": "L730799436 RG TRAINING AND INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 46924, "text": "L730798032 KIEPIE LAND"}, {"id": 46923, "text": "L720799404 METRO MASH SECURITY SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46922, "text": "L720794124 TOPMARKS AFTERCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46921, "text": "L720785858 BUSINESS DIRECTIVE DEVELOPMENT GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46920, "text": "L720782772 ECLASSROOM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46919, "text": "L710799612 WIEKIE MENLOPARK"}, {"id": 46918, "text": "L710798614 ESP GREENVILLE TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46917, "text": "L710798507 AVENUES INDEPENDENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46916, "text": "L710798416 WELLINKWISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46915, "text": "L710776230 DEK RESEARCH AND MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS"}, {"id": 46914, "text": "L700799622 J M R L TRADE AND PROJECTS CC"}, {"id": 46913, "text": "L700799374 LITTLE BIG MUSIC SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46912, "text": "L690798600 KONINGSKINDERS"}, {"id": 46911, "text": "L690798527 HENNING FAMILIE SKOLE"}, {"id": 46910, "text": "L690798071 MENLOPRET"}, {"id": 46909, "text": "L690790391 UKUFUNDA EDUCATION CONSULTING"}, {"id": 46908, "text": "L680798438 LOMMMTEC CONSULTANCY AND ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 46907, "text": "L680798214 ACUDEO College Kirkney"}, {"id": 46906, "text": "L680797794 New Beginning Learning and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46905, "text": "L680797604 IRENAS SWIM SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46904, "text": "L670798810 EDU FUNDA LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46903, "text": "L670798802 4CHANGE FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 46902, "text": "L670798232 SKY LINE COMBINED SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46901, "text": "L670798059 ACCOUSTICS EVENTS AND CONSULTING PROJECTS CC"}, {"id": 46900, "text": "L660798309 NASOR COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46899, "text": "L660781172 MINIMATHEGENIUS BK"}, {"id": 46898, "text": "L650799192 MOEPATHUTSI ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 46897, "text": "L650798723 RCM SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 46896, "text": "L650798319 INJEJE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46895, "text": "L650798228 THE EDUCATION SCENE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46894, "text": "L650798152 PURPLE MOSS 1382 CC"}, {"id": 46893, "text": "L640799302 LKG MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 46892, "text": "L640799062 KDBNN"}, {"id": 46891, "text": "L640798437 LOMMMTEC CONSULTANCY AND ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 46890, "text": "L640797934 STADIO CORPORATE SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46889, "text": "L640797710 CHERRY TREE MONTESSORI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46888, "text": "L640779601 CURIOUS CUBS EDUCARE CC"}, {"id": 46887, "text": "L630798579 KLOOFWATERS OUTDOOR CENTRE"}, {"id": 46886, "text": "L630798363 LINDEN LITTLE SCHOLARS ACADEMY AND BABYCARE"}, {"id": 46885, "text": "L630798215 MSBR CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46884, "text": "L630798009 DRIVE BY PERFECTION"}, {"id": 46883, "text": "L630797571 CENTER FOR AFRICA CAPACITY BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46882, "text": "L630796912 BONSAI DAY CARE AND NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46881, "text": "L630784546 IDLEADS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46880, "text": "L630762989 COETZEE"}, {"id": 46879, "text": "L620799520 NEW HAVEN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46878, "text": "L620799447 LITTLE FARMSTEAD"}, {"id": 46877, "text": "L620799355 HEZCHEM EXPERTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46876, "text": "L620799124 SIACEL"}, {"id": 46875, "text": "L620797607 COOMBESATION"}, {"id": 46874, "text": "L610799373 BLUE POINT TRAINING"}, {"id": 46873, "text": "L610798813 EDU FUNDA LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46872, "text": "L610798789 TRUE SELECT TRADE CC"}, {"id": 46871, "text": "L600793972 LOUTZAVIA RAND"}, {"id": 46870, "text": "L590799443 GWENLO TUTORING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46869, "text": "L590799161 GET ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46868, "text": "L590799096 SINGIT"}, {"id": 46867, "text": "L590797983 SAGE4U FINANCIAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 46866, "text": "L590797751 NYUKANI NEC NPC"}, {"id": 46865, "text": "L590784486 PICOMPANY SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46864, "text": "L580798082 LEXIDO TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 46863, "text": "L570799546 WITS INCUBATOR"}, {"id": 46861, "text": "L570798514 WOOSH CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46860, "text": "L570798183 BO KAROO OPLEIDING"}, {"id": 46859, "text": "L570793820 RAMAANO M PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46858, "text": "L560798524 THE PLAYSHOP EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46857, "text": "L560798292 VANDER TRAINING"}, {"id": 46856, "text": "L560798086 CHART LEARNING SOLUTIONS AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46855, "text": "L560797815 LOMMMTEC CONSULTANCY AND ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 46854, "text": "L550799201 NKA THUTO EDUPROPELLER NPO"}, {"id": 46853, "text": "L550798914 FREEDOM BURGHERS"}, {"id": 46852, "text": "L550798591 LETABA TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46851, "text": "L550797981 SIYAZENZELA HONEY AND JAM BUSINESS"}, {"id": 46850, "text": "L540798388 BAHLURILE INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 46849, "text": "L530799164 MATHMILESTONES"}, {"id": 46848, "text": "L530798562 ABACUSKIDZ"}, {"id": 46847, "text": "L530798513 ROYAL MOUNT PREP SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 46846, "text": "L520785652 ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS"}, {"id": 46845, "text": "L520767387 BIG FISH LITTLE FISH EDUCARE CC"}, {"id": 46844, "text": "L520763725 PEST CONTROL INDUSTRIES TRAINING ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 46843, "text": "L510798590 DREYER"}, {"id": 46842, "text": "L510798525 REDESIGN THINKING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46841, "text": "L510798418 FEZAMAX TRAINING SERVICES"}, {"id": 46840, "text": "L510797816 ARTS CENTRE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46839, "text": "L500798956 TLHABANE WEST PRIMARY"}, {"id": 46838, "text": "L500797768 SHANGHAI XIELIN SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46837, "text": "L490798255 INTERACTIVE COLLABORATIVE TRAINING WORX"}, {"id": 46836, "text": "L490788223 FRIEDSHELF 1616"}, {"id": 46835, "text": "L480798141 INGCEBO TRAINING EMPOWERMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 46834, "text": "L480788225 FRIEDSHELF 1616"}, {"id": 46833, "text": "L470797947 ISISEKELO KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46832, "text": "L470797798 HIGHER ED PARTNERS-SOUTH AFRICA LLC INCORPORATED IN TEXAS"}, {"id": 46831, "text": "L460799481 ROWCO 48 CC"}, {"id": 46830, "text": "L460798178 GET ME READY ECD CENTRE"}, {"id": 46829, "text": "L450798360 FINDYOFAYAH"}, {"id": 46828, "text": "L440799569 WESTON AGRI SKILLS TRAINING CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 46827, "text": "L440798538 IDLEADS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46826, "text": "L440797613 LIP HOLDING"}, {"id": 46825, "text": "L430790800 BELLEVUE PRIMARY AND HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46824, "text": "L420798805 E TOTS"}, {"id": 46823, "text": "L420798342 REVIVAL CITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46822, "text": "L410798948 VULINTSIKELELO WOMENS CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46821, "text": "L410798039 FAKUTHO TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46820, "text": "L410787958 PRECIOUS POPPETS PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 46819, "text": "L400799542 DUNDZANA TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 46818, "text": "L400799245 BRIDGES FOR MUSIC"}, {"id": 46817, "text": "L390799262 INFINITE AVIATION"}, {"id": 46816, "text": "L390798363 AGB CALL CENTRE"}, {"id": 46815, "text": "L390797993 SKYHAWK AVIATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46814, "text": "L390797720 KLEIN MAAR GETRYN KLEUTERSKOOL EN NASKOOL SENTRUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46813, "text": "L390793919 SILVIA S ARK DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46812, "text": "L380797995 LITTLE SUPERSTARS NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46811, "text": "L380797789 MARTHA BEYERS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46810, "text": "L380785719 KIDDYLICIOUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46809, "text": "L360799045 3 CIRCLE ADVISORY"}, {"id": 46808, "text": "L360798278 PROVOCO CC"}, {"id": 46807, "text": "L360798252 RAILTON FOUNDATION SWELLENDAM"}, {"id": 46806, "text": "L350799039 KLEIN WYSNEUSIE SKOOLTJIE"}, {"id": 46805, "text": "L350798221 CURIOUS CUBS EDUCARE CC"}, {"id": 46804, "text": "L350775583 DE ABREU"}, {"id": 46803, "text": "L340798844 MDC INFO TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT"}, {"id": 46802, "text": "L340798562 THE FIELD INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46801, "text": "L340797564 THE GHOOD FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 46800, "text": "L340735879 NATIONAL ELECTRONIC MEDIA INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 46799, "text": "L330799372 QUALITAS CAREER ACADEMY NEWCASTLE"}, {"id": 46798, "text": "L330799281 SELELO MEDIA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46797, "text": "L330798184 LITTLE RASCALS SHEFFIELD BEACH"}, {"id": 46796, "text": "L330793607 BEKKIGE APIES SPEELSKOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46795, "text": "L330771868 CHIRPY BABA EN KLEUTER SENTRUM CC"}, {"id": 46794, "text": "L320799093 IKHANO TRAINING"}, {"id": 46793, "text": "L320798970 ZAMOS INVESTMENT TZANEEN CC"}, {"id": 46792, "text": "L320798798 HAPPY FEET KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 46791, "text": "L320776265 INNER I CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 46790, "text": "L320762885 MIDRAND MONTESSORI PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 46789, "text": "L310799566 LETYCA"}, {"id": 46788, "text": "L310799194 TURKEYS AND EAGLES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46787, "text": "L310799103 T.D RAMPHELE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46786, "text": "L310798691 V P BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 46785, "text": "L310798345 WOMEN OF VALUE SA NPC"}, {"id": 46784, "text": "L310797636 DHARMALOGIC CC"}, {"id": 46783, "text": "L300799105 Premier Knowledge Centre"}, {"id": 46782, "text": "L300798792 MOSCHETTA"}, {"id": 46781, "text": "L300798396 HEIN GROUP"}, {"id": 46780, "text": "L300798370 EDUCATION PAYMENT SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 46779, "text": "L290799271 MADINA INSTITUTE NPC"}, {"id": 46778, "text": "L290798539 LOTUS SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 46777, "text": "L290798505 NEWCASTLE AIR"}, {"id": 46776, "text": "L290798497 NALDOBASE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46775, "text": "L290787250 B-SAFE AFRICA"}, {"id": 46774, "text": "L280784168 STONE"}, {"id": 46773, "text": "L280782923 SUPER KIDZ EQUESTRIA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46772, "text": "L280769359 DL FIRST CC"}, {"id": 46771, "text": "L270797949 BG SOUTHERN AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46770, "text": "L270797865 KALIPHA FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46769, "text": "L260799483 EMASHOMBELENI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46768, "text": "L260797909 TFT TRAINING CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 46767, "text": "L250799642 SECUTRAIN"}, {"id": 46766, "text": "L250792514 EDUPLANET"}, {"id": 46765, "text": "L240799140 Opelong Business Institute"}, {"id": 46764, "text": "L240798670 GHOEMPIE KLEUTERSORG BK"}, {"id": 46763, "text": "L240798084 THE ISCARIOTA GROUP"}, {"id": 46762, "text": "L230799555 THE PREPARATION ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46761, "text": "L230799308 PAPPILON LIFE AND BUSINESS COACHING"}, {"id": 46760, "text": "L230798839 MEDWISE SAFETY SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46759, "text": "L220799367 ROYAL SCHOOLS SKY CITY PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46758, "text": "L220799110 GEGANA COMPUTER ACADEMY AND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 46757, "text": "L220792966 GAMEDU PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46756, "text": "L210799369 AMBERFIELD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46755, "text": "L210798775 UNIFIEDTECH"}, {"id": 46754, "text": "L210798122 CHAPEL STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46753, "text": "L210764397 ROOM TO GROW BUSINESS SKILLS CC"}, {"id": 46752, "text": "L200799262 MCK TRAINING AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46751, "text": "L200798678 PI ACADEMY SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 46750, "text": "L200798223 ASTROTECH CORPORATE LEARNING"}, {"id": 46749, "text": "L190784274 MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING CENTRE SOUT H AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46748, "text": "L180799522 DOEMPELKADOEMS"}, {"id": 46747, "text": "L180799498 AMALIWANE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46746, "text": "L180798995 ENSO SCHOOL OF COOKERY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46745, "text": "L170798138 DIGITAL ANATOMY"}, {"id": 46744, "text": "L170797841 GENIUS PREMIUM TUITION"}, {"id": 46743, "text": "L160799633 ALMEGA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46742, "text": "L160798577 EMERITUS TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46741, "text": "L160798023 GIBSON"}, {"id": 46740, "text": "L160797611 GATEWAY ROADWORTHY CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46739, "text": "L150799635 ZEUS SOLAR PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46738, "text": "L150799288 ZARASPEX"}, {"id": 46737, "text": "L150798496 ESCA HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 46736, "text": "L150798371 BAZIL TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46735, "text": "L150758128 PFUNZO NDENZHE NURSING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46734, "text": "L140799166 MATHMOMS NPC"}, {"id": 46733, "text": "L140799158 JAPHBARO BUSINESS SOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46732, "text": "L140799133 TINY TUTUS PRESCHOOL BALLET"}, {"id": 46731, "text": "L140799018 INDABA MONTESSORI INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46730, "text": "L120799475 MACADAMIA SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46729, "text": "L120799152 LITTLE THINKER"}, {"id": 46728, "text": "L120799004 BYA CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 46727, "text": "L120798543 FUTURE COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 46726, "text": "L120798469 SMARTT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46725, "text": "L110799550 JACARANDA PRIVATE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46724, "text": "L110799527 LOGISTICS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46723, "text": "L110799014 DEKKER"}, {"id": 46722, "text": "L110798719 JGE FUNDING TRUST"}, {"id": 46721, "text": "L100798539 YOMELELANI PRE-SCHOOL CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 46720, "text": "L090799349 TRANQUILITY ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 46719, "text": "L090798689 GREENHOUSE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46718, "text": "L070799384 ST CHRISTOPHER S PRIVATE SCHOOL KB NPC"}, {"id": 46717, "text": "L070797966 Chezelle Sampies"}, {"id": 46716, "text": "L070794237 K2014009363 SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46715, "text": "L070784873 STEGGIES KLEUTERSKOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46714, "text": "L060798933 FRAYINTERMEDIA COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46713, "text": "L060798743 RISKHOUSE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46712, "text": "L060795913 DE JAGER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46711, "text": "L060793736 CASA BAMBINI STIMULATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 46710, "text": "L060784388 AMAZING K PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46709, "text": "L060775352 BADMAR BEWAARSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 46708, "text": "L050799180 KGOLOLO ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 46707, "text": "L050797994 VECTOVECT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46706, "text": "L050793910 THE PURPOSEFUL LEADERSHIP COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46705, "text": "L040798227 CLEARVIEW CORPORATE"}, {"id": 46704, "text": "L040796320 AGB MATHE FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 46703, "text": "L030798658 MM GRADUATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46702, "text": "L030798567 NIRVANA WELLNESS AND COACHING"}, {"id": 46701, "text": "L030798476 DBUGS"}, {"id": 46700, "text": "L020798932 RIDGEWOOD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46699, "text": "L020798775 STEADYS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46698, "text": "L020798742 ME TELECOMS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46697, "text": "L020798452 SEDCO COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS STUDIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46696, "text": "L020798213 VAN ROOYEN"}, {"id": 46695, "text": "L020788891 MANGUAWIZE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46694, "text": "L010799015 OGWINI COMPREHENSIVE"}, {"id": 46693, "text": "T930761368 Digicall Claims"}, {"id": 46692, "text": "T550792404 Nova Human Capital Solutions"}, {"id": 46691, "text": "T020778751 Digicall Assist PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46690, "text": "T510719869 Izinga Access PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46689, "text": "T250767284 Digicall Assessing Solutions"}, {"id": 46688, "text": "T180736037 digicall solutions"}, {"id": 46687, "text": "N090894735 Mafamawethu Performance Consultants"}, {"id": 46686, "text": "T000000001 Ekukhanyeni Relief Project"}, {"id": 46685, "text": "L790785275 Nova Pioneer South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46684, "text": "T690731858 Solethu Marine Services"}, {"id": 46683, "text": "N090894734 Fort Hare Trading Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46682, "text": "N090894733 Information Technology Resource Centre"}, {"id": 46681, "text": "L54760107 Nungu Trading 468 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46680, "text": "N090894732 Siyanqoba Seminars PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46679, "text": "N090894731 LTM Building Solutions"}, {"id": 46678, "text": "T910779463 Lonehill Little Learners CC"}, {"id": 46677, "text": "T330799372 Qualitas Career Academy Newcastle PTY LTD "}, {"id": 46676, "text": "T460722863 The Voice Clinic PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46675, "text": "T640800357 NRBC Training and Development PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46674, "text": "T64080035 NRBC Training and Development PIC"}, {"id": 46673, "text": "T490765379 South African First Medical Academy"}, {"id": 46672, "text": "T670798802 4 Change Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 46670, "text": "T750720809 Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy"}, {"id": 46669, "text": "N090894729 Pathways of Purpose Potential Development Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46668, "text": "N090894728 Prestige Leaders Consulting Ltd"}, {"id": 46667, "text": "N090894727 Trainers Without Borders"}, {"id": 46666, "text": "N090894726 E focus Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46665, "text": "N090894725 Helpers For Life NPC"}, {"id": 46664, "text": "N090894724 Intelligent Africa Company"}, {"id": 46663, "text": "N090894723 Pro4Kidz Academy"}, {"id": 46662, "text": "N090894722 Sibiya-Komape Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46661, "text": "N090894721 KING VILA BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 46660, "text": "N090894720 Edu Funda Learning Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46659, "text": "N090894719 BTN Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46658, "text": "N090894718 PHAMBILI KZN CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46657, "text": "N090894717 Wattville Community Learning Centre"}, {"id": 46656, "text": "N090894716 KING JAMES TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 46655, "text": "N090894715 Star Choice Trading 407 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46654, "text": "N090894714 Bosasa Youth Development Centres Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46653, "text": "N090894713 Heavenly Button Trading"}, {"id": 46652, "text": "N090894712 Cresco Consultants CC"}, {"id": 46651, "text": "N090894711 Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu"}, {"id": 46650, "text": "N090894710 MMBG Trading and Consulting"}, {"id": 46649, "text": "N090894709 Powerpro Technologies and Training Facility"}, {"id": 46648, "text": "N090894708 Shellintons Enterprise"}, {"id": 46647, "text": "N090894707 Levi Training Centre and Projects"}, {"id": 46646, "text": "N090894706 Chrysalis Academy Western Cape Trust"}, {"id": 46645, "text": "T060795913 De Jager Academy"}, {"id": 46644, "text": "T060784388 Amazing K"}, {"id": 46642, "text": "T320762885 Midrand Montessorri Pre- School"}, {"id": 46641, "text": "L020772531 National Pride 452 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46640, "text": "N090894705 Imisebeyelanga Services"}, {"id": 46639, "text": "L100794355 Invuya Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 46638, "text": "T060793736 Casa Bambini Stimulation Centre"}, {"id": 46637, "text": "T280779390 Annajtjre Smit Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 46636, "text": "T06070793736 Casa Bambini Stimulation Centre"}, {"id": 46635, "text": "NL00000897 One"}, {"id": 46633, "text": "T520785652 Economic Freedom Fighters"}, {"id": 46631, "text": "N090894704 Marble Gold 295 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46630, "text": "N090894703 College on Hills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46629, "text": "N090894702 Southern Africa Youth Academy"}, {"id": 46628, "text": "N090894701 Gauteng Sports Confederation"}, {"id": 46627, "text": "N090894700 Jacobs Well Village NPC"}, {"id": 46626, "text": "N090894699 K T Innovative Solutions"}, {"id": 46625, "text": "N090894698 Shelintons Enterprise"}, {"id": 46624, "text": "N090894697 Bear Foundation"}, {"id": 46623, "text": "N090894696 Sonti Associates Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46445, "text": "L950796369 EMINENCE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 46603, "text": "L780797421 VERITAS ACADEMICS"}, {"id": 46596, "text": "L660797335 TISH AND SHOO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46602, "text": "L770797431 MONTGOMERY AND MILLER ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46600, "text": "L760797250 MAJJ GROUP"}, {"id": 46599, "text": "L720797465 MONTESSORI SCHOOL RUIMSIG CC"}, {"id": 46439, "text": "L870796358 William Botha"}, {"id": 46598, "text": "L690797388 LEEUBERG TRUST"}, {"id": 46597, "text": "L670797234 PREMIER IT AND BUSINESS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46595, "text": "L650797311 LESHELA-NAPE SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46594, "text": "L620792566 EDUFUN SPORTZ"}, {"id": 46593, "text": "L580797373 A PLUS LEES EN WISKUNDESENTRUM"}, {"id": 46605, "text": "L850792484 DINKY DOTS"}, {"id": 46606, "text": "L860767252 INTEREXCEL DIGITAL MARKETING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46592, "text": "L510797519 BLACK RAND LEADERSHIP ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46591, "text": "L510797220 OYANA CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46590, "text": "L500797297 FULCRUM TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46589, "text": "L470797327 KWAPHENDUKA PROJECTS"}, {"id": 46588, "text": "L450797461 ELUKHANYISWENI COMMERCIALL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46587, "text": "L450797289 EQUIPOISE CONSULTING ORGANISATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS"}, {"id": 46586, "text": "L440797423 THE CEO HUB"}, {"id": 46607, "text": "L860797523 MABEL M ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46585, "text": "L360797502 TOPKIDZ NASORG AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 46584, "text": "L330787500 PETRA INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46583, "text": "L250797380 ALPHA STUDY CENTRE SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 46582, "text": "L230797245 GARYS SURF SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46581, "text": "L200797514 JOYHOUSEACADEMY"}, {"id": 46580, "text": "L200797324 GEMINI TRAINING MATERIAL"}, {"id": 46601, "text": "L760797284 ES KOALANE"}, {"id": 46579, "text": "L190797482 THE BEACHES PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46608, "text": "L890797378 BRIGHT STARS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46578, "text": "L170797346 WELANI TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46577, "text": "L130795844 AGRICULTURAL COLLEGES FOR AFRICA"}, {"id": 46576, "text": "L060797513 LONDON SCHOOL OF INVESTMENT CC"}, {"id": 46573, "text": "L950797201 AMOZAFIN"}, {"id": 46572, "text": "L940797162 TOKISO SECURITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 46571, "text": "L930796992 VECTOR COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46569, "text": "L910797119 HR XCHANGE"}, {"id": 46502, "text": "L770796862 RC EDUCATION NPC"}, {"id": 46568, "text": "L910796962 ENITIATE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46566, "text": "L890797105 THE ARMOURY STRATEGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46565, "text": "L820785709 SM DU TOIT"}, {"id": 46564, "text": "L810768855 AWONA TECHNOLOGIES CC"}, {"id": 46563, "text": "L790797213 DAYSEVEN TRAINING"}, {"id": 46609, "text": "L910797358 THE RASPBERRY ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46562, "text": "L780796977 SUE ROLLINSON TENNIS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46561, "text": "L770797027 JONOGLO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46560, "text": "L760797045 BUSH BABIES JUNIOR"}, {"id": 46559, "text": "L740785680 OTTERY SKILLS TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46558, "text": "L710797194 PFV SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46557, "text": "L710797137 JPEGDIGO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46556, "text": "L660794548 JEFA EDUCATION"}, {"id": 46555, "text": "L650779376 EXANTEN"}, {"id": 46554, "text": "L630797191 LEARNING REFINERY"}, {"id": 46553, "text": "L600797049 GLENBRACK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46552, "text": "L600795530 THE CONDUCIVE GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46551, "text": "L590796985 KADESH INTERNATIONAL NPC"}, {"id": 46548, "text": "L560794531 CURRO TENNIS"}, {"id": 46547, "text": "L560770135 GETPIX IMAGES CC"}, {"id": 46546, "text": "L540797133 BEST CHOICE TRADING AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 46545, "text": "L510797006 FUTURE DREAMS CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 46610, "text": "L940797360 KIDDIE PALACE NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46544, "text": "L490797182 SPEEL-SPEEL SLIM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46543, "text": "L490797042 GLUX MEDIA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46542, "text": "L430797219 CHARIS KIDS"}, {"id": 46541, "text": "L410797015 CHIP N DALE DAY CARE CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 46611, "text": "L950797508 CAPE ACADEMY OF GUIDING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 46540, "text": "L390796961 MONETARY CONCLUSION SERVICES"}, {"id": 46539, "text": "L380797060 EH KING"}, {"id": 46538, "text": "L340796970 PND ACADEMY OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 46536, "text": "L300796929 E Q 4 KIDS POLOKWANE"}, {"id": 46535, "text": "L220796975 FUTURE FOR AFRICAN CHILDREN"}, {"id": 46534, "text": "L170791596 BF QUALITY SOLUTIONS KEMPTON PARK"}, {"id": 46533, "text": "L120796976 SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL FOR GRADUATES CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 46532, "text": "L100797093 MSC EDUCATION HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46531, "text": "L070797131 INVICTUS EDUCATIONAL COLLEGE HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 46530, "text": "L070797123 BEACON OF HOPE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46529, "text": "L040797013 GETPIX IMAGES CC"}, {"id": 46528, "text": "L030797072 HCI SKILLS TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46516, "text": "L960796599 CLASSIC TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46515, "text": "L940773767 MARTIQ 1340 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46514, "text": "L930796570 RAINBOW CHILD PLAY CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 46513, "text": "L930796539 KLEIN WENNERTJIES"}, {"id": 46512, "text": "L890796875 B MELLON"}, {"id": 46511, "text": "L850796659 MAGICALMATHS"}, {"id": 46510, "text": "L850796519 KHULA NONKE WATER"}, {"id": 46509, "text": "L810796898 SELLO S COMPUTER INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 46508, "text": "L810796674 ABACUS MATHS KRUGERSDORP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46507, "text": "L800796627 VOETSPOORTJIES CONSTANTIA PARK CC"}, {"id": 46537, "text": "L320797188 WITZENBERG PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46506, "text": "L790789392 A BROOKS"}, {"id": 46505, "text": "L780796498 ESSENTIAL SKILLS ONLINE"}, {"id": 46504, "text": "L780794022 MYGROW"}, {"id": 46503, "text": "L780787075 T AND T ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46501, "text": "L770796508 THE CREATIVE CLASS ROOM"}, {"id": 46500, "text": "L770796482 SOUTH AFRICAN TECHNOLOGY NETWORK TRUST"}, {"id": 46612, "text": "L220743639 Progression Options PTY Ltd "}, {"id": 46499, "text": "L750796874 NATIONAL TACTICAL TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 46498, "text": "L740795325 POOH BEAR BABA EN KLEUTERSENTRUM"}, {"id": 46497, "text": "L720796749 LA VIGNE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46496, "text": "L710796527 PROJECTSCHOOLS NPC"}, {"id": 46494, "text": "L700796719 AURUM PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46493, "text": "L690796505 SAGAN LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 46492, "text": "L650796875 R HAMILTON"}, {"id": 46491, "text": "L650796768 QUEST FOR SUCCESS"}, {"id": 46490, "text": "L650791348 STARTING CHANCE TRUST"}, {"id": 46436, "text": "L850791759 KINGDOM PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46489, "text": "L650787924 MHD TRAINING AND CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46488, "text": "L610796718 SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46487, "text": "L610796486 KRUINER KLEUTERS"}, {"id": 46486, "text": "L600796637 HILL SIDE SCIENCE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46485, "text": "L580796755 BIG SKILLS ACADAMY"}, {"id": 46484, "text": "L580793448 TSHISIMANI CENTRE FOR ACTIVIST EDUCATIO N RF NPC"}, {"id": 46483, "text": "L570796914 LOVE CORNER EDUCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46482, "text": "L570788432 BUZZ DRAMA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46480, "text": "L520796642 ABACUS MATHS RUIMSIG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46479, "text": "L520796519 KHULA NONKE HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 46478, "text": "L510796750 BEDINGFIELD INVESTMENT GROUP"}, {"id": 46477, "text": "L500796729 FUNWORKS PAS CC"}, {"id": 46476, "text": "L490796671 EMPIRE RECRUITMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46475, "text": "L440796813 PB ENVIRONMENTAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46474, "text": "L430770539 WORK4YOU"}, {"id": 46473, "text": "L400796696 MAKHADO CENTRE OF LEARNING NPC "}, {"id": 46449, "text": "NL00024352 CoachCompanion South Africa"}, {"id": 46472, "text": "L380796641 ABACUS MATHS FLORIDA AND DISCOVERY"}, {"id": 46471, "text": "L380788382 KONNECT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 46470, "text": "L370796668 MPENDULO YESIZWE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46469, "text": "L310796794 LITTLE BEENS EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 46385, "text": "L140796352 Jerusha Balchand"}, {"id": 46622, "text": "NL00024525 Southern African ABET and Skills Development Agency Pty LTD"}, {"id": 46550, "text": "L590790137 THE MUSTARD SEED CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46468, "text": "L290778846 UBUHLE CARE AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46621, "text": "NL00024524 Grebino Projects and Training "}, {"id": 46467, "text": "L270793617 BEE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46517, "text": "NL00024420 Southern Corporation"}, {"id": 46495, "text": "NL00024370 Future Families Enterprise Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 46465, "text": "L240796666 MAANDA ASHU RESOURCES ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46464, "text": "L240794190 UMPHAKATHI DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 46463, "text": "L230796833 IMMACULATE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ENGINEERING"}, {"id": 46462, "text": "L230796569 PRO DRIVERS SA"}, {"id": 46453, "text": "NL00024356 Wattville Learning Centre"}, {"id": 46461, "text": "L110796648 OLIVE TREE INSTITUTE NPC"}, {"id": 46460, "text": "L090796584 FARRARMERE HOUSE NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46459, "text": "L080793112 LIVE4NOW PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46458, "text": "L040796676 PREMISERVE"}, {"id": 46457, "text": "L040796536 B CAL CLEANING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46456, "text": "L020796852 TANYA HR COACHING AND TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 46455, "text": "L020796803 DESTINY GROUP OF SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 46454, "text": "L020796084 EAST RAND ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 46446, "text": "L960796052 ELITE CRICKET ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46451, "text": "NL00024354 Invuya Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 46604, "text": "L830797322 N VAN ZYL"}, {"id": 46444, "text": "L940796123 MIDLANDS SCHOOL OF MUSIC"}, {"id": 46448, "text": "NL00024351 Kalideen Management Services"}, {"id": 46447, "text": "NL00024350 Pro 4 Kids Academy"}, {"id": 46443, "text": "L930796364 SC TRAINING COMPANY"}, {"id": 46442, "text": "L920796168 BOPANG BASADI FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 46441, "text": "L910796368 SC TRAINING COMPANY"}, {"id": 46440, "text": "L890796461 ST THOMAS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46438, "text": "L870796291 FUTURE PEOPLE"}, {"id": 46437, "text": "L860796186 HURLYVALE AFTERCARE CLUB NPC"}, {"id": 46434, "text": "L800796189 DULETATA HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 46433, "text": "L780794576 BETTY S DAY AND NIGHT CARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46432, "text": "L710796477 NOMPUMELELO INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP"}, {"id": 46430, "text": "L690796331 MARLAY INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 46376, "text": "NL00024279 Baselts Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 46429, "text": "L680796309 SIYABONA TRAINING NPC"}, {"id": 46375, "text": "NL00024278 Careerlinx Business Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46374, "text": "NL00024277 Bacdeen Training Institute Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 46428, "text": "L670796087 IBEST AFRICA ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46427, "text": "L650794961 BERCON DISTRIBUTORS"}, {"id": 46426, "text": "L630796425 BEREA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46425, "text": "L620796112 THE LEARNING SPACE"}, {"id": 46424, "text": "L620796088 EQ 4 KIDS PTA EAST"}, {"id": 46423, "text": "L610796361 HATFIELD NORTH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46421, "text": "L590796381 BAAITSE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46420, "text": "L580796474 NOAHS ARK CHRISTIAN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46419, "text": "L580796433 SALDANHA BAY BLACK BUSINESS WOMAN"}, {"id": 46418, "text": "L580796201 BOOST ACADEMY CENTRE"}, {"id": 46417, "text": "L540796416 THINKING FUTURE EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46416, "text": "L540796291 THE COTLANDS EMPOWERMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 46373, "text": "NP00024276 Broadband College of Technology"}, {"id": 46415, "text": "L530795808 NEWCASTLE PREPRIMARY AND AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 46414, "text": "L530777707 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PSYCIE PTYLTD"}, {"id": 46372, "text": "NL00024275 Greater Makgoba Economic Development"}, {"id": 46413, "text": "L490796341 HERITAGE HOUSE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46412, "text": "L490785534 DRIVEN TO SUCCEED"}, {"id": 46411, "text": "L470796154 ABRINA 4334 NPC"}, {"id": 46371, "text": "NL00024274 Jamela Resource Consulting"}, {"id": 46370, "text": "NL00024273 Msogwaba Youth Skills and Training Development Project"}, {"id": 46410, "text": "L470782451 ACS KINDER ONTWIKKELING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46408, "text": "L450796372 BONTHUIS KLEUTERSKOOL CC"}, {"id": 46407, "text": "L440796441 VALUES AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 46368, "text": "NL00016970 KZN Department of Education"}, {"id": 46406, "text": "L430796252 MUZWALI EDUCATION AND IT"}, {"id": 46405, "text": "L430796195 MAKO INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46369, "text": "NP00024272 Fasego 27 Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 46574, "text": "NP00024477 Ekhukhanyeni Relief Project"}, {"id": 46404, "text": "L420796239 SHILOAHMAX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46450, "text": "NL00024353 Imperium Staff Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46575, "text": "L020797389 AQUA ADVANTAGE"}, {"id": 46403, "text": "L420796197 OSHIKATI"}, {"id": 46402, "text": "L410796108 PRECIOUS POPPETS PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 46401, "text": "L400796217 NEWCASTLE PREPRIMARY AND AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 46400, "text": "L390778340 RM EN BC ZAMBESI HAAIE"}, {"id": 46384, "text": "L140796196 Reach Summit PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46399, "text": "L370796379 NYATHELA BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46398, "text": "L370796049 GLOBAL TEACHERS INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46397, "text": "L350796464 THE SMART CHOICE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46396, "text": "L340796202 CA INSTITUTE FOR DRAUGHTSMEN"}, {"id": 46395, "text": "L340796095 VJ MASHAMBA"}, {"id": 46394, "text": "L330796154 KLIA BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 46435, "text": "L800796403 LEARNING TREE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46393, "text": "L320790597 REGAL TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46613, "text": "L290796376 HKA Global "}, {"id": 46392, "text": "L300796374 TRAUMACALL"}, {"id": 46391, "text": "L300796325 ERIKA DAVIS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46390, "text": "L290796426 NERO TRAINING CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 46389, "text": "L270796362 AUCKLAND PARK ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 46388, "text": "L260796273 NOSHC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46387, "text": "L260796133 DURBAN NORTH COLLEGE EDUCATION TRUST"}, {"id": 46386, "text": "L170796397 LETA PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND SERVICES"}, {"id": 46383, "text": "L130796248 DARUN NAIM MONTESSORI SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46382, "text": "L090759715 ETHICS AND LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46381, "text": "L070795952 CRYSTAL PARK HIGH"}, {"id": 46380, "text": "L060782606 STIMU-ZONE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46379, "text": "L050767708 RIGAYISI DEVELOPMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 46378, "text": "L030796249 SLIM ACTIVE BROOKLYN"}, {"id": 46377, "text": "L020796068 ELITE CRICKET ACADEMY"}, {"id": 46549, "text": "L580797043 THEKWINI CITY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46481, "text": "L540787837 LIFE LAUNCH ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46521, "text": "NL00024424 Ifundi Customer Solutions"}, {"id": 46570, "text": "L930796935 CUSTOMISED TRAINING SPECIALISTS"}, {"id": 46431, "text": "L700796164 THE GUARDIAN GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46422, "text": "L590796449 LEARN TO EARN DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISE Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46522, "text": "NL00024425 SMSD Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46523, "text": "NL00024426 Institute of Sport Education"}, {"id": 46524, "text": "NL00024427 People Centered Institution"}, {"id": 46525, "text": "NL00024428 Mabaso Management and Consulting"}, {"id": 46526, "text": "NL00024429 Eyabantu Business and Skills Developoment "}, {"id": 46527, "text": "NL00024430 Academy of Basic Learning PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46567, "text": "L900796956 Bishop Evander Selowa"}, {"id": 46452, "text": "NL00024355 The League of friends of the blind LOFOB "}, {"id": 46409, "text": "L460796271 SAS ENVIRONMENTAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46619, "text": "NL00024522 Sinokuhle Konke Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 46618, "text": "NP00024521 Productivity SA"}, {"id": 46617, "text": "NL00024520 Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu "}, {"id": 46616, "text": "NP00024519 Dijama Training Academy "}, {"id": 46615, "text": "NL00024518 Vicresco Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46466, "text": "L250796721 AM DELLOW"}, {"id": 46614, "text": "NP00024517 Vezokuhle Youth Development Project "}, {"id": 46620, "text": "NL00024523 Sinokuhle Konke Square Suites "}, {"id": 46520, "text": "NL00024423 EFO College"}, {"id": 46519, "text": "NL00024422 ClimaMark Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46518, "text": "NL00024421 Jeg Security Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46367, "text": "N090894695 Tshikamotha Trading and Training"}, {"id": 46366, "text": "N090894694 Jonglad Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 46353, "text": "T000008432 Mabusha Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 46325, "text": "T000008404 SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL FOR EDUCATORS"}, {"id": 46350, "text": "T000008429 I-fundi Customer Solutions"}, {"id": 46351, "text": "T000008430 SMSD Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46352, "text": "T000008431 Institute of Sport Education and Training"}, {"id": 46282, "text": "T000008361 Boston City Campus and Business College- Orange Grove"}, {"id": 46354, "text": "T000008433 Eyabantu Business and Skills Developoment"}, {"id": 46312, "text": "T000008391 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Welkom "}, {"id": 46343, "text": "T000008422 Invuya Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 46338, "text": "T000008417 Baselts Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 46333, "text": "T000008412 Jamela Resource Consulting"}, {"id": 46355, "text": "T000008434 Academy of Basic Learning PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46356, "text": "T000008435 WORKERS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46357, "text": "T000008436 Ekukhanyeni Relief Project"}, {"id": 46358, "text": "T000008437 Vezokuhle Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 46359, "text": "T000008438 Vicresco Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46360, "text": "T000008439 Dijama Training Academy"}, {"id": 46344, "text": "T000008423 The League of friends of the blind LOFOB "}, {"id": 46365, "text": "T000008444 Regenesys Business School"}, {"id": 46364, "text": "T000008443 Southren African ABET and Skills Development Agency Pty LTD"}, {"id": 46363, "text": "T000008442 Grebino Projects and Training"}, {"id": 46362, "text": "T000008441 Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organisation"}, {"id": 46335, "text": "T000008414 Broadband College of Technology"}, {"id": 46336, "text": "T000008415 Bacdeen Montessori Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46320, "text": "T000008399 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Randburg "}, {"id": 46283, "text": "T000008362 Boston City Campus and Business College - Bellville"}, {"id": 46284, "text": "T000008363 Boston City Campus and Business College - Alberton"}, {"id": 46285, "text": "T000008364 Boston City Campus and Business College - Bedfordview"}, {"id": 46286, "text": "T000008365 Boston City Campus and Business College-Benoni"}, {"id": 46287, "text": "T000008366 Boston City Campus and Business College - Bloemfontein"}, {"id": 46288, "text": "T000008367 Boston City Campus and Business College - Braamfontein"}, {"id": 46289, "text": "T000008368 Boston City Campus Business College- Cape Town"}, {"id": 46345, "text": "T000008424 Wattville Learning Centre"}, {"id": 46339, "text": "T000008418 Pro 4 Kids Academy"}, {"id": 46290, "text": "T000008369 Boston City Campus Business College - Durban"}, {"id": 46291, "text": "T000008370 Boston City Campus and Business College- East london"}, {"id": 46292, "text": "T000008371 Boston City Campus and Business College - George"}, {"id": 46293, "text": "T000008372 Boston City Campus College PTY Ltd Newcastle "}, {"id": 46294, "text": "T000008373 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Germiston "}, {"id": 46341, "text": "T000008420 CoachCompanion South Africa"}, {"id": 46295, "text": "T000008374 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Johannesburg "}, {"id": 46296, "text": "T000008375 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Rustenburg "}, {"id": 46297, "text": "T000008376 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Somerset West "}, {"id": 46298, "text": "T000008377 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Kempton Park "}, {"id": 46299, "text": "T000008378 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Kimberley "}, {"id": 46300, "text": "T000008379 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Springs "}, {"id": 46301, "text": "T000008380 Boston City campus Business College Pty Ltd Klerksdorp "}, {"id": 46302, "text": "T000008381 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Krugerdorp "}, {"id": 46303, "text": "T000008382 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Nelspruit "}, {"id": 46304, "text": "T000008383 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Paarl "}, {"id": 46340, "text": "T000008419 THE DIFFERENCE MAKERS INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 46305, "text": "T000008384 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Polokwane"}, {"id": 46361, "text": "T000008440 Sinokuhle Konke Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 46306, "text": "T000008385 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Pietermaritzburg "}, {"id": 46307, "text": "T000008386 Boston City Campus and Business College- Pinetown"}, {"id": 46308, "text": "T000008387 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Stanger "}, {"id": 46309, "text": "T000008388 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Tzaneen "}, {"id": 46310, "text": "T000008389 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Umhlanga "}, {"id": 46337, "text": "T000008416 Careerlinx Business Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46311, "text": "T000008390 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Vereeniging "}, {"id": 46313, "text": "T000008392 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Witbank "}, {"id": 46314, "text": "T000008393 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Port Elizabeth "}, {"id": 46315, "text": "T000008394 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Port Shepstone "}, {"id": 46334, "text": "T000008413 Greater Makgoba Economic Development Agency"}, {"id": 46316, "text": "T000008395 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Potchefstroom "}, {"id": 46317, "text": "T000008396 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Pretoria Arcadia "}, {"id": 46318, "text": "T000008397 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Pretoria North "}, {"id": 46319, "text": "T000008398 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Queenstown "}, {"id": 46321, "text": "T000008400 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Richards Bay "}, {"id": 46322, "text": "T000008401 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Roodepoort "}, {"id": 46323, "text": "T000008402 Boston City Campus Business College-Ladysmith"}, {"id": 46324, "text": "T000008403 Boston City Campus Business College-Maponya Mall"}, {"id": 46326, "text": "T000008405 WYNBERG BOYS JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46327, "text": "T000008406 ROSEBANK JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46328, "text": "T000008407 Botle Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46329, "text": "T000008408 INGWE FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 46330, "text": "T000008409 Fasego 27 Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 46332, "text": "T000008411 Msogwaba Youth Skills and Training Development Project"}, {"id": 46331, "text": "T000008410 IMVANA TRAINING COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 46346, "text": "T000008425 Bendrew Trading"}, {"id": 46347, "text": "T000008426 Jeg Security Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46348, "text": "T000008427 ClimaMark Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46342, "text": "T000008421 Imperium Staff Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46349, "text": "T000008428 EFO College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46281, "text": "N090894693 Andile Nontso Foundation"}, {"id": 46280, "text": "N090894692 Botshabelo"}, {"id": 46279, "text": "N090894691 Shuter Shooter"}, {"id": 46278, "text": "N090894690 TechX"}, {"id": 46277, "text": "N090894689 Sovereign Skills Development"}, {"id": 46276, "text": "N090894688 South African Training Solutions"}, {"id": 46275, "text": "N090894687 TECHNO GIRL TRUST"}, {"id": 46274, "text": "N090894686 Lamp child care academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46273, "text": "N090894685 Supreme Chess Trust"}, {"id": 46272, "text": "N090894684 CS Interactive Training cc"}, {"id": 46271, "text": "N090894683 Zuiks Investments"}, {"id": 46270, "text": "N090894682 Sbongukhanyo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46269, "text": "N090894681 Masjadu Development agency"}, {"id": 46268, "text": "N090894680 Village Scribe Trust"}, {"id": 46267, "text": "NL0000100 Kainav Conservation Global Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46259, "text": "T000008352 Northern Cape Rural TVET College"}, {"id": 46258, "text": "T000008360 King Hintsa Fet College EC "}, {"id": 46262, "text": "T000008355 Health Science Academy"}, {"id": 46261, "text": "T000008354 Duplicate"}, {"id": 46264, "text": "T000008357 Kids Development Academy"}, {"id": 46266, "text": "T000008359 Northlink College"}, {"id": 46265, "text": "T000008358 Little Elephant Training Centre For Early Educationt a LETCEE"}, {"id": 46263, "text": "T000008356 HEART Solutions"}, {"id": 46260, "text": "T000008353 Gauteng Talent Management Solutions t a TMS Gauteng"}, {"id": 44780, "text": "NL00016367 Barnhill Primary - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 42940, "text": "T000008282 Department of Basic Education"}, {"id": 44215, "text": "NL00017178 Gae-Gae"}, {"id": 45589, "text": "NL20131990 Department of Education-FreeState"}, {"id": 45600, "text": "NP00021026 VEB Cele and Associates"}, {"id": 41550, "text": "L550746195 Boland College -Paarl Campus ,Stellenbosch Campus,Worcester Campus"}, {"id": 40890, "text": "NL00014868 Mboyi Creche"}, {"id": 45836, "text": "NL00020073 SACE"}, {"id": 46050, "text": "NL00020388 EUNICE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46051, "text": "NL00020389 LEEUTJIELAND"}, {"id": 45857, "text": "NP00020103 DPSA"}, {"id": 46052, "text": "NL00020390 ALPHA ECD"}, {"id": 40652, "text": "L760719114 FEDUSA"}, {"id": 41191, "text": "NL00015916 Bokololo Creche"}, {"id": 43027, "text": "L860764911 Gwala Training Services"}, {"id": 45832, "text": "T000008317 Matlafalangg "}, {"id": 46083, "text": "NP00020435 Ingquza Hill Municipality"}, {"id": 40344, "text": "NL00015284 WAMY"}, {"id": 45629, "text": "NP00019789 Edu College"}, {"id": 43753, "text": "NP00023787 Port Elizabeth TVET College"}, {"id": 40891, "text": "NL00014869 Siyaphambili Creche"}, {"id": 42130, "text": "T000008235 BODUBELO"}, {"id": 42135, "text": "T000008236 P C TRAINING "}, {"id": 42138, "text": "T000008237 CJC"}, {"id": 42770, "text": "T000008206 Financial Management"}, {"id": 42772, "text": "T000008207 SANCA"}, {"id": 46086, "text": "NL00020439 Mmakuba Primary School"}, {"id": 43801, "text": "T000008346 Achievers School of Business"}, {"id": 43802, "text": "T000008347 Zwelitsha Computer Centre"}, {"id": 43782, "text": "NL00021194 Mitchells Plain Educare"}, {"id": 46061, "text": "NL00020399 NEW BEGINNINGS CRECHE-FS"}, {"id": 46062, "text": "NL00020400 THEMBALETHU"}, {"id": 46063, "text": "NL00020401 WIELIE WILLIE"}, {"id": 46064, "text": "NL00020402 ANGEL HOUSE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46065, "text": "NL00020403 MOHAU CRECHE"}, {"id": 46066, "text": "NL00020404 MMAKHUTSITSENG CRECHE"}, {"id": 46067, "text": "NL00020405 HOLY FAMILY"}, {"id": 46068, "text": "NL00020406 LITTLE FLOWERS"}, {"id": 46069, "text": "NP00020407 Agency for Re-innovation and Development ARID "}, {"id": 46070, "text": "NP00020416 Mattisetso Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46071, "text": "NP00020417 Mattisetso Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46072, "text": "NP00020419 Matiisetso Training Pty Ttd"}, {"id": 46074, "text": "NL00020421 LETLOTLO DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46075, "text": "NL00020422 KHANYA CRECHE"}, {"id": 46076, "text": "NL00020423 HAPPY KIDS PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46077, "text": "NL00020424 THOKOZA DAY CARE"}, {"id": 42208, "text": "T000008255 EQINISWENI SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40284, "text": "NL00015223 Elshaddai Pre School"}, {"id": 40285, "text": "NL00015224 Lucy Mashiane"}, {"id": 44705, "text": "T000008351 Tshirologo Disability Training Services Pty LTD"}, {"id": 41521, "text": "L7820737841 CVS Corporate Colleges"}, {"id": 41528, "text": "L550746197 Boland College"}, {"id": 46078, "text": "NL00020425 BOPHELONG CRECHE-FS"}, {"id": 42970, "text": "T000008285 King Hintsa Fet College EC "}, {"id": 40942, "text": "NL00014920 THOLUMUSA"}, {"id": 42077, "text": "NL00019158 U.W.C"}, {"id": 40286, "text": "NL00015225 Nolwazi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 42078, "text": "NL00019159 CUT"}, {"id": 42079, "text": "NL00019160 T.U.T"}, {"id": 46079, "text": "NL00020426 SENTEBALE CRECHE"}, {"id": 44218, "text": "NL00017181 Maejake"}, {"id": 40889, "text": "NL00014867 Enjobeni Creche"}, {"id": 40710, "text": "T000008197 Vuselela TVET College"}, {"id": 42291, "text": "NL00018394 Refilwe Creche"}, {"id": 42293, "text": "NL00018396 Domboni"}, {"id": 40508, "text": "NL00015515 Mochacho Creche"}, {"id": 46080, "text": "NL00020427 TOKOLLO-FS"}, {"id": 44221, "text": "NL00017184 Pholoso DC"}, {"id": 40576, "text": "T000008092 Duplicate"}, {"id": 40577, "text": "T000008093 Early Learning Resource Unit ELRU "}, {"id": 40578, "text": "T000008094 EDL Foundation Educate, Develop and Learn"}, {"id": 40579, "text": "T000008095 Eduskil"}, {"id": 40580, "text": "T000008096 Elloker - Education and Training Specialist"}, {"id": 40581, "text": "T000008097 Ethekwini Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 40582, "text": "T000008098 Extra-Mural Education Project EMEP "}, {"id": 40583, "text": "T000008099 Gaborone Training Consulting cc"}, {"id": 40584, "text": "T000008100 Spears Business and Life Couch Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40585, "text": "T000008101 Health Science Academy"}, {"id": 40586, "text": "T000008102 HEART Solutions"}, {"id": 40587, "text": "T000008103 Hluvukisa Thuthukisa Trading PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40588, "text": "T000008104 Ifutho Service Providers"}, {"id": 40589, "text": "T000008105 Ikamva Labantu"}, {"id": 40590, "text": "T000008106 Ingwe Education Dictionary Project"}, {"id": 40591, "text": "T000008107 Institute of Training and Education for Capacity Building"}, {"id": 40592, "text": "T000008108 Katlehong Early Learning Resource Centre"}, {"id": 40593, "text": "T000008109 Key Spirit Trading 31 cc"}, {"id": 40594, "text": "T000008110 Kgwana Community Centre"}, {"id": 40595, "text": "T000008111 Khanyisela Training"}, {"id": 40597, "text": "T000008113 Khulakahle Resource Centre"}, {"id": 40598, "text": "T000008114 Kids Development Academy"}, {"id": 40599, "text": "T000008115 KM A Training Consultants"}, {"id": 40600, "text": "T000008116 Kusile Consulting Services"}, {"id": 42127, "text": "NL00019209 JUNGLE BOOK"}, {"id": 40602, "text": "T000008118 Little Stars Training and Model Centre"}, {"id": 40603, "text": "T000008119 Lubombo Training Academy"}, {"id": 40604, "text": "T000008120 IN TUITION"}, {"id": 40605, "text": "T000008121 Makatanes Training Consulting"}, {"id": 40606, "text": "T000008122 MENTORNET PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40607, "text": "T000008123 Mercy Montessori Africa"}, {"id": 40608, "text": "T000008124 Montessori Academy for Teacher Training"}, {"id": 40609, "text": "T000008125 Morwa Quality Assurance Consultants cc"}, {"id": 40610, "text": "T000008126 Buhlebodwa Trading Enterprise 1"}, {"id": 40611, "text": "T000008127 AMM Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 40612, "text": "T000008128 National Association For Child Minders"}, {"id": 40613, "text": "T000008129 Nelspruit Life Skills Centre"}, {"id": 40614, "text": "T000008130 New Horizon Preshool Training Resource Project"}, {"id": 40615, "text": "T000008131 Nkosinathi - Quality Assured Services"}, {"id": 40617, "text": "T000008133 Northcliff 5 Erf 975 Beleggins Pty Ltd t a Centre for Education, Dev"}, {"id": 40618, "text": "T000008134 Ntsoanstsatsi Educare Trust"}, {"id": 40619, "text": "T000008135 Nyologang Educare Training Project"}, {"id": 40620, "text": "T000008136 Operation Upgrade of South Africa"}, {"id": 40621, "text": "T000008137 Open Learning Group"}, {"id": 40622, "text": "T000008138 O . W . L Practical Educare Training Centre Kay Dee Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40623, "text": "T000008139 Paballo Lerato Training Development Agency"}, {"id": 40624, "text": "T000008140 PASCAP - Partners with after School Care Projects"}, {"id": 40626, "text": "T000008142 POTRATU - Provincial Organisation Training of the Unemployed"}, {"id": 40627, "text": "T000008143 Povey Mulven Associates"}, {"id": 40628, "text": "T000008144 Primeserv Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40629, "text": "T000008145 P T Technology Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40630, "text": "T000008146 Ralph Research Strategies t a Ralph Research and Training Development"}, {"id": 40631, "text": "T000008147 Rand Afrikaans University"}, {"id": 40632, "text": "T000008148 Roman Protection Services"}, {"id": 40633, "text": "T000008149 Sethanthane Bertha Millicah Noge"}, {"id": 40634, "text": "T000008150 Shift Training Academy STA "}, {"id": 40635, "text": "T000008151 Skillful Training Development"}, {"id": 40638, "text": "T000008154 South Cape College"}, {"id": 40639, "text": "T000008155 South African Excellence Foundation"}, {"id": 40640, "text": "T000008156 Tembaletu Community Education Centre"}, {"id": 40641, "text": "T000008157 The Association for the Education Care of Young Children"}, {"id": 40642, "text": "T000008158 Thusano"}, {"id": 40643, "text": "T000008159 Thuthukani Solutions"}, {"id": 40644, "text": "T000008160 Trainrite CC"}, {"id": 40686, "text": "T000008176 Kensani Training"}, {"id": 40693, "text": "T000008181 Mosola Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 40694, "text": "T000008182 Move-On-Up 227 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40695, "text": "T000008183 Primeserv Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40696, "text": "T000008184 duplicate to delete"}, {"id": 40697, "text": "T000008185 Wits Commercial Enterprise"}, {"id": 46081, "text": "NL00020428 WIELIE WALIE"}, {"id": 40698, "text": "T000008186 Regenesys Management Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40699, "text": "T000008187 South Cape College"}, {"id": 40701, "text": "T000008188 TRAINING DYNAMICS AFRICA"}, {"id": 40702, "text": "T000008189 TEMBALETU COMMUNITY EDUCATION"}, {"id": 40703, "text": "T000008190 Train Experience"}, {"id": 40704, "text": "T000008191 Learncorp"}, {"id": 40705, "text": "T000008192 Enigma Training And Services"}, {"id": 40706, "text": "T000008193 Trainrite cc"}, {"id": 40709, "text": "T000008196 UTI Sun Couriers Division"}, {"id": 40711, "text": "T000008198 WEST COAST COLLEGE FET"}, {"id": 40751, "text": "l650754544 Tipp Consulting"}, {"id": 40771, "text": "T000008199 Test Do not use this "}, {"id": 40772, "text": "T000008200 Carebears Day Care"}, {"id": 40773, "text": "T000008201 Bees and Butterflies"}, {"id": 40756, "text": "L060746619 Turfloop Training Services"}, {"id": 40775, "text": "NL00014751 Department of Social Services and Population Development"}, {"id": 40512, "text": "NL00015519 Molokela Creche"}, {"id": 40813, "text": "NP00014791 Pure Innovation"}, {"id": 41269, "text": "NL00015999 Utlwanang"}, {"id": 41047, "text": "NP00015752 Milzet Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46082, "text": "NL00020429 LITTLE FLOWERS CRECHE-FS"}, {"id": 40288, "text": "NL00015227 Mphahlolla Educare "}, {"id": 45604, "text": "NP00021052 Vala Nge Bhetshu Human Capital Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45606, "text": "NP00021054 Qubelisa Enterprise Empowerment and Training"}, {"id": 45710, "text": "T000008304 Avuxeni Computer Academy"}, {"id": 45718, "text": "NL00019912 NUPSAW"}, {"id": 45749, "text": "NL00019944 Little Angels Daycare"}, {"id": 45760, "text": "NL00019955 Masibambane Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45764, "text": "NL00019959 Phaphamani Pre-School"}, {"id": 46084, "text": "NP00020436 MASH COMPUTER TRAINING"}, {"id": 42485, "text": "NL00018598 Church of Crist"}, {"id": 45116, "text": "NL00016769 Maphuphe"}, {"id": 40897, "text": "NL00014875 Mthanti Creche"}, {"id": 41082, "text": "NL00015787 Liefie Lop"}, {"id": 46118, "text": "NL00020471 Mmatsheko "}, {"id": 43673, "text": "NL00018350 Hlanhlagane"}, {"id": 41546, "text": "T000008084 NQTAC"}, {"id": 41515, "text": "T000008056 NewBridge Corporate"}, {"id": 41516, "text": "T000008057 ROMAN PROTECTION SOLUTIONS cc"}, {"id": 41517, "text": "T000008058 INSTRUCTIONAL TRAINING CONCEPTS cc"}, {"id": 41518, "text": "T000008059 CARDS TOO TRAINING"}, {"id": 41519, "text": "T000008060 Khanyisela College Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 41520, "text": "T000008061 Redpeg PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41522, "text": "T000008062 THE B BUSINESS"}, {"id": 41523, "text": "T000008063 MASSIVE COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS"}, {"id": 41525, "text": "T000008065 AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41530, "text": "T000008069 Northern Cape Rural FET College"}, {"id": 41531, "text": "T000008070 Coastal KZN TVET College - Swinton Campus"}, {"id": 41536, "text": "T000008074 FARANANI FACILITATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 41537, "text": "T000008075 GEM ETDP s FIDELITY CORPORATE SERVICES,TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 41539, "text": "T000008077 GOLD FIELDS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 41540, "text": "T000008078 Goldfields TVET College"}, {"id": 41541, "text": "T000008079 Northern Cape Rural FET College"}, {"id": 41542, "text": "T000008080 Gauteng Talent Management Solutions t a TMS Gauteng"}, {"id": 41543, "text": "T000008081 Moshi Assessment College"}, {"id": 41548, "text": "T000008086 Aspiration - Consultants in HRD Process and Web Software"}, {"id": 41549, "text": "T000008087 Ba-Chiloane Childminders Pre-School Training Centre"}, {"id": 41551, "text": "T000008088 Botkago Agang Community Development Foundation"}, {"id": 41552, "text": "T000008089 Brainwave Projects 329 cc"}, {"id": 41553, "text": "T000008090 Community Education Development Trust"}, {"id": 41554, "text": "T000008091 Community and Child Development Centre"}, {"id": 40936, "text": "NL00014914 VUKAZENZELE "}, {"id": 44216, "text": "NL00017179 Gowe-Gowe"}, {"id": 41588, "text": "NP00022601 In Excess Trading 22 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41610, "text": "NP00022774 Umfolozi TVET College"}, {"id": 45795, "text": "T000008315 UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 45801, "text": "NL00020017 Thandokhulu High School"}, {"id": 41658, "text": "NP00023234 Training Force"}, {"id": 45805, "text": "NL00020021 Bulumko Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 45813, "text": "NL00020029 Eben Donges High School"}, {"id": 45815, "text": "NL00020031 Intsebenziswano Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 41903, "text": "NP00023380 Ukwakhile Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41898, "text": "NP00023294 Nosipho Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42031, "text": "T000008222 WCED"}, {"id": 42088, "text": "N000019170 ETDPSETA"}, {"id": 40575, "text": "NL00015611 Mpumalanga Department Of Education"}, {"id": 45860, "text": "T000008327 SADTU"}, {"id": 42073, "text": "T000008224 UNISA COLLE OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 40374, "text": "NL00015362 Aganang Municipality"}, {"id": 45874, "text": "T000008332 TSHWANE NORTH COLLEGE FOR FET"}, {"id": 45876, "text": "NL00020144 Wallacedene Secondary School"}, {"id": 45896, "text": "NL00020187 Windyridge Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45969, "text": "NL00020260 MPHATLALATSANE EDUCARE"}, {"id": 42094, "text": "T000008228 CORPORATE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42095, "text": "T000008229 PRO-ACTIVE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 40382, "text": "NL00015370 Ekukhayeni"}, {"id": 42106, "text": "T000008230 ROODEWAL PRIMARY SCHHOL"}, {"id": 42111, "text": "T000008231 LEGAL EAGLES"}, {"id": 42113, "text": "T000008233 ILT"}, {"id": 42114, "text": "T000008234 INKANGALA FET "}, {"id": 42294, "text": "NL00018397 Nhayiseko"}, {"id": 42148, "text": "T000008240 Letaba FET College"}, {"id": 42149, "text": "T000008241 Tshwane South College for FET"}, {"id": 40287, "text": "NL00015226 Thokozani Pe School "}, {"id": 41081, "text": "NL00015786 Herberg"}, {"id": 42193, "text": "T000008243 BHUKULANI SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42194, "text": "T000008244 MUSI COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42195, "text": "T000008245 VORENTOE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42196, "text": "T000008246 PARK TOWN GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42950, "text": "T000008283 Buffalo City College"}, {"id": 42197, "text": "T000008247 RAND GIRLS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42198, "text": "T000008248 ORLANDO HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40509, "text": "NL00015516 Re a Kgona Day Care"}, {"id": 42199, "text": "T000008249 TETELO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42201, "text": "T000008250 THABA-JABULA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42202, "text": "T000008251 MISI HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42203, "text": "T000008252 KHUTLO-THARO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42204, "text": "T000008253 TLAKULA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42206, "text": "T000008254 HOERSKOOL VORENTOE"}, {"id": 42209, "text": "T000008256 PACE COM SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42220, "text": "T000008257 INTOTO LAW SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42221, "text": "T000008258 South African National Council for the Blind"}, {"id": 42228, "text": "T000008259 THEMBEKILE TRAINING"}, {"id": 42282, "text": "T000008273 SWINTON COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42232, "text": "T000008260 dEAF Federation of Limpopo"}, {"id": 44217, "text": "NL00017180 Ntobeng"}, {"id": 42265, "text": "L920738129 Afri Training Institute"}, {"id": 42270, "text": "T000008265 UMFOLOZI COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42272, "text": "T000008266 MALUTIFET MAIN CAMPUS"}, {"id": 42274, "text": "T000008267 VAAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 42276, "text": "T000008268 AMATUBA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42226, "text": "NL00019330 BAVIKELI"}, {"id": 42278, "text": "T000008269 ELANGENI TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42279, "text": "T000008270 THEKWINIW COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42280, "text": "T000008271 BEREA TECH NICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42809, "text": "NL00019022 Fons Luwnus School"}, {"id": 42286, "text": "T000008275 Thuto Bo Tshabelo Training Academy"}, {"id": 42287, "text": "T000008276 MPOWER"}, {"id": 43366, "text": "NL00017991 Kwanda Lephepane Team"}, {"id": 43428, "text": "NL00018069 Botihale Day care"}, {"id": 43478, "text": "NL00018119 Thabong pre-school"}, {"id": 43788, "text": "NP00021200 Reho Communications"}, {"id": 43869, "text": "NL00021446 Soteria Creche"}, {"id": 43985, "text": "NL00021581 "}, {"id": 45777, "text": "NL00019972 SAADT"}, {"id": 45779, "text": "NL00019988 His Kiz Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45780, "text": "NL00019989 Green Pasture Educare"}, {"id": 45781, "text": "NL00019990 Fundisa Educare"}, {"id": 45782, "text": "NL00019991 Little Shepard Montessori"}, {"id": 45783, "text": "NL00019992 Sionsberg Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 45784, "text": "NL00019993 Money Joy Educare"}, {"id": 45785, "text": "NL00019994 Oudemaragie Jubilee Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 45789, "text": "NP00020005 Table Mount Art "}, {"id": 42452, "text": "L830755932 Business Development Centre of Excellence"}, {"id": 41142, "text": "NP00015866 Community Action"}, {"id": 41083, "text": "NP00015788 Natise Training cc"}, {"id": 40510, "text": "NL00015517 Kibi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45133, "text": "NL00016786 Malegeru"}, {"id": 45287, "text": "NL00016943 Boikhutso Creche"}, {"id": 42785, "text": "T000008208 Bazalwane Business Partners"}, {"id": 42722, "text": "T000008204 Mangosuthu Technicon"}, {"id": 40539, "text": "NL00015574 Norah s Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45513, "text": "NL00020800 Mpolokeng Creche "}, {"id": 45520, "text": "NP00020808 Agriventions Consulting"}, {"id": 45558, "text": "NP00020899 UMshwathi Municipality"}, {"id": 46085, "text": "NP00020437 Mogale Solution Providers"}, {"id": 42769, "text": "T000008205 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HIGHER LEARNING"}, {"id": 42790, "text": "T000008209 Gagle Trading Enterprises"}, {"id": 45630, "text": "NL00019790 D W Nkomo High School"}, {"id": 42463, "text": "NL00018576 Bellkids Educare"}, {"id": 45723, "text": "NL00019917 STOFFO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45853, "text": "NL00020099 KNIGHTS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 45893, "text": "NL00020184 Loaves "}, {"id": 42821, "text": "T000008210 New Horizons"}, {"id": 42822, "text": "T000008211 City Varsity"}, {"id": 42831, "text": "T000008214 MSC Business College"}, {"id": 42832, "text": "T000008215 CTU Training Solution"}, {"id": 42833, "text": "T000008216 African Union Skills Development"}, {"id": 45962, "text": "NL00020253 HOU MOED"}, {"id": 42835, "text": "T000008217 INTOTO LEGAL AND CO"}, {"id": 42840, "text": "T000008218 AQUADPAA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 42841, "text": "T000008219 QUADPARA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 46139, "text": "NL00023998 Tashon Training"}, {"id": 42854, "text": "T000008277 CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 43052, "text": "T000008291 south African National Tutor Services"}, {"id": 42894, "text": "N000019488 Social Development"}, {"id": 42913, "text": "T000008279 PC Educational Holdings"}, {"id": 42937, "text": "T000008281 Mason"}, {"id": 42971, "text": "T000008286 Lovedale TVET College"}, {"id": 41271, "text": "NL00016001 Aretusaneng"}, {"id": 43028, "text": "NL00019634 Sonstraaltjie Kleurskool"}, {"id": 43053, "text": "T000008292 Rocklands day care cetre"}, {"id": 42524, "text": "NL00018637 Mseni"}, {"id": 40824, "text": "NL00014802 Thandanani Creche"}, {"id": 43161, "text": "T000008293 Kokano Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43162, "text": "T000008294 ST DOMINIC S COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42089, "text": "T000008226 EDUTEL"}, {"id": 42525, "text": "NL00018638 Masakhane "}, {"id": 41300, "text": "NL00016090 Thubelihle "}, {"id": 43362, "text": "NP00017980 Bushbuckridge Local Municipality"}, {"id": 43368, "text": "NP00017993 Gert Sibande TVET College"}, {"id": 43361, "text": "L530735671 Omni Learning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46087, "text": "NL00020440 Kwa Mocha Primary School "}, {"id": 43737, "text": "NP00023505 kairos Training College"}, {"id": 43746, "text": "NP00023617 Youth Media Development t a Youth Media"}, {"id": 43812, "text": "NP00021389 Keybase Training Solutions"}, {"id": 46088, "text": "NL00020441 Modimokwane Primary School "}, {"id": 43937, "text": "T000008348 Gijima Holdings Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 43947, "text": "T000008349 Makhophila Training"}, {"id": 43021, "text": "T000008290 Maruleng Municipality"}, {"id": 40825, "text": "NL00014803 Okhalweni Creche"}, {"id": 46206, "text": "NL00024200 Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organisation"}, {"id": 46233, "text": "NL00024247 Tshase Education Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42633, "text": "NL00018751 Grassy Park"}, {"id": 42635, "text": "NL00018753 Matties Corner"}, {"id": 46089, "text": "NL00020442 Omphile Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 40826, "text": "NL00014804 Xolo Creche"}, {"id": 40511, "text": "NL00015518 Tlou Hlalerwa Pre-School"}, {"id": 46253, "text": "NL00024267 Certified Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46090, "text": "NL00020443 Atlegang Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44697, "text": "T000008350 Kwazulu Development Foundation"}, {"id": 42017, "text": "NL00019097 Sikelela Creche"}, {"id": 44723, "text": "L360774063 Aranda Learnership College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42745, "text": "NL00018955 Hopewell Creche"}, {"id": 46091, "text": "NL00020444 Anointed Day Care "}, {"id": 42926, "text": "NL00019524 Nkungwini Creche"}, {"id": 46092, "text": "NL00020445 Molotlegi Malebye "}, {"id": 40222, "text": "NL00015106 Libhongolethu ECD"}, {"id": 45570, "text": "T000008340 BIDVEST PAPERPLUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45619, "text": "T000008344 MANCOSA"}, {"id": 45721, "text": "T000008310 ICESA CITY CAMPUS"}, {"id": 43081, "text": "NL00019688 MASAKHANE EDUCARE "}, {"id": 45861, "text": "T000008328 SAGDA"}, {"id": 43082, "text": "NL00019689 ZIZAMELE CRECH SCHOOL "}, {"id": 42082, "text": "NL00019163 UNIVERSTY OF KWAZULU NATAL"}, {"id": 45448, "text": "T000008335 Southern Business School"}, {"id": 42083, "text": "NL00019164 V.U.T"}, {"id": 43083, "text": "NL00019690 The woman Circle"}, {"id": 45486, "text": "T000008336 Production Management Institute PMI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45465, "text": "NL00020667 Siyakhula Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45495, "text": "T000008337 Emalahleni Municipality"}, {"id": 45501, "text": "NP00020783 UWESO Consulting"}, {"id": 45548, "text": "T000008338 LIRA ELECTRICAL TRAINING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 45565, "text": "T000008339 PMDP"}, {"id": 45573, "text": "T000008341 MASTEC"}, {"id": 45585, "text": "NL20131995 Department of Education-Gauteng"}, {"id": 45569, "text": "L270773254 Legal Rock cc"}, {"id": 45592, "text": "NP00021009 NICDAM"}, {"id": 46093, "text": "NL00020446 Mmamogau Early Learning Centre "}, {"id": 45597, "text": "NP00021018 Elective Training Institute Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 45598, "text": "L810775967 Aboutlearning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45616, "text": "T000008342 White River TEchnical College"}, {"id": 45618, "text": "T000008343 AAT SA "}, {"id": 45624, "text": "T000008295 Bakgatla Ba Kgafela"}, {"id": 45627, "text": "T000008297 South African Communist Party"}, {"id": 45628, "text": "T000008298 Oos-Einde Primary School"}, {"id": 45635, "text": "T000008299 Taletso FET College"}, {"id": 45642, "text": "T000008300 RR Wright Theological Seminary"}, {"id": 44220, "text": "NL00017183 Ramphakgane"}, {"id": 45680, "text": "T000008301 TECHNIKON NORTH-WEST"}, {"id": 45708, "text": "T000008302 Nkangala FET College Central Office"}, {"id": 45709, "text": "T000008303 JOHANNESBURG SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND"}, {"id": 45711, "text": "T000008305 Computer Training Institute"}, {"id": 45712, "text": "T000008306 Warwicks Chef School"}, {"id": 45714, "text": "T000008307 Academy of Business Computer Studies"}, {"id": 45719, "text": "T000008308 Griffiths Mxenge College of Education"}, {"id": 45720, "text": "T000008309 Career Training Institute"}, {"id": 46094, "text": "NL00020447 Motswereng Early Learning Centre "}, {"id": 43084, "text": "NL00019691 EARLYBIRD DAYCARE"}, {"id": 45751, "text": "T000008311 East Cape Midlands"}, {"id": 45752, "text": "T000008312 Port Elizabeth TVET College"}, {"id": 45791, "text": "T000008313 Advanced Technology Training Institute College"}, {"id": 45794, "text": "T000008314 CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 45823, "text": "T000008316 KNOWLEDGE QUEST"}, {"id": 45825, "text": "NP00020046 Siyanqoba Seminars PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 45843, "text": "T000008319 ARISE BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 45848, "text": "T000008320 South African Institute of Ruby"}, {"id": 45850, "text": "T000008321 Glagow Metropolitan College"}, {"id": 45851, "text": "T000008322 Glasgow Metropolitan College"}, {"id": 45855, "text": "T000008324 Education Labour Relation Council"}, {"id": 45858, "text": "T000008325 Malteno Institute for Language and Literacy"}, {"id": 45859, "text": "T000008326 NATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 45845, "text": "NP00020089 Umgungundlovu FET"}, {"id": 45899, "text": "T000008333 Embury Institute for Teacher Education"}, {"id": 43085, "text": "NL00019692 SING ALONG EDUCARE"}, {"id": 46123, "text": "NL00023982 INZALO ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46175, "text": "NL00024121 Impactful Specialist Solution"}, {"id": 43086, "text": "NL00019693 RAINBOW EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 46095, "text": "NL00020448 Moretele AO"}, {"id": 43087, "text": "NL00019694 SINETHEMBA EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45854, "text": "T000008323 KNIGHTS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 40302, "text": "NL00015241 Rethusitswe Day Care"}, {"id": 43117, "text": "NL00019725 Sunset daycare Centre"}, {"id": 40513, "text": "NL00015520 B T Group of Companies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42084, "text": "NL00019165 UNIVERSTY OF VENDA"}, {"id": 40332, "text": "NL00015272 Itumeleng Day Care"}, {"id": 40883, "text": "NL00014861 Ekukhanyeni Creche"}, {"id": 42085, "text": "NL00019166 SU"}, {"id": 43118, "text": "NL00019726 GO TOGETHER EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 40253, "text": "NL00015192 goldilocks"}, {"id": 42128, "text": "NL00019210 SANDTON JUNIOR"}, {"id": 46096, "text": "NL00020449 Body of Christ Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 40884, "text": "NL00014862 Oshabeni Creche"}, {"id": 42233, "text": "NL00019344 Edupark "}, {"id": 40636, "text": "T000008152 South Cape TVET College"}, {"id": 45259, "text": "NL00016915 NORTH WEST DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 40962, "text": "NL00015641 WESTERN CAPE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT WCDE "}, {"id": 41529, "text": "T000008068 Cape Penninsula University of Technology"}, {"id": 46097, "text": "NL00020450 Amogelang Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 42234, "text": "NL00019347 LUHLAZA high school"}, {"id": 40758, "text": "NL00014710 Youth 2000"}, {"id": 40886, "text": "NL00014864 Sinenhlanhla Creche"}, {"id": 44219, "text": "NL00017182 Makgake"}, {"id": 40283, "text": "NL00015222 Rejoice Pre School"}, {"id": 40887, "text": "NL00014865 Ngcamane Creche"}, {"id": 40895, "text": "NL00014873 Zikhethele Creche"}, {"id": 42236, "text": "NL00019349 ZOLA BUSINESS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40888, "text": "NL00014866 Ziphembeleni Creche"}, {"id": 42399, "text": "NL00018502 Sizodela Creche"}, {"id": 46098, "text": "NL00020451 Thuto Lesedi Early Learning Centre "}, {"id": 40759, "text": "NL00014711 ANC"}, {"id": 40625, "text": "T000008141 Pholo a Liseema Holdings Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 40645, "text": "T000008161 Training and Development of Skills"}, {"id": 40646, "text": "T000008162 Tshwane South College for FET ECD Academy "}, {"id": 40647, "text": "T000008163 UGU EDUCATIONAL LIFE SKILLS CENTRE"}, {"id": 43148, "text": "NP00019756 Global People"}, {"id": 40649, "text": "T000008165 Veld Cooper and Associates cc"}, {"id": 40650, "text": "T000008166 Vhembe Early Childhood Development Center Sebenzisane Training"}, {"id": 40648, "text": "T000008164 Umgungundlovu Life Skills Centre"}, {"id": 40659, "text": "L700746425 UMBILO SKILLS TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 40662, "text": "T000008049 "}, {"id": 40678, "text": "T000008168 Vuselela FET Potchefstroom Campus"}, {"id": 40680, "text": "T000008170 Youth Kids South Africa YKSA "}, {"id": 40681, "text": "T000008171 Zululand Skills Training Centre"}, {"id": 40682, "text": "T000008172 South African Institute for Entrepreneurship"}, {"id": 40683, "text": "T000008173 THEMBA CONSULTANCY GENERAL TRADING"}, {"id": 40684, "text": "T000008174 COMPETENCY TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 40685, "text": "T000008175 ITO FOCUS"}, {"id": 40687, "text": "T000008177 PABALLO LERATO TRAINING DEVELOPMENT AGENCY"}, {"id": 40688, "text": "T000008178 SONANE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 40690, "text": "T000008179 VELD COOPER AND ASSOCIATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40692, "text": "T000008180 TRADING JUNCTION 9cc"}, {"id": 41510, "text": "T000008051 Prior Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41511, "text": "T000008052 KUSILE CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 41512, "text": "T000008053 IMBISA"}, {"id": 41513, "text": "T000008054 Letsatsi Human Resources "}, {"id": 41514, "text": "T000008055 RDM Associates"}, {"id": 41526, "text": "T000008066 Abeeda Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41527, "text": "T000008067 KITSO TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 41547, "text": "T000008085 African Learing and Development Academy for Adults ALDAA "}, {"id": 41597, "text": "L350785897 Gatyana Training Academy"}, {"id": 42284, "text": "T000008274 Thuto Botshabelo"}, {"id": 42830, "text": "T000008213 OPTI CALL"}, {"id": 42856, "text": "T000008278 MOTHEO FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 43787, "text": "T000008345 Enoch Mthetho High School"}, {"id": 43150, "text": "NL00019758 JULIE NAUDE"}, {"id": 45591, "text": "L850722291 Transnet School of Security"}, {"id": 45834, "text": "T000008318 PC TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 45862, "text": "T000008329 SANCO"}, {"id": 45863, "text": "T000008330 South African Brodcasting Corporation"}, {"id": 45867, "text": "T000008331 education"}, {"id": 42400, "text": "NL00018503 Godhope Creche"}, {"id": 40896, "text": "NL00014874 Ngonyameni Creche"}, {"id": 40892, "text": "NL00014870 Sizakancane Creche"}, {"id": 42401, "text": "NL00018504 Zwelisha Creche"}, {"id": 40760, "text": "NL00014712 Duplicate"}, {"id": 43206, "text": "NL00017776 Zanoxolo Creche"}, {"id": 42402, "text": "NL00018505 Mhlanganyelwa Creche"}, {"id": 42403, "text": "NL00018506 Imizamo Creche"}, {"id": 43207, "text": "NL00017777 Noncwedo Creche"}, {"id": 40893, "text": "NL00014871 Siyathuthuka Creche"}, {"id": 40851, "text": "NL00014829 Ubuhleni Creche"}, {"id": 42069, "text": "T000008223 UNISA"}, {"id": 42081, "text": "NL00019162 Vaal University of Technology"}, {"id": 46099, "text": "NL00020452 Tlamelang Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 46100, "text": "NL00020453 Boitshepo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40677, "text": "T000008167 Vulindlela Human Performamnce Technology"}, {"id": 40894, "text": "NL00014872 Qoqisizwe Creche"}, {"id": 42404, "text": "NL00018507 Nokhenke Creche"}, {"id": 46101, "text": "NL00020454 Maranatha Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 42405, "text": "NL00018508 Esigcalabeni Creche"}, {"id": 43208, "text": "NL00017778 Eyethu Creche"}, {"id": 43209, "text": "NL00017779 Nomonde"}, {"id": 46102, "text": "NL00020455 Reagola Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 46103, "text": "NL00020456 Wonder Toddlers Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 40596, "text": "T000008112 Khulisane Academy"}, {"id": 40601, "text": "T000008117 Little Elephant Training Centre For Early Educationt a LETCEE"}, {"id": 40915, "text": "NP00014893 Mbashe Municipality"}, {"id": 42634, "text": "NL00018752 Masibambane"}, {"id": 42717, "text": "T000008202 Central Johannesburg College"}, {"id": 40959, "text": "NL00015638 EASTERN CAPE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ECDoE"}, {"id": 40966, "text": "NL00015645 Northern Cape Department of Education"}, {"id": 40990, "text": "NL00015687 Western Cape Education Department"}, {"id": 40994, "text": "NP00015691 Thelin Pty ltd"}, {"id": 40960, "text": "NL00015639 GAUTENG DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION GDE"}, {"id": 40954, "text": "NL00015632 Free State Department of Education"}, {"id": 41524, "text": "T000008064 ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI"}, {"id": 41532, "text": "T000008071 Tshwane Leadership Management Academy TLMA "}, {"id": 40997, "text": "NP00015694 Department of Health"}, {"id": 41545, "text": "T000008083 The North West University Potchefstroom Campus "}, {"id": 41579, "text": "NP00022590 Mass Computer Training and Printers"}, {"id": 41585, "text": "NP00022597 Agisanang SA Training cc"}, {"id": 41655, "text": "NL00023166 Tshireletso Multi Skills and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41740, "text": "L850744071 MINERAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41774, "text": "NL00022428 Good Hope Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41873, "text": "NL00022527 Mpumelelo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42140, "text": "T000008239 South West Gauteng College"}, {"id": 42173, "text": "NL00019270 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 42174, "text": "T000008242 Mopani FET College"}, {"id": 42235, "text": "NL00019348 northpine primary school"}, {"id": 42239, "text": "NL00019352 MAKUPULA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42241, "text": "NL00019354 ID MKHIZE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42250, "text": "T000008261 University of Free State"}, {"id": 42253, "text": "NL00019367 Philani Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42263, "text": "NP00019398 Maletswai Municipality"}, {"id": 42266, "text": "T000008262 esayidi FET"}, {"id": 42267, "text": "T000008263 MAJUBA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42589, "text": "NL00018705 Tiny Bubbles"}, {"id": 42728, "text": "NL00018931 YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE"}, {"id": 42786, "text": "NP00018999 Department of Public Works"}, {"id": 42825, "text": "NL00019038 COSATU"}, {"id": 42829, "text": "NL00019042 NEHAWU"}, {"id": 42912, "text": "NP00019508 International Firearm Training Academy"}, {"id": 42972, "text": "T000008287 Ikhala Fet College"}, {"id": 43013, "text": "NP00019619 Office of the Premier"}, {"id": 43102, "text": "NL00019710 Siphamandla Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43131, "text": "NL00019739 Masikhule Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43140, "text": "NL00019748 Khulani Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43149, "text": "NP00019757 Lemark Training and Development"}, {"id": 43419, "text": "NL00018060 Drake Koka Primary School"}, {"id": 43564, "text": "NL00018217 Phaphamani Creche"}, {"id": 43792, "text": "L150718023 BLACK MANAGEMENT FORBLAUM"}, {"id": 43793, "text": "NP00021273 National Health Laboratory Service"}, {"id": 43806, "text": "NP00021299 Arcelor Mittal"}, {"id": 43807, "text": "NP00021300 BARLOWORLD EQUIPMENT"}, {"id": 43862, "text": "NL00021439 Siseko Pre-School"}, {"id": 43877, "text": "NL00021454 South African Youth Council"}, {"id": 43893, "text": "NL00021480 Nceduluntu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43924, "text": "NL00021520 Msobomvu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 44066, "text": "NP00017016 Northam Platinum Rustenburg "}, {"id": 44175, "text": "NL00017125 Capricorn College for FET"}, {"id": 44427, "text": "NP00017428 TMG Quality Services"}, {"id": 44432, "text": "NL00017435 Masifunde Educare"}, {"id": 44488, "text": "NL00017494 Sikhumbuzo Location"}, {"id": 45046, "text": "NP00016653 Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs"}, {"id": 45064, "text": "NP00016691 MTL Training and Projects cc"}, {"id": 42092, "text": "T000008227 IN-TUITION"}, {"id": 45786, "text": "NP00019995 Lesias Educational Services"}, {"id": 46104, "text": "NL00020457 Happy Todds Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 41509, "text": "T000008050 EXECUTIVE COACHING AND FACILITATION"}, {"id": 42719, "text": "T000008203 University of Pretoria"}, {"id": 46105, "text": "NL00020458 Matlapeng"}, {"id": 43210, "text": "NL00017780 Pret "}, {"id": 45311, "text": "NL00016967 SAPS"}, {"id": 45327, "text": "NL00016985 Loyiso Pre-school"}, {"id": 46106, "text": "NL00020459 Senteng Primary School"}, {"id": 45580, "text": "NL00020939 Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Decelopment APPETD ."}, {"id": 40372, "text": "L060713148 South African Police Service"}, {"id": 40538, "text": "NL00015573 Rivoningo Day Care"}, {"id": 43644, "text": "NL00018321 Lephala ELC"}, {"id": 46107, "text": "NL00020460 Keamogetswe Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 40731, "text": "NL00014653 Training Chain"}, {"id": 46108, "text": "NL00020461 Regorogile Day Care "}, {"id": 46109, "text": "NL00020462 Tlameleng Day Care "}, {"id": 43645, "text": "NL00018322 Sebera D.C.C"}, {"id": 46111, "text": "NL00020464 Thusa Sechaba Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 43008, "text": "T000008289 Info Tech Resource Centre"}, {"id": 40898, "text": "NL00014876 LUBAMBO Creche"}, {"id": 46112, "text": "NL00020465 Motshwanetsi Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 46113, "text": "NL00020466 Mphe Batho Primary School "}, {"id": 46114, "text": "NL00020467 LETSHELA KGABO DAY CARE"}, {"id": 40899, "text": "NL00014877 NYAMANE CRECHE"}, {"id": 46115, "text": "NL00020468 TLHALOGANYO PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46116, "text": "NL00020469 Ramoshie Primary School"}, {"id": 40900, "text": "NL00014878 VELAPHI CRECHE"}, {"id": 46117, "text": "NL00020470 Mahobotle Primary School "}, {"id": 40901, "text": "NL00014879 EKUJABULENI CRECHE"}, {"id": 40667, "text": "L310714284 EXCLUSIVE TRAINGING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 41716, "text": "L700785456 MINERAL MINING TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41899, "text": "NL00023295 Khoikhoi Skills Consultants"}, {"id": 45500, "text": "NL20132285 ENCONAcademy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43996, "text": "NL00021592 THE LOVE TRUST"}, {"id": 46198, "text": "NL00024144 Jale Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46191, "text": "NL00024137 Patnet Training Academy"}, {"id": 40902, "text": "NL00014880 EMTHONJENI CRECHE"}, {"id": 43674, "text": "NL00018351 Raleshoba"}, {"id": 40903, "text": "NL00014881 THEKWANE CRECHE"}, {"id": 42764, "text": "NL00018974 Qalakabusha Creche"}, {"id": 40932, "text": "NL00014910 LITTLE FAIR CRECHE"}, {"id": 40933, "text": "NL00014911 THEMBALESIZWE"}, {"id": 42906, "text": "NL00019501 Phehello Secondary"}, {"id": 46192, "text": "NL00024138 Sizanemfundo Training and Development "}, {"id": 46120, "text": "NL00023979 Effective Engineering Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40934, "text": "NL00014912 SIPHULWAZI"}, {"id": 42907, "text": "NL00019502 Maramatlou Secondary"}, {"id": 40935, "text": "NL00014913 THANDANANI"}, {"id": 45920, "text": "T000008334 Institute for the Advancement of Journalism"}, {"id": 40827, "text": "NL00014805 Ulundi Creche"}, {"id": 40183, "text": "L030727079 TERTIARY EDUCATION FUND OF SA"}, {"id": 40184, "text": "L040749303 MULTIMAC S CC"}, {"id": 40185, "text": "L150757575 CORPO SANO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40186, "text": "L180703235 INSTITUTE OF ADMINISTRATION COMMERCE OF SA "}, {"id": 40187, "text": "L180736029 CRO SECURITY CC "}, {"id": 40188, "text": "L180748206 ATHENA-INTERACTIVE TRAINING NETWORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40189, "text": "L180749709 STIMELA PUBLISHER CC"}, {"id": 40202, "text": "L170763546 SIYANDZA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 46121, "text": "NL00023980 Betanozone Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40203, "text": "L350761161 WORLD OF PLATINUM ASSOCIATIONUNDER SECTION 21 "}, {"id": 40205, "text": "L870761295 INSTITUTE OF PERFOMANCE TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40206, "text": "L920764026 AFRICAN MINERALS COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 40237, "text": "L510764469 KONDI COMPUTER TRAINING"}, {"id": 40238, "text": "L550764494 THOHOYANDOU TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 40651, "text": "L730734581 AFRICAN LEGEND INVESTMENTS LIMITED"}, {"id": 40653, "text": "L770723023 WOMEN IN DEVELOPMENT CONSOR-"}, {"id": 40654, "text": "L670737172 MEDIA ADVERTISING PUBLISHINGPRINTING PACKAGING SECTOR EDUCATION"}, {"id": 40655, "text": "L670752544 FRONTLINE BUSINESS INFORMATION SERVICES CC "}, {"id": 40656, "text": "L680706035 ELANDS NURSERY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40657, "text": "L680740240 LEARNING CHANNEL PTY LTD "}, {"id": 40658, "text": "L690748142 DUBE TRADEPORT ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED UNDER SECTION 21"}, {"id": 40660, "text": "L370708705 SASUGARASS SHUKELA TRAINING CENTRE "}, {"id": 40661, "text": "L400734630 PROACTIVE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40663, "text": "L420718597 COMMUNITY EDUCATION COMPUTER"}, {"id": 40664, "text": "L420722227 SOUL CITY"}, {"id": 40665, "text": "L450727351 FINCHLEY NURSERY CC"}, {"id": 40666, "text": "L460749601 THE NERPO FARMING ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 40668, "text": "L320712351 HUIS LODEWYK P SPIES"}, {"id": 40669, "text": "L320743794 WILBAT PROJECTS 148 PTY"}, {"id": 40670, "text": "L330728611 INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 40671, "text": "L330747041 MARGARET NICOL ASSOCIATES PTY LTD IN TUITION "}, {"id": 40672, "text": "L350753143 ATCOR PTY LTD "}, {"id": 40673, "text": "L470729 759 HIGHVELD RIDGE BISINESS DEVELOPMENTCENTRE"}, {"id": 40674, "text": "L470759087 FASTFWD RECRUITMENT AND CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40675, "text": "L480735978 LETLABILE TRAINING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40676, "text": "L730705516 GRAHAMSTOWN FOUNDATION "}, {"id": 40689, "text": "L670722323 Sunshine Centre Association"}, {"id": 40691, "text": "L030748729 Kingsbury International College SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40700, "text": "L750747232 ASINDO HR "}, {"id": 40738, "text": "L250748417 GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICES SECTORALBARGAINING COUNCIL"}, {"id": 40739, "text": "L270752530 WMR FREIGHT AUDIT AND TRAINING CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 40741, "text": "L610717334 TECHNICAL SPRING"}, {"id": 40742, "text": "L610751234 PROJECT MARITIME TECHNOLOGIES CC"}, {"id": 40743, "text": "L640729150 SANDY ROY BEAUTY THERAPY INSTITUTE PTY LTD "}, {"id": 40744, "text": "L660724768 VIRGINIA FLIGHT SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 40753, "text": "L380755837 Konani Training Development Institute PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40943, "text": "L070755618 MICROMEGA EMPOWERMENT SOLUTIONS PTYLTD"}, {"id": 40944, "text": "L110704881 CASIDRA PTY LTD "}, {"id": 40945, "text": "L110735836 TOPPRO TRAINING CC "}, {"id": 40946, "text": "L110744465 COREFACTS 1058 CC "}, {"id": 40971, "text": "L620756835 Comfort Tech"}, {"id": 41106, "text": "L080768536 EXCELGROW CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 41275, "text": "L400742781 Basetsana Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41286, "text": "L160769461 RH HILLIER AND ASSOCIATES MININGCONTRACTING CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 41287, "text": "L720762360 MSMB TRAINING"}, {"id": 41298, "text": "L820753038 Nomkhitha Gysman and Associates"}, {"id": 41321, "text": "L610760714 PILLAY S COMPUTERS AND CAREERS"}, {"id": 41496, "text": "L190702128 STELLENBOSCH ACADEMY OF DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY "}, {"id": 41593, "text": "L200788778 THABO MOHOMANE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41497, "text": "L190727059 TSHWARANANG LEGAL ADVOCAC ENTRE O END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN"}, {"id": 41498, "text": "L190738767 BC LANDSCAPE TRAINING AND CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 41499, "text": "L190750226 BALOBEDU DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 41500, "text": "L210750271 ATHOLL MUNDAY TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 41501, "text": "L220746871 INDUSTRIES EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUDE PTY LTD "}, {"id": 41502, "text": "L220749792 AIDC DEVELOPMENT CENTRE EASTERN CAPE PTY LTD "}, {"id": 41503, "text": "L930711009 PRIMESERV TRAINING PTY LTD "}, {"id": 41504, "text": "L930724713 Veld Cooper and Associates Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 41505, "text": "L560747398 KOHIN INTERNASIONALE AGENTSKAPPE ART 21 INGELYF "}, {"id": 46122, "text": "NL00023981 Siyakhula Trust ETD Institute Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 41506, "text": "L590717080 PLASTICS FEDERATION OF SA "}, {"id": 41507, "text": "L940727250 PASCAP TRUST"}, {"id": 41508, "text": "L940755293 DURBAN TECHNOLOGY HUB"}, {"id": 41535, "text": "L650729892 New Clicks SA"}, {"id": 41587, "text": "L840774030 Automotive Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41589, "text": "L230734362 SAAHST Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41592, "text": "L060788603 BOMANXELE TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 41603, "text": "L520788847 HUMODEX TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41605, "text": "L360768586 Thaleba Promotions and Events Management Services"}, {"id": 41611, "text": "L260789781 EHLANZENI ARTS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 41612, "text": "L550789665 MARIKANA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41614, "text": "L110760040 Michaelmas College PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41637, "text": "L030790663 MEDIRO TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 41638, "text": "L590790129 LAAPENG FOUNDATION PROJECT"}, {"id": 41640, "text": "L730703107 Golden Arrow Bus Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41641, "text": "L830722593 Total SA "}, {"id": 41652, "text": "L090790256 CLYROWIZ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41653, "text": "L720791393 CHABS OPERATOR ACADEMY"}, {"id": 41659, "text": "L030785176 Da Vine t a Da Vine Education and Training Institute Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 41660, "text": "L420765002 ICT International Consulting Training Worx cc"}, {"id": 41664, "text": "L410785671 KATLEHO LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41665, "text": "L010785741 SOUTH COLLECTION TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 41666, "text": "L500785821 TAG443 - THE ACADEMY OF GUILDS ASINCS21 "}, {"id": 41667, "text": "L630785766 MARANGINC"}, {"id": 41669, "text": "L140786338 MEDIA VILLAGE COMMUNICATION"}, {"id": 41670, "text": "L290786351 INFINITE DEALS 126"}, {"id": 41672, "text": "L860786708 COALITION TRADING 616 CC"}, {"id": 41677, "text": "L140776230 Bantubanye Investments cc"}, {"id": 41713, "text": "L180786172 KEEP THE DREAM 285 ASINCS21 "}, {"id": 41714, "text": "L510786959 GUQUKA MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41715, "text": "L640785756 FOUR STARS COMMUNICATION"}, {"id": 41717, "text": "L700786876 QEQESHEKA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41723, "text": "L070787439 ST THINA CLINICAL RESEARCH CENTRE"}, {"id": 41727, "text": "L190772204 Love One Another Training Centre"}, {"id": 41730, "text": "L590731289 Kempston Driver Academy"}, {"id": 41735, "text": "L180740856 Red Management Consultants"}, {"id": 41736, "text": "L180788020 LEARNDIRECT TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41737, "text": "L360757472 ON THE BALL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41738, "text": "L490754043 WORK SKILLS RESOURCES"}, {"id": 41739, "text": "L520745243 ZENZELE TRAINING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 41741, "text": "L860723016 WOODSTOCK"}, {"id": 41742, "text": "L880739158 AIDC DEVELOPMENT CENTRE PTY LTD "}, {"id": 41743, "text": "L900721301 PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE SA PTY LTD "}, {"id": 41744, "text": "L910739822 THE INNOVATION HUB MANAGEMENTCOMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41762, "text": "L030771648 Trigon Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42261, "text": "L570776205 AMJ TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 42283, "text": "L230746515 Mponagele Consultancy"}, {"id": 42629, "text": "L490723832 National School of Government NSG "}, {"id": 46180, "text": "NL00024126 Breaking Ground Learning and Development"}, {"id": 42668, "text": "L200775098 BLUE BEACON INVESTMENTS 226 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 42669, "text": "L020775351 VUKA SIZWE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 42674, "text": "L290755604 Serv Kwik Consultants"}, {"id": 42911, "text": "L740739133 Mhlontlo Municipality"}, {"id": 42914, "text": "L930750759 ABAKHOLWE COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS ABC DEVELOPERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 43189, "text": "L290772567 UMBANI TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 43190, "text": "L600706917 Bruniquel Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43231, "text": "L130706429 Wolwedans Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 43414, "text": "L600759197 BNZN Social Development and Training"}, {"id": 43484, "text": "L250751221 Dialogue Communications Training cc"}, {"id": 43485, "text": "L760753212 Lulu Gwagwa Development Consultants"}, {"id": 43486, "text": "L550773891 NIL DATA COMMUNICATIONS AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 43487, "text": "L310709599 Msunduzi Municipality"}, {"id": 43497, "text": "L310740087 Incorporated Labour Solutions"}, {"id": 43580, "text": "L820733840 Congruence Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43582, "text": "L210752863 Sims Khula Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43583, "text": "L370753875 Nimico Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43591, "text": "L790747994 ACTION TRAINING ACADEMY CC "}, {"id": 43592, "text": "L810745150 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE EDUCATION AND PROMOTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 43593, "text": "L820708644 SOUTH AFRICAN SUGAR ASSOCIATION EXPERIMENT STATION "}, {"id": 43594, "text": "L830754562 DAVEST TRADING 36CC"}, {"id": 43595, "text": "L670774159 NILACOM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 43613, "text": "L230774350 SEDA LIMPOPO JEWELLERY INCUBATOR"}, {"id": 43696, "text": "L900751571 Hydro Training Academy"}, {"id": 43742, "text": "L500792900 K2014035140 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 43743, "text": "L780791200 SIYAFUNDA COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY CENTRE"}, {"id": 43789, "text": "L750707764 Ithala Development Finance Corporatioin"}, {"id": 43803, "text": "L120739893 Centurion Academy"}, {"id": 43804, "text": "L140760366 Connect The Dots Training and Consulting cc"}, {"id": 43808, "text": "L090782451 HIDOBYTE CC"}, {"id": 43809, "text": "L140784374 GENERATIONAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 43810, "text": "L400784148 BANA BA THARI MINING TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 43879, "text": "L560733877 The Document Warehouse Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43921, "text": "L350703023 Chameleon Campus"}, {"id": 44334, "text": "L590771004 MUTENDA SECURITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 44340, "text": "L910739491 Outlearning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44568, "text": "L210768570 BARBER AND NAIL ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 44570, "text": "L420746473 Mancas Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 44575, "text": "L440748905 Training at Work"}, {"id": 44576, "text": "L190754020 Business Presentation Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44585, "text": "L150771816 Chueu Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 44586, "text": "L660749872 Umvoti Wellness"}, {"id": 44592, "text": "L120765765 Edward Mkhosi Training Institute cc"}, {"id": 44599, "text": "L810772311 WESTERN CAPE LEARNERSHIP CENTRE CLOTHING PTY LTD "}, {"id": 44710, "text": "L350776482 ETS Emergency Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 44721, "text": "L680755560 TPLR and Training Services PTY LTD"}, {"id": 44725, "text": "L590747947 Human Resource Training Centre cc"}, {"id": 45036, "text": "L560748735 Bodubelo Hospitality Services"}, {"id": 45047, "text": "L680770031 UNMOTION TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 45063, "text": "L080750484 Ndibano Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45066, "text": "L260763612 BLUEGRASS TRADING 1025 CC"}, {"id": 45067, "text": "L940770300 BELCOMEC TRAINING"}, {"id": 45396, "text": "L390736405 Execu Prime Training"}, {"id": 45397, "text": "L120710 47 A and R Engineering and Mining Suppliers Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45398, "text": "L430779506 OCCUPATION APPROPRIATE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 45420, "text": "L010765958 MSE Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45421, "text": "L310779923 BUSH TIDE RAYS TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45422, "text": "L660759053 Fraser Alexander"}, {"id": 45477, "text": "L480773441 Managing Transformation Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45478, "text": "L630753178 Mpumelelo Training"}, {"id": 45482, "text": "L550708681 Society for Family Health"}, {"id": 45489, "text": "L770780635 LSA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY WITBANK- CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45490, "text": "L830780161 PRIDE OF SUCCESS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45496, "text": "L330735624 Foschini Retail Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45499, "text": "L170780797 CREATIVITY IN PROGRESS"}, {"id": 45502, "text": "L310753910 Noxolo Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 45523, "text": "L420780944 CADICEPT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45524, "text": "L680774561 Susca Watts Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45545, "text": "L680781319 WOLFPACK INFORMATION RISK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45547, "text": "L880725538 Bayteck Training Academy"}, {"id": 45557, "text": "L410739470 Triton Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45594, "text": "L930748431 Kukhula Global Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45601, "text": "L010766824 Novel Idea Trading 17"}, {"id": 45622, "text": "L480734260 Institute of Commerce and Management SA"}, {"id": 45640, "text": "L770775957 AUTUMN SKIES TRADING 576 CC"}, {"id": 45787, "text": "L070777810 IMPUCUZEKO SKILLS AND TRAININGDEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 45788, "text": "L440777854 MEROD TRADING 122"}, {"id": 45835, "text": "L940739263 Johannesburg City Parks"}, {"id": 45849, "text": "L100772823 Elason Pro-Active Security Services"}, {"id": 45869, "text": "L780750487 Nchebeko Skills Consultancy"}, {"id": 45872, "text": "L780778215 GRIEKWASTAD CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 45873, "text": "L810778219 BREIPAAL CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 45885, "text": "L200778381 SPECTRA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45886, "text": "L280778392 LEARNFAST TRAINING SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 46073, "text": "L700711379 P L Hardware PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46140, "text": "L650795364 PROGRESSIVE TRAINING DEVELOPMENT AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 46159, "text": "L350780039 AMITEK BUSINESS COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40232, "text": "NL00015116 CDU"}, {"id": 46193, "text": "NL00024139 Park Rynie Technical College"}, {"id": 46126, "text": "NL00023985 Classic Oriental Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44103, "text": "NL00017053 Mafiri Creche"}, {"id": 40938, "text": "NL00014916 othandweni creche "}, {"id": 40939, "text": "NL00014917 MAGANDA"}, {"id": 40940, "text": "NL00014918 ISULABASHA"}, {"id": 42080, "text": "NL00019161 U.L"}, {"id": 41068, "text": "NP00015773 key Cosulting"}, {"id": 46127, "text": "NL00023986 Balefile Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46128, "text": "NL00023987 Thuto Yokuthutuka.org"}, {"id": 44184, "text": "NL00017147 Mohlakeng Creche"}, {"id": 46129, "text": "NL00023988 TsheziMiya Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 42910, "text": "NL00019505 TD Sehloho Secondary"}, {"id": 42607, "text": "NP00018723 Maiteko ELC"}, {"id": 42794, "text": "NL00019007 Lynnwood"}, {"id": 42850, "text": "NP00019427 City Electrical"}, {"id": 42851, "text": "NL00019428 Ikaha OT"}, {"id": 45778, "text": "NL00019973 SADDT"}, {"id": 44185, "text": "NL00017148 Legae la Bana"}, {"id": 40194, "text": "NL00014925 KGANYA LESEDI"}, {"id": 44186, "text": "NL00017149 Masekwaile Creche"}, {"id": 40218, "text": "NL00015102 St Matthews Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40225, "text": "NL00015109 Zixhotyeni Pre school"}, {"id": 40272, "text": "NL00015211 Progress Pre School"}, {"id": 40273, "text": "NL00015212 Lethabong Pre school"}, {"id": 44187, "text": "NL00017150 Montshosa Boshego Creche"}, {"id": 44188, "text": "NL00017151 Mabitsele Creche"}, {"id": 46130, "text": "NL00023989 Ideal Method Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 40235, "text": "NL00015119 WEST END EDUCARE"}, {"id": 40505, "text": "NL00015512 Kagiso Creche"}, {"id": 46124, "text": "NL00023983 Mosima Service Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 40219, "text": "NL00015103 Cliff Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 46125, "text": "NL00023984 The Bear Foundation"}, {"id": 46131, "text": "NL00023990 The Institute of English Language "}, {"id": 40220, "text": "NL00015104 Sizamokuhle Educare "}, {"id": 40506, "text": "NL00015513 Turfloop Pre-School"}, {"id": 46157, "text": "NL00024040 A2S Trading"}, {"id": 40221, "text": "NL00015105 Ethembeni Educare"}, {"id": 40191, "text": "NL00014922 JOY CRECHE"}, {"id": 40192, "text": "NL00014923 KHULAKAHLE CRECHE"}, {"id": 40265, "text": "NL00015204 Siyathela Pre School"}, {"id": 40193, "text": "NL00014924 VUKANI MANGWE"}, {"id": 40217, "text": "NL00015101 Maxhengo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 46158, "text": "NL00024041 A2S Traiding"}, {"id": 40190, "text": "NL00014921 INHLAKANIPHO"}, {"id": 40195, "text": "NL00014926 Sekusile Creche in Dundee"}, {"id": 40196, "text": "NL00014927 Thuthukani Creche in Lady Smith"}, {"id": 40197, "text": "NL00014928 khulani creche in osizweni"}, {"id": 40198, "text": "NL00014929 ntuthuko creche in danhauser"}, {"id": 40199, "text": "NL00014930 NTUTHUKO CRECHE IN DAN HAUSER"}, {"id": 40200, "text": "NL00014931 Zizameleni Soko Primary school"}, {"id": 40201, "text": "NL00014932 Buhlebuyeta DCC"}, {"id": 40208, "text": "NL00015092 Nomzamo Education Centre"}, {"id": 40209, "text": "NL00015093 Zanokhanyo Pre school"}, {"id": 40210, "text": "NL00015094 Bethel Day Care "}, {"id": 40211, "text": "NL00015095 Kubusie ECD"}, {"id": 40212, "text": "NL00015096 Noncedo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40213, "text": "NL00015097 Khulakahle Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40214, "text": "NL00015098 Unathi Educare"}, {"id": 40215, "text": "NL00015099 Red Hill ECD"}, {"id": 40216, "text": "NL00015100 Ndevana Catholic Day Care"}, {"id": 40223, "text": "NL00015107 Masizole Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40226, "text": "NL00015110 Masibonisane ECD"}, {"id": 40227, "text": "NL00015111 Hlongwa CBO Network"}, {"id": 40228, "text": "NL00015112 KwaNodumo Co operation"}, {"id": 40229, "text": "NL00015113 Home from home"}, {"id": 40230, "text": "NL00015114 PEELC"}, {"id": 40231, "text": "NL00015115 MARGO PRE SCHOOL "}, {"id": 40233, "text": "NL00015117 BUILD A BETTER SOCIETY EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 40234, "text": "NL00015118 TRIOMF PRIMARY"}, {"id": 40236, "text": "NL00015120 ABRAHAM LEVY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40239, "text": "NL00015166 SIPHUCULE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 40240, "text": "NL00015167 sizamele educare centre"}, {"id": 40241, "text": "NL00015168 dorah moses pre-school"}, {"id": 40242, "text": "NL00015169 siyazama pre-school"}, {"id": 40243, "text": "NL00015170 SHAW HALL DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 40244, "text": "NL00015171 ZUNEY PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40245, "text": "NL00015172 CM VELLEM PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40247, "text": "NL00015186 ST JOSEPH S RC PRIMARY"}, {"id": 40248, "text": "NL00015187 LUKHANYO PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40249, "text": "NL00015188 RAGLAN ROAD MPCC"}, {"id": 40250, "text": "NL00015189 ST ANDREWS PREPARATORY"}, {"id": 40251, "text": "NL00015190 AMANDLA PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 40252, "text": "NL00015191 Masivuke day care centre"}, {"id": 40254, "text": "NL00015193 kidio preparatory school"}, {"id": 40255, "text": "NL00015194 Khanyisa CEDS"}, {"id": 40256, "text": "NL00015195 my playschool"}, {"id": 40257, "text": "NL00015196 balfour primary school"}, {"id": 40258, "text": "NL00015197 little red dragon"}, {"id": 40259, "text": "NL00015198 kuyasa special school"}, {"id": 40260, "text": "NL00015199 kwandwe pre-school "}, {"id": 40261, "text": "NL00015200 oatlands preparotory school in grahamstown"}, {"id": 40262, "text": "NL00015201 st joseph rc primary "}, {"id": 40263, "text": "NL00015202 Ngwezani Pre School"}, {"id": 40264, "text": "NL00015203 Love Daily"}, {"id": 40266, "text": "NL00015205 Itumeleng Day Care"}, {"id": 40267, "text": "NL00015206 United Methodist"}, {"id": 40268, "text": "NL00015207 Sinethemba ECDC"}, {"id": 40269, "text": "NL00015208 Sakhile F P School "}, {"id": 40270, "text": "NL00015209 Progress Day Care"}, {"id": 40271, "text": "NL00015210 Echolwakhwezi pre school"}, {"id": 40274, "text": "NL00015213 Thaong Day Care "}, {"id": 40275, "text": "NL00015214 Shalom Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 40276, "text": "NL00015215 Tholulwazi Pre School"}, {"id": 40277, "text": "NL00015216 Khonzifundo School"}, {"id": 40278, "text": "NL00015217 Bambanani Creche"}, {"id": 40279, "text": "NL00015218 Vezubuhle Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40280, "text": "NL00015219 Zithabiseni creche"}, {"id": 40281, "text": "NL00015220 Vulamehlo day care "}, {"id": 40282, "text": "NL00015221 Hlagisatsebo Pre School"}, {"id": 40507, "text": "NL00015514 Mamela Pre-School"}, {"id": 40289, "text": "NL00015228 Thembalesitshaa Pre School"}, {"id": 40290, "text": "NL00015229 Emthonjeni Pre School"}, {"id": 40291, "text": "NL00015230 Boitumelo E L C "}, {"id": 40292, "text": "NL00015231 Hlagisatsibo Pre school"}, {"id": 40293, "text": "NL00015232 Khayalabo Pre School "}, {"id": 40294, "text": "NL00015233 Little Angels Pre School"}, {"id": 40295, "text": "NL00015234 Thembifundo Day Care "}, {"id": 40296, "text": "NL00015235 Sithabesonke Creche"}, {"id": 40297, "text": "NL00015236 Thandulwzi Day Care "}, {"id": 40298, "text": "NL00015237 Mgwezani Pre School"}, {"id": 40299, "text": "NL00015238 Reatlegile Primary"}, {"id": 40305, "text": "NL00015244 Try Again Heroes Of Lesedi"}, {"id": 40306, "text": "NL00015245 Mbalenhle Pre School"}, {"id": 40307, "text": "NL00015247 Department of Education KZN "}, {"id": 40308, "text": "NL00015248 Progress Pre-School"}, {"id": 40309, "text": "NL00015249 Lethabong Pre-School"}, {"id": 40310, "text": "NL00015250 Thabong Day Care"}, {"id": 40311, "text": "NL00015251 Siyathela Pre-School"}, {"id": 40312, "text": "NL00015252 Tholulwazi Pre-School"}, {"id": 40313, "text": "NL00015253 Khunzifundo Pre-School"}, {"id": 40314, "text": "NL00015254 Hlagisatsebo Pre-School "}, {"id": 40315, "text": "NL00015255 Elshaddai Pre-School"}, {"id": 40316, "text": "NL00015256 Lucy Mashiane Pre-School"}, {"id": 40317, "text": "NL00015257 Thokozani Pre-School"}, {"id": 40318, "text": "NL00015258 Thembalesitshaba Pre-School"}, {"id": 40319, "text": "NL00015259 Emthonjeni Pre-School"}, {"id": 40320, "text": "NL00015260 Boitumelo E.L.C"}, {"id": 40321, "text": "NL00015261 Khayalabo Pre-School"}, {"id": 40322, "text": "NL00015262 Little Angels Pre-School"}, {"id": 40323, "text": "NL00015263 Mgwezani Pre-School"}, {"id": 40324, "text": "NL00015264 Reatlegile Primary School"}, {"id": 40325, "text": "NL00015265 Rejoice Pre-School"}, {"id": 40326, "text": "NL00015266 Echolwakhwezi Pre-School"}, {"id": 40327, "text": "NL00015267 Sinethemba Pre-School"}, {"id": 40328, "text": "NL00015268 Icholwakhwezi Pre-School"}, {"id": 40329, "text": "NL00015269 Uprising Pre-School"}, {"id": 40330, "text": "NL00015270 Leratong Pre-School"}, {"id": 40331, "text": "NL00015271 Nkuleko Creche"}, {"id": 40333, "text": "NL00015273 Itumeleng Day Care Creche"}, {"id": 40334, "text": "NP00015274 STRICTLYMEERKAT INVESTMENTS AND CONSULTING Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40336, "text": "NP00015276 Lonmin Platinum"}, {"id": 40337, "text": "NP00015277 Royal Bafokeng Administration"}, {"id": 40338, "text": "NL00015278 Prolad Training Development"}, {"id": 40339, "text": "NL00015279 Siyasiza Afrika Foundation"}, {"id": 40340, "text": "NP00015280 Unicorn Shipping"}, {"id": 40341, "text": "NP00015281 Mvelo Consultant"}, {"id": 40342, "text": "NP00015282 KwaZulu Natal Tourism Training Centre"}, {"id": 40343, "text": "NP00015283 Global Learning Services"}, {"id": 40345, "text": "NP00015285 Synovate Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40346, "text": "NP00015286 Siyathuthuka Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40347, "text": "NL00015287 V H Consulting"}, {"id": 40348, "text": "NP00015291 TL Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40349, "text": "NL00015301 Xihlenge Finishing School"}, {"id": 40350, "text": "NL00015305 Masivekelo Training and Technologies Services"}, {"id": 40351, "text": "NL00015308 Melville Pre-primary"}, {"id": 40352, "text": "NL00015309 Katrynjie Creche"}, {"id": 40353, "text": "NL00015310 Kidz Childcare Solutions cc"}, {"id": 40354, "text": "NL00015311 Sheliaghs place"}, {"id": 40355, "text": "NL00015312 Thuthukani Tswelopele Primary"}, {"id": 40356, "text": "NL00015313 Rivers of Life Creche"}, {"id": 40357, "text": "NL00015334 Mthimkhulu Training and Development Institute"}, {"id": 40358, "text": "NL00015335 South African Youth Ministries Programme"}, {"id": 44189, "text": "NL00017152 Ntobeng Pre School"}, {"id": 40360, "text": "NL00015337 Vukuzithathe Community Health Welfare Development Organisation"}, {"id": 40361, "text": "NP00015338 Bongani Primary School"}, {"id": 40362, "text": "NP00015339 Bulcades Primary School"}, {"id": 40363, "text": "NP00015340 Child Welfare SA"}, {"id": 40364, "text": "NP00015341 Siyancuma Municipality"}, {"id": 40365, "text": "NL00015342 Vaaloranje Primary School"}, {"id": 40366, "text": "NP00015344 Dck Training Institute cc"}, {"id": 40367, "text": "NP00015345 Hester Malan Hospital"}, {"id": 40368, "text": "NP00015346 Vaalus Primary School"}, {"id": 40369, "text": "NP00015357 Northern Cape Youth Commission"}, {"id": 40373, "text": "NP00015361 South African National Defense Force"}, {"id": 40375, "text": "NL00015363 VP Development and Consulting cc."}, {"id": 40376, "text": "NL00015364 Lepelle Nkumpi Municipality"}, {"id": 40377, "text": "NL00015365 Blouberg Municipality"}, {"id": 40378, "text": "NL00015366 SA Red Cross"}, {"id": 40379, "text": "NL00015367 Capricorn Municipality"}, {"id": 40380, "text": "NL00015368 Thulamela Municipality"}, {"id": 40381, "text": "NL00015369 Tubatsi Municipality"}, {"id": 40383, "text": "NL00015371 Modjadji"}, {"id": 40384, "text": "NL00015372 Fuyatha"}, {"id": 40385, "text": "NL00015373 Vusizi"}, {"id": 40386, "text": "NL00015374 Kgapane"}, {"id": 40387, "text": "NL00015375 Dept. of Water Affairs and Forestry"}, {"id": 40388, "text": "NL00015376 Giyani Satellite"}, {"id": 40389, "text": "NL00015377 Mogoto School"}, {"id": 40390, "text": "NL00015378 Lekhaele"}, {"id": 40391, "text": "NL00015379 Tshwane South College for FET"}, {"id": 40392, "text": "NP00015380 Gininda s Project Development "}, {"id": 40393, "text": "NP00015381 Siyathaba Communications "}, {"id": 40394, "text": "NL00015382 ELTEE Training cc"}, {"id": 40396, "text": "NL00015386 Thabitha Adult Centre"}, {"id": 40397, "text": "NL00015387 Tabitha Adult Centre"}, {"id": 40398, "text": "NL00015388 Tholulwazi Education Centre"}, {"id": 40399, "text": "NP00015389 Amaoti Disabled People Association"}, {"id": 40400, "text": "NL00015390 The Association For the Aged"}, {"id": 40401, "text": "NP00015391 Siyaphila Organisation"}, {"id": 40402, "text": "NL00015392 Vision of Hope"}, {"id": 40403, "text": "NP00015393 Maphumulo Youth In Action"}, {"id": 40404, "text": "NL00015408 Ebenezer Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40405, "text": "NL00015409 Dibashe Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 40406, "text": "NL00015410 Inkqubela J.P.School"}, {"id": 40407, "text": "NL00015412 Ebenezer Family Creche"}, {"id": 40408, "text": "NL00015413 Thembalabantu Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 40409, "text": "NL00015414 Nothenga L HP School"}, {"id": 40410, "text": "NL00015415 Khanyisa Pre-School "}, {"id": 40411, "text": "NL00015416 Khetani JSS"}, {"id": 40412, "text": "NL00015418 Darabe JSS"}, {"id": 40413, "text": "NL00015419 Umgijimi JP School "}, {"id": 40414, "text": "NL00015420 Ncambedlana J.S.S"}, {"id": 40415, "text": "NL00015421 Dilikile J.S.S"}, {"id": 40416, "text": "NL00015422 Ngobozana J.S.S"}, {"id": 40417, "text": "NL00015423 Siyaphambili Pre- School"}, {"id": 40418, "text": "NL00015425 Vusukukhanya Primary School "}, {"id": 40419, "text": "NL00015426 Senzokuhle Primary School"}, {"id": 40421, "text": "NL00015428 Nomandla Senior Primary"}, {"id": 40422, "text": "NL00015429 Siyaya J.S.S"}, {"id": 40423, "text": "NL00015430 Sobahle Pre - School"}, {"id": 40424, "text": "NL00015431 Matabetulu Primary School "}, {"id": 40425, "text": "NL00015432 Khanyanjalo Primary School"}, {"id": 40426, "text": "NL00015433 Tholithemba Pre-School "}, {"id": 40427, "text": "NL00015434 Jabulani Creche "}, {"id": 40428, "text": "NL00015435 Khuthala JP School "}, {"id": 41189, "text": "NL00015914 Mampepu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40429, "text": "NL00015436 Senzokuhle Creche and Welfare Organisation "}, {"id": 40430, "text": "NL00015437 St Thomas Pre-Primary School "}, {"id": 40431, "text": "NL00015438 Inkanyiso Creche - Durban "}, {"id": 40456, "text": "NL00015463 No-ofisi Pre-school"}, {"id": 40432, "text": "NL00015439 Sakhisizwe Day Care Centre - Durban "}, {"id": 40433, "text": "NL00015440 Mzokhanyayo Creche - Durban "}, {"id": 40434, "text": "NL00015441 Mazenod Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40435, "text": "NL00015442 Thuthukani Day Care Centre - Durban"}, {"id": 40436, "text": "NL00015443 Zimele ECD Centre - Durban "}, {"id": 40437, "text": "NL00015444 Thembalisha Creche and Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40438, "text": "NL00015445 Sbonokuhle Creche and Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40439, "text": "NL00015446 Sidlubhedu ECD Centre - Durban"}, {"id": 44190, "text": "NL00017153 Mapekane Creche"}, {"id": 40440, "text": "NL00015447 Tholimfundo Creche And Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40441, "text": "NL00015448 Vezukukhanya Creche And Pre-School - Durban"}, {"id": 40442, "text": "NL00015449 Zamani Creche And Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40443, "text": "NL00015450 Avoca Primary School - Durban "}, {"id": 40444, "text": "NL00015451 Machobeni Creche And Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40445, "text": "NL00015452 Esiphethwini JP School - Durban "}, {"id": 40446, "text": "NL00015453 Amatikwe Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 40447, "text": "NL00015454 Intuzuma Primary School - Durban "}, {"id": 40448, "text": "NL00015455 Khanyanjalo Primary School - Durban "}, {"id": 40449, "text": "NL00015456 Mandlakayise Primary School - Durban "}, {"id": 40450, "text": "NL00015457 Cathulani Creche And Pre-School - Durban"}, {"id": 40451, "text": "NL00015458 Khanyisani Pre-School - Durban "}, {"id": 40452, "text": "NL00015459 Upper Centuli Pre- School"}, {"id": 40453, "text": "NL00015460 Zamekwenyuka Pre-school"}, {"id": 40454, "text": "NL00015461 Masikhude ECD Centre"}, {"id": 40455, "text": "NL00015462 Ziko Training Solutions"}, {"id": 40457, "text": "NP00015464 Siyaphila CBO"}, {"id": 40458, "text": "NP00015465 Sukuma Community Based Organisation"}, {"id": 40459, "text": "NP00015466 TAFTA"}, {"id": 40461, "text": "NL00015468 ADPA"}, {"id": 40462, "text": "NP00015469 Intathakusa Community Based Organisation"}, {"id": 40463, "text": "NL00015470 Siyathembana Trading 46"}, {"id": 40464, "text": "NL00015471 Tandizulu J.S.S"}, {"id": 40465, "text": "NL00015472 Lungisani Indlela Project"}, {"id": 40466, "text": "NL00015473 Thandanani Mazulu Creche"}, {"id": 40467, "text": "NL00015474 Inkosiyethu Creche"}, {"id": 40468, "text": "NL00015475 Shekin Pre-Primary School"}, {"id": 40469, "text": "NL00015476 Thembanini Creche"}, {"id": 40470, "text": "NL00015477 Isisekelo Creche"}, {"id": 40471, "text": "NL00015478 Vulinqondo Creche"}, {"id": 40472, "text": "NL00015479 Nqubeko Creche"}, {"id": 40473, "text": "NL00015480 Mboloba Primary School"}, {"id": 40474, "text": "NL00015481 Pumula Primary School"}, {"id": 40475, "text": "NL00015482 Sizakala Primary School"}, {"id": 40476, "text": "NL00015483 Ozweni Primary School"}, {"id": 40477, "text": "NL00015484 Umganama Combined - Pongola"}, {"id": 40478, "text": "NL00015485 Pongola Intermediate School - Pongola"}, {"id": 40479, "text": "NL00015486 Sinegugu Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 40480, "text": "NL00015487 Zamukuzakha Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 40481, "text": "NL00015488 Entokozweni Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 40482, "text": "NL00015489 Buhlebemvelo Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 40483, "text": "NL00015490 Mshokobezi J P School - Pongola"}, {"id": 40484, "text": "NL00015491 Ndakeni J.S.S"}, {"id": 40485, "text": "NL00015492 Little Lovedale"}, {"id": 40486, "text": "NL00015493 Ndlantaka J.S.S"}, {"id": 40487, "text": "NL00015494 Dalindyebo S.S.S"}, {"id": 40488, "text": "NL00015495 Xhosana Pre School"}, {"id": 41533, "text": "T000008072 DAMELIN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41534, "text": "T000008073 ESKOM Academy Of Learning"}, {"id": 41538, "text": "T000008076 UNIVERSITY OF FORT HARE"}, {"id": 40489, "text": "NL00015496 Mkrazuli Pre School"}, {"id": 40492, "text": "NL00015499 Isigwaca Training "}, {"id": 40494, "text": "NL00015501 Khulani Primary School - Durban "}, {"id": 40495, "text": "NL00015502 Mochabo Creche"}, {"id": 40496, "text": "NL00015503 Moraka Pre-school"}, {"id": 40497, "text": "NL00015504 Laastehoop Day Care"}, {"id": 40498, "text": "NL00015505 Makgothoane Creche"}, {"id": 40499, "text": "NL00015506 Lebeko Pre-School"}, {"id": 40500, "text": "NL00015507 Magaba Pre-School"}, {"id": 40501, "text": "NL00015508 Fridah Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40502, "text": "NL00015509 Phaphamang Pre-School"}, {"id": 40503, "text": "NL00015510 Mamphoko Pre-School"}, {"id": 40504, "text": "NL00015511 Dimakatso Pre-School"}, {"id": 40514, "text": "NL00015525 Muguycha Learning Centre"}, {"id": 40515, "text": "NL00015549 Qhamani Training Centre"}, {"id": 40516, "text": "NL00015550 Lihlithemba Social Development"}, {"id": 40517, "text": "NL00015552 King Hintsa Further Education "}, {"id": 40518, "text": "NL00015553 Lisolethu Trading"}, {"id": 40519, "text": "NL00015554 Banareng Primary School"}, {"id": 40520, "text": "NL00015555 Hopeful Pre-School"}, {"id": 40521, "text": "NP00015556 Siphumelele Home Base Care"}, {"id": 40522, "text": "NP00015557 Zakheni Home Based Care"}, {"id": 40524, "text": "NP00015559 Tshifiwa Home Based Care"}, {"id": 40525, "text": "NP00015560 Lebone Aids Care Project"}, {"id": 40526, "text": "NP00015561 Tshedisanang Home Based Care"}, {"id": 40527, "text": "NP00015562 Simmunye Support Group"}, {"id": 40528, "text": "NP00015563 Imsimbi Training cc"}, {"id": 40529, "text": "NP00015564 Youth Channel Group"}, {"id": 40530, "text": "NL00015565 Child Academy Programmes"}, {"id": 40531, "text": "NL00015566 Education and Training Unit"}, {"id": 40532, "text": "NL00015567 Ithemba Lentsha Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 40533, "text": "NL00015568 HTS Education Training and Development Practitioners"}, {"id": 40534, "text": "NL00015569 Kat De Beer Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40535, "text": "NL00015570 TMD Quality Services"}, {"id": 40536, "text": "NL00015571 Pheelo Research and Training"}, {"id": 40537, "text": "NL00015572 Ekurhuleni East College"}, {"id": 40540, "text": "NL00015575 Kopano Ke Matla Investment Company Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40541, "text": "NL00015576 Mpumalanga Day Care"}, {"id": 40542, "text": "NL00015577 Hopeful Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40543, "text": "NL00015578 Banarena Primary School"}, {"id": 40544, "text": "NL00015579 Resonance Learning Institute "}, {"id": 40545, "text": "NL00015580 Sierra Nevada Primary School"}, {"id": 40546, "text": "NP00015581 Innovation experts cc"}, {"id": 40547, "text": "NP00015582 Greater Taung Local Municipality"}, {"id": 40548, "text": "NL00015584 Bohlabile Resources Centre"}, {"id": 40549, "text": "NP00015585 Dietjie Advice ansd Resources Centre"}, {"id": 40550, "text": "NP00015586 Nkomazi Community Advice Centre"}, {"id": 40551, "text": "NP00015587 Tembalethu Home Based Care"}, {"id": 40552, "text": "NP00015588 Masikumeni Woman Advice Centre"}, {"id": 40553, "text": "NP00015589 Moholoholo"}, {"id": 40554, "text": "NL00015590 Inkqubela J.P. School"}, {"id": 40555, "text": "NL00015591 Thembalabantu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40556, "text": "NL00015592 Nothenga Lower Primary"}, {"id": 40557, "text": "NL00015593 Khanyisa Pre School"}, {"id": 40558, "text": "NL00015594 Unathi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40559, "text": "NL00015595 Morrow Leaders"}, {"id": 40560, "text": "NL00015596 South African Youth Ministers Project"}, {"id": 40561, "text": "NP00015597 Masisukumeni Women Advise Centre"}, {"id": 40562, "text": "NP00015598 Bohlabela Resource Centre "}, {"id": 40563, "text": "NL00015599 Qhayiya Skills Development"}, {"id": 40564, "text": "NL00015600 Phakgamang Community Project"}, {"id": 41190, "text": "NL00015915 Tlakale Primary School"}, {"id": 40565, "text": "NL00015601 The South African Red Cross Society"}, {"id": 40566, "text": "NL00015602 Phakgamang Community Development Centre"}, {"id": 40571, "text": "NL00015607 Sekhukhune FET College"}, {"id": 40572, "text": "NL00015608 Nan Umshanyelo Wesizwe"}, {"id": 40573, "text": "NL00015609 Limpopo Youth Commission"}, {"id": 40832, "text": "NL00014810 Ubumbano JP School"}, {"id": 40833, "text": "NL00014811 Inkanyezi Creche"}, {"id": 40713, "text": "NL00014634 The Training Chain"}, {"id": 40714, "text": "NP00014635 ERNEST J. MCHUNU AND ASSOCIATES cc"}, {"id": 40715, "text": "NP00014636 distictive choice 136cc t a the foundation for people developmet"}, {"id": 40716, "text": "NP00014637 Distictive Choice 136 cc T A The Foundation for People Development"}, {"id": 40717, "text": "NP00014638 Desto Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40718, "text": "NP00014639 DCT Consulting SA"}, {"id": 40719, "text": "NP00014640 Corporate Interventions Services"}, {"id": 40720, "text": "NP00014641 Education and Training Unit"}, {"id": 40721, "text": "NP00014642 Harmony Goldmine"}, {"id": 40722, "text": "NP00014643 Global Village Training "}, {"id": 40723, "text": "NP00014644 S.A Training Services"}, {"id": 40724, "text": "NP00014645 LHR Solutions PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40725, "text": "NP00014646 EMS Academy"}, {"id": 40726, "text": "NP00014647 MJT Consulting"}, {"id": 40727, "text": "NP00014649 Metcash Trading Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40728, "text": "NL00014650 Water berg FET College"}, {"id": 40729, "text": "NP00014651 Central Business Academy"}, {"id": 40730, "text": "NP00014652 Gakeinehe Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40732, "text": "NP00014655 Tshepiso Consultants"}, {"id": 40733, "text": "NP00014656 Kalideen Management Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40734, "text": "NL00014659 Lotavha Training Centre"}, {"id": 40736, "text": "NL00014684 Enlighten Education Trust"}, {"id": 40737, "text": "NP00014690 TWR:Busitech"}, {"id": 40745, "text": "NL00014694 PMA Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40746, "text": "NL00014695 Amogelang Marketing and Training"}, {"id": 40747, "text": "NL00014696 Southern African Institute of Learning SAIL "}, {"id": 40748, "text": "NP00014698 Kaleidoscope Human Resources Pty LTD"}, {"id": 40749, "text": "NP00014699 MLG Consultants PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40750, "text": "NP00014700 Diamond Governance"}, {"id": 40752, "text": "NP00014702 KLM Empowerd"}, {"id": 40778, "text": "NL00014754 Mphoshomadi Creche and Pre school"}, {"id": 40755, "text": "NL00014707 Khomanani "}, {"id": 40757, "text": "NL00014709 Thabang Old Age Centre"}, {"id": 40761, "text": "NL00014715 Langahead School of Language"}, {"id": 40762, "text": "NL00014718 SANQUE Enterprise"}, {"id": 40763, "text": "NL00014721 Donic Training and Development Consulting"}, {"id": 40764, "text": "NL00014722 Edgra Projects"}, {"id": 40765, "text": "NL00014725 Green Pastures Christian School"}, {"id": 40766, "text": "NL00014726 Princely Knowledge Consulting"}, {"id": 40767, "text": "NL00014727 Spotru Training Centre"}, {"id": 40768, "text": "NL00014735 J M B Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 40769, "text": "NL00014736 Centre for Hope Clinic"}, {"id": 40770, "text": "NL00014738 Kamogelo Project for the Disabled"}, {"id": 40774, "text": "NP00014750 Global Business Solutions"}, {"id": 40776, "text": "NL00014752 Bright Morning Star Nursery"}, {"id": 40777, "text": "NL00014753 Sekgene Creche"}, {"id": 40779, "text": "NL00014755 Itumeleng Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40780, "text": "NL00014756 Swaranang Creche"}, {"id": 40781, "text": "NL00014757 Holly Family Care Centre"}, {"id": 40782, "text": "NL00014758 Ipelegeng Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40783, "text": "NL00014759 Lehlabile Educare"}, {"id": 40784, "text": "NL00014760 Makgolongwana Creche and Pre school"}, {"id": 40785, "text": "NL00014761 Makosha Creche and Pre school"}, {"id": 40786, "text": "NL00014762 Mmapapo Creche"}, {"id": 40787, "text": "NL00014763 Jerusalema Day Care"}, {"id": 40788, "text": "NL00014764 Christ The King Pre School"}, {"id": 40789, "text": "NL00014765 Makhurumetsa Creche and Pre school"}, {"id": 40790, "text": "NL00014766 Eunice Meela Creche and Pre school"}, {"id": 40791, "text": "NL00014767 Makoma Creche"}, {"id": 40792, "text": "NL00014768 Ramatjowe Creche and Pre school"}, {"id": 40793, "text": "NL00014769 Morobi Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40794, "text": "NL00014770 Beracah Creche and Pre School"}, {"id": 40795, "text": "NL00014771 Mpudulle Community Creche"}, {"id": 40796, "text": "NL00014772 Khomotso Creche"}, {"id": 40797, "text": "NL00014773 Lethobong Creche"}, {"id": 40798, "text": "NL00014774 Legadima Day Care centre"}, {"id": 40799, "text": "NL00014775 Lethabong Creche"}, {"id": 40800, "text": "NL00014776 Shalom Day Care Centre and Pre-school"}, {"id": 40801, "text": "NL00014777 Mampola Creche"}, {"id": 40802, "text": "NL00014778 Mpumalanga Employment Skills Development "}, {"id": 40803, "text": "NL00014779 Makgolongwana Creche and Pre-school"}, {"id": 40804, "text": "NL00014780 Amazing Grace Day care "}, {"id": 40805, "text": "NL00014781 Bokamoso Creche "}, {"id": 40806, "text": "NL00014783 Reholegile Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40807, "text": "NP00014785 Wendy Syers Training cc"}, {"id": 40808, "text": "NP00014786 Dormehl Training and Training Site"}, {"id": 40809, "text": "NP00014787 Masondo Construction and Training Site"}, {"id": 40810, "text": "NL00014788 Lehlabile Diocesan Development Committee"}, {"id": 40811, "text": "NL00014789 Nan- Umshanyelo Wesizwe"}, {"id": 40812, "text": "NL00014790 Banaki Educare"}, {"id": 40814, "text": "NP00014792 Insimbi Security Service"}, {"id": 40815, "text": "NL00014793 Dongothule CP School"}, {"id": 40816, "text": "NL00014794 Ndema CP School"}, {"id": 40818, "text": "NL00014796 Umqubula Primary School "}, {"id": 40819, "text": "NL00014797 Celukwazi CP School"}, {"id": 40820, "text": "NL00014798 Sizumphakathi P School "}, {"id": 40821, "text": "NL00014799 Siyawela Zenzele Creche"}, {"id": 40822, "text": "NL00014800 Kwazihlakaniphele P School "}, {"id": 40823, "text": "NL00014801 Bangamaya Primary School "}, {"id": 40828, "text": "NL00014806 Ikhayalempilo Creche"}, {"id": 40829, "text": "NL00014807 Little Angels Creche "}, {"id": 40830, "text": "NL00014808 Emseni Creche"}, {"id": 40831, "text": "NL00014809 Ingqayizovela Creche"}, {"id": 40834, "text": "NL00014812 Bambelentulo Creche"}, {"id": 40835, "text": "NL00014813 Thembaletu Creche"}, {"id": 40836, "text": "NL00014814 Thembaletu"}, {"id": 40837, "text": "NL00014815 Imbewenhle Creche"}, {"id": 40838, "text": "NL00014816 Asimile Creche"}, {"id": 40839, "text": "NL00014817 Thuthukani Creche"}, {"id": 40840, "text": "NL00014818 Simunye Creche"}, {"id": 40841, "text": "NL00014819 Siphamandla Creche"}, {"id": 40842, "text": "NL00014820 Isabanisethu Creche"}, {"id": 40843, "text": "NL00014821 Snenhlanhla Creche"}, {"id": 40844, "text": "NL00014822 Vulindlela Creche"}, {"id": 40845, "text": "NL00014823 Welani Creche"}, {"id": 40846, "text": "NL00014824 Indumiso Creche"}, {"id": 40847, "text": "NL00014825 Ngoqongo Creche"}, {"id": 40848, "text": "NL00014826 Thondolwesizwe Creche"}, {"id": 40849, "text": "NL00014827 Igalelo Creche"}, {"id": 40850, "text": "NL00014828 Little Bird "}, {"id": 40853, "text": "NL00014831 Buhlebemfundo Creche"}, {"id": 40854, "text": "NL00014832 Zamukuphila Creche"}, {"id": 40855, "text": "NL00014833 Khanyisani Creche"}, {"id": 40856, "text": "NL00014834 Sitanani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40857, "text": "NL00014835 Mlabongwane Primary School"}, {"id": 40858, "text": "NL00014836 Sizameleni Soko"}, {"id": 40859, "text": "NL00014837 Thuthukani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40860, "text": "NL00014838 Silindzile Primary School"}, {"id": 40861, "text": "NL00014839 Vulindlela Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40862, "text": "NL00014840 Bhekokuhle Primary School"}, {"id": 40863, "text": "NL00014841 Khanya Primary School"}, {"id": 40864, "text": "NL00014842 Stholulwazi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40865, "text": "NL00014843 Sikhulangolwazi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40866, "text": "NL00014844 Tsembelani Primary School"}, {"id": 40867, "text": "NL00014845 Babombe Primary School "}, {"id": 40868, "text": "NL00014846 Wesley Primary School"}, {"id": 40869, "text": "NL00014847 Lindokuhle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40870, "text": "NL00014848 Tsatselani Primary School "}, {"id": 40871, "text": "NL00014849 Behlebuyeta Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40872, "text": "NL00014850 Siyaphambili Day Care"}, {"id": 40873, "text": "NL00014851 Cabangani Primary School"}, {"id": 40874, "text": "NL00014852 Mlambongwane Primary School"}, {"id": 40875, "text": "NL00014853 Emanyiseni Creche"}, {"id": 40876, "text": "NL00014854 Zilungiselele Creche"}, {"id": 40877, "text": "NL00014855 Khungwayo Creche"}, {"id": 40878, "text": "NL00014856 Lubelo Creche"}, {"id": 40881, "text": "NL00014859 Thandukukhanya Creche"}, {"id": 40882, "text": "NL00014860 Sibanisezwe Creche"}, {"id": 40904, "text": "NL00014882 Zamokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 40905, "text": "NL00014883 South African Youth Ministers Program"}, {"id": 40906, "text": "NL00014884 St Kizito ELC"}, {"id": 40907, "text": "NL00014885 Motse Wa Thuto"}, {"id": 40908, "text": "NL00014886 Kganya Lesedi ELC"}, {"id": 40909, "text": "NL00014887 Mpumalanga Department of Education"}, {"id": 40910, "text": "NL00014888 Care Bears"}, {"id": 40911, "text": "NP00014889 O.R.Tambo Farmer s Association"}, {"id": 40912, "text": "NP00014890 Catholic Development Centre"}, {"id": 40913, "text": "NL00014891 Masikhule ECD Centre"}, {"id": 40914, "text": "NP00014892 Masonwabisane Women Support Centre"}, {"id": 40916, "text": "NL00014894 SIBAHLESINJE CRECHE"}, {"id": 40917, "text": "NL00014895 KHULANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 40918, "text": "NL00014896 SEKUSILE CRECHE"}, {"id": 40919, "text": "NL00014897 VUKUZENZELE"}, {"id": 40920, "text": "NL00014898 SIYATHUTHUKA"}, {"id": 40921, "text": "NL00014899 THUTHUKANI"}, {"id": 40922, "text": "NL00014900 iTHEMBALESIZWE"}, {"id": 40923, "text": "NL00014901 ZAMOKUHLE"}, {"id": 40924, "text": "NL00014902 KHULA NO LWAZI"}, {"id": 40925, "text": "NL00014903 INKANYEZI YO KUSA CRECHE"}, {"id": 40926, "text": "NL00014904 THATHUNYAWO"}, {"id": 40927, "text": "NL00014905 MOY PRIMARY"}, {"id": 40928, "text": "NL00014906 PHELANDABA CRECHE"}, {"id": 40929, "text": "NL00014907 SITHETHUXOLO CRECHE"}, {"id": 40931, "text": "NL00014909 OKHALWENI PRIMARY"}, {"id": 40947, "text": "NP0001 The BTC Group cc"}, {"id": 40948, "text": "NP00015625 Reaba Peo Consulting cc"}, {"id": 40949, "text": "NP00015626 KZN Tourism Training Centre"}, {"id": 40950, "text": "NL00015628 Little Willow Montessori Preschool"}, {"id": 40951, "text": "NL00015629 One 2 Three 4 Montessori Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40952, "text": "NL00015630 AOS Training Institute"}, {"id": 40953, "text": "NL00015631 REGINAS "}, {"id": 42823, "text": "T000008212 The Ditsela Workers Education Institute"}, {"id": 40955, "text": "NL00015633 IT CEntre"}, {"id": 40956, "text": "NL00015634 KJS"}, {"id": 40957, "text": "NL00015635 Training 6"}, {"id": 40958, "text": "NL00015637 Training 8"}, {"id": 40961, "text": "NP00015640 Training 11"}, {"id": 40963, "text": "NL00015642 Training 13"}, {"id": 40964, "text": "NP00015643 Pro Link"}, {"id": 40965, "text": "NL00015644 Maximum Potential "}, {"id": 40967, "text": "NL00015646 Training 2"}, {"id": 40969, "text": "NL00015648 Training 5"}, {"id": 40970, "text": "NL00015650 IKAMVELIHLE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 40972, "text": "NL00015656 Barrier Free General Trading 3 cc"}, {"id": 40973, "text": "NP00015658 Keewave Trading 411"}, {"id": 40974, "text": "NL00015659 IQRAAM DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING Pty LTD"}, {"id": 40975, "text": "NP00015660 IMPAT Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40976, "text": "NL00015662 Tlhorong Consultants CC"}, {"id": 40977, "text": "NL00015664 African Information Institute PTy ltd"}, {"id": 40978, "text": "NL00015666 Afro Pulse pty"}, {"id": 40979, "text": "NL00015667 MMAMONGAE PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40980, "text": "NL00015669 Siqhamile skills development"}, {"id": 40981, "text": "NL00015675 Practicon Training"}, {"id": 40982, "text": "NL00015678 Joan Nortje "}, {"id": 40983, "text": "NL00015680 Perennial Services"}, {"id": 40984, "text": "NP00015681 Edcon pty ltd"}, {"id": 40985, "text": "NP00015682 kavan Vonsultants cc"}, {"id": 40986, "text": "NP00015683 Makaota Training Consultants"}, {"id": 40987, "text": "NP00015684 P E M Training cc"}, {"id": 40988, "text": "NP00015685 Ukhamba Quality Skills"}, {"id": 40989, "text": "NL00015686 Thembekile training consulting"}, {"id": 40991, "text": "NP00015688 Sanctuary School for the Future"}, {"id": 40992, "text": "NL00015689 Bex Business Consulting"}, {"id": 40993, "text": "NL00015690 Themba Service Providers"}, {"id": 40995, "text": "NP00015692 ABA Health PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40996, "text": "NL00015693 Vaal Education Trust"}, {"id": 40998, "text": "NL00015696 Ya Hina Management Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 40999, "text": "NL00015697 Curriculum Bookshop"}, {"id": 41000, "text": "NP00015699 Kakata General Projects "}, {"id": 41001, "text": "NP00015700 Buchule HR and Events Management Services"}, {"id": 41002, "text": "NL00015701 Dikela Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 41003, "text": "NP00015702 Virno Facilitators"}, {"id": 41004, "text": "NP00015703 Wantshel;a consulting cc"}, {"id": 41005, "text": "NP00015704 Wantshela Consulting Cc"}, {"id": 41055, "text": "NL00015760 Siphamandla Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41006, "text": "NP00015705 Sure Leyo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41007, "text": "NP00015707 Mmogwe Trading cc"}, {"id": 41008, "text": "NP00015708 Diseko Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 41009, "text": "NP00015709 R4 Construction"}, {"id": 41010, "text": "NP00015710 Kungawo Development cc"}, {"id": 41011, "text": "NP00015711 Matholwane Consulting"}, {"id": 41012, "text": "NL00015711 Montshai Skills Development and Consultants"}, {"id": 41013, "text": "NP00015713 Phafola Human Capital Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41014, "text": "NL00015714 Selomang General trading in all aspects"}, {"id": 41015, "text": "NP00015715 Gili-Juli Enterprise"}, {"id": 41016, "text": "NP00015716 Ntjhafatso trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41017, "text": "NP00015717 Ayanda Duma Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 41018, "text": "NL00015718 Fenyang Community Training"}, {"id": 41019, "text": "NP00015719 Eric Mabaso"}, {"id": 41020, "text": "NP00015720 Rapid Works cc"}, {"id": 41021, "text": "NP00015721 We Invest Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41022, "text": "NP00015722 Afriklingo Language Bridges"}, {"id": 41023, "text": "NP00015723 Baimoro Training and Srvices"}, {"id": 41024, "text": "NP00015724 Masidu Rural Developers CC"}, {"id": 41025, "text": "NP00015726 Matibidi Raphela Investments Pty LTD"}, {"id": 41026, "text": "NP00015727 Manegi Trading Enterprises"}, {"id": 41027, "text": "NP00015729 Tjobe Training and Development"}, {"id": 41028, "text": "NP00015730 Thezi Business Solutions"}, {"id": 41029, "text": "NL00015731 Khwambusi Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41030, "text": "NP00015732 Leading Skilss Online pty ltd"}, {"id": 41031, "text": "NP00015733 Leading Skills Online pty ltd"}, {"id": 41270, "text": "NL00016000 Reahola"}, {"id": 41032, "text": "NL00015734 Active Professional Consultancy Services"}, {"id": 41033, "text": "NP00015735 Intsatsakusa Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 41034, "text": "NL00015736 FICS Ekurhuleni West"}, {"id": 41035, "text": "NP00015738 Mmuso and Associates"}, {"id": 41036, "text": "NP00015739 Makyla Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41037, "text": "NP00015740 Madziba Project Managers Development Training"}, {"id": 41038, "text": "NP00015741 Riaphanda Education and skills Development"}, {"id": 41039, "text": "NP00015742 Giver of Givers Foundation Organisation"}, {"id": 41040, "text": "NP00015743 Mathobo Investment"}, {"id": 41041, "text": "NP00015745 Swaranang Management Consulting cc"}, {"id": 41042, "text": "NP00015746 Thukakgaladi Professional Education and training services"}, {"id": 41044, "text": "NP00015749 Thandisizwe Facilitators cc"}, {"id": 41045, "text": "NP00015750 Ujama Africa Investments"}, {"id": 41046, "text": "NP00015751 Mothizosco Trading cc"}, {"id": 41048, "text": "NP00015753 Menyetla Investment cc"}, {"id": 41049, "text": "NP00015754 Thrive 4 life skills Development"}, {"id": 41050, "text": "NP00015755 G Nik and associates"}, {"id": 41051, "text": "NP00015756 Sinomonde Development Facilitation"}, {"id": 41052, "text": "NP00015757 Isiscebi Trading 1121 cc"}, {"id": 41053, "text": "NP00015758 Ayoba Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41054, "text": "NP00015759 Katlego Project for Development KPD "}, {"id": 41056, "text": "NP00015760 Isicebi Trading 1121cc"}, {"id": 41057, "text": "NL00015762 Zisize Educational Trust"}, {"id": 41058, "text": "NL00015763 Mbayi Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41059, "text": "NL00015764 Green Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41060, "text": "NL00015765 Emthonjeni Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41061, "text": "NL00015766 Qoqisizwe Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41062, "text": "NP00015767 Bright Intergrated Holdings PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41063, "text": "NP00015768 G. K Art Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41064, "text": "NP00015769 Big Eye Investments 264 cc"}, {"id": 41065, "text": "NP00015770 Bembani Sustainibility Training pty ltd"}, {"id": 41066, "text": "NL00015771 Ngungunyana Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41067, "text": "NP00015772 Itereleng:Instituteof Cultural Affairs S.A"}, {"id": 41069, "text": "NL00015774 Sizakancane Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41070, "text": "NP00015775 Tshepo Human Resource"}, {"id": 41071, "text": "NL00015776 Velaphi Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41072, "text": "NL00015777 Mthanti Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41073, "text": "NL00015778 Ngcamane Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41074, "text": "NL00015779 Emlambongwenya Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41075, "text": "NL00015780 Pentecostal Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41076, "text": "NL00015781 Kiddies Nest Preschool"}, {"id": 41077, "text": "NL00015782 Buttons and Bows"}, {"id": 41078, "text": "NL00015783 Thabong Crech 1 2"}, {"id": 41079, "text": "NL00015784 4 L s Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 41080, "text": "NL00015785 Tshwaraganang Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41084, "text": "NP00015790 KDS Centre for Skills Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41085, "text": "NP00015791 Katawa Trading 19"}, {"id": 41086, "text": "NP00015792 Swongozwi Skills Development"}, {"id": 41087, "text": "NP00015793 Kgololo Trading"}, {"id": 41088, "text": "NP00015794 Sweet Dreams trading 116"}, {"id": 41089, "text": "NP00015795 OAtic Psycho-Edu Consultants"}, {"id": 41090, "text": "NP00015796 Umsebenzi Wethu Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41091, "text": "NP00015797 TGN Trading cc"}, {"id": 41092, "text": "NP00015798 Agabosha Training "}, {"id": 41093, "text": "NP00015799 Motsusi People Management Consulting"}, {"id": 41094, "text": "NP00015800 Driving Insticts cc"}, {"id": 41095, "text": "NP00015801 PMC College Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 41096, "text": "NP00015802 Upward Spiral 1329"}, {"id": 41097, "text": "NP00015803 Desmond Tutu Center for Leadership"}, {"id": 41098, "text": "NP00015805 Ilyuka Trading"}, {"id": 41099, "text": "NL00015805 Christian Spiritual Ministry and Fellowship"}, {"id": 41100, "text": "NP00015808 Inkwekwezi building and electrical"}, {"id": 41101, "text": "NP00015809 Harmony Trainig and Consultancy"}, {"id": 41102, "text": "NP00015810 Philani Community Development Programmes"}, {"id": 41103, "text": "NP00015811 Tumihle Trading cc"}, {"id": 41104, "text": "NP00015812 14 Defiant st, Northmead cc"}, {"id": 41105, "text": "NP00015814 Busicor 97"}, {"id": 41107, "text": "NL00015828 NobandlaEducare Centre"}, {"id": 41108, "text": "NP00015829 Ithandele Traiding Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 41134, "text": "NP00015857 Lesbon Developers"}, {"id": 41109, "text": "NP00015830 The Coaches Training Institute South Africa cc"}, {"id": 41110, "text": "NP00015832 Thulani Mhlongo management cc"}, {"id": 41111, "text": "NP00015833 Bioafrica Solutions"}, {"id": 41112, "text": "NP00015834 Chimakha Trading"}, {"id": 41113, "text": "NP00015835 Mokgadikgadi Trainng and Businesss Solutions"}, {"id": 41114, "text": "NP00015836 Carol Christian Pre-School cc"}, {"id": 41115, "text": "NP00015837 LTTF Training"}, {"id": 41116, "text": "NP00015838 Malttev Trading"}, {"id": 41117, "text": "NP00015839 S.J Global Career Development Consulting"}, {"id": 41118, "text": "NP00015840 Dipota Trading cc"}, {"id": 41119, "text": "NP00015841 Universitas Institute of skills development"}, {"id": 41120, "text": "NP00015843 Skills Talk cc"}, {"id": 41121, "text": "NP00015844 L.D.R Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 41122, "text": "NP00015845 Too See Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41123, "text": "NP00015846 Popela Modirwa Skills Development"}, {"id": 41124, "text": "NP00015847 WilRatty Consultants PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41125, "text": "NP00015848 Miltivision Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 41126, "text": "NP00015849 Multivision Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 41127, "text": "NP00015850 Karolo Education Training "}, {"id": 41128, "text": "NP00015851 Bakang Manufacturing and Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41129, "text": "NP00015852 To Delete"}, {"id": 41130, "text": "NP00015853 Tlhaping Management Consulting"}, {"id": 41131, "text": "NP00015854 Tradeworx 26 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41132, "text": "NP00015855 Acclaim Human Capital PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41133, "text": "NP00015856 Leading Leader Consultation"}, {"id": 41135, "text": "NP00015858 Hospitality Professionals Community Development"}, {"id": 41136, "text": "NP00015859 Letshego Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41137, "text": "NP00015860 Sermol Development Training"}, {"id": 41138, "text": "NL00015861 Mpelege Creche"}, {"id": 41139, "text": "NL00015863 MATSHIDISO CHILD CARE"}, {"id": 41140, "text": "NL00015864 Rejoice Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41141, "text": "NL00015866 Leba Pre-school"}, {"id": 41143, "text": "NL00015868 Thuto ke Lesedi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41144, "text": "NL00015869 Thusano Creche"}, {"id": 41145, "text": "NL00015870 Mamolele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41146, "text": "NL00015871 Sebata Tswelopele"}, {"id": 41147, "text": "NL00015872 Awake Educare"}, {"id": 41148, "text": "NL00015873 Khomane Creche"}, {"id": 41149, "text": "NL00015874 Khomisane Creche"}, {"id": 41151, "text": "NL00015876 Khensani Creche"}, {"id": 41152, "text": "NL00015877 Mabula Creche"}, {"id": 41153, "text": "NL00015878 Kideo Kids Creche"}, {"id": 41154, "text": "NL00015879 Mpudulle Creche"}, {"id": 41155, "text": "NL00015880 Lethabong Educare Creche"}, {"id": 41156, "text": "NL00015881 Dudu s Day Care"}, {"id": 41157, "text": "NL00015882 Boledi Creche"}, {"id": 41158, "text": "NL00015883 Lerato"}, {"id": 41159, "text": "NL00015884 Mamoribula"}, {"id": 41160, "text": "NL00015885 Mahlasedi Creche"}, {"id": 41161, "text": "NL00015886 Thandukukhanya Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41162, "text": "NL00015887 Nymane Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41163, "text": "NL00015888 Emanyiseni C P School - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41164, "text": "NL00015889 Nonjinjakasi Primary School - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41165, "text": "NL00015890 Lubelo Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41166, "text": "NL00015891 Ziphembeleni Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41167, "text": "NL00015892 Vulamehlo Creche - Ingwavuma Qotho"}, {"id": 41168, "text": "NL00015893 Sibanisezwe Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41169, "text": "NP00015894 Holistic Opportunities for peoples empowerment"}, {"id": 41170, "text": "NP00015895 Home Instruction for parents of Pre-school youngsters"}, {"id": 41171, "text": "NP00015896 Ntataise Skills Development Trust"}, {"id": 41172, "text": "NL00015895 Mahlane Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41173, "text": "NP00015898 Mother Tongue Multi-media Development cc"}, {"id": 41174, "text": "NP00015899 BSC Computers"}, {"id": 41175, "text": "NL00015900 Mmanhlapile"}, {"id": 41176, "text": "NL00015901 Ratanang Creche"}, {"id": 41177, "text": "NL00015902 Arise and Shine Care Centre"}, {"id": 41178, "text": "NL00015903 Nokokgomo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41179, "text": "NL00015904 Ke ka Lerato Creche"}, {"id": 41180, "text": "NL00015905 Mmabatho Pre School"}, {"id": 41181, "text": "NL00015906 Bokamoso Pre School"}, {"id": 41182, "text": "NL00015907 Bakone Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41183, "text": "NL00015908 Ismail Rethabile Motshabi Creche"}, {"id": 41184, "text": "NL00015909 Tjantji Molekana Day Care"}, {"id": 41185, "text": "NL00015910 Progress Kids Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41186, "text": "NL00015911 Lehlabile Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41187, "text": "NL00015912 Sebata Tswelopele Creche"}, {"id": 41188, "text": "NP00015912 East of Eden Trading 349"}, {"id": 41192, "text": "NL00015917 Pula Sekhaolelo Pre- School"}, {"id": 41193, "text": "NP00015915 Montessori Training Institute"}, {"id": 41194, "text": "NL00015919 Nthathi Day Care"}, {"id": 41195, "text": "NL00015920 Matsimela Creche"}, {"id": 41196, "text": "NL00015921 Progress Kids Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41197, "text": "NL00015922 Perfect Kids Creche"}, {"id": 41198, "text": "NP00015921 Personal Touch Education"}, {"id": 41199, "text": "NL00015924 Sebolaishi Creche"}, {"id": 41200, "text": "NL00015925 Rams Day Care"}, {"id": 41201, "text": "NP00015926 Tertiary Bookshop "}, {"id": 41202, "text": "NP00015927 Scimalali Educational Service cc"}, {"id": 41203, "text": "NL00015927 Matlhodi"}, {"id": 41204, "text": "NL00015929 Tswelopele Creche"}, {"id": 41205, "text": "NL00015930 Matlakedi ECD"}, {"id": 41206, "text": "NP00015930 foodservices "}, {"id": 41207, "text": "NL00015932 Mapula Creche"}, {"id": 41208, "text": "NL00015933 Ithuteng Creche"}, {"id": 41209, "text": "NL00015934 Itshosheng Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41210, "text": "NP00015935 DC Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41211, "text": "NP00015936 Ukundiza Development Institute NPC"}, {"id": 41212, "text": "NP00015937 Mugubo Mulamby Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41213, "text": "NP00015938 Farrakhan Training and Construction cc"}, {"id": 41214, "text": "NL00015941 Nsingabantu C P - "}, {"id": 41215, "text": "NL00015942 Sheshani Creche - Nquthu"}, {"id": 41216, "text": "NL00015943 Bapaume Primary School- Mzinyathi"}, {"id": 41217, "text": "NL00015944 Dewaar Primary School - Mzinyathi"}, {"id": 42028, "text": "NL00019108 Goodhope Pre-School"}, {"id": 41218, "text": "NL00015945 Freddie Mhlongo Ikusasalethu Creche"}, {"id": 41219, "text": "NL00015946 Qwezi Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41220, "text": "NL00015947 Ntili Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41221, "text": "NL00015948 W Mtshilo Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41222, "text": "NL00015949 Khanyisani Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41223, "text": "NL00015950 Amakhemfundo Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41224, "text": "NL00015951 Amoibe Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41225, "text": "NL00015952 Joylands Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41226, "text": "NL00015953 Makeyi Primary School - Nquthu - Dundee"}, {"id": 41227, "text": "NP00015953 MMF Training Services cc"}, {"id": 41228, "text": "NL00015954 Kwanyezi Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 41229, "text": "NP00015956 Leo Brown Family Trust"}, {"id": 41230, "text": "NL00015956 Endumeni Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41231, "text": "NL00015958 Gwija Primary School - Nkandla"}, {"id": 41232, "text": "NL00015959 Domremy Primary School - Maphumulo"}, {"id": 41233, "text": "NL00015960 KwaNqgulu Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 41234, "text": "NL00015961 Matshana Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 41235, "text": "NL00015962 Sangweni C P School - Greytown"}, {"id": 41236, "text": "NL00015963 Ntabasibahle C P School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 41237, "text": "NL00015964 Zisize Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41238, "text": "NL00015965 Battersea Park Primary - Dundee"}, {"id": 41239, "text": "NL00015966 Ntanyandlovu Primary - Nqutu"}, {"id": 41240, "text": "NL00015967 Kubuyakwezwe Primary School - Greytown"}, {"id": 41241, "text": "NL00015968 Sibuyane Primary School - Kranskop"}, {"id": 41242, "text": "NL00015969 Luvisi Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 41243, "text": "NL00015973 Nolundi Creche"}, {"id": 41244, "text": "NL00015974 Daluxolo Pre School"}, {"id": 41245, "text": "NL00015975 Sonwabile Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41246, "text": "NL00015976 West End Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41247, "text": "NL00015977 Yibanathi Pre- School"}, {"id": 41248, "text": "NL00015978 Diana Davis Pre- School"}, {"id": 41249, "text": "NL00015979 Dorothy Tomlinson Pre- School"}, {"id": 41250, "text": "NL00015980 Zizamele Pre- School"}, {"id": 41251, "text": "NL00015981 Strelitzia Pre- Primary"}, {"id": 41457, "text": "NL00016272 Sheshani - Nquthu"}, {"id": 41252, "text": "NL00015982 Eagle Babes DayCare centre"}, {"id": 41253, "text": "NL00015983 The Rose of Sharon"}, {"id": 41254, "text": "NL00015984 Khulani Pre- School"}, {"id": 41255, "text": "NL00015985 Baby Bear Creche"}, {"id": 41256, "text": "NL00015986 Chief Albert Luthuli Pre- School"}, {"id": 41257, "text": "NL00015987 Nomonde Pre- School"}, {"id": 41258, "text": "NL00015988 Leseding"}, {"id": 41259, "text": "NL00015989 Paradise"}, {"id": 40885, "text": "NL00014863 Nonjinjika Creche"}, {"id": 41260, "text": "NL00015990 Kgatelopele"}, {"id": 41261, "text": "NL00015991 Tlhalefang"}, {"id": 41262, "text": "NL00015992 Rethabile"}, {"id": 41263, "text": "NL00015993 Phutaditshaba"}, {"id": 41264, "text": "NL00015994 Bloemhof Primary"}, {"id": 41265, "text": "NL00015995 Retataise"}, {"id": 41266, "text": "NL00015996 Tshwaraganang"}, {"id": 41267, "text": "NL00015997 Atamelang"}, {"id": 41268, "text": "NL00015998 Thusanang"}, {"id": 41272, "text": "NL00016004 Bahati HRD Solutions"}, {"id": 41273, "text": "NL00016006 Welisa Abafazi Business Services t a Zethembe Learning Academy "}, {"id": 41274, "text": "NL00016007 Tidasa"}, {"id": 41276, "text": "NL00016009 Thembela Dlokweni Support Services "}, {"id": 41277, "text": "NL00016010 MG Skills Development Training Centre "}, {"id": 41278, "text": "NL00016014 Bammilo Consulting Services"}, {"id": 41279, "text": "NL00016017 Nobhadula Trading Projects"}, {"id": 41280, "text": "NL00016018 Ulwazi Provider Support"}, {"id": 41281, "text": "NL00016020 Khangelabantu Trading cc"}, {"id": 41282, "text": "NL00016021 Matricia Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41283, "text": "NL00016022 Thora s Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41284, "text": "NL00016023 Siya Solutions "}, {"id": 41285, "text": "NL00016028 Inkoleko Trading"}, {"id": 41288, "text": "NL00016071 Madziba Training Development "}, {"id": 41289, "text": "NL00016072 Acete PTY Ltd "}, {"id": 41290, "text": "NL00016075 Schools environmental Education Development"}, {"id": 41291, "text": "NL00016077 Khanyisile Consulting Services cc"}, {"id": 41292, "text": "NL00016082 Maab Training Management PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41293, "text": "NP00016083 Leap Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 41294, "text": "NP00016084 D and D Lwazi Renaissance Research and Development Institute"}, {"id": 41295, "text": "NP00016085 Ramazwi Security Services and Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41296, "text": "NL00016086 Ikhwezi Community Radio Station"}, {"id": 41297, "text": "NL00016087 The Valley Trust"}, {"id": 41299, "text": "NL00016089 Ncome Combined School"}, {"id": 41301, "text": "NL00016091 Ethembeni Creche"}, {"id": 41302, "text": "NL00016092 Sifisokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 41303, "text": "NL00016093 Siphesihle Crech"}, {"id": 41304, "text": "NL00016094 Thuleleni Creche"}, {"id": 41305, "text": "NL00016095 Siyazama Creche"}, {"id": 41306, "text": "NL00016096 Wonderful Creche"}, {"id": 41307, "text": "NL00016097 Sakhulwazi Creche"}, {"id": 41308, "text": "NL00016098 Nswalakahla Primary School"}, {"id": 41309, "text": "NL00016099 Iqhawelesizwe Combined School"}, {"id": 41310, "text": "NL00016100 Lindumthetho Primary School"}, {"id": 41311, "text": "NL00016101 Ntshangase Primary School"}, {"id": 41312, "text": "NL00016102 Inkanyezi Pre School"}, {"id": 41313, "text": "NL00016103 Bhekuzulu Primary School"}, {"id": 41314, "text": "NL00016104 Nceceni Primary School"}, {"id": 41315, "text": "NL00016105 Enqabeni Combined School"}, {"id": 41316, "text": "NL00016106 Qediphika Primary School"}, {"id": 41317, "text": "NL00016107 Isiqulwane Primary School"}, {"id": 41318, "text": "NL00016108 Mdlenevu Primary School"}, {"id": 41319, "text": "NL00016109 Kwa-Sokoyi Primary School"}, {"id": 41320, "text": "NL00016110 Hluma Intermediate School"}, {"id": 41322, "text": "NL00016137 Qondukuphila Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41323, "text": "NL00016138 Sukuma Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41324, "text": "NL00016139 Zimisele Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41325, "text": "NL00016140 Zamukuphila Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41326, "text": "NL00016141 Siyathuthuka Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41327, "text": "NL00016142 Mkhomazi Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41328, "text": "NL00016143 Indabuko Creche "}, {"id": 41329, "text": "NL00016144 Mawela Creche"}, {"id": 41330, "text": "NL00016145 Khanyisani Creche Harding "}, {"id": 41331, "text": "NL00016146 Khulani Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41332, "text": "NL00016147 Zizamele Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41333, "text": "NL00016148 Mawozini Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41334, "text": "NL00016149 Qhubeka Creche Harding "}, {"id": 41335, "text": "NL00016150 Rietvlei Junior Secondary School"}, {"id": 41336, "text": "NL00016151 Sinozwelo Day Care Centre -Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41337, "text": "NL00016152 Siyakhula Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41338, "text": "NL00016153 Ekunengeleni Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41339, "text": "NL00016154 Vulindlela Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41340, "text": "NL00016155 Myembe JSS"}, {"id": 41341, "text": "NL00016156 Ekuthokozeni Creche harding "}, {"id": 41342, "text": "NL00016157 Zimeleni Creche harding "}, {"id": 41343, "text": "NL00016158 Khanyanjalo Creche harding "}, {"id": 41344, "text": "NL00016159 Khanyanjalo Pre-School harding "}, {"id": 41345, "text": "NL00016160 Enyandeni Primary School harding "}, {"id": 41346, "text": "NL00016161 Zamokuhle Junior Primary School"}, {"id": 41347, "text": "NL00016162 Dovedale Junior Secondary School"}, {"id": 41348, "text": "NL00016163 Kuyakhanya Creche harding "}, {"id": 41349, "text": "NL00016164 Mnkangala Primary School umzimkulu "}, {"id": 41350, "text": "NL00016165 Funulwazi Pre-School harding "}, {"id": 41351, "text": "NL00016166 Khayalethu Creche harding "}, {"id": 41352, "text": "NL00016167 St Faiths Junior Secondary School"}, {"id": 41353, "text": "NL00016168 Mandlalathi Primary School"}, {"id": 41354, "text": "NL00016169 Mayingwe Creche - Pomeroy"}, {"id": 41355, "text": "NL00016170 Intuthuko Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41356, "text": "NL00016171 Thembukuphila Creche - Elandskraal"}, {"id": 41357, "text": "NL00016172 Tholinhlanhla Combined Schools"}, {"id": 41358, "text": "NL00016173 Siyazama Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41359, "text": "NL00016174 Mathubesizwe Pre- School - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41360, "text": "NL00016175 Engcaza Primary School"}, {"id": 41361, "text": "NL00016176 Ntando Primary School"}, {"id": 41362, "text": "NL00016177 Siyabonga Creche Kranskop "}, {"id": 41364, "text": "NL00016179 Siphamandla Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41365, "text": "NL00016180 Injabulo Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41366, "text": "NL00016181 Mashunka Flagship Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41367, "text": "NL00016182 Muden Combined School"}, {"id": 41368, "text": "NL00016183 Emakhabeleni Primary School"}, {"id": 41369, "text": "NL00016184 Khayelihle Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41370, "text": "NL00016185 Ithelo Esihle Creche - Msinga"}, {"id": 41371, "text": "NL00016186 Othandweni Creche - Tugela Ferry"}, {"id": 41372, "text": "NL00016187 Glenrust Primary - Winterton"}, {"id": 41374, "text": "NL00016189 Ncengesi Primary School - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 41375, "text": "NL00016190 Celemfundo Primary - Winterton"}, {"id": 41376, "text": "NL00016191 Woodford C P School - Bergville"}, {"id": 41377, "text": "NL00016192 Hoffenthal Primary School - Bergville"}, {"id": 41378, "text": "NL00016193 Incwaba J P School - Ezakheni"}, {"id": 41379, "text": "NL00016194 Lubelo C P School - Wasbank"}, {"id": 41380, "text": "NL00016195 Sondoda Primary School - Wasbank"}, {"id": 41381, "text": "NL00016196 Gourton Bridge Primary School - Loskop"}, {"id": 41382, "text": "NL00016197 Ingceboyesizwe - Ezakheni"}, {"id": 41383, "text": "NL00016198 Nkunzi Primary School - Dundee"}, {"id": 41384, "text": "NL00016199 Lindokuhle Limehill Creche - Wasbank"}, {"id": 41385, "text": "NL00016200 Ncibidwane School - Estcourt"}, {"id": 41386, "text": "NL00016201 Siyakhula Pre-School Nqutu "}, {"id": 41387, "text": "NL00016202 Inkanyezi Creche Nqutu "}, {"id": 41388, "text": "NL00016203 Nomashaka Primary School"}, {"id": 41389, "text": "NL00016204 Nhlazane Primary School"}, {"id": 41390, "text": "NL00016205 Nondweni Primary School"}, {"id": 41391, "text": "NL00016206 Buhlebamangwe Primary School"}, {"id": 41392, "text": "NL00016207 Sibahle Creche Nqutu "}, {"id": 41393, "text": "NL00016208 Isibanisethu Pre-School"}, {"id": 41394, "text": "NL00016209 Buhlebuzovama Primary School"}, {"id": 41395, "text": "NL00016210 Phembisizwe pre-school Nqutu "}, {"id": 41396, "text": "NL00016211 Mashesheleng Primary School"}, {"id": 41397, "text": "NL00016212 Thandanani Creche Nqutu "}, {"id": 41398, "text": "NL00016213 Xongo Primary School"}, {"id": 41399, "text": "NL00016214 Mkhonjane Primary School"}, {"id": 41400, "text": "NL00016215 Ndatshana Primary School"}, {"id": 41401, "text": "NL00016216 Zizameleni Pre-School"}, {"id": 41402, "text": "NL00016217 Siyabuswa Pre-School Nqutu "}, {"id": 41403, "text": "NL00016218 Zamani Pre-School Nqutu "}, {"id": 41404, "text": "NL00016219 Thandanani Mazulu Creche Pongola "}, {"id": 41405, "text": "NL00016220 Inkosiyethu Creche Pongola "}, {"id": 41406, "text": "NL00016221 Buhlebemvelo Creche Pongola "}, {"id": 41407, "text": "NL00016222 Entokozweni Creche Pongola "}, {"id": 41408, "text": "NL00016223 Sherhen Pre-School pongola "}, {"id": 41409, "text": "NL00016224 Thembanini Creche pongola "}, {"id": 41410, "text": "NL00016225 Isisekelo Creche pongola "}, {"id": 41411, "text": "NL00016226 VULINGQONDO CRECHE PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41412, "text": "NL00016227 NQUBEKO CRECHE PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41413, "text": "NL00016228 THEMBANINI CRECHE2 PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41414, "text": "NL00016229 SINEGUGU CRECHE2 PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41415, "text": "NL00016230 ZAMUKUZAKHA CRECHE PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41416, "text": "NL00016231 SIYAZAMA CRECHE2 PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41417, "text": "NL00016232 MSHOKOBEZI JUNIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41418, "text": "NL00016233 OZWENI PRIMARY SCHOOL PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41419, "text": "NL00016234 SIZAKALA PRIMARY SCHOOL PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41420, "text": "NL00016235 UMGNAMA COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41421, "text": "NL00016236 PONGOLA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41422, "text": "NL00016237 ITSHELEJUBA JUNIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41423, "text": "NL00016238 PUMULA PRIMARY SCHOOL PONGOLA "}, {"id": 41424, "text": "NL00016239 Mankuntshane Creche NPS "}, {"id": 41425, "text": "NL00016240 Empola CP School NPS "}, {"id": 41426, "text": "NL00016241 Soul Primary School"}, {"id": 41427, "text": "NL00016242 Rheibokspruit Primary - Harrismith"}, {"id": 41428, "text": "NL00016243 Phumza Primary School"}, {"id": 41429, "text": "NL00016244 Fundeduze Primary School"}, {"id": 41430, "text": "NL00016245 Soul Senzakwenzeke Pre-School"}, {"id": 41431, "text": "NL00016246 KwaMqadi Primary School"}, {"id": 41432, "text": "NL00016247 Manyonga Primary School"}, {"id": 41433, "text": "NL00016248 Denver Zour Primary School"}, {"id": 41434, "text": "NL00016249 Munga Primary"}, {"id": 41435, "text": "NL00016250 Manyonga Primary School NPS "}, {"id": 41436, "text": "NL00016251 Denver Zour Primary School NPS "}, {"id": 41437, "text": "NL00016252 Vikinduku Primary School - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 41438, "text": "NL00016253 Kholokazana Primary School - Winterton"}, {"id": 41439, "text": "NL00016254 Vulekani Primary School - Estcourt"}, {"id": 41440, "text": "NL00016255 Ezwelethu Primary School - Bergville"}, {"id": 41441, "text": "NL00016256 Ididima Primary School - Bergville"}, {"id": 41442, "text": "NL00016257 Dumisa Primary School - Ezakheni"}, {"id": 41443, "text": "NL00016258 Nqobile Combined - Bergville"}, {"id": 41444, "text": "NL00016259 Mlitsheni J P School - Ezakheni"}, {"id": 41445, "text": "NL00016260 Bangibizo Primary School"}, {"id": 41446, "text": "NL00016261 Mehlomnyama Primary School"}, {"id": 41447, "text": "NL00016262 Izingolweni CP School"}, {"id": 41448, "text": "NL00016263 Beulah Primary School"}, {"id": 41449, "text": "NL00016264 Emthini Primary School"}, {"id": 41450, "text": "NL00016265 Etsheni Primary School"}, {"id": 41451, "text": "NL00016266 Thuthukani Mabhele JP School"}, {"id": 41452, "text": "NL00016267 Kwamiya Primary School - Bergville"}, {"id": 41453, "text": "NL00016268 Rantjiesvlakte Primary School - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 41454, "text": "NL00016269 Horseshoe Primary - Greytown"}, {"id": 41455, "text": "NL00016270 van Reenen Primary - Van Reenen"}, {"id": 41456, "text": "NL00016271 Inyamazwe P School - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 41458, "text": "NL00016273 Sibalukhulu Pre-School Day Care - Imbali"}, {"id": 41459, "text": "NL00016274 Qhamukile P School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41460, "text": "NL00016275 Hlanzeni Primary School - Mooi River"}, {"id": 41461, "text": "NL00016276 Zweliyazuza Primary School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41462, "text": "NL00016277 Vulamehlo Day Care Pre-Schoool"}, {"id": 41463, "text": "NL00016278 Mpofanyana Primary School - Mooiriver"}, {"id": 41464, "text": "NL00016279 Bucklands School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41465, "text": "NL00016280 Marton Estates Primary School - Howick"}, {"id": 41466, "text": "NL00016281 Fairleigh Primary School - Eston"}, {"id": 41467, "text": "NL00016282 Sivukile Creche - Wartburg"}, {"id": 41468, "text": "NL00016283 Siyafunda Creche - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41469, "text": "NL00016284 Isibani Pre School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41470, "text": "NL00016285 Carshalton Primary School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41471, "text": "NL00016286 Zamani Day Care Centre - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41472, "text": "NL00016287 Sphembokuhle Pre-School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41473, "text": "NL00016288 Qhamukile Primary School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41474, "text": "NL00016289 Middlefield Primary School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41475, "text": "NL00016290 Powerscourt Primary School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41476, "text": "NL00016291 Thandokuhle Creche Pre-School Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41477, "text": "NL00016292 Bruntville - Mooiriver"}, {"id": 41478, "text": "NL00016293 Cedara Primary School - Hilton"}, {"id": 41479, "text": "NL00016294 Thuthuka Pre-School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41480, "text": "NL00016295 Vrystaat Primary School - Mooiriver"}, {"id": 41481, "text": "NL00016296 Malungelo Creche - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41482, "text": "NL00016297 Sibonokuhle Primary School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41483, "text": "NL00016298 Imbubu Primary - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 41485, "text": "NL00016300 Siyazama Creche - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 41486, "text": "NL00016301 Zizuzele C P School - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 41487, "text": "NL00016302 Hlalunolwazi Primary School - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 41488, "text": "NL00016303 Hlalunolwazi Primary School - Umzinyati"}, {"id": 41489, "text": "NL00016304 Indoni J P School - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 41490, "text": "NL00016305 Thabo Primary School - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 41491, "text": "NL00016306 Zamokuhle Creche - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 41492, "text": "NL00016307 Ceremony Primary School"}, {"id": 41493, "text": "NL00016308 Mphise Primary School"}, {"id": 41494, "text": "NL00016309 Nkanyiso Pre-School"}, {"id": 41495, "text": "NL00016310 Joel Primary School"}, {"id": 41555, "text": "NL00022551 Zenzele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41556, "text": "NL00022552 Uncedo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41557, "text": "NL00022553 Sithuthukile Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41558, "text": "NL00022554 Zama1 Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41559, "text": "NL00022555 Tholulwazi Early Childhood Develoment Centre"}, {"id": 41560, "text": "NL00022556 Mdumiso Early Childhood"}, {"id": 41561, "text": "NL00022557 Sinethemba Early Childhood Development Centre"}, {"id": 41562, "text": "NL00022558 Bokamoso Early Childhood Develoment Centre"}, {"id": 41563, "text": "NL00022559 Vezubuhle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41564, "text": "NL00022560 Happy Nursery Care"}, {"id": 41565, "text": "NL00022561 Love World Day Care Tutoring"}, {"id": 41566, "text": "NL00022562 Phanagela Community Educare"}, {"id": 41567, "text": "NL00022563 Ikusasalethu Pre School"}, {"id": 41568, "text": "NL00022564 Mmabana Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41569, "text": "NL00022565 Thuka Mahlale day Care"}, {"id": 41570, "text": "NL00022566 Impumelelo Educare"}, {"id": 41571, "text": "NL00022567 Dudane Day Care"}, {"id": 41572, "text": "NL00022568 Sioc Community Development Trust"}, {"id": 41573, "text": "NL00022569 Manupath"}, {"id": 41574, "text": "NL00022570 Ngaphakathi Professionals CC"}, {"id": 41575, "text": "NL00022574 Inam Training Consultants"}, {"id": 41576, "text": "NL00022577 Lebzatainment Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 41577, "text": "NL00022578 Pacinamix Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41578, "text": "NL00022588 Mapkho"}, {"id": 41580, "text": "NP00022591 Josmap Training Institute"}, {"id": 41581, "text": "NP00022592 Dimensional and Edu Training cc"}, {"id": 41582, "text": "NP00022593 T A M AGRIDIV"}, {"id": 41584, "text": "NP00022596 Training B2B cc"}, {"id": 41590, "text": "NL00022606 Reyapele Human and Organisational Development"}, {"id": 41591, "text": "NL00022607 TZ investments"}, {"id": 41594, "text": "NL00022637 Empirical Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41595, "text": "NP00022638 SOMANDLA ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41596, "text": "NP00022639 Phephani Learnerships cc"}, {"id": 41598, "text": "NP00022641 Idibi Health and Safety PTY LTD"}, {"id": 42058, "text": "NL00019138 ESSELEN PARK PRIMARY"}, {"id": 41599, "text": "NP00022644 Reflections Development Institute"}, {"id": 41600, "text": "NL00022647 Thariya Thebe Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 41601, "text": "NL00022649 United Pharmaceutical Distributors"}, {"id": 41602, "text": "NL00022651 Thamane Educational Services"}, {"id": 41604, "text": "NP00022699 PWI Corporate Training"}, {"id": 41606, "text": "NL00022709 Nicosa Youth Careers Program t a Nicosa"}, {"id": 41607, "text": "NL00022712 Siphiwe Ngesihle Project "}, {"id": 41608, "text": "NL00022715 Shelintons Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41609, "text": "NL00022716 Xamere Trading cc"}, {"id": 41613, "text": "NP00022843 Turnstone Training Solutions"}, {"id": 41616, "text": "NP00022868 Highveld Digital Multimedia Productions"}, {"id": 41617, "text": "NP00022869 Ikhwezelihle Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41618, "text": "NP00022870 Motheo Skills Entity Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41619, "text": "NL00022871 The Skills Jar"}, {"id": 41620, "text": "NL00022872 BBLS Enterprise Trading"}, {"id": 41621, "text": "NL00022873 Ben and Richard FET College"}, {"id": 41622, "text": "NL00022874 BuyisiAfrika IKSP"}, {"id": 41623, "text": "NL00022875 Coaching with NLP"}, {"id": 41624, "text": "NL00022877 Emellang Training Development"}, {"id": 41625, "text": "NL00022878 ERGOFLOX 283"}, {"id": 41626, "text": "NL00022879 Forlgate Business College"}, {"id": 41627, "text": "NL00022881 Izalathiso Consultants"}, {"id": 41628, "text": "NL00022882 KEZZY Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41629, "text": "NL00022884 Mano Development Consulting"}, {"id": 41631, "text": "NP00022886 Mod-Mosh Projects and Consulting PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41632, "text": "NP00022887 Tshepo Hope Consulting"}, {"id": 41634, "text": "NP00022889 Ndwamato Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41636, "text": "NP00022891 Glere Skills Consultant Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41639, "text": "NP00022999 Moripe Business Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41642, "text": "NL00023002 Nemalale Eagles Consultancy"}, {"id": 41643, "text": "NL00023003 School Trade .net"}, {"id": 41644, "text": "NL00023004 TR Training Dev t a True Reflections"}, {"id": 41645, "text": "NL00023005 Sunshine Community Outreach Ministry of Youth With A Mission"}, {"id": 41646, "text": "NP00023011 Amabamba Recruitment"}, {"id": 41647, "text": "NL00023012 Kagisano ya MaAfrica Cleaning and Project"}, {"id": 41648, "text": "NL00023013 Bafedile M Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41649, "text": "NL00023014 Motshegwa Contruction and Accounting Services"}, {"id": 41650, "text": "NL00023015 Magase and Shakong Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41651, "text": "NL00023016 Madingoane and Family Construction cc"}, {"id": 41654, "text": "NP00023165 Peakford Management Consultants"}, {"id": 41656, "text": "NP00023167 Didintle Training Services"}, {"id": 41657, "text": "NP00023233 Norkem Leadership and Development PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41661, "text": "NL00021880 Childre s Disability Centre"}, {"id": 41662, "text": "NL00021882 Mlamuli M Connect Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41663, "text": "NL00021883 Hope Academic and Skill Centre cc"}, {"id": 41668, "text": "NL00021962 Integrated Training Solutions Pty LTD"}, {"id": 41671, "text": "NL00022034 Johnson Access PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 41673, "text": "NL00022088 Hope Academic "}, {"id": 41674, "text": "NL00022100 Broadacres Farm Nursery"}, {"id": 41675, "text": "NL00022101 Sehole Creche"}, {"id": 41676, "text": "NP00022102 Nkqubela Community Developers"}, {"id": 41678, "text": "NL00022104 NTOKOTO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41679, "text": "NL00022105 ALUWANI MANYII COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 41680, "text": "NL00022106 HANYANI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41681, "text": "NL00022107 RISIMA DAY CARE"}, {"id": 41682, "text": "NL00022108 KHENSANI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41683, "text": "NL00022109 EKURHULENI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 41684, "text": "NL00022110 FUMANI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41685, "text": "NL00022111 MAHORRISI CRECHE"}, {"id": 41980, "text": "NL00023459 Iymenz Day Care"}, {"id": 41686, "text": "NL00022112 MADABANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 41687, "text": "NL00022113 ITHUSENG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 41688, "text": "NL00022114 BAROMENG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 41689, "text": "NL00022115 VUMELANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 41690, "text": "NL00022116 VIOLETBANK COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 41691, "text": "NL00022117 TSEBO KE MAATLA PRE"}, {"id": 41692, "text": "NL00022118 MUKHOMI PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42915, "text": "NL00019511 MARSILLO CONSULTING"}, {"id": 41693, "text": "NL00022119 MBANGISENI CRECHE CUM PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41694, "text": "NL00022120 MMAGABOTSE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 41695, "text": "NL00022121 TIDZONDZENI CRECHE"}, {"id": 41696, "text": "NL00022122 NIGHTS PRE"}, {"id": 41697, "text": "NL00022123 GASEDI PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41698, "text": "NL00022124 MATSHEPOLE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41699, "text": "NL00022125 WISAHI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41700, "text": "NL00022126 CORNESTONE DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41701, "text": "NL00022127 ROTONDWAPIE"}, {"id": 41702, "text": "NL00022128 XIHLOVO XA VUTLHARI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 41703, "text": "NL00022129 NALEDI YA MASA"}, {"id": 41704, "text": "NL00022130 MONTEDI PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 41705, "text": "NL00022131 CAPELLA HOUSE"}, {"id": 41706, "text": "NL00022132 LAERSKOOL PANORAMA."}, {"id": 41707, "text": "NL00022135 Vuwa Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41708, "text": "NL00022138 Sathya Sai Education Trust of SA"}, {"id": 41709, "text": "NL00022139 Selithuswa Events Management "}, {"id": 41710, "text": "NL00022141 Siphosenkosi Community Development"}, {"id": 41711, "text": "NL00022143 Tirisano Ya Bakwena Consultants"}, {"id": 41712, "text": "NL00022144 Pi Company South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41718, "text": "NP00022206 M28 Consulting and Trading"}, {"id": 41719, "text": "NP00022207 Ndzuvani Skills Training Centre"}, {"id": 41720, "text": "NP00022208 LEDISA Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41721, "text": "NL00022210 LDM Training and Consulting cc t a Blue Blue Earth"}, {"id": 41722, "text": "NL00022212 Legitimate Leadership cc"}, {"id": 41724, "text": "NL00022226 S A Skills Solutions"}, {"id": 41725, "text": "NL00022240 Virtual University"}, {"id": 41726, "text": "NL00022259 Edu Pearl- Education For Practitioners in Early Childhood Development Pty Ltd t a Edu Pearl"}, {"id": 41728, "text": "NP00022264 Orchards Graduate School Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41767, "text": "NL00022421 Bongu musa Educare"}, {"id": 41729, "text": "NP00022266 SizaNesu Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41731, "text": "NL00022286 Damelin Correspondence College"}, {"id": 41732, "text": "NP00022288 MCS Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 41733, "text": "NP00022289 Eskilz College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41734, "text": "NP00022290 Seventh Avenue Training 508"}, {"id": 41745, "text": "NP00022335 Workskills Training Solutions WTS "}, {"id": 41746, "text": "NL00022336 Abshel Solutions"}, {"id": 41747, "text": "NL00022337 Abakhonzi Moral Institute"}, {"id": 41748, "text": "NL00022338 Anawanti Development "}, {"id": 41749, "text": "NL00022339 Basella Maintenance"}, {"id": 41750, "text": "NL00022340 Batau Babohlale"}, {"id": 41751, "text": "NL00022341 LETSETE BEHUB"}, {"id": 41752, "text": "NL00022342 Kamagi Trading"}, {"id": 41753, "text": "NL00022343 Moxology Trading "}, {"id": 41754, "text": "NP00022352 Simonsberg Mining Training School PTY LTD "}, {"id": 41755, "text": "NL00022358 Thaba Information Resources"}, {"id": 41756, "text": "NP00022362 Institute for Local Government and Housing IL G H "}, {"id": 41758, "text": "NL00022364 Hatfield Training Centre"}, {"id": 41759, "text": "NP00022413 All In One Driving Academy"}, {"id": 41761, "text": "NP00022415 Mokete Training and Consulting Services"}, {"id": 41763, "text": "NL00022417 Banaki English Medium"}, {"id": 41764, "text": "NL00022418 Bantfwabetfu Educare"}, {"id": 41765, "text": "NL00022419 Bathupelo Educare"}, {"id": 41766, "text": "NL00022420 Bantfwana Labahlakaniphile Educare "}, {"id": 42131, "text": "NL00019213 NUM"}, {"id": 41768, "text": "NL00022422 Dludluma Pre-School"}, {"id": 41769, "text": "NL00022423 Ebenga Pre-School"}, {"id": 41770, "text": "NL00022424 Ebeneza Educare"}, {"id": 41771, "text": "NL00022425 Emkhunjini Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41772, "text": "NL00022426 God Is Able Day Care"}, {"id": 41773, "text": "NL00022427 God Is Good Pre-School"}, {"id": 41775, "text": "NL00022429 Heyday Educare"}, {"id": 41776, "text": "NL00022430 Hoyi Pre-School"}, {"id": 41777, "text": "NL00022431 Imfindvo Sikhali Educare"}, {"id": 41778, "text": "NL00022432 Impumelelo Pre-School"}, {"id": 41779, "text": "NL00022433 Kamhlushwa Educare"}, {"id": 41780, "text": "NL00022434 Khulamhlushwa Prs-School"}, {"id": 41781, "text": "NL00022435 Kunene Multilingual Pre-School"}, {"id": 41782, "text": "NL00022436 Lambokazi Educare"}, {"id": 41783, "text": "NL00022437 Masan High School"}, {"id": 41784, "text": "NL00022438 Sedibeng HP School"}, {"id": 41785, "text": "NL00022439 Boikhutso Primary School"}, {"id": 41786, "text": "NL00022440 Narishe P School"}, {"id": 41787, "text": "NL00022441 Lehlasedi High School"}, {"id": 42398, "text": "NL00018501 Zamani Creche"}, {"id": 41788, "text": "NL00022442 Serisha High School"}, {"id": 41789, "text": "NL00022443 Ditau Secondary School"}, {"id": 41790, "text": "NL00022444 Sekhukhusa Secondary School"}, {"id": 41791, "text": "NL00022445 Lesesdi Primary School"}, {"id": 41792, "text": "NL00022446 Ngwarele Primary School"}, {"id": 41793, "text": "NL00022447 Ikhwezi Creche"}, {"id": 41794, "text": "NL00022448 Nkosinathi Project"}, {"id": 41795, "text": "NL00022449 Macandies Creche"}, {"id": 41796, "text": "NL00022450 Mati yo Tenga"}, {"id": 41797, "text": "NL00022451 Mikateko Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41798, "text": "NL00022452 Moxology Trading and Services"}, {"id": 41799, "text": "NL00022453 Landulwazi Pre-School"}, {"id": 41800, "text": "NL00022454 Likusasaletfu Day Care"}, {"id": 41801, "text": "NP00022455 Training Business 2 Business cc"}, {"id": 41802, "text": "NL00022456 Luvokwethu Pre-School"}, {"id": 41803, "text": "NL00022457 Marula Educare"}, {"id": 41804, "text": "NL00022458 Masibambisane Day Care"}, {"id": 42007, "text": "NL00019087 Sbahle Creche"}, {"id": 41805, "text": "NL00022459 Mlondvoloti Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41806, "text": "NL00022460 Mnguni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41807, "text": "NL00022461 Nhlakanipho Day Care"}, {"id": 41808, "text": "NL00022462 Nsizwane Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41809, "text": "NL00022463 Othandweni Pre School"}, {"id": 41810, "text": "NL00022464 Phola Pre School"}, {"id": 41811, "text": "NL00022465 Redeem Educare"}, {"id": 41812, "text": "NL00022466 Sallem Pre School"}, {"id": 41813, "text": "NL00022467 Sazanokhuhle Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41814, "text": "NL00022468 Sibusiswe Educare"}, {"id": 41815, "text": "NL00022469 Sihlagu Educare"}, {"id": 41816, "text": "NL00022470 Sihlangene Educare"}, {"id": 41817, "text": "NL00022471 Sijabulile Pre-School"}, {"id": 41819, "text": "NL00022473 Siphakamiseni Educare"}, {"id": 41820, "text": "NL00022474 Siphumelele Pre School"}, {"id": 41821, "text": "NL00022475 Sisebentile Pre School"}, {"id": 41822, "text": "NL00022476 Sivukile Young Developers Creche"}, {"id": 41823, "text": "NL00022477 Siyakhula Pre School"}, {"id": 41824, "text": "NL00022478 Siyanakelela Educare"}, {"id": 41825, "text": "NL00022479 Siyaphambili Pre School"}, {"id": 41826, "text": "NL00022480 Siyatfutfuka Pre School"}, {"id": 41827, "text": "NL00022481 Sizanani Pre School"}, {"id": 41828, "text": "NL00022482 Skhulangokwati Educare"}, {"id": 41829, "text": "NL00022483 Skhulile Centre"}, {"id": 41830, "text": "NL00022484 Steenbok Pre School"}, {"id": 41831, "text": "NL00022485 Sukumani Creche 1"}, {"id": 41832, "text": "NL00022486 Tfutfukani Creche"}, {"id": 41833, "text": "NL00022487 Thambokhulu Creche"}, {"id": 41834, "text": "NL00022488 Thandanani Educare"}, {"id": 41835, "text": "NL00022489 Thandolwethu Pre School"}, {"id": 41836, "text": "NL00022490 Thandulwazi Educare Centre 1"}, {"id": 41837, "text": "NL00022491 Thembalethu Educare"}, {"id": 41838, "text": "NL00022492 Thembeka Pre School"}, {"id": 41839, "text": "NL00022493 Rophe Counselling Services"}, {"id": 41840, "text": "NL00022494 Dumellang Bana Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41841, "text": "NL00022495 Ratlakgona Educare"}, {"id": 41842, "text": "NL00022496 Precious Edu-care and Project"}, {"id": 41843, "text": "NL00022497 Ntshabohlale Edu-Care"}, {"id": 41844, "text": "NL00022498 Kopanong Educare"}, {"id": 41845, "text": "NL00022499 Muhle DayCare"}, {"id": 41846, "text": "NL00022500 Masegodi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41847, "text": "NL00022501 Thuthukani Edu Care"}, {"id": 41848, "text": "NL00022502 CVO Omega Akademie"}, {"id": 41849, "text": "NL00022503 InnerCiy Mission For Children"}, {"id": 41850, "text": "NL00022504 Thembumelusi"}, {"id": 41851, "text": "NL00022505 Thuthuka Educare"}, {"id": 41852, "text": "NL00022506 Thuthukani Pre School"}, {"id": 41853, "text": "NL00022507 Tivuseni Educare"}, {"id": 41854, "text": "NL00022508 Vulamehlo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42008, "text": "NL00019088 Embizeni Creche"}, {"id": 41855, "text": "NL00022509 Wisdom in Paradise Educare"}, {"id": 41856, "text": "NL00022510 Zakhele Community Creche"}, {"id": 41857, "text": "NL00022511 Zx Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41858, "text": "NL00022512 Thutopele Educare"}, {"id": 41859, "text": "NL00022513 Muzekhaya Community Creche"}, {"id": 41860, "text": "NL00022514 Mantwani Educare"}, {"id": 41861, "text": "NL00022515 Phekelela Community Educare"}, {"id": 41862, "text": "NL00022516 Lehlabale Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41863, "text": "NL00022517 Wozobona1 Educare"}, {"id": 41864, "text": "NL00022518 Leseding Educare"}, {"id": 41865, "text": "NL00022519 Vulinqondo Educare"}, {"id": 41866, "text": "NL00022520 Thabang Educare"}, {"id": 41867, "text": "NL00022521 Bophelong Educare"}, {"id": 41868, "text": "NL00022522 Umakgole Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41869, "text": "NL00022523 Bekeleza Educare"}, {"id": 41870, "text": "NL00022524 Phosiwe Community Educare"}, {"id": 41871, "text": "NL00022525 Sizabontu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41872, "text": "NL00022526 Simunye Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41874, "text": "NL00022528 Maphptla Community Centre"}, {"id": 41875, "text": "NL00022529 Lethu Edu Care"}, {"id": 41876, "text": "NL00022530 Thokozani Day Care"}, {"id": 41877, "text": "NL00022531 Mahlasedi Educare"}, {"id": 41878, "text": "NL00022532 Nkosinathi Educare"}, {"id": 41879, "text": "NL00022533 Jabulani Educare"}, {"id": 42009, "text": "NL00019089 Siyaphambili Pre-School"}, {"id": 41880, "text": "NL00022534 Sithemembele Community Creche"}, {"id": 41881, "text": "NL00022535 The Way Educare"}, {"id": 41882, "text": "NL00022536 Mahlatse Educare"}, {"id": 41883, "text": "NL00022537 Mathethe Educare"}, {"id": 41884, "text": "NL00022538 Letsatsing Educare"}, {"id": 41885, "text": "NL00022539 Khayalami Educare and Project"}, {"id": 41886, "text": "NL00022540 Siza Bantwana Education"}, {"id": 41887, "text": "NL00022541 Leseding1 Educare"}, {"id": 41888, "text": "NL00022542 Tholinhlakanipho Day Care"}, {"id": 41889, "text": "NL00022543 Thandabantwana Educare"}, {"id": 41890, "text": "NL00022544 R J Segolela Pre School"}, {"id": 41891, "text": "NL00022545 Qinani Pre School"}, {"id": 41892, "text": "NL00022546 Zama Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41893, "text": "NL00022547 Impumelelo Early Childhood Development Centre"}, {"id": 41894, "text": "NL00022548 Noah s Ark Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41895, "text": "NL00022549 Thokhozani day Care"}, {"id": 41896, "text": "NL00022550 Thembalethu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41897, "text": "NP00023293 Innovatus FET College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 41900, "text": "NP00023296 Hugenote College"}, {"id": 41901, "text": "NL00023297 Inala Training and Development"}, {"id": 41902, "text": "NL00023298 Claredon Primary School"}, {"id": 42037, "text": "NL00019117 Vukuzame Edu-care"}, {"id": 46160, "text": "NL00024106 Sepaupau Training Academy "}, {"id": 41904, "text": "NL00023381 Makhuvele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41905, "text": "NL00023382 Magona Day Care"}, {"id": 41906, "text": "NL00023383 VatsongongwaniDay Care Centre"}, {"id": 41907, "text": "NL00023384 Site Peters Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41908, "text": "NL00023385 Vumbiwa Day Care"}, {"id": 41909, "text": "NL00023386 BHCC Training Academy"}, {"id": 41910, "text": "NL00023387 Mganduzweni Pre Creche"}, {"id": 44191, "text": "NL00017154 Nape Day Care"}, {"id": 41911, "text": "NL00023388 Ndlavela Educare"}, {"id": 41912, "text": "NL00023389 New Wine Christian School"}, {"id": 41913, "text": "NL00023390 Thembumelusi Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41914, "text": "NL00023391 Khulamanzini Day Care"}, {"id": 41915, "text": "NL00023392 Khayalethu Two Care Centre"}, {"id": 41916, "text": "NL00023393 Bright Future Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41917, "text": "NL00023394 Siphumalanga Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41918, "text": "NL00023395 Eyethu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41919, "text": "NL00023396 Sitfokotile Creche"}, {"id": 41920, "text": "NL00023397 Khuthukuthula Comm Care Centre"}, {"id": 41921, "text": "NL00023398 Lutsandvo Pre School"}, {"id": 41922, "text": "NL00023399 Arise Educare Project"}, {"id": 41923, "text": "NL00023400 Joy Day Care"}, {"id": 41924, "text": "NL00023401 Tfutfuka Mhaule Pre School"}, {"id": 41925, "text": "NL00023402 Nazarene Edu-Care"}, {"id": 41926, "text": "NL00023403 Phakama Edu-Care"}, {"id": 41927, "text": "NL00023404 Ifalethu Edu Care Centre"}, {"id": 41928, "text": "NL00023405 Bhethel Creche Pre School"}, {"id": 41929, "text": "NL00023406 Sozama Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41930, "text": "NL00023407 Little Star Pre School"}, {"id": 41931, "text": "NL00023408 Active Pre Creche"}, {"id": 41932, "text": "NL00023409 Inhlakanipho Pre Creche"}, {"id": 41933, "text": "NL00023410 Kgolkgolo EduCare Centre"}, {"id": 41934, "text": "NL00023411 Machawe Edu Care"}, {"id": 41935, "text": "NL00023412 Point of Grace Creche"}, {"id": 41936, "text": "NL00023413 Fundzani Pre Creche"}, {"id": 41937, "text": "NL00023414 Valencia Day Care"}, {"id": 41938, "text": "NL00023415 Buhle Buyeta Educare"}, {"id": 41939, "text": "NL00023416 Tswelopelo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41940, "text": "NL00023417 Mthunzini Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41941, "text": "NL00023418 Uthando Educare Centre"}, {"id": 41942, "text": "NL00023419 Nomsa Day Care"}, {"id": 41943, "text": "NL00023420 Sivikelekile Pre School"}, {"id": 41944, "text": "NL00023421 Takalani Day Care"}, {"id": 41945, "text": "NL00023422 White Hall Trading and Projects 128 cc"}, {"id": 41946, "text": "NL00023423 Sisonke Pre-Creche"}, {"id": 41947, "text": "NL00023424 Melesi Day Care"}, {"id": 41948, "text": "NL00023425 SinozweloPre School"}, {"id": 41949, "text": "NL00023426 Resepect Pre-Creche"}, {"id": 41950, "text": "NL00023427 Timeleni Pre Creche"}, {"id": 41951, "text": "NL00023428 Thembalakhe Pre Creche"}, {"id": 41952, "text": "NL00023429 Siphumelele Creche"}, {"id": 41953, "text": "NL00023430 Mdumseni Day Care"}, {"id": 41954, "text": "NL00023431 Sisita Sfve"}, {"id": 41955, "text": "NL00023432 Pretty Moon Pre School"}, {"id": 41956, "text": "NL00023433 Siyathuthuka Pre Creche"}, {"id": 41957, "text": "NL00023434 Ephiphatha Kiddie Centre"}, {"id": 41958, "text": "NL00023435 Entokozweni Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 41959, "text": "NL00023436 Only God Knows Pre School"}, {"id": 41960, "text": "NL00023437 Likusasalutfu Pre School"}, {"id": 41961, "text": "NL00023439 Bantfwabethu Edu Care Centre"}, {"id": 41962, "text": "NL00023440 First Step Pre-School and Day Care"}, {"id": 41963, "text": "NL00023441 Siphokophele Edu Care"}, {"id": 41964, "text": "NL00023442 Sive Siyavuma"}, {"id": 41965, "text": "NL00023443 Mtfunyelwa Creche"}, {"id": 41966, "text": "NP00023445 Lumk Training Academy"}, {"id": 41967, "text": "NL00023446 Knowledge Day Care"}, {"id": 41968, "text": "NL00023447 Kgaladi Day Care"}, {"id": 41969, "text": "NL00023448 Khutsong Day Care"}, {"id": 41970, "text": "NL00023449 Kiddies Tabernacle Day Care"}, {"id": 41971, "text": "NL00023450 Oratile Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41972, "text": "NL00023451 Omphile ECD Centre"}, {"id": 41973, "text": "NL00023452 Naledi Sechaba Day Care"}, {"id": 41974, "text": "NL00023453 Sizabantu Day Care"}, {"id": 41975, "text": "NP00023454 Servilinx 93 t a Ikhono Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 41976, "text": "NL00023455 MJ Day and Night Care"}, {"id": 41977, "text": "NL00023456 Lesedi Daycare"}, {"id": 41978, "text": "NL00023457 Keletso Daycare"}, {"id": 41979, "text": "NL00023458 Mpumelelo Day Care "}, {"id": 41981, "text": "NL00023460 Isibonelo Nursery School"}, {"id": 41982, "text": "NL00023461 Iketleng Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 41983, "text": "NL00023462 Ikhayalisha Day Care"}, {"id": 41984, "text": "NL00023463 Horizontal Day Care"}, {"id": 41985, "text": "NL00023464 Kulani Day Care"}, {"id": 41986, "text": "NL00023465 Ekemeleng ELC"}, {"id": 41987, "text": "NL00023466 Motheo Cornrestone Pre School"}, {"id": 41988, "text": "NL00023467 Demedro Day Care"}, {"id": 41989, "text": "NL00023468 Kulanii Day Care"}, {"id": 41990, "text": "NL00023469 Kulanni Day Care"}, {"id": 41991, "text": "NL00023470 Mohau Early Learning Center"}, {"id": 41992, "text": "NL00023471 Lethabong Day Care SNS"}, {"id": 41993, "text": "NL00023472 Lesedii Daycare"}, {"id": 41994, "text": "NL00023473 Thusanang Daycare"}, {"id": 41995, "text": "NL00023474 Angel Academy Daycare"}, {"id": 41996, "text": "NL00023475 Arize and Shine Daycare"}, {"id": 41997, "text": "NL00023476 Delight Day Care"}, {"id": 41998, "text": "NL00023477 Bohlale Day CAre"}, {"id": 41999, "text": "NL00023478 Basetsana Day Care"}, {"id": 42000, "text": "NL00023479 Bana Pele Day Care"}, {"id": 42001, "text": "NL00023480 Delightt Day Care"}, {"id": 42002, "text": "NL00023481 Prince CJ Daycare"}, {"id": 42003, "text": "NL00019083 Sbusisiwe Pre-School"}, {"id": 42004, "text": "NL00019084 Elangabini Creche"}, {"id": 42005, "text": "NL00019085 Mthombowolwazi Creche"}, {"id": 42006, "text": "NL00019086 Kulothandweni Creche "}, {"id": 42010, "text": "NL00019090 Siyathuthuka Child Edu-care Centre"}, {"id": 42011, "text": "NL00019091 Hlanganani Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 42012, "text": "NL00019092 Peaceville CP School"}, {"id": 42013, "text": "NL00019093 Injejane Creche"}, {"id": 42014, "text": "NL00019094 Sthuthukile Creche"}, {"id": 42015, "text": "NL00019095 Green Light Creche"}, {"id": 42016, "text": "NL00019096 Gugulethu Creche"}, {"id": 42018, "text": "NL00019098 Entokozweni Place of Care"}, {"id": 42019, "text": "NL00019099 Khulakahle Creche Inchanga "}, {"id": 42020, "text": "NL00019100 Baby Bear Pre-Scool"}, {"id": 42021, "text": "NL00019101 Sigcawu Creche"}, {"id": 42022, "text": "NL00019102 Ekutthuthukeni Pre-School"}, {"id": 42023, "text": "NL00019103 Maphindela Creche Pre-School"}, {"id": 42024, "text": "NL00019104 Langelihle Creche-Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42026, "text": "NL00019105 Tholulwazi Creche-Inchanga"}, {"id": 42029, "text": "NL00019109 Tholokuhle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 42030, "text": "NL00019110 Never Never Land Creche"}, {"id": 42032, "text": "NL00019112 Mpumelelo Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 42033, "text": "NL00019113 Ilonathemba Day Care Centre and Pre-School"}, {"id": 42034, "text": "NL00019114 Grace Chapel Creche"}, {"id": 42035, "text": "NL00019115 Gods Little Lamb Creche"}, {"id": 42036, "text": "NL00019116 Senzokuhle Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 42038, "text": "NL00019118 Masakhane Creche"}, {"id": 42039, "text": "NL00019119 Umusa Wenkosi Pre-School"}, {"id": 42040, "text": "NL00019120 Siyazama Educare adn Play Centre"}, {"id": 42041, "text": "NL00019121 Nhlalonhle Creche"}, {"id": 42042, "text": "NL00019122 Thembelihle Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 42043, "text": "NL00019123 Thandokuhle Creche-Merrival"}, {"id": 42044, "text": "NL00019124 HUGO RUST PRIMARY"}, {"id": 42045, "text": "NL00019125 NEWTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42046, "text": "NL00019126 LAERSKOOL HUGENOTE"}, {"id": 42047, "text": "NL00019127 Siyagoba Creche - Howick"}, {"id": 42048, "text": "NL00019128 KLAPMUTS"}, {"id": 42049, "text": "NL00019129 Inkanyiso Day Care Centre - Howick"}, {"id": 42050, "text": "NL00019130 Winterton Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42051, "text": "NL00019131 Sweet Harmony Creche"}, {"id": 42052, "text": "NL00019132 Gugulethe Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42053, "text": "NL00019133 LAERSKOOL PORTEVILLE"}, {"id": 42054, "text": "NL00019134 Thandanani Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42055, "text": "NL00019135 Thuthuka Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42056, "text": "NL00019136 AMSTELLHOF PRIMARY"}, {"id": 42057, "text": "NL00019137 Senzokuhle Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42060, "text": "NL00019140 Sthokozile Creche2 -Harding"}, {"id": 42061, "text": "NL00019141 Zamimfundo Creche -Harding"}, {"id": 42062, "text": "NL00019142 Sweet Harmony Creche- Harding "}, {"id": 42063, "text": "NL00019143 Mkhoba Creche -Harding"}, {"id": 42064, "text": "NL00019144 Nobantu Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42065, "text": "NL00019145 Senzokuhle Creche Harding"}, {"id": 42066, "text": "NL00019146 Sbonelo Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42067, "text": "NL00019147 Siyazama no2 Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42068, "text": "NL00019148 Siyazama no2 Creche - Harding "}, {"id": 42070, "text": "NL00019150 Miickfield School"}, {"id": 42071, "text": "NL00019151 Bergvlei High School"}, {"id": 42072, "text": "NL00019152 RUSTENBERG GIRLS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42074, "text": "NL00019155 St Albans Primary School"}, {"id": 42075, "text": "NL00019156 Berbice Primary School - Pongola"}, {"id": 42076, "text": "NL00019157 NMMU"}, {"id": 42090, "text": "NL00019172 Mbolaba Primary - Pongola"}, {"id": 42091, "text": "NL00019173 THE HAQUE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42093, "text": "NL00019175 ELF MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 42096, "text": "NL00019178 ST LUKE S HOSPICE"}, {"id": 42097, "text": "NL00019179 THE PARRAFIN SAFETY ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 42098, "text": "NL00019180 MASIPHUMELELE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42099, "text": "NL00019181 WESFLEUR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42100, "text": "NL00019182 ROSENDAL FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 42101, "text": "NL00019183 VAATJIE PRIMARY SCHHOL"}, {"id": 42102, "text": "NL00019184 C L WLLMOT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42103, "text": "NL00019185 BELLVILLE PREPRATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42104, "text": "NL00019186 WELLINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42105, "text": "NL00019187 PELLA MOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42107, "text": "NL00019189 BBKTA"}, {"id": 42109, "text": "NL00019191 LEIDEN AVENUE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42110, "text": "NL00019192 COLLIN MOSES WELLINGTON PRIMARY"}, {"id": 42115, "text": "NL00019197 JUNIOR COLLEGE SANDTON"}, {"id": 42116, "text": "NP00019198 THE GARDENS"}, {"id": 42117, "text": "NL00019199 MAHUMETSI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 42118, "text": "NL00019200 SUCCESS DAY CARE"}, {"id": 42119, "text": "NL00019201 THANDALANI PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42120, "text": "NP00019202 sunawahau day care"}, {"id": 42121, "text": "NL00019203 morning star day care"}, {"id": 42122, "text": "NL00019204 NORAS EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 42123, "text": "NL00019205 UNITY D C PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42124, "text": "NL00019206 MDELELWA HLONGWANE P S"}, {"id": 42125, "text": "NL00019207 GRACE EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 42126, "text": "NL00019208 NANCY M C DOWELL PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42129, "text": "NL00019211 NC PREMIER OFFICE INTERNSHIP"}, {"id": 42132, "text": "NL00019214 depatrment of home affairs"}, {"id": 42133, "text": "NL00019215 willow crescent sec"}, {"id": 42136, "text": "NL00019218 LEHAE TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 42137, "text": "NL00019219 EXPLORE CONNECTIONS"}, {"id": 42141, "text": "NL00019224 Themanini Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 42142, "text": "NL00019225 Sibanisethu Creche - Pongolo"}, {"id": 42143, "text": "NL00019238 King Cyprian Primary School- Pongola"}, {"id": 42144, "text": "NL00019239 Nqwebini Primary School -Pongola"}, {"id": 42145, "text": "NL00019240 Nodweni Primary School- Nquthu"}, {"id": 42146, "text": "NL00019241 Itaka Primary -Nqutu"}, {"id": 42147, "text": "NL00019242 Imfundiso Skills Development"}, {"id": 42150, "text": "NL00019245 Buhlebuzovuma Primary-Nquthu"}, {"id": 42151, "text": "NL00019246 Wandering Star trading 10 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42152, "text": "NL00019247 Qediphika Primay- Nquthu"}, {"id": 42153, "text": "NL00019250 Envandeni Primary School -Harding"}, {"id": 42154, "text": "NL00019251 Ntaba Primary School-harding"}, {"id": 42155, "text": "NL00019252 Funulwazi Creche - harding"}, {"id": 42156, "text": "NL00019253 Ladam Pre- School -harding"}, {"id": 42157, "text": "NL00019254 Ladam Pre - School -Mzimkhulu"}, {"id": 42158, "text": "NL00019255 Phethei J.S.S - umzimkhulu"}, {"id": 42159, "text": "NL00019256 Zamokuhle Junior Primary School - Umzimkhulu"}, {"id": 42160, "text": "NL00019257 Ncaza Primary School - KRANSKOP"}, {"id": 42161, "text": "NL00019258 Quarme C.P School - Kranskop"}, {"id": 42162, "text": "NL00019259 Madakane Primary School - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 42163, "text": "NL00019260 Othandweni Primary School -Portshejpstone"}, {"id": 42292, "text": "NL00018395 Shandukani"}, {"id": 42164, "text": "NL00019261 Isiquiwane Primary School - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 42165, "text": "NL00019262 KwaSokoyi Primary School - Vryhheid"}, {"id": 42166, "text": "NL00019263 Thungelihle Pre School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 42167, "text": "NL00019264 Siyabuswa Primary - Nquthu"}, {"id": 42168, "text": "NL00019265 Ndatshane Primary - Nquthu"}, {"id": 42169, "text": "NL00019266 Lindokuhle Primary -Nquthu "}, {"id": 42170, "text": "NL00019267 Xongo Primary - Nquthu"}, {"id": 42171, "text": "NL00019268 Manzampofu - Nquthu"}, {"id": 42172, "text": "NL00019269 Kuyakhanya Creche- Harding"}, {"id": 42176, "text": "NL00019273 Imfume Zakhele Creche -Mbmbulu"}, {"id": 42177, "text": "NL00019274 Nomafu Creche -Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42178, "text": "NL00019275 Intuthuko Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42179, "text": "NL00019276 Ukukhanya kwezwe Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42180, "text": "NL00019277 Phambili Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42181, "text": "NL00019278 Zimisele Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42182, "text": "NL00019279 Khanya Day Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42183, "text": "NL00019280 Embali Creche - Umbumbulu"}, {"id": 42184, "text": "NL00019281 Folweni Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42185, "text": "NL00019282 Masibmbane Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42186, "text": "NL00019283 Ekuthobeka Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42187, "text": "NL00019284 Magabheni Crche - MBUMBULU"}, {"id": 42188, "text": "NL00019285 Othiyeni Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42189, "text": "NL00019286 Thembeni Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42190, "text": "NL00019287 Ekuzameni Creche - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42191, "text": "NL00019288 Phembisizwe Edu-Care - Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42192, "text": "NL00019289 Uthando Childcare Centre -Mbumbulu"}, {"id": 42200, "text": "NL00019298 Sibusisiwe Day-care Centre - Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42205, "text": "NL00019302 Ekwanameni Creche - Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42207, "text": "NL00019308 Ekuthuthukeni Pre-School - Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42210, "text": "NL00019309 Sigcawu Creche - Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42211, "text": "NL00019313 Khulakahle David Beare Centre - Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42212, "text": "NL00019315 Sibahle Pre-School and Creche - Hammarsdale"}, {"id": 42213, "text": "NL00019316 Lingelethu Creche -Harding"}, {"id": 42214, "text": "NL00019317 Khayalethu Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42215, "text": "NL00019318 Thembeka Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42216, "text": "NL00019319 Zilungisele Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42217, "text": "NL00019320 Ekubusisweni Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42218, "text": "NL00019321 Sibonelo Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42219, "text": "NP00019322 National Council for the Blind"}, {"id": 42222, "text": "NL00019326 Setotolwane Elsen Special School"}, {"id": 42223, "text": "NL00019327 icb"}, {"id": 42224, "text": "NL00019328 mloboka hr trading and project"}, {"id": 42225, "text": "NL00019329 shikaya DC"}, {"id": 42227, "text": "NL00019331 CENTOSPACE"}, {"id": 42229, "text": "NL00019333 ANC YOUTH LEAGUE"}, {"id": 42230, "text": "NL00019338 WESTERN CAPE YOUTH COMMISION"}, {"id": 42231, "text": "NL00019342 HIDOSOURCE t a RPL.Net"}, {"id": 42237, "text": "NL00019350 ST JOSEPH S MARIST COLLEGE SENIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42238, "text": "NL00019351 THANDOKHULU SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42240, "text": "NL00019353 phakama high school"}, {"id": 42242, "text": "NL00019355 GRAVEBY HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42243, "text": "NL00019356 KUILRIVER TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42244, "text": "NL00019357 matthew goniwe memorial high school"}, {"id": 42245, "text": "NL00019358 perseverance high school"}, {"id": 42246, "text": "NL00019359 FEZEKA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42247, "text": "NL00019360 IKANVALETHU SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42248, "text": "NL00019361 BLACK HEALTH HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42249, "text": "NL00019362 TYGERBURG HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42252, "text": "NL00019366 Bongumusa Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42254, "text": "NL00019368 Gugulabasha Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42255, "text": "NL00019369 Thandanani No 1 Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42256, "text": "NL00019370 Ekuzameni Creche - Harding "}, {"id": 42257, "text": "NL00019371 Masibumbane Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42258, "text": "NL00019372 Ekuthuthukeni Pre - School - Harmmasdale"}, {"id": 42259, "text": "NL00019373 Thembelihle Pre School - Howick"}, {"id": 42260, "text": "NL00019374 Carmel Pre -School and Care Centre - Howick"}, {"id": 42262, "text": "NP00019397 Inxuba Yethemba Municipality"}, {"id": 42264, "text": "NP00019399 Think Tank Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 42275, "text": "NL00019413 THEKWINI FET COLLEGE - CENTEC CAMPUS"}, {"id": 42277, "text": "NL00019415 Berea Technical College"}, {"id": 42285, "text": "NL00019423 Love Life"}, {"id": 42288, "text": "NL00018391 Beitbridge"}, {"id": 42289, "text": "NL00018392 Tshedza Creche"}, {"id": 42290, "text": "NL00018393 Matshena Community Creche"}, {"id": 42295, "text": "NL00018398 Lephemane Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 42296, "text": "NL00018399 Boitumelo Creche"}, {"id": 42297, "text": "NL00018400 Mhlayiseko Creche"}, {"id": 42298, "text": "NL00018401 Epelegeng"}, {"id": 42299, "text": "NL00018402 Sebogadi Creche"}, {"id": 42300, "text": "NL00018403 Ipelegeng Creche"}, {"id": 42301, "text": "NL00018404 Mogoboya Creche"}, {"id": 42302, "text": "NL00018405 Lethepale Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 42303, "text": "NL00018406 Vusanani Pre School"}, {"id": 42304, "text": "NL00018407 Ikageng Pre School"}, {"id": 42305, "text": "NL00018408 Baptist Pre School"}, {"id": 42306, "text": "NL00018409 Ikhwezi Pre School"}, {"id": 42307, "text": "NL00018410 Zthoben Day Care "}, {"id": 42308, "text": "NL00018411 Phutikwena Educare"}, {"id": 42309, "text": "NL00018412 Mamohlobodi Pre School"}, {"id": 42310, "text": "NL00018413 Ekuphumuleni"}, {"id": 42311, "text": "NL00018414 Itireleng Pre School"}, {"id": 42312, "text": "NL00018415 Khutsong Pre School"}, {"id": 42313, "text": "NL00018416 Sizanani Day Care"}, {"id": 42314, "text": "NL00018417 Phakamisani PS"}, {"id": 42315, "text": "NL00018418 Siyakha Pre- School"}, {"id": 42316, "text": "NL00018419 Mangobomvu DCC"}, {"id": 42317, "text": "NL00018420 Zamubuhle DCC"}, {"id": 42318, "text": "NL00018421 Masihlume PS"}, {"id": 42319, "text": "NL00018422 Zamokhanyo"}, {"id": 42320, "text": "NL00018423 Gungubele Pre- School"}, {"id": 42321, "text": "NL00018424 Elundini Lothukelo"}, {"id": 42322, "text": "NL00018425 Khulani"}, {"id": 42323, "text": "NL00018426 Nosiseko Pre- School"}, {"id": 42324, "text": "NL00018427 Vukasiye Pre- School"}, {"id": 42325, "text": "NL00018428 Qasamqa PS"}, {"id": 42326, "text": "NL00018429 Zizabantu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 42327, "text": "NL00018430 Little Angers PS"}, {"id": 42328, "text": "NL00018431 Noncedo PS"}, {"id": 42329, "text": "NL00018432 Zwelilungile PSS"}, {"id": 42330, "text": "NL00018433 Mhlahleni Pre School"}, {"id": 42331, "text": "NL00018434 Mnambiti"}, {"id": 42333, "text": "NL00018436 Mhlahlane PS"}, {"id": 42334, "text": "NL00018437 Putuma PS"}, {"id": 42335, "text": "NL00018438 Zithulele Pre- School"}, {"id": 42336, "text": "NL00018439 Zitulele PS"}, {"id": 42390, "text": "NL00018493 Nokukhanya Creche "}, {"id": 42337, "text": "NL00018440 Khayalabantwana "}, {"id": 42338, "text": "NP00018441 Bokamoso Business Consultants"}, {"id": 42339, "text": "NP00018442 Moqhaka Training and Employment"}, {"id": 42340, "text": "NL00018443 Boy Boy Mginywa PreSchool"}, {"id": 42341, "text": "NL00018444 Bukani Day care"}, {"id": 42342, "text": "NL00018445 Grahamstown Primary"}, {"id": 42343, "text": "NL00018446 Khulisa Day Care"}, {"id": 42344, "text": "NL00018447 Makana Day Care"}, {"id": 42345, "text": "NL00018448 My little Angel Day Care"}, {"id": 42346, "text": "NL00018449 Nokwandile DCC"}, {"id": 42347, "text": "NL00018450 Nozuko PreSchool"}, {"id": 42348, "text": "NL00018451 Samuel Ntlebi"}, {"id": 42349, "text": "NL00018452 Tantyi Lower Primary"}, {"id": 42350, "text": "NL00018453 Tyantyi Day care"}, {"id": 42351, "text": "NL00018454 Excelsior Creche"}, {"id": 42352, "text": "NL00018455 Lilitha Creche"}, {"id": 42353, "text": "NL00018456 Mahlubini Creche"}, {"id": 42354, "text": "NL00018457 Ncorha PreSchool"}, {"id": 42355, "text": "NL00018458 Norwood PreSchool"}, {"id": 42356, "text": "NL00018459 Qoba PreSchool"}, {"id": 42357, "text": "NL00018460 Rainy PreSchool"}, {"id": 42358, "text": "NL00018461 Rucc Christian School"}, {"id": 42359, "text": "NL00018462 Summer PreSchool"}, {"id": 42360, "text": "NL00018463 2moros Leaders"}, {"id": 42361, "text": "NL00018464 Caring Hands"}, {"id": 42362, "text": "NL00018465 Dibase Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 42363, "text": "NL00018466 Didashe Day care Centre"}, {"id": 42364, "text": "NL00018467 Gompo DCC"}, {"id": 42365, "text": "NL00018468 Hlumani DCC"}, {"id": 42366, "text": "NL00018469 Inkqubela LPS"}, {"id": 42367, "text": "NL00018470 Little Angels DCC"}, {"id": 42368, "text": "NL00018471 Lonwabo Day Care"}, {"id": 42369, "text": "NL00018472 Makabongwe DCC"}, {"id": 42370, "text": "NL00018473 Mzamomhle Day care"}, {"id": 42371, "text": "NL00018474 Phandulwazi DC"}, {"id": 42372, "text": "NL00018475 Rocklands DCC"}, {"id": 42373, "text": "NL00018476 Star Uplifting"}, {"id": 42374, "text": "NL00018477 Step Ahead"}, {"id": 42375, "text": "NL00018478 Sunbeam"}, {"id": 42376, "text": "NL00018479 Tomorrows Leaders"}, {"id": 42377, "text": "NL00018480 Kuyasa PreSchool"}, {"id": 42378, "text": "NL00018481 Lonwabo PreSchool"}, {"id": 42379, "text": "NL00018482 Sakhakude PS"}, {"id": 42380, "text": "NL00018483 Tholakele Creche"}, {"id": 42381, "text": "NL00018484 Hlalanathi Creche"}, {"id": 42382, "text": "NL00018485 Ukukhanya kwamaQwabe Creche"}, {"id": 42383, "text": "NL00018486 Vukuzenzele Creche"}, {"id": 42384, "text": "NL00018487 Sizimisele Creche"}, {"id": 42385, "text": "NL00018488 Siphelele Creche"}, {"id": 42386, "text": "NL00018489 Zizamele Creche"}, {"id": 42387, "text": "NL00018490 Mhlosheni Creche"}, {"id": 42388, "text": "NL00018491 Lusizo Day care Creche"}, {"id": 42389, "text": "NL00018492 Love in Action Creche"}, {"id": 42391, "text": "NL00018494 Silethukukhanya Creche"}, {"id": 42392, "text": "NL00018495 Qophumlando Cerche"}, {"id": 42393, "text": "NL00018496 Sthokozile Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42394, "text": "NL00018497 Ikhulubona Trust "}, {"id": 42395, "text": "NL00018498 Sikhulakahle Creche"}, {"id": 42396, "text": "NL00018499 Cathulani Creche"}, {"id": 42397, "text": "NL00018500 Landokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 42407, "text": "NL00018510 Thandoluhle"}, {"id": 42408, "text": "NL00018511 Uvuyolwethu PS"}, {"id": 42409, "text": "NL00018512 Vukani Kusile"}, {"id": 42410, "text": "NL00018513 Zamulwazi Educare"}, {"id": 42411, "text": "NL00018514 Zola PreSchool"}, {"id": 42412, "text": "NL00018515 Ngangomhlaba "}, {"id": 42413, "text": "NL00018516 Nosiseko PreSchool"}, {"id": 42414, "text": "NL00018517 Tamsanqa PS"}, {"id": 42415, "text": "NL00018518 Vukasiye PreSchool"}, {"id": 42416, "text": "NL00018519 Zanokuhle "}, {"id": 42417, "text": "NL00018520 Jongisizwe PreSchool"}, {"id": 42418, "text": "NL00018521 Khanya PreSchool"}, {"id": 42419, "text": "NL00018522 Khanyalwethu PreSchool"}, {"id": 42421, "text": "NL00018524 Lubanzi"}, {"id": 42422, "text": "NL00018525 Mandithi PreSchool"}, {"id": 42423, "text": "NL00018526 Mhlahlane Location"}, {"id": 42424, "text": "NL00018527 Phuthuma"}, {"id": 42425, "text": "NL00018528 Mnambithi"}, {"id": 42426, "text": "NL00018529 Siyakhula Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42427, "text": "NL00018530 Buhlebethu Day Care - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42428, "text": "NL00018531 Inkosikhona Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42429, "text": "NL00018532 Sbongukuvela Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42430, "text": "NL00018533 Yamkela Primary School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42431, "text": "NL00018534 Sivanda Inkume Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42432, "text": "NL00018535 Holy Conent - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42433, "text": "NL00018536 Mpushini Park Primary School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42434, "text": "NL00018537 Sithilo Primary School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42435, "text": "NL00018538 Bheka Mazimela Primary School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42436, "text": "NL00018539 Ngiba Primary School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 42437, "text": "NL00018540 Mvuselelo Creche - Durban"}, {"id": 42438, "text": "NL00018541 Elangabini Junior Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42439, "text": "NL00018542 Isiphososizo Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42440, "text": "NL00018543 Sithandiwe Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42441, "text": "NL00018544 Eyethu Pre Creche - Durban"}, {"id": 42442, "text": "NL00018545 Muzomuhle L P School - Durban"}, {"id": 42443, "text": "NL00018546 Milk Africa Creche - Durban"}, {"id": 42444, "text": "NL00018547 Mgaga Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42445, "text": "NL00018548 Inkazimulo L P School - Durban"}, {"id": 42446, "text": "NL00018549 Gokul Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42447, "text": "NL00018550 Sobahle P C School - Durban"}, {"id": 42448, "text": "NL00018551 Mhlanganyelwa Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 42449, "text": "NL00018552 Nhlokomo Creche - Nkandls"}, {"id": 42450, "text": "NL00018553 Mlindazwe Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 42451, "text": "NL00018557 Sakhingomso PreSchool"}, {"id": 42453, "text": "NL00018559 Forro Holdings"}, {"id": 42454, "text": "NL00018564 Sekampaneng Primary "}, {"id": 42828, "text": "NL00019041 CLING"}, {"id": 42455, "text": "NP00018565 Dynamic Inetrvention Consulting"}, {"id": 42456, "text": "NP00018566 Aurecon Training Academy"}, {"id": 42457, "text": "NL00018570 Ephraim Mogale Local Municipality"}, {"id": 42458, "text": "NL00018571 Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality"}, {"id": 42460, "text": "NL00018573 Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality"}, {"id": 42461, "text": "NL00018574 Greater Tubatse Local Municipality"}, {"id": 42462, "text": "NL00018575 Alpha"}, {"id": 42464, "text": "NL00018577 Chapel Street primary"}, {"id": 42465, "text": "NL00018578 Dennegeur"}, {"id": 42466, "text": "NL00018579 Highlands Primary"}, {"id": 42467, "text": "NL00018580 Kwazondi Day Care"}, {"id": 42468, "text": "NL00018581 Thuthuka Training and Devevelopment Consultant"}, {"id": 42469, "text": "NL00018582 Little Ones Educare"}, {"id": 42470, "text": "NL00018583 Noluthando"}, {"id": 42471, "text": "NL00018584 Rocklands"}, {"id": 42473, "text": "NL00018586 Sonskyn Crech"}, {"id": 42474, "text": "NL00018587 Sunrise Educare"}, {"id": 42475, "text": "NL00018588 Woodville Primary"}, {"id": 42476, "text": "NL00018589 7 Little Star"}, {"id": 42477, "text": "NL00018590 Athlone Pre School"}, {"id": 42478, "text": "NL00018591 Jireh Centre"}, {"id": 42479, "text": "NL00018592 Kwa Zondi Day"}, {"id": 42480, "text": "NL00018593 Little Children Nusery"}, {"id": 42481, "text": "NL00018594 Phoenix Day care"}, {"id": 42482, "text": "NL00018595 Tinkerbell"}, {"id": 42483, "text": "NL00018596 Vision Kids.com"}, {"id": 42484, "text": "NL00018597 Alfa Laah"}, {"id": 42486, "text": "NL00018599 Foress Preraratory"}, {"id": 42487, "text": "NL00018600 Hyde Park primary"}, {"id": 42488, "text": "NL00018601 Love Corner"}, {"id": 42489, "text": "NL00018602 Play House Kids"}, {"id": 42490, "text": "NL00018603 Koeningsburg"}, {"id": 42491, "text": "NL00018604 Sizanani"}, {"id": 42492, "text": "NL00018605 Phembindlela"}, {"id": 42493, "text": "NL00018606 Khulani Sithembile"}, {"id": 42494, "text": "NL00018607 Vulingqondo"}, {"id": 42495, "text": "NL00018608 Silindokuhle "}, {"id": 42496, "text": "NL00018609 Umduduzi Wethu"}, {"id": 42497, "text": "NL00018610 Zamani"}, {"id": 42498, "text": "NL00018611 Haige"}, {"id": 42499, "text": "NL00018612 Shongololo"}, {"id": 42500, "text": "NL00018613 Siyakhula Siphukukhanya"}, {"id": 42501, "text": "NL00018614 Philile"}, {"id": 42502, "text": "NL00018615 Nody s"}, {"id": 42504, "text": "NL00018617 Minenhle"}, {"id": 42505, "text": "NL00018618 Noddy s"}, {"id": 42506, "text": "NL00018619 Thokoza"}, {"id": 42507, "text": "NL00018620 Impumelelo"}, {"id": 42508, "text": "NL00018621 Isandla Sokwalusa"}, {"id": 42509, "text": "NL00018622 Zenzeleni"}, {"id": 42510, "text": "NL00018623 Sizathina"}, {"id": 42511, "text": "NL00018624 Simelokuhle"}, {"id": 42512, "text": "NL00018625 Nomkhosi"}, {"id": 42513, "text": "NL00018626 Nothisiwe"}, {"id": 42514, "text": "NL00018627 Nhlomane"}, {"id": 42518, "text": "NL00018631 Siphakelingqondo"}, {"id": 42519, "text": "NL00018632 Nhlonya"}, {"id": 42520, "text": "NL00018633 High Point Management"}, {"id": 42521, "text": "NL00018634 Hluzingqondo"}, {"id": 42522, "text": "NL00018635 Sifunuxolo"}, {"id": 42523, "text": "NL00018636 Kopanong"}, {"id": 42526, "text": "NL00018639 Malesela Joel Kekae"}, {"id": 42527, "text": "NL00018640 Refentse Creche"}, {"id": 42528, "text": "NL00018641 Lehlabelapele Day Care"}, {"id": 42529, "text": "NL00018642 Ramasola Day Care"}, {"id": 42530, "text": "NL00018643 Mapolanka Pre School"}, {"id": 42531, "text": "NL00018644 Segale Pre School"}, {"id": 42532, "text": "NL00018645 Morongwa Pre School"}, {"id": 42533, "text": "NL00018646 Mabana Pre School"}, {"id": 42534, "text": "NL00018647 Rethabile Pre School"}, {"id": 42535, "text": "NL00018648 Mphethari Pre School"}, {"id": 42536, "text": "NL00018649 Nthapeleleng"}, {"id": 42537, "text": "NL00018650 Dorah Pale Pre School"}, {"id": 42538, "text": "NL00018651 Mmamoseki Pre School"}, {"id": 42539, "text": "NL00018652 Mmakgabo Boshomane"}, {"id": 42540, "text": "NL00018653 wilson Mokoko Pre School"}, {"id": 42541, "text": "NL00018654 Maele Pre School"}, {"id": 42542, "text": "NL00018657 Makgora Pre School"}, {"id": 42543, "text": "NL00018658 Matlala Tshehlana"}, {"id": 42544, "text": "NL00018659 Tsireledzo Community Creche"}, {"id": 42545, "text": "NL00018660 Phokweni Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42546, "text": "NL00018661 Phakamani Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42547, "text": "NL00018662 Mtimande Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42548, "text": "NL00018663 Fundokuhle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42549, "text": "NL00018664 Sizakancane Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42550, "text": "NL00018665 Nokukhanya Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42551, "text": "NL00018666 Zamokuhle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42552, "text": "NL00018667 Nzimande Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42553, "text": "NL00018668 Khulakahle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42554, "text": "NL00018669 Atishang Dishego"}, {"id": 42555, "text": "NL00018670 Advent Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42556, "text": "NL00018671 Happy Children - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42557, "text": "NL00018672 Siyathuthuka Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42558, "text": "NL00018673 Zamakhaya Pre School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42559, "text": "NL00018674 Qedizaba Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42560, "text": "NL00018675 Siyancenga Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42561, "text": "NL00018676 Siphesihle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42562, "text": "NL00018677 Hope Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42563, "text": "NL00018678 Sikhona Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42564, "text": "NL00018679 Maganda Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42565, "text": "NL00018680 St Dominics - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42566, "text": "NL00018681 Thembalesizwe Cteche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42567, "text": "NL00018682 Khayelihle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42568, "text": "NL00018683 Buhlebethu Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42569, "text": "NL00018684 Noah Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42570, "text": "NL00018685 Thiyasizwe Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42571, "text": "NL00018686 Emxhakeni Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42572, "text": "NL00018687 Muziwethu Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42573, "text": "NL00018688 Zibonele Pre School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42574, "text": "NL00018689 Bumbisizwe Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42575, "text": "NL00018690 Ekuthuleni Pre School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42576, "text": "NL00018691 Esitelenga Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42577, "text": "NL00018692 Entokozweni Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42578, "text": "NL00018693 Sinqobile Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42579, "text": "NL00018694 Odoland Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42580, "text": "NL00018696 Central Park Educare"}, {"id": 42581, "text": "NL00018697 Lala-Didy day Care"}, {"id": 42582, "text": "NL00018698 Samora Michel Educare"}, {"id": 42583, "text": "NL00018699 Barney and Friends Educare"}, {"id": 42584, "text": "NL00018700 Gerrards Educare"}, {"id": 42585, "text": "NL00018701 Learn and Play"}, {"id": 42586, "text": "NL00018702 Tomorrowland Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42587, "text": "NL00018703 Forres Preraratoty"}, {"id": 42588, "text": "NL00018704 Pats day Care"}, {"id": 42590, "text": "NL00018706 Ebuhleni Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42591, "text": "NL00018707 Chanceni Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42592, "text": "NL00018708 Madlangeni Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42593, "text": "NL00018709 Nhlazadolo Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42594, "text": "NL00018710 Zakheleni Creche - Nquthu"}, {"id": 42595, "text": "NL00018711 Nkanyisweni Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42596, "text": "NL00018712 Sifisokuhle Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42597, "text": "NL00018713 Zamani Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42598, "text": "NL00018714 Thuleleni Pre School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42599, "text": "NL00018715 Isibusisiwe Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42600, "text": "NL00018716 Kopanang Little Flower - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42601, "text": "NL00018717 Umsawenkosi Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42602, "text": "NL00018718 Nomkhosi Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42603, "text": "NL00018719 Kwaluvisi - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42604, "text": "NL00018720 Sibongokuhle Creche - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42605, "text": "NP00018721 Ntlhabele Dinaane"}, {"id": 42606, "text": "NP00018722 Thusano ELC"}, {"id": 42608, "text": "NP00018724 Keromang Luth.ELC"}, {"id": 42609, "text": "NP00018725 Solomon Tiro"}, {"id": 42610, "text": "NP00018726 Sikwane ELC"}, {"id": 42611, "text": "NP00018727 Mpotse Ka Lesedi"}, {"id": 42612, "text": "NP00018729 Mpelegele"}, {"id": 42613, "text": "NP00018730 Riadira ELC"}, {"id": 42614, "text": "NP00018731 Tshegofalang ELC"}, {"id": 42615, "text": "NP00018732 Sunrise ELC"}, {"id": 42616, "text": "NP00018733 Ipopeng Day Care"}, {"id": 42617, "text": "NP00018734 Thusanang ELC"}, {"id": 42618, "text": "NP00018735 Doornlaagte ELC"}, {"id": 42619, "text": "NP00018736 Learn and Grow"}, {"id": 42620, "text": "NP00018737 Thariyamme ELC"}, {"id": 42621, "text": "NP00018738 Madiba a Kubu ELC"}, {"id": 42622, "text": "NP00018739 Phata ya Mookana"}, {"id": 42623, "text": "NP00018740 Zethembe Training Consultants"}, {"id": 42624, "text": "NL00018741 Napemmadikila "}, {"id": 42625, "text": "NL00018742 Training Answers"}, {"id": 42626, "text": "NL00018743 Sash Business Management"}, {"id": 42627, "text": "NL00018745 Zamakhanya Pre- School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42628, "text": "NL00018746 Mfihlwane Pre School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42630, "text": "NL00018748 1234 Mentosori Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42631, "text": "NL00018749 Bonteheuwel"}, {"id": 42632, "text": "NL00018750 Daryl IIhaam Educare"}, {"id": 42636, "text": "NL00018754 St Francis Educare"}, {"id": 42637, "text": "NL00018755 Vrolike Vinkies Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42638, "text": "NL00018756 Zinzedorf EDC"}, {"id": 42639, "text": "NL00018757 1234 Mentesori Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42640, "text": "NL00018758 cheri cheri"}, {"id": 42641, "text": "NL00018759 Gerards Educare"}, {"id": 42642, "text": "NL00018760 Iqra Educare"}, {"id": 42643, "text": "NL00018761 Msibambane Educare"}, {"id": 42644, "text": "NL00018762 Somerset Kidz"}, {"id": 42645, "text": "NL00018763 Sunny Skies Creche"}, {"id": 42646, "text": "NL00018764 La-La Dye Daycare"}, {"id": 42647, "text": "NL00018765 Wonderland Pre School"}, {"id": 42648, "text": "NL00018766 3 Bears Educare"}, {"id": 42649, "text": "NL00018767 Thakirah Day Car"}, {"id": 42650, "text": "NL00018793 Isithokoziso Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42651, "text": "NL00018795 Ezimbokodweni Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 42652, "text": "NL00018796 Uthando Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 42653, "text": "NL00018797 Silimela Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 42654, "text": "NL00018798 Covenant Kids Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 42655, "text": "NL00018799 Parkvale Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 42656, "text": "NL00018800 Phelhella Day "}, {"id": 42657, "text": "NL00018801 Arise and Shine Early Childhood Development"}, {"id": 42658, "text": "NL00018802 Starting Block Educare Centre "}, {"id": 42659, "text": "NL00018803 Batliseng Babysitter Day "}, {"id": 42660, "text": "NL00018804 Twinkle Twinkle Pre School"}, {"id": 42661, "text": "NL00018805 St George s Catholic Creche"}, {"id": 42662, "text": "NL00018806 Mphethuto Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 42663, "text": "NL00018807 Tshepong Pre School"}, {"id": 42664, "text": "NL00018808 Talia s Daycare "}, {"id": 42665, "text": "NL00018809 Curious Monkey s Educational Playschool"}, {"id": 42666, "text": "NL00018810 Suikerbekkies "}, {"id": 42667, "text": "NP00018811 Busisa Training and Development cc"}, {"id": 42670, "text": "NL00018845 Kuts Audio Visuals Production"}, {"id": 42671, "text": "NL00018847 Ambicor 118"}, {"id": 42672, "text": "NP00018849 AGB Mathe Business Services"}, {"id": 42673, "text": "NL00018850 Act of Grace 97"}, {"id": 42675, "text": "NL00018853 Pasques Consulting"}, {"id": 42676, "text": "NL00018855 Tsebo Foundation"}, {"id": 42677, "text": "NL00018857 Thekgang Education Support and Training Services"}, {"id": 42678, "text": "NL00018858 Kiepersol Toddlers"}, {"id": 42679, "text": "NL00018861 Poppyseed Investments"}, {"id": 42680, "text": "NL00018862 Read 24 Seven Training cc"}, {"id": 42681, "text": "NL00018864 Lisolethu Training Centre"}, {"id": 42682, "text": "NL00018865 Qamani Training Centre"}, {"id": 42683, "text": "NL00018866 Mginimba Combined School - Pongola"}, {"id": 42684, "text": "NL00018867 Ntokozweni Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 42685, "text": "NL00018868 Thandanani Mazulu Creche - Pongola"}, {"id": 42686, "text": "NL00018869 King Cyprian P School - Pongola"}, {"id": 42687, "text": "NL00018870 Egwebini Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42688, "text": "NL00018871 Mhlazane Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42689, "text": "NL00018872 Silindekahle Primary School - Nqutu"}, {"id": 42690, "text": "NL00018873 Ezimpungeni C School - Umzimkulu"}, {"id": 42691, "text": "NL00018874 Miyembe Junior Primary School - Umzikulu"}, {"id": 42692, "text": "NL00018875 Emphise Primary School - Kranskop"}, {"id": 42693, "text": "NL00018877 Joel Primary School - Kranskop"}, {"id": 42694, "text": "NL00018878 Beaulah Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42695, "text": "NL00018879 Etsheni Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42696, "text": "NL00018880 Delihlazo Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42697, "text": "NL00018881 Othandweni J P School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42698, "text": "NL00018882 Empola Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42699, "text": "NL00018883 Izingolweni Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42700, "text": "NL00018884 Isikhuthali Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42701, "text": "NL00018885 Imbalenhle Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42702, "text": "NL00018886 Bhekuzulu Public School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 42703, "text": "NL00018887 Mdlenevu Primary School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 42704, "text": "NL00018888 Sphesihle Pre- School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 42705, "text": "NL00018889 Mondli Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 42706, "text": "NL00018890 Khethelihle Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 42707, "text": "NL00018891 Mpilonhle Pre School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 42708, "text": "NL00018892 Scarlet IBIS Investments 301"}, {"id": 42709, "text": "NL00018893 Siyaqala Multi Services cc"}, {"id": 42710, "text": "NL00018896 Walmac Office Solutions cc t a Photonote JHB"}, {"id": 42711, "text": "NL00018897 Shine The way 1263 cc"}, {"id": 42712, "text": "NL00018898 Moemisi Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 42713, "text": "NP00018913 Boikgantsho Consulting Events cc"}, {"id": 42714, "text": "NP00018914 Ideal Method Training Projects"}, {"id": 42715, "text": "NP00018915 Umsizi Consulting cc"}, {"id": 42716, "text": "NP00018916 Sycint Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 42718, "text": "NP00018918 Khazi Communication"}, {"id": 42720, "text": "NP00018920 Durban University of Technology"}, {"id": 42721, "text": "NP00018921 South African Broadcasting Corporation"}, {"id": 42724, "text": "NP00018925 Lemaka Technical Services"}, {"id": 42725, "text": "NP00018927 Bottom Primary School"}, {"id": 42726, "text": "NP00018928 Sizile Management Training"}, {"id": 42727, "text": "NP00018929 Mzayifani Tradinh 6"}, {"id": 42729, "text": "NL00018932 Association of Private Providers for Training and Development"}, {"id": 42730, "text": "NL00018934 Sekgolomotho Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 42731, "text": "NL00018936 Bridgeman Consultant"}, {"id": 42732, "text": "NL00018938 University of Kwazulu Natal"}, {"id": 42733, "text": "NL00018943 Sylvia Chreche"}, {"id": 42734, "text": "NL00018944 Hluzinggondo Creche"}, {"id": 42735, "text": "NL00018945 Mkhohlwa Chreche"}, {"id": 42736, "text": "NL00018946 Langelihle Creche"}, {"id": 42737, "text": "NL00018947 Sinenjabulo Creche"}, {"id": 42738, "text": "NL00018948 Udumo Creche"}, {"id": 42739, "text": "NL00018949 Ndoyela Creche"}, {"id": 42740, "text": "NL00018950 Vuka Creche"}, {"id": 42741, "text": "NL00018951 Sukumani Creche "}, {"id": 42742, "text": "NL00018952 Sandisulwazi Chreche"}, {"id": 42743, "text": "NL00018953 Esimozomeni Creche"}, {"id": 42744, "text": "NL00018954 Amawundlu Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 42746, "text": "NL00018956 Siyathuthuka Creche-Nhlazuka area"}, {"id": 42747, "text": "NL00018957 Siyathuthuka Creche- Phatheni Area"}, {"id": 42748, "text": "NL00018958 Madlokovu Creche- New Hanover"}, {"id": 42749, "text": "NL00018959 Sibusisiswe Creche- New Hanover"}, {"id": 42750, "text": "NL00018960 Nkosinathi Creche- New hanoner"}, {"id": 42751, "text": "NL00018961 Sizamokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 42752, "text": "NL00018962 Jikijiki Creche"}, {"id": 42753, "text": "NL00018963 Entuthukweni Creche"}, {"id": 42754, "text": "NL00018964 Njengabantu Creche,"}, {"id": 42755, "text": "NL00018965 Khonyas child minding"}, {"id": 42756, "text": "NL00018966 FortmannSpruit Creche"}, {"id": 42757, "text": "NL00018967 Thandokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 42758, "text": "NL00018968 Khuthala Creche"}, {"id": 42759, "text": "NL00018969 Snothando Creche"}, {"id": 42760, "text": "NL00018970 Stoffelton Creche"}, {"id": 42761, "text": "NL00018971 SA Junior Creche"}, {"id": 42765, "text": "NL00018975 Buhlebokusizana Creche"}, {"id": 42766, "text": "NL00018976 Vulamehlo Creche"}, {"id": 42767, "text": "NL00018977 Esthelo Esihle Creche"}, {"id": 42768, "text": "NL00018978 Welile "}, {"id": 42773, "text": "NP00018986 Council for the blind"}, {"id": 42774, "text": "NL00018987 Mopani FET College"}, {"id": 42775, "text": "NP000000 WETLANDS PRIVATE FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42776, "text": "NL00018989 Sylvia Creche"}, {"id": 42777, "text": "NL00018990 Hluzingqondo Creche"}, {"id": 42778, "text": "NL00018991 Mkhohlwa Creche"}, {"id": 42779, "text": "NL00018992 Sandisulwazi Creche"}, {"id": 42780, "text": "NL00018993 Khula Care Centre"}, {"id": 42781, "text": "NL00018994 Sibusisiwe Creche"}, {"id": 42782, "text": "NP00018995 Balfour munisipality"}, {"id": 42783, "text": "NL00018996 GS College"}, {"id": 42784, "text": "NP00018997 Lekwa Municipality"}, {"id": 42787, "text": "NP00019000 Department of Treasury"}, {"id": 42788, "text": "NP00019001 Department of Environment and Nature Conversation "}, {"id": 42791, "text": "NL00019004 Pretoria Primary School"}, {"id": 42792, "text": "NL00019005 Amsteliof Primary School"}, {"id": 42793, "text": "NL00019006 Pretoria-Oos"}, {"id": 42795, "text": "NL00019008 Curro Hazeldean"}, {"id": 42796, "text": "NL00019009 Parktown High School"}, {"id": 42797, "text": "NL00019010 Oos-eind"}, {"id": 42798, "text": "NL00019011 Reasoma Secondary School"}, {"id": 42799, "text": "NL00019012 Medblo Park"}, {"id": 42800, "text": "NL00019013 Medlo Park"}, {"id": 42801, "text": "NL00019014 Hoerskool Melo Park "}, {"id": 42802, "text": "NL00019015 SUNNYSIDE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42803, "text": "NL00019016 EDWARD PHATUDI SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42804, "text": "NL00019017 St Mathews Secondary School"}, {"id": 42805, "text": "NL00019018 Midsficam College"}, {"id": 42806, "text": "NL00019019 Gatang Secondary School"}, {"id": 42807, "text": "NL00019020 Tshwane Secondary school"}, {"id": 42808, "text": "NL00019021 LETHULWAZI COMPREHENSIVE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42810, "text": "NL00019023 Afrikaaner Hoerskool Seuns Skool"}, {"id": 42811, "text": "NL00019024 Learskool Krugerpark"}, {"id": 42812, "text": "NL00019025 HOERSKOOL DIE WILGER"}, {"id": 42813, "text": "NL00019026 PRETORIA TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42814, "text": "NL00019027 HIGHLANDS NORTH BOYS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42815, "text": "NL00019028 LAERSKOOL RIETFONTEIN NOORD SKOOL"}, {"id": 42816, "text": "NL00019029 PAULUS JOBERT SECONDARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 42817, "text": "NL00019030 MONUMENTPARK LAERSKOOL"}, {"id": 42818, "text": "NL00019031 DIE HOERSKOOL TEGNOLOGIES JOHN VORSTER"}, {"id": 42819, "text": "NL00019032 WILLIAM LLOYD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 42824, "text": "NP00000 National Concil of Trade Unions"}, {"id": 42827, "text": "NL00019040 Vusimuzi community Association"}, {"id": 42836, "text": "NP00019069 Corporate Governance and Human Settlement"}, {"id": 42837, "text": "NL00019071 CWUSA"}, {"id": 42839, "text": "NL00019073 BGWU"}, {"id": 42843, "text": "NL00019077 Ekwenameni Creche"}, {"id": 42844, "text": "NL00019078 Isiduduzo Creche"}, {"id": 42845, "text": "NL00019079 Zamubuhle Creche"}, {"id": 42846, "text": "NL00019080 Divine Connection Pre- School"}, {"id": 42847, "text": "NL00019081 Snethemba Pre-School"}, {"id": 42848, "text": "NL00019082 Thembeka Day-Care Centre"}, {"id": 42849, "text": "NP00019426 South African Value Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42852, "text": "NL00019429 Bull s Business and Skills Training Institute"}, {"id": 42853, "text": "NL00019431 Pheko ka Kopanelo"}, {"id": 42855, "text": "NL00019433 NAPTOSA FS"}, {"id": 42857, "text": "NL00019435 ITOCA"}, {"id": 42858, "text": "NL00019437 2 Face Entertainments and Trainings"}, {"id": 42859, "text": "NL00019438 Umhlabuyalingana Municipality"}, {"id": 42860, "text": "NL00019439 Ulwazi Learning Academy"}, {"id": 42861, "text": "NL00019440 Ulwazi Learning Academy - Overport"}, {"id": 42862, "text": "NP00019441 Dynamiq Staffing Solutions"}, {"id": 42863, "text": "NL00019442 Bobbies Training CC"}, {"id": 42864, "text": "NL00019443 TECHNO EDGE"}, {"id": 42865, "text": "NL00019444 SAKHISIZWE"}, {"id": 42866, "text": "NL00019445 Gili Juli Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 42867, "text": "NL00019446 BRIGHT IDEA PROJECTS 1884"}, {"id": 42868, "text": "NL00019447 Memos Unlimited Designs"}, {"id": 42869, "text": "NL00019448 Human Capital"}, {"id": 42870, "text": "NL00019449 Motlou Enterprise"}, {"id": 42871, "text": "NL00019450 Thene Trading Services"}, {"id": 42872, "text": "NL00019451 Creative Thinking"}, {"id": 42873, "text": "NL00019452 Letlotho General Trading CC"}, {"id": 42875, "text": "NP00019454 FS UNEMPLOYED YOUTH"}, {"id": 42876, "text": "NL00019455 Khuphukani JP School - KwaMashu"}, {"id": 42877, "text": "NL00019456 Cheriline Business Solution"}, {"id": 42878, "text": "NL00019457 Siyazisiza Trust"}, {"id": 42879, "text": "NL00019458 Clubview Secondary School"}, {"id": 42880, "text": "NL00019459 Bluegum Secondary School"}, {"id": 42881, "text": "NL00019460 Makabelane Technical High "}, {"id": 42882, "text": "NL00019461 Thokoana Makaota Secondary"}, {"id": 42884, "text": "NL00019463 Selelekela Secondary School"}, {"id": 42885, "text": "NL00019464 Seotlong Agric "}, {"id": 42886, "text": "NL00019465 Moteka Secondary School"}, {"id": 42887, "text": "NL00019466 Reahola Secondary School"}, {"id": 42888, "text": "NL00019467 Magawana Creche - Kwamachi"}, {"id": 42889, "text": "NL00019468 Sonzaba Creche - harding"}, {"id": 42890, "text": "NL00019484 Khethokuhle Creche - Mahlabathini"}, {"id": 42891, "text": "NL00019485 Makhalanemi Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42892, "text": "NL00019486 Violet Dlamini Creche - Hlabisa Municipality"}, {"id": 42893, "text": "NL00019487 Sincengimpilo Creche"}, {"id": 42895, "text": "NL00019489 Ntilingwe Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42896, "text": "NP00019490 Mary Hope Health Care"}, {"id": 42897, "text": "NL00019492 Maphate Secondary School"}, {"id": 42898, "text": "NL00019493 Lekgarietse Secondary Sschool"}, {"id": 42899, "text": "NL00019494 Lebogang Secondary School"}, {"id": 42900, "text": "NL00019495 Lehakeng Comprehensive School"}, {"id": 42901, "text": "NL00019496 Eldoret Secondary school"}, {"id": 42902, "text": "NL00019497 Thotagauta secondary School"}, {"id": 42903, "text": "NL00019498 Nanabolela Secondary"}, {"id": 42904, "text": "NL00019499 JC Motumi Secondary"}, {"id": 42905, "text": "NL00019500 Letsibolo Public Primary"}, {"id": 42916, "text": "NL00019512 Lindelani Creche"}, {"id": 42917, "text": "NL00019513 Hlokomani Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42918, "text": "NL00019514 Nkonjane Preschool - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42919, "text": "NL00019515 INDUB TRADING T A MARITIME AND SKILLS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42920, "text": "NL00019516 Bhekisigodi Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42921, "text": "NL00019517 Sobabili Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42922, "text": "NL00019518 Makhowe - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42923, "text": "NL00019520 Ifalesizwe - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42924, "text": "NL00019522 Nyezini Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 42925, "text": "NL00019523 Ingazini Creche - Manyiseni"}, {"id": 42927, "text": "NL00019526 Mayaluka Primary School - Manyiseni"}, {"id": 42928, "text": "NL00019527 Khume Primary - Embadleni "}, {"id": 42930, "text": "NL00019532 Ndabeni Primary School"}, {"id": 42931, "text": "NL00019533 Mbandleni Primary"}, {"id": 42932, "text": "NL00019536 Hetani Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 42933, "text": "NP00019537 Mpowegele Consultancy"}, {"id": 42934, "text": "NP00019538 South African National Civil Organization"}, {"id": 42935, "text": "NL00019539 Mananging Transformation Solution"}, {"id": 42936, "text": "NL00019540 none"}, {"id": 42938, "text": "NL00019542 Khuluma South African Sign Language"}, {"id": 42939, "text": "NL00019543 Tswelopele Skills Academy"}, {"id": 42941, "text": "NL00019547 Little David Educare - Austerville"}, {"id": 42942, "text": "NL00019548 ST GERARDRDS ECD CENTRE - Bluff"}, {"id": 42943, "text": "NL00019549 St Gerards ECD Centre"}, {"id": 42944, "text": "NL00019550 Kusakusa JP School "}, {"id": 42945, "text": "NL00019551 Super Kidz Day Care"}, {"id": 42946, "text": "NL00019552 Little Stars Educare"}, {"id": 42947, "text": "NL00019553 hlakaniphani junior primary school"}, {"id": 42948, "text": "NL00019554 Mbalencane Ziphatheleni Pre-School"}, {"id": 42949, "text": "NL00019555 Ithembalethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42951, "text": "NL00019557 Dumolwakhe Pre School "}, {"id": 42952, "text": "NL00019558 Power Rangers Educare"}, {"id": 42953, "text": "NL00019559 Ukukhanya Montessori Pre School"}, {"id": 42954, "text": "NL00019560 Emoyeni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 42955, "text": "NL00019561 Meryhill Primary School"}, {"id": 42956, "text": "NL00019562 Durban East Primary"}, {"id": 42957, "text": "NL00019563 Bright Stars Educare"}, {"id": 42958, "text": "NL00019564 Collingwood Primary School"}, {"id": 42959, "text": "NL00019565 Disneyworld Pre School"}, {"id": 42960, "text": "NL00019566 Little Hearts Daycare"}, {"id": 42961, "text": "NL00019567 Assegai Primary School"}, {"id": 42963, "text": "NL00019569 Fisani Okuhle Creche"}, {"id": 42964, "text": "NL00019570 Sthumba JP"}, {"id": 42965, "text": "NL00019571 Clare Ellis Brown Pre - Primary School"}, {"id": 42966, "text": "NL00019572 Siphokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 42967, "text": "NL00019573 Summerfield Pimary"}, {"id": 42968, "text": "NP00019574 The South African Disabled Trust "}, {"id": 42973, "text": "NL00019579 Summerfield Primary"}, {"id": 42974, "text": "NL00019580 Nhlonipho Primary School"}, {"id": 42975, "text": "NL00019581 Udumo Primary School"}, {"id": 42976, "text": "NL00019582 Zamokuhle Creche and PreSchool"}, {"id": 42977, "text": "NL00019583 Ndabazezwe JP School"}, {"id": 42978, "text": "NL00019584 Empilohnle Pre School"}, {"id": 42979, "text": "NL00019585 Empilonhle Pre School"}, {"id": 42980, "text": "NL00019586 Christianenburg Primary"}, {"id": 42981, "text": "NL00019587 Mcopheleli Primary School"}, {"id": 42982, "text": "NL00019588 Qiniso Creche and Preschool"}, {"id": 42983, "text": "NL00019589 Rise and Shine Pre-School"}, {"id": 42984, "text": "NL00019590 Austerville Primary"}, {"id": 42985, "text": "NL00019591 Little Gizzmos Pre-Primary School"}, {"id": 42987, "text": "NP00019593 South African Disability development Trust"}, {"id": 42988, "text": "NL00019594 Bissetsdrift Villiersdorp"}, {"id": 42989, "text": "NL00019595 Glen Elgin Primer"}, {"id": 42990, "text": "NL00019596 Kabourterland Day Care"}, {"id": 42991, "text": "NL00019597 Agape 1"}, {"id": 42992, "text": "NL00019598 Thandi Creche"}, {"id": 42993, "text": "NL00019599 Lwandulwazi Educare"}, {"id": 42994, "text": "NL00019600 Monteith Creche"}, {"id": 42995, "text": "NL00019601 Ludaka Primary School"}, {"id": 42996, "text": "NL00019602 Njakazana Primary School"}, {"id": 42997, "text": "NL00019603 Othandweni Day Care"}, {"id": 42998, "text": "NL00019604 Jireh Educare"}, {"id": 42999, "text": "NL00019605 The Gingerbread House Edu-care Centre"}, {"id": 43000, "text": "NL00019606 Bashee Educare"}, {"id": 43001, "text": "NL00019607 Tafelsig Community Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43002, "text": "NL00019608 Sandanezwe Educare"}, {"id": 43003, "text": "NL00019609 Yizani Sakhe Edu-care"}, {"id": 43004, "text": "NL00019610 Tiny Queens Edu-care"}, {"id": 43006, "text": "NL00019612 Monte Kids Edu-care"}, {"id": 43007, "text": "NL00019613 Curious Cuties"}, {"id": 43009, "text": "NL00019615 STRNDFONTEIN EDU-CARE "}, {"id": 43010, "text": "NL00019616 LUVELWANO EDU-CARE"}, {"id": 43011, "text": "NL00019617 EZINKWENKWEZINI PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 43012, "text": "NL00019618 Moving Star Edu-care"}, {"id": 43014, "text": "NL00019620 Murraysburg Community Creche"}, {"id": 43015, "text": "NL00019621 Combat Edu-care Crech"}, {"id": 43016, "text": "NL00019622 Sonstratjie Creche"}, {"id": 43017, "text": "NL00019623 Sonatraal Kleuter Skool"}, {"id": 43018, "text": "NP00019624 Bela Bela Municipality"}, {"id": 43019, "text": "NP00019625 MOLEMOLE MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 43020, "text": "NP00019626 BA PHALABORWA MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 43022, "text": "NP00019628 Riboni Society For The Blind"}, {"id": 43024, "text": "NP00019630 Polokwane Municipality"}, {"id": 43025, "text": "NP00019631 Mogalakwena Municipality"}, {"id": 43026, "text": "NL00019632 Amos Maphanga Secondary school"}, {"id": 43029, "text": "NP00019635 Bakgatla Ba Kgafela Administration"}, {"id": 43030, "text": "NL00019636 Nzalama Competency Learning"}, {"id": 43031, "text": "NL00019637 Mthandeni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43033, "text": "NL00019639 Diakonia Welsynsorganisasie Educare"}, {"id": 43034, "text": "NL00019640 Skoenlappertjie Day Care"}, {"id": 43035, "text": "NL00019641 Pelikaan Bewaarskool"}, {"id": 43036, "text": "NP00019641 Lepelle Nkumpi "}, {"id": 43037, "text": "NL00019643 Whitecity Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43038, "text": "NL00019644 Smurfies Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 43039, "text": "NL00019645 Elim Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 43040, "text": "NL00019646 Berseba Hardertjies Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 43041, "text": "NL00019647 Oppie galoppie Kleutreskool"}, {"id": 43042, "text": "NL00019648 Langrivier Broerdery"}, {"id": 43043, "text": "NL00019649 Soet-Sit Bewaarskool"}, {"id": 43044, "text": "NL00019650 Kleinbegin Kleurskool"}, {"id": 43045, "text": "NL00019651 Trappies Bewaarskool"}, {"id": 43046, "text": "NL00019652 Esperanto Nasog bewaarskool"}, {"id": 43047, "text": "NL00019653 Ons Nessie"}, {"id": 43048, "text": "NL00019654 Die Herbergie"}, {"id": 43049, "text": "NL00019655 Goedgedink Bewaarskool"}, {"id": 43050, "text": "NL00019656 Tweefontein Bewaarskool"}, {"id": 43051, "text": "NL00019657 BETTER BEST SKILLS DEVELOPERS"}, {"id": 43054, "text": "NP00019660 Greater Letaba Municipality"}, {"id": 43055, "text": "NP00019661 St Phillip Day Care Center"}, {"id": 43056, "text": "NP00019662 Tantyi Primary School"}, {"id": 43057, "text": "NP00019663 masiphumelele"}, {"id": 43058, "text": "NL00019665 SEVENTH HEAVEN"}, {"id": 43059, "text": "NL00019666 JULIE NAUDE CRECHE"}, {"id": 43060, "text": "NL00019667 LAGGIES LAND"}, {"id": 43061, "text": "NL00019668 LANDULWAZI EDU CARE"}, {"id": 43062, "text": "NL00019669 HOPLAND DAYCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43063, "text": "NL00019670 DENNEKRUIN BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 43064, "text": "NL00019671 FEETJIELAND BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 43065, "text": "NL00019672 LIGHT HOUSE FRAIL CARE UNIT"}, {"id": 43066, "text": "NL00019673 CANSA"}, {"id": 43067, "text": "NL00019674 WORCESTER SUID"}, {"id": 43068, "text": "NL00019675 CADYBIRDS "}, {"id": 43069, "text": "NL00019676 YOUTH UNPLUGGED"}, {"id": 43070, "text": "NL00019677 THE FUTURE FACTORY"}, {"id": 43071, "text": "NL00019678 BILLY S PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 43072, "text": "NL00019679 NIEUWE DRIFT PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 43073, "text": "NL00019680 AKKERJAKKER ACVV"}, {"id": 43074, "text": "NL00019681 Scripture Union western Cape"}, {"id": 43075, "text": "NL00019682 Royal New Life Ministries"}, {"id": 43076, "text": "NL00019683 African Development Options"}, {"id": 43077, "text": "NL00019684 RHODA-TUL-ATFAAL"}, {"id": 43078, "text": "NL00019685 Retreat Community Health Centre"}, {"id": 43079, "text": "NL00019686 ASTRO KIDZ EDUCARE"}, {"id": 43080, "text": "NL00019687 BEST BUDDIES CRECHE "}, {"id": 43088, "text": "NL00019695 ZINZENDORF MORAVIAN EDUCARE CENTRE "}, {"id": 43089, "text": "NL00019696 AARON FIGAJI"}, {"id": 43090, "text": "NL00019697 ABOUNDING GRACE DAYCARE"}, {"id": 43091, "text": "NL00019698 SIZABANTU EDUCARE"}, {"id": 43092, "text": "NL00019699 PLAY DEN EDUCARE "}, {"id": 43093, "text": "NL00019700 NONZALISEKO EDUCARE"}, {"id": 43094, "text": "NL00019701 ZAKHELE EDUCARE"}, {"id": 43095, "text": "NL00019702 SIYAYA EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43096, "text": "NL00019703 INCYWINCY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 43097, "text": "NL00019704 NOBUBELE EDUCARE "}, {"id": 43098, "text": "NL00019705 LUKHANYO EDUCARE I"}, {"id": 43099, "text": "NL00019706 MASIGCINANE EDUCARE"}, {"id": 43100, "text": "NL00019707 MVELISO EDUCARE"}, {"id": 43101, "text": "NL00019708 SUNFLOWER EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43103, "text": "NL00019711 Milonis Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43104, "text": "NL00019712 Zenzele Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43105, "text": "NL00019713 Mzamomhle Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43106, "text": "NL00019714 Siyazama Pre school"}, {"id": 43107, "text": "NL00019715 Kiddies Educare"}, {"id": 43108, "text": "NL00019716 Totland Educare"}, {"id": 43109, "text": "NL00019717 NOKWEZI CRECHE"}, {"id": 43110, "text": "NL00019718 Vukile Tshwete Enrichment Centre"}, {"id": 43111, "text": "NL00019719 Don Bosco Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43112, "text": "NL00019720 CHRIS HANI"}, {"id": 43113, "text": "NL00019721 Khaya Kiddies Campus"}, {"id": 43114, "text": "NL00019722 Siyakha Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43115, "text": "NL00019723 Khulangolwazi Educare"}, {"id": 43116, "text": "NL00019724 Masikhulisane Educare"}, {"id": 43119, "text": "NL00019727 BLUE BALLON PRE SCHOOL AND DAYCARE"}, {"id": 43120, "text": "NL00019728 STRAWBERRY PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 43121, "text": "NL00019729 Church of Christ Educare"}, {"id": 43122, "text": "NL00019730 HOPE FOR CHILDREN EDUCARE CENTRE "}, {"id": 43123, "text": "NL00019731 Masizakhe Educare "}, {"id": 43124, "text": "NL00019732 PINKISE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43125, "text": "NL00019733 ACTIVE SOCIAL ASSISTANCE"}, {"id": 43126, "text": "NL00019734 Solomon Mahlangu Educare"}, {"id": 43127, "text": "NL00019735 Phandulwazi Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43128, "text": "NL00019736 CATHOLIC WELFARE DEVELOPMENT "}, {"id": 43129, "text": "NL00019737 M.P.I.S Mitchell s Plain Educare"}, {"id": 43130, "text": "NL00019738 KIONONIA ORGANISATION "}, {"id": 43132, "text": "NL00019740 Lttle Flower Educare"}, {"id": 43133, "text": "NL00019741 Little Flower Educare"}, {"id": 43134, "text": "NL00019742 Sikusizwe Educare"}, {"id": 43135, "text": "NL00019743 Masakheni Fox Educare"}, {"id": 43136, "text": "NL00019744 Feroza Truebody "}, {"id": 43137, "text": "NL00019745 Sakhuluntu Educare"}, {"id": 43138, "text": "NL00019746 Sakhuluntu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43139, "text": "NL00019747 Our Lady of Rosary Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 43141, "text": "NL00019749 Faith Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43142, "text": "NL00019750 Ubuhle Babantwana Daycare"}, {"id": 43143, "text": "NL00019751 Little Miracle Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43144, "text": "NL00019752 Agath Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43145, "text": "NL00019753 Khanya Kiddies Campus"}, {"id": 43146, "text": "NL00019754 Union Of Jewish Kensington Creche"}, {"id": 43147, "text": "NP00019755 Blazing Moon Corporate Training PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 43151, "text": "NL00019759 Catholic Welfare and Development"}, {"id": 43152, "text": "NL00019760 The Womens Circle"}, {"id": 43153, "text": "NL00019761 Scripture Union"}, {"id": 43154, "text": "NL00019762 Lighthouse Grouping"}, {"id": 43155, "text": "NL00019763 Health Forum Distric"}, {"id": 43156, "text": "NL00019764 African Developmental Options"}, {"id": 43157, "text": "NL00019765 Lifeline Childline"}, {"id": 43158, "text": "NL00019766 Home SPM"}, {"id": 43159, "text": "NL00019767 Botho Ubuntu Contract Cleaning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43160, "text": "NL00019768 Koinonia"}, {"id": 43163, "text": "NP00019771 Access Employment Skills and Development Agency"}, {"id": 43164, "text": "NL00019773 Mamiane Development Enterprise"}, {"id": 43165, "text": "NL00019774 Jumpstart Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43166, "text": "NL00017702 Phayindhani Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43167, "text": "NL00017703 TCT Consulting and Project Management"}, {"id": 43168, "text": "NL00017704 Ntombini Investment"}, {"id": 43169, "text": "NL00017705 Patroloyd s Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43170, "text": "NL00017706 Fishoff 1100 cc"}, {"id": 43171, "text": "NL00017707 Lian Daph Training Consultant"}, {"id": 43172, "text": "NL00017708 Mercey Kay Trading cc"}, {"id": 43173, "text": "NL00017709 Danas Construction and Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43174, "text": "NL00017710 Sauli Security and Training Services cc"}, {"id": 43175, "text": "NL00017711 Saulin Security and Training Services cc"}, {"id": 43176, "text": "NL00017712 Thulare Skills Training Centre"}, {"id": 43177, "text": "NL00017713 Jeanda Projects"}, {"id": 43178, "text": "NL00017714 Nwa-Matluleng Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 43179, "text": "NL00017715 Inkcubeko Yakwantu"}, {"id": 43180, "text": "NL00017716 Western Cape Youth Commission"}, {"id": 43181, "text": "NL00017717 Khethiwe Foundation"}, {"id": 43182, "text": "NL00017718 Gagle Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43183, "text": "NL00017720 Ponatshego Business Enterprises"}, {"id": 43184, "text": "NL00017723 Holozana Trade General Projecs"}, {"id": 43185, "text": "NL00017725 Zamadiye Jawsvilla General Trading"}, {"id": 43186, "text": "NL00017726 Gramo She Consultants"}, {"id": 43187, "text": "NL00017728 Labohlano Trading 66"}, {"id": 43188, "text": "NL00017731 Seshimuwa Investment Holdings"}, {"id": 43191, "text": "NL00017757 Total Coverage Consulting"}, {"id": 43192, "text": "NL00017758 Zikhali Management Consultancy"}, {"id": 43193, "text": "NL00017759 Aboji Business Consultants"}, {"id": 43194, "text": "NL00017760 Ngibe Creche"}, {"id": 43195, "text": "NL00017765 Vrederust Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 43196, "text": "NL00017766 Katryntjie"}, {"id": 43197, "text": "NL00017767 Rainbow Toddlers"}, {"id": 43198, "text": "NL00017768 Amalienstein L.B Primary"}, {"id": 43199, "text": "NL00017769 Happy Faces"}, {"id": 43200, "text": "NL00017770 Sprokiesland"}, {"id": 43201, "text": "NL00017771 Santa Creche"}, {"id": 43202, "text": "NL00017772 Kleine Kuikens Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 43203, "text": "NL00017773 Ilingelethu"}, {"id": 43204, "text": "NL00017774 Imizamo Yethu"}, {"id": 43205, "text": "NL00017775 Rotary baby care"}, {"id": 43211, "text": "NL00017781 Masizame Prevention Programme Centre"}, {"id": 43212, "text": "NL00017782 PJ Badenhorst Primary School"}, {"id": 43213, "text": "NL00017783 Hilderstent Creche"}, {"id": 43215, "text": "NL00017785 Haarlem Speelgroep"}, {"id": 43216, "text": "NL00017786 St Blaize Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 43217, "text": "NL00017787 Bumble Bees"}, {"id": 43218, "text": "NL00017788 Little Rascals"}, {"id": 43219, "text": "NP00017789 Tshukudu MZM Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43220, "text": "NP00017803 NOSA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43221, "text": "NL00017804 Barney Bees Educare"}, {"id": 43222, "text": "NL00017805 Creative Effective Families"}, {"id": 43223, "text": "NL00017806 eluxolweni Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43224, "text": "NL00017807 Hoekwil Prmary School"}, {"id": 43225, "text": "NL00017808 karmenaadjie speelgroep"}, {"id": 43226, "text": "NL00017809 kekkelbekkiess"}, {"id": 43227, "text": "NL00017810 Life Community Centre"}, {"id": 43228, "text": "NL00017811 Mina Moo"}, {"id": 43229, "text": "NL00017812 Nokuzola Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 43230, "text": "NL00017813 Rooiberg Educare"}, {"id": 43232, "text": "NL00017815 Senzakahle Development and Training Centre"}, {"id": 43233, "text": "NL00017816 Ikamva Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 43234, "text": "NL00017820 Imvulayolwazi Education and Training Services"}, {"id": 43235, "text": "NL00017821 Hlunga Assessment Services"}, {"id": 43236, "text": "NL00017823 Brainwave Projects 342 cc"}, {"id": 43237, "text": "NL00017830 Minosa Trading Projects"}, {"id": 44192, "text": "NL00017155 Itireleng Creche"}, {"id": 43238, "text": "NL00017831 Bayanda Business Consulting "}, {"id": 43239, "text": "NP00017832 The VHL Group"}, {"id": 43240, "text": "NL00017833 Fatyela Pre-School"}, {"id": 43241, "text": "NP00017835 Jojweni DCC"}, {"id": 43242, "text": "NL00017836 Mhontlo Municipality"}, {"id": 43243, "text": "NL00017838 Awethu Commercial Services cc"}, {"id": 43244, "text": "NL00017839 Ntandoyami Trading 45"}, {"id": 43245, "text": "NL00017845 Bunyebethu Skills Development"}, {"id": 43246, "text": "NL00017859 Eshowe Junior School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43247, "text": "NL00017860 Muntuyedwa C P School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43248, "text": "NL00017861 Gobamahlamvu Primary School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43249, "text": "NL00017862 Chathazani Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43250, "text": "NL00017863 Sthilo Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43251, "text": "NL00017864 Machotshaneni Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43252, "text": "NL00017865 Nkululeko Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43253, "text": "NL00017866 Nkume C P School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43254, "text": "NL00017867 Enjabulweni Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43255, "text": "NL00017868 Bhekabelungu C P School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43256, "text": "NL00017869 Queen Nandi P School - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43257, "text": "NL00017870 Sizakancane Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43258, "text": "NL00017871 Mamba Creche - Eshowe"}, {"id": 43259, "text": "NL00017872 Ezingwenya Creche- Eshowe"}, {"id": 43260, "text": "NL00017873 Magabheni Pre-Primary School - Umkomaas"}, {"id": 43261, "text": "NL00017874 Zamokuhle Creche - Umkomaas"}, {"id": 43262, "text": "NL00017875 Sidelie Noah Magabheni - Umkomaas"}, {"id": 43263, "text": "NL00017876 Sizanani Day Care Centre - Umkomaas"}, {"id": 43264, "text": "NL00017877 Magabheni Junior Primary School - Umkomaas"}, {"id": 43265, "text": "NL00017878 Siyakhanyisa Creche - Umkomaas"}, {"id": 43266, "text": "NL00017879 Hloniphani Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 43267, "text": "NL00017880 Swelihle Creche - Nkanda"}, {"id": 43268, "text": "NL00017881 Phakathwayo Creche - Nkandal"}, {"id": 43269, "text": "NL00017882 Gedlembana Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 43270, "text": "NL00017883 Salakuthintwa Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 43271, "text": "NL00017884 Esicelweni Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 43272, "text": "NL00017885 Masibambisane Crecehe - Nkandla"}, {"id": 43273, "text": "NL00017886 Inhlokomo Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 43274, "text": "NL00017887 Dubeni Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43275, "text": "NL00017888 Sibonokuhle Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43276, "text": "NL00017889 Siyathuthuka Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43277, "text": "NL00017890 Thubalethu Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43278, "text": "NL00017891 Candolo Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43279, "text": "NL00017892 Khanyisani Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43280, "text": "NL00017893 Mhlanganyelwa Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43281, "text": "NL00017894 Nomndayi Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43282, "text": "NL00017895 Qalakahle Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43283, "text": "NL00017896 Ngqekwane Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43284, "text": "NL00017897 Mayeni Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43285, "text": "NL00017898 Emazule Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43286, "text": "NL00017899 Sizanotho Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43287, "text": "NL00017900 Emlindazwe Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43288, "text": "NL00017901 Saziba Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43289, "text": "NL00017902 Sphiwokuhle Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43290, "text": "NL00017903 Sizanani Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43291, "text": "NL00017904 Bomvini Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43292, "text": "NL00017905 Nsengeni Creche - Melmoth"}, {"id": 43293, "text": "NL00017906 Ndabezinhle Creche and Pre School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43294, "text": "NL00017907 Vulindlela Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43295, "text": "NL00017908 Simosokuhle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43296, "text": "NL00017909 Nkululeko Creche -Newcastle"}, {"id": 43297, "text": "NL00017910 Ekuthuleni Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43298, "text": "NL00017911 Daisy Tshepo Business Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43299, "text": "NP00017912 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 43300, "text": "NL00017913 Mosiako Childhood Development"}, {"id": 43301, "text": "NL00017914 Directflo"}, {"id": 43302, "text": "NL00017915 Ekuthuleni - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43303, "text": "NL00017916 Senzokwethu School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43304, "text": "NL00017917 Khayelihle Crecehe - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43305, "text": "NL00017918 Buhlebethu Comm Pre-School"}, {"id": 43306, "text": "NL00017919 Sinqobile Creche- Newcastle"}, {"id": 43307, "text": "NL00017920 Thuthukani Pre-Primary School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43308, "text": "NL00017921 Simisokuhle Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43309, "text": "NL00017922 Hlosokuhle creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43310, "text": "NL00017923 Siyaphemba creche Pre-School Newcastle"}, {"id": 43311, "text": "NL00017924 Enkosikhona Creche "}, {"id": 44193, "text": "NL00017156 Monaki Creche"}, {"id": 43312, "text": "NL00017925 Empondo Khulani Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43313, "text": "NL00017926 Siphukuthula Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43314, "text": "NL00017927 Imvuselelo Community Creche- Durban"}, {"id": 43315, "text": "NL00017928 Thamela Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 43316, "text": "NL00017929 Isiphingo Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 43317, "text": "NL00017930 Castlehill Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 43318, "text": "NL00017931 Bhekaphambili Primary School - Durban"}, {"id": 43319, "text": "NL00017932 Bhekithemba C P School - Durban"}, {"id": 43320, "text": "NL00017933 Bhekokuhle C P School - Durban"}, {"id": 43321, "text": "NL00017934 Elangeni J P School - Durban"}, {"id": 43322, "text": "NL00017935 Mandlakayise J P School - Durbn"}, {"id": 43323, "text": "NL00017936 Claire Ellis Brown Pre Primary School - Durbn"}, {"id": 43324, "text": "NL00017937 Phikiswayo J P School - Durban"}, {"id": 43325, "text": "NL00017938 Cola J P School - Durban"}, {"id": 43326, "text": "NL00017939 Sankontshe C P School - Durban"}, {"id": 43327, "text": "NL00017940 Diatla Di a Bolela Trading Training"}, {"id": 43328, "text": "NL00017941 Mbudlu Pre school"}, {"id": 43329, "text": "NL00017942 Gxwalumbomvu Pre school"}, {"id": 43330, "text": "NL00017943 Jojweni D.C.C"}, {"id": 43331, "text": "NL00017944 Sinoxolo D.C.C"}, {"id": 43332, "text": "NL00017945 Ilinge DCC"}, {"id": 43333, "text": "NL00017946 Ncora D.C.C"}, {"id": 43334, "text": "NL00017947 Mkokeli D.C.C"}, {"id": 43335, "text": "NL00017948 Siphuxolo D.C.C"}, {"id": 43336, "text": "NL00017949 Zingisa Pre- school"}, {"id": 43337, "text": "NL00017950 Thibologa Sign Language Institute "}, {"id": 43338, "text": "NL00017951 1 - A Trading cc"}, {"id": 43339, "text": "NL00017953 Isulabasha Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43340, "text": "NL00017954 Simelokuhle Pre School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43341, "text": "NL00017955 Rosary Creche Pre-School - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43342, "text": "NL00017956 Sibongukuvela Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43343, "text": "NL00017957 Siyancenga Educare - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43344, "text": "NL00017958 Siphuthando Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43345, "text": "NL00017959 Thuthukani Pre-Primary - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43346, "text": "NL00017960 Siphukuthula Creche Pre-School- Newcastle"}, {"id": 43347, "text": "NL00017961 Senzokwethu Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 43348, "text": "NL00017964 Masimanyane Pre School"}, {"id": 43349, "text": "NL00017965 Bonisweni D.C.C"}, {"id": 43350, "text": "NL00017966 Mkhokeli D.CC"}, {"id": 43351, "text": "NL00017967 Nonkqubela D.C.C"}, {"id": 43352, "text": "NL00017968 Nolulamo D.CC"}, {"id": 43353, "text": "NL00017969 Lithalethu D.C.C"}, {"id": 43354, "text": "NL00017970 Pakamani D.C.C"}, {"id": 43355, "text": "NL00017971 Ntinga D.C.C"}, {"id": 43356, "text": "NL00017972 Friends Of Ibika D.C.C"}, {"id": 43357, "text": "NP00017975 Prosperitas Training College cc"}, {"id": 43358, "text": "NL00017976 Emini Investments cc "}, {"id": 43359, "text": "NL00017977 Xhamela Development Services"}, {"id": 43360, "text": "NL00017978 Mier Municipality"}, {"id": 43363, "text": "NP00017981 Mkhondo Local Municipality"}, {"id": 43364, "text": "NL00017989 Absolute Human Resource Management Consulting"}, {"id": 43365, "text": "NL00017990 Olive Leaf Foundation"}, {"id": 43367, "text": "NL00017992 Re A Soma Community Development Agency"}, {"id": 43369, "text": "NL00017994 Ngula Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 43370, "text": "NP00017996 Elgin Community College"}, {"id": 43371, "text": "NL00017997 Golang Kolani"}, {"id": 43372, "text": "NL00017998 Mamohlokwane ECD Centre"}, {"id": 43373, "text": "NL00017999 Ishmael Rethabile ECD Centre"}, {"id": 43374, "text": "NL00018011 ferndale Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43375, "text": "NL00018012 Sicelulwazi Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43376, "text": "NL00018013 Musawenkosi Creche - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43377, "text": "NL00018014 Mzokhanyayo Creche Pre-School - Inanda"}, {"id": 43378, "text": "NL00018015 Ntuzuma J P School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43379, "text": "NL00018016 Sibonokuhle Creche Pre- School - Inanda"}, {"id": 43380, "text": "NL00018017 First Love Educare Centre - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43381, "text": "NL00018018 Sibusisiwe Pre - School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43382, "text": "NL00018019 Mukelani S P School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43383, "text": "NL00018020 Eqinisweni C P School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43384, "text": "NL00018021 Dalmeny Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43385, "text": "NL00018022 Zwakele Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43386, "text": "NL00018023 Mukelani H P School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43411, "text": "NL00018052 Pathiswa Kanana Primary School"}, {"id": 43387, "text": "NL00018024 Halalisa Junior Primary - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43388, "text": "NL00018025 Roseland Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43389, "text": "NL00018026 Mbalenhle Creche Pre-School - Inanda"}, {"id": 43390, "text": "NL00018027 Eqinisweni Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43391, "text": "NL00018028 Ngazana J P School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43392, "text": "NL00018029 Phuthuma Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43393, "text": "NL00018030 Sophunga Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43394, "text": "NL00018031 Zuzokuhle ECD Centre - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43395, "text": "NL00018032 Faith Mlaba Primary School - Inanda KwaMashu"}, {"id": 43396, "text": "NL00018033 Africa Unite"}, {"id": 43397, "text": "NL00018034 Njabu Eure Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43398, "text": "NL00018035 DerrickDorries Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43399, "text": "NL00018036 Sikhuthali Trading"}, {"id": 43400, "text": "NL00018039 Mashrik Social Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 43401, "text": "NL00018040 Rand Training College"}, {"id": 43402, "text": "NL00018042 Seomedi Training and Research"}, {"id": 43403, "text": "NL00018044 Kgatelang Pele Resesarch Development Consulting"}, {"id": 43404, "text": "NL00018045 Swelihle Training and Development"}, {"id": 43405, "text": "NL00018046 SANGOCO"}, {"id": 43406, "text": "NP00018047 Diepsloot Pre-School"}, {"id": 43407, "text": "NL00018048 Motlogafelo Trading"}, {"id": 43408, "text": "NP00018049 Nolukhanyo Pre-School"}, {"id": 43409, "text": "NP00018050 TMR Development Agency"}, {"id": 43410, "text": "NP00018051 Mission House Pre-School"}, {"id": 43412, "text": "NL00018053 Lokoloha Pre-School"}, {"id": 43413, "text": "NL00018054 Matsheko Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 43415, "text": "NL00018056 Bright Start Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 43416, "text": "NL00018057 Thulani Creche "}, {"id": 43417, "text": "NL00018058 Bright and Beautiful Knowledge DC"}, {"id": 43418, "text": "NL00018059 Ivory Park North Pre-School"}, {"id": 43420, "text": "NL00018061 Klipfontein Nehemiah Pre-School"}, {"id": 43421, "text": "NL00018062 House of Glory Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 43422, "text": "NL00018063 501 Ivory Park,Ext 2,Midrand 1685"}, {"id": 43423, "text": "NL00018064 Phuthanang Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 43424, "text": "NL00018065 Bakone Pre-School "}, {"id": 43425, "text": "NL00018066 Ratanang Early Learning Site"}, {"id": 43426, "text": "NP00018067 Academy of Excellence"}, {"id": 43427, "text": "NL00018068 Thembalakhe Day Care"}, {"id": 43429, "text": "NL00018070 Julia Lethabong Day Care "}, {"id": 43430, "text": "NL00018071 Good Hope Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43431, "text": "NL00018072 Maiteko Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43432, "text": "NL00018073 Lehlabile E.L.C"}, {"id": 43433, "text": "NL00018074 Christian pre-school"}, {"id": 43434, "text": "NL00018075 Patty E.L.C"}, {"id": 43435, "text": "NL00018076 Patty Early Learning Centre "}, {"id": 43436, "text": "NL00018077 Puseletso Day Care"}, {"id": 43437, "text": "NL00018078 Masca E.L.C"}, {"id": 43438, "text": "NL00018079 Inkululeko Day Care"}, {"id": 43439, "text": "NL00018080 Klapkorn Play Centre"}, {"id": 43440, "text": "NL00018081 Arerutaneng Day Care"}, {"id": 43441, "text": "NL00018082 Makhanani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43442, "text": "NL00018083 Ratanang Day Care"}, {"id": 43443, "text": "NL00018084 Asha Day care"}, {"id": 43444, "text": "NL00018085 Kagisano Day Care"}, {"id": 43445, "text": "NL00018086 Kungwini E.L.C"}, {"id": 43446, "text": "NL00018087 Botshelo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43447, "text": "NL00018088 Mmankone Day Care"}, {"id": 43448, "text": "NL00018089 Siphiwe Creche"}, {"id": 43449, "text": "NL00018090 Botlhale Day Care"}, {"id": 43450, "text": "NL00018091 Tswelopele E.L.C"}, {"id": 43451, "text": "NL00018092 Sipho s Day Care centre"}, {"id": 43452, "text": "NL00018093 Rebelegeng Day Centre"}, {"id": 43453, "text": "NL00018094 Motheo Cornerstone Day Care"}, {"id": 43454, "text": "NL00018095 Zamubuhle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43455, "text": "NL00018096 Thabo-Vuyo School"}, {"id": 43456, "text": "NL00018097 Little Bambinos Montessori"}, {"id": 43457, "text": "NL00018098 Westdene Recreation Center"}, {"id": 43458, "text": "NL00018099 Linden Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 43459, "text": "NL00018100 Johannesburg Muslim Nursery"}, {"id": 43460, "text": "NL00018101 M C Kharbai School"}, {"id": 43461, "text": "NL00018102 Happy Chappies Nursery "}, {"id": 43462, "text": "NL00018103 Greyville Primary"}, {"id": 43463, "text": "NL00018104 Jennifer Susan Arnold"}, {"id": 43464, "text": "NL00018105 Giggles Nursery School"}, {"id": 43465, "text": "NL00018106 Jiswa School"}, {"id": 43466, "text": "NL00018107 Thuthuka Montessori School"}, {"id": 43467, "text": "NL00018108 Fundukhuphuke Day Care "}, {"id": 43468, "text": "NL00018109 Lerato Creche"}, {"id": 43469, "text": "NL00018110 Modern Day Care"}, {"id": 43470, "text": "NL00018111 Ntataise Pre-School and Creche"}, {"id": 43471, "text": "NL00018112 Ikhaya Labantwana Day Care"}, {"id": 43472, "text": "NL00018113 Lebohang Creche"}, {"id": 43473, "text": "NL00018114 Remmogo Care centre"}, {"id": 43474, "text": "NL00018115 Boikago Day Care"}, {"id": 43475, "text": "NL00018116 Lethabong Day Care "}, {"id": 43476, "text": "NL00018117 Little Voices Creche"}, {"id": 43479, "text": "NL00018120 Ekukhanyeni Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43480, "text": "NL00018121 Buhle Bezwe pre-school"}, {"id": 43481, "text": "NL00018122 Sunflower Kids Care"}, {"id": 43482, "text": "NL00018123 Phahamang Day care"}, {"id": 43483, "text": "NL00018124 Sedibeng Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 43488, "text": "NL00018140 Hlabisa Municipality"}, {"id": 43489, "text": "NL00018141 Home of Hope"}, {"id": 43490, "text": "NL00018142 Molo Songololo"}, {"id": 43491, "text": "NL00018143 G.Gorce"}, {"id": 43492, "text": "NL00018144 Antlantis HIV Integrated Network"}, {"id": 43493, "text": "NL00018145 Ubuntu Soup Kitchen"}, {"id": 43494, "text": "NL00018146 Worldvision"}, {"id": 43495, "text": "NL00018147 Antlantis Youth Development"}, {"id": 43496, "text": "NL00018148 WAMP"}, {"id": 43498, "text": "NL00018150 Embo Creche"}, {"id": 43499, "text": "NL00018151 Nyamazane Creche"}, {"id": 43500, "text": "NL00018152 Mavela Creche"}, {"id": 43501, "text": "NL00018153 Poortjie Islamic Pre-School"}, {"id": 43502, "text": "NL00018154 Nqobile Day Care"}, {"id": 43503, "text": "NL00018155 IKAGENG DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43504, "text": "NL00018156 Nkuleko Pre-School and Nursery"}, {"id": 43505, "text": "NL00018157 Little Princess Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43506, "text": "NL00018158 Teddy-Bear Nursery School"}, {"id": 43507, "text": "NL00018159 Orange Farm Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43508, "text": "NL00018160 Mvuleni ECD Centre "}, {"id": 43509, "text": "NL00018161 Zamokuhle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43510, "text": "NL00018162 Molemong Day Care"}, {"id": 43511, "text": "NL00018163 Ekhuphumuleni"}, {"id": 43512, "text": "NL00018164 Kido s Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43513, "text": "NL00018165 Vukaibanbe Pre-Creche"}, {"id": 43514, "text": "NL00018166 Siyafunda Creche Lakeside"}, {"id": 43515, "text": "NL00018167 Reamohetswe Pre-Creche"}, {"id": 43516, "text": "NL00018168 Emmanuel Pre-School"}, {"id": 43517, "text": "NL00018169 Leratong Day Care"}, {"id": 43518, "text": "NL00018170 Loving And Living Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43519, "text": "NL00018171 Imfundo Thuto Pre-School"}, {"id": 43520, "text": "NL00018172 Isibuko Sezwe Day Care"}, {"id": 43521, "text": "NL00018173 Thalitha Cum Day Care"}, {"id": 43522, "text": "NL00018174 Reahola Creche"}, {"id": 43523, "text": "NL00018175 PromiseIand Day Centre"}, {"id": 43524, "text": "NL00018176 Maleboho Early Learning Institute"}, {"id": 43525, "text": "NL00018177 Lovelife"}, {"id": 43526, "text": "NL00018178 Phila Wellness Skills Training"}, {"id": 43527, "text": "NL00018180 Ukukhanya esidumbini Creche"}, {"id": 43528, "text": "NL00018181 Zokulinda Creche"}, {"id": 43529, "text": "NL00018182 Nokusho Creche"}, {"id": 43530, "text": "NL00018183 Siyaqhubeka Creche"}, {"id": 43531, "text": "NL00018184 KwaChili Creche"}, {"id": 43532, "text": "NL00018185 Siyacathula Creche"}, {"id": 43533, "text": "NL00018186 Mbonomuhle Creche "}, {"id": 43534, "text": "NL00018187 Charlotte Grout Creche"}, {"id": 43535, "text": "NL00018188 Mbonomuhle Creche"}, {"id": 43536, "text": "NL00018189 Ekusizaneni Creche"}, {"id": 43537, "text": "NL00018190 Lantern Pre Primary School"}, {"id": 43538, "text": "NL00018191 Vulingqondo Creche"}, {"id": 43539, "text": "NL00018192 Asisebenze Creche "}, {"id": 43540, "text": "NL00018193 Siyakhula Creche"}, {"id": 43541, "text": "NL00018194 Sthokozise Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43542, "text": "NL00018195 Zamokuhle No-1 Creche"}, {"id": 43543, "text": "NL00018196 Sikhulakalhe Creche"}, {"id": 43544, "text": "NL00018197 Sithembiso Creche "}, {"id": 43545, "text": "NL00018198 Kade Kusile sisebenza Creche"}, {"id": 43546, "text": "NL00018199 Ndlelanhle Creche"}, {"id": 43547, "text": "NL00018200 Goodhope Creche"}, {"id": 43548, "text": "NL00018201 Sovasha Creche"}, {"id": 43549, "text": "NL00018202 Matikwe Creche"}, {"id": 43550, "text": "NL00018203 Bambumkhono Creche"}, {"id": 43551, "text": "NL00018204 Esigcabaleni Creche"}, {"id": 43552, "text": "NL00018205 Skhulanemfundo Creche"}, {"id": 43553, "text": "NL00018206 Sizanani Creche"}, {"id": 43554, "text": "NL00018207 Mkholhwa Creche"}, {"id": 43555, "text": "NL00018208 Sizamiseni Creche"}, {"id": 43556, "text": "NL00018209 Mbaliyamazulu Creche"}, {"id": 43557, "text": "NL00018210 Zothani Creche"}, {"id": 43558, "text": "NL00018211 Khulisa Creche"}, {"id": 43559, "text": "NL00018212 Lindokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 43560, "text": "NL00018213 Fundulwazi Creche"}, {"id": 43561, "text": "NL00018214 Khulu Gqame Creche"}, {"id": 43562, "text": "NL00018215 Amawundlu Day-care Centre"}, {"id": 43563, "text": "NL00018216 Tholulwazi Creche"}, {"id": 43565, "text": "NL00018218 Bongekile Pre-School"}, {"id": 43566, "text": "NL00018219 Sinamuva Creche"}, {"id": 43567, "text": "NL00018220 Sawela Creche"}, {"id": 43568, "text": "NL00018221 Moyomusha Creche"}, {"id": 43569, "text": "NL00018222 Mpolweni Creche"}, {"id": 43570, "text": "NL00018223 Slindokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 43572, "text": "NL00018225 Enththukweni Creche"}, {"id": 43573, "text": "NL00018226 Khonya s Child Minding"}, {"id": 43574, "text": "NL00018227 Vezintuthuko Creche"}, {"id": 43575, "text": "NL00018228 Siyamukela Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43576, "text": "NL00018229 Mthokozisi Creche"}, {"id": 43577, "text": "NL00018230 Stoffleton Creche"}, {"id": 43578, "text": "NL00018231 Phumelele Creche"}, {"id": 43579, "text": "NL00018232 Goodway Creche"}, {"id": 43581, "text": "NL00018234 Beersheba Creche"}, {"id": 43584, "text": "NP00018237 ML Viljoen Consultants"}, {"id": 43585, "text": "NP00018238 BUSHBUCKRIDGE COMMERCIAL TECH COLLEGE"}, {"id": 43586, "text": "NL00018239 Buhlebemvelo Creche"}, {"id": 43587, "text": "NL00018240 Umhlangeni Creche"}, {"id": 43588, "text": "NL00018241 Qalakancane Creche"}, {"id": 43589, "text": "NL00018242 Estehelo Esihle Creche"}, {"id": 43590, "text": "NP00018243 Phila Naturals KZN SA"}, {"id": 43596, "text": "NL00018259 Empulweni Creche"}, {"id": 43597, "text": "NL00018260 Koeningsburg Creche"}, {"id": 43598, "text": "NL00018261 Mighty Angels"}, {"id": 43599, "text": "NL00018262 Vuligqondo Creche"}, {"id": 43600, "text": "NL00018263 Silindokuhle Creche"}, {"id": 43601, "text": "NL00018264 Intandoyesozwe"}, {"id": 43602, "text": "NL00018265 Thandukwazi Creche"}, {"id": 43603, "text": "NL00018266 Ntuzuma Creche"}, {"id": 43604, "text": "NL00018267 Khayelihle Creche"}, {"id": 43605, "text": "NL00018268 Umusawenkosi Creche"}, {"id": 43606, "text": "NL00018269 Bambumhlanga Creche"}, {"id": 43607, "text": "NL00018270 Bulelani Creche"}, {"id": 43608, "text": "NL00018271 Mehlokazulu Creche"}, {"id": 43609, "text": "NL00018274 Sunset Project"}, {"id": 43610, "text": "NL00018278 JPM Leadership Training"}, {"id": 43611, "text": "NL00018281 Strathrand College"}, {"id": 43612, "text": "NL00018282 Nalulwazi Training and Management Consultancy"}, {"id": 43615, "text": "NP00018291 Heirs Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43616, "text": "NL00018292 Little Teddies"}, {"id": 43617, "text": "NL00018293 Jack and Jill Day Care"}, {"id": 43618, "text": "NL00018295 Malekgala Creche"}, {"id": 43619, "text": "NL00018296 Nkopeleng Pre School"}, {"id": 43620, "text": "NL00018297 Makgopong Pre School"}, {"id": 43621, "text": "NL00018298 Bokamoso Day Care"}, {"id": 43622, "text": "NL00018299 Ntataishe Creche"}, {"id": 43623, "text": "NL00018300 Reratabana"}, {"id": 43624, "text": "NL00018301 Mabuke Pre School"}, {"id": 43625, "text": "NL00018302 Ngale Pre School"}, {"id": 43626, "text": "NL00018303 Tswaledi Pre School"}, {"id": 43627, "text": "NL00018304 Lebowakgomo"}, {"id": 43628, "text": "NL00018305 Tsogang Marota"}, {"id": 43629, "text": "NL00018306 Dikoteng Pre School"}, {"id": 43630, "text": "NL00018307 Lehwelereng"}, {"id": 43631, "text": "NL00018308 Sekabing Pre School"}, {"id": 43632, "text": "NL00018309 Manche Pre School"}, {"id": 43633, "text": "NL00018310 Tshehla Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43634, "text": "NL00018311 Lulekani Creche"}, {"id": 43635, "text": "NL00018312 Tiendleleni D.C.C"}, {"id": 43636, "text": "NL00018313 Leswene ELC"}, {"id": 43637, "text": "NL00018314 Itshwenyeng Day care Centre"}, {"id": 43638, "text": "NL00018315 Mapula D.C.C"}, {"id": 43639, "text": "NL00018316 Mfunano"}, {"id": 43640, "text": "NL00018317 Francis ELC"}, {"id": 43641, "text": "NL00018318 Boitumelo D.C.C"}, {"id": 43642, "text": "NL00018319 Wesleyan ELC"}, {"id": 43643, "text": "NL00018320 Tindzumulo ELC"}, {"id": 43646, "text": "NL00018323 Namakgale Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43647, "text": "NL00018324 Rethabile Creche"}, {"id": 43648, "text": "NL00018325 Katlego Creche"}, {"id": 43649, "text": "NL00018326 Mashosho Creche"}, {"id": 43650, "text": "NL00018327 Sekgoka Creche"}, {"id": 43651, "text": "NL00018328 Lerapane Educare"}, {"id": 43652, "text": "NL00018329 Kgonopele"}, {"id": 43653, "text": "NL00018330 Mmakoma Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43654, "text": "NL00018331 Kamogelo Creche"}, {"id": 43655, "text": "NL00018332 Mankgonyana Creche"}, {"id": 43656, "text": "NL00018333 Mmakaepea Pre School"}, {"id": 43657, "text": "NL00018334 Maruleng Educare"}, {"id": 43658, "text": "NL00018335 Sekgene Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43659, "text": "NL00018336 Dihlepu Creche"}, {"id": 43660, "text": "NL00018337 Mokakaeya Pre School"}, {"id": 43661, "text": "NL00018338 Malawu Creche"}, {"id": 43662, "text": "NL00018339 Kgaboa Modisha Creche"}, {"id": 43663, "text": "NL00018340 Marulaneng"}, {"id": 43664, "text": "NL00018341 Mokgaetsi Matlou Pre School"}, {"id": 43665, "text": "NL00018342 Mmankishe Pre School"}, {"id": 43666, "text": "NL00018343 Setlaboswana"}, {"id": 43667, "text": "NL00018344 Ditloswane Creche"}, {"id": 43668, "text": "NL00018345 Ramosola Day Care"}, {"id": 43669, "text": "NL00018346 Matome Pre School"}, {"id": 43670, "text": "NL00018347 Kholofelo Pre School"}, {"id": 43671, "text": "NL00018348 Leaka Creche"}, {"id": 43672, "text": "NL00018349 Nthekeng Creche"}, {"id": 43675, "text": "NL00018352 Mmabana Day care"}, {"id": 43676, "text": "NL00018353 Aganang"}, {"id": 43677, "text": "NL00018354 Little Achievers"}, {"id": 43678, "text": "NL00018355 Busy Bee Day Care"}, {"id": 43679, "text": "NL00018356 Little Achivers"}, {"id": 43680, "text": "NL00018357 Busy Bee Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43681, "text": "NL00018358 Naomi Baba Creche"}, {"id": 43682, "text": "NL00018359 Hluvukane Jerome Creche"}, {"id": 43683, "text": "NL00018360 Ndiene Day Care"}, {"id": 43684, "text": "NL00018361 Khensani"}, {"id": 43685, "text": "NL00018362 Lombard Day care"}, {"id": 43686, "text": "NL00018363 Vatsongwana DCC"}, {"id": 43687, "text": "NL00018364 Ngudo CC"}, {"id": 43688, "text": "NL00018365 Muchipisi ELC"}, {"id": 43689, "text": "NL00018366 Mphensi Alunsi Pre School"}, {"id": 43690, "text": "NL00018367 Stepping Stone ECD"}, {"id": 43691, "text": "NL00018368 Shisasi Merwe DCC"}, {"id": 43692, "text": "NL00018369 Rakhusu Location"}, {"id": 43693, "text": "NL00018370 Masibulele"}, {"id": 43694, "text": "NL00018371 Lukhanyiso PS"}, {"id": 43695, "text": "NL00018372 Ikamvelihle"}, {"id": 43697, "text": "NL00018374 Makukhanye"}, {"id": 43698, "text": "NL00018375 Sebabatso"}, {"id": 43699, "text": "NL00018376 Lubabalo Educare"}, {"id": 43700, "text": "NL00018377 Thandobuhle"}, {"id": 43701, "text": "NL00018378 Sondelani PS"}, {"id": 43702, "text": "NL00018379 Sakhakude"}, {"id": 43703, "text": "NL00018380 Shihosana Creche"}, {"id": 43704, "text": "NL00018381 Tshireledzo Community Creche"}, {"id": 43705, "text": "NL00018382 Brilliance DCC"}, {"id": 43706, "text": "NL00018383 Muraluwe"}, {"id": 43708, "text": "NL00018385 Bale Creche"}, {"id": 43709, "text": "NL00018386 Thusanang Creche"}, {"id": 43710, "text": "NL00018387 Bonwa Udi"}, {"id": 43711, "text": "NL00018388 Tshikudini"}, {"id": 43712, "text": "NL00018389 Mapakoni Community Creche"}, {"id": 43713, "text": "NL00018390 Sovetso Creche"}, {"id": 43714, "text": "NL00023482 Sidlasoke School"}, {"id": 43715, "text": "NL00023483 Ndedema Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 43716, "text": "NL00023484 Ramodiegi School"}, {"id": 43717, "text": "NL00023485 Siyabuswa Primary School"}, {"id": 43718, "text": "NL00023486 Zakheni"}, {"id": 43719, "text": "NL00023487 Borolo Primary School"}, {"id": 43720, "text": "NL00023488 Buthelelani Junior Primary School"}, {"id": 43721, "text": "NL00023489 Fundukhupuke School"}, {"id": 43722, "text": "NL00023490 Mabusabesala Secondary School"}, {"id": 43723, "text": "NL00023491 Itekeng Day Care"}, {"id": 43724, "text": "NL00023492 Lehlabile Day Care"}, {"id": 43726, "text": "NL00023494 Mandlakababa School"}, {"id": 43727, "text": "NL00023495 Mandlayedwa"}, {"id": 43728, "text": "NL00023496 Mogobosheng School"}, {"id": 43729, "text": "NL00023497 Entokozwenii Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43730, "text": "NL00023498 Ndumiso Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43731, "text": "NL00023499 Dumelang Bana EduCare"}, {"id": 43732, "text": "NL00023500 Emfundweni ECD"}, {"id": 43733, "text": "NL00023501 Itekengg Day Care"}, {"id": 43734, "text": "NL00023502 Mmabana EduCare"}, {"id": 43735, "text": "NP00023503 All Connections"}, {"id": 43736, "text": "NP00023504 New Shelf 1207 PTY Ltd t a Fuel online"}, {"id": 43738, "text": "NP00023506 New Generation Skills"}, {"id": 43739, "text": "NP00023508 Z J Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43741, "text": "NP00023510 Mobile Telephone Network Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43744, "text": "NL00023615 Sadmon Projects and Consulting"}, {"id": 43745, "text": "NL00023616 ABM College SA PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 43747, "text": "NP00023723 Networking HIV AIDS Community of South Africa t a Nacosa"}, {"id": 43748, "text": "NL00023724 Amathuba Hub Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43749, "text": "NP00023725 World Focus 826 cc"}, {"id": 43750, "text": "NP00023726 Luxe College"}, {"id": 43751, "text": "NL00023727 Everest Leadership Training"}, {"id": 43752, "text": "NL00023785 RMK Industries Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43754, "text": "NP00023880 Prolific Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43755, "text": "NL00023931 PMTC Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 43756, "text": "NL00023932 Tsheko-ke-Mokwena Transport and Projects PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 43757, "text": "NL00023933 Oxy Trading 735 cc "}, {"id": 43758, "text": "NL00023934 Isibane Student Support and Development Agency "}, {"id": 43759, "text": "NL00021166 Mangaung Dynamic Consultancy"}, {"id": 43760, "text": "NL00021167 Huttenpark Primary School"}, {"id": 43761, "text": "NL00021168 Hertzog Park Pre Primary"}, {"id": 43763, "text": "NP00021171 Plastform"}, {"id": 43764, "text": "NL00021172 The children s place Educare"}, {"id": 43766, "text": "NP00021175 Knowledge For Ever Consulting"}, {"id": 43767, "text": "NP00021176 Solomon Akena H.P School"}, {"id": 43768, "text": "NL00021180 Chameleon Pre-School"}, {"id": 43769, "text": "NL00021181 Khulani Educare"}, {"id": 43770, "text": "NL00021182 Siyazingisa Primary School"}, {"id": 43771, "text": "NL00021183 Our Lady of Our Rosary"}, {"id": 43773, "text": "NL00021185 Mzamomhle Educare"}, {"id": 43775, "text": "NL00021187 Islamia College"}, {"id": 43776, "text": "NL00021188 Masikhulisane"}, {"id": 43777, "text": "NL00021189 Athlone Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 43778, "text": "NL00021190 Sivuiyle Nurrudin Educare"}, {"id": 43781, "text": "NL00021193 Wallacedene Primary School"}, {"id": 43783, "text": "NL00021195 Hope for the Children Educare"}, {"id": 43784, "text": "NL00021196 Little Miracles Partial Care"}, {"id": 43785, "text": "NL00021197 Lofdal Christian Academy"}, {"id": 43786, "text": "NL00021198 Loefdal Christian Academy"}, {"id": 43794, "text": "NL00021274 Catholic Welfare "}, {"id": 43795, "text": "NP00021275 Frontier Hospital"}, {"id": 43796, "text": "NP00021276 Metrorail"}, {"id": 43797, "text": "NL00021277 Compassion In Action"}, {"id": 43799, "text": "NL00021292 Beautiful Gate"}, {"id": 43800, "text": "NL00021293 The LR Management Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43811, "text": "NL00021388 Restvill Primer Skool"}, {"id": 43813, "text": "NL00021390 Sinethemba Special Care Centre"}, {"id": 43814, "text": "NL00021391 Restvale Primer Skool"}, {"id": 43815, "text": "NP00021392 Solly Mabelana and Associates"}, {"id": 43816, "text": "NP00021393 Nomaku Traders cc"}, {"id": 43817, "text": "NL00021394 Feed My Lambs Creche"}, {"id": 43818, "text": "NL00021395 Jenny s Daycare"}, {"id": 43819, "text": "NL00021396 Jennys Daycare"}, {"id": 43820, "text": "NL00021397 Cuddles and Care ECD Centre"}, {"id": 43821, "text": "NL00021398 Tweedle Littile Dos Daycare"}, {"id": 43822, "text": "NL00021399 Andis Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43823, "text": "NL00021400 South African Qualification Authority"}, {"id": 43824, "text": "NL00021401 Mberwana Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 43825, "text": "NL00021402 Institute for International Research"}, {"id": 43827, "text": "NL00021404 ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION"}, {"id": 43829, "text": "NL00021406 Bright Little Stars Educare"}, {"id": 43830, "text": "NL00021407 Luncedo Educare Center"}, {"id": 43831, "text": "NL00021408 Lelies Van Die Duine"}, {"id": 43832, "text": "NL00021409 Klouter Kaboter"}, {"id": 43833, "text": "NL00021410 Little Stars Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43835, "text": "NL00021412 Fairy-Land Daycare"}, {"id": 43836, "text": "NL00021413 The Little Fiaths Educare"}, {"id": 43837, "text": "NP00021414 MAPHALANE DISABLED CHILDRENS FUND "}, {"id": 43838, "text": "NL00021415 The Little Faiths Educare"}, {"id": 43839, "text": "NL00021416 Fountain of Grace Ministries Aftercare"}, {"id": 43840, "text": "NL00021417 Heidi and Peter Educare"}, {"id": 43841, "text": "NL00021418 EL- Shaddai Kindergarden"}, {"id": 43842, "text": "NL00021419 Saxonsea Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 43843, "text": "NL00021420 Mount View Creche"}, {"id": 43844, "text": "NL00021421 Super Kids Daycare"}, {"id": 43845, "text": "NL00021422 Vulindlela ECD Centre"}, {"id": 43846, "text": "NL00021423 Sunshine Day Care"}, {"id": 43847, "text": "NL00021424 Stratford House"}, {"id": 43848, "text": "NP00021425 Ratidzo Training Solutions"}, {"id": 43849, "text": "NP00021426 Grandmother agaimst Poverty "}, {"id": 43850, "text": "NP00021427 Sahara College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43851, "text": "NL00021428 Masibulele Creche"}, {"id": 43852, "text": "NL00021429 Little Grace Educare"}, {"id": 43853, "text": "NL00021430 St Mary s Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43854, "text": "NL00021431 Lwandle Pre- School"}, {"id": 43855, "text": "NL00021432 Thabong Daily Care"}, {"id": 43856, "text": "NL00021433 Imivuzo Rewards Centre"}, {"id": 43857, "text": "NL00021434 Thembelihle Pre- school"}, {"id": 43858, "text": "NL00021435 Indysana Daycare "}, {"id": 43859, "text": "NL00021436 Lwandulwazi Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43860, "text": "NL00021437 Lathi-Tha Educare"}, {"id": 43861, "text": "NL00021438 The First Foundation Educare"}, {"id": 43863, "text": "NL00021440 Bhongolethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43864, "text": "NL00021441 ACJ Pakade Primary School"}, {"id": 43865, "text": "NL00021442 Jelly Babies Daycare"}, {"id": 43866, "text": "NL00021443 Discovery Kids ELC"}, {"id": 43867, "text": "NL00021444 Nobuntu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43868, "text": "NL00021445 Somlandela Pre-School"}, {"id": 43870, "text": "NL00021447 Masjiedul Ummah Daycare and Grade R"}, {"id": 43871, "text": "NL00021448 Lukhanyolwethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43872, "text": "NL00021449 Karlien en Kandas Speelskool"}, {"id": 43873, "text": "NL00021450 Bright Star Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43874, "text": "NP00021451 Uthuso Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43875, "text": "NP00021452 Neftin Computers and Electronics"}, {"id": 43876, "text": "NL00021453 Kuyasa Horizon Empowerment"}, {"id": 43878, "text": "NP00021455 S A NAVY"}, {"id": 43880, "text": "NL00021457 Zamat Educare"}, {"id": 43881, "text": "NL00021458 Darul-Ilm Educare"}, {"id": 43882, "text": "NL00021459 Springwood Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 43883, "text": "NL00021460 Madrassa Tul Balaagh Educare"}, {"id": 43884, "text": "NL00021461 Retabile Sivuyile"}, {"id": 43885, "text": "NP00021462 Situational HR Trainers"}, {"id": 43888, "text": "NL00021475 Wavecrest Educare"}, {"id": 43889, "text": "NL00021476 Tinytots Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43890, "text": "NL00021477 P "}, {"id": 43891, "text": "NP00021478 BOSELE SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND AND DEAF"}, {"id": 43894, "text": "NL00021482 South Africa Varsity of Excellence"}, {"id": 43895, "text": "NL00021483 Open Space Consultants t a Southern Hemisphere"}, {"id": 43896, "text": "NL00021491 Hout Bay Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43897, "text": "NL00021492 Botjhabatsatsi Training and Consulting "}, {"id": 43898, "text": "NL00021493 Wynberg Creche"}, {"id": 43899, "text": "NL00021494 Retatsible Educare"}, {"id": 43900, "text": "NL00021495 Retatsabile Educare"}, {"id": 43901, "text": "NP00021496 Chartall Business College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43902, "text": "NL00021497 Free State Coperative Academy "}, {"id": 43903, "text": "NL00021498 Qubani Isizwe NGO"}, {"id": 43904, "text": "NL00021499 JPM and Associate Consultants"}, {"id": 43905, "text": "NL00021500 Southern African Association of Youth Clubs t a SAAYC"}, {"id": 43906, "text": "NL00021502 Bantuvukani Primary School"}, {"id": 43907, "text": "NL00021503 Vumokuhle Junior Primary School"}, {"id": 43908, "text": "NL00021504 Kusekhaya Educare"}, {"id": 43909, "text": "NL00021505 Zwelethu Day Care"}, {"id": 43910, "text": "NL00021506 Shalom Community Creche"}, {"id": 43911, "text": "NL00021507 Little Sunshine Pre-School and Creche"}, {"id": 43912, "text": "NL00021508 Mzamo Pre-School"}, {"id": 43913, "text": "NL00021509 Ngwenya Msomi Primary School"}, {"id": 43914, "text": "NL00021510 Ukukhanyakweze Creche"}, {"id": 43915, "text": "NL00021511 Leopard Creche"}, {"id": 43916, "text": "NL00021512 Khalipha Creche"}, {"id": 43917, "text": "NL00021513 Sabelosethu Creche"}, {"id": 43918, "text": "NL00021514 TEGERKLOOF COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 43919, "text": "NL00021515 Gilly Babiez Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43920, "text": "NL00021516 Imbasa Pre "}, {"id": 43922, "text": "NL00021518 Newborn Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43923, "text": "NL00021519 St Francis Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43925, "text": "NL00021521 Masimanyane Edcare Centre"}, {"id": 43926, "text": "NL00021522 Vals Educare"}, {"id": 43927, "text": "NL00021523 L.A. Tiny Tots"}, {"id": 43928, "text": "NL00021524 Thembani Pre School"}, {"id": 43929, "text": "NL00021525 Masibane Educare"}, {"id": 43930, "text": "NL00021526 Grassy Park Nursery School"}, {"id": 43931, "text": "NL00021527 Sibongile"}, {"id": 43932, "text": "NL00021528 Nomthandazo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43933, "text": "NL00021529 Intyatyambo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43934, "text": "NL00021530 Siyanamcela Educare Centre"}, {"id": 43935, "text": "NP00021531 Department of Culture, Sports and Recreation"}, {"id": 43938, "text": "NL00021534 MATHS AND SCIENCE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY MSLA "}, {"id": 43939, "text": "NL00021535 Institute for Security Studies"}, {"id": 43940, "text": "NL00021536 TSHILIDZINISPECIAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 43941, "text": "NP00021537 Kenmab Training Centre"}, {"id": 43942, "text": "NL00021538 Cheri Cheri Educare"}, {"id": 43943, "text": "NL00021539 Lolly Pop Educare"}, {"id": 43944, "text": "NL00021540 Mamvuka Community Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 43945, "text": "NL00021541 Nthuseni ECD Community Creche "}, {"id": 43946, "text": "NL00021542 GOKOLO COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44021, "text": "NL00021617 Ngalava cdcc"}, {"id": 43948, "text": "NL00021544 Makononi Community Creche"}, {"id": 43949, "text": "NL00021545 Ndivho"}, {"id": 43950, "text": "NL00021546 Mavhunda Community Creche"}, {"id": 43951, "text": "NL00021547 Tshitanini Community Creche "}, {"id": 43952, "text": "NL00021548 Tshivhulani Community Creche"}, {"id": 43953, "text": "NL00021549 JOYOUS KIDS CRECHE"}, {"id": 43954, "text": "NL00021550 Tshibulebule Community Creche"}, {"id": 43955, "text": "NL00021551 Vondwe Community Creche"}, {"id": 43956, "text": "NL00021552 Tswera Ebeneza cc"}, {"id": 43957, "text": "NL00021553 KHAKHU COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 43958, "text": "NL00021554 Gondeni Community Creche"}, {"id": 43959, "text": "NL00021555 Mapholi Community Creche and Pre-school"}, {"id": 43960, "text": "NL00021556 Nnduvheni Community Creche"}, {"id": 43961, "text": "Nl90894679 Test Praxis"}, {"id": 43962, "text": "NL00021558 LUNUNGWI COMMUNITY CRECHE AND PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 43963, "text": "NL00021559 Madimbo Community creche"}, {"id": 43964, "text": "NL00021560 Tshidzivhe Creche "}, {"id": 43965, "text": "NL00021561 Mulodi Community creche"}, {"id": 43966, "text": "NL00021562 Tshilamba Pre-School"}, {"id": 43967, "text": "NL00021563 Luphephe Community Creche"}, {"id": 43968, "text": "NL00021564 Tshaanda Community Creche"}, {"id": 43969, "text": "NL00021565 Ngalavhani Community Creche"}, {"id": 43970, "text": "NL00021566 Tshiungani Community Creche"}, {"id": 43971, "text": "NL00021567 Helula Community Creche"}, {"id": 44183, "text": "NL00017146 Matlala Creche"}, {"id": 43972, "text": "NL00021568 Vision of Wisdom Community Creche"}, {"id": 43973, "text": "NL00021569 Mabila CC"}, {"id": 43974, "text": "NL00021570 Sambandou Community Creche"}, {"id": 43975, "text": "NL00021571 Leonard Mmbudziseni Creche"}, {"id": 43976, "text": "NL00021572 Rothodzani Community Creche"}, {"id": 43977, "text": "NL00021573 Masea Community Creche"}, {"id": 43978, "text": "NL00021574 MABVETE DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43979, "text": "NL00021575 SAGOLE PRE SCHOOL CRECHE"}, {"id": 43980, "text": "NL00021576 NDELAZWIXELE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 43981, "text": "NL00021577 Mukondeni Community Creche"}, {"id": 44056, "text": "NL00017006 Hluvukani creche"}, {"id": 43982, "text": "NL00021578 TALIFHANI MAHENI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 43983, "text": "NL00021579 Tshanzhe Community Creche"}, {"id": 43984, "text": "NL00021580 Faith and hope day care centre"}, {"id": 43986, "text": "NL00021582 Folovhodwe Community Creche and Pre-school"}, {"id": 43987, "text": "NL00021583 Makwarani Community Creche "}, {"id": 43988, "text": "NL00021584 Gumela Pre-school"}, {"id": 43989, "text": "NL00021585 Tshivhongweni Community Creche"}, {"id": 43990, "text": "NL00021586 GUMBU COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 43991, "text": "NL00021587 Mukununde Community Creche"}, {"id": 43992, "text": "NL00021588 Mbodi Commmunity Creche"}, {"id": 43993, "text": "NL00021589 Lwathudwa Community Creche"}, {"id": 43994, "text": "NL00021590 Matsindise"}, {"id": 43995, "text": "NL00021591 Hilbrow Independent School"}, {"id": 43997, "text": "NL00021593 Maramanzhi Community Creche"}, {"id": 43998, "text": "NL00021594 The Little Angel Creche"}, {"id": 43999, "text": "NL00021595 BASHASHA COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44000, "text": "NL00021596 Bright Mbhokota Pre-school"}, {"id": 44001, "text": "NL00021597 Vumbanani day care centre "}, {"id": 44002, "text": "NL00021598 HLAYISANI"}, {"id": 44003, "text": "NL00021599 Phandlula nhlayiseko care centre"}, {"id": 44004, "text": "NL00021600 Surprise Bungeni Pre-school"}, {"id": 44005, "text": "NL00021601 Knowledge Nursery and pre-school "}, {"id": 44057, "text": "NP00017007 Hotazel"}, {"id": 44006, "text": "NL00021602 Majosi Khomanani Pre-school"}, {"id": 44007, "text": "NL00021603 Vuhlayiseki Pre-school"}, {"id": 44008, "text": "NL00021604 HLUVUKU E. L.C"}, {"id": 44009, "text": "NL00021605 Chivikani "}, {"id": 44010, "text": "NL00021606 Masana Creche "}, {"id": 44011, "text": "NL00021607 Xiphuphe Creche "}, {"id": 44012, "text": "NL00021608 Wisani Pre-school"}, {"id": 44013, "text": "NL00021609 Mathavhen Eilc "}, {"id": 44014, "text": "NL00021610 Ebenezer day care centre"}, {"id": 44015, "text": "NL00021611 NWA MHANDU"}, {"id": 44016, "text": "NL00021612 Fhululedzani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44017, "text": "NP00021613 MUTALE LOCAL MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 44018, "text": "NL00021613 Mtsetweni "}, {"id": 44019, "text": "NL00021615 General Mamafha Pre-school"}, {"id": 44020, "text": "NL00021616 SERENI PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 44022, "text": "NL00021618 Hlanganani day care centre"}, {"id": 44023, "text": "NL00021619 Vonanai-Hlulani Pre-School"}, {"id": 44024, "text": "NL00021620 Ridokona Community Creche"}, {"id": 44025, "text": "NL00021621 Tiyimeleni Community creche"}, {"id": 44026, "text": "NL00021622 Kurhula day care centre"}, {"id": 44027, "text": "NL00021623 GRASS-HOPPERS"}, {"id": 44028, "text": "NL00021624 Madobi Nkateko Pre-school"}, {"id": 44029, "text": "NL00021625 TCPDA Shitaci"}, {"id": 44030, "text": "NL00021626 Xihlovo day care center"}, {"id": 44058, "text": "NP00017008 Goldfields Westornaria "}, {"id": 44031, "text": "NL00021627 Olifantshoek Day care centre"}, {"id": 44032, "text": "NL00021628 Vata-tsaka Community Creche"}, {"id": 44033, "text": "NP00021629 MUSINA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 44034, "text": "NL00021629 Tshedza Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 44035, "text": "NP00021631 GREATER GIYANI MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 44036, "text": "NL00021632 Rhandza vana day care center"}, {"id": 44037, "text": "NL00021633 Nkuzana early learning center"}, {"id": 44038, "text": "NL00021634 Hope day care and pre-school"}, {"id": 44039, "text": "NL00021635 Nhlamulo Day care"}, {"id": 44040, "text": "NL00021636 MASANA NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 44041, "text": "NL00021637 Khomanani pre-school"}, {"id": 44042, "text": "NL00021638 Mahatlani Community creche"}, {"id": 44043, "text": "NL00021639 Tiyani Pre-School"}, {"id": 44044, "text": "NL00021640 Thanyani Creche"}, {"id": 44045, "text": "NL00021641 Yimayimani"}, {"id": 44046, "text": "NL00021642 Masakona Pre-School"}, {"id": 44047, "text": "NL00021643 Future Educare Centre"}, {"id": 44048, "text": "NL00021644 Kurisani Day Care centre"}, {"id": 44049, "text": "NL00021645 Frans Mulima Pre-School"}, {"id": 44050, "text": "NL00021646 Ntshuxekani Day care center"}, {"id": 44051, "text": "NL00021647 Ndaedzo day care centre"}, {"id": 44052, "text": "NL00021648 ONDLEKANI PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 44053, "text": "NL00021649 THAVANELE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 44054, "text": "NL00021650 Vunwe day care center"}, {"id": 44055, "text": "NL00021651 Vahlave Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44059, "text": "NP00017009 Transhex Mine Alexanderbay "}, {"id": 44060, "text": "NP00017010 Xstrata Mine Witbank "}, {"id": 44061, "text": "NP00017011 Nkomati Mine Lionore "}, {"id": 44062, "text": "NP00017012 Impala Platinum Springs "}, {"id": 44063, "text": "NP00017013 Baberton Mine"}, {"id": 44064, "text": "NP00017014 Lebowa Platinum Limpopo "}, {"id": 44065, "text": "NP00017015 DRD Gold Mine Westonaria "}, {"id": 44067, "text": "NP00017017 Lonim Rustenburg "}, {"id": 44068, "text": "NL00017018 Msaibulele Day care centre"}, {"id": 44203, "text": "NL00017166 Mohlakolane Creche"}, {"id": 44069, "text": "NL00017019 Siyaphumelela EduCare Centre"}, {"id": 44070, "text": "NL00017020 Tantseka JSS"}, {"id": 44071, "text": "NL00017021 Maganise Junior Secondary"}, {"id": 44072, "text": "NL00017022 Thembeka Junior Primary"}, {"id": 44073, "text": "NL00017023 Nkalane JS School"}, {"id": 44074, "text": "NL00017024 Pefferville Primary School"}, {"id": 44075, "text": "NL00017025 Dumisa Junior Primary School"}, {"id": 44076, "text": "NL00017026 Lunga Junior Primary School"}, {"id": 44077, "text": "NL00017027 Bulugha Farm School"}, {"id": 44078, "text": "NL00017028 Masonwabisane Educare Centre"}, {"id": 44079, "text": "NL00017029 Songeze Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44080, "text": "NL00017030 Voorpos Primary School"}, {"id": 44081, "text": "NL00017031 Thusano Ke Maatia ECD CENTRE"}, {"id": 44082, "text": "NL00017032 Thusano Ke Maatia ECD Creche"}, {"id": 44083, "text": "NL00017033 Thuto Ke Lefa"}, {"id": 44084, "text": "NL00017034 Ramalamula Child care centre"}, {"id": 44085, "text": "NL00017035 FARANANI COMMUNITY CRECH"}, {"id": 44086, "text": "NL00017036 mmbangiseni PreSchool"}, {"id": 44087, "text": "NL00017037 Dumasi Community Creche"}, {"id": 44088, "text": "NL00017038 Mabvete Community Creche"}, {"id": 44089, "text": "NL00017039 Mashudu Khumbe Creche"}, {"id": 44090, "text": "NL00017040 Mapukeng Farming Enterprise"}, {"id": 44091, "text": "NL00017041 Mutshidzi Day Care"}, {"id": 44092, "text": "NL00017042 Mutshidzi Daycare"}, {"id": 44093, "text": "NL00017043 Laerskool Pietersburg Noord"}, {"id": 44094, "text": "NP00017044 PHUIUSO cOMMUNITY cRECHE"}, {"id": 44095, "text": "NL00017045 Mantangari Community Creche"}, {"id": 44096, "text": "NL00017046 Itekeng Creche"}, {"id": 44097, "text": "NL00017047 Mashudu Pre School Centre"}, {"id": 44098, "text": "NL00017048 Mpheni Alusani Creche"}, {"id": 44099, "text": "NL00017049 Lebitsi Preschool"}, {"id": 44100, "text": "NL00017050 Makhuvha Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 44101, "text": "NL00017051 Mbilwi Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 44102, "text": "NL00017052 Seboko Nkoana Creche"}, {"id": 44104, "text": "NL00017054 Springfield Creche "}, {"id": 44105, "text": "NL00017055 Itumeleng Pre School"}, {"id": 44106, "text": "NL00017056 Santshite Pre School"}, {"id": 44107, "text": "NL00017057 Lwathuwa Community Pre School"}, {"id": 44108, "text": "NL00017058 Light of Mercy Community Care"}, {"id": 44109, "text": "NL00017059 Maembeni Community Creche"}, {"id": 44110, "text": "NL00017060 Mokgawa Creche"}, {"id": 44111, "text": "NL00017061 Vumbiwa DCC"}, {"id": 44112, "text": "NL00017062 Lissa Creche"}, {"id": 44113, "text": "NL00017063 Kopano Creche and Pre School"}, {"id": 44114, "text": "NL00017064 RAMOSOANE PRE CRECHE"}, {"id": 44115, "text": "NL00017065 Mahlasedi Special School"}, {"id": 44116, "text": "NL00017066 Kolobe Creche"}, {"id": 44117, "text": "NL00017067 Mianzwi Preschool"}, {"id": 44118, "text": "NL00017068 ALUSANI TSHITA VHA CRECHE"}, {"id": 44119, "text": "NL00017069 Lunungwi Community Creche"}, {"id": 44120, "text": "NL00017070 FAITH HOPE DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44121, "text": "NL00017071 Dovho Preschool"}, {"id": 44122, "text": "NL00017072 Mmabana Pre school"}, {"id": 44123, "text": "NL00017073 MPHEGO COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44124, "text": "NL00017074 Ramosoane Preschool"}, {"id": 44125, "text": "NL00017075 Mapapila Creche"}, {"id": 44126, "text": "NL00017076 Dolores Creche"}, {"id": 44127, "text": "NL00017077 Thusano Day Care"}, {"id": 44214, "text": "NL00017177 Letholong"}, {"id": 44128, "text": "NL00017078 Phuluso Community Centre"}, {"id": 44129, "text": "NL00017079 AGAPE CHILD CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44130, "text": "NL00017080 una rine day Care"}, {"id": 44131, "text": "NL00017081 Itumeleng Preschool"}, {"id": 44132, "text": "NL00017082 Ahanang Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44133, "text": "NL00017083 Angels of God Pre School"}, {"id": 44134, "text": "NL00017084 Bataung Pre School"}, {"id": 44135, "text": "NL00017085 Boikemisetso Creche"}, {"id": 44136, "text": "NL00017086 Bookelong Pre Primary"}, {"id": 44137, "text": "NL00017087 Ezibeleni Day Care"}, {"id": 44138, "text": "NL00017088 Glory Pre school"}, {"id": 44139, "text": "NL00017089 Ha rona Centre"}, {"id": 44140, "text": "NL00017090 Holy Family Pre school"}, {"id": 44141, "text": "NL00017091 Jabulani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44142, "text": "NL00017092 Joy Pre School"}, {"id": 44143, "text": "NL00017093 Karabo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44144, "text": "NL00017094 Kopanong Creche"}, {"id": 44145, "text": "NL00017095 Lenyora School"}, {"id": 44146, "text": "NL00017096 Little Flower Catholic"}, {"id": 44147, "text": "NL00017097 Little Shepard Day Care"}, {"id": 44148, "text": "NL00017098 Mahlasedi Community Pre School"}, {"id": 44149, "text": "NL00017099 Mamahabane Creche"}, {"id": 44150, "text": "NL00017100 Mamello Community Creche"}, {"id": 44151, "text": "NL00017101 Meloding Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44152, "text": "NL00017102 Mmakgutsitseng Creche"}, {"id": 44153, "text": "NL00017103 Mokhele s kindergarden"}, {"id": 44154, "text": "NL00017104 MotherGoose Day Care"}, {"id": 44155, "text": "NL00017105 Nkgodisetseng Pre School"}, {"id": 44156, "text": "NL00017106 Nkoala Day Care"}, {"id": 44157, "text": "NL00017107 Ntataise Creche"}, {"id": 44158, "text": "NL00017108 Nthateng Day Care"}, {"id": 44159, "text": "NL00017109 Paballo D.C.C. "}, {"id": 44160, "text": "NL00017110 Radebe Edu Care"}, {"id": 44161, "text": "NL00017111 Reahola Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44162, "text": "NL00017112 Rearabetswe Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44163, "text": "NL00017113 Reitumetse Creche"}, {"id": 44164, "text": "NL00017114 Thabong Memorial Creche"}, {"id": 44165, "text": "NL00017115 Thabong Primary School"}, {"id": 44166, "text": "NL00017116 Thusano Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44167, "text": "NL00017117 Tosa Care Pre School"}, {"id": 44168, "text": "NL00017118 Tswelopele Day Care"}, {"id": 44169, "text": "NL00017119 Victory Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44170, "text": "NL00017120 Mamohau Catholic Pre-School"}, {"id": 44171, "text": "NL00017121 Radebe Day Care"}, {"id": 44172, "text": "NL00017122 Childrens Switserland"}, {"id": 44173, "text": "NL00017123 Reahola Educare Centre"}, {"id": 44174, "text": "NL00017124 Vhonetshela Community Creche"}, {"id": 44176, "text": "NP00017126 Act Two Training cc"}, {"id": 44177, "text": "NL00017140 Ntutubulle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44178, "text": "NL00017141 Mahlasedi Centre"}, {"id": 44179, "text": "NL00017142 Mpabalele Creche"}, {"id": 44180, "text": "NL00017143 Ramathetse Pre School"}, {"id": 44181, "text": "NL00017144 Moganyaka Creche"}, {"id": 44182, "text": "NL00017145 Matla Creche"}, {"id": 44194, "text": "NL00017157 Lotanang Creche"}, {"id": 44195, "text": "NL00017158 Ramatubagane Creche"}, {"id": 44196, "text": "NL00017159 Kgotso Creche"}, {"id": 44197, "text": "NL00017160 Ramphelane Creche"}, {"id": 44198, "text": "NL00017161 Shalom Shagna Creche"}, {"id": 44199, "text": "NL00017162 Hlagahlagane Preschool"}, {"id": 44200, "text": "NL00017163 Kgotlelela Mmotlana Creche"}, {"id": 44201, "text": "NL00017164 Makorogane Creche"}, {"id": 44202, "text": "NL00017165 Marishane Creche"}, {"id": 44204, "text": "NL00017167 Malebeleko Creche"}, {"id": 44205, "text": "NL00017168 Mpepedi"}, {"id": 44206, "text": "NL00017169 Sethokgwa Makua"}, {"id": 44207, "text": "NL00017170 Vulinqondo"}, {"id": 44208, "text": "NL00017171 Mmatswale"}, {"id": 44209, "text": "NL00017172 Kiddies Day Care"}, {"id": 44210, "text": "NL00017173 Malekgala"}, {"id": 44211, "text": "NL00017174 Moruthane"}, {"id": 44212, "text": "NL00017175 Malebeleko"}, {"id": 44213, "text": "NL00017176 Tumishi"}, {"id": 44222, "text": "NL00017185 Mother Goose Corner"}, {"id": 44223, "text": "NL00017186 Family Harvest DC"}, {"id": 44224, "text": "NL00017187 Childrens Rights DCC"}, {"id": 44225, "text": "NL00017188 Sinqobilo Play Group"}, {"id": 44226, "text": "NL00017189 Nhlakanipho ECD"}, {"id": 44227, "text": "NL00017190 Uvile Academy"}, {"id": 44228, "text": "NL00017191 Kedibone Day Care"}, {"id": 44229, "text": "NL00017192 Kids Haven"}, {"id": 44230, "text": "NL00017193 Play and Learn"}, {"id": 44231, "text": "NL00017194 Lehlabile DCC"}, {"id": 44232, "text": "NL00017195 Phindile DCC"}, {"id": 44233, "text": "NL00017196 Excitement"}, {"id": 44234, "text": "NL00017197 Naledi Intermediate School Rouville"}, {"id": 44235, "text": "NL00017198 Sentsoeti Development Centre"}, {"id": 44236, "text": "NL00017199 Legal "}, {"id": 44237, "text": "NL00017200 Child Welfare"}, {"id": 44238, "text": "NL00017201 SAPS Rouville"}, {"id": 44239, "text": "NL00017202 Thabo-Vuyo"}, {"id": 44240, "text": "NL00017203 SAPS Smithfield"}, {"id": 44241, "text": "NL00017204 Relebohile-Sibulele Senior School "}, {"id": 44242, "text": "NL00017205 Sports, Arts and Culture"}, {"id": 44243, "text": "NL00017206 Mofulatshepe Primary School"}, {"id": 44244, "text": "NL00017207 Smithfield Primary School"}, {"id": 44245, "text": "NL00017208 Xhariep District Municipality"}, {"id": 44246, "text": "NL00017209 Sivile-Reutlwile Victim Employers"}, {"id": 44247, "text": "NL00017210 Local Government and Housing"}, {"id": 44248, "text": "NL00017211 Phekolong Clinic"}, {"id": 44249, "text": "NL00017212 Public Library"}, {"id": 44250, "text": "NL00017213 Youth Advisory Centre"}, {"id": 44482, "text": "NL00017488 Yandisa DCC"}, {"id": 44251, "text": "NL00017214 Beang tse Molemo school Senior Secondary"}, {"id": 44253, "text": "NL00017216 Ethembeni Clinic"}, {"id": 44254, "text": "NL00017217 Letsemeng Municipality"}, {"id": 44255, "text": "NL00017218 Petra Mine"}, {"id": 44256, "text": "NL00017219 SAPS Koffiefontein"}, {"id": 44257, "text": "NL00017220 Nyonyana Primary - Umzinyathi District"}, {"id": 44258, "text": "NL00017221 Mbusweni Primary - Umzinyathi District"}, {"id": 44259, "text": "NL00017222 Mpofanyana Primary - Umgungundlovu District"}, {"id": 44260, "text": "NL00017223 Amancanakazana Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 44261, "text": "NL00017224 Zibonele Pre-School - Amajuba District"}, {"id": 44262, "text": "NL00017225 Nokukhanya Combined - Amajuba District"}, {"id": 44263, "text": "NL00017226 Ncandu Combined - Amajuba District"}, {"id": 44264, "text": "NL00017227 Silethokuhle Bosworth - Newcastle District"}, {"id": 44265, "text": "NL00017228 Thuthukani Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44266, "text": "NL00017229 Mseni Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44267, "text": "NL00017230 Inkanyezi Yokusa Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44268, "text": "NL00017231 Sithokozile Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44269, "text": "NL00017232 Buhlebuyeza Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44270, "text": "NL00017233 Mfishane Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44271, "text": "NP00017234 Egugwini Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44272, "text": "NL00017235 Mpumalanga Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44273, "text": "NL00017236 Phaphamani Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44274, "text": "NL00017237 Little Flower Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44275, "text": "NL00017238 Sbongamandla Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44276, "text": "NL00017239 Vukukhanyise Creche - Nongama"}, {"id": 44277, "text": "NL00017240 Kancane kancane Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44278, "text": "NL00017241 Silindokuhle Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44279, "text": "NL00017242 Mother s Love Care Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44280, "text": "NL00017243 Kwafunulwazi Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44281, "text": "NL00017244 St Joseph Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 45132, "text": "NL00016785 Mmakoma"}, {"id": 44282, "text": "NL00017245 Siyathuthuka Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44283, "text": "NL00017246 Masiqhubeke Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44284, "text": "NL00017247 Masazane Creche - Nongoma"}, {"id": 44285, "text": "NL00017248 Snethemba Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44286, "text": "NL00017249 Siyakhula Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44287, "text": "NL00017250 Zamokuhle Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44288, "text": "NL00017251 Imizamo Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44289, "text": "NL00017252 Matikwe Creche - Nkadla"}, {"id": 44290, "text": "NL00017253 Ukukhanya Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44291, "text": "NL00017254 Zibonele Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44292, "text": "NL00017255 Sbongile Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44293, "text": "NL00017256 Manzamnyama Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44294, "text": "NL00017257 Senzokuhle Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44295, "text": "NL00017258 Mfongosi Creche - Nkanda"}, {"id": 44296, "text": "NL00017259 Swelihle Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44297, "text": "NL00017260 S yamthanda Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44298, "text": "NL00017261 Sikhwani Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44299, "text": "NL00017262 Pholela Community Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44300, "text": "NL00017263 Qalakabusha Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44301, "text": "NL00017264 Fundani Nathi Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44302, "text": "NL00017265 Ntukwini Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44303, "text": "NL00017266 Nokhenke Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44304, "text": "NL00017267 Sikhulakahle Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44305, "text": "NL00017268 Fisokuhle Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44306, "text": "NL00017269 Doni Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44307, "text": "NL00017270 Mntungwa Primary - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44308, "text": "NL00017271 Esivivaneni Primary - Harding"}, {"id": 44309, "text": "NL00017272 Mdlazi Primary School - Harding"}, {"id": 44310, "text": "NL00017273 Mbeleni Primary School - Harding"}, {"id": 44311, "text": "NL00017274 Bhekisizwe Primary - Harding"}, {"id": 44312, "text": "NL00017275 Thandokuhle Primary - Harding"}, {"id": 44313, "text": "NL00017276 Izingolweni C P School - Izingolweni"}, {"id": 44314, "text": "NL00017277 Mgoqozi Primary School - Umbumbulu"}, {"id": 44315, "text": "NL00017278 Ifafa J P School - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44316, "text": "NL00017279 Shayamoya Public Primary - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44317, "text": "NL00017280 Ukukhanya Kufikile Pre-School - Nqabeni"}, {"id": 44318, "text": "NL00017281 Stoney-Hill CP School - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 44319, "text": "NL00017282 Ikhwezi Lamachi School - Harding"}, {"id": 44320, "text": "NL00017283 Inkatha C P School - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44321, "text": "NL00017284 Salem Primary School - Harding"}, {"id": 44322, "text": "NL00017285 Zamani Creche - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 44323, "text": "NL00017286 Mavundla Primary School - Harding"}, {"id": 44324, "text": "NL00017287 Thandanani No1 - Harding"}, {"id": 44325, "text": "NL00017288 Ezwelihle Primary School - Port-sheptone"}, {"id": 44326, "text": "NL00017289 Ebomvini School - Izingolweni"}, {"id": 44327, "text": "NL00017290 Khumbuza Primary School - Izingolweni"}, {"id": 44328, "text": "NL00017291 Inhlasana Primary School - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44329, "text": "NL00017292 Gamalakhe J P School - Gamalakhe"}, {"id": 44330, "text": "NL00017293 Thembelenkosini - Harding"}, {"id": 44331, "text": "NL00017294 Zimema Primary School "}, {"id": 44332, "text": "NL00017295 Sakhayedwa Primary School - Harding"}, {"id": 44333, "text": "NL00017296 Kubhudlu Primary - Harding"}, {"id": 44335, "text": "NL00017315 Corporate Impact Training cc"}, {"id": 44336, "text": "NL00017320 Seapei S A Africa Training and Catering "}, {"id": 44337, "text": "NP00017326 Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44338, "text": "NP00017330 Motlalepule Development Services"}, {"id": 44339, "text": "NP00017331 Holistic Soul Body Institute "}, {"id": 44341, "text": "NL00017336 Kwamtholo Primary School - Mtubatuba"}, {"id": 44342, "text": "NL00017338 Quadpara Association of South Africa"}, {"id": 44343, "text": "NP00017339 MSC College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44344, "text": "NL00017340 Ditlhake library"}, {"id": 44345, "text": "NP00017341 Legal and Community Advice Centre"}, {"id": 44346, "text": "NL00017342 Itemeleng primary School"}, {"id": 44347, "text": "NP00017343 Kerklike Maatskapleike Diens Edn-red"}, {"id": 44348, "text": "NP00017344 DITASA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 44349, "text": "NL00017350 Indunduma Primary - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44350, "text": "NL00017351 Mdlazi Primary - Murchisone"}, {"id": 44351, "text": "NL00017352 Gummie Bears Pre-School - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 44352, "text": "NL00017353 Esibusisweni Creche - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 44353, "text": "NL00017354 Khuphuka Primary - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44354, "text": "NL00017355 Hlaba C P School - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 44355, "text": "NL00017356 Ohlangeni Primary - Port Shepstone"}, {"id": 44356, "text": "NL00017357 KwaMtholo Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44357, "text": "NL00017358 Sunshine Pre-Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44358, "text": "NL00017359 Mnandi Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44359, "text": "NL00017360 Dokolwane Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44360, "text": "NL00017361 Cezwana Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44361, "text": "NL00017362 Kwa-Hlomula Pre-School - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44362, "text": "NL00017363 Endlondlweni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44363, "text": "NL00017364 Vezukusa Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44364, "text": "NL00017365 Emunywana Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44365, "text": "NL00017366 Ophansi Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44366, "text": "NL00017367 Tshongwe Primary - Obenjeni"}, {"id": 44367, "text": "NL00017368 Mtiwe Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44368, "text": "NL00017369 Kwashukela Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44369, "text": "NL00017370 Vimbukhalo Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44370, "text": "NL00017371 Ekulweni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44371, "text": "NL00017372 Endombeni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44372, "text": "NL00017373 Hlulabantu Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44373, "text": "NL00017374 Othombothini Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44374, "text": "NL00017375 KwaMakhonyeni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44375, "text": "NL00017376 Inqaqa Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44429, "text": "NL00017432 Sama Primary School "}, {"id": 44376, "text": "NL00017377 Ekuveleni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44377, "text": "NL00017378 Phumlani Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44378, "text": "NL00017379 Magcekeni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44379, "text": "NL00017380 Hlambanyathi Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44380, "text": "NL00017381 Ezibayeni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44381, "text": "NL00017382 Njinji Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44382, "text": "NL00017383 Ntenga Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44383, "text": "NL00017384 Mahlakwe Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44384, "text": "NL00017385 Bhekabantu Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44385, "text": "NL00017386 Mamfene Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44386, "text": "NL00017387 Mtwazi Combined - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44387, "text": "NL00017388 Gula Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44388, "text": "NL00017389 Newtownville Primary - Sisonke "}, {"id": 44389, "text": "NL00017390 Creighton Pre-Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44390, "text": "NL00017391 Phesche Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 45106, "text": "NL00016759 Lehlabile Edu"}, {"id": 44391, "text": "NL00017392 Carrisbrooke Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44392, "text": "NL00017393 Ehlane Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44393, "text": "NL00017394 Khulakahle Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44394, "text": "NL00017395 Nkweletsheni Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44395, "text": "NL00017396 Thunzi Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44396, "text": "NL00017397 Omoya Omusha Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44397, "text": "NP00017398 Office of the Premier Northern Cape"}, {"id": 44398, "text": "NL00017399 Eisibhoweni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44399, "text": "NL00017400 Ikusasalesizwe - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44400, "text": "NL00017401 Ekuweleni Primary - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44401, "text": "NL00017402 Bambumkhono Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44402, "text": "NL00017403 Siyamthanda Creche - Nkandla"}, {"id": 44403, "text": "NL00017404 Huntley Primary School - Franlin"}, {"id": 44404, "text": "NL00017405 Vogelvlei Primary - Franklin"}, {"id": 44405, "text": "NL00017406 Magogo Junior Secondary -Harding"}, {"id": 44406, "text": "NL00017407 Nomzamo Primary - Kokstad"}, {"id": 44407, "text": "NL00017408 Nomgengane Primary - Umzinto"}, {"id": 44408, "text": "NL00017409 7 Fountains Primary - Kokstad"}, {"id": 44409, "text": "NL00017410 Qoyintaba Primary - Ixopo"}, {"id": 44410, "text": "NL00017411 Jabulani Pre School -Sisonke"}, {"id": 44411, "text": "NL00017412 Koppieskraal Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44412, "text": "NL00017413 Jubane Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44413, "text": "NL00017414 Horseshoe Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44414, "text": "NL00017415 Mantulela Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44415, "text": "NL00017416 Goxhill Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44416, "text": "NL00017417 Newmarket Combined - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44417, "text": "NL00017418 Nhlamvana Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44418, "text": "NL00017419 Ncwadi Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44419, "text": "NP00017420 Faithway Christian School - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44420, "text": "NL00017421 Lingelethu Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44421, "text": "NL00017422 St Paul Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44422, "text": "NL00017423 Hlabeni Intermediate - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44423, "text": "NL00017424 Shalom Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44424, "text": "NL00017425 Kransdraai Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44425, "text": "NL00017426 Emtshawazo Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44426, "text": "NP00017427 Thembisile Hani Municipality"}, {"id": 44428, "text": "NL00017431 Esigageni pre- school"}, {"id": 44430, "text": "NL00017433 Free State SA Congress ECD Forum "}, {"id": 44431, "text": "NP00017434 Mako Centre of Health"}, {"id": 44433, "text": "NL00017436 Nolitha Pre School"}, {"id": 44434, "text": "NL00017437 Nomzamo Pre School"}, {"id": 44435, "text": "NL00017438 Ilinge Labantu Pre School"}, {"id": 44436, "text": "NL00017439 Nondzondelelo "}, {"id": 40204, "text": "L550761532 OPTIMUM LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40359, "text": "NP00015336 Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism"}, {"id": 42406, "text": "NL00018509 Mfongosi Creche"}, {"id": 44437, "text": "NL00017440 Riverside Pre School"}, {"id": 44438, "text": "NL00017441 Maxama DCC"}, {"id": 44439, "text": "NL00017442 Monwabisi Pre School"}, {"id": 44441, "text": "NL00017444 Zizamele DCC"}, {"id": 44442, "text": "NL00017445 Nontyatyambo DCC"}, {"id": 40460, "text": "NP00015467 Ethekwini Municipality"}, {"id": 40523, "text": "NP00015558 Ekurhuleni Municipality Council"}, {"id": 40570, "text": "NL00015606 SADTU"}, {"id": 44443, "text": "NL00017446 Zakhele Pre School"}, {"id": 44444, "text": "NL00017447 Letlhokoa Management Services"}, {"id": 44445, "text": "NL00017448 Mbalenhle Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44446, "text": "NL00017449 Lusiza Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44447, "text": "NL00017450 Sondelani Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44448, "text": "NL00017451 Enhlanhleni Creche- Underberg"}, {"id": 44449, "text": "NL00017452 Buhlebezwe Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 40637, "text": "T000008153 South West Gauteng College: Roodepoort"}, {"id": 40712, "text": "L999999999 ETDP SETA"}, {"id": 44450, "text": "NL00017453 Nkangala Creche- Underberg"}, {"id": 44451, "text": "NL00017454 Zizamele Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44452, "text": "NL00017455 Vukuzithathe Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44453, "text": "NL00017456 Siyakhula Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44454, "text": "NL00017457 Nhlalakahle Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44455, "text": "NL00017458 Ntwasahlobo Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44456, "text": "NL00017459 KPK Training Solutions"}, {"id": 44457, "text": "NL00017461 Sangwana Pre- Primary - Underberg"}, {"id": 44458, "text": "NL00017462 Mhlangeni Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44459, "text": "NL00017463 Buhle Bokusizana - Underberg"}, {"id": 44460, "text": "NL00017464 Siyathuthuka Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 41363, "text": "NL00016178 Sobantu Creche Sobantu "}, {"id": 41484, "text": "NL00016299 Sivukile Pre-School"}, {"id": 44461, "text": "NL00017465 Mangozi Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44462, "text": "NL00017466 Ekuthuleni Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44463, "text": "NL00017467 Phuthuma Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44464, "text": "NL00017468 Siyazimisela Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44465, "text": "NL00017469 Mzokhanyayo Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44466, "text": "NL00017470 Bonokuhle Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44467, "text": "NL00017471 S A Junior Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44468, "text": "NL00017472 Mahlutshini Creche - Underberg"}, {"id": 44469, "text": "NL00017473 Esibhoweni Creche - Obonjeni"}, {"id": 44470, "text": "NL00017474 Khukhulela Primary - Sisonke "}, {"id": 44471, "text": "NL00017475 Nongengane Primary - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44472, "text": "NL00017476 Velabahleka Creche - Sisonke"}, {"id": 44473, "text": "NL00017478 Seashore Training "}, {"id": 44474, "text": "NL00017480 Eyethu Pre-School"}, {"id": 44475, "text": "NL00017481 Ntshingeni A A"}, {"id": 44476, "text": "NL00017482 Kolofini Location"}, {"id": 44477, "text": "NL00017483 Simanye Pre School"}, {"id": 44478, "text": "NL00017484 Masakhane DCC"}, {"id": 44479, "text": "NL00017485 Bongolethu DCC"}, {"id": 44480, "text": "NL00017486 Mmangobomvu"}, {"id": 44481, "text": "NL00017487 Ikhwezi Lomso"}, {"id": 44483, "text": "NL00017489 Masincedane D.C.C"}, {"id": 44484, "text": "NL00017490 Zanokhanyo DCC"}, {"id": 44485, "text": "NL00017491 Masikhule D.C.C"}, {"id": 44486, "text": "NL00017492 Nomonde DCC"}, {"id": 41630, "text": "NP00022885 Mgwezane Training and Events Management"}, {"id": 41635, "text": "NP00022890 Execuprime Academy"}, {"id": 44487, "text": "NL00017493 Mangondini DCC"}, {"id": 44489, "text": "NL00017495 Nobubele DCC"}, {"id": 44490, "text": "NL00017496 Masivuke DCC"}, {"id": 44491, "text": "NL00017497 Pulamadiboho Resource Centre cc"}, {"id": 44492, "text": "NL00017498 Mas Edu Man Consultants cc"}, {"id": 44493, "text": "NL00017499 Sikhulakahle Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 42025, "text": "T000008221 STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 42112, "text": "T000008232 KFM Africa Logistics PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 42134, "text": "NL00019216 media works"}, {"id": 42139, "text": "T000008238 westcol"}, {"id": 44494, "text": "NL00017500 Phumelela Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44495, "text": "NL00017501 Sizakancane Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44496, "text": "NL00017502 Bambanani Creche Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44497, "text": "NL00017503 Vulindlela Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44498, "text": "NL00017504 Masibumbane Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44499, "text": "NL00017505 Siphimfundo Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44500, "text": "NL00017506 Sizanani Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44501, "text": "NL00017507 Noddy s Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44502, "text": "NL00017508 Siyazama Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44503, "text": "NL00017509 Buhle Phambili - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44504, "text": "NL00017510 Enjabulweni Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44505, "text": "NL00017511 Zamokuhle Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44506, "text": "NL00017512 Ekukhanyeni Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44507, "text": "NL00017513 Siphumelele Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 42269, "text": "NL00019404 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OBONJENI DISTRICT "}, {"id": 42273, "text": "NL00019411 ETHEKWINI FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42332, "text": "NL00018435 Khanyolwethu"}, {"id": 42472, "text": "NL00018585 Silvertown"}, {"id": 44508, "text": "NL00017514 Ukukhanya Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44509, "text": "NL00017515 Thuthuka Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44510, "text": "NL00017516 Thandokuhle Creche - Ladysmith"}, {"id": 44511, "text": "NL00017517 Bambanani Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 44512, "text": "NL00017518 Bathandiwe Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 44513, "text": "NL00017519 Cynthia Creche - Newcastle"}, {"id": 42834, "text": "NL00019067 APPETD"}, {"id": 42838, "text": "NL00019072 MEWUSA"}, {"id": 42929, "text": "T000008280 Wits University"}, {"id": 44514, "text": "NL00017520 Thuto-Boswa Education and Training Solutions"}, {"id": 44516, "text": "NL00017533 Learning Land"}, {"id": 44517, "text": "NL00017534 Lebowakgomo LP"}, {"id": 44518, "text": "NL00017535 Kinnaland"}, {"id": 44519, "text": "NL00017536 Ortloff s Kindergarden"}, {"id": 44520, "text": "NL00017537 Compass Christian Academy"}, {"id": 44521, "text": "NL00017538 Lebowakgomo Lower Primary"}, {"id": 44522, "text": "NL00017539 Sunrise Super Kids"}, {"id": 44523, "text": "NL00017540 KSD Municipality "}, {"id": 44524, "text": "NL00017541 Madwaleni Hospital Donald Wood Foundation"}, {"id": 44525, "text": "NL00017542 TSD Business Solutions"}, {"id": 44526, "text": "NL00017547 Ngezusizo Consultants"}, {"id": 43740, "text": "NP00023509 African Oxygen Limited"}, {"id": 43762, "text": "NP00021169 City of Tshwane Community Safety - FIRE"}, {"id": 43772, "text": "NL00021184 Sleepy Hollow Educare"}, {"id": 43774, "text": "NL00021186 Masonwabe Educare"}, {"id": 43780, "text": "NL00021192 Sikhula Sonke ECD"}, {"id": 44527, "text": "NL00017549 Centre for Development Research and Facilitation"}, {"id": 44528, "text": "NL00017550 Lwazi Community Facilitation"}, {"id": 44529, "text": "NP00017552 Zwoitwa Health Care "}, {"id": 44530, "text": "NL00017553 Little Blessing School"}, {"id": 43826, "text": "NL00021403 ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 44531, "text": "NL00017554 Lehlogedi Creche"}, {"id": 44532, "text": "NL00017555 Golang Kulani"}, {"id": 44533, "text": "NL00017556 Ratanang Special School"}, {"id": 44534, "text": "NL00017557 Tshmail Rethabile Creche"}, {"id": 44535, "text": "NL00017558 Modjadji College"}, {"id": 44536, "text": "NL00017560 Northern Cape Youth Comission"}, {"id": 44537, "text": "NL00017579 Nqunqa Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44538, "text": "NL00017580 Siphesihle Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44539, "text": "NL00017581 Msebe Primery School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44540, "text": "NL00017582 Zakhele Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44541, "text": "NL00017583 Gugulethu Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44542, "text": "NL00017584 Kajabuleni Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44543, "text": "NL00017585 Emseni Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44544, "text": "NL00017586 Qambushilo Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44545, "text": "NL00017587 Mpucuko Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44546, "text": "NL00017588 Tholulwazi Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44547, "text": "NL00017589 Nkongolwane Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44548, "text": "NL00017590 Bambanani Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44549, "text": "NL00017591 Intuthuko Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44550, "text": "NL00017592 Babanango Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44551, "text": "NL00017593 Kwagwebu Combined - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44552, "text": "NL00017594 Mandlezulu School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44553, "text": "NL00017595 Zicabangile Pre-School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44554, "text": "NL00017596 Nyawoshane Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44555, "text": "NL00017597 Siyongiziphozonke Creche - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44556, "text": "NL00017598 Masithokoze School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44557, "text": "NL00017599 Sinothando Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44558, "text": "NL00017600 Dwarsrand Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44559, "text": "NL00017601 Entungwini School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44560, "text": "NL00017602 Siphalaza Primary - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44561, "text": "NP00017603 Hospitality Academy "}, {"id": 44562, "text": "NL00017606 Siyakhana Development Projects Centre"}, {"id": 44563, "text": "NL00017607 Arden School of Management"}, {"id": 44594, "text": "NL00017679 Matalisi Trading "}, {"id": 44564, "text": "NL00017608 Selithuswa Events Management Projects"}, {"id": 44565, "text": "NL00017611 KJL Enterprises cc"}, {"id": 44566, "text": "NL00017612 People to Assets Enterprise"}, {"id": 44567, "text": "NL00017613 Mpumelelo Online Service Providers"}, {"id": 44569, "text": "NP00017633 ABSA"}, {"id": 44571, "text": "NL00017636 MCDP Academy for Science and Technology PTY LTD"}, {"id": 44572, "text": "NL00017637 Centre for Development Research Development"}, {"id": 44573, "text": "NL00017641 International Business Academy of Training"}, {"id": 44574, "text": "NL00017642 Phaphamani Electrical cc"}, {"id": 44577, "text": "NP00017645 Experiential Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44578, "text": "NL00017646 Patric Mtolo PTY LTD"}, {"id": 44579, "text": "NL00017647 Sondoloit Company"}, {"id": 44580, "text": "NL00017648 Code 2000 Mordern Technology"}, {"id": 44581, "text": "NL00017649 Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity "}, {"id": 44582, "text": "NL00017650 Zithuthukise ACDS Centre"}, {"id": 44583, "text": "NP00017651 National Coaching Academy "}, {"id": 44584, "text": "NL00017665 Intselelo Youth Development Consultants"}, {"id": 44587, "text": "NP00017671 Training Services Integrated Consultants C.C"}, {"id": 44588, "text": "NL00017673 Uhuru Business Consultants"}, {"id": 44589, "text": "NL00017674 Bambixhama Community Project"}, {"id": 44590, "text": "NL00017675 Ubuhanguhangu Business Consultants"}, {"id": 44591, "text": "NL00017676 Kusadliwangoludala Community Organisation"}, {"id": 45097, "text": "NL00016750 Lesedi Preschool"}, {"id": 44593, "text": "NL00017678 Dontra Social Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 44595, "text": "NL00017680 Ndlekezi Trading"}, {"id": 44596, "text": "NL00017681 Sabeko Ya Kgwedi Trading"}, {"id": 44597, "text": "NL00017682 Glenwish Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 44598, "text": "NL00017683 Dumakunde Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 44600, "text": "NL00021652 Makhasa sasekani Creche"}, {"id": 44601, "text": "NL00021653 RUNGULANI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44602, "text": "NL00021654 THE LIVING KID COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44603, "text": "NL00021655 Lufuno creche"}, {"id": 44604, "text": "NL00021656 Tsheza Community Creche"}, {"id": 44605, "text": "NL00021657 MAKHITHA COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44606, "text": "NL00021658 Rosebank Junior "}, {"id": 44607, "text": "NL00021659 Simonstown High School"}, {"id": 44608, "text": "NL00021660 South African College High School"}, {"id": 44609, "text": "NL00021661 Talithakoum day care"}, {"id": 45082, "text": "NL00016735 Tshelopele ELC"}, {"id": 44610, "text": "NL00021662 Thomani Pfunzo day care centre"}, {"id": 44611, "text": "NL00021663 Buzzy Bee Creche"}, {"id": 44612, "text": "NL00021664 Vliesfontain Community Creche"}, {"id": 44613, "text": "NL00021665 DZIVHULUWANI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44614, "text": "NL00021666 EDZISANI COMMUNITY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44615, "text": "NL00021667 Mununzwu Newco Elim Pre-school"}, {"id": 44616, "text": "NL00021668 Alusani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44617, "text": "NL00021669 SIDOU COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44618, "text": "NL00021670 Tswinga Community Creche"}, {"id": 44746, "text": "NL00016332 Enhlokweni P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44619, "text": "NL00021671 MULENZHE COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44620, "text": "NL00021672 Khakhanwa Community Creche"}, {"id": 44621, "text": "NL00021673 Tshituni day care centre "}, {"id": 44622, "text": "NL00021674 Lufuno care centre"}, {"id": 44623, "text": "NL00021675 St Augustine College of South Africa "}, {"id": 44624, "text": "NL00021676 Sukumani Community Creche"}, {"id": 44625, "text": "NL00021677 Rabali Sunshine Community creche"}, {"id": 44626, "text": "NL00021678 Nyika Hi Mbaita Pre-school"}, {"id": 44627, "text": "NL00021679 Vuvha Community Creche"}, {"id": 44628, "text": "NL00021680 Pfumembe Community Creche "}, {"id": 44629, "text": "NL00021681 Mathanda Rudzambilu Community Creche"}, {"id": 44630, "text": "NL00021682 MURALENI MUTINGATI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44631, "text": "NL00021683 Nkhuliseni day care centre"}, {"id": 44632, "text": "NL00021684 Gudani Community Creche"}, {"id": 44633, "text": "NL00021685 Aluwani gogobole Day care centre"}, {"id": 44634, "text": "NL00021686 Mulisa wa Ndele day care centre"}, {"id": 44635, "text": "NL00021687 HLUVUKANI MAMBEDI CRECHE"}, {"id": 44636, "text": "NL00021688 Waterval Pre-School"}, {"id": 44637, "text": "NL00021689 LONDOLANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 44638, "text": "NL00021690 Musekwa Pre-School"}, {"id": 44639, "text": "NL00021691 Rixile Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 44640, "text": "NL00021692 STAN LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 44641, "text": "NL00021693 Mutoti Community Creche"}, {"id": 44642, "text": "NL00021694 Our Lady of Africa Community Creche"}, {"id": 44643, "text": "NL00021695 Mutaxhanani community creche"}, {"id": 44644, "text": "NL00021696 Mangondi Sunrise Creche"}, {"id": 44645, "text": "NL00021697 Madandila Community Creche"}, {"id": 44646, "text": "NL00021698 Mveledziso Mawoni Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 44647, "text": "NL00021699 SILOAM CONFIDENT CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44648, "text": "NL00021700 MAANGANI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44649, "text": "NL00021701 Aliwani Manyii Community Creche"}, {"id": 44650, "text": "NL00021702 Matsa Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 44651, "text": "NL00021703 TRUELIFE CRECHE"}, {"id": 44652, "text": "NL00021704 SHIHLUKE EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 44653, "text": "NL00021705 PHATHUTSHEDZO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44654, "text": "NL00021706 Denche day care centre"}, {"id": 44655, "text": "NL00021707 Madodonga Creche"}, {"id": 44656, "text": "NL00021708 Tondani day care centre"}, {"id": 44657, "text": "NL00021709 Murunwa Community Creche"}, {"id": 44658, "text": "NL00021710 Khalavha community creche"}, {"id": 44659, "text": "NL00021711 Zamenkomste community day care centre"}, {"id": 44660, "text": "NL00021712 Mutingati Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40707, "text": "T000008194 Umgungundlovu FET College"}, {"id": 40708, "text": "T000008195 University of Venda"}, {"id": 44661, "text": "NL00021713 Xikopo Pre-School"}, {"id": 44662, "text": "NL00021714 GLOBAL WORSHIP CENTRE CRECHE"}, {"id": 44663, "text": "NL00021715 SHIRLEY PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 44664, "text": "NL00021716 Mbonyolosi community creche"}, {"id": 44665, "text": "NL00021717 GUNDO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 44666, "text": "NL00021718 Vhaaluseni Creche"}, {"id": 44667, "text": "NL00021719 Tshikwarani community creche"}, {"id": 44668, "text": "NL00021720 Tshivhilidulu Community Creche"}, {"id": 44669, "text": "NL00021721 Mandala Community Creche"}, {"id": 44670, "text": "NL00021722 Pfananani Community Creche"}, {"id": 44671, "text": "NL00021723 Zwavhudi Community Creche"}, {"id": 44672, "text": "NL00021724 Zwonaka Community Creche"}, {"id": 44673, "text": "NL00021725 Denzhe Maname community Creche"}, {"id": 44674, "text": "NL00021726 Mpfaniseni Pre-School"}, {"id": 44675, "text": "NL00021727 Tshirenzheni Community Creche"}, {"id": 44676, "text": "NL00021728 Divhambele Community Creche"}, {"id": 44677, "text": "NL00021729 Tshivuvhu Community Creche"}, {"id": 44678, "text": "NL00021730 PHADZIMA AFRICAN GOSPEL CRECHE"}, {"id": 44679, "text": "NL00021731 NL00017048 "}, {"id": 44680, "text": "NL00021732 MADOMBIDZHA COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44681, "text": "NL00021733 Fulufhelo day care centre"}, {"id": 44682, "text": "NL00021734 MADAHENI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44683, "text": "NL00021735 Lusani Day Care "}, {"id": 44684, "text": "NL00021736 Khomela Community Creche "}, {"id": 44685, "text": "NL00021737 Magau Community Creche"}, {"id": 44686, "text": "NL00021738 Midoroni Community Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44687, "text": "NL00021739 RAVELE EDUCARE"}, {"id": 44688, "text": "NL00021740 Muduluni Community Creche"}, {"id": 44689, "text": "NL00021741 NDEDEDZENI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 44690, "text": "NL00021742 MUDIMELI MVELEDZIAO COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44691, "text": "NL00021743 RIRHANDZU WATERVAL LEARNING"}, {"id": 44692, "text": "NL00021744 KHARIFHATANE DAY CARE AND CRECHE"}, {"id": 44693, "text": "NL00021745 NTHATHENI DAY CARE "}, {"id": 44694, "text": "NL00021746 RIDOSHUMA COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44695, "text": "NL00021747 "}, {"id": 44696, "text": "NL00021748 FUNANANI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44698, "text": "NL00021750 Minority Front"}, {"id": 44699, "text": "NL00021771 Johannes Mulambilu Secondary School"}, {"id": 44700, "text": "NL00021772 Lavhelesani Communty Creche"}, {"id": 44701, "text": "NL00021773 Tafuwani Community Creche"}, {"id": 44702, "text": "NL00021774 YONDO TSHANOWA COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44703, "text": "NL00021775 SHIMELA LUSHAKA COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 44704, "text": "NL00021776 The Angel Day Care Centre "}, {"id": 44706, "text": "NL00021778 Read Educational Trust "}, {"id": 45113, "text": "NL00016766 Crossing"}, {"id": 44707, "text": "NL00021779 PINE RIDGE TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 44708, "text": "NL00021781 National Professional Teachers Organisation of South Africa NAPTOSA WESTERN CAPE "}, {"id": 44709, "text": "NL00021782 Goqoqo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44711, "text": "NP00021784 MGM Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 44712, "text": "NP00021785 Mafube Local Municipality"}, {"id": 44713, "text": "NL00021786 Institute For Quality Satelite Office 1"}, {"id": 44714, "text": "NL00021787 Institute For Quality Satelite Office 2"}, {"id": 44715, "text": "NL00021790 Thando Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 44716, "text": "NL00021792 Zora Horizon Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 44717, "text": "NL00021794 Khuthala Constracting t a Khuthala Training and Development "}, {"id": 44718, "text": "NL00021795 Itireleng Educational Project t a Itireleng Development and Educational Project"}, {"id": 44719, "text": "NL00021799 Sedibeng College of Management and Technologies"}, {"id": 44720, "text": "NL00021804 VSL Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 44724, "text": "NL00021848 Lubusi Consulting: ETDTraining Provider"}, {"id": 44726, "text": "NP00021850 TZ Tsibane t a Legend Training College"}, {"id": 44727, "text": "NP00021852 EasrCape Midlands College"}, {"id": 44728, "text": "NL00021854 Rapid Training Consultancy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 44729, "text": "NL00021856 SAL Nkosi Advisors cc"}, {"id": 44730, "text": "NL00016311 Kranskop Combined School"}, {"id": 44731, "text": "NL00016312 Amolovane Creche"}, {"id": 44732, "text": "NL00016313 Gayiga Primary School"}, {"id": 44733, "text": "NL00016314 Umvolozi Primary School"}, {"id": 44734, "text": "NL00016315 Mzomhle Pre-School"}, {"id": 44735, "text": "NL00016316 Qhubekani Creche"}, {"id": 44736, "text": "NL00016317 Nhlazane Primary"}, {"id": 44737, "text": "NL00016318 Lindokuhle Primary School"}, {"id": 44738, "text": "NL00016319 Ladan Pre-School"}, {"id": 44739, "text": "NL00016320 Myembe Junior School"}, {"id": 44740, "text": "NL00016321 Zamokuhle Junior Secondary School"}, {"id": 44741, "text": "NL00016322 Tsawule Junior Secondary School"}, {"id": 44742, "text": "NL00016323 Mawela Pre-School"}, {"id": 44743, "text": "NL00016326 Headspace Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 44744, "text": "NL00016329 St Faiths Combined School"}, {"id": 44745, "text": "NL00016331 KMT Training Centre "}, {"id": 44747, "text": "NL00016333 Somkhombuthando Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44748, "text": "NL00016334 Nyanyadu P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44749, "text": "NL00016335 Hlokomani P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44750, "text": "NL00016336 Cooper P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44751, "text": "NL00016337 Lindokuhle P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44752, "text": "NL00016338 Indoni Junior Primary - Majuba"}, {"id": 44753, "text": "NL00016339 Othandweni Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44754, "text": "NL00016340 Qaphelani Pre School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44755, "text": "NL00016341 Mntimane P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44756, "text": "NL00016342 Sakhisizwe Pre Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44757, "text": "NL00016343 Mandlamasha C P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44758, "text": "NL00016344 Sizakancane J P School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44759, "text": "NL00016345 Gijimani Combined School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44760, "text": "NL00016346 Khulakahle Day Care Pre-School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44761, "text": "NL00016347 Ekuthuleni Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44762, "text": "NL00016348 Mahlekehlathini Primary - Majuba"}, {"id": 44763, "text": "NL00016349 Utrecht Primary School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44764, "text": "NL00016350 Sivumelene Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44765, "text": "NL00016351 Emalahleni Combined School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44766, "text": "NL00016352 Amahobe Primary - Majuba"}, {"id": 44767, "text": "NL00016354 Thandanani Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44768, "text": "NL00016355 Falethu Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 45098, "text": "NL00016751 Boledi Nursery"}, {"id": 44769, "text": "NL00016356 Mcitsheni Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44770, "text": "NL00016357 Cengesi Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44771, "text": "NL00016358 Engcongwane Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44772, "text": "NL00016359 KwaMiya Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44773, "text": "NL00016360 Ezwelethu Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44774, "text": "NL00016361 Baldaskraal Primary - Othukela"}, {"id": 44775, "text": "NL00016362 Is;thelo Esihle Creche - Msinga"}, {"id": 44776, "text": "NL00016363 Thembalethu Creche - Msinga"}, {"id": 44777, "text": "NL00016364 Zimisele Creche - Msinga"}, {"id": 44778, "text": "NL00016365 Vegkop Primary - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 44779, "text": "NL00016366 Mnjani Primary - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 44781, "text": "NL00016368 Mgwempisi Combined - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 44782, "text": "NL00016369 Ntabamhlophe Primary - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 44783, "text": "NL00016370 Ebuhlebemfundo Primary - Umzinyathi"}, {"id": 44784, "text": "NL00016371 Dargle Primary - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44785, "text": "NL00016372 Middlerus Primary - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44786, "text": "NL00016373 Eyethu Pre School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44787, "text": "NL00016374 Morton Estates Primary - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44788, "text": "NL00016375 Mashaka Primary - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44789, "text": "NL00016376 Barkston Ash Primary - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44790, "text": "NL00016377 Nkayishana Intermediate - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44791, "text": "NL00016378 Eqinisela Pre School - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44792, "text": "NL00016379 Buhlebuyeza Creche - Umgungundlovu"}, {"id": 44793, "text": "NL00016380 Nokukhunya Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44794, "text": "NL00016381 Azuzastreet Consulting"}, {"id": 44795, "text": "NL00016382 Siyazama Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44796, "text": "NL00016383 Selethokuhle Bosworth Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44797, "text": "NL00016384 Ekuchuleni Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44798, "text": "NL00016385 Haig Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44799, "text": "NL00016386 Empondo Primary - Majuba"}, {"id": 44800, "text": "NL00016387 Sinqobile Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44801, "text": "NL00016388 Kukhanyakude Creche Pre School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44802, "text": "NL00016389 Zithuthukele Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44803, "text": "NL00016390 Might Angels Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44804, "text": "NL00016391 Empumelelweni Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44805, "text": "NL00016392 Edugain Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44806, "text": "NL00016393 Ikusasa Liyakhanya Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44807, "text": "NL00016394 Bathandiwe Pre School - Majuba"}, {"id": 44808, "text": "NL00016395 Sondelani Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44809, "text": "NL00016396 Bambanani Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44810, "text": "NL00016397 Thuthukani Creche - Majuba"}, {"id": 44811, "text": "NL00016398 Ramlakan Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44812, "text": "NL00016399 Nothweni Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44813, "text": "NL00016400 Mbusweni Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44814, "text": "NL00016401 Siyathuthuka Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44815, "text": "NL00016402 Balcomb s Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44816, "text": "NL00016403 Otimati Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44817, "text": "NL00016404 Sikhethokuhle Pre Creche - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44818, "text": "NL00016405 Ubuhlebesundumbili Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44819, "text": "NL00016406 Lusizolwethu Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44820, "text": "NL00016407 New Ark Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44821, "text": "NL00016408 Ntabaskop Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44822, "text": "NL00016409 Khayalemfundo Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44823, "text": "NL00016410 Mandeni Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44824, "text": "NL00016411 Ndwedwe Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44825, "text": "NL00016412 Thembeni Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44826, "text": "NL00016413 Magojolo Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44827, "text": "NL00016414 Sakhesethu Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44828, "text": "NL00016415 Gasela Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44829, "text": "NL00016416 Khululekani Primary Ilembe"}, {"id": 44830, "text": "NL00016417 KwaJessop Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44831, "text": "NL00016418 Jessop Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44832, "text": "NL00016419 Hlimbithwa Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44833, "text": "NL00016420 Mvozane Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44834, "text": "NL00016421 Nyamazane Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44835, "text": "NL00016422 Hlomakancane Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44836, "text": "NL00016423 Vuma Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44837, "text": "NL00016424 Kruisfontein Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44838, "text": "NL00016425 Makhawula Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44839, "text": "NL00016426 Ndodembi Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44840, "text": "NL00016429 The Need Training Solutions"}, {"id": 44841, "text": "NL00016430 Tshelabantu Combned - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44842, "text": "NL00016431 Vallambrossi Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44843, "text": "NL00016432 Melville Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44844, "text": "NL00016433 Sibanisetu Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44845, "text": "NL00016434 Lindayiphi Primary - Ilembe"}, {"id": 44941, "text": "NP00016534 Maqhawe College of FET"}, {"id": 44846, "text": "NL00016435 sakhisizwe Creche- Mkhuzu District"}, {"id": 44847, "text": "NL00016436 Vulindlela Creche - Umkhuze Districe"}, {"id": 44848, "text": "NL00016437 Nobandla Educare Centre"}, {"id": 44849, "text": "NL00016438 Vimbukhalo Creche - Umkhuze District"}, {"id": 44850, "text": "NL00016439 Thandanani Creche - Umkhuze District"}, {"id": 44851, "text": "NL00016440 Impumelelo Creche - Mkhuze District"}, {"id": 44852, "text": "NL00016441 Sinethemba Creche - Mkhuze District"}, {"id": 44853, "text": "NL00016442 Ekuphumuleni Creche - Mkuze"}, {"id": 44854, "text": "NL00016443 Isulethu Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44855, "text": "NL00016444 Qhubekani Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44856, "text": "NL00016445 Zamani Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44857, "text": "NL00016446 Amandlobumbano Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44858, "text": "NL00016447 Ncinci Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44859, "text": "NL00016448 Vulamehlo Creche - Mkuze Disrict"}, {"id": 44860, "text": "NL00016449 Sizisizwe Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44861, "text": "NL00016450 Ekukhanyeni Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44862, "text": "NL00016451 Nondabuya Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44863, "text": "NL00016452 Zakheleni Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44864, "text": "NL00016453 Thembalethu Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44865, "text": "NL00016454 Buhlebuyeza Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44866, "text": "NL00016455 Siyabusa Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44867, "text": "NL00016456 Uphande Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44868, "text": "NL00016457 Dokolwane Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44869, "text": "NL00016458 Senzakahle Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44870, "text": "NL00016459 Sibandlana Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44871, "text": "NL00016460 KwaQondile Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44872, "text": "NL00016461 Komkhulu Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44873, "text": "NL00016462 Sibonelo Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44874, "text": "NL00016463 Qalubheke Creche - Mkuze District"}, {"id": 44875, "text": "NL00016464 Khulani Creche - Maphumulo District"}, {"id": 44876, "text": "NL00016465 Thuthukani Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44877, "text": "NL00016466 Bonginkosi Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44878, "text": "NL00016467 Thubalethu Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44879, "text": "NL00016468 Bekezela Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44880, "text": "NL00016469 Malusomuhle Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44881, "text": "NL00016470 Siyaphambili Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44882, "text": "NL00016471 Siyathokoza Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44883, "text": "NL00016472 Simunye Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44884, "text": "NL00016473 Khayalempilo Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44885, "text": "NL00016474 Sakhisizwe Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44886, "text": "NL00016475 Thembokuhle Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44887, "text": "NL00016476 Siyakhula Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44888, "text": "NL00016477 Ithubalethu Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44889, "text": "NL00016478 Lihlithemba Pre School - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44890, "text": "NL00016479 Thandanani Mazubane Creche - Mapumulo"}, {"id": 44891, "text": "NL00016480 Lethukukhanya creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44892, "text": "NL00016481 Amandlendlovu Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44893, "text": "NL00016482 Siphembokuhle Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44894, "text": "NL00016483 Sikhethokuhle Creche - Mapumulo District"}, {"id": 44895, "text": "NL00016484 Kuyasa Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44896, "text": "NL00016485 Nkululeko Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44897, "text": "NL00016486 Somkhele Creche "}, {"id": 44898, "text": "NL00016487 Sibonukukhanya Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44899, "text": "NL00016488 Fezimpilo Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44900, "text": "NL00016489 Ziphembeleni Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44901, "text": "NL00016490 Sbongekile Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44902, "text": "NL00016491 Phaphamani Gwebu Creche - Hlabisa"}, {"id": 44903, "text": "NL00016492 Little Bird Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44904, "text": "NL00016493 Zamukuphila Creche - Hlabisa"}, {"id": 44905, "text": "NL00016494 Khulanolwazi Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44906, "text": "NL00016495 Imbewenhle Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44907, "text": "NL00016496 Siyazama Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44908, "text": "NP00016497 Black Education Upgrading"}, {"id": 44909, "text": "NL00016498 Sibongile Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44910, "text": "NL00016499 Zamani Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44911, "text": "NL00016500 Impumelelo Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44912, "text": "NL00016501 Usizolwethu Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44913, "text": "NL00016502 Silethokuhle Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44914, "text": "NL00016503 Inkanysio Creche - Hlabisa District"}, {"id": 44915, "text": "NL00016504 Inkazimulo Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44916, "text": "NL00016505 Umthala J P School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44917, "text": "NL00016506 Ukukhanyakokusa Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44918, "text": "NL00016507 Sophunga Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44919, "text": "NL00016508 Nqobane Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44920, "text": "NL00016509 Bongumusa Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44921, "text": "NL00016510 Gezengane Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44922, "text": "NL00016511 Enyosini J P School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44923, "text": "NL00016512 Lethokuhle Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44924, "text": "NL00016513 S M Jhavary Primary School - Pinetown District "}, {"id": 44925, "text": "NL00016514 Uphiso Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44926, "text": "NL00016515 Ekukhoseleni Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44927, "text": "NL00016516 Aiphephe Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44928, "text": "NL00016517 Dalmany Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44929, "text": "NL00016518 KwaManzini Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44930, "text": "NL00016519 Clayhaven Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44931, "text": "NL00016520 Bhongo Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44932, "text": "NL00016521 Khulugqame Primary School - Pinetown District "}, {"id": 44933, "text": "NL00016522 Lalelani Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44934, "text": "NL00016523 Natest Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44935, "text": "NL00016524 Sinenzuzo Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44936, "text": "NL00016525 Amatikwe Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44937, "text": "NL00016526 Chief Lokothwayo Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44938, "text": "NL00016527 Umthunzi Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44939, "text": "NL00016528 Damini Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44940, "text": "NL00016529 Brookdale Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44942, "text": "NP00016535 Maqhawe Colledge "}, {"id": 44943, "text": "NL00016538 Phumelo Training Centre "}, {"id": 44944, "text": "NL00016540 Ntswalakahla Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44945, "text": "NL00016545 Heaps of Trading"}, {"id": 44946, "text": "NL00016546 Khawuleza Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44947, "text": "NL00016547 Kwasokoyi Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44948, "text": "NL00016548 Ntshibantshiba Primary School - Vryheid"}, {"id": 44949, "text": "NL00016549 Phakamisa Training Company"}, {"id": 44950, "text": "NL00016552 Kwa-Thema Stimulation Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 44951, "text": "NL00016553 Moyoyo Construction "}, {"id": 44952, "text": "NL00016554 Lebenga.Com Coaching and Skills Development Services"}, {"id": 44953, "text": "NL00016558 Sicelulwazi Primary - Pinetown "}, {"id": 44954, "text": "NL00016559 Umthala Primary School - Pinetown"}, {"id": 44955, "text": "NL00016560 Hlengimpilo Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44956, "text": "NL00016561 KwaManzini Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 44957, "text": "NL00016562 Ntombikhona Primary - Pinetown"}, {"id": 44958, "text": "NL00016563 Intyatyambo Pre - School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 45114, "text": "NL00016767 Lephepane Child care"}, {"id": 44959, "text": "NL00016564 Gugwini Pre - School - umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44960, "text": "NL00016565 Ikhwezi Pre - School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44961, "text": "NL00016566 Clydesdale Luncedo Pre - School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44962, "text": "NL00016567 Thandanani Pre-School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44963, "text": "NL00016569 Emadresini JP School"}, {"id": 44964, "text": "NL00016570 Endandathweni primary school"}, {"id": 44965, "text": "NL00016571 Wash Bank Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44966, "text": "NL00016572 Nomzamo Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44967, "text": "NL00016573 Masikhule Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44968, "text": "NL00016574 Rawuka Day Care Centre - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 40754, "text": "L200743617 Itumeleng Training Solutions"}, {"id": 44969, "text": "NL00016575 Mount Horeb Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44970, "text": "NL00016576 Boy Gwagwa Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44971, "text": "NL00016577 Masamini Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44972, "text": "NL00016579 Cancele Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44973, "text": "NL00016580 Banginyama Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44974, "text": "NL00016581 Rondedraai Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44975, "text": "NL00016582 Siyathuthuka Pre School - Umzimkulu Districtq"}, {"id": 44976, "text": "NL00016583 Gudlintaba Day Care Centre - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44977, "text": "NL00016584 St Peter s Pre School - Umzimkulu"}, {"id": 44978, "text": "NL00016585 Vulindlela Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44979, "text": "NL00016586 Sinamva Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44980, "text": "NL00016587 Cancele Pre School - Umzimkulu District"}, {"id": 44981, "text": "NL00016588 The Legacy Four"}, {"id": 44982, "text": "NL00016589 N.E. Makhetha Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44983, "text": "NL00016590 Tshwaragano Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44984, "text": "NL00016591 Lesedi Pre-school"}, {"id": 44985, "text": "NL00016592 Refilwe Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44986, "text": "NL00016593 Elangeni Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44987, "text": "NL00016594 Khubetswana Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 44988, "text": "NL00016595 Onkgopole Daycare Centre "}, {"id": 44989, "text": "NL00016596 Reageng Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 44990, "text": "NL00016597 Kamohelo Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 44991, "text": "NL00016598 Mmabana Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 44992, "text": "NL00016599 Tumelo Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44993, "text": "NL00016600 Reagola Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44994, "text": "NL00016601 Batswana Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44995, "text": "NL00016602 Tataisho Pre-school"}, {"id": 44996, "text": "NL00016603 Iketletseng Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 44997, "text": "NL00016604 Bhekithemba C P School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 44998, "text": "NL00016605 Ngqayizivele J P School - Umlazi"}, {"id": 44999, "text": "NL00016606 Castle Hill Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45000, "text": "NL00016607 Orissa Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45001, "text": "NL00016608 Sakhisizwe P C School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45002, "text": "NL00016609 Magabheni Pre School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45003, "text": "NL00016610 Golden Furtue Pre-School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45004, "text": "NL00016611 Falcon Park Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45005, "text": "NL00016612 Insizwakazi Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45006, "text": "NL00016613 Imbaliyethu Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45007, "text": "NL00016614 Dlambula Primary - Umlazi district"}, {"id": 45008, "text": "NL00016615 Insizwakazi Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45009, "text": "NL00016616 Mtshingwana Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45010, "text": "NL00016617 Mbuyazi Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45011, "text": "NL00016618 Ntwela Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45012, "text": "NL00016619 ABH Pre-Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45013, "text": "NL00016620 Mtshingwana C P School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45014, "text": "NL00016621 Golokodo J P School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45015, "text": "NL00016622 Havenside Pre-Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45016, "text": "NL00016623 Malvern Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45017, "text": "NL00016624 Oceanview Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45018, "text": "NL00016625 Truro Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45019, "text": "NL00016626 Kamalinee Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45020, "text": "NL00016627 Naidooville Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45021, "text": "NL00016628 Willow Park Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45022, "text": "NL00016629 Orient Hill Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45023, "text": "NL00016630 Inkongozelo J P School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45024, "text": "NL00016631 Glen Heights Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45025, "text": "NL00016632 Dawnridge Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45026, "text": "NL00016633 Summit Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45027, "text": "NL00016634 Umgababa Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45028, "text": "NL00016635 Parklands Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45029, "text": "NL00016636 Bonela Primary School - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45030, "text": "NL00016637 SM Jhavary Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 45055, "text": "NL00016682 Celimfundo Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45031, "text": "NL00016638 Asiphephe Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 45032, "text": "NL00016639 Imbaliyamazulu Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 45033, "text": "NL00016640 Emkhathini Primary School - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 45034, "text": "NL00016641 Georgedale Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 45035, "text": "NL00016642 Gezangane Primary - Pinetown District"}, {"id": 45037, "text": "NL00016644 Msebenziwelanga Pre School - Mapumulo"}, {"id": 45038, "text": "NL00016645 Sisiziwe Creche - Hlabisa"}, {"id": 45039, "text": "NL00016646 Nyezini Primary - Hlabisa"}, {"id": 45040, "text": "NL00016647 Brooklyn Heights Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45041, "text": "NL00016648 Emafezini Educare - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45042, "text": "NL00016649 Summit Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45043, "text": "NL00016650 Orient Hill Primary - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45044, "text": "NL00016651 Sisizizwe Creche - Umlazi District"}, {"id": 45045, "text": "NP00016652 Mpumalanga Skills Training College"}, {"id": 45048, "text": "NL00016675 Dumisa Combined - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45049, "text": "NL00016676 Rantjiesvlakte Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45050, "text": "NL00016677 Senzokwethu Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45051, "text": "NL00016678 Vulekani Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45052, "text": "NL00016679 Vikinduku Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45053, "text": "NL00016680 Amancamakazana Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45054, "text": "NL00016681 Hoffenthal Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45056, "text": "NL00016683 Kholozakana Primary - Othukela District"}, {"id": 45057, "text": "NL00016684 Is thelo Esihle Creche - Msinga"}, {"id": 45058, "text": "NL00016685 Emthunzini Primary - Amajuba District"}, {"id": 45059, "text": "NL00016686 Iphunguphungu combined - Amajuba"}, {"id": 45060, "text": "NL00016687 Hlabana Primary - Amajuba"}, {"id": 45061, "text": "NL00016688 Mdutshula Primary - Amajuba"}, {"id": 45062, "text": "NL00016689 Siphumelele Primary - Amajuba"}, {"id": 45065, "text": "NP00016692 Rand International Management Training Consultants cc"}, {"id": 45068, "text": "NP00016721 Khanyisa Gavu Trading "}, {"id": 45069, "text": "NL00016722 Lesang Pre-School"}, {"id": 45070, "text": "NL00016723 Talias Day Care"}, {"id": 45071, "text": "NL00016724 Khan S"}, {"id": 45072, "text": "NL00016725 Makhano Community Pre-School"}, {"id": 45073, "text": "NL00016726 Mapules Day Night Care"}, {"id": 45074, "text": "NL00016727 Modisa Molemo ELC"}, {"id": 45075, "text": "NL00016728 Helen May Early Learning"}, {"id": 45076, "text": "NL00016729 Lesang Bana Day "}, {"id": 45077, "text": "NL00016730 Love in Action Day Care"}, {"id": 45078, "text": "NL00016731 Lesedi creche"}, {"id": 45079, "text": "NL00016732 Sakhile Day Care"}, {"id": 45080, "text": "NL00016733 Elsie Letlapa"}, {"id": 45081, "text": "NL00016734 Rangoako K"}, {"id": 45083, "text": "NL00016736 Namhla Pre- Primary School"}, {"id": 45084, "text": "NL00016737 Little Angels Day Care Centrr"}, {"id": 45085, "text": "NL00016738 Fanang Diatla"}, {"id": 45086, "text": "NL00016739 Maribe Preschool"}, {"id": 45087, "text": "NL00016740 Kagiso Preschool"}, {"id": 45088, "text": "NL00016741 Mmabatho Day Care"}, {"id": 45089, "text": "NL00016742 Masealama Day Care"}, {"id": 45090, "text": "NL00016743 Early Bird Day Care"}, {"id": 45091, "text": "NL00016744 Mphamba"}, {"id": 45092, "text": "NL00016745 Legomela Day Care "}, {"id": 45093, "text": "NL00016746 Refiloe Creche"}, {"id": 45094, "text": "NL00016747 Itumeleng"}, {"id": 45095, "text": "NL00016748 Mamoshibudi"}, {"id": 45096, "text": "NL00016749 Morobi Preschool"}, {"id": 45099, "text": "NL00016752 Kamela Raphela Preschool"}, {"id": 45100, "text": "NL00016753 Bananeng Preschool"}, {"id": 45101, "text": "NL00016754 Mafeta Preschool"}, {"id": 45102, "text": "NL00016755 Khomotso"}, {"id": 45103, "text": "NL00016756 Taola"}, {"id": 45104, "text": "NL00016757 Hlayisanani"}, {"id": 45105, "text": "NL00016758 Lehlohonolo"}, {"id": 45108, "text": "NL00016761 Sekgoka"}, {"id": 45109, "text": "NL00016762 Maruleng Edu"}, {"id": 45110, "text": "NL00016763 Lehlabile"}, {"id": 45111, "text": "NL00016764 Swaranang"}, {"id": 45115, "text": "NL00016768 Ipelegeng"}, {"id": 45117, "text": "NL00016770 Bright Morning Star"}, {"id": 45118, "text": "NL00016771 Dioke"}, {"id": 45119, "text": "NL00016772 Matidi"}, {"id": 45120, "text": "NL00016773 Magatane"}, {"id": 45121, "text": "NL00016774 Taolo"}, {"id": 45122, "text": "NL00016775 Nugart"}, {"id": 45123, "text": "NL00016776 Bolokanang"}, {"id": 45124, "text": "NL00016777 Ikageng"}, {"id": 45125, "text": "NL00016778 Legadima"}, {"id": 45126, "text": "NL00016779 Lesang Bana"}, {"id": 45127, "text": "NL00016780 Malegadiko"}, {"id": 45128, "text": "NL00016781 Titibe"}, {"id": 45129, "text": "NL00016782 Sawmills"}, {"id": 45130, "text": "NL00016783 Lesedi"}, {"id": 45131, "text": "NL00016784 Pulane"}, {"id": 45135, "text": "NL00016789 Mmapheko Creche"}, {"id": 45136, "text": "NL00016790 Moshu Pre School"}, {"id": 45137, "text": "NL00016791 Phuluso Community Creche"}, {"id": 45138, "text": "NL00016792 Tshedza Little Kids Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45139, "text": "NL00016793 Mukovho Wa Bani Day Care"}, {"id": 45140, "text": "NL00016794 Wisdom Combined School"}, {"id": 45141, "text": "NL00016795 FARANANI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 45142, "text": "NL00016796 Dzingahe Community Creche"}, {"id": 45143, "text": "NL00016797 Radikamase Creche"}, {"id": 45144, "text": "NL00016800 Dzingahe Community Creche"}, {"id": 45145, "text": "NL00016801 Mmaphefo Creche Pre School"}, {"id": 45146, "text": "NL00016802 Lebowakgomo Pre School"}, {"id": 45147, "text": "NL00016803 Kurulen Community Creche"}, {"id": 45148, "text": "NL00016804 Tshehlana Pre School"}, {"id": 45149, "text": "NL00016805 Tshikurukuru Pre School"}, {"id": 45150, "text": "NL00016806 Takalani Vyeboom Day Care"}, {"id": 45151, "text": "NL00016807 Mutandani Community Creche"}, {"id": 45152, "text": "NL00016808 Ntanganedzeni Community Creche"}, {"id": 45153, "text": "NL00016809 Muremela Day Care"}, {"id": 45154, "text": "NL00016810 Rehlahlilwe Pre School"}, {"id": 45155, "text": "NL00016811 Karabo Pre School"}, {"id": 45156, "text": "NL00016812 Lehloedi Pre School and Creche"}, {"id": 45157, "text": "NL00016813 Miracle Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45158, "text": "NL00016814 Masungulo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45159, "text": "NL00016815 Barnabas Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45160, "text": "NL00016816 Guys and Girls Community Creche"}, {"id": 45161, "text": "NL00016817 Mutshidzi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45162, "text": "NL00016818 Tseremisa Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 45163, "text": "NL00016819 Witten Pre School"}, {"id": 45164, "text": "NL00016820 Talana Creche"}, {"id": 45165, "text": "NL00016821 The Angel Day Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45166, "text": "NL00016822 Sunshine Child Care"}, {"id": 45167, "text": "NL00016823 Malatja Creche"}, {"id": 45168, "text": "NL00016824 Kondi Creche"}, {"id": 45169, "text": "NL00016825 Shingwedzi Creche"}, {"id": 45170, "text": "NL00016826 Christ the King Creche"}, {"id": 45171, "text": "NL00016827 Bohwana Creche"}, {"id": 45172, "text": "NL00016828 Mpudulle Pre School"}, {"id": 45173, "text": "NL00016829 Koekoek Pre School"}, {"id": 45174, "text": "NL00016830 Apadifele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45175, "text": "NL00016831 Mampoloke Pre-School"}, {"id": 45176, "text": "NL00016832 Nkuzana Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45177, "text": "NL00016833 Star Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45178, "text": "NL00016834 The Rock"}, {"id": 45179, "text": "NL00016835 Madikgabo Pre School"}, {"id": 45180, "text": "NL00016836 Frans Mulima Pre School"}, {"id": 45181, "text": "NL00016837 Lehlabile Pre School"}, {"id": 45182, "text": "NL00016838 Seputli Pre School"}, {"id": 45183, "text": "NL00016839 Love and Peace Community Creche"}, {"id": 45184, "text": "NL00016840 Living Tots Pre School"}, {"id": 45185, "text": "NL00016841 Sunrise Memorial"}, {"id": 45186, "text": "NL00016842 Gundo La Pfunzo Day Care"}, {"id": 45187, "text": "NL00016843 STAR KIDS CRECHE"}, {"id": 45188, "text": "NL00016844 Mongwane Pre School"}, {"id": 45189, "text": "NL00016845 Mokera Creche"}, {"id": 45190, "text": "NL00016846 Hapiness Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45191, "text": "NL00016847 Tanganani Midiyavhathu Community Creche"}, {"id": 45192, "text": "NL00016848 Bouwlast Creche"}, {"id": 45193, "text": "NL00016849 Sunkids Educational Centre"}, {"id": 45194, "text": "NL00016850 Aluwani Day Care"}, {"id": 45195, "text": "NL00016851 Indermark Creche"}, {"id": 45196, "text": "NL00016852 Muraluwe Community Creche"}, {"id": 45197, "text": "NL00016853 TALIFHANI MUKULA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45198, "text": "NL00016854 MPHEGO COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 45199, "text": "NL00016855 Muledane Community"}, {"id": 45200, "text": "NL00016856 TSHIOMBO COMMUNITY DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45201, "text": "NL00016857 Mulamuleli Creche and Pre School"}, {"id": 45202, "text": "NL00016858 Masisi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45203, "text": "NL00016859 Dididi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45204, "text": "NL00016860 NDIVHO CRECHE AND PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45205, "text": "NL00016861 LUVHAIVAHI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 45206, "text": "NL00016862 Fhatalushaka Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45207, "text": "NL00016863 Tikedzani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45208, "text": "NL00016864 Thondoni Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45209, "text": "NL00016865 Tshilidzi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45210, "text": "NL00016866 Tshifulanani Community Pre School"}, {"id": 45211, "text": "NL00016867 Tshilamba Creche"}, {"id": 45212, "text": "NL00016868 Lotsha Community Creche"}, {"id": 45213, "text": "NL00016869 Makwarela Community Creche"}, {"id": 45214, "text": "NL00016870 Tshitangane Faranani Creche"}, {"id": 45215, "text": "NL00016871 Mphahlolle Pre School"}, {"id": 45216, "text": "NL00016872 Itekeng Pre School"}, {"id": 45217, "text": "NL00016873 Mvelaphanda Creche"}, {"id": 45218, "text": "NL00016874 Mbahe Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45219, "text": "NL00016875 Gogogo Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45220, "text": "NL00016876 Matsindise Child Care"}, {"id": 45221, "text": "NL00016877 Ngudza Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45222, "text": "NL00016878 Rachacha Pre School"}, {"id": 45223, "text": "NL00016879 Ranwedzi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45224, "text": "NL00016880 Sekakalete Pre School"}, {"id": 45225, "text": "NL00016881 Sedibeng Pre School"}, {"id": 45226, "text": "NL00016882 Lebeko Creche"}, {"id": 45227, "text": "NL00016883 Nhlahle Preschool"}, {"id": 45228, "text": "NL00016884 Mangaya Creche"}, {"id": 45229, "text": "NL00016885 Shumelalushaka Community Creche"}, {"id": 45230, "text": "NL00016886 Damani Creche"}, {"id": 45231, "text": "NL00016887 Nanga Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45232, "text": "NL00016888 Molopeng Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45233, "text": "NL00016889 Mvelaphanda Pre School"}, {"id": 45234, "text": "NL00016890 Ndavheleseni Community Creche"}, {"id": 45235, "text": "NL00016891 Tshikungoma Community Creche"}, {"id": 45236, "text": "NL00016892 Kailane Pre School"}, {"id": 45237, "text": "NL00016893 Tshiulungoma Community Creche"}, {"id": 45238, "text": "NL00016894 Tondani Creche Nursery"}, {"id": 45239, "text": "NL00016895 Takuwani Community Creche"}, {"id": 45240, "text": "NL00016896 Ngulumbi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45241, "text": "NL00016897 Phalana Creche"}, {"id": 45242, "text": "NL00016898 Khomanani Pre School"}, {"id": 45243, "text": "NL00016899 Mamaetla Creche"}, {"id": 45244, "text": "NL00016900 Shayandima Creche"}, {"id": 45245, "text": "NL00016901 Mangwako Wa Motepa Creche"}, {"id": 45246, "text": "NL00016902 Ndzalama Day Care "}, {"id": 45247, "text": "NL00016903 Mankgatleng Creche"}, {"id": 45248, "text": "NL00016904 Destiny Kids Pre School"}, {"id": 45249, "text": "NL00016905 VL Creche"}, {"id": 45250, "text": "NL00016906 Mokhurumela Creche "}, {"id": 45251, "text": "NL00016907 Shisasi Merwe Day Care"}, {"id": 45252, "text": "NL00016908 Progress Community Creche"}, {"id": 45253, "text": "NL00016909 Tshisaulu Itsani Creche"}, {"id": 45254, "text": "NL00016910 Vhonetsela Community Creche"}, {"id": 45255, "text": "NL00016911 Excellent Creche"}, {"id": 45256, "text": "NL00016912 Modirwane Creche"}, {"id": 45257, "text": "NL00016913 Little Light Community Creche"}, {"id": 45258, "text": "NL00016914 Khakhanwa Creche"}, {"id": 45260, "text": "NL00016916 Mabonsi Creche"}, {"id": 45261, "text": "NL00016917 Shiko Pre School"}, {"id": 45262, "text": "NL00016918 Malamulele Creche"}, {"id": 45263, "text": "NL00016919 Lebelebele Pre School"}, {"id": 45264, "text": "NL00016920 Monni Creche "}, {"id": 45265, "text": "NL00016921 Matintwane Pre School"}, {"id": 45266, "text": "NL00016922 Radimang Pre School "}, {"id": 45267, "text": "NL00016923 El Shaddai Creche"}, {"id": 45268, "text": "NL00016924 Matavhela Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45269, "text": "NL00016925 Siela Pre School and Creche"}, {"id": 45270, "text": "NL00016926 Dzindi Adventist Children Centre"}, {"id": 45271, "text": "NL00016927 Phiphidi Creche"}, {"id": 45272, "text": "NL00016928 Tshikodwe Pre School"}, {"id": 45273, "text": "NL00016929 Brilliane day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45274, "text": "NL00016930 Yinhla Creche"}, {"id": 45275, "text": "NL00016931 St Peter s Creche"}, {"id": 45276, "text": "NL00016932 Poba Creche"}, {"id": 45277, "text": "NL00016933 Victorious Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45278, "text": "NL00016934 Mphahlolle Creche"}, {"id": 45279, "text": "NL00016935 Tshififi Community Creshe"}, {"id": 45280, "text": "NL00016936 Dawn day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45281, "text": "NL00016937 Madatshitshi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45282, "text": "NL00016938 Bono Community Centre"}, {"id": 45283, "text": "NL00016939 Mantheka Wa Bakwena Creche"}, {"id": 45284, "text": "NL00016940 Makovha Community Creche"}, {"id": 45285, "text": "NL00016941 Gudani Computer Training"}, {"id": 45286, "text": "NL00016942 PILE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45288, "text": "NL00016944 DZIMAULI PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45289, "text": "NL00016945 Schellenberg Creche"}, {"id": 45290, "text": "NL00016946 Rathelele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45291, "text": "NL00016947 Future Stars Educare"}, {"id": 45292, "text": "NL00016948 Vuvha-ble Pre School"}, {"id": 45293, "text": "NL00016949 Mveledzandivho Pre School"}, {"id": 45294, "text": "NL00016950 Luvhanga Creche"}, {"id": 45295, "text": "NL00016951 Khanimamba Training "}, {"id": 45296, "text": "NL00016952 Mokgadi Pre School"}, {"id": 45297, "text": "NL00016953 Tshakumba Creche"}, {"id": 45298, "text": "NL00016954 Motlalepula Creche and Pre-School"}, {"id": 45299, "text": "NL00016955 Shura Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45300, "text": "NL00016956 Nthuseni Community Creche"}, {"id": 45301, "text": "NL00016957 Yedidia Community Creche"}, {"id": 45302, "text": "NL00016958 Beuster Community Creche"}, {"id": 46110, "text": "NL00020463 Kau Primary School"}, {"id": 45303, "text": "NL00016959 Ngwenani Bapust Children Centre"}, {"id": 45304, "text": "NL00016960 Tshamavhudzi Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45305, "text": "NL00016961 Tondalushaka Centre"}, {"id": 45306, "text": "NL00016962 Fhatusani Muwaweni Pre-School"}, {"id": 45307, "text": "NL00016963 Ramaganyu Pre School"}, {"id": 45308, "text": "NL00016964 Jolly Tots Community Creche"}, {"id": 45309, "text": "NL00016965 Pfananani Child Care Centre"}, {"id": 45310, "text": "NL00016966 Makhado Municipality"}, {"id": 45312, "text": "NL00016968 DEAFSA"}, {"id": 45313, "text": "NL00016969 Greater Tzaneen municipality "}, {"id": 45314, "text": "NL00016972 Prestige Community Creche"}, {"id": 45315, "text": "NL00016973 Tshikhudini Community Creche"}, {"id": 45316, "text": "NL00016974 Mpheni Alusani Crcehe and Pre School"}, {"id": 45317, "text": "NL00016975 Ramolelekwa Creche"}, {"id": 45318, "text": "NL00016976 Ufasimba Development Organisation"}, {"id": 45319, "text": "NP00016977 Newlands Youth Organisation"}, {"id": 45320, "text": "NP00016978 Greater Edendale Development forum"}, {"id": 45321, "text": "NL00016979 Nsulumbi Community Creche"}, {"id": 45322, "text": "NL00016980 Bohlale baneng Creche"}, {"id": 45323, "text": "NL00016981 Thaluso Community Creche"}, {"id": 45324, "text": "NL00016982 Dovho Pre School"}, {"id": 45325, "text": "NL00016983 Cuddle Tots Educare"}, {"id": 45326, "text": "NL00016984 Mzamowethu Pre school"}, {"id": 45328, "text": "NL00016986 Lungelolethu Day care Centre"}, {"id": 45329, "text": "NL00016987 GM Mpepo Pre Primary School"}, {"id": 45330, "text": "NL00016988 Masincedane Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45332, "text": "NL00016990 Little Penguins"}, {"id": 45333, "text": "NL00016991 Makukhanye Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45334, "text": "NL00016992 Step Ahead Centre for Kids"}, {"id": 45335, "text": "NL00016993 Zuzile JP School"}, {"id": 45336, "text": "NL00016994 Bethel Christian Primary School"}, {"id": 45337, "text": "NL00016995 Luzuko Day care Centre"}, {"id": 45338, "text": "NL00016996 Twecwana Primary School"}, {"id": 45340, "text": "NL00016998 Umthinjana Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45341, "text": "NL00016999 Dibashe Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45343, "text": "NL00017001 Badu Training Centre"}, {"id": 45345, "text": "NL00017003 Mtititi preschool"}, {"id": 45346, "text": "NL00017004 Sebeelwa creche"}, {"id": 45347, "text": "NL00017005 Radimang Creche"}, {"id": 45348, "text": "NL00020472 Mogaswa Day Care "}, {"id": 45349, "text": "NL00020473 Mma Mpepu Day Care "}, {"id": 45350, "text": "NL00020474 MERCY KIDS CORNER "}, {"id": 45351, "text": "NL00020475 DOOKA PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45352, "text": "NL00020476 KGOTSO DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45353, "text": "NL00020477 NYORWE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45354, "text": "NL00020478 MASEMMPANE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45355, "text": "NL00020479 LEBOGANG DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45356, "text": "NL00020480 DIRWA DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45357, "text": "NL00020481 SEKGOPI PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45358, "text": "NL00020482 MMAMPADI "}, {"id": 45359, "text": "NL00020483 MMAMARUMO PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45361, "text": "NL00020485 MMASEMPANE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45362, "text": "NL00020486 THIPE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45363, "text": "NL00020487 MPHELE NGWANA DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45364, "text": "NL00020488 TSHEPO DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45365, "text": "NL00020489 MODIMO O LERATO DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45366, "text": "NL00020490 T K MOKONYANME PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45367, "text": "NL00020491 MOTHLE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45368, "text": "NL00020492 ST THERESA DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45369, "text": "NL00020493 SENGANA PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45370, "text": "NL00020494 RETHABILE DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45371, "text": "NL00020495 KELEBOGILE DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45372, "text": "NL00020496 DIKWENA DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45373, "text": "NL00020497 KGANTSHO DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45374, "text": "NL00020498 TUMELO EARLY LEARNING CENTRE "}, {"id": 45375, "text": "NL00020499 MOTLAHA PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45376, "text": "NL00020500 MPHE NGWANA DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45377, "text": "NL00020501 F.I.T. FITNESS CLUB"}, {"id": 45378, "text": "NL00020502 BAKGATLA LEATHER "}, {"id": 45379, "text": "NL00020503 IPELENG DAY CARE "}, {"id": 45380, "text": "NL00020504 MOSIAMISI EARLY LEARNING CENTRE "}, {"id": 45381, "text": "NL00020505 MORULENG CLINIC"}, {"id": 45382, "text": "NL00020506 LIFE LINE "}, {"id": 45384, "text": "NL00020508 MISSION OF AFRICAN YOUNG ADULTS AND TEENAGERS "}, {"id": 45385, "text": "NL00020509 LEPONO PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45386, "text": "NL00020510 KEOAGILE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45387, "text": "NL00020511 BONOLO PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45388, "text": "NL00020512 LEKGATLE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45389, "text": "NL00020513 MOUBANA MOTSEI INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45390, "text": "NL00020514 PUSO PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45391, "text": "NL00020515 KGOLANE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45392, "text": "NL00020516 TLHAGENG PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45393, "text": "NL00020517 MOKALAKE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45394, "text": "NL00020518 MAKWETENG PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45395, "text": "NL00020519 BOSABOSELE PRIMARY SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45399, "text": "NP00020532 NALITHUBA EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT T A NALITHUBA TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 45400, "text": "NP00020533 Silver Solutions Security 1713 cc"}, {"id": 45401, "text": "NP00020534 New Heights 1082 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45402, "text": "NL00020535 Empowernet Health Solutions"}, {"id": 45403, "text": "NL00020539 Mpophomo NPO 087 682 t a Mpophomo"}, {"id": 45404, "text": "NL00020541 Kwakuhle Interior Decor and Training"}, {"id": 45405, "text": "NL00020551 E Africa Developments"}, {"id": 45406, "text": "NL00020552 Tlhoafalo Traning Centre"}, {"id": 45407, "text": "NL00020557 Qiniso Preschool"}, {"id": 45408, "text": "NL00020558 Asterville Prim"}, {"id": 45409, "text": "NL00020559 Mcopheleli Primary School chatsworth"}, {"id": 45410, "text": "NL00020560 Christaineburg"}, {"id": 45411, "text": "NL00020561 Durban East Prim"}, {"id": 45412, "text": "NL00020562 Ekukhoseleni P.Sch"}, {"id": 45413, "text": "NL00020563 Clare Ellis Brown Pre Sc"}, {"id": 45414, "text": "NL00020564 Rise and Shine "}, {"id": 45415, "text": "NL00020565 Ndabazezwe JP School - durban"}, {"id": 45416, "text": "NL00020566 Nhlonipho Primary School -durban"}, {"id": 45417, "text": "NL00020567 Udumo Primary"}, {"id": 45418, "text": "NL00020568 Ukukhanya Kwe Langa "}, {"id": 45419, "text": "NL00020569 Dalmery Prim School"}, {"id": 45423, "text": "NL00020601 Castel Hill Primary"}, {"id": 45424, "text": "NL00020602 Mfabeni Pre Sch"}, {"id": 45425, "text": "NL00020603 Bazini c School"}, {"id": 45426, "text": "NL00020604 Buhlebemvelo LP"}, {"id": 45427, "text": "NL00020605 Indabi Khulenywao "}, {"id": 45428, "text": "NL00020606 Esusweni"}, {"id": 45429, "text": "NL00020607 Gabadela School "}, {"id": 45430, "text": "NL00020608 Sincengimpilo"}, {"id": 45431, "text": "NL00020609 Sisekelo creche"}, {"id": 45432, "text": "NL00020610 Madeya"}, {"id": 45433, "text": "NL00020611 Diyane Primary School - Manyiseni"}, {"id": 45434, "text": "NL00020612 Majindi primary school"}, {"id": 45435, "text": "NL00020613 Lindelani Creche"}, {"id": 45436, "text": "NL00020614 Kombuzi Primary"}, {"id": 45437, "text": "NL00020615 Ekuhlehlzni Primary School"}, {"id": 45438, "text": "NL00020616 Vulamehlo Creche -nongoma"}, {"id": 45439, "text": "NL00020617 Nkonjane School "}, {"id": 45440, "text": "NL00020618 Sekusile Pre School"}, {"id": 45441, "text": "NL00020619 Mandlezulu"}, {"id": 45442, "text": "NL00020620 Kabazini P school "}, {"id": 45443, "text": "NL00020621 Ozweleni P School "}, {"id": 45444, "text": "NL00020622 Manyiseni Primary School"}, {"id": 45445, "text": "NL00020623 Msenteli"}, {"id": 45446, "text": "NL00020624 Manqwasha "}, {"id": 45447, "text": "NL00020625 Sobabili Creche "}, {"id": 45449, "text": "NP00020628 Enhlazeni-Vusimuzi Residents Association"}, {"id": 45450, "text": "NL00020629 Passmark Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45451, "text": "NL00020631 Linspire 127"}, {"id": 45452, "text": "NP00020634 TAM TRAINING"}, {"id": 45453, "text": "NP00020655 Education Training Academy of South Africa ETASA "}, {"id": 45455, "text": "NL00020657 Ginsberg Creche"}, {"id": 45456, "text": "NL00020658 Nolwando"}, {"id": 45457, "text": "NL00020659 Amandla DCC"}, {"id": 45458, "text": "NL00020660 Vakalisizimvo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45459, "text": "NL00020661 Masizakhe Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45460, "text": "NL00020662 Silukhanyiso Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45461, "text": "NL00020663 Kwezana Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45462, "text": "NL00020664 Nomzamo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45463, "text": "NL00020665 Hillcrest Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45464, "text": "NL00020666 Khulasizwe Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45466, "text": "NL00020668 Noluthando Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45510, "text": "NP00020795 IMMELMAN ELECTRICAL"}, {"id": 45467, "text": "NL00020669 Soziphakamisa Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45468, "text": "NL00020670 Kuyasa Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45469, "text": "NL00020671 Kided Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45470, "text": "NL00020672 Zizamele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45471, "text": "NL00020673 Fundani Daycare centre"}, {"id": 45472, "text": "NL00020674 Masakhane Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45474, "text": "NL00020676 Zanokhanyo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45475, "text": "NL00020679 Ithala Skills Services"}, {"id": 45476, "text": "NP00020681 Faisit Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45479, "text": "NL00020689 Our Rainbow Children Multipurpose Institute"}, {"id": 45481, "text": "NP00020710 Thuto Ya Setshaba Training Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45485, "text": "NL00020717 Trainyuocan"}, {"id": 45487, "text": "NP00020720 Phophi Na Tshinako Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 45488, "text": "NL00020727 Ezamangolsi Construction"}, {"id": 45491, "text": "NP00020761 21st Century College"}, {"id": 45492, "text": "NL00020762 Tawutawu Training Institutes"}, {"id": 45493, "text": "NL00020767 Sikhuselo Communication"}, {"id": 45494, "text": "NP00020768 Emalahleni Municipality"}, {"id": 45497, "text": "NP00020771 Office of the Premier - MPU"}, {"id": 45498, "text": "NP00020772 Call the Rain cc"}, {"id": 45504, "text": "NL00020789 Sedibeng FET College "}, {"id": 45506, "text": "NP00020791 J S Lourens Building"}, {"id": 45507, "text": "NP00020792 SENWES"}, {"id": 45508, "text": "NP00020793 LEPS TRAINING AND CONSULTANT "}, {"id": 45509, "text": "NP00020794 LAUDRIE ENGINEERING AND MINING"}, {"id": 45511, "text": "NP00020796 Dr Ruth Mompati District Municipality "}, {"id": 45512, "text": "NP00020799 Rimns Education and Training Services"}, {"id": 45514, "text": "NL00020801 Ivy Adams "}, {"id": 45515, "text": "NL00020802 NCC Education"}, {"id": 45516, "text": "NL00020803 University of Greenweich"}, {"id": 45517, "text": "NL00020804 CTI College"}, {"id": 45518, "text": "NL00020805 CIDA City Campus"}, {"id": 45519, "text": "NL00020807 Multi Tech College"}, {"id": 45521, "text": "NL00020809 Amalungelo Training Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45522, "text": "NL00020810 Kathu Technical College"}, {"id": 45525, "text": "NP00020826 Itec College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45526, "text": "NP00020827 General Cable Phoenix SA"}, {"id": 45527, "text": "NP00020828 KZN Wildlife"}, {"id": 45528, "text": "NP00020829 Newcastle Co-Generation"}, {"id": 45529, "text": "NP00020830 Trustone Trading"}, {"id": 45530, "text": "NP00020831 Dave Scates Construction cc"}, {"id": 45531, "text": "NP00020832 Tongaat Hullett Sugar"}, {"id": 45532, "text": "NP00020833 ZTE Corporation South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45533, "text": "NP00020834 Armstrong Building Contractors"}, {"id": 45534, "text": "NP00020835 RMA Consulting"}, {"id": 45535, "text": "NP00020836 Rovert Consulting cc"}, {"id": 45537, "text": "NP00020838 Matla Consulting"}, {"id": 45538, "text": "NP00020839 Infinity Alliance"}, {"id": 45539, "text": "NP00020840 Caltex Bright Ideas"}, {"id": 45540, "text": "NP00020841 Rodpaul Construction"}, {"id": 45541, "text": "NP00020842 Design SA"}, {"id": 45543, "text": "NP00020844 Sivest"}, {"id": 45544, "text": "NP00020845 Labour Guide cc"}, {"id": 45546, "text": "NP00020859 Falcon Business Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45549, "text": "NP00020862 African Medical and Research Foundation South Africa"}, {"id": 45551, "text": "NL00020872 BF Quality Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45552, "text": "NL00020878 Wazi Educational Support"}, {"id": 45553, "text": "NL00020884 Unlimited Business Uplifting Through National Trading Units Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 45554, "text": "NL00020887 Enviro Social Management"}, {"id": 45555, "text": "NP00020889 Dinnesh Sahadev Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 45556, "text": "NP00020890 Train the Nation and Associates PTY LTD "}, {"id": 46053, "text": "NL00020391 THEMBANE CHILD CARE"}, {"id": 45559, "text": "NL00020902 Southern African Employability Institute "}, {"id": 45560, "text": "NL00020905 Brombacher and Associates"}, {"id": 45561, "text": "NL00020907 Highveld Training Academy and Business Solutions"}, {"id": 45562, "text": "NL00020908 1"}, {"id": 45563, "text": "NP00020909 TPN Training and Recruitment"}, {"id": 45564, "text": "NP00020910 Khabonina Investment Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45566, "text": "NP00020912 Avisa Academy of Learning"}, {"id": 45567, "text": "NL00020913 Higher Education South Africa HESA "}, {"id": 45568, "text": "NL00020914 National Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy "}, {"id": 46161, "text": "NL00024107 Jacobs Well Village NPC"}, {"id": 45572, "text": "NL00020918 NAMAQUALAND DISTRICT MANICIPALITY"}, {"id": 45574, "text": "NL00020923 South African College Principals Organisation "}, {"id": 45575, "text": "NL00020925 Eyethu Community Project "}, {"id": 45614, "text": "NL00021071 Sabah Inter Trading"}, {"id": 45576, "text": "NL00020927 Fezinhloso Farming and Training "}, {"id": 45577, "text": "NP00020932 Lepharo"}, {"id": 45578, "text": "NL00020934 Fundisa Agency cc"}, {"id": 45581, "text": "NP00020940 Continuing Education for Africa"}, {"id": 45582, "text": "NP00020941 Tendazwau Trading 8 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45584, "text": "NL00020945 Multiple Productive Management Solutions"}, {"id": 45586, "text": "NL20131996 Department of Education-KZN"}, {"id": 45587, "text": "NL20131997 Dept of Education"}, {"id": 45588, "text": "NL20131992 Department of Education-NorthWest"}, {"id": 45613, "text": "NL00021069 Mathua-Thaba General Trading"}, {"id": 45590, "text": "NP00020997 University of Intellectual Excellence PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45593, "text": "NP00021010 Sharp Edge Consulting and Training cc"}, {"id": 45595, "text": "NL00021012 E2E People Growth"}, {"id": 45596, "text": "NL00021013 Lefa La Rona Training and Projects"}, {"id": 45599, "text": "NL00021023 Noxion Media"}, {"id": 45602, "text": "NL00021050 Harvest Time Hands Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45603, "text": "NP00021051 Targagenix Training Centre PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 45605, "text": "NL00021053 African Training and Management Consultants"}, {"id": 45608, "text": "NL00021059 National Professional Teacher s Organisation of South Africa"}, {"id": 45609, "text": "NL00021060 NAPTOSA "}, {"id": 45610, "text": "NL00021061 Sehla Human Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45342, "text": "NL00017000 Masibulele Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45611, "text": "NL00021064 Mahube Skills Development Academy"}, {"id": 45612, "text": "NL00021067 Africa Institute of Technologies"}, {"id": 45615, "text": "NL00021075 Hlumani Personnel and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45617, "text": "NL00021079 Southern African Association for Learningand Education Differences"}, {"id": 45620, "text": "NL00021084 Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysunie"}, {"id": 45621, "text": "NL00019775 Ntshoe Educational Consultants and Services "}, {"id": 45623, "text": "NL00019778 Siphane Traders "}, {"id": 45626, "text": "NP00019781 Skills Unlimited"}, {"id": 45631, "text": "NL00019791 Princefield Trust High School"}, {"id": 45632, "text": "NL00019792 Pretoria Motor School"}, {"id": 45633, "text": "NL00019793 Acres of Love Care Centre"}, {"id": 45634, "text": "NL00019794 Nqowethu Trading"}, {"id": 45636, "text": "NP00019798 MVDH Technical Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45637, "text": "NP00019800 Ensemble Trading 460"}, {"id": 45638, "text": "NL00019801 Manotha Training "}, {"id": 45639, "text": "NL00019802 Skills For All"}, {"id": 45665, "text": "NL00019858 Ntokozweni Creche - Umthwalume"}, {"id": 45641, "text": "NL00019833 Ntsu Eagle Consulting"}, {"id": 45643, "text": "NP00019835 Tshiya Education Resource Centre"}, {"id": 45644, "text": "NP00019836 Triple E Training Holdings"}, {"id": 45645, "text": "NP00019837 Four Stars Communication"}, {"id": 45646, "text": "NL00019839 TEKmation"}, {"id": 45647, "text": "NP00019840 TSK Projects"}, {"id": 45648, "text": "NP00019841 PZ Security Services PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45649, "text": "NL00019842 Theza Creche - Mthwalume"}, {"id": 45650, "text": "NL00019843 Mthwalume Primary"}, {"id": 45651, "text": "NL00019844 Zamokuhle Creche - Umthwalume"}, {"id": 45652, "text": "NL00019845 Sukuma Creche - Umthwalume"}, {"id": 45653, "text": "NL00019846 Dingezweni CP School - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45654, "text": "NL00019847 Rosettenville Primary - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 45655, "text": "NL00019848 Little Angel Creche - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 45656, "text": "NL00019849 Esibanini JP School - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 45657, "text": "NL00019850 Umalusi Primary School - Hibberdene"}, {"id": 45658, "text": "NL00019851 Thuthukani Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45659, "text": "NL00019852 Sidumile Primary School - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45660, "text": "NL00019853 Rossetenville Primary"}, {"id": 45661, "text": "NL00019854 Louisana Primary - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45662, "text": "NL00019855 Sibhekulwandle Primary "}, {"id": 45663, "text": "NL00019856 Nositha Primary School - Margate"}, {"id": 45664, "text": "NL00019857 Kwamqadi Primary School - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45666, "text": "NL00019859 Bahlebonke Primary School - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45667, "text": "NL00019860 Thubelihle Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45668, "text": "NL00019861 Umswilili Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45669, "text": "NL00019862 Thandokuhle Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45670, "text": "NL00019863 Zizamele Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45671, "text": "NL00019864 Vumelani Abantwana Crechce - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45672, "text": "NL00019865 Sekusile Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45673, "text": "NL00019866 Intwela Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45480, "text": "NP00020709 Candy Nxusani Trading"}, {"id": 45674, "text": "NL00019867 Siyazama Creche - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45675, "text": "NL00019868 Gobhela Primary - Portshepstone"}, {"id": 45676, "text": "NP00019869 Madzahisi College"}, {"id": 45677, "text": "NL00019870 MABOTSANA PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45678, "text": "NL00019871 Msukaligwa Municipality"}, {"id": 45679, "text": "NL00019872 MALIBONGWE CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45681, "text": "NL00019874 SHANDUKA DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45682, "text": "NL00019875 JACK HELLEN CRECHE"}, {"id": 45683, "text": "NL00019876 MMANTHOLE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45684, "text": "NL00019877 KATLENONG PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45685, "text": "NL00019878 LERAPAME EDUCARE"}, {"id": 45686, "text": "NL00019879 MATSHOKWANE DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45687, "text": "NL00019880 MPHEMONATE DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45688, "text": "NL00019881 SEROKONAMA EARLY LEANING CENTRE"}, {"id": 45689, "text": "NP00019882 Mkhondo Municipality"}, {"id": 45690, "text": "NL00019883 NTSWETSHIPI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45691, "text": "NL00019884 KGOTLAGANANG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45692, "text": "NL00019885 HOPE FOR ALL DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45693, "text": "NL00019886 TSHWARANANG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45694, "text": "NL00019887 RENEILWE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45695, "text": "NL00019888 MAKUSHUMUSHOLOMBI COMMUNITY CRECHE"}, {"id": 45696, "text": "NL00019889 BEITBRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45697, "text": "NL00019890 MUKOMA WA BANI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45698, "text": "NL00019891 MATENZHE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45699, "text": "NL00019892 MULEDANE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45700, "text": "NL00019893 TSWATSANE PRE SCHOOL "}, {"id": 45701, "text": "NL00019894 MABUTSI CRECHE "}, {"id": 45702, "text": "NL00019895 MATJEKETLANE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45703, "text": "NL00019896 RATHELELE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45704, "text": "NL00019897 RATAU PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45705, "text": "NL00019898 LOCHATOLO PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45706, "text": "NL00019899 BOHLAPA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45707, "text": "NL00019900 SETLAOLO CRECHE "}, {"id": 45713, "text": "NP00019907 Entecom"}, {"id": 45715, "text": "NP00019909 Academy of Business "}, {"id": 45717, "text": "NP00019911 Eastern Cape Parks "}, {"id": 45722, "text": "NL00019916 Khanya Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45724, "text": "NL00019918 THABAKHULWANE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45725, "text": "NL00019919 MOGWAPE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45726, "text": "NL00019921 NKOANYANE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45727, "text": "NL00019922 THAKGALANG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45728, "text": "NL00019923 PROGRESS CRECHE"}, {"id": 45729, "text": "NL00019924 ASIZILINGENI BAKITI CRECHE"}, {"id": 45730, "text": "NL00019925 Happy Pikinini Educare"}, {"id": 45731, "text": "NL00019926 LEHLABILE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45732, "text": "NL00019927 PALEDI CRECHE"}, {"id": 45733, "text": "NL00019928 The Childrens Place Educare"}, {"id": 45735, "text": "NL00019930 LETLABELA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45736, "text": "NL00019931 Jireh Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45737, "text": "NL00019932 MAHLASEDI A THUTO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45738, "text": "NL00019933 BAKWENA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45739, "text": "NL00019934 Samora Machel Educare"}, {"id": 45740, "text": "NL00019935 Kuilsriver Primary"}, {"id": 45741, "text": "NL00019936 St Peters College"}, {"id": 45742, "text": "NL00019937 HOPE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45743, "text": "NL00019938 AZ Berman Primary School"}, {"id": 45744, "text": "NL00019939 Zukolwethu Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45745, "text": "NL00019940 PLEASURE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45746, "text": "NL00019941 MAWISHI CRECHE"}, {"id": 45747, "text": "NL00019942 MPHOTO PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45748, "text": "NL00019943 REBONEGEDITSWE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45776, "text": "NL00019971 Emfuleni Municipality"}, {"id": 45750, "text": "NL00019945 Superkids Daycare"}, {"id": 45753, "text": "NL00019948 7 Little Stars Educare"}, {"id": 45754, "text": "NP00019949 PE College"}, {"id": 45755, "text": "NL00019949 Aquila Pre-School"}, {"id": 45756, "text": "NL00019951 Siqalo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45757, "text": "NL00019952 Unity Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45758, "text": "NP00019953 Sport Science Institute of South Africa"}, {"id": 45759, "text": "NL00019954 Mandalay Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45761, "text": "NL00019956 Smiling Faces Educare"}, {"id": 45762, "text": "NL00019957 Pikkewouters Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 45763, "text": "NL00019958 Superkidz Daycare"}, {"id": 45765, "text": "NL00019960 Marvin Park Primary School"}, {"id": 45766, "text": "NL00019961 Ridgeville Primary"}, {"id": 45767, "text": "NL00019962 Christ Divine"}, {"id": 45768, "text": "NL00019963 Pixies Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45770, "text": "NL00019965 Lost City Community Centre"}, {"id": 45771, "text": "NL00019966 Kidz Playhouse Educare"}, {"id": 45772, "text": "NL00019967 Gerards ECD Centre"}, {"id": 45773, "text": "NP00019968 Cape Winelands District Municipality"}, {"id": 45774, "text": "NL00019969 MOKGADITHOLA PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45790, "text": "NP00020006 Limpopo Provincial Council for the Blind"}, {"id": 45792, "text": "NL00020008 GRACE AND HOPE LSEN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45793, "text": "NP00020009 Port Elizabeth FET College"}, {"id": 45796, "text": "NL00020012 Lynedoch Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 45797, "text": "NL00020013 Little Shepard Montesori Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45798, "text": "NL00020014 Oudemaragie Jubilee Montesori"}, {"id": 45799, "text": "NL00020015 Sizimisele Technical High School"}, {"id": 45800, "text": "NL00020016 Simunye High School"}, {"id": 45802, "text": "NL00020018 Ikamvalethu Senior Secondary School"}, {"id": 45803, "text": "NL00020019 Bloekombos Secondary School"}, {"id": 45804, "text": "NL00020020 Langa High School"}, {"id": 45806, "text": "NL00020022 Hector Peterson Secondary School"}, {"id": 45808, "text": "NL00020024 Uxolo High School"}, {"id": 45809, "text": "NL00020025 Manyano High School"}, {"id": 45810, "text": "NL00020026 Phandulwazi High School"}, {"id": 45812, "text": "NL00020028 St Andrews High School"}, {"id": 45814, "text": "NL00020030 Forest Height High School"}, {"id": 45816, "text": "NL00020032 Chris Hani Secondary School"}, {"id": 45817, "text": "NP00020033 Incentives for Winners"}, {"id": 45818, "text": "NP00020034 Farhenheit Fire CC"}, {"id": 45819, "text": "NL00020035 Little Sherperd Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45820, "text": "NL00020036 Oudemaragie Jubilee Montesori Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 45821, "text": "NL00020037 Matprodev Consulting "}, {"id": 45824, "text": "NP00020045 Maurice Kerrigan Africa pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45826, "text": "NL00020048 PIET VAN VUURUN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45827, "text": "NL00020049 THOMAS MOFOLO HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45828, "text": "NL00020050 ST ENDERS SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45829, "text": "NL00020051 MABATENG PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45830, "text": "NL00020052 SONQOBA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45831, "text": "NL00020053 XSeven Group "}, {"id": 45833, "text": "NP00020057 Thuto Adult Centre"}, {"id": 45837, "text": "NL00020074 Crix Training Academy"}, {"id": 45838, "text": "NL00020075 Boyzs General Services"}, {"id": 45839, "text": "NL00020076 Khanyisulwazi Training Academy"}, {"id": 45841, "text": "NL00020083 Makhuva Consulting cc"}, {"id": 45842, "text": "NP00020086 The Facilitation Workshop"}, {"id": 45844, "text": "NP00020088 VHEMBE DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY"}, {"id": 45846, "text": "NP00020090 Special Force School"}, {"id": 45847, "text": "NP00020091 Hibiscus Coast Municipality"}, {"id": 45852, "text": "NP00020096 Diocese of Grahamstown"}, {"id": 45856, "text": "NL00020102 OSIETEDDIES KLEINKINDONTWIKKENG SENTRUM"}, {"id": 45864, "text": "NL00020111 Jabulane Christian Academy"}, {"id": 45865, "text": "NP00020112 Starcrow 36 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45866, "text": "NP00020113 Tlhalefo Skills Development CC"}, {"id": 45868, "text": "NP00020115 Sethike Trading cc"}, {"id": 45870, "text": "NL00020117 Disabled People of South Africa "}, {"id": 45871, "text": "NP00020118 IIR SA Bv "}, {"id": 45875, "text": "NL00020143 Bardale Secondary School"}, {"id": 45877, "text": "NL00020145 Iqhayiya High School"}, {"id": 45878, "text": "NL00020146 Thembani Primary School"}, {"id": 45879, "text": "NL00020147 Ekuthuleni Primary School"}, {"id": 45880, "text": "NL00020148 BAKGATLA BA KGAFELA TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY"}, {"id": 45881, "text": "NL00020149 CC Lloyd Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45882, "text": "NL00020150 Ncedani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45883, "text": "NL00020151 Siyazama Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45884, "text": "NL00020152 Vanani Farm School"}, {"id": 45887, "text": "NL00020178 Acacia Tree Nursery School"}, {"id": 45888, "text": "NL00020179 Dukashe Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45889, "text": "NL00020180 Gompo Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45890, "text": "NL00020181 Ithembalethu Daycare Centre"}, {"id": 45891, "text": "NL00020182 Little Angel s Paradise DCC"}, {"id": 45892, "text": "NL00020183 Little Haven s Nest"}, {"id": 45894, "text": "NL00020185 Loaves and Fishes"}, {"id": 45895, "text": "NL00020186 Masizame Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45897, "text": "NL00020188 Zamani Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45900, "text": "NL00020191 BOPANG LERATO DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45901, "text": "NL00020192 IKEMENG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45902, "text": "NL00020193 LAHAE LA BANA"}, {"id": 45903, "text": "NL00020194 MARALLANENG"}, {"id": 45904, "text": "NL00020195 MEHLAPENG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45905, "text": "NL00020196 MOTHER THERASA EDUCARE"}, {"id": 45906, "text": "NL00020197 MPHO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45907, "text": "NL00020198 PHEELLANG CENTRE"}, {"id": 45908, "text": "NL00020199 RESOKOTSE CRECHE"}, {"id": 45909, "text": "NL00020200 ST CATHERINE"}, {"id": 45910, "text": "NL00020201 TIISETSANG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45911, "text": "NL00020202 TSHEPISONG"}, {"id": 45912, "text": "NL00020203 IKEMELENG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45913, "text": "NL00020204 BREAD OF LIFE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45914, "text": "NL00020205 ELANJA"}, {"id": 45915, "text": "NL00020206 GRAEME YOUNG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45916, "text": "NL00020207 HEIDEDAL CRECHE"}, {"id": 45917, "text": "NL00020208 ITSOSENG D C C"}, {"id": 45918, "text": "NL00020209 KEABETSWE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45919, "text": "NL00020210 MATSEPO DC CENTRE"}, {"id": 45921, "text": "NL00020212 NTATAISE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45922, "text": "NL00020213 PELE YA PELE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45923, "text": "NL00020214 REACH DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45924, "text": "NL00020215 RELEBOHILE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45925, "text": "NL00020216 RORISANG DCC"}, {"id": 45926, "text": "NL00020217 SONWABO C C C"}, {"id": 45927, "text": "NL00020218 THABANG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45928, "text": "NL00020219 THARI YA TSHEPE"}, {"id": 45929, "text": "NL00020220 THEMBANI CHILD CARE"}, {"id": 45930, "text": "NL00020221 TROYS NEST DAGSORG"}, {"id": 45931, "text": "NL00020222 TSHEPO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45932, "text": "NL00020223 LYNE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45933, "text": "NL00020224 BOPHELONG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45934, "text": "NL00020225 HLALEFANG PRE SCHOOL CRECHE"}, {"id": 45935, "text": "NL00020226 IKETSETSE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45936, "text": "NL00020227 IMMACULATE CONCEPTION DCC"}, {"id": 45937, "text": "NL00020228 ITHABENG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45938, "text": "NL00020229 ITLHOPISENG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45939, "text": "NL00020230 KHOTHALANG EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45940, "text": "NL00020231 LEBOHANG DIMPHO"}, {"id": 45941, "text": "NL00020232 LEJWE LA THUSO"}, {"id": 45942, "text": "NL00020233 MAFUMANE"}, {"id": 45943, "text": "NL00020234 MAMELLO DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45944, "text": "NL00020235 REA IKAHA EDU"}, {"id": 45945, "text": "NL00020236 SEHOPOTSO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45946, "text": "NL00020237 ST MARTIN DE PORRES EDUCARE"}, {"id": 45947, "text": "NL00020238 TSHEPO YAKA"}, {"id": 45948, "text": "NL00020239 TUTUBOLOHA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45949, "text": "NL00020240 ZAMOKUHLE SPIRITUAL CRECHE"}, {"id": 45950, "text": "NL00020241 NALEDI CRECHE"}, {"id": 45951, "text": "NL00020242 NOMZAMO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45952, "text": "NL00020243 NEW BEGINNINGS CRECHE"}, {"id": 45953, "text": "NL00020244 SIJONKE-PHAMBILI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45954, "text": "NL00020245 SECHABA"}, {"id": 45955, "text": "NL00020246 THE LIGHT CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45956, "text": "NL00020247 DIAMANDJIE"}, {"id": 45957, "text": "NL00020248 GARIEP CRECHE"}, {"id": 45958, "text": "NL00020249 IHOBE LEEBA"}, {"id": 45959, "text": "NL00020250 GENESARETA D C C"}, {"id": 45960, "text": "NL00020251 GENESARETHA D C C"}, {"id": 45961, "text": "NL00020252 THUSANO CREATIVE LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 45963, "text": "NL00020254 EDEN DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45964, "text": "NL00020255 HLALEFANG"}, {"id": 45965, "text": "NL00020256 KWAKWATSI CRECHE"}, {"id": 45966, "text": "NL00020257 LESEDI DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45967, "text": "NL00020258 MATLWANGTLWANG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45968, "text": "NL00020259 MOKWALLO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45970, "text": "NL00020261 Assess Development Institute Mpumelelo"}, {"id": 45971, "text": "NL00020262 NTATAISE EDU-CARE"}, {"id": 45972, "text": "NL00020263 PABALLONG"}, {"id": 45973, "text": "NL00020264 QALABOTJHA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45974, "text": "NL00020265 TATAISONG"}, {"id": 45975, "text": "NL00020266 THABANG"}, {"id": 45976, "text": "NL00020267 TLHOLO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45977, "text": "NL00020268 TSHEPANG EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45978, "text": "NL00020269 BADIRAMMOHO"}, {"id": 45979, "text": "NL00020270 DIMPHO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45980, "text": "NL00020271 JEHOVA JIRA"}, {"id": 45981, "text": "NL00020272 LEROTHODI CRECHE"}, {"id": 45982, "text": "NL00020273 LESANG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45983, "text": "NL00020274 LESEDI LA KGANYA"}, {"id": 45984, "text": "NL00020275 LESEDING CRECHE"}, {"id": 45985, "text": "NL00020276 MMAKHUTSISENG CRECHE"}, {"id": 45986, "text": "NL00020277 MOLLELWA CRECHE"}, {"id": 45987, "text": "NL00020278 MTETWA DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 45988, "text": "NL00020279 REHLOTSE P P S"}, {"id": 45989, "text": "NL00020280 SHILOH DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45990, "text": "NL00020281 TLHOKOMELONG"}, {"id": 45991, "text": "NL00020282 TLO HLALEFE"}, {"id": 45992, "text": "NL00020283 TSHIRELETSONG"}, {"id": 45993, "text": "NL00020284 TSHWELOPELE DAY CARE"}, {"id": 45994, "text": "NL00020285 UMZAMO CRECHE"}, {"id": 45995, "text": "NL00020286 ZENZELE YWCA PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 45996, "text": "NL00020287 RETHABILE-FS"}, {"id": 45997, "text": "NL00020297 LESEDI CRECHE-FS"}, {"id": 45998, "text": "NP00020302 Top Performers for Africa cc"}, {"id": 45999, "text": "NL00020306 Furniture World Training Centre"}, {"id": 46000, "text": "NL00020308 Mvakwedlo Consulting "}, {"id": 46001, "text": "NL00020309 DIPEWANE CRECHE"}, {"id": 46002, "text": "NL00020310 KATLEGO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 46003, "text": "NL00020311 PETER MOKABA DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 46004, "text": "NL00020312 HLABOLOGANG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46005, "text": "NL00020313 ND SENKOTO"}, {"id": 46006, "text": "NL00020314 REPHOLOSITSWE SENIOR SECONDARY"}, {"id": 46007, "text": "NL00020315 EDMUND PRICE HIGH"}, {"id": 46008, "text": "NL00020316 RHEEDERPARK COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46009, "text": "NL00020317 CONCORDIA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46010, "text": "NL00020318 REATLEHILE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46011, "text": "NL00020319 MAMPOI HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46012, "text": "NL00020320 TSEBO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46013, "text": "NL00020321 MAKABELANE TECH HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46014, "text": "NL00020322 SEOTLONG AGRIC AND HOTEL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46015, "text": "NL00020323 DIKWENA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46016, "text": "NL00020324 KGOLA-THUTO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46017, "text": "NL00020325 MMATHABO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46018, "text": "NL00020326 KOALI SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46019, "text": "NL00020327 BLUEGUMBOSCH SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46020, "text": "NL00020328 NKHOBISO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46021, "text": "NL00020329 THOKOANA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46022, "text": "NL00020330 THAHAMESO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46023, "text": "NL00020331 TLHORONG SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46024, "text": "NL00020332 MOYEKA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46025, "text": "NL00020333 TSHIBOLLO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 46026, "text": "NP00020346 Tadi-Training and Development Institute"}, {"id": 46028, "text": "NL00020358 Bosch Ulwazi Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46029, "text": "NL00020360 Organet Contracting and Development cc t a Organet Trading cc"}, {"id": 46030, "text": "NL00020362 Double Stars Trading 238"}, {"id": 46031, "text": "NL00020365 Bet-El Guesthouse Conference and Training Centre t a Bet-El Leadership Academy "}, {"id": 46032, "text": "NP00020366 Mamusa Local Municipality "}, {"id": 46033, "text": "NP00020367 Tswaing Local Municipality"}, {"id": 46034, "text": "NP00020368 Moses Kotane Municipality "}, {"id": 46035, "text": "NP00020369 Sasko Grain Klerksdorp "}, {"id": 46036, "text": "NP00020370 B H Engineers "}, {"id": 46037, "text": "NL00020371 Nkang Mahlale Secondary School"}, {"id": 46038, "text": "NL00020372 Diphetogo Primary School"}, {"id": 46039, "text": "NP00020373 Sizwe Attorneys "}, {"id": 46040, "text": "NL00020375 Royal Bafokeng Institute RBI "}, {"id": 46041, "text": "NL00020377 Skill Upliftment Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46042, "text": "NP00020380 Mohau Gaolatlhe Training Development"}, {"id": 46043, "text": "NL00020381 Sasolburg Car Clinic"}, {"id": 46044, "text": "NL00020382 K P T Consultants "}, {"id": 46045, "text": "NP00020383 Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality "}, {"id": 46132, "text": "NL00023991 Training Consultant and Skills Development College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46134, "text": "NL00023993 Tsebo Business Intelligence Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46136, "text": "NL00023995 Starcrow 36 cc"}, {"id": 46137, "text": "NL00023996 Pioneer Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46138, "text": "NL00023997 Ithemba Elihle Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46141, "text": "NL00024024 Abuso Services "}, {"id": 46142, "text": "NL00024025 Work Skills Resources cc"}, {"id": 46143, "text": "NL00024026 Prestige Leaders Consulting"}, {"id": 46144, "text": "NL00024027 Trishul Food Catering Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46145, "text": "NL00024028 Sylman Consultancy CC"}, {"id": 46146, "text": "NL00024029 Capabilities Supply Institute"}, {"id": 46147, "text": "NL00024030 Maximum Development Institute"}, {"id": 46148, "text": "NL00024031 AG Consulting and Development Consultant"}, {"id": 46149, "text": "NL00024032 AG Occupational Training and Development Consultant"}, {"id": 46150, "text": "NL00024033 Silalele Consultants cc"}, {"id": 46177, "text": "NL00024123 Pebetse Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 46151, "text": "NL00024034 Nkotlo Kay Tshimole Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46152, "text": "NL00024035 Romula Business Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46153, "text": "NL00024036 Emeritus Training Academy Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 46154, "text": "NL00024037 Batlagae ETD Consultancy CC"}, {"id": 46155, "text": "NL00024038 Magic Moments Consulting and Services"}, {"id": 46156, "text": "NL00024039 Iketleng Mo Afrika Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 46162, "text": "NL00024108 NS Zonke Management Consultants"}, {"id": 46163, "text": "NL00024109 Atlegang Consulting"}, {"id": 46164, "text": "NL00024110 Zigna Training"}, {"id": 46165, "text": "NL00024111 Sebenzisanane Human Capital"}, {"id": 46166, "text": "NL00024112 Kay-Madume Business Enteprise"}, {"id": 46167, "text": "NL00024113 LLTV Services"}, {"id": 46168, "text": "NL00024114 Women Arise Primary Co-operative Limited"}, {"id": 46169, "text": "NL00024115 ZBQ Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46170, "text": "NL00024116 Learnfast Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46171, "text": "NL00024117 Brainwave Careers"}, {"id": 46172, "text": "NL00024118 Funda Africa Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46173, "text": "NL00024119 Life Projects"}, {"id": 46174, "text": "NL00024120 Productivity SA"}, {"id": 46176, "text": "NL00024122 EH Hassim Hardware"}, {"id": 46178, "text": "NL00024124 Osolwazi Consulting and Development"}, {"id": 46179, "text": "NL00024125 Institute of Local Government "}, {"id": 46181, "text": "NL00024127 Scaw Metals Group"}, {"id": 46182, "text": "NL00024128 Modise Computer College"}, {"id": 46183, "text": "NP00024129 Nyameka "}, {"id": 46184, "text": "NL00024130 Koketso Rakhudu Foundation"}, {"id": 46185, "text": "NL00024131 MHD Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46186, "text": "NL00024132 Ditebogo Consultancy"}, {"id": 46188, "text": "NL00024134 Mmatlaseromo MPS Holdings"}, {"id": 46189, "text": "NL00024135 Mintirho Development Services"}, {"id": 46190, "text": "NL00024136 Masegare Business School"}, {"id": 46194, "text": "NL00024140 Team Phatha Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46195, "text": "NL00024141 Infantry School"}, {"id": 46196, "text": "NL00024142 Mpumalanga School of Governance - ECDI"}, {"id": 46197, "text": "NL00024143 Khusela Empowerment Solutions"}, {"id": 46199, "text": "NL00024145 Nyeleti Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 46200, "text": "NL00024146 Rochelle Vetman and Training "}, {"id": 46201, "text": "NL00024147 Eiffel Corp Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46203, "text": "NL00024149 ER Kay Human Development "}, {"id": 46204, "text": "NP00024150 Mosaic Marketing"}, {"id": 46205, "text": "NL00024199 KG Business Development"}, {"id": 46207, "text": "NL00024201 Hluvuka Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 46208, "text": "NL00024202 Itsoseng Training Academy"}, {"id": 46209, "text": "NL00024203 Oasis South Africa"}, {"id": 46210, "text": "NL00024204 ORT SA Cape Trust"}, {"id": 46211, "text": "NL00024205 Spotlite Education"}, {"id": 46212, "text": "NL00024207 In Full Colour Consultancy"}, {"id": 46213, "text": "NL00024208 Mafamawethu Performance Consultants"}, {"id": 46214, "text": "NL00024209 Enterprise for Learning Resources and Materials Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46215, "text": "NL00024211 Enterprise for Learning Resources and Materials Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46217, "text": "NL00024216 Sovereign Skills Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46218, "text": "NL00024219 Tekmation Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46219, "text": "NL00024225 Tumelo Education and Training"}, {"id": 46220, "text": "NL00024228 Ntirhisano Maxhakaza Christian Academy"}, {"id": 46221, "text": "NL00024234 Skills Zone Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 46223, "text": "NL00024236 Skills Development and Training Company Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46247, "text": "NL00024261 Skill Yield Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46224, "text": "NL00024237 Fachs Business Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 46225, "text": "NL00024238 Pioneers Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 46226, "text": "NL00024239 Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust"}, {"id": 46227, "text": "NL00024240 NC COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 46228, "text": "NL00024242 Vusi Mncube and Associates Education and Training"}, {"id": 46229, "text": "NL00024243 Dek Research and Management Specialist"}, {"id": 46230, "text": "NL00024244 Goldberg De Villiers Myburgh Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46231, "text": "NL00024245 Lukhanji Training Centre and Cleaning Services cc"}, {"id": 46232, "text": "NL00024246 Lukhanti Training Centre and Cleaning Services cc"}, {"id": 46234, "text": "NL00024248 Yes We Can Consulting"}, {"id": 46235, "text": "NL00024249 Esigangeni General Trading"}, {"id": 46236, "text": "NL00024250 Mna Development Centre Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 46237, "text": "NL00024251 Nyathela Business College "}, {"id": 46238, "text": "NL00024252 Poshido Trading"}, {"id": 46239, "text": "NL00024253 Saint Lifick College"}, {"id": 46240, "text": "NL00024254 Kainav Conservation Global Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46241, "text": "NL00024255 HVK Consulting Engineers"}, {"id": 46242, "text": "NL00024256 Realeboga-Bakulung Training and Development Agency"}, {"id": 46243, "text": "NL00024257 Future Discovery Training Academy"}, {"id": 46244, "text": "NL00024258 SG Consultants"}, {"id": 46245, "text": "NL00024259 Seqebo Training and Counselling Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46248, "text": "NL00024262 Orange Language Institute"}, {"id": 46249, "text": "NL00024263 Free State Training and Development"}, {"id": 46250, "text": "NL00024264 Fuze Divergency Enterprise2 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46251, "text": "NL00024265 SkillWise Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd"}, {"id": 46252, "text": "NL00024266 Intact Education Training and Development"}, {"id": 46254, "text": "NL00024268 Terrawood cc"}, {"id": 46255, "text": "NL00024269 Valambya Training and Business Services "}, {"id": 46256, "text": "NL00024270 Bigtree Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46257, "text": "NL00024271 Growpoint Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45550, "text": "L090781461 IMPERIAL GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40491, "text": "NL00015498 Amahlathi Municipality"}, {"id": 40941, "text": "NL00014919 Phembokuhle"}, {"id": 41633, "text": "NP00022888 Ukhanyiso Ebantwini Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45811, "text": "NL00020027 Gugulethu Comprehensive High School"}, {"id": 46119, "text": "NL00023935 My Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 46133, "text": "NL00023992 Ntataise Trust"}, {"id": 46202, "text": "NL00024148 Sivile Housing Association"}, {"id": 46216, "text": "NL00024213 KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board"}, {"id": 46222, "text": "NL00024235 Aotsa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45579, "text": "NL00020938 Sakhisisizwe Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 42515, "text": "NL00018628 Buhlebuyeza"}, {"id": 42908, "text": "NL00019503 Kutloanong High"}, {"id": 42909, "text": "NL00019504 Bodibeng High"}, {"id": 41150, "text": "NL00015875 Matsemela"}, {"id": 40300, "text": "NL00015239 Big Family Pre Scholl"}, {"id": 42059, "text": "NL00019139 Sthokozile Creche -Harding"}, {"id": 40301, "text": "NL00015240 Thembi Pre School"}, {"id": 42723, "text": "NP00018924 Genuine Media"}, {"id": 43707, "text": "NL00018384 Malale"}, {"id": 40303, "text": "NL00015242 Maranata Pre School"}, {"id": 40304, "text": "NL00015243 J K Makuse Pre School"}, {"id": 40493, "text": "NL00015500 Thukakgaladi"}, {"id": 45112, "text": "NL00016765 Segopane"}, {"id": 42820, "text": "NL00019033 New Horizons"}, {"id": 43023, "text": "NP00019629 Giyani Municipality"}, {"id": 42027, "text": "NL00019107 WCED"}, {"id": 42108, "text": "NL00019190 DOE"}, {"id": 44515, "text": "NL00017532 Angel s Play"}, {"id": 42271, "text": "NL00019408 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION VRYHEID DISTRICT"}, {"id": 42883, "text": "NL00019462 NoRTHERN Cape Urban FET"}, {"id": 43571, "text": "NL00018224 Siphosethu Creche"}, {"id": 44252, "text": "NL00017215 Department of Social Development"}, {"id": 44722, "text": "NP00021811 Positive Thinking Consultants"}, {"id": 45344, "text": "NL00017002 Nolukhanyo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45583, "text": "NP00020942 Imsimbi Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45775, "text": "NL00019970 City of Johannesburg"}, {"id": 42516, "text": "NL00018629 Nkanysweni"}, {"id": 45536, "text": "NP00020837 Hamsa"}, {"id": 45542, "text": "NL00020843 Temple University"}, {"id": 45571, "text": "NL00020917 Library and Information Association of South Africa "}, {"id": 45607, "text": "NL00021056 South African Language Academy"}, {"id": 42517, "text": "NL00018630 Ngwebini"}, {"id": 45734, "text": "NL00019929 SEKELE CRECHE"}, {"id": 42762, "text": "NL00018972 Sukuma Creche "}, {"id": 40817, "text": "NL00014795 Ntuthuko Creche"}, {"id": 45807, "text": "NL00020023 Harry Gwala High School"}, {"id": 45840, "text": "NL00020082 Buni Advocacy and Training "}, {"id": 45898, "text": "NL00020189 Elanji"}, {"id": 42763, "text": "NL00018973 Nhlanhleni Creche"}, {"id": 40852, "text": "NL00014830 Sihle Creche"}, {"id": 41583, "text": "L580756312 TIPP Solutions t a TIPP Focus Training for Leardership"}, {"id": 41586, "text": "L250749134 Glen Lilly Training College Pty LTD"}, {"id": 41757, "text": "L480709536 Newcastle Municipality"}, {"id": 42175, "text": "NL00019272 SEDIBENG COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42459, "text": "NL00018572 Fetakgomo Local Municipality"}, {"id": 42962, "text": "NL00019568 Isipingo School"}, {"id": 43005, "text": "NL00019611 Pat Edu-care"}, {"id": 43725, "text": "NL00023493 Leseding Edu Care"}, {"id": 45107, "text": "NL00016760 Smiling Faces"}, {"id": 45383, "text": "NL00020507 PHOLO MODI HBC"}, {"id": 46046, "text": "NL00020384 College Campus"}, {"id": 46047, "text": "NL00020385 LEHAE LA BANA"}, {"id": 46048, "text": "NL00020386 MOTHEO DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46049, "text": "NL00020387 SUNRISE"}, {"id": 40879, "text": "NL00014857 Dedefane Creche"}, {"id": 40880, "text": "NL00014858 Makhane Creche"}, {"id": 40930, "text": "NL00014908 VUKUZAKHE"}, {"id": 46054, "text": "NL00020392 LYNES EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 46055, "text": "NL00020393 EMMACULATE CONCEPTION DCC"}, {"id": 46056, "text": "NL00020394 ITHABELENG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46057, "text": "NL00020395 PHAHAMENG DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46058, "text": "NL00020396 THUSO EDUCARE"}, {"id": 46059, "text": "NL00020397 MME DAY CARE"}, {"id": 46060, "text": "NL00020398 TOKOLLO"}, {"id": 43791, "text": "L500783602 VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES SOUTHAFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 45625, "text": "T000008296 DOE"}, {"id": 45822, "text": "NL00020042 SAQA"}, {"id": 46027, "text": "L250752047 Datamatrix cc"}, {"id": 43032, "text": "NP00019638 Department of Social Development Women,Children,People with Disability"}, {"id": 43886, "text": "NL00021473 SOUTH AFRICAN MONTESSORI ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 46135, "text": "NL00023994 REATS Training Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 42087, "text": "T000008225 GDE"}, {"id": 40395, "text": "NL00015384 Coastal FET College"}, {"id": 40937, "text": "NL00014915 SAKHISIZWE CRECHE"}, {"id": 41544, "text": "T000008082 HARMONY GOLD MINE"}, {"id": 42251, "text": "NL00019365 Siyanqoba Creche - Harding"}, {"id": 42268, "text": "T000008264 MTHASHANA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42771, "text": "NP00018984 SANABP"}, {"id": 42789, "text": "NP00019002 Department of Sport,Arts and Culture"}, {"id": 42969, "text": "T000008284 King Sabata Dalidyebo Fet"}, {"id": 43477, "text": "NL00018118 Sunrise Day Care"}, {"id": 43798, "text": "NL00021291 Afrika Tikkun"}, {"id": 43936, "text": "NL00021532 National Alliance of Independent Schools Association"}, {"id": 44440, "text": "NL00017443 Zamani DCC"}, {"id": 43887, "text": "NL00021474 SOUTH AFRICAN BOARD OF JEWISH EDUCATION"}, {"id": 45134, "text": "NP00016787 National Prosecuting Authority"}, {"id": 45331, "text": "NL00016989 Sopakama Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45484, "text": "NP00020716 Khosithi Artisan and Skills Training Institute"}, {"id": 46187, "text": "NL00024133 Mode Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40420, "text": "NL00015427 Mzamo Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40735, "text": "L090751308 Liza Gresse Consulting cc"}, {"id": 41043, "text": "NP00015747 Lithala Financial Education NPC"}, {"id": 41373, "text": "NL00016188 Khulanathi Creche - Ingwavuma"}, {"id": 41615, "text": "NP00022867 the training connection"}, {"id": 42281, "text": "T000008272 COASTAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 42842, "text": "T000008220 Mpumalanga Department of Education"}, {"id": 43765, "text": "L160727303 Guest Resource Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 43790, "text": "L060773654 AAH SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 40224, "text": "NL00015108 Ikhwezi Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 40246, "text": "NL00015185 Eastern Cape Department of Education"}, {"id": 40335, "text": "NP00015275 Anglo Platinum"}, {"id": 40569, "text": "NL00015605 SAADA"}, {"id": 45339, "text": "NL00016997 Kanana Educare Centre"}, {"id": 45473, "text": "NL00020675 Nompumelelo Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 45483, "text": "L480760364 Eazi Access Rental Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 45503, "text": "L550746053 JEG Enterprises"}, {"id": 43614, "text": "L640774362 CENTRE FOR THE AIDS PROGRAMME OF RESEARCH IN SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 40679, "text": "T000008169 Witwatersrand University"}, {"id": 45716, "text": "NP00019910 Department of Human Settlement"}, {"id": 45505, "text": "NP00020790 Impala Platinum"}, {"id": 42086, "text": "NL00019167 UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 40207, "text": "NL00015091 North West Deprtment of Education"}, {"id": 40574, "text": "NL00015610 Vhembe FET College"}, {"id": 40616, "text": "T000008132 Northlink College"}, {"id": 40740, "text": "L300705805 THE NELSON MANDELA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 40968, "text": "NL00015647 NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 41760, "text": "L410738381 Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs"}, {"id": 41818, "text": "NL00022472 Silindokuhle Educare"}, {"id": 42986, "text": "T000008288 Department of Higher Education"}, {"id": 43214, "text": "NL00017784 Khanyisa Educare Centre"}, {"id": 40490, "text": "NL00015497 FortHare University"}, {"id": 40567, "text": "NL00015603 Capricorn FET College"}, {"id": 40568, "text": "NL00015604 Letaba FET College"}, {"id": 42420, "text": "NL00018523 Khayalethu"}, {"id": 42503, "text": "NL00018616 Entokozweni"}, {"id": 42874, "text": "NL00019453 SASAWU"}, {"id": 43779, "text": "NL00021191 Sivuyile Nurrudin Educare"}, {"id": 43828, "text": "NL00021405 Association of Muslim Schools"}, {"id": 43834, "text": "NL00021411 Little Angels"}, {"id": 45454, "text": "NL00020656 The North West University"}, {"id": 45360, "text": "NL00020484 MMAPADI"}, {"id": 45769, "text": "NP00019964 Elliot High School"}, {"id": 46246, "text": "NL00024260 Lorabi 101"}, {"id": 40371, "text": "L700724356 Department Of Justice And Constitutional Development"}, {"id": 40370, "text": "L280712474 Department of correctional service"}, {"id": 39267, "text": "T000007798 Behaviour Systems Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39507, "text": "T000008026 ISILULU CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 39506, "text": "T000008025 Be At Focus Consultancy"}, {"id": 39532, "text": "T000008047 Tinissa Trading 29 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39531, "text": "T000008046 THUKAKGALADI INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PROJECT"}, {"id": 39530, "text": "T000008045 READUCATE"}, {"id": 39529, "text": "T000008044 NKOSINATHI TRAINING CENTRE -QUALITY ASSURED"}, {"id": 39528, "text": "T000008043 MITANOYA TRAINING CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 39512, "text": "T000008029 Thubezihle Training Institute"}, {"id": 39511, "text": "T000008028 Khensani Training Group"}, {"id": 39509, "text": "T000008027 Ndoma Mathodi Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39489, "text": "T000008010 Siragelaphambili Abet Skills Development"}, {"id": 39488, "text": "T000008009 Sine Themba Ngabantu Training"}, {"id": 39466, "text": "T000007988 EBUHLENI EDUCATION GROUP"}, {"id": 39449, "text": "T000007974 Skills Dynamics"}, {"id": 39448, "text": "T000007973 CMJ Training and Developments"}, {"id": 39446, "text": "T000007972 NKB PROJECTS CAPABILITY"}, {"id": 39445, "text": "T000007971 Mthimkhulu Training and Development Institute PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39505, "text": "T000008024 Zisukumele Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39425, "text": "T000007953 HDPSA"}, {"id": 39264, "text": "T000007795 Employmax"}, {"id": 39263, "text": "T000007794 Ayanda General Trader"}, {"id": 39349, "text": "T000007877 Montessori Teacher Training Centre South Africa"}, {"id": 39350, "text": "T000007878 Montesori Africa Teacher Training cc"}, {"id": 39351, "text": "T000007879 Strategic Solutions Services"}, {"id": 39504, "text": "T000008023 World Wide Education Providers Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39503, "text": "T000008022 VHUTSILA KWAHO HOLDINGS PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39502, "text": "T000008021 Ulandi Lewena Lema Business Communications"}, {"id": 39501, "text": "T000008020 Tununu Trading cc"}, {"id": 39499, "text": "T000008019 The Organisation Development Specialists Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39348, "text": "T000007876 Vuka Training Development"}, {"id": 39357, "text": "T000007885 Ndzalama Training"}, {"id": 39358, "text": "T000007886 New Age Strategies"}, {"id": 39359, "text": "T000007887 New Ventures South Coaching Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39347, "text": "T000007875 Molteno Project, The"}, {"id": 39346, "text": "T000007874 Matimba Management and Labour cc"}, {"id": 39345, "text": "T000007873 Maputle Industrial Relations Consulting"}, {"id": 39356, "text": "T000007884 Natal Early Learning Resource Unit NELRU "}, {"id": 39495, "text": "T000008016 The B G Connexion PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39494, "text": "T000008015 Synergy Training"}, {"id": 39493, "text": "T000008014 St Mary s Interactive Learning Experience S.M.I.L.E "}, {"id": 39492, "text": "T000008013 SPS Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39486, "text": "T000008007 QONDISA EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROJECT"}, {"id": 39485, "text": "T000008006 PULA TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTING"}, {"id": 39482, "text": "T000008003 PMADS Holdings PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39484, "text": "T000008005 Imithombo Institute"}, {"id": 39360, "text": "T000007888 New Beginnings Training and Development Organisation"}, {"id": 39361, "text": "T000007889 Ntataise Lowveld Trust"}, {"id": 39362, "text": "T000007890 Ntsangalala Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 39363, "text": "T000007891 OBET PRO - Outcomes Based Education and Training Programmes"}, {"id": 39364, "text": "T000007892 Okwethu Training Business Enterprises"}, {"id": 39372, "text": "T000007900 Project for the Establishment of Pre-Primary Primary Schools PEPPS "}, {"id": 39374, "text": "T000007902 Professional Quality Management Institute of South Africa PQMISA "}, {"id": 39376, "text": "T000007904 QED-Quality Executive Development"}, {"id": 39377, "text": "T000007905 Read Educational Trust"}, {"id": 39378, "text": "T000007906 Resonance Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 39379, "text": "T000007907 ACADEMY WORKPLACE DEVELOPMENT AWD "}, {"id": 39380, "text": "T000007908 Safe and Sound Learning Association"}, {"id": 39382, "text": "T000007910 Short Course Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40147, "text": "NL00022646 Kwamfundo Training Services"}, {"id": 40133, "text": "NL00022583 Babuyile Community Development"}, {"id": 39483, "text": "T000008004 Pholo Human Capital"}, {"id": 40110, "text": "NL00022345 Alesih Projects and Consultancy"}, {"id": 39456, "text": "T000007981 AQUARIUS SKILLS SOLUTION"}, {"id": 39922, "text": "NL00020549 Newskills Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39457, "text": "T000007982 Audit Campus"}, {"id": 39459, "text": "T000007983 BOITUMELO TRAINING RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 39461, "text": "T000007984 Competency Alignment Forum C.A.F t a Tlhatlogo Educational Services"}, {"id": 39481, "text": "T000008002 PEDRA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATORS cc"}, {"id": 39467, "text": "T000007989 EDU LEAD"}, {"id": 39663, "text": "NP00015940 Khoali Group of Companies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39598, "text": "NL00015295 Vutivi Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 39468, "text": "T000007990 Green Mile Training and Enviro Services"}, {"id": 39469, "text": "T000007991 Headstart Montessori Training"}, {"id": 39470, "text": "T000007992 HEED CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 39471, "text": "T000007993 Human Resources Generalist cc"}, {"id": 39472, "text": "T000007994 IMBIZA TRAINING AND QUALITY SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 39473, "text": "T000007995 Regen Institute of Leadership and Management Education"}, {"id": 39474, "text": "T000007996 INTSIKA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 39381, "text": "T000007909 Shelley Mcmaster cc"}, {"id": 39373, "text": "T000007901 Project Literacy"}, {"id": 39309, "text": "T000007838 Grassroots Adult Education and Training Trust"}, {"id": 39306, "text": "T000007835 G K Gray Training cc"}, {"id": 39303, "text": "T000007832 Free State Educational Skills Centre"}, {"id": 39475, "text": "T000007997 Management of Schools Training Programme MSTP "}, {"id": 39476, "text": "T000007998 MARGARET RAWICZ ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 39478, "text": "T000007999 Gabaphalane Business Projects"}, {"id": 39479, "text": "T000008000 Osizayo Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 39480, "text": "T000008001 Malemane PeopleDevelopment Services"}, {"id": 39513, "text": "T000008030 Umdlalo Wami Therapeutic and Skills Development Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39514, "text": "T000008031 Ungaphelamandla Consultancy Private College PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39515, "text": "T000008032 Assessment and Entrepreneurship Centre"}, {"id": 39516, "text": "T000008033 Emthonjeni People Development Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39517, "text": "T000008034 Jenk Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 39518, "text": "T000008035 Mbonyoloso Education Development Solutions"}, {"id": 39519, "text": "T000008036 SWARANANG DEVELOPMENT AGENCY"}, {"id": 39521, "text": "T000008037 African Learning Development Academy Pty Ltd ALDA "}, {"id": 39522, "text": "T000008038 EVEREST CYBERVERSITY"}, {"id": 39523, "text": "T000008039 GWALA TRAINING SERVICES"}, {"id": 39524, "text": "T000008040 HRD Performance Consultants"}, {"id": 39525, "text": "T000008041 IKHWEZI COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ICCE "}, {"id": 39526, "text": "T000008042 Kagaka Investments"}, {"id": 39911, "text": "NL00020536 Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency"}, {"id": 39463, "text": "T000007986 Dabulamanzi Njabulo Ndaba Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39462, "text": "T000007985 Cooper-King Development Trust"}, {"id": 40041, "text": "NL00021486 The Early Care Foundation"}, {"id": 39302, "text": "T000007831 Faranani Trust"}, {"id": 39455, "text": "T000007980 Iziko Lekhono Skills Solutions"}, {"id": 39454, "text": "T000007979 HAPPY KIDS"}, {"id": 39453, "text": "T000007978 MOSAKONG MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 39451, "text": "T000007976 Z G TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICE CC"}, {"id": 39450, "text": "T000007975 Wildlife and Enviroment Society of South Africa"}, {"id": 39440, "text": "T000007967 Isibani Soluntu Development Trust"}, {"id": 39487, "text": "T000008008 RUDO CONSULTING cc"}, {"id": 39443, "text": "T000007970 Khulakahle Centre"}, {"id": 39442, "text": "T000007969 Keith Thomas and Associates"}, {"id": 39441, "text": "T000007968 JUNCTION TRADING 9CC"}, {"id": 39438, "text": "T000007966 IMPILO YOKHOZI GENERAL CONSTRUCTING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 39437, "text": "T000007965 GOODISON CLARKE MENTORING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39436, "text": "T000007964 GABANGABO TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 39435, "text": "T000007963 THE SKILLS FACTOR"}, {"id": 39434, "text": "T000007962 COMMUNITY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE"}, {"id": 39748, "text": "NL00017610 J and N Ikwekwezi Yokusa Development Training"}, {"id": 40075, "text": "NL00021884 S A Skills Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40018, "text": "NL00021066 Adelaine Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40009, "text": "NL00021047 Ubuntu Care and Development"}, {"id": 39952, "text": "NL00020725 Gauteng Baobab Early Learning Training Programme"}, {"id": 39877, "text": "NL00020044 Motheo Training Institute Trust"}, {"id": 39876, "text": "NL00020041 Ikhono Funda Training"}, {"id": 39872, "text": "NL00019803 Sisazi Consulting"}, {"id": 39862, "text": "NL00019531 Early Inspiration"}, {"id": 39836, "text": "NL00018912 IYAM Investments Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39834, "text": "NL00018894 Pro-Ed Training"}, {"id": 39804, "text": "NL00018275 Thasha Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 39766, "text": "NL00017732 Realeboga Development Services"}, {"id": 39723, "text": "NL00017323 Thuto-Botshabelo Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39684, "text": "NL00016079 Jenn Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 39671, "text": "NL00016012 Thobologo Training and Education Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39614, "text": "NL00015521 Gotsec Skills Training"}, {"id": 39433, "text": "T000007961 Caversham Education Institute"}, {"id": 39432, "text": "T000007960 BEPE Developments"}, {"id": 39392, "text": "T000007920 StrateCor"}, {"id": 39431, "text": "T000007959 Mandisa Development Services"}, {"id": 39999, "text": "L580769141 Employ and Empower Deaf Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39417, "text": "T000007945 ECD CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 40083, "text": "NL00022092 Kgaka Kgolo Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39889, "text": "NL00020098 History Makers Business Consulting"}, {"id": 39266, "text": "T000007797 Beam Sun Projects Training Centre International"}, {"id": 39343, "text": "T000007871 Little Anchors Academic Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 39424, "text": "T000007952 Thutong Gankwane"}, {"id": 39265, "text": "T000007796 Barak learning and Development Consultants cc"}, {"id": 40176, "text": "NL00023231 Eagles Wings Skills Development Consultants"}, {"id": 40047, "text": "NL00021788 Kivumbu Consulting"}, {"id": 39342, "text": "T000007870 Lindithemba cc"}, {"id": 39796, "text": "NL00017995 Nomagwanishe Investments cc"}, {"id": 39627, "text": "NL00015551 Compass Academy of Learning"}, {"id": 39624, "text": "NL00015532 People Upliftments t a POPUP Upliftment"}, {"id": 39574, "text": "NL00014728 Edu-Build Institute"}, {"id": 39344, "text": "T000007872 Maccauvlei Learning Academy"}, {"id": 39439, "text": "L440751438 INKWENKWEZI PRIVATE COLLEGE - SKILLS DEVELOPMENT cc"}, {"id": 39642, "text": "NL00015673 Tselachueu Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39430, "text": "T000007958 Ugu Skills Academy"}, {"id": 39273, "text": "T000007803 Catholic Institute of Education CIE "}, {"id": 39924, "text": "L350771400 Loago Business Consulting"}, {"id": 40023, "text": "NL00021074 Blind SA"}, {"id": 39947, "text": "NL00020718 Trainyoucan Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39887, "text": "NL00020085 Deon de Lange t a TDC"}, {"id": 39429, "text": "T000007957 STAR UPLIFTING CENTRE"}, {"id": 40153, "text": "NL00022702 Corporate Safety Training Academy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40159, "text": "NL00022710 GCube Communications PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39629, "text": "NL00015649 Mondo Skills and services providers"}, {"id": 39592, "text": "NL00015288 JIKA ST ANDREW S LANGUAGE PROJECT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39984, "text": "NL00020924 Feed The Babies Fund"}, {"id": 39341, "text": "T000007869 Light Study College"}, {"id": 39569, "text": "NL00014716 Marematlou Training Institute"}, {"id": 39541, "text": "NL00014664 Nyelati Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 40163, "text": "NL00022717 Reality Learning SA"}, {"id": 39335, "text": "T000007864 Pineridge Training Centre"}, {"id": 39291, "text": "NL00014233 Hawa Tayob"}, {"id": 39334, "text": "T000007863 Khanyisa Community Educare Development Centre"}, {"id": 39333, "text": "T000007862 Ken Mathews AssociatesTraining Counsultants cc."}, {"id": 39428, "text": "T000007956 OD SDT CONSULTING"}, {"id": 39332, "text": "T000007861 Keletsong Community Training Resource Centre"}, {"id": 39979, "text": "L170775235 New Leaders Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 39331, "text": "T000007860 Katehong Early Learning Resourse Unit KELRU "}, {"id": 39330, "text": "T000007859 Guru Group of Learning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39329, "text": "T000007858 Jennifer Quinn Trading as Quintessential Development Culture"}, {"id": 40177, "text": "NL00023232 Sondela Academy PTY LtD"}, {"id": 39654, "text": "NL00015789 Ikasa Consultancy Enterprise"}, {"id": 40181, "text": "NL00023786 SELLOS TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 40180, "text": "NL00023507 Paradise Institution Training and Learning Centre"}, {"id": 40179, "text": "NL00023444 Gender Education Development Institute GEDI"}, {"id": 40178, "text": "NP00023438 Aspirations communication Training cc T A Creative Minds Randburg"}, {"id": 40175, "text": "NL00023164 Mine Safety Training Academy"}, {"id": 40174, "text": "NL00023163 SmartWorx Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40173, "text": "NL00023010 MN Psychological Consulting"}, {"id": 40172, "text": "NL00023009 Masinto Development Logistics"}, {"id": 40171, "text": "NL00023008 National Versatile Training Institute"}, {"id": 40170, "text": "NL00023007 Mmago Kea Pty LTD"}, {"id": 40169, "text": "NL00023006 Patricia Temple Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 40168, "text": "NL00022883 Lingua-World"}, {"id": 40167, "text": "NL00022880 Gay and Lesbian Network"}, {"id": 40166, "text": "NL00022876 Education Connection Spacers NPC"}, {"id": 40165, "text": "NL00022719 K2014265859 SA t a InTouch Language School"}, {"id": 40164, "text": "NL00022718 ISWM t a Proud 2 B Global"}, {"id": 40162, "text": "NL00022714 Xigombe Business Enterprises"}, {"id": 40161, "text": "NL00022713 BBM Qimba t a BBM Qimba Consulting"}, {"id": 40182, "text": "NL00023881 Siyashesha Leadership Incubator"}, {"id": 40160, "text": "NL00022711 Zamokuhle Our Little People"}, {"id": 40158, "text": "NL00022708 Akhiwelihle Trading Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 40157, "text": "NL00022707 Yellow Media Learning Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40156, "text": "NL00022706 Southern African Youth Movement"}, {"id": 40154, "text": "NL00022704 The Skills Launchpad"}, {"id": 40152, "text": "NL00022701 Masimong Resource Solutions"}, {"id": 40151, "text": "NL00022653 The Brokers Learning Centre"}, {"id": 40150, "text": "NL00022652 Monox Trading"}, {"id": 40149, "text": "NL00022650 Train 2 Teach PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40148, "text": "NL00022648 The Supreme Training Academy"}, {"id": 40146, "text": "NL00022645 Sourcecocoon Software"}, {"id": 40145, "text": "NL00022643 Great Debaters International Association"}, {"id": 40144, "text": "NL00022642 Ncedikhaya Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 40143, "text": "NL00022605 Motea Training Solutions"}, {"id": 40142, "text": "NL00022604 Thuba Segole Bed and Breakfast and Enterprise"}, {"id": 40141, "text": "NL00022603 MI Learning Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 40140, "text": "NL00022600 Kago Kgolo"}, {"id": 40139, "text": "NL00022595 MATSP Training"}, {"id": 40138, "text": "NL00022589 Kapoko Trading Enterprise 5"}, {"id": 40137, "text": "NL00022587 Franzos Projects"}, {"id": 40136, "text": "NL00022586 Sikuyo Impumelelo Cooperative"}, {"id": 40135, "text": "NL00022585 Success Avenue Enterprises"}, {"id": 40134, "text": "NL00022584 Fizazad Projects t a Kajal and Associates"}, {"id": 40132, "text": "NL00022582 Basella Training"}, {"id": 40131, "text": "NL00022581 The Ububele Educational"}, {"id": 40130, "text": "NL00022580 Notshelo Investments"}, {"id": 40129, "text": "NL00022579 Edu P Earl Education For Practitioners in Early Childhood Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40128, "text": "NL00022576 Zee Consulting"}, {"id": 40126, "text": "NL00022573 Phuka Holdings"}, {"id": 40125, "text": "NL00022572 Sibesihle Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40124, "text": "NL00022571 Golden Rewards 2134"}, {"id": 40123, "text": "NL00022360 Tshepong Training Solutions"}, {"id": 40122, "text": "NL00022359 The BLV Coaching"}, {"id": 40121, "text": "NL00022357 Swamdla Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 40120, "text": "NL00022356 Somerset Oaks Trading 21"}, {"id": 40118, "text": "NL00022354 Nixispan Trading "}, {"id": 40117, "text": "NL00022353 Khuthala Contracting"}, {"id": 40116, "text": "NL00022351 DRM Skills Academy"}, {"id": 40115, "text": "NL00022350 Daleseb Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 40114, "text": "NL00022349 Cedars Academy for Technical"}, {"id": 40113, "text": "NL00022348 ATE Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40112, "text": "NL00022347 Aobokoe-Thuto Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40111, "text": "NL00022346 Alona Institute of Leadership"}, {"id": 40109, "text": "NL00022344 Omphile Botshelo Trading"}, {"id": 40108, "text": "NP00022287 Khululekani Training Centre"}, {"id": 40107, "text": "NL00022265 Karabo Info Centre and Trading"}, {"id": 40106, "text": "NL00022262 Meshobane Manufacturing"}, {"id": 40105, "text": "NL00022261 Mawandi Mashasha Skills and Development t a Pretoria Training Skills and Development"}, {"id": 40127, "text": "NL00022575 Siphosikho Skills Dev. Centre"}, {"id": 40104, "text": "NL00022260 STA Performance International"}, {"id": 40103, "text": "NL00022258 The Humane Education Trust t a Caring Classrooms"}, {"id": 40102, "text": "NL00022257 Kula Institute"}, {"id": 40101, "text": "NL00022256 Thandela Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40100, "text": "NL00022255 Malaikas Nursing Academy"}, {"id": 40099, "text": "NL00022214 Vigilant Academy of Training "}, {"id": 40098, "text": "NL00022213 THT Hospitality Training"}, {"id": 40097, "text": "NL00022209 Change Agility Pty LTD"}, {"id": 40096, "text": "NL00022142 The Shell Science Mathematics Resource Centre"}, {"id": 40095, "text": "NL00022140 Sinobomi Consulting Services"}, {"id": 40094, "text": "NL00022137 Purple Red Stones"}, {"id": 40091, "text": "NL00022133 EQ Advant Edge Training"}, {"id": 40090, "text": "NL00022099 Tlhalefong Academy"}, {"id": 40089, "text": "NL00022098 Train 4 Gain Consulting"}, {"id": 40088, "text": "NL00022097 Sheperd Development and Projects"}, {"id": 40087, "text": "NL00022096 Sciomax"}, {"id": 40086, "text": "NL00022095 Prodev Education Quality Solutions"}, {"id": 40085, "text": "NL00022094 Platinum Peak Consulting"}, {"id": 40084, "text": "NL00022093 Lliwo Consulting Services"}, {"id": 40081, "text": "NL00022090 Injongo Skills Perfomance Improvers"}, {"id": 40080, "text": "NL00022089 iDesktop t a Future Training"}, {"id": 40079, "text": "NL00022087 Confisource cc T A KST Safety Consultants"}, {"id": 40078, "text": "NL00022086 Armed with Training"}, {"id": 40077, "text": "NL00022085 Akhe Women Construction"}, {"id": 40076, "text": "NL00022035 Bogolo Ba Thuto Training Academy"}, {"id": 40072, "text": "NL00021878 Fine Touch Consulting cc"}, {"id": 40071, "text": "NL00021877 Bohlali Provider Support"}, {"id": 40070, "text": "NL00021857 Leadprotec"}, {"id": 40069, "text": "NL00021855 Edu Experts SA"}, {"id": 40068, "text": "NL00021853 Metro Evangeliese Sorg t a Entuthukweni Training Centre"}, {"id": 40067, "text": "NL00021851 Ka-Ntle Trading Enterprise 35"}, {"id": 40066, "text": "NL00021847 ECD Exel-lence Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40093, "text": "NL00022136 Premier Attraction 1343"}, {"id": 40065, "text": "NL00021846 Tovani Trading 418cc t a Library and Information Training Institute"}, {"id": 40064, "text": "NL00021814 Matsume Learning Academy"}, {"id": 40063, "text": "NL00021813 Meriven Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 40062, "text": "NL00021812 Zipgap Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40061, "text": "NL00021809 Sunnyshelf 17 cc"}, {"id": 40059, "text": "NL00021806 Mzansi Youth Leadership Academy"}, {"id": 40057, "text": "NL00021803 Khaas Training Academy"}, {"id": 40056, "text": "NL00021802 Jeyax Development and Training cc"}, {"id": 40055, "text": "NL00021801 A5 Competence Evolution"}, {"id": 40054, "text": "NL00021800 Acquired Skills Training Consultancy t a ASK Training Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 40053, "text": "NL00021798 Attractive Softcare Application Projects cc T A Brilliant HR Solutions"}, {"id": 40052, "text": "NL00021797 Public Management Academy of South Africa t a Pumasa"}, {"id": 40051, "text": "NL00021796 Baobab Trading cc"}, {"id": 40050, "text": "NL00021793 Siyazama Professional Management Services t a Siyazama"}, {"id": 40049, "text": "NL00021791 Centre for Advanced Training and Skills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40048, "text": "NL00021789 Mazibuko and Kabane Technical Training Services"}, {"id": 40092, "text": "NL00022134 Malomini Strategists"}, {"id": 40046, "text": "NL00021501 Zandisetha Enterprise Pty Ltd t a Zandisetha Institute"}, {"id": 40045, "text": "NL00021490 Prestige ETD Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40044, "text": "NL00021489 Netgrow Training Solutions"}, {"id": 40043, "text": "NL00021488 Koma Training Capacity Building"}, {"id": 40042, "text": "NL00021487 Eureka Varsity Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39427, "text": "T000007955 Khululeka Community Education Centre"}, {"id": 40040, "text": "NL00021485 Kimomanzi Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40039, "text": "NL00021484 Khuphula Training Solutions and Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40038, "text": "NL00021481 P P Education Management Training and Consultancy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 40037, "text": "NL00021179 Covenant Kids"}, {"id": 40036, "text": "NP00021178 Centre for Elders Wisdom Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40035, "text": "NL00021177 Moon and Earth Trading and Projects 532"}, {"id": 40034, "text": "NL00021173 Rampadise Education Training Development Centre"}, {"id": 40033, "text": "NL00021170 Certified Au Pairs Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40032, "text": "NL00021165 Bakho Skills Development"}, {"id": 40031, "text": "NL00021089 Njabulo Yethu Trading"}, {"id": 40030, "text": "NL00021088 Khathazeka Ngentuthuko Constractors"}, {"id": 40029, "text": "NL00021087 Edubridge Training Solutions"}, {"id": 40028, "text": "NL00021086 Siletha Travels cc"}, {"id": 40027, "text": "NL00021085 Nnite Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 40026, "text": "NL00021083 Opehst Trading"}, {"id": 40025, "text": "NL00021082 True Reflection Training and Development cc"}, {"id": 40024, "text": "NL00021076 Thutong Training and Development"}, {"id": 40022, "text": "NL00021073 Zuzulwazi Development"}, {"id": 40021, "text": "NL00021072 Namuntlha Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40020, "text": "NL00021070 Emergence Learning Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40019, "text": "NL00021068 Malandela Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39426, "text": "T000007954 Good News Trust"}, {"id": 40060, "text": "NL00021808 Renaissance Training Services cc"}, {"id": 39423, "text": "T000007951 Sustainability Institute Trust"}, {"id": 39422, "text": "T000007950 SLED,Sign Language Education and Development"}, {"id": 40017, "text": "NL00021065 Children s Rights Centre"}, {"id": 40016, "text": "NL00021063 Sync Business Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40015, "text": "NL00021062 Tiro Development Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40014, "text": "NL00021058 Mac Mampe Traders PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40013, "text": "NL00021057 Lusa Social Entrepreneurship Institute"}, {"id": 40012, "text": "NL00021055 Bella Onke General Trading Pty LTD"}, {"id": 40011, "text": "NL00021049 Motlalagohle Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40010, "text": "NL00021048 Nsovo Learning Academy"}, {"id": 40008, "text": "NL00021028 Winglad Human Resources and Development"}, {"id": 40006, "text": "NL00021024 Curoplex PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40005, "text": "NL00021021 Berry-M Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 40004, "text": "NL00021020 Oreahile Consulting Services"}, {"id": 40003, "text": "NL00021019 Networx Training Foundation"}, {"id": 40002, "text": "NL00021017 Alintacorp 64 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40001, "text": "NL00021016 Nketlana Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39998, "text": "NL00021008 Joyride Trading 15"}, {"id": 39997, "text": "NL00020998 LifeLine Pietermaritzburg"}, {"id": 39996, "text": "NL00020987 Halcyspace PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39995, "text": "NL00020944 Tufim Trading Enterprise CC"}, {"id": 39994, "text": "NL00020943 ROWCO 95"}, {"id": 39993, "text": "NL00020937 Leronsa Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39992, "text": "NL00020936 Brain Boosters Business Education PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39991, "text": "NL00020935 Business Intelligence Trading 48 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39990, "text": "NL00020933 First Class Foundational Learning Consultants"}, {"id": 39989, "text": "NL00020931 Entsimbini Trading and Catering "}, {"id": 39988, "text": "NL00020930 Mopani Development Academy"}, {"id": 39987, "text": "NL00020929 Phangwana Consulting and Training Services"}, {"id": 39986, "text": "NL00020928 MA Smalberger Incorporated t a Eden Language Academy"}, {"id": 39985, "text": "NL00020926 EDU-Bless College"}, {"id": 39983, "text": "NL00020922 The Skills Depot"}, {"id": 39982, "text": "NL00020921 Inner Life Skills Coaching International"}, {"id": 39981, "text": "NL00020904 Step Up Training and Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39980, "text": "NL00020903 Autumn Ridge Trading 29 T A Autumn Ridge Training"}, {"id": 39978, "text": "NL00020900 Sebata Institute of Development"}, {"id": 39977, "text": "NL00020891 Dynatrainist Consultancy"}, {"id": 39976, "text": "NL00020888 SCI-TECH Maths Services PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39975, "text": "NL00020886 Multilife PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39974, "text": "NL00020885 Carniflex Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39973, "text": "NL00020883 Xumakho General Trading"}, {"id": 39972, "text": "NL00020882 Sgobodi Trading"}, {"id": 39971, "text": "NL00020881 Bayahamba MDK Trading cc"}, {"id": 39970, "text": "NL00020880 Training Unlimited Corporate Solutions"}, {"id": 39969, "text": "NL00020879 T and T Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39968, "text": "NL00020877 Sanku Consulting Agency"}, {"id": 39967, "text": "NL00020876 Manzezulu Consulting Agency"}, {"id": 39966, "text": "NL00020875 Robys Consulting PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39965, "text": "NL00020874 Wonkumntu Investment Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39964, "text": "NL00020873 LBK Trading"}, {"id": 39963, "text": "NL00020798 Lerato La Tlhago Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 39961, "text": "NL00020788 Kalua Marketing Management cc"}, {"id": 39960, "text": "NL00020785 Avenue English cc"}, {"id": 39958, "text": "NL00020766 KZN Network on Violence Against Women"}, {"id": 39957, "text": "NL00020765 Diligence Defined Projects PTY Ltd t a Deligence Defined"}, {"id": 39956, "text": "NL00020764 Amyoli Consulting"}, {"id": 39955, "text": "NL00020763 Abinet Training and Development"}, {"id": 39954, "text": "NL00020728 Vicami Trading and Projects t a MV Coaching and Training Consultants"}, {"id": 39953, "text": "NL00020726 Interserv Training Solution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39951, "text": "NL00020724 Montague Education and Training PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39950, "text": "NL00020723 Bridges of Hope Training"}, {"id": 39949, "text": "NL00020722 Talent of Tomorrow cc"}, {"id": 39948, "text": "NL00020721 Designa Qualifications Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39946, "text": "NL00020714 Environment and Language Education Trust"}, {"id": 39945, "text": "NL00020712 Emtonjeni Wolwazi"}, {"id": 39944, "text": "NL00020711 Dintshang Trading"}, {"id": 39943, "text": "NL00020691 3 At Work Recruitment Agency"}, {"id": 39942, "text": "NL00020690 Hlalasteady Trading t a Centre for Environmental Management and Planning- Africa"}, {"id": 39941, "text": "NL00020687 Madukhesa Consulting and Development"}, {"id": 39940, "text": "NL00020685 Zouel Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39939, "text": "NL00020684 Kids Academy"}, {"id": 39938, "text": "NL00020683 Lynne Hobbs cc"}, {"id": 39937, "text": "NL00020682 Ma-Usi Education Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 39936, "text": "NL00020680 JR Communications and Business Services"}, {"id": 39935, "text": "NL00020678 Ntsio Entertainment"}, {"id": 39934, "text": "NL00020677 Ikage Skills Development cc"}, {"id": 39933, "text": "NL00020654 Winston Academy"}, {"id": 39932, "text": "NL00020653 Moonlight Foundation"}, {"id": 39931, "text": "NL00020633 Learn Ability and Training Development t a LearnAbility"}, {"id": 39930, "text": "NL00020632 Pilgrims Rest Independent FET College"}, {"id": 39929, "text": "NL00020630 Sales Partners Southern Africa"}, {"id": 39928, "text": "NL00020626 Finese Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39927, "text": "NL00020556 Brainwave Projects 1997 CC"}, {"id": 39926, "text": "NL00020555 Finger Talk Training and Development"}, {"id": 39925, "text": "NL00020554 Persona Doll Training SA"}, {"id": 39923, "text": "NL00020550 Konnect Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39917, "text": "NL00020544 Eden Training Academy"}, {"id": 39921, "text": "NL00020548 Mtk Corporation Solutions"}, {"id": 39920, "text": "NL00020547 Tshoki Trading"}, {"id": 39919, "text": "NL00020546 Mind Vision Education"}, {"id": 39918, "text": "NL00020545 Lerumo La Setshaba Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39916, "text": "NL00020543 MWG Logistical Services"}, {"id": 39915, "text": "NL00020542 Sekgwari Management Consulting"}, {"id": 39914, "text": "NL00020540 Dynamite Skills Development"}, {"id": 39913, "text": "NL00020538 Thalem Investments cc"}, {"id": 39912, "text": "NL00020537 Ntevho-Ketso Training and Recruitement Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 39910, "text": "NL00020379 Dataforce Trading 225 Pty Ltd t a Smart Brain"}, {"id": 39909, "text": "NL00020378 Ostritix t a CSM Concepts of Sustainable Management "}, {"id": 39908, "text": "NL00020376 Green Champions Day Care Centre t a Mafyat Training "}, {"id": 39907, "text": "NL00020374 Scan Training Solutions"}, {"id": 39906, "text": "NL00020364 Funda s Development Management"}, {"id": 39904, "text": "NL00020361 African Enterprise"}, {"id": 39903, "text": "NL00020359 D and H Training Services cc"}, {"id": 39902, "text": "NL00020357 Heartbeat Centre for Community Development t a Heartbeat"}, {"id": 39901, "text": "NL00020356 Lulo Skills Development"}, {"id": 39900, "text": "NL00020355 The Montessori Iniative t a Montessori Campus"}, {"id": 39899, "text": "NL00020353 Xenocorp 346 t a Brain Gain Training and Consultancy"}, {"id": 39898, "text": "NL00020352 Professional Development and Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39897, "text": "NL00020351 Ilitha Lelizwe Consulting"}, {"id": 39896, "text": "NL00020350 Vavicorp t a Trainingworx"}, {"id": 39895, "text": "NL00020349 Tekollo Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39894, "text": "NL00020348 Trideco Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39893, "text": "NL00020307 Rudulu General Construction"}, {"id": 39892, "text": "NL00020305 Academy for Continuous Professional Development"}, {"id": 39891, "text": "NL00020304 Enjo Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39890, "text": "NL00020303 Li Lichule Trading cc"}, {"id": 39888, "text": "NL00020097 Leratham Supply Distribution and Enterprise"}, {"id": 39885, "text": "NL00020081 Le Femme Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39884, "text": "NL00020080 Kusile ECD Training Centre"}, {"id": 39883, "text": "NL00020079 Browers Entertainment"}, {"id": 39882, "text": "NL00020078 Abrina 5873 Pty Ltd t a Regal Training Academy "}, {"id": 39881, "text": "NL00020077 Fundukuzimela Investments Pty Ltd t a FdZ Investments"}, {"id": 39880, "text": "NL00020055 Ecclesiatic Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39879, "text": "NL00020054 Mocha Fetoha Training Cooperative"}, {"id": 39878, "text": "NL00020047 Thabelanang t a Thabelanang Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39875, "text": "NL00020040 Majahd Educational Services Multi-Purpose Primary Co-operative Limited"}, {"id": 39874, "text": "NL00019838 Braingro"}, {"id": 39873, "text": "NL00019804 Gautech Training Institution"}, {"id": 39871, "text": "NL00019799 Entwasakusa Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 39870, "text": "NL00019776 PND Academy of Learning cc"}, {"id": 39869, "text": "NL00019772 Tondanani Development Focus"}, {"id": 39868, "text": "NL00019709 Vholuga Consulting Services"}, {"id": 39867, "text": "NL00019664 SLK Beyond Solutions"}, {"id": 39865, "text": "NL00019544 BPK Trading and Project"}, {"id": 39864, "text": "NL00019535 Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative t a REPSSI"}, {"id": 39863, "text": "NL00019534 Flomotion cc"}, {"id": 39861, "text": "NL00019529 Sector Based Skills Development Facilitators"}, {"id": 39860, "text": "NL00019528 Palat Rophe Skills and Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39859, "text": "NL00019525 Sizani Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39858, "text": "NL00019521 Boitshepo Human Development"}, {"id": 39857, "text": "NL00019519 Ikhowe Staffing Solutions cc"}, {"id": 39855, "text": "NL00019436 The Field Band Foundation"}, {"id": 39854, "text": "NL00019430 Bull s Business and Skills Training Institute"}, {"id": 39853, "text": "NL00019364 Commisioned Training cc"}, {"id": 39852, "text": "NL00019345 Pelox Trading 62 T A NBCC Staff Solutions"}, {"id": 39851, "text": "NL00019341 Amco Consulting Enterprise T A Amco Training Providers"}, {"id": 39850, "text": "NL00019336 Targeted School Development Services"}, {"id": 39849, "text": "NL00019335 Right 4 u College"}, {"id": 39848, "text": "NL00019334 Mpho Skills cc"}, {"id": 39846, "text": "NL00019249 Metrofile Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39845, "text": "NL00019248 Penreach"}, {"id": 39844, "text": "NL00019223 Haras Blu Consulting"}, {"id": 39843, "text": "NL00019070 CUMAX 193"}, {"id": 39841, "text": "NL00018940 Qingq ume Training and Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39840, "text": "NL00018937 Divine Inspiration Trading 704 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39839, "text": "NL00018935 Nero Training Consultants cc"}, {"id": 39838, "text": "NL00018933 Intelligence Transfer Centre"}, {"id": 39837, "text": "NL00018930 Petra institute of Development PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39835, "text": "NL00018895 Bereshith Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 39833, "text": "NL00018876 Edu-Prof Training Centre"}, {"id": 39832, "text": "NL00018863 Water Sisulu Leadership Academy"}, {"id": 39830, "text": "NL00018859 Basadi Africa Management"}, {"id": 39829, "text": "NL00018856 Karlyn Skills Training"}, {"id": 39421, "text": "T000007949 Mind Magic Consulting"}, {"id": 39828, "text": "NL00018854 Friendly Ties Management"}, {"id": 39827, "text": "NL00018851 Thene Trading"}, {"id": 39826, "text": "NL00018848 Assessment Matters cc"}, {"id": 39825, "text": "NL00018846 Genius Management Solutions"}, {"id": 39824, "text": "NL00018794 Unite Catering Training and Services"}, {"id": 39821, "text": "NL00018656 Happy Day Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 39820, "text": "NL00018655 Intertrain Consulting"}, {"id": 39819, "text": "NL00018569 Basa Foundation NPO"}, {"id": 39818, "text": "NL00018568 Eastern Cape NGO Coalition"}, {"id": 39817, "text": "NL00018567 Emanuel K Trading"}, {"id": 39816, "text": "NL00018563 Whizz Skills Training and Development"}, {"id": 39815, "text": "NL00018562 Bangwaketse Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 39813, "text": "NL00018560 Siyamthanda Consulting Services"}, {"id": 39812, "text": "NL00018556 Scarce Skills Development and Training"}, {"id": 39811, "text": "NL00018555 Journey Through Stillness"}, {"id": 39810, "text": "NL00018554 Delatricia Training"}, {"id": 39809, "text": "NL00018294 Passion4Development"}, {"id": 39808, "text": "NL00018280 Ifalezwe Learning Express"}, {"id": 39807, "text": "NL00018279 Life Long ABET Consulting"}, {"id": 39806, "text": "NL00018277 ASM Communication and Training Solution"}, {"id": 39803, "text": "NL00018273 Kumbuza Consulting Services"}, {"id": 39802, "text": "NL00018272 Danva Training and Projects"}, {"id": 39801, "text": "NL00018179 Pitt Institute T A Imithombo Institute"}, {"id": 39800, "text": "NL00018043 Zizzy Printing and Projects"}, {"id": 39799, "text": "NL00018041 Sogwa Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39798, "text": "NL00018038 Abstract Minds Technologies"}, {"id": 39795, "text": "NL00017974 Mathaveiya Skills Enhancement"}, {"id": 39794, "text": "NL00017973 Unique O D Consulting"}, {"id": 39792, "text": "NL00017962 Xhosa Fundis cc"}, {"id": 39791, "text": "NL00017952 Makhatla Trading cc"}, {"id": 39790, "text": "NL00017846 Sibusisiwe Investment"}, {"id": 39789, "text": "NL00017844 kitso Interventions"}, {"id": 39788, "text": "NL00017843 Ibazelo Printing Solutions"}, {"id": 39420, "text": "T000007948 HEADSTART MERCY MONTESSORI TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 39787, "text": "NL00017842 Mositabu Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39786, "text": "NL00017841 QES Mpelamehlo Training Consulting"}, {"id": 39785, "text": "NL00017840 Refilwe Thuto Training Centre"}, {"id": 39784, "text": "NL00017834 The Development Link"}, {"id": 39783, "text": "NL00017829 Cutting Edge Consultants cc"}, {"id": 39782, "text": "NL00017828 Matsolo Traders"}, {"id": 39781, "text": "NL00017827 Gagle Trading Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 39856, "text": "NL00019491 Skills Tree"}, {"id": 39780, "text": "NL00017826 Gramo SHE Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39779, "text": "NL00017825 Beatamol Training Services"}, {"id": 39777, "text": "NL00017822 Saint Colonel Graduate Institute PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39776, "text": "NL00017819 Labohlano Trading 66 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39775, "text": "NL00017818 Ponagatso Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 39822, "text": "NL00018695 Mzayifane Trading 6"}, {"id": 39774, "text": "NL00017817 The Kings Pride"}, {"id": 39772, "text": "NL00017763 Dream For All Trading Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 39771, "text": "NL00017762 Durban Institute of Skills Training cc"}, {"id": 39770, "text": "NL00017761 Netts Training and Projects cc"}, {"id": 39769, "text": "NL00017755 Thantaswa Development Services"}, {"id": 39768, "text": "NL00017754 Rinds Investment cc"}, {"id": 39767, "text": "NL00017733 Cutting Edge Training Solution Learning Resources"}, {"id": 39765, "text": "NL00017730 Pono People Management Solutions"}, {"id": 39764, "text": "NL00017729 Pearson Education Achievement Solutions"}, {"id": 39763, "text": "NL00017727 Tiakeni Training Centre"}, {"id": 39762, "text": "NL00017724 Batho Pele Human Capital"}, {"id": 39761, "text": "NL00017722 Queenzo Exclusive"}, {"id": 39760, "text": "NL00017721 Brilliant Ideas Consulting General Trading"}, {"id": 39759, "text": "NL00017719 Cabo Skills Development Training"}, {"id": 39758, "text": "NL00017672 Teachers Learning Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39755, "text": "NL00017666 Kitso Bokamoso Training Solution"}, {"id": 39754, "text": "NL00017664 TEBOGO M TRADING "}, {"id": 39753, "text": "NL00017663 NONQAWE TRADING CC"}, {"id": 39752, "text": "NL00017640 De-Vi Education and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39751, "text": "NL00017639 Buchule HR Events Management Services"}, {"id": 39750, "text": "NL00017638 Nompumelelo Institute of Leadership"}, {"id": 39749, "text": "NL00017635 COETZER FIRE SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 39747, "text": "NL00017609 Tsakane Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 39746, "text": "NL00017605 Southern African Institute of Productivity Business Excellence"}, {"id": 39745, "text": "NL00017604 Equipt Training and Development cc"}, {"id": 39744, "text": "NL00017559 Pam s Educational Consultancy"}, {"id": 39743, "text": "NL00017551 Curriculum Bookshop trading as Curriculum Training and Development Centre"}, {"id": 39742, "text": "NL00017548 Roi Consulting"}, {"id": 39741, "text": "NL00017546 Ntingantakandini Training, Education and Development Company"}, {"id": 39740, "text": "NL00017545 Go Factory Training Academy"}, {"id": 39739, "text": "NL00017544 Kuyenanelwana HR Management"}, {"id": 39738, "text": "NL00017543 Northshore Trading 19CC t a Makakhaunye Training and Development Agency"}, {"id": 39736, "text": "NL00017477 Hlabeyakhe Consultants"}, {"id": 39735, "text": "NL00017460 Empire Conferencing and Training"}, {"id": 39757, "text": "NL00017668 Five Star Medical Services cc"}, {"id": 39734, "text": "NL00017430 Proserv International"}, {"id": 39733, "text": "NL00017429 Brain Gym in South Africa"}, {"id": 39732, "text": "NP00017337 Sinikiwe Isibusiso Training and Development "}, {"id": 39731, "text": "NL00017335 Isi-Star Senkanyezi Human Development Projects"}, {"id": 39730, "text": "NL00017333 Outreach training Consultants"}, {"id": 39729, "text": "NL00017332 Driving Instincts cc"}, {"id": 39728, "text": "NL00017329 STARPLEX LEARNING FOUNDATION INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 39727, "text": "NL00017328 Isago Consulting Group"}, {"id": 39726, "text": "NL00017327 Khamuka Training Services"}, {"id": 39725, "text": "NL00017325 Success in Action cc"}, {"id": 39724, "text": "NL00017324 Itireleng Bokamoso Trading Development Services and Associates"}, {"id": 39722, "text": "NL00017322 Mochochonono Training Solutions cc"}, {"id": 39721, "text": "NL00017321 Vaiti Staffing and Training Solutions cc"}, {"id": 39720, "text": "NL00017319 Barcor Learn to Earn cc"}, {"id": 39419, "text": "T000007947 EXPRESS TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 39719, "text": "NL00017318 Ora Trading and Projects cc"}, {"id": 39718, "text": "NL00017317 Ukukhula Projects"}, {"id": 39717, "text": "NL00017316 X Simelane and Associates "}, {"id": 39716, "text": "NL00017314 Boitlhneo Consultancy "}, {"id": 39715, "text": "NL00017313 Simakunye Investments"}, {"id": 39714, "text": "NL00017312 Paradise Skills Development"}, {"id": 39713, "text": "NL00016971 Aubrey Nyiko Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 39712, "text": "NL00016578 Skillsversity"}, {"id": 39711, "text": "NL00016568 Keitshere Construction "}, {"id": 39710, "text": "NL00016557 Marzies Executive Training and Placements"}, {"id": 39709, "text": "NL00016556 Kgang-Kgolo Consulting"}, {"id": 39708, "text": "NL00016555 Ubuhlebakhe Training and Development"}, {"id": 39707, "text": "NL00016551 Motete Business Solutions cc"}, {"id": 39706, "text": "NL00016550 Imbalenhle Learning Academy"}, {"id": 39705, "text": "NL00016544 Mooketsi 3T s Development Projects"}, {"id": 39704, "text": "NL00016543 Pachi Global Foundation"}, {"id": 39703, "text": "NL00016542 Jamec Development "}, {"id": 39702, "text": "NL00016541 Thinya Thanya Marketing"}, {"id": 39701, "text": "NL00016539 Sinobomi Development"}, {"id": 39700, "text": "NL00016537 Lisahluma Education Development Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39699, "text": "NL00016536 Fundamental Skills Institute "}, {"id": 39698, "text": "NL00016533 Aids Consortium"}, {"id": 39697, "text": "NL00016532 Lesedi La Sechaba Consult CC"}, {"id": 39696, "text": "NL00016531 Zithwaleni Education Support Services"}, {"id": 39695, "text": "NL00016530 Applied Good Clinical Practice "}, {"id": 39694, "text": "NL00016428 Fullness of Time Trading Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 39693, "text": "NL00016427 Institute of Professional Studies and Services"}, {"id": 39692, "text": "NL00016353 Thusedi Connect"}, {"id": 39691, "text": "NL00016330 Learnership Support Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39690, "text": "NL00016328 Donald Madini and Associates "}, {"id": 39689, "text": "NL00016327 Neolebongi Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 39688, "text": "NL00016325 Molamudi Learning Systems"}, {"id": 39687, "text": "NL00016324 Proffecto Consulting"}, {"id": 39685, "text": "NL00016080 Mapheto Business Enterprises t a MBE"}, {"id": 39683, "text": "NL00016078 Foundation For Community Work"}, {"id": 39682, "text": "NL00016076 The Institute of Literacy Advancement "}, {"id": 39681, "text": "NL00016074 English Safari cc"}, {"id": 39680, "text": "NL00016073 Spot The Talent Development"}, {"id": 39679, "text": "NL00016027 Katiso-kuno Consulting"}, {"id": 39678, "text": "NL00016026 Lathibha Training"}, {"id": 39677, "text": "NL00016025 Rebaone Electrical and Construction"}, {"id": 39676, "text": "NL00016024 Zithande HR Training "}, {"id": 39675, "text": "NL00016019 E4 Kukhanyeni Consulting Services"}, {"id": 39674, "text": "NL00016016 Keetileafrika Training Institute"}, {"id": 39673, "text": "NL00016015 Tlotlangthuto Training and Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39672, "text": "NL00016013 Mokaba Manayementano Maintenance Consultants cc"}, {"id": 39670, "text": "NL00016011 Taballos Business Services"}, {"id": 39669, "text": "NL00016005 Omni-ED"}, {"id": 39668, "text": "NL00016003 Zamsiba Development Consultants"}, {"id": 39667, "text": "NL00016002 ATS Institute"}, {"id": 39666, "text": "NP00015972 Hodela Training and Development"}, {"id": 39664, "text": "NP00015970 Tshirologo Disability Training Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39662, "text": "NP00015939 Education Alive Incorporated"}, {"id": 39661, "text": "NP00015864 Lebenga.com coaching and skills dvelopment services"}, {"id": 39418, "text": "T000007946 EMASA CC"}, {"id": 39416, "text": "T000007944 Woz obona Early Childhood Community Service Group"}, {"id": 39415, "text": "T000007943 The Institute of People Development"}, {"id": 39414, "text": "T000007942 WonderKids Academy"}, {"id": 39660, "text": "NP00015861 Leaders of Destiny Institute"}, {"id": 39659, "text": "NP00015842 Mabatimi Management Services"}, {"id": 39658, "text": "NP00015831 Community Training and development programme"}, {"id": 39657, "text": "NP00015813 The Iscariota Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39656, "text": "NL00015807 Ditseko Training development Services"}, {"id": 39655, "text": "NP00015804 Siyawela :Ready to succeed"}, {"id": 39653, "text": "NP00015744 KDM s construction and trading"}, {"id": 39652, "text": "NP00015737 Mhlenimhleni Trading and Projects Management"}, {"id": 39651, "text": "NP00015728 Abantu Sikona Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39650, "text": "NP00015725 Cale Developments"}, {"id": 39649, "text": "NP00015706 Ditshiamiso Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 39648, "text": "NP00015698 Sphola Consulting CC"}, {"id": 39647, "text": "NL00015695 Business Resources Improvements cc"}, {"id": 39646, "text": "NP00015679 Dee s Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39645, "text": "NL00015677 Calvieno Skills Development and Training "}, {"id": 39644, "text": "NL00015676 Doors of Learning "}, {"id": 39643, "text": "NL00015674 Zabathwa Training"}, {"id": 39641, "text": "NL00015672 Inzu Business Services"}, {"id": 39640, "text": "NL00015671 The East London Institute for Leadership Advancement Development"}, {"id": 39639, "text": "NL00015670 Xolani TLS Skills"}, {"id": 39638, "text": "NL00015668 Inyameko Trading cc"}, {"id": 39637, "text": "NL00015665 Evening Flame Trading"}, {"id": 39636, "text": "NL00015663 Heinemann Publisher Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39635, "text": "NL00015661 Boulton Providers"}, {"id": 39634, "text": "NL00015657 Legligs pty ltd"}, {"id": 39633, "text": "NL00015655 Inyameko Trading 605cc"}, {"id": 39632, "text": "NL00015654 MVN Training and development"}, {"id": 39630, "text": "NL00015651 Consulting and Training Specialists"}, {"id": 39628, "text": "NL00015583 Amaqamu Project Management and Consulting"}, {"id": 39626, "text": "NL00015534 PE Qwesha Business Enterprises t a Simo Consulting"}, {"id": 39413, "text": "T000007941 Welile Consultancy t a A hi Dyondzeni"}, {"id": 39623, "text": "NL00015531 Top Training Solutions"}, {"id": 39622, "text": "NL00015530 Mawethu Training"}, {"id": 39618, "text": "NL00015526 Mahoxo Multi Trading"}, {"id": 39617, "text": "NL00015524 Unathi Training"}, {"id": 39616, "text": "NL00015523 Lulamisa Community Development"}, {"id": 39615, "text": "NL00015522 The Kings Eden Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 39412, "text": "T000007940 Vukanikids PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39411, "text": "T000007939 Unang Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 39613, "text": "NL00015424 Social Impact Ministry Sikhula Sonke"}, {"id": 39612, "text": "NL00015385 Global Skills"}, {"id": 39611, "text": "NP00015383 Centre of Hope"}, {"id": 39610, "text": "NL00015315 Multi Dimentional"}, {"id": 39609, "text": "NL00015314 KwaZulu Natal Blind and Deaf Society"}, {"id": 39608, "text": "NL00015307 VH Consulting"}, {"id": 39607, "text": "NL00015306 SA Skills Development"}, {"id": 39606, "text": "NL00015304 Save the Children South Africa"}, {"id": 39605, "text": "NL00015303 DM Training Consultants"}, {"id": 39604, "text": "NL00015302 Angimbonge Training and Supply"}, {"id": 39603, "text": "NL00015300 PMN Solutions 524 cc"}, {"id": 39602, "text": "NL00015299 Pikamo Training and Development"}, {"id": 39601, "text": "NL00015298 Follow the Star 508 cc"}, {"id": 39600, "text": "NL00015297 Sikhuthele Community Developers"}, {"id": 39599, "text": "NL00015296 Namsi Training and Catering Services"}, {"id": 39597, "text": "NL00015294 ITO Focus Matlafatso"}, {"id": 39596, "text": "NL00015293 ITO Focus Serendipity FS"}, {"id": 39595, "text": "NL00015291 Xcite Skills Development cc"}, {"id": 39594, "text": "NL00015290 Full Circle Advisory Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39593, "text": "NL00015289 ITO Focus East Rand cc"}, {"id": 39591, "text": "NL00014784 Funda Fun"}, {"id": 39589, "text": "NL00014746 Khulisa Crime Prevention Initiative"}, {"id": 39588, "text": "NL00014745 Lukhanyo Training and Development Consultants"}, {"id": 39587, "text": "NL00014744 Vutomi Provisional Health Agency"}, {"id": 39586, "text": "NL00014743 Noko-Mahabo Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 39410, "text": "T000007938 Umzansi Educational Programs Centre"}, {"id": 39409, "text": "T000007937 Ulwazi Training Development"}, {"id": 39585, "text": "NL00014742 PMG Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39584, "text": "NL00014741 M3i Skills Development"}, {"id": 39583, "text": "NL00014740 Marang-Bosele Trading Services"}, {"id": 39582, "text": "NL00014739 CRYSTAL EDUCATION AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 39581, "text": "NL00014737 Next Step Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39580, "text": "NL00014734 Nomoyi Skills Development"}, {"id": 39579, "text": "NL00014733 MIET Africa"}, {"id": 39578, "text": "NL00014732 Isibani Skills Academy"}, {"id": 39577, "text": "NL00014731 Indlela Department of Labour"}, {"id": 39408, "text": "T000007936 Ubambiswano A St Andrews School for Girls initiative "}, {"id": 39406, "text": "T000007934 Tsela Training Consultants"}, {"id": 39405, "text": "T000007933 Training and Resources in Early Education TREE "}, {"id": 39576, "text": "NL00014730 ICM t a Institute for Career Management"}, {"id": 39404, "text": "T000007932 Total Development Solutions"}, {"id": 39575, "text": "NL00014729 Sekunjalo Education Training and Development"}, {"id": 39573, "text": "NL00014724 Marriage and Family Life Office"}, {"id": 39572, "text": "NL00014720 M M Training and Construction"}, {"id": 39571, "text": "NL00014719 Noni Community Development"}, {"id": 39570, "text": "NL00014717 Prosperity Skills Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39568, "text": "NL00014714 NTI College"}, {"id": 39567, "text": "NL00014713 Future Performance Training and Development"}, {"id": 39566, "text": "NL00014697 Hlekesikoleni Trading cc"}, {"id": 39565, "text": "NL00014693 Sithembekile Project Management"}, {"id": 39564, "text": "NL00014691 Assessment Evaluation Research and Development ASEV "}, {"id": 39563, "text": "NL00014689 Impendulo Planning and Development"}, {"id": 39561, "text": "NP00014686 STC Skills Consortium NASCO"}, {"id": 39560, "text": "NL00014685 Mbila Consulting Services"}, {"id": 39559, "text": "NL00014683 NY Management Development Consultants cc"}, {"id": 39558, "text": "NL00014682 Thuto-Ke Lefa Training cc"}, {"id": 39557, "text": "NL00014681 Tshililo Labour Consulting cc"}, {"id": 39555, "text": "NL00014679 Khanyisa Training and Development Consulting"}, {"id": 39553, "text": "NL00014677 Nnika Consultancy"}, {"id": 39552, "text": "NL00014676 Bondiswa Investments cc"}, {"id": 39551, "text": "NL00014675 Sekusile Development Practitioners"}, {"id": 39550, "text": "NL00014674 Wildfire Development Training Agency"}, {"id": 39548, "text": "NL00014672 Vuthela Africa Development"}, {"id": 39257, "text": "T000007789 Art City Artworks"}, {"id": 39256, "text": "T000007788 Amakhosi Moderators Assessors"}, {"id": 39255, "text": "T000007787 Akhisa cc"}, {"id": 39547, "text": "NL00014671 Edu-K of South Africa cc"}, {"id": 39542, "text": "NL00014665 Nduvheni Consulting and Associates"}, {"id": 39539, "text": "NL00014661 Ulwazi Research Training Centre"}, {"id": 39538, "text": "NL00014660 Boitjhorisong Resource Centre"}, {"id": 39536, "text": "NL00014657 Dotcentre Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39254, "text": "T000007786 Akani Communication"}, {"id": 39905, "text": "NL00020363 LEMBETSI BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 39340, "text": "NL00014317 Learning for all Trust"}, {"id": 39403, "text": "T000007931 T Mabuya Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39402, "text": "T000007930 Tlakwano Training Development Institute"}, {"id": 39401, "text": "T000007929 Third Wave Human Development Enterproses Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40082, "text": "NL00022091 Jeke Training "}, {"id": 39778, "text": "NL00017824 Holofelang Business Enterprises cc"}, {"id": 39326, "text": "T000007855 J2 Lab Assessor Training"}, {"id": 39866, "text": "L800732960 Universal Knowledge Software"}, {"id": 39886, "text": "NL00020084 Siyahluma Education Institute"}, {"id": 39665, "text": "NP00015971 Femsa"}, {"id": 39328, "text": "T000007857 JDG Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39327, "text": "T000007856 Jabulani Training Development"}, {"id": 40074, "text": "NL00021881 Children s Disability Training Centre"}, {"id": 39321, "text": "T000007850 Inkwazi Learning Network"}, {"id": 40119, "text": "NL00022355 Remoratile Logistics"}, {"id": 39320, "text": "T000007849 Ingcwenga Consulting"}, {"id": 39319, "text": "T000007848 Infinite Education"}, {"id": 39311, "text": "T000007840 Headstart ECD projects"}, {"id": 39310, "text": "T000007839 Greater Soweto Association for Early Childhood Development"}, {"id": 39247, "text": "T000007779 eDegree"}, {"id": 39248, "text": "T000007780 D M Management and Consulting"}, {"id": 39249, "text": "T000007781 SEJ Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39250, "text": "T000007782 Abalimi Bezekhaya "}, {"id": 39251, "text": "T000007783 Accreditation Training Services"}, {"id": 39252, "text": "T000007784 Affari Consultants cc"}, {"id": 39253, "text": "T000007785 Motehong Foundation Training Providers"}, {"id": 39258, "text": "T000007790 Assessment Outsourcing"}, {"id": 39260, "text": "T000007792 Mary Poppins Professional Au P"}, {"id": 39261, "text": "T000007793 Avax Training Development"}, {"id": 39259, "text": "T000007791 ATTE - The Training Edge"}, {"id": 39308, "text": "T000007837 Golang Kulani ELC"}, {"id": 39307, "text": "T000007836 Gogota Skills Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 39305, "text": "T000007834 Future-Teacher Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39274, "text": "T000007804 QPD CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 39275, "text": "T000007805 CLASS Consulting"}, {"id": 39276, "text": "T000007806 Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 39304, "text": "T000007833 Fundani Education Development cc"}, {"id": 39284, "text": "T000007814 Corporate Assessment Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39285, "text": "T000007815 Corporate College International"}, {"id": 39286, "text": "T000007816 CURMO Designs Pty Ltd Co"}, {"id": 39287, "text": "T000007817 Custoda Trust"}, {"id": 39288, "text": "T000007818 De Hart Training cc t a Tswelopele Trading"}, {"id": 39298, "text": "T000007827 Elsiemot Associates"}, {"id": 39299, "text": "T000007828 Equity Innovations"}, {"id": 39297, "text": "T000007826 Ekuhlaleni Community Preschool Project"}, {"id": 39296, "text": "T000007825 Efunda Education Consultants"}, {"id": 39300, "text": "T000007829 Esiqongweni - The Flying Start in Skills Development"}, {"id": 39301, "text": "T000007830 Faranang Business and Training Solutions PTY LTD "}, {"id": 40155, "text": "NL00022705 Umthombo Wolwazi Training and Constructions"}, {"id": 39312, "text": "T000007841 Hlengana Sibiya Training and Associates cc"}, {"id": 39313, "text": "T000007842 HRD Training Consulting"}, {"id": 39631, "text": "NP00015653 National Youth Development Agency"}, {"id": 39314, "text": "T000007843 HTS ETD Practitioners"}, {"id": 39295, "text": "T000007824 EDUTEL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39315, "text": "T000007844 IEB Assessment Education and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39316, "text": "T000007845 Igugu Training and Investments"}, {"id": 39400, "text": "T000007928 TSG"}, {"id": 39317, "text": "T000007846 Ikhulubone Trust"}, {"id": 39318, "text": "T000007847 Inclusion support services"}, {"id": 39294, "text": "T000007823 Education Development Trust"}, {"id": 39322, "text": "T000007851 Institute for Development Services"}, {"id": 39323, "text": "T000007852 Aldabri 106 Institute for Quality Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39324, "text": "T000007853 Isamon Vocational College of Excellence Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39325, "text": "T000007854 Hlakola Projects cc"}, {"id": 39399, "text": "T000007927 The College of Modern Montessori"}, {"id": 39336, "text": "T000007865 KIP Training and Assessment Consultants and Contractors"}, {"id": 39337, "text": "T000007866 Klein Karoo Resource Centre"}, {"id": 39338, "text": "T000007867 Knowledge Network Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39339, "text": "T000007868 Learning Performance Link"}, {"id": 39352, "text": "T000007880 M Power Learning and Development"}, {"id": 39353, "text": "T000007881 M P van Rooy Training Consultant"}, {"id": 39354, "text": "T000007882 Changing Lives Community Development Training"}, {"id": 39355, "text": "T000007883 Namaqualand Association for Preschool Education"}, {"id": 39277, "text": "T000007807 Competitive Capabilities International"}, {"id": 39962, "text": "L810781130 Sanchaa Connection"}, {"id": 39365, "text": "T000007893 One World Language School OWLS "}, {"id": 39366, "text": "T000007894 Osizweni Community Development Centre"}, {"id": 39293, "text": "T000007822 EDUTAK PRE-SCHOOL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 39367, "text": "T000007895 Pace Career Centre"}, {"id": 39368, "text": "T000007896 PC Educational Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39369, "text": "T000007897 Peddie Development Centre"}, {"id": 39370, "text": "T000007898 People Growth and Development"}, {"id": 39371, "text": "T000007899 Play with a Purpose Educational Trust"}, {"id": 39383, "text": "T000007911 Sigodi Development Services and Associates SDS cc"}, {"id": 39384, "text": "T000007912 Simeka Management Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39385, "text": "T000007913 Siyakhana CC"}, {"id": 39292, "text": "T000007821 EDTECH CONSULTING"}, {"id": 39386, "text": "T000007914 Siyathuthuka Nursery School"}, {"id": 39387, "text": "T000007915 SKILLS EMPOWERMENT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 39388, "text": "T000007916 SKU Training and Assessment"}, {"id": 39290, "text": "T000007820 Dr Caroline Leaf Consultancy"}, {"id": 39289, "text": "T000007819 Punchline Education And Training"}, {"id": 39283, "text": "T000007813 Cooperative Organization for the Upgrading of Numeracy Training"}, {"id": 39375, "text": "T000007903 QED NDAWO"}, {"id": 39282, "text": "T000007812 VERYCOOLIDEAS"}, {"id": 39280, "text": "T000007810 Contra-lit Community Empowerment Trainers Adult Literacy"}, {"id": 39281, "text": "T000007811 Convergent Ideas cc"}, {"id": 39279, "text": "T000007809 Competency International SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39278, "text": "T000007808 Competitive Edge Training Consulting"}, {"id": 39398, "text": "T000007926 The Learning and Assessment Centre cc"}, {"id": 39397, "text": "T000007925 The Port Elizabeth Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 39396, "text": "T000007924 The African Child Development Trust"}, {"id": 39395, "text": "T000007923 The Natal Adult Basic Education Support Agency NASA "}, {"id": 39737, "text": "NL00017479 Dru-A Professional Further Education and Training College DAPFETC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39394, "text": "T000007922 Takatso Educare Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 39686, "text": "NL00016081 Sozim Trading and Consultancy"}, {"id": 39496, "text": "T000008017 The Link Assessment Moderation and Skills Centre PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39272, "text": "T000007802 Business Development Unit PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39491, "text": "T000008012 South African Congress For Early Childhood Development"}, {"id": 39497, "text": "T000008018 THEMOLO"}, {"id": 39490, "text": "T000008011 South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind"}, {"id": 39464, "text": "T000007987 CONTEXTUAL ASSESSMENT INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 39452, "text": "T000007977 Retshetse Training Project"}, {"id": 39407, "text": "T000007935 Tshwane South College for ECD Academy "}, {"id": 39545, "text": "L220751632 ITO Focus Buffalo City"}, {"id": 39246, "text": "L350755544 ASORIP NPC"}, {"id": 39262, "text": "L760755357 AVATAR ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 39269, "text": "L7440744631 Bopaditshaba Community Project"}, {"id": 39444, "text": "L2907425645 KWAZULU NATAL EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 39447, "text": "L760745564 SKILL FACTOR CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 39458, "text": "L160752715 Berry Rose Project Consultants Service Providers"}, {"id": 39460, "text": "L600754719 Breakeven 59 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 39465, "text": "L610743694 Duxed Training Centre"}, {"id": 39477, "text": "L280748379 MATHS CHAMP"}, {"id": 39498, "text": "L390748152 The Portfolio Consulting Group"}, {"id": 39500, "text": "L170746640 THRIVE LEARNING FACILITATION CC"}, {"id": 39508, "text": "L640752319 MHLONHLORI BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 39510, "text": "L340748153 Pfukani Training and Development"}, {"id": 39527, "text": "L700743067 Lead The Field"}, {"id": 39533, "text": "L380752446 Transformative HR Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39534, "text": "L160740371 Masikhulisane Poeple Inc"}, {"id": 39535, "text": "L180756142 Creative World"}, {"id": 39540, "text": "L580762351 Nthati Industrial Suppliers and Projects cc"}, {"id": 39543, "text": "L750744114 Peritum Agri Institute Pty LTD"}, {"id": 39544, "text": "L670751389 Libizona Training Centre"}, {"id": 39546, "text": "L450757965 Sirius Training"}, {"id": 39549, "text": "L680746155 Kenako Investments"}, {"id": 39554, "text": "L330755077 Keletso Academy Enterprises"}, {"id": 39556, "text": "L260762457 Basicut IT Solutions"}, {"id": 39562, "text": "L020750768 Training and Development at Wincor"}, {"id": 39590, "text": "L250761899 The Fundamentals Training Centre"}, {"id": 39389, "text": "T000007917 SANTS College"}, {"id": 39390, "text": "T000007918 SANDF COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 39271, "text": "T000007801 Annacol Training Consultants"}, {"id": 39619, "text": "L860752031 Fulloutput 1132 cc"}, {"id": 39621, "text": "L430752545 Esteem Solutions CC"}, {"id": 39625, "text": "L900744659 Tshwane sign language centre and interpreting services "}, {"id": 39620, "text": "L590755718 Networx for Career Development"}, {"id": 39756, "text": "L410766762 Leadership Options cc"}, {"id": 39773, "text": "L130755335 The National Coaching Academy"}, {"id": 39393, "text": "T000007921 Sunshine Centre Association"}, {"id": 39270, "text": "T000007800 BPC HR Consultants"}, {"id": 39793, "text": "L080744990 Governess Connection Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39797, "text": "L350749299 Mindset Network"}, {"id": 39805, "text": "L100744004 Avocado Vision Meeting and Conference Venue"}, {"id": 39814, "text": "L830772828 Motlou Training Development"}, {"id": 39823, "text": "L460745104 Jewellery Council of South Africa"}, {"id": 39831, "text": "L600724035 MacMillan South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39842, "text": "L110767912 Mentoring 4 Success Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39847, "text": "L020728970 National Children and Violence Trust"}, {"id": 39959, "text": "L560724769 Ambumed cc"}, {"id": 40000, "text": "L690748803 KBW Languages cc"}, {"id": 39268, "text": "T000007799 Bonang Training Development"}, {"id": 40007, "text": "L350755494 Shine The Way 294"}, {"id": 40058, "text": "L330753973 Docufile JHB Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 40073, "text": "L510771589 Umkhaya Satellite Solutions"}, {"id": 39537, "text": "NP00014658 Northern Cape Urban College: Kimberley Campus"}, {"id": 39391, "text": "T000007919 Spotru Training Centre"}, {"id": 39520, "text": "L780753663 Tembe Service Providers"}, {"id": 39245, "text": "nl000242258 The Uniting Christian Student Association"}, {"id": 39244, "text": "NL000242257 PENZANCE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39243, "text": "L200708263 Glenwood Prep School"}, {"id": 39242, "text": "nl000242255 The Waldorf School s Association Cape "}, {"id": 39241, "text": "NL000242254 Blind SA"}, {"id": 39240, "text": "NL000242252 SOUTH AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC TEACHERS UNION"}, {"id": 39239, "text": "NL000242251 ORBIT FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 39238, "text": "NL000242250 Nkangala FET College"}, {"id": 39237, "text": "NL000242249 Gert Sibande FET College"}, {"id": 39236, "text": "NL20131993 Department of Education-Northern Cape"}, {"id": 39235, "text": "NL20131998 Department of Education-Mpumalanga"}, {"id": 39234, "text": "NL20131999 Department of Education Eastern Cape"}, {"id": 39233, "text": "NL000242248 Institute for Security Studies"}, {"id": 39232, "text": "NL000242241 Heron Bridge Estate"}, {"id": 39231, "text": "NL000242246 Effective Human intervention"}, {"id": 39230, "text": "NL000242247 Licence Wise"}, {"id": 39229, "text": "NL00024230 Cathsseta"}, {"id": 39228, "text": "nl00024217 Sizanani"}, {"id": 39227, "text": "NL00021780 PSETA"}, {"id": 39226, "text": "NL000242245 Glen Lilly Training"}, {"id": 39225, "text": "NL000242244 Risk-Facts of Life Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39224, "text": "nl000242243 AAH Skills and Development"}, {"id": 39223, "text": "NL000242242 LTD Edition Designs"}, {"id": 39222, "text": "NL000242240 Whole Saler and Retail SETA"}, {"id": 39221, "text": "NL00024241 MSC Braamfontein"}, {"id": 39220, "text": "NL000242236 African Union skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39219, "text": "NL00024227 Cathsseta"}, {"id": 39218, "text": "NL000242237 Atcor Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39217, "text": "L960795112 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION"}, {"id": 39216, "text": "L960790147 SOCCERCISE STARZ CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 39215, "text": "L950795619 NORMOYLE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39214, "text": "L950795007 INFOPORT TECHNOLOGY CC"}, {"id": 39213, "text": "L950792434 RJSM SAFETY SOLUTION TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39212, "text": "L940795539 EXCEL ACADEMY OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 39211, "text": "L930795754 INCLOUD LEARNING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39210, "text": "L930795689 UMSEBE ACCORD NPC"}, {"id": 39209, "text": "L920795996 TRUSTED EDUCATION GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39208, "text": "L920795822 RAND TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39207, "text": "L920795525 MINIMAX YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39206, "text": "L910795345 BENNY S SPORTS DEVELOPMENT AND ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 39205, "text": "L900795941 K2015344334 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 39204, "text": "L900795073 VELA MFUNDO PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39203, "text": "L900787625 INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTING SCIENCE"}, {"id": 39202, "text": "L890795794 THE EDUPOWER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39201, "text": "L890795653 EDUTECHNIKS TRADING"}, {"id": 39200, "text": "L890795521 AMEDEO COLLEGE"}, {"id": 39199, "text": "L890789979 COUNTRY KIDS PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 39198, "text": "L880795531 ECO HR PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39197, "text": "L880795440 REYNOLDS"}, {"id": 39196, "text": "L870795699 ST GEORGES COLLEGE PE"}, {"id": 39195, "text": "L870795566 THE INSTITUTE OF FASHION AND GARMENT TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 39194, "text": "L860795824 BATES COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 39193, "text": "L860795592 MACLAREN COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 39192, "text": "L850795941 SIKANDER TRADING"}, {"id": 39191, "text": "L850795701 KRIEK"}, {"id": 39190, "text": "L830795912 THE RUGBY EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 39189, "text": "L820795641 SMARTEEZ EDUCARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39188, "text": "L820795294 DINALEDI MANAGEMENT AND SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39187, "text": "L810795643 PAN AFRICA TODAY"}, {"id": 39186, "text": "L800795587 LESEDI TRAINING CENTRE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED"}, {"id": 39185, "text": "L800794358 AFRICAN MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES"}, {"id": 39184, "text": "L800783070 GERBER"}, {"id": 39183, "text": "L790795621 RANDBURG PRIVAAT AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 39182, "text": "L790795464 THECODINGGROUND"}, {"id": 39181, "text": "L790795407 KUTSAKA TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39180, "text": "L780795565 NATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTE FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION"}, {"id": 39179, "text": "L780795201 CHILIAD"}, {"id": 39178, "text": "L780795078 SUNRISE SCHOOL FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 39177, "text": "L770795112 SHIVAM TRADING CONSORTIUM CC"}, {"id": 39176, "text": "L750792311 IVAC BIO"}, {"id": 39175, "text": "L730794973 SUPREMACY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39174, "text": "L730792597 NATIONAL FIRST AID ACADEMY WESTERN CAPE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39173, "text": "L720795931 AGNOVISION"}, {"id": 39172, "text": "L720795410 MINTIRHO DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 39171, "text": "L710795578 WYSNOS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39170, "text": "L700795356 SUCCEDO DIDACTIC SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39169, "text": "L700774450 AKASIA KINDERLANDGOED"}, {"id": 39168, "text": "L690794971 ARTISAN TECHNICAL SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 39167, "text": "L680795939 BRABBELBEKKIES KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 39166, "text": "L680795558 DIPEO LOGISTICS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39165, "text": "L680795509 KIBLER PARK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39164, "text": "L670795535 BROOKFIELD INVESTMENTS 292 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39163, "text": "L660795123 AFRICA MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 39162, "text": "L660789324 COLLEGE OF SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39161, "text": "L650795521 KINOVI GROUP"}, {"id": 39160, "text": "L640795920 SCENARIO LEARNING SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 39159, "text": "L640795300 ISLAND OF HOPE"}, {"id": 39158, "text": "L640779163 DU PLOOY"}, {"id": 39157, "text": "L630795690 BROWNE"}, {"id": 39156, "text": "L630795666 UMOJA VARSITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 39155, "text": "L620795429 ISIBONELO SAFETY ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39154, "text": "L620795270 HULISANI EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE HERC "}, {"id": 39153, "text": "L620795254 AGGRESSIVE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39152, "text": "L610795728 WARRINGTON DAY CARE SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 39151, "text": "L610795249 INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AFRICA PTY"}, {"id": 39150, "text": "L610795157 LAUBSCHER"}, {"id": 39149, "text": "L600795126 ACUDEO College Crystal Park"}, {"id": 39148, "text": "L600794954 SISABENZA OPERATOR TRAINING"}, {"id": 39147, "text": "L590794980 KEAROYD TRADING"}, {"id": 39146, "text": "L590765477 INSITE INNOVATIVE EDUCATION SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39145, "text": "L580795690 SBS SWIM SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39144, "text": "L580795567 NIT IRELAND INCORPORATED IN IRELAND "}, {"id": 39143, "text": "L580795344 THE SKILLS TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39142, "text": "L580795120 BARNSTONE EDUCATION MANAGENT SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39141, "text": "L570795122 KHANYISA GAVU TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39140, "text": "L560795611 TURN STYLE 177 NPC"}, {"id": 39139, "text": "L540795335 MARIANHILL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39138, "text": "L530795824 UYS"}, {"id": 39137, "text": "L500795903 JKK ARTISAN SUPPORT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39136, "text": "L500790615 MADAGASCAR PARADISE"}, {"id": 39135, "text": "L480795717 SOLIDARITEIT SENTRUM VIR VOORTGESETTE LEER"}, {"id": 39134, "text": "L480795345 ZINAMAFU PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39133, "text": "L480776501 MY DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 39132, "text": "L460795646 ROQUA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39131, "text": "L460795182 BLUEBAYOU"}, {"id": 39130, "text": "L460771076 KLOSTERMANN"}, {"id": 39129, "text": "L450795697 GOOD CHOICE SCHOOL OF MORALITY"}, {"id": 39128, "text": "L450795481 CAMBRIUM EDUCATION"}, {"id": 39127, "text": "L450795119 ADVENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39126, "text": "L450722071 SA ASS OF YOUTH CLUBS"}, {"id": 39125, "text": "L430795643 THINK TANK T2 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39124, "text": "L430795486 MURRAY"}, {"id": 39123, "text": "L430795221 WEBBER WENTZEL EMPOWERMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 39122, "text": "L430791675 DUENDE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39121, "text": "L420730188 Geraldine Yvonne Ogle"}, {"id": 39120, "text": "L410795704 KIDAMOR KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 39119, "text": "L410795191 HIROSOLVE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39118, "text": "L410795118 SUNSHINE SDA SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39117, "text": "L400795581 HIGHLANDS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 39116, "text": "L400795243 FORUM FILMS"}, {"id": 39115, "text": "L400795011 THE UNITY IN AFRICA TRUST"}, {"id": 39114, "text": "L390795617 INLOCO PARENTIS"}, {"id": 39113, "text": "L380795577 WALRIDGE EDUCATION"}, {"id": 39112, "text": "L370795942 ELIHLE COLLEGE OF EMERGENCY CARE"}, {"id": 39111, "text": "L350771608 CAD4ALL DESIGN TRAINING AND SOFTWARE"}, {"id": 39110, "text": "L320795521 EMIT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 39109, "text": "L320788716 PAPER VIDEO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39108, "text": "L320778808 CHISTLEHURST ACADEMICS AND ARTS CC"}, {"id": 39107, "text": "L320736004 INSURANCE SECTOR EDUCATION TRAIN-ING AUTHORITY"}, {"id": 39105, "text": "L310795572 BCOZ OF U PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39104, "text": "L310795309 EDUZIC"}, {"id": 39103, "text": "L310795036 AFRICAN ELEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39102, "text": "L310785607 EXPLORE SOFTWARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39101, "text": "L300795921 EBENEZER-MARANATHA INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 39100, "text": "L300795160 KATSHA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 39099, "text": "L300795004 MASIKHANYENI SITHUTHUKE ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 39098, "text": "L300776574 MY DRIVING SCHOOL CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 39097, "text": "L280795735 WINDOR TRADE AND INVEST 149"}, {"id": 39096, "text": "L280795164 CIGNAL SECURE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39095, "text": "L270789227 HALE TRENOWETH AND ASSOCIATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39094, "text": "L260794955 BOOM ARCHITECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39093, "text": "L250795830 CREIGHTIF FACTORY CC"}, {"id": 39092, "text": "L250795129 HEITHA STAFFING GROUP"}, {"id": 39091, "text": "L240795981 ZWELETHEMBA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39090, "text": "L230795462 HALE TRENOWETH AND ASSOCIATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39089, "text": "L230794994 ARROW ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39088, "text": "L220796009 DREAMLAND PREPARATORY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 39087, "text": "L220794996 MINANKA MEDIA"}, {"id": 39086, "text": "L210795474 UNIVERSAL MINDS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39085, "text": "L210795391 VIDA BEBE SUPER KIDS"}, {"id": 39084, "text": "L210795292 HYBRID LEARNING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39083, "text": "L210763555 FRIENDS OF DESIGN - ACADEMY OF DIGITAL ARTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39082, "text": "L200789446 WAVERLEY CAREER DIRECT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39081, "text": "L190795684 LTT MURUNWA SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 39080, "text": "L180795512 CROSSROADS PRIVATE SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 39079, "text": "L180792485 K2014266944 SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39078, "text": "L180790216 TSHIMEDZWA LEARNING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39077, "text": "L180783195 ESTERHUYSEN"}, {"id": 39076, "text": "L170795845 OASIS PRE-SCHOOL AND LIFE CENTRE"}, {"id": 39075, "text": "L170793584 DURBIELAND"}, {"id": 39074, "text": "L170788972 MULTIFORM HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39073, "text": "L160795730 PRE-SCHOOL THE LIGHT"}, {"id": 39072, "text": "L160795581 MTW REGIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 39071, "text": "L160781508 KUKHULA GLOBAL PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39070, "text": "L150795773 HEBRAIC TEACHING GROUP"}, {"id": 39069, "text": "L140795909 K2013047584"}, {"id": 39068, "text": "L140795503 G CUBE SA"}, {"id": 39067, "text": "L140785520 THE FUTURE COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL FAMILY TRUST"}, {"id": 39066, "text": "L130795141 CORNERSTONE REMEDIAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39065, "text": "L130794987 ICAP TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39064, "text": "L130791538 INCREDIBLE KIDS EDU-CARE"}, {"id": 39063, "text": "L120795887 INNTUITION EDUCATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 39062, "text": "L120794989 JOU SKOOL"}, {"id": 39061, "text": "L100795527 MCDE INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 39060, "text": "L100795188 MIXING AND MASTERING MUSIC ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39059, "text": "L100790551 RISK ZA CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39058, "text": "L090795289 GET HIGHLY MOTIVATED PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39057, "text": "L090794969 MAKHOPHILA TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 39056, "text": "L080795778 LITTLE FARMYARD PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 39055, "text": "L080794748 PRIMUS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 39054, "text": "L080783659 CLAREMONT HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39053, "text": "L080739438 DE VRIES AMBULANS AKADEMIE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39052, "text": "L080717475 PRISHA PILLAY"}, {"id": 39051, "text": "L070795572 VEREENIGING MAHOMEDAN MOSQUE"}, {"id": 39050, "text": "L070795002 SIYAMISANA TRAINING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39049, "text": "L060790310 CARLAS DANCE MOUSE STUDIO"}, {"id": 39048, "text": "L050795519 ADDTECH DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 39047, "text": "L050795444 FOOTPRINTS FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 39046, "text": "L050795121 VIANATHI CLEANING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39045, "text": "L050794959 PEAK ACADEMY"}, {"id": 39044, "text": "L040795397 GRINWIS"}, {"id": 39043, "text": "L030795381 MOKGATLA OO TABANE CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39042, "text": "L030795118 LITTLE ONES CORPORATE"}, {"id": 39041, "text": "L020786580 TIKANI DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 39040, "text": "L010795203 DESTINY CREATORS"}, {"id": 39039, "text": "L010779538 RECYCLE WISE CC"}, {"id": 39038, "text": "NL00024229 New Leaders Foundation"}, {"id": 39037, "text": "L850737117 EWSeta"}, {"id": 39036, "text": "NL00024226 Simba Skills Consultants"}, {"id": 39035, "text": "NL00024233 The Runanga Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39034, "text": "nl00024232 CMA Investments 34 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 39033, "text": "NL20131994 Western Cape Department of Education"}, {"id": 39032, "text": "NL00024231 Abakholwe Community Developers"}, {"id": 39031, "text": "nl000024225 Maverick Trading"}, {"id": 39030, "text": "nl00024224 Thekwini City College"}, {"id": 39029, "text": "nl00022703 Lehlabile Emergency Institute"}, {"id": 39028, "text": "nl00024223 University of Mpumalanga"}, {"id": 39027, "text": "NL00024220 Egugwini Trading PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39026, "text": "NL00024214 Kajini Investments 150"}, {"id": 39025, "text": "nl00024215 Kajini Investments 555 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39024, "text": "nl100024219 Audit IT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39023, "text": "NL00015165 Limpopo Department of Education"}, {"id": 39022, "text": "L840786281 Eskilz College"}, {"id": 39021, "text": "NL00024218 South African Black Economic Rating Agency"}, {"id": 39020, "text": "NL00024222 TR Training and Development"}, {"id": 39019, "text": "NL00024212 Insurance Sector Education Training Authority"}, {"id": 39018, "text": "nl00022361 Motheo Training Institute Trust"}, {"id": 39017, "text": "NL00024210 Services Seta"}, {"id": 39016, "text": "NL00024206 Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts PTY LTD"}, {"id": 39015, "text": "NL00015636 National Department of Basic Education"}, {"id": 39014, "text": "NL00015182 N.C.D.O.E."}, {"id": 39013, "text": "NL00015184 Free State Department of Education"}, {"id": 39012, "text": "nl00023296 Umalusi"}, {"id": 39010, "text": "L870708932 UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND"}, {"id": 39008, "text": "N000016970 Department of Education Kwa Zulu Natal"}, {"id": 39007, "text": "L290703877 RONDEBOSCH BOYS PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39006, "text": "L690737848 RIDGEWAY COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 39005, "text": "L060721901 ST BENEDICTS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 39004, "text": "L390723502 LAERSKOOL DR HAVINGA"}, {"id": 39003, "text": "L470783699 JONGE EINSTEIN AKADEMIE TRUST"}, {"id": 39002, "text": "NL20132405 Department of Education North West"}, {"id": 39001, "text": "L640774743 TWINKLE TOES NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 39000, "text": "L880733292 INFORMATION SYSTEMS ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 38999, "text": "L930727971 INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38998, "text": "L960794800 GLOBAL TEACHER RECRUITMENT"}, {"id": 38997, "text": "L960793612 DIDDO DOT TRADING BK"}, {"id": 38996, "text": "L960793372 OUR FAMILY DAYCARE"}, {"id": 38995, "text": "L960793356 KERSHAW"}, {"id": 38994, "text": "L960793208 LITTLE WILLOWS NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38993, "text": "L960793018 AVR HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38992, "text": "L960791582 ISENTIAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38991, "text": "L960790659 PAR ENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 38990, "text": "L960790204 1ONONE DAYCARE CENTER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38989, "text": "L960790113 K2015237294 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 38988, "text": "L960789347 GIBSONGRACE TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38987, "text": "L960789172 FALCON BUSINESS INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 38986, "text": "L960787879 CELTIS KIDS"}, {"id": 38985, "text": "L960787754 THORNTON ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38984, "text": "L960787549 SUNRISE SUPER KIDS"}, {"id": 38983, "text": "L960785071 GPR TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38982, "text": "L960784967 Nonkosi Mangxangaza"}, {"id": 38981, "text": "L960784470 ASARA TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38980, "text": "L960784405 BCM FET COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38979, "text": "L960783449 AGRON MOOSRIVIER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38978, "text": "L960781898 PROVISO TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38977, "text": "L960781351 NATAL GENERAL ALLIED WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 38976, "text": "L960781203 GROOTE SCHUUR HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38975, "text": "L960780916 ZASTROPART PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38974, "text": "L960778381 XIHLOBO XA-NDIVHO COMMUNITY BASED ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 38973, "text": "L960777433 TOP PERFORMER TRADING 113 CC"}, {"id": 38972, "text": "L960774786 TALJAARD OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 38971, "text": "L960773077 CHIPPA TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38970, "text": "L960771576 HELP2READ RF NPC"}, {"id": 38969, "text": "L960769968 SCONES CONTRACTING AND TRADING CC"}, {"id": 38968, "text": "L960768531 MY LITTLE SCHOOL HOUSE"}, {"id": 38967, "text": "L960767236 ZAG CONSULTANTS Pty Lt d"}, {"id": 38966, "text": "L960766915 SOUTHDOWNS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38965, "text": "L960766733 PMA HOLDING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38964, "text": "L960764134 HC SCHOOL OF FASHION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38963, "text": "L960764050 THATHE CADRE DEVELOPMENT ANDCONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 38962, "text": "L960759647 TRAGAR AGENCIES CC"}, {"id": 38961, "text": "L960759373 CHILD WELFARE SOUTH AFRICA:STELLENBOSCH"}, {"id": 38960, "text": "L960758821 Berkeley Eldred Pretorius"}, {"id": 38959, "text": "L960758763 HLOHLOLETSO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38958, "text": "L960758698 LENIMAN TEEN VILLAGE"}, {"id": 38957, "text": "L960757237 INTIBANE CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38956, "text": "L960756577 GLEN CRAIG TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38955, "text": "L960755983 S.DASS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38954, "text": "L960755371 MYKATRADE28 T A TICTOC NURSERYSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38953, "text": "L960754853 MEDFIRE TRAINING CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 38952, "text": "L960754309 THE INSTITUTE FOR CREATIVE LEARNING CC"}, {"id": 38951, "text": "L960754275 MALAIKA S EDUCATION AND RESOURCING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38950, "text": "L960754036 AITZ CHAIM NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38949, "text": "NL20132009 NORTHLINK COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38948, "text": "L960752477 AWAKE SKILLS CENTRE"}, {"id": 38947, "text": "L960752444 NDOMA-MATLHODI TRADING ENTERPRISESCC"}, {"id": 38946, "text": "L960751925 WEST RAND SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38945, "text": "L960751842 REBECCA NOBANDLA SANGCOZI"}, {"id": 38944, "text": "L960751685 SWAN SUPPORT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38943, "text": "L960751636 SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOL OF PREACHING ASSOCIATION UNDER SECTION 21 "}, {"id": 38942, "text": "L960751537 CM Solutions Metlab"}, {"id": 38941, "text": "L960750125 ULUNDI INDEPENDENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38940, "text": "L960749572 W.R.I.B.A TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 38939, "text": "L960747881 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF HOUT BAY"}, {"id": 38938, "text": "L960747444 A-ZA HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPERS CC"}, {"id": 38937, "text": "L960747311 21 ON SCOTT STREET INVESTMENTSN0.61 CC"}, {"id": 38936, "text": "L960747022 SMIT FAMILY TRUST"}, {"id": 38935, "text": "L960746933 Masithuthuke Learning Institution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 38934, "text": "L960746404 GALLAGHER"}, {"id": 38933, "text": "L960745042 CLUB COFFEE BAR COMMUNITY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38932, "text": "L960744771 RHULANI PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38931, "text": "L960743500 BREEDE RIVER WINELANDS COMMUNITYCENTRE"}, {"id": 38930, "text": "L960743385 ZELPY 1372 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38929, "text": "L960743294 URFIRST MAKELAARS EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 38928, "text": "L960743195 NATAL FLIGHT CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 38927, "text": "L960741405 PRO-TO-COL GENERAL SALES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38926, "text": "L960740415 WELKOM ISLAMIC SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38925, "text": "L960740381 PAULUS JOUBERT SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38924, "text": "L960739847 LMW-TRADING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 38923, "text": "L960737783 BUSINESS SOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES PTYLTD"}, {"id": 38922, "text": "L960737452 MORUKHU"}, {"id": 38921, "text": "L960736892 TRANSFORM TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38920, "text": "L960736751 Y.S INFORMATION SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38919, "text": "L960736744 MATHEMATICS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 38918, "text": "L960735720 BUSH PIGS EDUCATION AND CONSERVATION COMPANY"}, {"id": 38917, "text": "L960735696 VIVA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38916, "text": "L960735241 CHARLESTON HILL PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38915, "text": "L960735142 INTEGRATED FRANCHISING SERVICES"}, {"id": 38914, "text": "L960734186 ZANOKHANYO BAPTIST SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38913, "text": "L960733915 DEO GRATIA AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 38912, "text": "L960733220 DIE MOSSIE PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38911, "text": "L960733154 NATIONAL UNION OF PUBLIC SERVICES ALLIED WORKERS"}, {"id": 38910, "text": "L960733121 HOERSKOOL ELSBURG"}, {"id": 38909, "text": "L960733105 SILVERTON TRAINING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38908, "text": "L960732750 FRUHWIRTH"}, {"id": 38907, "text": "L960732669 UMTATA DYNAMIC TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38906, "text": "L960732180 U R KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 38905, "text": "L960731539 LOVEMORE PARK COMMUNITY TRUST"}, {"id": 38904, "text": "L960731133 P.E. TRAINING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38903, "text": "L960731059 PROFESSIONAL CONSULTING TRAININGSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38902, "text": "L960730812 NATIONAL GENERAL WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 38901, "text": "L960730721 SELF EMPOWERMENT INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38900, "text": "L960730655 HOERSKOOL EBEN DONGES"}, {"id": 38899, "text": "L960730135 RH GODLO PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38898, "text": "L960730077 THE SELF-HELP SKILLS TRAININGCENTRESECTION 21 COMPANY"}, {"id": 38897, "text": "L960729962 ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE SOWETO"}, {"id": 38896, "text": "L960729814 LAERSKOOL PRESIDENT"}, {"id": 38895, "text": "L960729665 VAN DER WALT"}, {"id": 38894, "text": "L960729590 TRADEPOST 2133 CC"}, {"id": 38893, "text": "L960728956 EDUCATION INTERLINK"}, {"id": 38892, "text": "L960728899 TOPNET TRAINING ACADAMY EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 38891, "text": "L960726950 NASRUDDIN ISLAMIC SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38890, "text": "L960725382 UNITEQ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38889, "text": "L960724831 SFA TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38888, "text": "L960724096 RIESEBERG"}, {"id": 38887, "text": "L960723130 LAERSKOOL DUNNOTTAR"}, {"id": 38886, "text": "L960722975 WINCHESTER RIDGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38885, "text": "L960722413 THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION BY"}, {"id": 38884, "text": "L960722215 CRESTVIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38883, "text": "L960722116 SOUTHERN AFRICAN SOC OF"}, {"id": 38882, "text": "L960721928 ST TERESAS CONVENT"}, {"id": 38881, "text": "L960721217 PACE COMMUNITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38880, "text": "L960719302 GERMAN SCHOOL GROUP PENSION"}, {"id": 38879, "text": "L960718460 CONGRES OF SOUTH AFRICAN"}, {"id": 38878, "text": "L960717876 BESTUURSLIGGAAM HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38877, "text": "L960717181 ROSEMARIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38876, "text": "L960716910 MASTER MATHS ALBERTON CC"}, {"id": 38875, "text": "L960716233 VOLKSKOOL BRAKPAN"}, {"id": 38874, "text": "L960715664 CHRISTIAN TEACHING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38873, "text": "L960714808 SUNBEAMS NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38872, "text": "L960714337 HAYWARD"}, {"id": 38871, "text": "L960713842 HEIDI KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38870, "text": "L960712679 JONES"}, {"id": 38869, "text": "L960710962 WONDERLAND PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38868, "text": "L960710806 LAERSKOOL M L FICK"}, {"id": 38867, "text": "L960710780 KLEUTERSKOOL LICHSTRAALTJIE"}, {"id": 38866, "text": "L960708842 TEAM RENOVATE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38865, "text": "L960708784 ST CATHERINES PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38864, "text": "L960708396 QUADRANT CRANE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38863, "text": "L960707190 DUR-LEO INDUSTRIAL CC"}, {"id": 38862, "text": "L960706721 ATHOLL HEIGHTS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38861, "text": "L960706432 INF SKOOL AO OO MENASIE"}, {"id": 38860, "text": "L960706143 DE LA BAT-SKOOL"}, {"id": 38859, "text": "L960705913 SUNRIDGE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38858, "text": "L960705616 KABEGA PARK PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38857, "text": "L960705053 HOERSKOOL KENHARDT"}, {"id": 38856, "text": "L960704858 DIE HUGENOTE KOLLEGE PENSIOEN"}, {"id": 38855, "text": "L960704429 COMMUNITY EDUCATION COMPUTER"}, {"id": 38854, "text": "L960704106 TEMBALETU DAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38853, "text": "L960703835 REINHOLD TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38852, "text": "L960703363 LEA PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38851, "text": "L960702951 EVES SHOE CRECHE"}, {"id": 38850, "text": "L960702779 CHRIST DEVINE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38849, "text": "L960702167 SOUTH AFRICAN MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL"}, {"id": 38848, "text": "L960702126 H SKOOL STELLENBERG"}, {"id": 38847, "text": "L960701854 NORTHPINE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38846, "text": "L960701060 ABRA-KEDABRA CRECHE BK"}, {"id": 38845, "text": "L950793390 VILLAGE MONTESSORI SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38844, "text": "L950792269 SINAKHO SKILLS DIRECT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38843, "text": "L950792020 RE-IMAGINE REIGERPARK"}, {"id": 38842, "text": "L950791840 USHOP ONLINE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38841, "text": "L950791535 ALBERTON KIDS GROUP"}, {"id": 38840, "text": "L950789851 FUNDISANI COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT CENTER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38839, "text": "L950789455 LE ROUX"}, {"id": 38838, "text": "L950782112 TOP ONE DRIVING SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38837, "text": "L950781601 HAYWOOD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38836, "text": "L950781486 BLUE PENCIL EDUCATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 38835, "text": "L950780215 GREEN SHOOTS EDUCATION SERVICES NPC"}, {"id": 38834, "text": "L950779803 MALVISOURCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38833, "text": "L950779753 LAERSKOOL DIE KRANS NPC"}, {"id": 38832, "text": "L950778045 AFRICA HOUSE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38831, "text": "L950777005 PIETERSE"}, {"id": 38830, "text": "L950775678 ECONOMIC RESEARCH SOUTHERN AFRICA"}, {"id": 38829, "text": "L950774291 PERACCEDO CAPITAL CC"}, {"id": 38828, "text": "L950773244 TEACHERS LEARNING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 38827, "text": "L950771305 ASHLEY MOORE CC"}, {"id": 38826, "text": "L950770224 KURUS ENGLISH CC"}, {"id": 38825, "text": "L950767444 HUMAN PROGRESS MANAGEMENTEASTERN CAPE CC"}, {"id": 38824, "text": "L950759763 AUNTY MAGLAD S DAY CARE TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 38823, "text": "L950759656 SMK TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38822, "text": "L950759508 VUMA REPUTATION MANAGEMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38821, "text": "L950758005 JESUS IS LORD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38820, "text": "L950757791 FAME AND FORTUNE TRADING 191 PTYLTD"}, {"id": 38819, "text": "L950757130 ADGE BUSINESS START UP CCT A 360 TRAINING"}, {"id": 38818, "text": "L950756405 MALUTI DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTANCY ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 38817, "text": "L950755860 DATAFORCE TRADING 255 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38816, "text": "L950755852 OMEGA CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38815, "text": "L950755613 MAJOELEBOGILE GENERAL DEALER"}, {"id": 38814, "text": "L950754525 LIZ HEWSON ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 38813, "text": "L950754137 MAWINDYS COMMUNITY TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38812, "text": "L950753618 CASOOJEE"}, {"id": 38811, "text": "L950753501 UKUPHA SCHOOL AND NECESSITIES CC"}, {"id": 38810, "text": "L950753352 GELUKWAARTS PLAAS SKOOL"}, {"id": 38809, "text": "L950752776 LITTLE RASCALS DAYCARE"}, {"id": 38808, "text": "L950752313 ACHIEVEMENT DYNAMICS"}, {"id": 38807, "text": "L950752149 MATANGARI CONGRAGATION"}, {"id": 38806, "text": "L950751893 REGINA NOMALIZO MAKUNGA"}, {"id": 38805, "text": "L950751760 MANDARINA TRADING 465 CC"}, {"id": 38804, "text": "L950751570 SEBENZANI TRADING 38"}, {"id": 38803, "text": "L950751521 FOWLER"}, {"id": 38802, "text": "L950751315 NOBILIS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38801, "text": "L950751190 WITRIVIER BABA PEUTER EN KLEUTER SENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 38800, "text": "L950751141 ASTERIX-PRE-PRIMER"}, {"id": 38799, "text": "L950751059 RISKCOM RCCT GAUTENG "}, {"id": 38798, "text": "L950750952 NONCEBA TSHUNUNGWA"}, {"id": 38797, "text": "L950750887 FLORENCE NOFIKOLE JELE"}, {"id": 38796, "text": "L950750721 XOLANI TLS ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 38795, "text": "L950750614 UGU BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38794, "text": "L950750499 NOFIRST MALGAS"}, {"id": 38793, "text": "L950750465 XOLISWA SOMDAKA"}, {"id": 38792, "text": "L950750317 NOWONGILE SOLOLO"}, {"id": 38791, "text": "L950749509 LATITA ILANGA TRADINGS CC"}, {"id": 38790, "text": "L950748089 PRINCESS PARK COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38789, "text": "L950747552 PHUKALLA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38788, "text": "L950747370 MCDONALD"}, {"id": 38787, "text": "L950747263 BORNMAN"}, {"id": 38786, "text": "L950746315 WITWATERSRANDCOLLEGE OF COMMERCEPTY LTD"}, {"id": 38785, "text": "L950745838 G AND P EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 38784, "text": "L950745812 INTERNATIONAL CERT SA CC"}, {"id": 38783, "text": "L950745432 ASSOCIATION FOR PREVENTION OFHARMFUL SUBSTANCES TO CHILDREN AND"}, {"id": 38782, "text": "L950744831 KONQENI RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT"}, {"id": 38781, "text": "L950743619 EDUPLEX ASSOCIATION INC UNDER S21 "}, {"id": 38780, "text": "L950741530 DAVIES T A EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38779, "text": "L950740771 MISSIONSERV TRUST"}, {"id": 38778, "text": "L950740516 OXBRIDGE ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38777, "text": "L950739955 POLLAK PARK PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38776, "text": "L950739922 KUILS RIVER PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38775, "text": "L950739831 OUPLAAS EK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38774, "text": "L950738528 PHAMBILI EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS"}, {"id": 38773, "text": "L950737991 KIDZ PLAYHOUSE"}, {"id": 38772, "text": "L950737926 ROODEPOORT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38771, "text": "L950737801 RIDGEVALE AFTER CARE"}, {"id": 38770, "text": "L950737710 EDEN COLLEGE DURBAN CC"}, {"id": 38769, "text": "L950736498 FALCON PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38768, "text": "L950734808 Contra-Lit Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 38767, "text": "L950734519 MARITIME INDUSTRY TRAINING BOARD"}, {"id": 38766, "text": "L950734493 VOLKSKOOL VRYBURG"}, {"id": 38765, "text": "L950734378 SANNIESHOF HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38764, "text": "L950733974 BERTRAMS JUNIOR SCHOOL GOVERNINGBODY"}, {"id": 38763, "text": "L950733545 NORTHERN CAPE PREMIER S EDUCATION TRUST FUND"}, {"id": 38762, "text": "L950732919 IMPALAMPALA EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 38761, "text": "L950732752 DYNA TRAINING-EASTERN CAPE CC"}, {"id": 38760, "text": "L950732133 NATIONAL TEACHERS UNION"}, {"id": 38759, "text": "L950730640 HOORSKOOL HOOGLAND"}, {"id": 38758, "text": "L950730426 LAERSKOOL KORAALSIG"}, {"id": 38757, "text": "L950729766 WELGEDAG LAERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38756, "text": "L950729618 CURO TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38755, "text": "L950728446 PORT NATAL SKOOL"}, {"id": 38754, "text": "L950728313 ABALIMI"}, {"id": 38753, "text": "L950727844 H SKOOL DE KUILEN"}, {"id": 38752, "text": "L950727240 CLEVERCO EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 38751, "text": "L950726929 CN MAHLANGU TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38750, "text": "L950725434 PRINCE ALFRED JUNIOR PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38749, "text": "L950725020 VENDA TRAINING TRUST"}, {"id": 38748, "text": "L950724221 COLLEGE ROAD VIDEO"}, {"id": 38747, "text": "L950724163 FUTURA SKOOL"}, {"id": 38746, "text": "L950723934 ROSSBURGH HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38745, "text": "L950723892 TSAI"}, {"id": 38744, "text": "L950723132 LIFE MINISTRIES"}, {"id": 38743, "text": "L950722936 WB TECHNICAL AGENCIES PTY"}, {"id": 38742, "text": "L950722423 TACK TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38741, "text": "L950722381 SUNDOWNER CRECHE CUM NURSERY"}, {"id": 38740, "text": "L950719957 JOYBELLS CHRISTIAN DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38739, "text": "L950719825 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38738, "text": "L950719353 GAUTENG PEACE STRUCTURE"}, {"id": 38737, "text": "L950719148 FIRST NATIONAL COLLEGE SA"}, {"id": 38736, "text": "L950717860 BETH YAAKOV GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38735, "text": "L950717639 AMBASSADOR TRAINING DEV CC"}, {"id": 38734, "text": "L950717118 PROFESSIONAL OPERATOR"}, {"id": 38733, "text": "L950716409 BUSINESS TODAY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38732, "text": "L950716268 AIDS EDUCATION TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38731, "text": "L950714727 LAERSKOOL KRAGBRON"}, {"id": 38730, "text": "L950714149 GERT SIBANDE COLLEGE EVANDER CAMPUS"}, {"id": 38729, "text": "L950713414 U N I S A -PERMANENT PERS."}, {"id": 38728, "text": "L950713182 SKOOL VIR LOGISTIEKE OPLEI-"}, {"id": 38727, "text": "L950712945 PERSONEELDIENSSKOOL GESAMENT-"}, {"id": 38726, "text": "L950712234 GEREFORMEERDE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38725, "text": "L950711848 BONUS DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38724, "text": "L950711285 BANNATYNE EMMARENTIA PREPRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38723, "text": "L950711061 KWAAK KWAAK CC"}, {"id": 38722, "text": "L950711053 H SKOOL JAN DE KLERK"}, {"id": 38721, "text": "L950710535 HARMONIE PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38720, "text": "L950710501 DOORN KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38719, "text": "L950710469 AMARI-SKOOL"}, {"id": 38718, "text": "L950710311 WONDERLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38717, "text": "L950709479 MATATIELE PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38716, "text": "L950709073 SMIT"}, {"id": 38715, "text": "L950707804 LID SALT AND PARTNERS CC"}, {"id": 38714, "text": "L950707408 GET-ME-READY PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38713, "text": "L950706731 ASHLEY SCHOOL AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 38712, "text": "L950705568 HOERSKOOL MCLACHLAN"}, {"id": 38711, "text": "L950705535 GREY HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38710, "text": "L950705519 LAERSKOOL GAMTOOSVALLEI"}, {"id": 38709, "text": "L950704827 LAERSKOOL COURTRAI"}, {"id": 38708, "text": "L950704603 LAERSKOOL HANGKLIP"}, {"id": 38707, "text": "L950703423 LORENE S EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38706, "text": "L950702938 EDUCATION ALIVE"}, {"id": 38705, "text": "L950702714 CENTRE FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38704, "text": "L950701542 H SKOOL HERMANUS"}, {"id": 38703, "text": "L950701070 LAERSKOOL AF LOUW"}, {"id": 38702, "text": "L940793724 BIOLINK BLOEMFONTEIN"}, {"id": 38701, "text": "L940793716 LIONS RUGBY COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38700, "text": "L940793013 LITTLE PENGUIN DAY-CARE"}, {"id": 38699, "text": "L940792882 HODGSON"}, {"id": 38698, "text": "L940792742 PIVOTAL TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 38697, "text": "L940792569 TRINITY FIRE CC"}, {"id": 38696, "text": "L940792510 EMET ACADEMY OF LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38695, "text": "L940791454 INDIGO KULANI A AND SONS AND LUTHENDO JOINT VENTURE"}, {"id": 38694, "text": "L940791124 RITEPATH HR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38693, "text": "L940790225 SWTCHDON"}, {"id": 38692, "text": "L940789037 SHAKTI TRAINING AND EVENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38691, "text": "L940788948 DRIVING SENSE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38690, "text": "L940788633 CLEVAME PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38689, "text": "L940788484 YEEDUTRAIN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38688, "text": "L940785506 MEEK PEOPLE"}, {"id": 38687, "text": "L940784160 EDU TRIO KIDS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38686, "text": "L940784137 DOLPHINATICS SWIMMING ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38685, "text": "L940782776 SUNNINGDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38684, "text": "L940782404 MOEPAGAUTA TRADING ENTERPRISE 130 CC"}, {"id": 38683, "text": "L940781984 JTK MARINE AND GENERAL ENGINEERINGACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38682, "text": "L940781463 RED SEAL TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38681, "text": "L940781059 LIVING THROUGH LEARNING ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38680, "text": "L940780655 REHENNET"}, {"id": 38679, "text": "L940779228 INNER CITY PROPERTY TRUST"}, {"id": 38678, "text": "L940778543 HONIBUNNY CC"}, {"id": 38677, "text": "L940778311 DORO-ELLA"}, {"id": 38676, "text": "L940778121 NEW LIFE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 38675, "text": "L940775531 RASLIN TRADING"}, {"id": 38674, "text": "L940773858 BURGER"}, {"id": 38673, "text": "L940772900 UITENHAGE DESPATCH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38672, "text": "L940772629 SARASWATI EXECUTIVE COACHING INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 38671, "text": "L940772140 DURBAN SOUTH TRAINING CENTRE TRUST"}, {"id": 38670, "text": "L940770433 IRENE SCHOOL OF GARDEN DESIGN"}, {"id": 38669, "text": "L940767272 CONTINUING EDUCATION AT UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA"}, {"id": 38668, "text": "L940763578 IKUSASA LETHU NURSING SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38667, "text": "L940763404 SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38666, "text": "L940762679 LOUISACOR CC"}, {"id": 38665, "text": "L940759568 NEXOR 703"}, {"id": 38664, "text": "L940757513 CLASSROOM ESCAPES CC"}, {"id": 38663, "text": "L940755848 JEZAY INVESTMENTS BK"}, {"id": 38662, "text": "L940755004 MORATEGI CONSTRUCTION SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38661, "text": "L940754965 QHUBEKAZITHEMBE COMMUNITY CHILDDEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 38660, "text": "L940754692 ST JAMES RC SECONDARY SHOOL"}, {"id": 38659, "text": "L940753884 RIO RIDGE 7 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38658, "text": "L940753686 NAIDU"}, {"id": 38657, "text": "L940752308 NURSE NOMVUYELELO NOTUNUNU"}, {"id": 38656, "text": "L940751656 CENTURY DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38655, "text": "L940751359 TOPTOTS MOTHER AND CHILD WORKSHOPSCC"}, {"id": 38654, "text": "L940751144 DIE DRIE BEERTJIES KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38653, "text": "L940750864 KOALA KIDZ BK"}, {"id": 38652, "text": "L940750443 NOKUTULA MPENTSHA"}, {"id": 38651, "text": "L940749619 WHITFIELD"}, {"id": 38650, "text": "L940749577 MASIFUNDISANE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 38649, "text": "L940749361 MANZOLWANBLE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 38648, "text": "L940748652 CUBIN E-MOTION CC"}, {"id": 38647, "text": "L940748157 MARK AND CAROL CC"}, {"id": 38646, "text": "L940747894 FLEXITRADE 130 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38645, "text": "L940747886 WESTERN PROVINCE NETBALL ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38644, "text": "L940747449 PIKKIELAND CRECHE CUM NURSERYSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38643, "text": "L940746383 BIZ AFRIKA 1857"}, {"id": 38642, "text": "L940744776 FUNANANI CRECH"}, {"id": 38641, "text": "L940743554 LINDCHRIS CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 38640, "text": "L940743281 MONTESSORI AFRICA PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38639, "text": "L940742796 ACADEMY FOR CONSTRUCTION SKILLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38638, "text": "L940740188 RINICO COMPUTERKIDS KAAP"}, {"id": 38637, "text": "L940740162 KARABO COMMUNITY PROJECT"}, {"id": 38636, "text": "L940739800 MSUNDUZI FINISHING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38635, "text": "L940739636 KHUMO PLACEMENTS"}, {"id": 38634, "text": "L940739420 DE KLERK"}, {"id": 38633, "text": "L940738893 WIELIE WALIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38632, "text": "L940738133 MADDEAL 2 CC"}, {"id": 38631, "text": "L940737812 SK OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE 1 BK"}, {"id": 38630, "text": "L940737663 RODGER"}, {"id": 38629, "text": "L940737408 AKKERTJIE PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38628, "text": "L940737325 SWART"}, {"id": 38627, "text": "L940736913 TSHITANDANI REFORMED CHURCH"}, {"id": 38626, "text": "L940736731 VAN DEN HEEVER"}, {"id": 38625, "text": "L940735824 REDDAM PROPERTY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38624, "text": "L940735428 VAN AS"}, {"id": 38623, "text": "L940735352 LAERSKOOL UNITASPARK"}, {"id": 38622, "text": "L940735246 DMM SKILLS TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38621, "text": "L940735139 SWANRU BK"}, {"id": 38620, "text": "L940734652 HOERSKOOL DIE FAKKEL"}, {"id": 38619, "text": "L940734637 HOERSKOOL SANDVELD"}, {"id": 38618, "text": "L940734603 LT PLACEMENT AND TRAINING SOLUTIONSCC"}, {"id": 38617, "text": "L940733613 RIVERLEA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38616, "text": "L940733100 APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION"}, {"id": 38615, "text": "L940733001 JOEBIDEL NURSERY SCHOOL AFTERCARECENTRE CC"}, {"id": 38614, "text": "L940732946 DAGBREEK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38613, "text": "L940732789 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL KIMBERLEY"}, {"id": 38612, "text": "L940732656 Willow Ridge Private school"}, {"id": 38611, "text": "L940732490 BAYSIDE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38610, "text": "L940732433 NIGEL CVO SKOOL"}, {"id": 38609, "text": "L940732250 ENTERTAINMENT CATERING COMMERCIAL AND ALLIED WORKERS UNION OF SA"}, {"id": 38608, "text": "L940731781 FENTON"}, {"id": 38607, "text": "L940731716 SEKHUKHUNE FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38606, "text": "L940731369 BRAMLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL."}, {"id": 38605, "text": "L940731153 MOLOPE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38604, "text": "L940730700 BLOX OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE"}, {"id": 38603, "text": "L940730601 SATORI NASKOOLSENTRUM LAERSKOOL LA HOFF"}, {"id": 38602, "text": "L940729850 EEN-STOP KINDERSENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 38601, "text": "L940729801 MAKWETLA CATHRALL ASSOC"}, {"id": 38600, "text": "L940728613 MAGDA EN RINA KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 38599, "text": "L940728514 NASIONALE PARTY CENTURION"}, {"id": 38598, "text": "L940728407 KITSO TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38597, "text": "L940727979 CHAMPION SECURIY TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 38596, "text": "L940727425 COMPUTER FOR STUDENTS CC"}, {"id": 38595, "text": "L940727029 GEMINI NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38594, "text": "L940726682 DITSELA WORKERS EDUCATION INSTITUTION"}, {"id": 38593, "text": "L940726575 DOMINO SERVITE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38592, "text": "L940726419 LOVEDALE PRESS"}, {"id": 38591, "text": "L940725460 SANDRIVIER PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38590, "text": "L940725189 WELLS"}, {"id": 38589, "text": "L940725072 AC INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ACADEMYCC"}, {"id": 38588, "text": "L940724141 RUSTENBURG COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCENTRE"}, {"id": 38587, "text": "L940722947 THE WARLDORF ROSMARY HILL"}, {"id": 38586, "text": "L940722939 THE WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA RF NPC"}, {"id": 38585, "text": "L940722731 Gengan Thulukanam (Megan)"}, {"id": 38584, "text": "L940720958 NATIONAL COALITION FOR GAY "}, {"id": 38583, "text": "L940720388 LYNKEN TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38582, "text": "L940720222 LEBOWA ENVIROMENTAL AWARE-"}, {"id": 38581, "text": "L940719406 GLENANDA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38580, "text": "L940718390 COLLEGE OF ENRICHMENT"}, {"id": 38579, "text": "L940715651 BENONI ACADEMY OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 38578, "text": "L940715180 BOIKAGO ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38577, "text": "L940715057 NTATAISE LOWVELD"}, {"id": 38576, "text": "L940714985 KLEUTERVRIEND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38575, "text": "L940714126 SIEMBAMBA SAVF KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38574, "text": "L940714092 L S PLATRAND"}, {"id": 38573, "text": "L940713920 LAERSKOOL SUNDRA"}, {"id": 38572, "text": "L940713532 WHITESTR KLEUTERSKOOL BPK"}, {"id": 38571, "text": "L940713466 VERTEENWOORDIGENDE STUDENTE RAAD PTA ONDERWYSKOLLEGE"}, {"id": 38570, "text": "L940711387 LAERSKOOL MESSINA"}, {"id": 38569, "text": "L940710520 IMATU WELKOM TAK"}, {"id": 38568, "text": "L940709977 THE HEADSTART EDUCATIONAL"}, {"id": 38567, "text": "L940709266 HOERSKOOL DUNDEE"}, {"id": 38566, "text": "L940708920 UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND"}, {"id": 38565, "text": "L940708763 STEPPING STONES PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38564, "text": "L940705850 LAERSKOOL SETLAARSPARK"}, {"id": 38563, "text": "L940705728 NEWTON PARK PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38562, "text": "L940705439 DAMELIN MANAGEMENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38561, "text": "L940705397 CLARENDON PARK PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38560, "text": "L940705264 A B C PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38559, "text": "L940705058 HOERSKOOL PRIESKA"}, {"id": 38558, "text": "L940704721 STEPPING STONES PVT PRE-"}, {"id": 38557, "text": "L940704606 LAERSKOOL VOORPOS"}, {"id": 38556, "text": "L940704549 HUIS VAN DER HORST"}, {"id": 38555, "text": "L940704440 CLARENDON PREPARATARY"}, {"id": 38554, "text": "L940704044 ST AGNESS PRIMARY CONVENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38553, "text": "L940703848 Wendy P Jacobs"}, {"id": 38552, "text": "L940703772 PRIMARY OPEN LEARNING PATHWAY"}, {"id": 38551, "text": "L940702774 CLOTHING INDUSTRY TRAINING"}, {"id": 38550, "text": "L940702550 ROM"}, {"id": 38549, "text": "L940702188 LAERSKOOL TOTIUS NASORG-"}, {"id": 38548, "text": "L940701842 NOAHS ARK EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38547, "text": "L940701685 LEXI CONSANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 38546, "text": "L940701636 Louise Du Toit"}, {"id": 38545, "text": "L940701305 COMMITTEE OF COLLEGE OF EDUCATION RECTORS OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 38544, "text": "L940701123 BAVUMELENI EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38543, "text": "L940701057 ALTA DU TOIT NASORG"}, {"id": 38542, "text": "L930794690 ARK TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38541, "text": "L930794351 KGOSELO ACADEMY"}, {"id": 38540, "text": "L930793825 STUDY BEAUTY ONLINE"}, {"id": 38539, "text": "L930793783 ADULT PROGRAMME FOR PEOPLE WITH AUTISM"}, {"id": 38538, "text": "L930793536 YOUNG AMBASSADORS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38537, "text": "L930792231 PROVERSITY ORG INCORPORATED IN UNITED KINGDOM "}, {"id": 38536, "text": "L930791639 NEASA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38535, "text": "L930791621 JOHAN CARINUS ART CENTRE"}, {"id": 38534, "text": "L930791217 ADVISORY ON BUSINESS AND SUSTAINABILITY AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38533, "text": "L930790581 WATER BABY PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38532, "text": "L930788981 K2014046923 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 38531, "text": "L930788007 FARANANG BUSINESS AND TRAINING SOLUTION S"}, {"id": 38530, "text": "L930787694 ATLEHANG BASADI BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION"}, {"id": 38529, "text": "L930786969 TOMORROW S PEOPLE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38528, "text": "L930786902 MAHOMED"}, {"id": 38527, "text": "L930786878 MIDLAND PRIMARY AND HIGH SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38526, "text": "L930785706 SOUTHERN AFRICAN SOCIAL POLICY RESEARCH INSTITUTE NPC"}, {"id": 38525, "text": "L930785656 EDUCATIONAL LEARNING COMPETENCIES"}, {"id": 38524, "text": "L930782919 FURTHER EDUCATION TRADE TRAINING"}, {"id": 38523, "text": "L930782596 KIDDIEKAT TRADING 12 CC"}, {"id": 38522, "text": "L930780590 MATHENATIX"}, {"id": 38521, "text": "L930779766 TARGAGENIX"}, {"id": 38520, "text": "L930779303 JW SAINTS TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38519, "text": "L930778057 ANC PROVINCE OF THE EASTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 38518, "text": "L930776044 EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TRADING 439PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38517, "text": "L930773231 SAVETCON PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38516, "text": "L930771912 HOUSE MAID 2 RENT CC"}, {"id": 38515, "text": "L930769320 GLOBALLY FOCUSED EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 38514, "text": "L930768363 DU PREEZ FIFE BAKARDIEN ARENDSEPHYSIOTHERAPISTS INCORPORATED"}, {"id": 38513, "text": "L930766011 ZERANZA 229 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38512, "text": "L930763851 C21 PRIVATE SCHOOL ASINCS21 "}, {"id": 38511, "text": "L930763653 POULTRY SKILLS FOR AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 38510, "text": "L930761848 THE CAREER FIRM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38509, "text": "L930759933 SILVER SOLUTIONS 1426 CC"}, {"id": 38508, "text": "L930759867 AFRIWORLD 174 CC"}, {"id": 38507, "text": "L930759727 CALANDRA TRADING 523"}, {"id": 38506, "text": "L930759560 MARION PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38505, "text": "L930759370 MASIQHAME TRADING 65 CC"}, {"id": 38504, "text": "L930759230 SALLY SKITTLES PRE - SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38503, "text": "L930758604 MEGRO LEARNIG EASTERN CAPE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38502, "text": "L930758547 LEGADIMANE NTWENG BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 38501, "text": "L930756772 THUBEZIHLE TRAINING INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 38500, "text": "L930756517 INTERGRATED BUSINESS EDUCATION AND TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38499, "text": "L930756459 HESS"}, {"id": 38498, "text": "L930755865 SANDVOETJIES KLEUTER EN BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 38497, "text": "L930755535 NKAOTA TRADING CC"}, {"id": 38496, "text": "L930754355 MAHLATI MAKOTE BRINK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38495, "text": "L930753415 LLOYD S INSTITUTE OF LAW CC"}, {"id": 38494, "text": "L930752615 VAN STADEN"}, {"id": 38493, "text": "L930752425 VAN WYK"}, {"id": 38492, "text": "L930751690 ADVANCED IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38491, "text": "L930751625 NOKAYA IRENE MAZIWE MFECANE"}, {"id": 38490, "text": "L930750320 OPERATION UPGRADE"}, {"id": 38489, "text": "L930750148 LEHLALERWA CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 38488, "text": "L930748977 HOERSKOOL SYBRAND VAN NIEKERKKOSHUIS"}, {"id": 38487, "text": "L930747698 NAPIERIAN GIS TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38486, "text": "L930747615 FUNQUKANI ZENZELE LEARNING JOINT VENTURE"}, {"id": 38485, "text": "L930747482 IZWILBANTU LITERACY AND YOUTH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38484, "text": "L930746708 LAERSKOOL PROSPERITAS"}, {"id": 38483, "text": "L930745130 AFRICA SELF-DEFENSE ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38482, "text": "L930744505 JEPTHAS"}, {"id": 38481, "text": "L930744463 LAERSKOOL BOSVELD"}, {"id": 38480, "text": "L930744166 SHAMMAH COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38479, "text": "L930743978 MYKATRADE 75"}, {"id": 38478, "text": "L930742046 COETZEE"}, {"id": 38477, "text": "L930741550 HEIDI EN PETER KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38476, "text": "L930741238 ZILDA COELHO S NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38475, "text": "L930740354 OVERPORT SRS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38474, "text": "L930740289 FOUCH"}, {"id": 38473, "text": "L930740222 OPEN DEMOCRACY ADVICE CENTRE ODAC "}, {"id": 38472, "text": "L930740172 EZAKHENI TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38471, "text": "L930739349 WESTHAM SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38470, "text": "L930739273 MARBURG SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38469, "text": "L930738994 EDUCATION AND TRAINING SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 38468, "text": "L930737715 EDEN PREP DURBAN CC"}, {"id": 38467, "text": "L930737186 BESTUURSLIGGAAM ZEBEDIELA LAERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38466, "text": "L930736378 LA LUCIA JUNIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38465, "text": "L930736220 FOREST HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38464, "text": "L930736204 BUSINESS PRESENTATION GROUP PE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38463, "text": "L930736139 CENTRE OF BIODANZA SA CC"}, {"id": 38462, "text": "L930735545 LAERSKOOL GENERAAL BEYERS"}, {"id": 38461, "text": "L930735503 C-WESI COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38460, "text": "L930735297 ATHLONE NORTH PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38459, "text": "L930734647 OPCRAM EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS BK"}, {"id": 38458, "text": "L930734217 BERNBROOKE INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38457, "text": "L930734134 CVO SKOOL"}, {"id": 38456, "text": "L930733714 YOUNGLESON"}, {"id": 38455, "text": "L930733177 MITCHELLS PLAIN ISLAMIC HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38454, "text": "L930733144 COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 38453, "text": "L930732468 NEW HORIZON PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38452, "text": "L930732369 CENTRE FOR CONSCIOUS CHANGE CC"}, {"id": 38451, "text": "L930731924 DYNAMIC TRAINING SOLUTIONS-UNITRADE1007 CC"}, {"id": 38450, "text": "L930731767 EHLERS ASSOCIATES MANAGEMENT SER-VICES CC"}, {"id": 38449, "text": "L930731007 DE WAAL"}, {"id": 38448, "text": "L930730868 SUPERBIKE SCHOOLS SAFARICS CC"}, {"id": 38447, "text": "L930730371 BATAVIA SKOOL"}, {"id": 38446, "text": "L930730249 LISOF PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38445, "text": "L930730231 LIBWIN LIBRARY SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 38444, "text": "L930729530 LANGENHOVEN GIMNASIUM"}, {"id": 38443, "text": "L930729522 JEAN VAN ONSELEN TRUST"}, {"id": 38442, "text": "L930728490 WESTONARIA KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38441, "text": "L930727971 INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38440, "text": "L930727419 QACE COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATIONSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38439, "text": "L930727146 LOCAL GOVERNMENT WATER AND RELATED SERVICES SETA"}, {"id": 38438, "text": "L930726700 TEMORA COMPUTER BUSINESS COLLEGE ESTCOURT CC"}, {"id": 38437, "text": "L930725785 TEMBISA SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38436, "text": "L930725322 HOERSKOOL D F MALAN"}, {"id": 38435, "text": "L930725058 KOERTZEN"}, {"id": 38434, "text": "L930724671 SA TRAINING SERVICES GAUTENG "}, {"id": 38433, "text": "L930724275 THE PARAFFIN SAFETY ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA"}, {"id": 38432, "text": "L930724184 MANDINI ACADEMY"}, {"id": 38431, "text": "L930723780 MSC TRAINING CENTRE NEWCASTLE BK"}, {"id": 38430, "text": "L930723509 LAERSKOOL ROODEBEECK"}, {"id": 38429, "text": "L930721875 ST DAVIDS MARIST COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38428, "text": "L930721719 ROBIN HILLS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38427, "text": "L930721180 CITY AND GUILDS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED INCORPORATED IN THE UNITED KING"}, {"id": 38426, "text": "L930720877 NATIONAL AIDS TRAINING "}, {"id": 38425, "text": "L930719739 INSTITUTE FOR CONTEXTUAL"}, {"id": 38424, "text": "L930719705 BORIS HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38423, "text": "L930717840 BERARIO NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38422, "text": "L930717006 NED HERV KERK VAN AFRIKA"}, {"id": 38421, "text": "L930715802 PRO-EDU ACCREDITED TRAINING INTER- NATIONAL CC"}, {"id": 38420, "text": "L930714722 LAERSKOOL MIDDELBURG"}, {"id": 38419, "text": "L930714425 OLIVER LODGE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38418, "text": "L930713211 SONSKYN KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38417, "text": "L930713153 SKOOL VIR SEREBRAAL GESTREMDE"}, {"id": 38416, "text": "L930712593 LASPOSSIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38415, "text": "L930712528 LAERSKOOL KAMEELFONTEIN"}, {"id": 38414, "text": "L930711884 CAPITAL TUTORIAL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38413, "text": "L930711751 BLANKE BOUWERKERSVAKBOND"}, {"id": 38412, "text": "L930711603 VREDERUST PRIMARY CHURCH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38411, "text": "L930711181 YOUTH FOR CHRIST TRAINING"}, {"id": 38410, "text": "L930710704 LAERSKOOL COLIGNY"}, {"id": 38409, "text": "L930710134 IKEMELENG EDUCARE TRUST"}, {"id": 38408, "text": "L930709631 RIDGE GOVERNING BODY"}, {"id": 38407, "text": "L930709276 DUMBE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38406, "text": "L930708369 PRIMERE SKOOL VELDENVLEI"}, {"id": 38405, "text": "L930708161 NOAHS ARK PRE-SCHOOL AND DAYCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38404, "text": "L930708021 WESTRA"}, {"id": 38403, "text": "L930707437 GLENWOOD OLD BOYS CLUB"}, {"id": 38402, "text": "L930707387 FORESTDENE CRECHE"}, {"id": 38401, "text": "L930707288 ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 38400, "text": "L930706892 BRETTONWOOD HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38399, "text": "L930706512 OAKHILL SCHOOL ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38398, "text": "L930705969 VICTORIA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38397, "text": "L930704855 LAERSKOOL HUGO RUST"}, {"id": 38396, "text": "L930704111 FALSE BAY TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38395, "text": "L930702958 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING GROUP TRUST"}, {"id": 38394, "text": "L930702321 WES-KAAPLANDSE JEUGTRUST"}, {"id": 38393, "text": "L930701380 DURBANVILLE VOORBEREIDING-"}, {"id": 38392, "text": "L930701109 LAERSKOOL ARISTEA"}, {"id": 38391, "text": "L920794734 WHITEHOUSE GOODSELL PROPERTIES"}, {"id": 38390, "text": "L920794650 AFRICAN LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE IN SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 38389, "text": "L920793710 KLEIN KLIPPIE KLEUTERSKOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38388, "text": "L920793611 AFRICAN MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38387, "text": "L920791771 KHONGOLOTI TRADING AND ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38386, "text": "L920791276 ULEARN TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38385, "text": "L920790823 MICROLEK CC"}, {"id": 38384, "text": "L920788637 CHELMESFORD IND SCHOOLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38383, "text": "L920788025 FORWARD FUND TRUST"}, {"id": 38382, "text": "L920785369 CAMBLISH TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38381, "text": "L920783380 MEDIA WORKS INTERACTIVE TUTOR KZN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38380, "text": "L920779255 HOLY CROSS SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 38379, "text": "L920777150 ONDISO4SCIENCE CC"}, {"id": 38378, "text": "L920776400 KWA-ZULU NATAL TOOLING INITIATIVE NPC"}, {"id": 38377, "text": "L920774983 DELEN DIGITAL SOLUTIONS AND TOURS"}, {"id": 38376, "text": "L920773621 VALOTHRON 11 CC"}, {"id": 38375, "text": "L920773191 TANKISO CONSULTANCY AND LEGAL ADVISE"}, {"id": 38374, "text": "L920772235 EXPERIENCE BASED TRAINING ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 38373, "text": "L920772102 BEVERLEY RIEMER AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 38372, "text": "L920764521 ST PAUL S COLLEGE EAST LONDON PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38371, "text": "L920761907 KLEIN PHISANTEKRAAL PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38370, "text": "L920759232 WESTERN HORSECRAFT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38369, "text": "L920758572 BALOO S NECESSITIES CHILD CARE CC"}, {"id": 38368, "text": "L920757442 DESKTOP OFFICE TERTIERY TRAININGCC"}, {"id": 38367, "text": "L920757400 SHUMA COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 38366, "text": "L920756931 SCOTTSVILLE LEARNER SUPPORT CENTRECC"}, {"id": 38365, "text": "L920756170 BATES"}, {"id": 38364, "text": "L920756113 PRO-ACTIVE STRATEGIC MARKETING EVENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38363, "text": "L920754563 UHPUMLISO TRAINING SERVICE"}, {"id": 38362, "text": "L920753714 AMOKORO TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38361, "text": "L920753490 DIPELANENG SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 38360, "text": "L920752906 NALEDI INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38359, "text": "L920751825 VUYANI PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38358, "text": "L920750959 MATHAMBEKA"}, {"id": 38357, "text": "L920750256 SHWALAKHE"}, {"id": 38356, "text": "L920749878 GREENLANDS PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38355, "text": "L920748599 HORSKOOL DIE WILGE"}, {"id": 38354, "text": "L920747393 KLEIN KAROO VAARDIGHEIDSKOOL"}, {"id": 38353, "text": "L920747039 STIMULUS MAXIMA LICHTENBURG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38352, "text": "L920747021 SIYAVANA LANGUAGE CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 38351, "text": "L920746569 IZAQHEQHE CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 38350, "text": "L920746148 Ortloffs Kindergarten Preparatory School"}, {"id": 38349, "text": "L920746056 TWOLINE TRADING 448 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38348, "text": "L920745801 ELIZABETHFONTEIN MORAWIESE PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38347, "text": "L920744838 SOUTHERN AD ANCED FLIGHT TRAINING ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38346, "text": "L920744770 HLUVUKANI JEROME DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38345, "text": "L920744028 HTS EDUCATION TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PRACTITIONERS CC"}, {"id": 38344, "text": "L920743905 WILTSHIRE"}, {"id": 38343, "text": "L920743426 ORRELPYPIES DAGSORGSENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 38342, "text": "L920741735 LAERSKOOL CRADOCK"}, {"id": 38341, "text": "L920740232 GEO AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 38340, "text": "L920739994 RAISETHORPE MADRESSA ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38339, "text": "L920739978 LOUW"}, {"id": 38338, "text": "L920739176 UNITED DEMOCRATIC PARTY W CAPE "}, {"id": 38337, "text": "L920738947 RESERVOIR HILLS SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38336, "text": "L920738475 LAERSKOOL DANVILLE"}, {"id": 38335, "text": "L920738103 PROPERTY FACTOR PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38334, "text": "L920738087 LAERSKOOL WITFIELD"}, {"id": 38333, "text": "L920736941 AHMED TIMOL SECONDARY"}, {"id": 38332, "text": "L920736834 COLANTONI"}, {"id": 38331, "text": "L920736024 SINGAKWENZA TEACHER EMPOWERMENTPROJECT"}, {"id": 38330, "text": "L920735125 LEBOWAKGOMO CHURCH OF THE NAZAREEN"}, {"id": 38329, "text": "L920734359 RHEIKER SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 38328, "text": "L920734060 GREENWOOD SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 38327, "text": "L920733906 ST ELIZABETH DAY NURSERY"}, {"id": 38326, "text": "L920733716 VANGON ASSOCIATES CAPE CC"}, {"id": 38325, "text": "L920733674 GEORGE COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38324, "text": "L920732874 SKILL MILL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38323, "text": "L920731496 CAREN"}, {"id": 38322, "text": "L920731165 LAERSKOOL PHILADELPHIA"}, {"id": 38321, "text": "L920731041 EE COMMUNITY CHARCOAL CC"}, {"id": 38320, "text": "L920730613 UNLIMITED BUSINESS UPLIFTMENTTHROUGH NATIONAL TRADING UNITS"}, {"id": 38319, "text": "L920730563 GREENSIDE DESIGN CENTER COLLEGE OFDESIGN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38318, "text": "L920730076 LAERSKOOL EMFULENIPARK"}, {"id": 38317, "text": "L920729714 W. C.J. DAY CARE CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 38316, "text": "L920729565 BENONI CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38315, "text": "L920729391 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 38314, "text": "L920728237 SAPTU UNISA "}, {"id": 38313, "text": "L920727908 DURBUSCOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38312, "text": "L920727882 PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL ERICA"}, {"id": 38311, "text": "L920726868 VAN DEN BERGHHOERSKOOL DR MALAN"}, {"id": 38310, "text": "L920726587 RUENS KOLLEGE VIR CHRISTELIKE ONDERWYS NPC"}, {"id": 38309, "text": "L920725779 PRODUCT EDUCATION PROMATION POBOX3913 HONEYDENJOHANNESBURG"}, {"id": 38308, "text": "L920725282 PRIVAATSKOOL OOS RAND"}, {"id": 38307, "text": "L920725043 MIET AFRICA"}, {"id": 38306, "text": "L920724756 SBS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38305, "text": "L920724434 MALHERBES ONDERNEMINGS BK"}, {"id": 38304, "text": "L920723998 OOSTHUIZEN"}, {"id": 38303, "text": "L920723956 SOPER"}, {"id": 38302, "text": "L920723444 THE GATEWAY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38301, "text": "L920722453 TRADE UNION"}, {"id": 38300, "text": "L920722271 STUDENTS CHRISTIAN ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 38299, "text": "L920721513 RIVIERA NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38298, "text": "L920721125 MICAWBER 462 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38297, "text": "L920720846 M T FOCUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38296, "text": "L920720192 LAERSKOOL HALFWAY HOUSE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38295, "text": "L920718071 Denise Krizek"}, {"id": 38294, "text": "L920716802 LAERSKOOL JEUGPARK"}, {"id": 38293, "text": "L920716497 CONGREGATION OF OAKFORD"}, {"id": 38292, "text": "L920714807 STEELCREST HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38291, "text": "L920714575 KLEUTERSKOOL VROLIKE VINKIES"}, {"id": 38290, "text": "L920714559 VAAL CAREER COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38289, "text": "L920714377 MEYERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38288, "text": "L920714302 GET SET EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 38287, "text": "L920714039 HIGHVELD RIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38286, "text": "L920713957 STANDERTON COMPUTER SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 38285, "text": "L920713924 SELCOURT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38284, "text": "L920712587 LITTLE VILLAGE CHRISTIAN"}, {"id": 38283, "text": "L920712538 THE LYTTELTON MANOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38282, "text": "L920712397 ERASMUS"}, {"id": 38281, "text": "L920712389 INTERSEKT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38280, "text": "L920712058 THE SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 38279, "text": "L920711977 CANON EDUCATIONAL CONCEPTS"}, {"id": 38278, "text": "L920711845 BLOMMELAND KLEUTERSKOOL "}, {"id": 38277, "text": "L920709088 GROSSI"}, {"id": 38276, "text": "L920707082 CLIVIA NURSERIES"}, {"id": 38275, "text": "L920706423 HOERSKOOL WITTEDRIFT"}, {"id": 38274, "text": "L920705045 HEBREW PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38273, "text": "L920704899 OUR LITTLE PEOPLE NO 3129"}, {"id": 38272, "text": "L920704691 QUEENS COLLEGE GENERAL"}, {"id": 38271, "text": "L920704022 ASSOCIATION FOR EDUCATIONAL TRANSFORMATION ASSET "}, {"id": 38270, "text": "L920703511 THE MEDIA TRAINING AND"}, {"id": 38269, "text": "L920703297 BAKER"}, {"id": 38268, "text": "L920702547 BLOUBERG RIDGE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38267, "text": "L920702109 SPEELLAND PLAYLAND PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38266, "text": "L920701200 BEEHIVE MONTESSORI PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38265, "text": "L910793621 PAPANYANA DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 38264, "text": "L910793357 NQALA"}, {"id": 38263, "text": "L910793167 SHARON RAE ACADEMY OF BEAUTY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38262, "text": "L910793100 UMQONDO CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 38261, "text": "L910791195 SMARTMED"}, {"id": 38260, "text": "L910789751 BEREAPARK INDEPENDENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38259, "text": "L910789199 IMBOKODO INNOVATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38258, "text": "L910788043 EDGE CAREER TRAINING"}, {"id": 38257, "text": "L910787128 UBIQUITY OPEN ACADEMY HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 38256, "text": "L910787029 THE BAIN ACADEMY TRUST"}, {"id": 38255, "text": "L910786781 SCULLY SCOOTERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38254, "text": "L910786591 VILJOEN"}, {"id": 38253, "text": "L910786120 LETS GO DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38252, "text": "L910785676 TSHEGA CHRISTIAN MISSION"}, {"id": 38251, "text": "L910781949 TRUE RUBY TRADING 1021 CC"}, {"id": 38250, "text": "L910781782 VALOUR INSURANCE BROKERS CC"}, {"id": 38249, "text": "L910781568 MOZART AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 38248, "text": "L910780644 ALCARI LEARNING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38247, "text": "L910780487 COHEN"}, {"id": 38246, "text": "L910779786 THASULULO FET COLLGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38245, "text": "L910779455 LITTLE MOUSE PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38244, "text": "L910776972 NIEDINGER"}, {"id": 38243, "text": "L910776097 TALENT GROW PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38242, "text": "L910771643 CAREER PLANET CAREER DISCOVERY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38241, "text": "L910770603 QUARTZ TRAINING SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 38240, "text": "L910770405 THE INSTITUTE OF DREAM BUILDERS"}, {"id": 38239, "text": "L910770132 KHA RI GUDE MASS LITERACY CAMPAIGN"}, {"id": 38238, "text": "L910768359 WONDERLAND NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38237, "text": "L910765470 IKAHENG TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38236, "text": "L910764549 MACT S BUSINESS HUB CC"}, {"id": 38235, "text": "L910764465 EF LANGUAGE SCHOOLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38234, "text": "L910763384 EBENEZER CHRISTIAN FAMILY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38233, "text": "L910762568 GEMVEST 108 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38232, "text": "L910761057 MICKEY MATHS MAGIC CC"}, {"id": 38231, "text": "L910759689 LITTLE SWIFT INVESTMENTS 368 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38230, "text": "L910758756 COMMUNITY YOUTH DEVELOPMENTINITIATIVE TRUST"}, {"id": 38229, "text": "L910758525 HONEYBEE NURSERY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38228, "text": "L910757501 LMPC BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 38227, "text": "L910757048 VAN HEERDEN"}, {"id": 38226, "text": "L910756768 VRYHEID MOSQUE MADRESSATRUST"}, {"id": 38225, "text": "L910756362 WA FERRIS COMBINED"}, {"id": 38224, "text": "L910755505 SOUTH AFRICAN PRIVATE SECURITY WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 38223, "text": "L910755281 T M AFRIKA KOPANANG BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 38222, "text": "L910754607 FORWORD"}, {"id": 38221, "text": "L910754102 SKILLS 2 GO CC"}, {"id": 38220, "text": "L910752825 VALMANDA TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38219, "text": "L910752619 PRIMEDIA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 38218, "text": "L910751827 VF BOSMAN"}, {"id": 38217, "text": "L910751223 HIS PEOPLE CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONALINSTITUTE"}, {"id": 38216, "text": "L910750811 TENJISWA MALASHE"}, {"id": 38215, "text": "L910750548 STEENBERG HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38214, "text": "L910750449 ABC EMERGENCY TRAINING AND IT CC"}, {"id": 38213, "text": "L910750142 COMMUNITY RESPONSIVENESS PROGRAMMES"}, {"id": 38212, "text": "L910748807 PGH INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES TRAININGSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38211, "text": "L910747171 CLOTHING, TEXTILES,FOOTWEAR, AND LEATHER SETA"}, {"id": 38210, "text": "L910747049 NAICKER"}, {"id": 38209, "text": "L910746371 WIHNON 19 CC"}, {"id": 38208, "text": "L910746314 SID G RULE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38207, "text": "L910746124 ZETHEMBE TRAINING CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 38206, "text": "L910745845 VERULAM EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38205, "text": "L910745563 WILLIAMSON"}, {"id": 38204, "text": "L910745399 RAMOLELEKWA PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38203, "text": "L910745308 HOGGY S DAY CARE CC"}, {"id": 38202, "text": "L910745175 MEDITRAX ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38201, "text": "L910745076 MBHELE"}, {"id": 38200, "text": "L910745027 LIFE CHALLENGE AFRICA"}, {"id": 38199, "text": "L910742743 QUALITY LEARNING ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38198, "text": "L910742610 NED OMAN HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38197, "text": "L910742446 DEZZO TRADING 64 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38196, "text": "L910742032 BUSINESS TODAY SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38195, "text": "L910741588 DTW SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 38194, "text": "L910741224 SEEMEEUPARK PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38193, "text": "L910741067 FEEL THE RHYTHM DANCE STUDIOS CC"}, {"id": 38192, "text": "L910740598 HOER LANDBOUSKOOL NOORD-KAAPLAND"}, {"id": 38191, "text": "L910740432 LEA BRASH AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 38190, "text": "L910740085 ST PATRICKS INTERNATIONAL FORMATION"}, {"id": 38189, "text": "L910739889 SECUDAC RESEACH DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38188, "text": "L910739525 JOZINI PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38187, "text": "L910738923 OOM PAULSKOOL"}, {"id": 38186, "text": "L910738410 ROBIN BANKS AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 38185, "text": "L910738295 FRASERBURG CVO SKOOL VEREENIGING"}, {"id": 38184, "text": "L910737784 FISHER"}, {"id": 38183, "text": "L910737099 LAERSKOOL DENNEOORD"}, {"id": 38182, "text": "L910737073 KHARINA SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38181, "text": "L910736158 ENTERPRISE SOUTH AFRICA TSHWANE "}, {"id": 38180, "text": "L910735887 EDUCATION AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 38179, "text": "L910735747 HUMPTY DUMPTY CRECHE AND NURSERY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38178, "text": "L910734815 DELTA FOUNDATION - OUTCOMES BASED EDUCATION"}, {"id": 38177, "text": "L910734104 NONGOMA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38176, "text": "L910733833 JOHN RAMSAY ADULT LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38175, "text": "L910733726 SONGLEN COMMUNITY TRUST"}, {"id": 38174, "text": "L910733536 FAKKELSKOOL KOSHUIS"}, {"id": 38173, "text": "L910733189 ELANDSRAND PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38172, "text": "L910732504 SHALOM PRIVAATSKOOL"}, {"id": 38171, "text": "L910731886 DE LANGE"}, {"id": 38170, "text": "L910731258 MEADOWRIDGE PRE-PRIMAERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38169, "text": "L910730896 IKAMVA ADULT LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38168, "text": "L910730144 T W SMITH AND CO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38167, "text": "L910729989 AL-AZHAR INSTITUTE OF PAARL"}, {"id": 38166, "text": "L910728940 JENKINS"}, {"id": 38165, "text": "L910728114 LISTENERS LYBRARY JHB EAST "}, {"id": 38164, "text": "L910727793 LE CHIC CC"}, {"id": 38163, "text": "L910727124 MALAMULELE APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION"}, {"id": 38162, "text": "L910726415 Disiree Hunter"}, {"id": 38161, "text": "L910726373 NET-KIDZ PRE PRIMER EN KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 38160, "text": "L910726183 LAERSKOOL KRIELPARK"}, {"id": 38159, "text": "L910726118 KZN BUSINESS TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 38158, "text": "L910725995 KHANYISA EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 38157, "text": "L910725920 KNOWLEDGE NETWORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38156, "text": "L910724535 FAITH-WAY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38155, "text": "L910724089 HOERSKOOL HARRISMITH"}, {"id": 38154, "text": "L910723958 BLOEMFONTEIN MODE AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 38153, "text": "L910723859 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL TOM NAUDE"}, {"id": 38152, "text": "L910723735 BREYTENBACH"}, {"id": 38151, "text": "L910722729 UNION OF DEMOCRATIC UNIVER-"}, {"id": 38150, "text": "L910722455 THERLE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38149, "text": "L910721044 OMEGA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 38148, "text": "L910720301 LIEFLAND PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38147, "text": "L910720160 LAND AGRICULTURE POLICY"}, {"id": 38146, "text": "L910719733 INTERNAT METALWORKERS FEDE-"}, {"id": 38145, "text": "L910719469 THE WOMENS LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 38144, "text": "L910718016 BRYANDALE PRE-PRIMARY TRUST"}, {"id": 38143, "text": "L910717588 ANNES LITTLE PEOPLES NURSERY"}, {"id": 38142, "text": "L910717349 TOM JERRY NASKOOL"}, {"id": 38141, "text": "L910716812 H SKOOL JEUGLAND"}, {"id": 38140, "text": "L910716770 INSTITUTE EMERGENCY FIRST AIDERS CC"}, {"id": 38139, "text": "L910716523 DAWNVIEW HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38138, "text": "L910716341 BENNIE BOEKWURM OPVOEDKUNDIGE SENTRUM ALBERTON CC"}, {"id": 38137, "text": "L910716291 ALBERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38136, "text": "L910716283 AIRLINE PILOT S ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38135, "text": "L910714171 ARBORETUM NURSERY"}, {"id": 38134, "text": "L910713728 SELLY PARK CONVENT"}, {"id": 38133, "text": "L910712860 PRETORIA MUSLIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38132, "text": "L910712803 NORTHRIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38131, "text": "L910712332 HATFIELD SCHOOL AFTER CARE"}, {"id": 38130, "text": "L910711599 BEN VORSTER H SKOOL"}, {"id": 38129, "text": "L910709205 CALDENE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38128, "text": "L910709015 WESTVILLE BOYS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38127, "text": "L910708165 NORTHLANDS GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38126, "text": "L910707548 HILLCREST PRIMARY SCHOOL COMM"}, {"id": 38125, "text": "L910705963 COTSWOLD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38124, "text": "L910705104 LAERSKOOL GROBLERSHOOP"}, {"id": 38123, "text": "L910703380 LANDORF NURSERY"}, {"id": 38122, "text": "L910702416 ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DU CAPETOWN"}, {"id": 38121, "text": "L910702390 ADVOCATES GROUP 1"}, {"id": 38120, "text": "L910702259 H SKOOL VANRHYNSDORP"}, {"id": 38119, "text": "L910701822 NAMAKWALANDSE ASSOSIASIE VIR VOORSKOOLSE ONDERWYS"}, {"id": 38118, "text": "L900793417 ENTROSTAT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38117, "text": "L900791379 COMMERCIAL PROFESSIONAL DRIVER ACADEMY GAUTENG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38116, "text": "L900788284 MP EINSTEIN AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 38115, "text": "L900787526 SKHEVO CONSULTING"}, {"id": 38114, "text": "L900785546 ELKANAH SCHOOL OF CREATIVE LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38113, "text": "L900785538 ARCO-IRIS WORKERS"}, {"id": 38112, "text": "L900784838 MATHS EDUCATION SANDTON CC"}, {"id": 38111, "text": "L900780505 SPARTAN SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED UNDER SECTION 21 "}, {"id": 38110, "text": "L900779929 CRYSTAL LAGOON INVESTMENTS 135 CC"}, {"id": 38109, "text": "L900779721 DESTINATUS PRIVAAT SKOOL EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 38108, "text": "L900778210 BONGANI CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 38107, "text": "L900776842 THE INSURANCE SCHOOL OF AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 38106, "text": "L900774888 KHAHLELA RECRUITMENT CC"}, {"id": 38105, "text": "L900774680 AEROSPACE TRAINING ACADDEMY OF SAPTY LTD"}, {"id": 38104, "text": "L900774391 GUMTRAC TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 38103, "text": "L900772536 SOYISA CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 38102, "text": "L900771637 NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HIGHEREDUCATION"}, {"id": 38101, "text": "L900770803 TLOTLANGTHUTO TRAINING AND CONSULTI"}, {"id": 38100, "text": "L900769201 MM AND CCI LEARNING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38099, "text": "L900769169 SILVER STARS TRADING 198 CC"}, {"id": 38098, "text": "L900767239 SOUTH AFRICAN FLIGHT TRAINING ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 38097, "text": "L900765076 TAKE NOTE TRADING 205 CC"}, {"id": 38096, "text": "L900759483 NATIONAL SOUTH AFRICAN WORKERSWELFARE TRUST"}, {"id": 38095, "text": "L900756364 SANKATANE COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38094, "text": "L900755713 HEIDELBERG MUSLIM JAMAAT"}, {"id": 38093, "text": "L900754831 MOBILE PHOENIX TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38092, "text": "L900752157 TKC DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38091, "text": "L900751829 TIISETSANG PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 38090, "text": "L900751167 PLAY WITH A PURPOSE EDUCATIONALTRUST"}, {"id": 38089, "text": "L900749757 SEOPOSENGOE TRAINING CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 38088, "text": "L900749088 LITTLE EINSTEINS PLAYSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38087, "text": "L900748791 IBIS"}, {"id": 38086, "text": "L900748346 BETSIE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38085, "text": "L900748254 MOSTERT"}, {"id": 38084, "text": "L900748221 KAY-DEE GORDONS EDUCARE"}, {"id": 38083, "text": "L900747587 KMT MULTICULTURAL ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 38082, "text": "L900746647 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN THE HELDERBERG ART 21 SECTION "}, {"id": 38081, "text": "L900745367 EHS PRESTASIE TRUST"}, {"id": 38080, "text": "L900745169 RETROSPECTIVE TRADING 69 CC"}, {"id": 38079, "text": "L900744584 WISE"}, {"id": 38078, "text": "L900743305 DIPPY DUCK DAYCARE ONE CC"}, {"id": 38077, "text": "L900742992 THE LITTLE FARMYARD NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38076, "text": "L900742356 VILLA NOVA HOSTEL"}, {"id": 38075, "text": "L900742141 GRASSY PARK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38074, "text": "L900741499 HANNERIE PRETORIUS OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 38073, "text": "L900740392 DIUTLWILENG"}, {"id": 38072, "text": "L900740368 CLADELTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38071, "text": "L900739089 DOROTHY BLACKLAWS ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 38070, "text": "L900737794 THUTOBOPELO NURSING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38069, "text": "L900737190 ENVIROMALL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38068, "text": "L900737158 FEDERASIE VAN BEHEERLIGGAME VAN S A SKOLE"}, {"id": 38067, "text": "L900736887 MAHANJANA DECEASED "}, {"id": 38066, "text": "L900736630 INSTRAT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38065, "text": "L900736184 SMILEY KIDS WALMER"}, {"id": 38064, "text": "L900736176 THE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY TRUST"}, {"id": 38063, "text": "L900736069 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT NETWORK TRUST"}, {"id": 38062, "text": "L900735640 LOHATLHA MILITARY AREA COMBINED MESS"}, {"id": 38061, "text": "L900735269 HILL"}, {"id": 38060, "text": "L900735095 INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38059, "text": "L900735061 WINDSOR SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38058, "text": "L900733678 PARKDENE ALC"}, {"id": 38057, "text": "L900733637 ACADEMY OF BUSINESS AND COMPUTER STUDIES"}, {"id": 38056, "text": "L900733470 TSHEDZA COMPREHENSIVE PRIMARYSCHOOL"}, {"id": 38055, "text": "L900733215 ROYAL S CHRISTAIN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38054, "text": "L900732175 DRIEFONTEIN ONAFHANKLIKE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38053, "text": "L900731243 ABETCO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38052, "text": "L900730591 EUREKA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38051, "text": "L900730377 SEDIBENG CENTRE FOR ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS"}, {"id": 38050, "text": "L900730062 BATSWANA COMMERCIAL SECONDARYSCHOOL"}, {"id": 38049, "text": "L900729858 MORGAN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES CAPE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38048, "text": "L900729536 LOERIE PREPRIMARY"}, {"id": 38047, "text": "L900728264 LAERSKOOL GLENHARVIE"}, {"id": 38046, "text": "L900727969 WESSELS"}, {"id": 38045, "text": "L900727886 MICHAEL S VIEW PROJECT"}, {"id": 38044, "text": "L900727407 JACOBSDAL PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38043, "text": "L900725799 PHUMELELA COMMUNITY TRAINING"}, {"id": 38042, "text": "L900724719 SA TUNA ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 38041, "text": "L900724578 MORGAN EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 38040, "text": "L900723455 G K GRAY TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 38039, "text": "L900723430 FLORIDA METHODIST CHURCH KIDD"}, {"id": 38038, "text": "L900722721 THE URBAN FOUNDATION NAT"}, {"id": 38037, "text": "L900722424 EFFECTIVE CORPORATE PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 38036, "text": "L900722218 SMARTYS PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 38035, "text": "L900721954 SCHOOLS ENGLISH LANGUAGE"}, {"id": 38034, "text": "L900721806 SALES IMPACT"}, {"id": 38033, "text": "L900721673 ROBIN HOOD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38032, "text": "L900720972 NORTHCLIFF NURSERY SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 38031, "text": "L900720733 MOTOR IND EMPLOYEES UNION OF SA"}, {"id": 38030, "text": "L900720295 LAERSKOOL VOORBRAND"}, {"id": 38029, "text": "L900720154 LENASIA COLLEGE OF ACC BUS"}, {"id": 38028, "text": "L900719461 GREENDALE EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 38027, "text": "L900719198 FRANCES VORWERGSKOOL"}, {"id": 38026, "text": "L900719180 FLEMING PRE-PRIMARY CENTRE"}, {"id": 38025, "text": "L900717200 ST CATHERINE S DOMINICAN CONVENT"}, {"id": 38024, "text": "L900716582 .ESCOM EMPLOYEES ASS"}, {"id": 38023, "text": "L900716269 ACTION MATERIALS MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 38022, "text": "L900715766 LITTLE PEOPLES CHRISTIAN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38021, "text": "L900715709 LUPTON-SMITH"}, {"id": 38020, "text": "L900715659 GREEFF"}, {"id": 38019, "text": "L900714728 LAERSKOOL OOSTERLIJN"}, {"id": 38018, "text": "L900714520 H SKOOL TRANSVALIA BESTUURS"}, {"id": 38017, "text": "L900714264 ERICA NURSERY"}, {"id": 38016, "text": "L900714140 TINKI TONKI PREPRIMER"}, {"id": 38015, "text": "L900714132 AMERSFOORT PRE-PRIMER"}, {"id": 38014, "text": "L900712953 PROJECT LITERACY EDUCATION CENTRES"}, {"id": 38013, "text": "L900711997 CENTRE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION"}, {"id": 38012, "text": "L900710684 LAERSKOOL BAILLIEPARK"}, {"id": 38011, "text": "L900710643 VIRGINIA PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 38010, "text": "L900710445 THUSANANG DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 38009, "text": "L900710411 PRIMERE SKOOL VOORWAARTS"}, {"id": 38008, "text": "L900709546 NEWCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 38007, "text": "L900709371 HARBURG PRIMARY"}, {"id": 38006, "text": "L900709298 EPWORTH SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 38005, "text": "L900709082 WORKERS EMPOWERMENT LITERACY"}, {"id": 38004, "text": "L900708365 COMDIVE CC"}, {"id": 38003, "text": "L900707847 AL FALAAH COLLEGE"}, {"id": 38002, "text": "L900707631 JOLLIFFE"}, {"id": 38001, "text": "L900706278 HOERSKOOL SWELLENDAM"}, {"id": 38000, "text": "L900705486 ERICA GIRLS P SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37999, "text": "L900705106 LAERSKOOL TOSCA"}, {"id": 37998, "text": "L900705056 HOERSKOOL HARTSWATER"}, {"id": 37997, "text": "L900704604 LAERSKOOL NAHOON"}, {"id": 37996, "text": "L900704570 KOMGA JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37995, "text": "L900704539 GRENS VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL"}, {"id": 37994, "text": "L900703713 PENNY FARTHING CYCLE WORKS"}, {"id": 37993, "text": "L900703697 PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37992, "text": "L900703432 LURIE YATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37991, "text": "L900703168 HBF CHRISTIAN TRUST"}, {"id": 37990, "text": "L900702822 CTMPSA"}, {"id": 37989, "text": "L900702467 ANC CONSTITUENCY ALLOWANCE"}, {"id": 37988, "text": "L900702095 SPEELKRING PRE PRIME SKOOL"}, {"id": 37987, "text": "L900701832 NAMREC"}, {"id": 37986, "text": "L900701808 LAERSKOOL MONTE VISTA"}, {"id": 37985, "text": "L900701634 LAERSKOOL KLEINMOND"}, {"id": 37984, "text": "L900701519 LOURENS"}, {"id": 37983, "text": "L900701485 LAERSKOOL GANSBAAI"}, {"id": 37982, "text": "L890793674 ISOLVEIT CONSULTING"}, {"id": 37981, "text": "L890793450 RIPPLE READING NPC"}, {"id": 37980, "text": "L890793187 JADON TRADING"}, {"id": 37979, "text": "L890792015 MUKHANYO CHRISTIAN ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 37978, "text": "L890789664 YELSETH"}, {"id": 37977, "text": "L890788344 KIDDIE JUNCTION KLEUTERSKOOL EN BABAKLINIEK"}, {"id": 37976, "text": "L890785597 ACTION VOLUNTEERS AFRICA"}, {"id": 37975, "text": "L890785415 ST MARTIN WIELIE WALIE VOORSKOOL"}, {"id": 37974, "text": "L890784921 OBARAY"}, {"id": 37973, "text": "L890784400 MPUMALANGA CENTRE FOR AUTISM AND SPECIAL NEEDS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37972, "text": "L890784046 THE FLEMISH ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE"}, {"id": 37971, "text": "L890782347 GREAT POTENTIAL FOR SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 37970, "text": "L890781752 MASEALA PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37969, "text": "L890781232 KYRIOS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37968, "text": "L890777016 LEARNING FOR SUSTAINABILITY"}, {"id": 37967, "text": "L890774252 TBSS TRADING 13 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37966, "text": "L890771431 EXCELSIOR ROOIHUISKRAAL AKADEMIE BK"}, {"id": 37965, "text": "L890770243 MABATE INTERMEDIATE"}, {"id": 37964, "text": "L890769666 FOUNDATION OF WISDOM CHRISTIAN COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37963, "text": "L890765656 CANDY NXUSANI TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37962, "text": "L890764451 HEADSTART MERCY MONTESSORI TRAININGCENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37961, "text": "L890763636 ART AND UBUNTU TRUST"}, {"id": 37960, "text": "L890761754 IT CERTIFICATION ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37959, "text": "L890760582 GR FIREARM ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 37958, "text": "L890758149 HONEY-DEW PENS POOTJIES CC"}, {"id": 37957, "text": "L890757364 WORLD CHANGERS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37956, "text": "L890756440 JUNIOR JUNCTION PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37955, "text": "L890755822 FOURSOME ASSOCIATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37954, "text": "L890755244 NEL"}, {"id": 37953, "text": "L890754361 TIISETSO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37952, "text": "L890754346 DORMELL PROPERTIES 258 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37951, "text": "L890752845 GALAXY PILOT SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37950, "text": "L890752654 INKWAZI LEARNING NETWORK CC"}, {"id": 37949, "text": "L890752308 WELLINGTON M GQWABAZA"}, {"id": 37948, "text": "L890752225 LITTLE LAMBS PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 37947, "text": "L890751961 SUNSET SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT TRAINING"}, {"id": 37946, "text": "L890750492 NOLUTHANDO HENDERSON"}, {"id": 37945, "text": "L890749718 EL BARUCH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37944, "text": "L890749676 BAKULA TRUST"}, {"id": 37943, "text": "L890749635 THUTO BATHONG TRAINING AND DEVELOP-MENT"}, {"id": 37942, "text": "L890749130 LEAD AFRICA STRATEGY CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37941, "text": "L890749072 DAWEDE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37940, "text": "L890748900 PREFERRED SKILLS SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 37939, "text": "L890748116 COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS"}, {"id": 37938, "text": "L890748058 HILL"}, {"id": 37937, "text": "L890747837 FOSTER"}, {"id": 37936, "text": "L890747431 BAMMILO COMMUNICATION SETWEEK 2003"}, {"id": 37935, "text": "L890747209 ZONNEBLOEM BOYS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37934, "text": "L890746888 HFJ DEVELOPMENTS CC"}, {"id": 37933, "text": "L890746730 DIEPGEZET PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37932, "text": "L890746706 BELGIUM AVIATION CC"}, {"id": 37931, "text": "L890746680 HOPEFIELD PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37930, "text": "L890746409 QAMBOTHI DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 37929, "text": "L890746318 WITWATERSRAND COLLEGE OFENGINEERING"}, {"id": 37928, "text": "L890745518 JET EDUCATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 37927, "text": "L890745070 THUTO ADULT CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37926, "text": "L890744776 NDZALAMA DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37925, "text": "L890744701 TOTAL PC TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 37924, "text": "L890743869 NEW LOOK MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 37923, "text": "L890742028 SOUTH AFRICAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ASS OCIATION INCORPORATED "}, {"id": 37922, "text": "L890741558 ACTEBIS 162 CC"}, {"id": 37921, "text": "L890741491 EFFINGHAM SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37920, "text": "L890741186 HLUHLUWE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37919, "text": "L890739313 SANNA EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 37918, "text": "L890738877 NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37917, "text": "L890737945 SCOPEFULI 108 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37916, "text": "L890737499 VORSTER"}, {"id": 37915, "text": "L890737135 PRETORIA HINDU SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37914, "text": "L890737028 STEYNS HUMAN RESOURCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37913, "text": "L890736855 FYNNLAND SENIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37912, "text": "L890736186 HULLEY"}, {"id": 37911, "text": "L890735949 SUID KAAP BESTUURSKOOL"}, {"id": 37910, "text": "L890733787 BAY PRE PRIMARY CC"}, {"id": 37909, "text": "L890733530 FAKKELSKOOL"}, {"id": 37908, "text": "L890732995 BROWN"}, {"id": 37907, "text": "L890732862 PRIMERE SKOOL KOOT NIEMANN"}, {"id": 37906, "text": "L890732839 LITTLE SEEDS TRUST"}, {"id": 37905, "text": "L890732466 BRAAMFONTEIN PC INSTITUTION CC"}, {"id": 37904, "text": "L890731948 THE GOVERNING BODY-VRYHEID COMPRE- HENSIVE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37903, "text": "L890731898 BEHEERLIGGAAM VAN HOERSKOOL DIAMANTVELD"}, {"id": 37902, "text": "L890731674 TOTS FAMILIES EDUCATION CENTRE T A STEPPING STONES PRE-PRIMARY SCHOO"}, {"id": 37901, "text": "L890731211 CHARIS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37900, "text": "L890729165 LAERSKOOL KLIPFONTEIN 60"}, {"id": 37899, "text": "L890729033 AL-SHAFI TRAINING COMPUTERSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37898, "text": "L890728969 ST. JOHN S LUTHERAN CRECHE"}, {"id": 37897, "text": "L890728084 LESEDI COMMUNITY ADVICE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37896, "text": "L890727755 OFFICER"}, {"id": 37895, "text": "L890727730 DEI GRATIA OPLEIDINGSDIENSTE BK"}, {"id": 37894, "text": "L890727268 GIYANI APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION"}, {"id": 37893, "text": "L890726732 NDA TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37892, "text": "L890726526 HOERSKOOL DURBANVILLE"}, {"id": 37891, "text": "L890726427 ALL SAINTS EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 37890, "text": "L890725916 PW ROODT BOUKONTRAKTEURS EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 37889, "text": "L890725882 TZANENG PRE- PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37888, "text": "L890725577 UNIVERSITY OF THE NORTH"}, {"id": 37887, "text": "L890724554 PRO LIBERIS"}, {"id": 37886, "text": "L890723945 LESSINGS OPLEIDINGSBURO BK"}, {"id": 37885, "text": "L890723176 WONDERLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37884, "text": "L890723168 MUNKS"}, {"id": 37883, "text": "L890722244 STEPPING STONES PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 37882, "text": "L890721196 PARKTOWN BOYS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37881, "text": "L890721006 NUR UL ISLAM PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37880, "text": "L890720966 NELSON MANDELA CHILDRENS FUND"}, {"id": 37879, "text": "L890720230 LAKE SCHOOL OF MOTORING CC"}, {"id": 37878, "text": "L890720057 KAIROS FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 37877, "text": "L890717541 FHI DEVELOPMENT 360"}, {"id": 37876, "text": "L890716931 MARLANDS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37875, "text": "L890716428 THE CHILD MONTESSORY NURSERY"}, {"id": 37874, "text": "L890714878 SERENDIB CC"}, {"id": 37873, "text": "L890714720 LAERSKOOL KRAGVELD"}, {"id": 37872, "text": "L890714571 LAERSKOOL ELIGWA"}, {"id": 37871, "text": "L890713235 SAP KOLLEGE INWONERSVERENIG-"}, {"id": 37870, "text": "L890713201 Vos Straat Kleuterskool"}, {"id": 37869, "text": "L890712831 OSIRIS TECHNICAL SYSTEMS"}, {"id": 37868, "text": "L890711841 BRITS NASKOOLSENTRUM"}, {"id": 37867, "text": "L890709951 FAUNA PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37866, "text": "L890709415 ISLAMIC COLLEGE NEWCASTLE"}, {"id": 37865, "text": "L890709233 CREIGHTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37864, "text": "L890708490 PRIMERE SKOOL RICHARDIA"}, {"id": 37863, "text": "L890708391 QUEENSBURGH GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37862, "text": "L890706056 UITENHAGE CONVENT RC PRIMARY"}, {"id": 37861, "text": "L890705934 UNITED HEBREW INSTITUTIONS OF PORT ELIZABETH"}, {"id": 37860, "text": "L890705769 PARSONS HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37859, "text": "L890705215 STEPPING STONES PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37858, "text": "L890705108 LAERSKOOL DEBEN"}, {"id": 37857, "text": "L890704606 LAERSKOOL ALIWAL NOORD"}, {"id": 37856, "text": "L890703863 ROADMAT CC"}, {"id": 37855, "text": "L890703350 KHANYISA NURSERY PRE-"}, {"id": 37854, "text": "L890702782 CROSSROADS EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37853, "text": "L890702634 CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37852, "text": "L890702394 AFRICAN CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC"}, {"id": 37851, "text": "L890702121 LAERSKOOL STELLENBOSCH"}, {"id": 37850, "text": "L880794211 GO-TECH LEARNING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37849, "text": "L880792827 SIYABULELA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37848, "text": "L880792728 ST JAMES COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 37847, "text": "L880792629 DUIKER EN DASSIE HANDEL"}, {"id": 37846, "text": "L880792082 RIVERMEAD PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37845, "text": "L880791803 NEUROLINK AKADEMIE EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 37844, "text": "L880791142 SEKGOSESE JEWELLERY SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 37843, "text": "L880789930 PIILO SOFTWARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37842, "text": "L880789625 ORIGIN EDU HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37841, "text": "L880786803 BIZ BOOSTER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37840, "text": "L880784733 RETHINK EDUCATION"}, {"id": 37839, "text": "L880783958 DE BEER"}, {"id": 37838, "text": "L880783925 MSC EDUCATION HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37837, "text": "L880773405 BY UR SIDE CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 37836, "text": "L880773108 AURET"}, {"id": 37835, "text": "L880761392 EKHAYA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37834, "text": "L880759552 Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls"}, {"id": 37833, "text": "L880758331 CITY SQUARE TRADING 213 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37832, "text": "L880756988 INSTINCT FINANCIAL STRATEGIC CONSULTING"}, {"id": 37831, "text": "L880756939 JENNINGS"}, {"id": 37830, "text": "L880756921 ABELIMI DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37829, "text": "L880756814 REDEEM TRAINING PROVIDER CC"}, {"id": 37828, "text": "L880756194 LEADERSHIP WORKS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37827, "text": "L880755915 EDUCATION WITH ENTREPENEURSHIPFOUNDATION"}, {"id": 37826, "text": "L880754983 TWR BUSINESS ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37825, "text": "L880754843 LITTLE GEMS NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37824, "text": "L880753936 DC WELLNESS CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 37823, "text": "L880753696 GRADE 04 - ST GEORGES GRAMMARSCHOOL"}, {"id": 37822, "text": "L880753233 STARTRIGHT EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 37821, "text": "L880752912 SIPHULWAZI TRAINING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 37820, "text": "L880752870 DE LANGE"}, {"id": 37819, "text": "L880752789 REYAPELE HUMAN AND ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 37818, "text": "L880752706 THE CRISP TRUST"}, {"id": 37817, "text": "L880752649 MSV CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 37816, "text": "L880752052 NTOMBIZODWA CONSULTING"}, {"id": 37815, "text": "L880751393 SILVERLEA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37814, "text": "L880750957 YANDISWA NANGU"}, {"id": 37813, "text": "L880750924 WRPS COMPUTER BASED EDUCATION"}, {"id": 37812, "text": "L880749470 EXCELLENTIA TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37811, "text": "L880748258 UMDLALO WAMI THERAPEUTIC AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37810, "text": "L880746815 JABULANI JUNIOR PRIMARY PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37809, "text": "L880746542 ENSEMBLE TRADING 2191 CC"}, {"id": 37808, "text": "L880746203 NURTURING ORPHANS OF AIDS FORHUMANITY ASSOCIATION INC SECT 21 "}, {"id": 37807, "text": "L880746187 TUSCANY GLEN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37806, "text": "L880745395 APA-DIFELE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37805, "text": "L880744778 NKOVANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 37804, "text": "L880743945 STERKSPRUIT CHRISTIAN PRIVATE SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37803, "text": "L880743747 LEARNING PERFORMANCE LINK CC"}, {"id": 37802, "text": "L880742509 PATERNOSTER EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37801, "text": "L880741329 BARAK LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 37800, "text": "L880739455 LAERSKOOL AGGENEYS"}, {"id": 37799, "text": "L880738614 UNITY CHRISTIAN CAMPUS"}, {"id": 37798, "text": "L880737954 AL-ASR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 37797, "text": "L880736691 LAERSKOOL NOORDVAAL"}, {"id": 37796, "text": "L880735891 DECCAN ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37795, "text": "L880735594 HOERSKOOL HENNENMAN"}, {"id": 37794, "text": "L880735305 LE ROUX"}, {"id": 37793, "text": "L880735271 LAERSKOOL KOLLEGEPARK"}, {"id": 37792, "text": "L880734993 ASSESSMENT COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37791, "text": "L880734944 TECHNICAL MINERAL SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 37790, "text": "L880734241 RIVIVAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37789, "text": "L880734167 HOERSKOOL BEKKER"}, {"id": 37788, "text": "L880733862 DIE HOFFIE PROFFIES"}, {"id": 37787, "text": "L880733730 NAZLEES ISLAMIC CRECHE CUM NURSERY"}, {"id": 37786, "text": "L880733680 ERINVILLE HOSTEL"}, {"id": 37785, "text": "L880733573 KHAN"}, {"id": 37784, "text": "L880733532 FARM FOOD AND RURAL WORKERS SUPPORT ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 37783, "text": "L880733292 INFORMATION SYSTEMS ELECTRONICS ANDTELECOMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 37782, "text": "L880733128 LN HOSPITALITY TRAINING"}, {"id": 37781, "text": "L880732823 SIYA CAREER COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 37780, "text": "L880732435 LAERSKOOL JOPIE FOURIE"}, {"id": 37779, "text": "L880732096 MORNING STAR EDUCATIONAL CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37778, "text": "L880730777 CLARKE S BOOKSHOP CC"}, {"id": 37777, "text": "L880730611 SOUTH AFRICAN VALUE EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37776, "text": "L880730173 SENTINEL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37775, "text": "L880729605 MINTER"}, {"id": 37774, "text": "L880729209 ANC CONSTITUENCY FUND"}, {"id": 37773, "text": "L880725355 INTERNATIONAL TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 37772, "text": "L880725264 THE SA COMPUTER CLUB CC"}, {"id": 37771, "text": "L880725207 APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION SHAYANDIMA"}, {"id": 37770, "text": "L880724291 QUEENS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37769, "text": "L880724051 LAERSKOOL LYNNWOOD TRUSTFONDS"}, {"id": 37768, "text": "L880723137 LAERSKOOL HANNES VISAGIE"}, {"id": 37767, "text": "L880722923 JENNY WEINSTEIN LAW SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37766, "text": "L880721206 PHUTHING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37765, "text": "L880721081 ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY SYS P L"}, {"id": 37764, "text": "L880720166 LEAD THE FIELD AFRICA"}, {"id": 37763, "text": "L880718129 LITTLE FEET NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37762, "text": "L880717006 NED HERV GEMEENTE EDENVALE"}, {"id": 37761, "text": "L880716750 HEIDI PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37760, "text": "L880716586 EDENVALE CATHOLIC CHURCH"}, {"id": 37759, "text": "L880716461 CON AMORE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37758, "text": "L880715539 SOL PLAATJIE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37757, "text": "L880714995 LOWVELD HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37756, "text": "L880714722 LAERSKOOL DENNESIG"}, {"id": 37755, "text": "L880714631 CARISSA PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37754, "text": "L880714581 WONDERLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37753, "text": "L880714037 MARX"}, {"id": 37752, "text": "L880713583 WINTERFELDT LITERACT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37751, "text": "L880713443 VERWOERDBURGSTAD KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37750, "text": "L880712882 PRETORIA TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37749, "text": "L880712585 LAERSKOOL MAGALIESKRUIN"}, {"id": 37748, "text": "L880711959 CLAPHAM HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37747, "text": "L880711728 ADVANCED ELECTRONICS PROD CC"}, {"id": 37746, "text": "L880711371 LITTLE FLOWER NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37745, "text": "L880710100 NUWE NASIONALE PARTY"}, {"id": 37744, "text": "L880709870 CHRISTIAN BROTHERS COLLEGE BLOEMFONTEIN"}, {"id": 37743, "text": "L880709862 BLOEMPIELAND PRE PRIMER"}, {"id": 37742, "text": "L880709375 HOWICK PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37741, "text": "L880708351 PROTEC UMBOGINTWINI"}, {"id": 37740, "text": "L880707460 GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37739, "text": "L880706918 CHELSEA PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37738, "text": "L880706256 LAERSKOOL ROBERTSON"}, {"id": 37737, "text": "L880704871 LA ROCHELLE LAER MEISIESKOOL"}, {"id": 37736, "text": "L880704285 WESTERFORD HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37735, "text": "L880703410 LILLIPUT PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37734, "text": "L880702719 CHALDO BIBLE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 37733, "text": "L880702552 THE BLACK SASH TRUST"}, {"id": 37732, "text": "L880701406 ELDA MAHLENTLE OPVOEDINGS"}, {"id": 37731, "text": "L880701141 BERGZICHT OPLEIDING BERGZICHT TRAINING LTD"}, {"id": 37730, "text": "L880701083 ATLANTIS METHODIST EDUCARE"}, {"id": 37729, "text": "L880701075 ALEXKOR ONTWIKKELINGSTIGTING"}, {"id": 37728, "text": "L870794270 RETSWELETSE ENTERPRENUERIAL AND SKILLS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37727, "text": "L870793777 MMI DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37726, "text": "L870793330 ACORSER CORPORATE AND BUSINESS CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 37725, "text": "L870793215 KEEP THE DREAM 228 NPC"}, {"id": 37724, "text": "L870792159 THINKING FUSION AFRICA"}, {"id": 37723, "text": "L870791375 KIM PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37722, "text": "L870791243 MAIN STREET 1222 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37721, "text": "L870791110 MEDIATE WORKS PROMOTING PEACE"}, {"id": 37720, "text": "L870789098 RESSUCT CENTRE FOR SKILLS AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37719, "text": "L870786417 MALANDELA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37718, "text": "L870785047 PRO-ACTIVE PUBLISHING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37717, "text": "L870782234 WETLANDS PRIVATE FET COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37716, "text": "L870780477 SNAP EDUCATION"}, {"id": 37715, "text": "L870779719 CLOETE"}, {"id": 37714, "text": "L870779354 LIFT YOUR EYES TRADING AND PROJECTSCC"}, {"id": 37713, "text": "L870778455 EDU SQUIREL CC"}, {"id": 37712, "text": "L870777325 MASHILO TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37711, "text": "L870775006 ASHTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE PTY LTD - BALLITO"}, {"id": 37710, "text": "L870774686 LEARN TO EARN TFG PROJECT"}, {"id": 37709, "text": "L870774462 APPLE TREE CATALYST AGENCY CC"}, {"id": 37708, "text": "L870773696 KIRSTONIA ONDERWYS TRUST"}, {"id": 37707, "text": "L870772540 SCHOFIELD"}, {"id": 37706, "text": "L870771708 LOTUS MONTESSORI PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOLCC"}, {"id": 37705, "text": "L870770825 SADC RESEARCH CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37704, "text": "L870770304 QHUBEKA PUBLIC SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37703, "text": "L870770296 APTRAC AVIATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37702, "text": "L870768308 VAN GREUNEN"}, {"id": 37701, "text": "L870767789 TRAINING AND INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37700, "text": "L870762764 SEBENZISANA TRADING 15"}, {"id": 37699, "text": "L870762137 KUTUNKO TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 37698, "text": "L870761865 MACCAUVLEI LEARNING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37697, "text": "L870759885 EMPOWERMENT PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37696, "text": "L870755792 PONELOPELE-PELE BUSINESS PROJECTS"}, {"id": 37695, "text": "L870755388 MAKGABANE EMPOWERMENT DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37694, "text": "L870754753 ENGELS"}, {"id": 37693, "text": "L870754274 THWASA - HLOBO DEVELOPMENT SERVICESCC"}, {"id": 37692, "text": "L870754035 HAWKINS"}, {"id": 37691, "text": "L870753979 TELETUBBIES NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37690, "text": "L870752807 ORION HR TRAINING MANAGEMENT ANDDEV SERVICES"}, {"id": 37689, "text": "L870752302 SOPHY AND JACK SHOP TRAINING AND CIVIL CONSTRUCTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37688, "text": "L870751908 AURRIPPA N MPHIKASHE"}, {"id": 37687, "text": "L870751890 NOMALINGE PATSHANE"}, {"id": 37686, "text": "L870751742 LETJEMA PROJECT"}, {"id": 37685, "text": "L870751338 BAYWORLD CENTRE FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATION NPC"}, {"id": 37684, "text": "L870750819 TSHEDIMOSETSO DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37683, "text": "L870750793 TARGET GROUP CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 37682, "text": "L870750777 MAHLALUTYE"}, {"id": 37681, "text": "L870750264 MDINGI"}, {"id": 37680, "text": "L870750207 REKENAARONDERRIG JEFFREYSBAAI BK"}, {"id": 37679, "text": "L870750082 MOLENBEEK SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37678, "text": "L870749787 WESTERN CAPE PRIVATE COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 37677, "text": "L870749134 VAN DER LINDE"}, {"id": 37676, "text": "L870748805 MACKENZIE"}, {"id": 37675, "text": "L870748169 LAKESHORE TRADING 187 CC"}, {"id": 37674, "text": "L870746908 CENTURION MUSIEKAKADEMIE CC"}, {"id": 37673, "text": "L870746650 COMMUNITY CARE ACTION CORPORATION TRUST"}, {"id": 37672, "text": "L870746627 SIMMONDS"}, {"id": 37671, "text": "L870746601 ENVIRONMENTAL AND RURAL SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 37670, "text": "L870746452 VILLAGE SCHOOL ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 37669, "text": "L870746395 BLAZEPOINT TRADING 342 CC"}, {"id": 37668, "text": "L870745595 WELGEMOED KUNSTESKOOL SATELIET KAMPUS BK"}, {"id": 37667, "text": "L870745165 TRUCKLOAD DEALERS BK"}, {"id": 37666, "text": "L870744788 LITTLE BEAN EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37665, "text": "L870744739 THE LIVING LINK NPC"}, {"id": 37664, "text": "L870741719 TRAINING TECHNIQUE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37663, "text": "L870738871 KHARWASTAN SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37662, "text": "L870738426 MINERALS AND ENERGY EDUCATION AND TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 37661, "text": "L870737816 MAHONISI LEANING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37660, "text": "L870736800 YOURTRADE 217 CC"}, {"id": 37659, "text": "L870736412 RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATIONWESTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 37658, "text": "L870735273 MERETIE KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 37657, "text": "L870735075 ECCLESIA COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 37656, "text": "L870734466 NETREPRENEUR VENTURES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37655, "text": "L870734060 HTS N DIEDERICHS"}, {"id": 37654, "text": "L870733773 SPECIALISED HEALTHCARE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37653, "text": "L870733435 CHEFS FOR AFRICA"}, {"id": 37652, "text": "L870733286 VICKERS"}, {"id": 37651, "text": "L870733179 SAFFRAAN TOURISM TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37650, "text": "L870732809 HILLCREST SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37649, "text": "L870732775 SAREL CILIERS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37648, "text": "L870732205 UCS INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 37647, "text": "L870731959 PRETORIA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 37646, "text": "L870730720 UKUPHA SECURITY TRAINING DEVELOP-MENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37645, "text": "L870728153 JAPSNOET PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37644, "text": "L870727882 WIGHTMAN"}, {"id": 37643, "text": "L870727510 LITTLE ACORNS PRE-PRIMARY CLOSE CORPORATION"}, {"id": 37642, "text": "L870727361 GRANTLEIGH PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37641, "text": "L870726686 HJS COMPUTER TRAINING SERVICESPTY LTD"}, {"id": 37640, "text": "L870726322 SOUTH AFRICA OPPORTUNITIES INDUSTRIALIZATION CENTRES"}, {"id": 37639, "text": "L870725084 CALCULUS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37638, "text": "L870724830 WATERKLOOF EDUCATIONAL CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37637, "text": "L870724533 BEAULIEU PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37636, "text": "L870723659 CVO SKOOL WESRAND"}, {"id": 37635, "text": "L870723444 GRACE COLLEGE 1994"}, {"id": 37634, "text": "L870723139 LAERSKOOL TINI VORSTER"}, {"id": 37633, "text": "L870722552 Marger Training Properties"}, {"id": 37632, "text": "L870722503 TEGNIESE KOLLEGE VAN SA"}, {"id": 37631, "text": "L870722206 SAR HARBOUR WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 37630, "text": "L870721828 SEKOLO SA BOROKGO"}, {"id": 37629, "text": "L870721687 ROSEBANK HEARING AIDS"}, {"id": 37628, "text": "L870719756 THE INSTITUTE OF BANKERS IN SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 37627, "text": "L870719640 HOERSKOOL PRESIDENT"}, {"id": 37626, "text": "L870719384 THE GREENSIDE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37625, "text": "L870718915 EASTGATE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37624, "text": "L870716554 HOERSKOOL DINIMIKA"}, {"id": 37623, "text": "L870715630 ASHBURY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37622, "text": "L870714450 PREMIER TECHNICAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 37621, "text": "L870714252 LAERSKOOL DRIE RIVIERE"}, {"id": 37620, "text": "L870711522 IMATU"}, {"id": 37619, "text": "L870711456 LAERSKOOL NYLSTROOM"}, {"id": 37618, "text": "L870710805 TALETSO COLLEGE FOR FURTHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 37617, "text": "L870710797 KLERKSDORP HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37616, "text": "L870710789 KLEUTERSKOOL DUIMELOT"}, {"id": 37615, "text": "L870710052 LOUW WEPENER H SKOOL"}, {"id": 37614, "text": "L870709674 ST DOMINICS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37613, "text": "L870708932 UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND"}, {"id": 37612, "text": "L870708304 PORT SHEPSTONE JUNIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37611, "text": "L870708031 TERESA BOOYSEN"}, {"id": 37610, "text": "L870707264 MAHARAJ"}, {"id": 37609, "text": "L870706803 Bellair Primary School"}, {"id": 37608, "text": "L870706423 HOLY CROSS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37607, "text": "L870706076 ULWAZI LITERACY PROJECT"}, {"id": 37606, "text": "L870705052 HOMPIE KEDOMPIE"}, {"id": 37605, "text": "L870704543 HOERSKOOL HANGKLIP"}, {"id": 37604, "text": "L870704204 UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 37603, "text": "L870703982 SIYIZAMILE PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37602, "text": "L870703552 MOTOR INDUSTRY STAFF"}, {"id": 37601, "text": "L870703354 KOMMETJIE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37600, "text": "L870701424 ENTSHONA OPVOEDINGS TRUST"}, {"id": 37599, "text": "L870701242 LAERSKOOL CALVINIA"}, {"id": 37598, "text": "L870701168 BELLVILLE PREPRIMERESKOOL"}, {"id": 37597, "text": "L860794397 UMTHOMBO WOLWAZI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37596, "text": "L860792771 CITY RAND COLLEGE JOHANNESBURG"}, {"id": 37595, "text": "L860792060 KHENSO CABLING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37594, "text": "L860789025 EMPLOYEE TRANSFORMATION"}, {"id": 37593, "text": "L860787920 SANCB OPTIMA COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 37592, "text": "L860787573 B-SURE PRIVATE SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37591, "text": "L860786484 ADVISOR PROGRESSIVE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37590, "text": "L860782756 BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT AGENCY"}, {"id": 37589, "text": "L860781501 TMS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37588, "text": "L860780552 ANGELS ACADEMY CRECHE CC"}, {"id": 37587, "text": "L860778754 NEBULAE KLEUTERSKOOL CC"}, {"id": 37586, "text": "L860776980 GRACE TRINITY SCHOOL GIRLS CC"}, {"id": 37585, "text": "L860776238 CHANTANO ACCESSORIES CC"}, {"id": 37584, "text": "L860775990 CLEARMARK VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37583, "text": "L860774654 CIPS SOUTHERN AFRICA"}, {"id": 37582, "text": "L860772062 YELLOWWISP 111 CC"}, {"id": 37581, "text": "L860771882 INFINITY PRIVATE ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 37580, "text": "L860771155 AL LOPEZ TRAINING"}, {"id": 37579, "text": "L860770017 UNIWISP"}, {"id": 37578, "text": "L860761891 COACHING MATTERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37577, "text": "L860760315 KIP MOGRATH BOKSBURG"}, {"id": 37576, "text": "L860760240 LOUWEST LABOUR SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 37575, "text": "L860759390 NDIMENI TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 37574, "text": "L860756230 TECH VET LABORATORY CC"}, {"id": 37573, "text": "L860755950 OBJECT IQ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37572, "text": "L860755711 FERREIRA"}, {"id": 37571, "text": "L860755166 VICTORY HOUSE PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37570, "text": "L860754771 BAY POINT TRADING 12 CC"}, {"id": 37569, "text": "L860754516 CSBC PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37568, "text": "L860754201 TELOS CORPORATE EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 37567, "text": "L860753393 MASHANGOANE"}, {"id": 37566, "text": "L860753294 GRAND LAKE TRADING 4 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37565, "text": "L860753245 A-CUBED INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37564, "text": "L860752940 DIGITAL TRAINING BK"}, {"id": 37563, "text": "L860752312 ZEZACON CC"}, {"id": 37562, "text": "L860752247 HIRE EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 37561, "text": "L860752239 FRAB COMPUTER TRAINING INFORMAT-ION CENTRE"}, {"id": 37560, "text": "L860751892 LEKEANA INSTITUTE FOR LAND AGRI-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 37559, "text": "L860751868 TWEELING HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37558, "text": "L860751652 COENRAAD SNYMAN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37557, "text": "L860750886 NOMBULELO LIMEKAYA"}, {"id": 37556, "text": "L860750704 SILETHITHEMBA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 37555, "text": "L860750191 SEKONDERE SKOOL CLOETESVILLE"}, {"id": 37554, "text": "L860750134 R EN M LANDBOUDIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 37553, "text": "L860750084 BUMBLE BEES CRECHE"}, {"id": 37552, "text": "L860749599 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CAPE TOWN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37551, "text": "L860749565 MOSEBETSI DRIVING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37550, "text": "L860746991 PESTALOZZI TRUST"}, {"id": 37549, "text": "L860746561 MONTSHEPETSA BOSIU FARMING TRAINING CENTRE FOR THE DISABLES"}, {"id": 37548, "text": "L860746546 BOTSHABELO GUIDANCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37547, "text": "L860746231 WORLD WIDE RECRUITMENT"}, {"id": 37546, "text": "L860746116 AVAX SA 481 CC"}, {"id": 37545, "text": "L860745092 LINDE LEARNING CC"}, {"id": 37544, "text": "L860745084 TRUE MOTIVES 1150 CC"}, {"id": 37543, "text": "L860743956 QUINTON TRUST"}, {"id": 37542, "text": "L860742768 WWNFF-PPP"}, {"id": 37541, "text": "L860742198 EDU-PRO CC"}, {"id": 37540, "text": "L860741653 A3 TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37539, "text": "L860740762 LITTLE BAMBINO MONTESSORI PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37538, "text": "L860740630 ST DUNSTANS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37537, "text": "L860740366 ADONAI CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37536, "text": "L860740325 SOUTH AFRICA LIFE COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 37535, "text": "L860739640 BEHAVIOUR SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT PTYLTD"}, {"id": 37534, "text": "L860737792 DRAKESHIP CC"}, {"id": 37533, "text": "L860736059 KABOUTERLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37532, "text": "L860735549 COVENANT COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37531, "text": "L860735341 CVO LAERSKOOL MARMER"}, {"id": 37530, "text": "L860734914 UNPARRALLELD LEARNING CC"}, {"id": 37529, "text": "L860734542 BEDELIA PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37528, "text": "L860734435 ECOTRAINING Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 37527, "text": "L860734385 KENMERE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37526, "text": "L860734104 REITZPARK PRIMERE SKOOL WELKOM"}, {"id": 37525, "text": "L860733817 ALAN J WHITAKER ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 37524, "text": "L860733692 REAL WORLD TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37523, "text": "L860733536 LIBERTY COMMUNITY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37522, "text": "L860733122 LN TRAVEL TOURISM"}, {"id": 37521, "text": "L860732660 SIR VAL DUNCAN TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37520, "text": "L860732587 LAERSKOOL TUINE"}, {"id": 37519, "text": "L860731811 SMILEY KIDS KIMBERLEY"}, {"id": 37518, "text": "L860730904 JAN KRIEL INSTITUUT"}, {"id": 37517, "text": "L860730474 BELHAR HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37516, "text": "L860730227 PRETORIA BUSINESS SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37515, "text": "L860729567 LADYSMITH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37514, "text": "L860729518 OAKWOOD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37513, "text": "L860729278 BONANZA BOARDING SCHOOL BK"}, {"id": 37512, "text": "L860728650 DE LA REY"}, {"id": 37511, "text": "L860727900 UYS"}, {"id": 37510, "text": "L860727777 AFRIKAANSE PRIVAATSKOOL WITRIVIER"}, {"id": 37509, "text": "L860727603 KERSHAW"}, {"id": 37508, "text": "L860726829 MERRIFIELD PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37507, "text": "L860726746 MIDRAND COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 37506, "text": "L860725680 SAPSA"}, {"id": 37505, "text": "L860723701 NEWGATE COLLEGE ASSOC INCORP IN SEC21"}, {"id": 37504, "text": "L860723552 HAGEN"}, {"id": 37503, "text": "L860722935 DOUG WHITEHEAD TRAINING"}, {"id": 37502, "text": "L860722133 SA FOOT PLATE STAFF ASS"}, {"id": 37501, "text": "L860721036 OBSERVATORY GIRLS PRIMARY"}, {"id": 37500, "text": "L860720723 MIDRAND TEGNIESE ADM"}, {"id": 37499, "text": "L860720020 THE KHANYA COLLEGE JOHANNESBURG TRUST"}, {"id": 37498, "text": "L860719634 HOUGHTON COMMERCIAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37497, "text": "L860718214 CHEMICAL WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 37496, "text": "L860717752 ASSUMPTION CONVENT SCHOOL MALVERN EAST"}, {"id": 37495, "text": "L860717349 DE VRIES"}, {"id": 37494, "text": "L860716960 Denise Krizek"}, {"id": 37493, "text": "L860716861 LIEWE HEKSIE CC"}, {"id": 37492, "text": "L860715657 TERBLANCHE SCHOOLS CC"}, {"id": 37491, "text": "L860714726 LAERSKOOL TAALFEES"}, {"id": 37490, "text": "L860714692 DIE GEKOMBINEERDE SKOOL HENDRINA"}, {"id": 37489, "text": "L860714544 VANDERBIJLPARK NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37488, "text": "L860712514 PREPRIMERE SKOOL SINOVIILE"}, {"id": 37487, "text": "L860711110 THE PALABORA FOUNDATION-REEF"}, {"id": 37486, "text": "L860710658 GOLDFIELDS TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37485, "text": "L860710377 HOERSKOOL CHRIS VAN NIEKERK"}, {"id": 37484, "text": "L860709759 UTRECHT PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37483, "text": "L860709387 HERITAGE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37482, "text": "L860709288 DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE CAUCUS KWAZULU-NATAL"}, {"id": 37481, "text": "L860707266 EDUSEW"}, {"id": 37480, "text": "L860707167 DURBAN GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37479, "text": "L860707027 OUR LADY OF NTL CONVENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37478, "text": "L860706011 BOLLIE BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 37477, "text": "L860705666 LINKSIDE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37476, "text": "L860705641 LAERSKOOL LORRAINE"}, {"id": 37475, "text": "L860705534 GRAEME COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37474, "text": "L860705203 ONAFHANKLIKE MUNISIPALE EN AANVERWANTE VAKBOND"}, {"id": 37473, "text": "L860705138 NORTHERN CAPE URBAN TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37472, "text": "L860704552 HEADLINES STUDENT SUPPORT PROGRAMER"}, {"id": 37471, "text": "L860704255 THE VOICE CLINIC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37470, "text": "L860702606 BUILDING WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 37469, "text": "L860702549 BIBLE INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 37468, "text": "L860702044 LAERSKOOL SAFFIER"}, {"id": 37467, "text": "L860701905 PLAWAY PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37466, "text": "L860701681 LEGAL TRAINING AND MAINTENANCE CC"}, {"id": 37465, "text": "L850794662 THE EASTERN CAPE EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 37464, "text": "L850793979 SOUNDSURE CC"}, {"id": 37463, "text": "L850793961 CHIPPA UNITED FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37462, "text": "L850793797 WEINERS TRAINING DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37461, "text": "L850793771 CHERRYCOZA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37460, "text": "L850793474 TINISSA TRADING 97 CC"}, {"id": 37459, "text": "L850792534 TEACHER CANDY"}, {"id": 37458, "text": "L850792518 QUALIXA TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37457, "text": "L850790884 WORKPLACE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PARTNER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37456, "text": "L850788813 AIDEZ NOUS COLLEGE DE SEXOLOGIAE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37455, "text": "L850788391 THE WEALTH CHEF SA"}, {"id": 37454, "text": "L850787690 LIM TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 37453, "text": "L850787146 SEFAKO MAKGATHO HEALTH SCIENCES UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 37452, "text": "L850786130 VAN NIEKERK"}, {"id": 37451, "text": "L850783145 MSC EDUCATION HOLDINGS PTY LTD T A MSC BUSINESS COLLEGE PRETORIA"}, {"id": 37450, "text": "L850782121 THE VINE SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 37449, "text": "L850782105 IKHWEZI TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37448, "text": "L850781883 THE UNIQUE PLAYSCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37447, "text": "L850780315 BARON SEUNS"}, {"id": 37446, "text": "L850778178 BLUE STICKER TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 37445, "text": "L850776669 LETTER 27 - IMAGINE IT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37444, "text": "L850776289 JACKSON PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37443, "text": "L850774995 SCHOFIELD"}, {"id": 37442, "text": "L850771710 APPLEDOVE ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 37441, "text": "L850770621 WATERSMITH TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37440, "text": "L850769714 ROOS"}, {"id": 37439, "text": "L850761281 WONDERKIDS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE TRUST"}, {"id": 37438, "text": "L850759582 L C DE NECKER BESTUURSKOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 37437, "text": "L850758444 CANAAN CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37436, "text": "L850756901 KRUGER"}, {"id": 37435, "text": "L850755234 CANDICE MASHEK CC"}, {"id": 37434, "text": "L850753932 LUCY MKHONTO CATERING AND TRAININGSERVICES"}, {"id": 37433, "text": "L850752827 GAELIC DESIGNS CC"}, {"id": 37432, "text": "L850751720 NOMAFU MIRRIAM NYEMBEZI"}, {"id": 37431, "text": "L850751670 WORLD BACK TO GOD CHURCH"}, {"id": 37430, "text": "L850751605 ZIMKHITA SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37429, "text": "L850751514 UKWAKHISANA DEVELOPMENT COMPANY ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED"}, {"id": 37428, "text": "L850750896 TAAIBOS SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37427, "text": "L850750276 WALTER"}, {"id": 37426, "text": "L850750250 TSHOLOFELO EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37425, "text": "L850749757 BLOWING WIND TRADING CC"}, {"id": 37424, "text": "L850749146 POSITIVE MUSLIMS"}, {"id": 37423, "text": "L850748874 JOHANNES CALVYN SKOOL BETHAL"}, {"id": 37422, "text": "L850748833 HUMAN-SIM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37421, "text": "L850747611 WINE INDUSTRY ETHICAL TRADEASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 37420, "text": "L850747256 GOLDENSANDS I TRADING"}, {"id": 37419, "text": "L850746845 XULU"}, {"id": 37418, "text": "L850746399 CHESTERHOUSE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37417, "text": "L850746134 THE CAPITAL HOTEL SCHOOL AND TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37416, "text": "L850745870 LITTLE BLESSINGS"}, {"id": 37415, "text": "L850745110 BLOUBERG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37414, "text": "L850744709 GRATITUDE CATHOLIC PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37413, "text": "L850744410 IMBONGOZI SKILL-TRAINING FACULTYASSOCIATION INCORP UNDER SECTION 21"}, {"id": 37412, "text": "L850744139 SOUTH AFRICAN AGRI ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 37411, "text": "L850743891 REDBRICK TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 37410, "text": "L850742646 BRAUNE TRAINING AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 37409, "text": "L850741929 WHITE"}, {"id": 37408, "text": "L850741069 EVOLUTION MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS CC"}, {"id": 37407, "text": "L850740814 VICTORY FAMILY CHURCH"}, {"id": 37406, "text": "L850740632 LITTLE FLOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37405, "text": "L850740095 BET-EL GEREFORMEERDE OUERS"}, {"id": 37404, "text": "L850739311 NORTHERN PROVINCE COMMUNITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37403, "text": "L850739139 CHARISMA CREATION"}, {"id": 37402, "text": "L850738594 DINO S DEN"}, {"id": 37401, "text": "L850738255 WESTCLIFF SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37400, "text": "L850738172 LAERSKOOL INNES"}, {"id": 37399, "text": "L850738107 UNICO AFTREEFONDS"}, {"id": 37398, "text": "L850738008 INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE GARMENT AND LEATHER WORKERS FEDERATION"}, {"id": 37397, "text": "L850737927 MATHSMATE LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37396, "text": "L850737232 PENLISA PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37395, "text": "L850736267 NORTHLANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37394, "text": "L850736028 GRAANVELD PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37393, "text": "L850735467 BERG STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY"}, {"id": 37392, "text": "L850733660 ROUCOM SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 37391, "text": "L850733488 PERKINS"}, {"id": 37390, "text": "L850733389 MAZIBUKO"}, {"id": 37389, "text": "L850733298 BELFAST AKADEMIE-BEHEERLIGGAAM"}, {"id": 37388, "text": "L850733082 MERVYN HARVEY EDUCATION CENTRE PTY LTD, IN LIKWIDASIE"}, {"id": 37387, "text": "L850732852 PC TRAINING FRANCHISEE ALEXANDRA CC"}, {"id": 37386, "text": "L850732662 EDU CALL CC"}, {"id": 37385, "text": "L850732472 KLEIN NEDERBURG SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37384, "text": "L850730658 BARNARD"}, {"id": 37383, "text": "L850730146 PLATORANDSKOOL"}, {"id": 37382, "text": "L850730070 CHEHAN TRAINING CONSULTANT CC"}, {"id": 37381, "text": "L850730039 TYGERHOF PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37380, "text": "L850729916 NATIONAL ASTHMA EDUCATIONPROGRAMME"}, {"id": 37379, "text": "L850729759 ROYAL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37378, "text": "L850729445 RAPCAN-RESOURCES AIMED AT THE PREVENTIO N OF CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT"}, {"id": 37377, "text": "L850729312 NEW LIFE CHURCH"}, {"id": 37376, "text": "L850727571 AGAPE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY"}, {"id": 37375, "text": "L850726987 STRATEGIC INVESTIGATIONS AND SEMINARS"}, {"id": 37374, "text": "L850725146 UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND"}, {"id": 37373, "text": "L850724750 KYOKUSHIN KARATE BK"}, {"id": 37372, "text": "L850724586 HEIMWEE NURSERY"}, {"id": 37371, "text": "L850724156 EENDRACHT VOLKSKOOL VIR CHRISTELIK-VOLKSEIE ONDERWYS"}, {"id": 37370, "text": "L850724081 LAERSKOOL DELMAS BEHEERLIGGAAM"}, {"id": 37369, "text": "L850723968 GAUTENG YOUTH COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37368, "text": "L850722648 TOWERBY CHILD CARE CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37367, "text": "L850722325 ST PAULS EARLY LEARNING"}, {"id": 37366, "text": "L850722077 SOUTHERN AFRICA LEADERSHIP"}, {"id": 37365, "text": "L850720196 LA ROCHELLE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37364, "text": "L850719651 HOERSKOOL LINDEN"}, {"id": 37363, "text": "L850716897 RITA LOUBSER KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37362, "text": "L850716608 H SKOOL EDENVALE"}, {"id": 37361, "text": "L850716475 CHUCKLES NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37360, "text": "L850715923 BOKSBURG HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37359, "text": "L850715709 EMAROMENI PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37358, "text": "L850715311 International School of South Africa"}, {"id": 37357, "text": "L850715238 DITHUPE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37356, "text": "L850714728 LAERSKOOL STAATSPRES CR SWART"}, {"id": 37355, "text": "L850714132 STANDERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37354, "text": "L850713456 VILLIERIA KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37353, "text": "L850713290 The Warldorf School at Rosemary Hill"}, {"id": 37352, "text": "L850713142 IMATU"}, {"id": 37351, "text": "L850712870 LAERSKOOL PRETORIA-OOS"}, {"id": 37350, "text": "L850712581 LAERSKOOL SKUILKRANS"}, {"id": 37349, "text": "L850712557 LAERSKOOL QUEENSWOOD NASKOOLSENTRUM"}, {"id": 37348, "text": "L850712342 HOERSKOOL WATERKLOOF"}, {"id": 37347, "text": "L850710650 WELKOM PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37346, "text": "L850710148 PRIMERE SKOOL SENEKAL"}, {"id": 37345, "text": "L850710023 KAMMALAND PRE PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37344, "text": "L850709942 FICKSBURG PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37343, "text": "L850709884 STANWAY"}, {"id": 37342, "text": "L850709793 WARTBURGER HOF 1991 CC"}, {"id": 37341, "text": "L850708274 PC TRAINING ESHOWE CC"}, {"id": 37340, "text": "L850706161 DIE LAERSKOOL GERICKE CERES"}, {"id": 37339, "text": "L850705718 NASIONALE PARTY IN DIE OOS KAAP"}, {"id": 37338, "text": "L850705254 DEPARTEMENT VAN WATERWESE GEBIEDSKANTOOR BENEDE VAAL"}, {"id": 37337, "text": "L850705106 LITTLE LIGHT PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37336, "text": "L850704372 ARCADIA SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37335, "text": "L850704117 TAFELBERGSKOOL"}, {"id": 37334, "text": "L850703606 THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE PROJECT"}, {"id": 37333, "text": "L850703044 FLESCH PUBLICATIONS CC"}, {"id": 37332, "text": "L850702863 Democratic Alliance"}, {"id": 37331, "text": "L850702509 BAMBI BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 37330, "text": "L850702442 ANC Parliamentary Constituency Fund"}, {"id": 37329, "text": "L850702392 ABACUS EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37328, "text": "L850702368 FREE TO SERVE"}, {"id": 37327, "text": "L850702194 STELLENBOSCH KOLLEGE"}, {"id": 37326, "text": "L840794624 GLOBAL CURRENCY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 37325, "text": "L840794301 DESTINY LIFE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37324, "text": "L840792529 ACADEMIC SUPPORT TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 37323, "text": "L840792206 MLA MINISTRIES CC"}, {"id": 37322, "text": "L840792107 TFS BUSINESS TRAINING SPECIALISTS"}, {"id": 37321, "text": "L840790994 HAPPY KIDS KINETIC MOVEMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37320, "text": "L840790721 WITZENBERG PALS NPC"}, {"id": 37319, "text": "L840789152 TARAND PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37318, "text": "L840788576 MPILO TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37317, "text": "L840788147 CLEVER HEADS"}, {"id": 37316, "text": "L840787966 PREUSS"}, {"id": 37315, "text": "L840787131 BEAM AFRICA ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37314, "text": "L840786760 LOVE TO LEARN MONTESSORI"}, {"id": 37313, "text": "L840786026 ENTRUTECH"}, {"id": 37312, "text": "L840781217 COLLEGE HILL PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37311, "text": "L840780433 TOWERSTONE BRAND PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37310, "text": "L840778049 HPI HEALTH PROFILE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 37309, "text": "L840777751 LITTLE EAGLES NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37308, "text": "L840773289 THE BEEHIVE NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37307, "text": "L840772661 THE INTABA TRUST"}, {"id": 37306, "text": "L840772372 GODISANANG TRAINING RECRUITMENT"}, {"id": 37305, "text": "L840768933 SCHOFIELD"}, {"id": 37304, "text": "L840763322 HELEN O GRADY AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 37303, "text": "L840762811 THUTO-LORE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37302, "text": "L840759528 MATLOTLO TRADING 46"}, {"id": 37301, "text": "L840758223 ZANOKUTHULA TRADING"}, {"id": 37300, "text": "L840757431 UPTOWN TRADING 543 CC"}, {"id": 37299, "text": "L840755856 TSHIDAVHUMU LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37298, "text": "L840753653 MHS SKILLS CC"}, {"id": 37297, "text": "L840753281 CSG COMPUTERS AND NETWORKING"}, {"id": 37296, "text": "L840753083 THE LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT CENTRECC"}, {"id": 37295, "text": "L840752887 ITOKISETSENG COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37294, "text": "L840751954 WILD BREAK 1308 CC"}, {"id": 37293, "text": "L840751939 CROOKES"}, {"id": 37292, "text": "L840751889 SITHULE TRADING CC"}, {"id": 37291, "text": "L840751863 ST THOMAS SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37290, "text": "L840751657 CHAPMAN"}, {"id": 37289, "text": "L840751392 MASAKHE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37288, "text": "L840750147 FREE STATE SELLING ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 37287, "text": "L840749636 VUKANI SPORTS DEVELOPMENTPROGRAMME"}, {"id": 37286, "text": "L840749552 LEEUTJIES LAMMETJIES KLEUTERSORG BK"}, {"id": 37285, "text": "L840748794 SAWMA"}, {"id": 37284, "text": "L840748265 WAGNER"}, {"id": 37283, "text": "L840747382 STELLENBOSCH ACADEMY OF DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37282, "text": "L840746996 KLEYNHANS"}, {"id": 37281, "text": "L840746236 DE JAGER"}, {"id": 37280, "text": "L840745642 POTCHEFSTROOMSE CHRISTEN LAERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37279, "text": "L840744868 NAPE EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37278, "text": "L840744777 WISANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 37277, "text": "L840744116 SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE MAGALIESBURG CC"}, {"id": 37276, "text": "L840743787 NORBURY"}, {"id": 37275, "text": "L840743126 DIVERSITY INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37274, "text": "L840742250 ST JAMES RC PRIMARY"}, {"id": 37273, "text": "L840742094 CLAIRE COLEMAN AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 37272, "text": "L840741591 SMART BRATS NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37271, "text": "L840740940 INTO-BOOKS CC"}, {"id": 37270, "text": "L840739884 MAX ELOFF KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37269, "text": "L840739389 MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTREUNIVERSITY OF PORT ELIZABETH"}, {"id": 37268, "text": "L840739207 HOERSKOOL KROONSTAD SKOOL "}, {"id": 37267, "text": "L840739132 UBUNTU PATHWAYS NPC"}, {"id": 37266, "text": "L840739066 HANNELIZE DE KLERKOPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 37265, "text": "L840739009 ADAMS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37264, "text": "L840738290 TURFHALL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37263, "text": "L840738282 ASSEGAI DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 37262, "text": "L840738217 Mpumalanga Department of Education"}, {"id": 37261, "text": "L840737979 NETSCOPE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37260, "text": "L840737862 EDENLEIGH LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37259, "text": "L840737698 OOSTHUIZEN"}, {"id": 37258, "text": "L840737045 KAREN JANSEN VAN VUUREN OPVOEDKUND-IGE DIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 37257, "text": "L840736740 PHAMBILI TRAINING MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 37256, "text": "L840735528 CVO GROMAR LANDBOU AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 37255, "text": "L840734851 SUCCESSORS TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37254, "text": "L840734240 SPECTROREP CC"}, {"id": 37253, "text": "L840733952 NKQUBELA ADULT CENTRE"}, {"id": 37252, "text": "L840733846 ZANTSI"}, {"id": 37251, "text": "L840733127 PRIVATE SCHOOLS PE"}, {"id": 37250, "text": "L840733002 INSTITUTE STATUS ACRES FOR PRIMARYAND POST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37249, "text": "L840732939 TECHNICAL AND MEDICAL TRAINING UNDER SECTION 21"}, {"id": 37248, "text": "L840732517 PADAYACHEE"}, {"id": 37247, "text": "L840732491 DURBAN COMPUTER COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37246, "text": "L840731899 MAY"}, {"id": 37245, "text": "L840731832 DWERGIEBOS PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37244, "text": "L840731071 FAIRHILLS ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 37243, "text": "L840730586 VAN DOORN"}, {"id": 37242, "text": "L840730446 CAREL DU TOIT TRUST FONDS"}, {"id": 37241, "text": "L840730313 ST ALBANS ADULT LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37240, "text": "L840730297 UNITRA FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 37239, "text": "L840729869 SONJA HAARHOFF KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 37238, "text": "L840729695 PAB TRAINING AND CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 37237, "text": "L840729661 ODYSSEY TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37236, "text": "L840729554 LAERSKOOL TASBETPARK"}, {"id": 37235, "text": "L840729497 ALLAN"}, {"id": 37234, "text": "L840729265 XOLORA OUTDOOR LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES INC"}, {"id": 37233, "text": "L840726279 CROOKES"}, {"id": 37232, "text": "L840724944 SAG TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37231, "text": "L840724571 HUNG JIUH CC"}, {"id": 37230, "text": "L840724357 LAERSKOOL ELANDSKRAAL"}, {"id": 37229, "text": "L840724316 KIP MCGRATH EDUCATION CENTRES SAPTYLTD"}, {"id": 37228, "text": "L840723318 TINKTINKIELAND PREPRIMERE"}, {"id": 37227, "text": "L840721304 PLANACT ASSOCIATION INC UNDER SECTION 21"}, {"id": 37226, "text": "L840720322 LOOTS TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37225, "text": "L840720256 LAND OF OZ NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37224, "text": "L840720215 LEICESTER ROAD SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37223, "text": "L840719415 GREEN EARTH FILMS CC"}, {"id": 37222, "text": "L840719142 FAIRVIEW JUNIOR"}, {"id": 37221, "text": "L840718748 DALI SCHOOL OF ART DE-"}, {"id": 37220, "text": "L840717955 BROADWAY EDUCATIONAL MEDIA"}, {"id": 37219, "text": "L840716015 KLEUTERSKOOL GINA CRECHE BK"}, {"id": 37218, "text": "L840715983 HART"}, {"id": 37217, "text": "L840715058 N K S BELEGGINGS BK"}, {"id": 37216, "text": "L840715009 LAERSKOOL KAAPMUIDEN"}, {"id": 37215, "text": "L840714002 ERMELO PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37214, "text": "L840713541 WOELWATER KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37213, "text": "L840713269 ST STEPHENS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37212, "text": "L840711370 LAERSKOOL PIETERSBURG OOS"}, {"id": 37211, "text": "L840710380 KROON PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37210, "text": "L840710174 PANTSERSKOOL MENASIE"}, {"id": 37209, "text": "L840709481 MARITZBURG CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37208, "text": "L840708780 ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS"}, {"id": 37207, "text": "L840708285 MALYON"}, {"id": 37206, "text": "L840706669 ALLIANCE FRANCAISE DE DURBAN"}, {"id": 37205, "text": "L840706628 ADVOCATES GROUP 702"}, {"id": 37204, "text": "L840706446 JUNIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL OUDTSHOORN"}, {"id": 37203, "text": "L840706255 H SKOOL ROBERTSON"}, {"id": 37202, "text": "L840706230 PA HAMLET DAGSORGSENTRUM"}, {"id": 37201, "text": "L840705109 LAERSKOOL WILGENHOUTSDRIF"}, {"id": 37200, "text": "L840704888 MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS"}, {"id": 37199, "text": "L840704607 LILYFONTEIN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37198, "text": "L840704540 HOERSKOOL MOLTENO"}, {"id": 37197, "text": "L840704300 WESTCOTT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37196, "text": "L840704060 ST FRANCIS NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37195, "text": "L840704045 ST ANTHONYS NURSERY PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37194, "text": "L840703559 MONTEREY PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37193, "text": "L840703542 MILKWOOD PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37192, "text": "L840703401 LAERSKOOL ZWAANSWYK"}, {"id": 37191, "text": "L840703161 HELPMEKAAR STUDIEFONDS"}, {"id": 37190, "text": "L840703013 FIRST STEPS CHILDRENS CENTRE"}, {"id": 37189, "text": "L840702312 WESTERN CAPE FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY WORK"}, {"id": 37188, "text": "L840702064 SILWERSTROOM CRECHE"}, {"id": 37187, "text": "L840701843 NORWOOD EARLY LEARNING"}, {"id": 37186, "text": "L840701488 H SKOOL GRABOUW"}, {"id": 37185, "text": "L830794600 INTERNATIONALARTISANS SKILL EMPOWERMENT"}, {"id": 37184, "text": "L830793818 HIGHTRADE-INVEST 109 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37183, "text": "L830793412 STRIVING MIND TRADING 779 CC"}, {"id": 37182, "text": "L830793115 CANTERBURY PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37181, "text": "L830791325 SKILLS PROFICIENCY TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 37180, "text": "L830791192 MANDLAKANKOSI TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37179, "text": "L830791168 SKCI EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 37178, "text": "L830791143 MZANZI CONFERENCES AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37177, "text": "L830790038 MSC EDUCATION HOLDINGS PTY LTD t a MSC BUSINESS COLLEGE NELSPRUIT"}, {"id": 37176, "text": "L830789923 CARBARNS"}, {"id": 37175, "text": "L830789840 NEW LEAF TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37174, "text": "L830789667 SIPHUYOLO CONSULTING"}, {"id": 37173, "text": "L830789055 KUMKANI TRADING AND INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 37172, "text": "L830788685 MARAGON PRIVATE SCHOOLS AVIANTO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37171, "text": "L830788511 THE MADINA INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AFRICA TRUST"}, {"id": 37170, "text": "L830787760 SIBEYI"}, {"id": 37169, "text": "L830787752 THE STAR FACTORY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37168, "text": "L830785467 MATRISTYLE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37167, "text": "L830785137 LITTLE ROOTS NURSERY SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 37166, "text": "L830784940 THE SUSTAINABILITY INTITUTE INNOVATION LABORATORY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37165, "text": "L830782423 TEACH2TEACH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37164, "text": "L830779965 CERONIO"}, {"id": 37163, "text": "L830779056 FIFTH DICIPLINE INTELLIGENCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37162, "text": "L830777589 PICOURSEWARE CC"}, {"id": 37161, "text": "L830777506 PNEUMATIX PBO TRUST"}, {"id": 37160, "text": "L830776557 NULLI SECUNDUS ELITE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37159, "text": "L830775450 THE INSTITUTE FOR CERTIFIED ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS CC"}, {"id": 37158, "text": "L830771335 SILVERCREST TRADING 106 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37157, "text": "L830770691 SAE INSTITUTE SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37156, "text": "L830766640 BHENGEDE TRADING"}, {"id": 37155, "text": "L830763803 KIDDO"}, {"id": 37154, "text": "L830763308 PERISSEUMA PROJECT MANAGMENT CC"}, {"id": 37153, "text": "L830762060 IMSIMBI TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37152, "text": "L830762037 C-SEARCH AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 37151, "text": "L830759793 INDIVIDUAL TEACHING COLLEGE INC"}, {"id": 37150, "text": "L830759777 TOMMOROW S PEOPLE INDEPENDENT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37149, "text": "L830759694 LA LOUVE PRIVATE HAIR ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37148, "text": "L830759371 ATTRAHENT CAMPUS INNOVATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37147, "text": "L830757441 MOAGO TSEBO LEARNING DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37146, "text": "L830757300 ACTION FOR BLIND AND DISABLED CHILDREN"}, {"id": 37145, "text": "L830756450 MR B DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 37144, "text": "L830755353 SCIENCE EDUCATION RESOURCES INITIATIVE SERI "}, {"id": 37143, "text": "L830754216 EDGE TO EDGE 1058 CC"}, {"id": 37142, "text": "L830754133 PROSPERITUS SEKONDER"}, {"id": 37141, "text": "L830753937 NATALSZ PRINTERS AND COMPUTERTRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37140, "text": "L830753580 POWERREAD CC"}, {"id": 37139, "text": "L830753390 VHEMBE EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENTCENTRE"}, {"id": 37138, "text": "L830753259 PHEZUKOMKHONO SOCIAL SERVICE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 37137, "text": "L830753184 CHANDA"}, {"id": 37136, "text": "L830752640 ZISUKUMELE BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 37135, "text": "L830752293 VAN RENSBURG"}, {"id": 37134, "text": "L830751402 TRINITY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37133, "text": "L830750958 PUMLA PRISCILL SANGQU"}, {"id": 37132, "text": "L830750891 LINDISWA CYNTHERIA MQOQI"}, {"id": 37131, "text": "L830750784 JOOSTE"}, {"id": 37130, "text": "L830750586 WTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 37129, "text": "L830750313 MICROMATICA 736 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37128, "text": "L830750032 NINGIZA CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 37127, "text": "L830748655 PROGRESSIVE TRADE UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA PROTUSA "}, {"id": 37126, "text": "L830748028 SOBIKO INVESTMENTS AND TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37125, "text": "L830746279 EDGE TRAINING CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 37124, "text": "L830745776 RAUTENBACH"}, {"id": 37123, "text": "L830745735 DAMELIN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37122, "text": "L830745701 CAPE TOWN SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY CC"}, {"id": 37121, "text": "L830744779 SHINGWEDZI CRECH"}, {"id": 37120, "text": "L830743821 ST CHRISTOPHER S ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 37119, "text": "L830743631 DJ MIX CLUB CC"}, {"id": 37118, "text": "L830743573 APPLEGREEN"}, {"id": 37117, "text": "L830743540 ISD CAPACITY BUILDING COMMNUNICATION CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 37116, "text": "L830743375 PRIVATE AND PRESTIGIOUS COURIERS CC"}, {"id": 37115, "text": "L830742484 MFC CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37114, "text": "L830741536 DESIGN ACADEMY OF FASHION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37113, "text": "L830741098 MONKEYNASTIX JOHANNESBURG SOUTH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37112, "text": "L830741080 C4K TRUST"}, {"id": 37111, "text": "L830740322 UMTHOMBO WESIZWE COMMUNITY YOUTH CENTRE"}, {"id": 37110, "text": "L830739274 WYRICAMA CC"}, {"id": 37109, "text": "L830739092 VISSER"}, {"id": 37108, "text": "L830739050 BOHLABELA STUDY CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37107, "text": "L830738599 KVALSVIG"}, {"id": 37106, "text": "L830737971 LEWISHAM PRIMARY"}, {"id": 37105, "text": "L830737286 SHANE ENGLISH SCHOOL SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37104, "text": "L830737211 BLUE JAYS BED AND BREAKFAST CC"}, {"id": 37103, "text": "L830736577 THE FW DE KLERK FOUNDATION TRUST"}, {"id": 37102, "text": "L830736312 SUPER TUTOR COLLEGE"}, {"id": 37101, "text": "L830735314 DEO GLORIA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37100, "text": "L830734820 ELIZABETH SIMPSON CC"}, {"id": 37099, "text": "L830734374 T BACKHOUSE L BARTLET"}, {"id": 37098, "text": "L830733822 SPADES YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AGENCY"}, {"id": 37097, "text": "L830733525 UITENHAGE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37096, "text": "L830733350 DR YUSUF DADOO PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37095, "text": "L830732683 VLEISOPLEIDING SENTRUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37094, "text": "L830732667 SA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OFEDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37093, "text": "L830731610 KAIROS EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 37092, "text": "L830731214 KENSINGTON HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37091, "text": "L830731198 ELDORAIGNE NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37090, "text": "L830730687 LEMS EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENTASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 37089, "text": "L830730562 BHOORA"}, {"id": 37088, "text": "L830730307 MAYO"}, {"id": 37087, "text": "L830729911 LAERSKOOL GENERAAL JACQUES PIENAAR"}, {"id": 37086, "text": "L830728731 EBEN DONGES PRIMERE SKOOL BOTHAVIL-LE"}, {"id": 37085, "text": "L830728665 GAIA RESEARCH CC"}, {"id": 37084, "text": "L830727956 LINPARK HIGH SCHOOL HOSTEL"}, {"id": 37083, "text": "L830727162 JAMEAH MAHMOODIAH TRUST"}, {"id": 37082, "text": "L830725760 EAST LONDON SCHOOL BORARD"}, {"id": 37081, "text": "L830725471 ECUMENICAL SERVICE FOR SOCIO -ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION"}, {"id": 37080, "text": "L830725331 WILMAINE CC - SPROKIELANDKLEUTERS KOOL"}, {"id": 37079, "text": "L830724896 BUSINESS EXCELLENCE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 37078, "text": "L830724235 COMPETITIVE CAPABILITIES INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37077, "text": "L830723252 LAERSKOOL BETSIE VERWOERD"}, {"id": 37076, "text": "L830722296 STAR SCHOOLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37075, "text": "L830722221 STUDY LEARN"}, {"id": 37074, "text": "L830721942 SACRED HEART COLLEGE CASUAL"}, {"id": 37073, "text": "L830720977 NORTHCLIFF SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37072, "text": "L830720258 LINKSFIELD SENDERWOOD HEBREW"}, {"id": 37071, "text": "L830719946 JHB COLLEGE OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 37070, "text": "L830719342 GEM EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 37069, "text": "L830717023 NORKEM PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37068, "text": "L830715654 BENONI JUNIOR PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 37067, "text": "L830714269 DOLLIE SERFONTEIN PRE-PRIMERE"}, {"id": 37066, "text": "L830714152 H S VOLKSRUST"}, {"id": 37065, "text": "L830714103 WELLSPRING MINISTRIES"}, {"id": 37064, "text": "L830713782 VAN HEERDEN T A ALJANDER KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 37063, "text": "L830713279 ST PETERS"}, {"id": 37062, "text": "L830713170 SAVF WONDERBOOM-SUID PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 37061, "text": "L830713113 KLEUTERSKOOL RINKEL-KRINKEL"}, {"id": 37060, "text": "L830712933 PROFESSIONAL AID TO LEARNING"}, {"id": 37059, "text": "L830712834 SOUTH AFRICAN COLLEGE FOR TEACHER EDUCATION"}, {"id": 37058, "text": "L830712156 ERASMIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37057, "text": "L830711950 CENTRAL ISLAMIC SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37056, "text": "L830711570 TEOLOGIESE SKOOL EIENDOM"}, {"id": 37055, "text": "L830711513 RECH S NURSERIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37054, "text": "L830710861 VAN NIEKERK"}, {"id": 37053, "text": "L830710648 VIRGINIA VOLKSKOOL"}, {"id": 37052, "text": "L830710275 TSWELLANG SKOOL VIR FISIES"}, {"id": 37051, "text": "L830709988 HAASBEKKIES PRE-PRIMERE"}, {"id": 37050, "text": "L830709525 MOOI RIVER PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37049, "text": "L830709392 IXOPO HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37048, "text": "L830709251 DEUTSCHE SCHULE HERMANNSBURG"}, {"id": 37047, "text": "L830709202 CARTER HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS COMMITTEE"}, {"id": 37046, "text": "L830708089 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 37045, "text": "L830706422 HOERSKOOL KNYSNA"}, {"id": 37044, "text": "L830706273 LAERSKOOL SWELLENDAM"}, {"id": 37043, "text": "L830706216 MAG OPLEIDING SENTRUM"}, {"id": 37042, "text": "L830705101 LAERSKOOL LIME ACRES"}, {"id": 37041, "text": "L830705051 HOERSKOOL KEIMOES"}, {"id": 37040, "text": "L830703908 SA COLLEGE SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 37039, "text": "L830702926 CAPE EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 37038, "text": "L830702876 DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN KAPSTADT"}, {"id": 37037, "text": "L830701498 PRIMERE SKOOL GORDONSBAAI"}, {"id": 37036, "text": "L830701456 FOUNDATION FOR CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH"}, {"id": 37035, "text": "L820794065 LITTLE LAMBS PRE SCHOOL AND DAYCARE"}, {"id": 37034, "text": "L820793570 MSC CORPORATE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37033, "text": "L820792952 CONVEXUM TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 37032, "text": "L820792390 CALEDON PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 37031, "text": "L820792333 BOTSHELO-BOTLHALE EVENTS COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37030, "text": "L820791947 BEERTJIELAND DAGSORG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37029, "text": "L820789685 LIVE AND LEARN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 37028, "text": "L820789297 CALOUZEL TRADING 54 CC"}, {"id": 37027, "text": "L820787572 HIBISCUS SKILLS CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 37026, "text": "L820787507 FOUNDATION FOR INTEGRATED ENTREPRENEUR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 37025, "text": "L820786657 DR VAN DER MERWE INCORPORATED"}, {"id": 37024, "text": "L820786244 ELANGENI TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37023, "text": "L820785568 THE FOUNDATION OF SCHOOL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 37022, "text": "L820785048 IZAZI DX CC"}, {"id": 37021, "text": "L820784314 BAMBOO BRIDGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37020, "text": "L820782474 CENTRAL COMPETENT CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37019, "text": "L820782458 PRETORIA NOORD KLEUTER AKADEMIE CC"}, {"id": 37018, "text": "L820782383 MATZOPOULOS"}, {"id": 37017, "text": "L820780841 ASPELING"}, {"id": 37016, "text": "L820779728 NORTHCLIFF MUSJID AND MADRESSA TRUST"}, {"id": 37015, "text": "L820779181 UNDIMART PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37014, "text": "L820777458 MICROMATICA 857"}, {"id": 37013, "text": "L820777201 LEARNING STRATEGIES INTERNATIONALTRUST"}, {"id": 37012, "text": "L820775197 GN ENGELBRECHT"}, {"id": 37011, "text": "L820774208 CURRENT AID TRADE AND INVEST PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37010, "text": "L820773051 MATALISI TRADING"}, {"id": 37009, "text": "L820771824 RUMARCH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 37008, "text": "L820769760 SUCCESS CHRISTIAN TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 37007, "text": "L820763730 LAPALALA WILDERNESS SCHOOL NPC "}, {"id": 37006, "text": "L820762666 SOUTHERN AFRICAN MEDIA TRAININGTRUST"}, {"id": 37005, "text": "L820762237 MSC EDUCATION HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37004, "text": "L820760637 DINGAAN MOGONWE HUMAN RESOURCEDYNAMICS"}, {"id": 37003, "text": "L820759746 BATHOPELE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 37002, "text": "L820757732 CLASSMART PTY LTD"}, {"id": 37001, "text": "L820757468 INTERLINK TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 37000, "text": "L820756874 MEMORY INSTITUTE CAPE CC"}, {"id": 36999, "text": "L820755330 NORTH WESTERN COMMERCIAL AND AUTOCC"}, {"id": 36998, "text": "L820754788 LEFIKA LA PHODISO:THE ART THERAPY CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 36997, "text": "L820754275 LEMAR INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36996, "text": "L820753939 REBAONE HEALTH CARE TRAINING"}, {"id": 36995, "text": "L820752600 DEARLOVE"}, {"id": 36994, "text": "L820751727 SANGQU"}, {"id": 36993, "text": "L820751164 LESELE FASHION DESIGNING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36992, "text": "L820750919 MASEBAPALE RESOURCES"}, {"id": 36991, "text": "L820750810 GLADYS PIKELWA MAKAPELA"}, {"id": 36990, "text": "L820750513 NOLUSINDISO MBOLOMPO"}, {"id": 36989, "text": "L820750315 PUMELA MRWETYANA"}, {"id": 36988, "text": "L820750265 VUYOKAZI TYENTE"}, {"id": 36987, "text": "L820749234 WAVELENGTHS 1330 CC"}, {"id": 36986, "text": "L820749176 GENERIC SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36985, "text": "L820748640 AFRICA SCHOOL OF MISSIONS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED UNDER SECTION 21 "}, {"id": 36984, "text": "L820748426 AFRICERT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36983, "text": "L820748046 KLEUTERSKOOL WOEL WERKSKAF"}, {"id": 36982, "text": "L820746891 DIE BEHEERLIGGAAM VAN KWAGGASRANDSKOOL"}, {"id": 36981, "text": "L820746396 ECLIPSE ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND NO1PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36980, "text": "L820746065 NCEDO XHALA"}, {"id": 36979, "text": "L820745935 HEXAGON HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36978, "text": "L820745703 SAGE"}, {"id": 36977, "text": "L820744755 TODANI"}, {"id": 36976, "text": "L820744326 SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT TRADE UNION"}, {"id": 36975, "text": "L820743476 LAERSKOOL OHRIGSTAD"}, {"id": 36974, "text": "L820743005 PIKKIES EN PEUTERS KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 36973, "text": "L820742668 GRASSY PARK COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36972, "text": "L820740175 TEMBA COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36971, "text": "L820740126 KLITZKE AND BRAUN DANCE STUDIOS CC"}, {"id": 36970, "text": "L820739995 GOEIE HOOP PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36969, "text": "L820739888 WONDERSPRUIT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36968, "text": "L820739714 PRIMERIO TRADING CC"}, {"id": 36967, "text": "L820739466 WESTWOOD STRANDFONTEIN COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36966, "text": "L820738518 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL WELKOM"}, {"id": 36965, "text": "L820738161 EDUCATRAIN DEVELOPMENTS CC"}, {"id": 36964, "text": "L820737981 R A ENGAR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36963, "text": "L820737965 ST MARY S PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36962, "text": "L820737858 GEYER"}, {"id": 36961, "text": "L820737841 CVS COLLEGES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36960, "text": "L820737130 UNITED CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH MANTHE "}, {"id": 36959, "text": "L820735605 KWAZULU-NATAL MIDLANDS TECHNICALCOLLEGE"}, {"id": 36958, "text": "L820735332 MIDDELBURG HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36957, "text": "L820734921 ASSEMBLIES OF GOD GIYANI DISTRICT ."}, {"id": 36956, "text": "L820734806 HOERSKOOL PIONIER"}, {"id": 36955, "text": "L820734699 TWIN EDUCATION CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36954, "text": "L820733568 PEAR SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36953, "text": "L820733436 KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE"}, {"id": 36952, "text": "L820733261 NATURES BEST INVESTMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36951, "text": "L820733014 SILVERTON TRAINING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36950, "text": "L820733006 BREDENKAMP"}, {"id": 36949, "text": "L820732768 SHAND"}, {"id": 36948, "text": "L820732412 LAERSKOOL DERDEPOORT"}, {"id": 36947, "text": "L820732339 HORSKOOL FICHARDTPARK"}, {"id": 36946, "text": "L820732305 CAMELOT AFRIQUE CC"}, {"id": 36945, "text": "L820731398 LAERSKOOL POSTMASBURG"}, {"id": 36944, "text": "L820731158 DRAKENSBERG PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36943, "text": "L820730598 MKUZE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36942, "text": "L820730556 J.G. DE VOS OPVOEDKUNDIGE TRUST"}, {"id": 36941, "text": "L820730424 LESTERKIDS COMPUTER TUITION CC"}, {"id": 36940, "text": "L820730218 ENOCH NURSERY CC"}, {"id": 36939, "text": "L820730184 NAPTOSA EASTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 36938, "text": "L820730036 LAERSKOOL GRASKOP"}, {"id": 36937, "text": "L820729764 LAERSKOOL PRETORIA-OOS NASKOOL-SEN-TRUM"}, {"id": 36936, "text": "L820729715 COMPUTHINK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36935, "text": "L820729335 HOER LANDBOUSKOOL OAKDALE"}, {"id": 36934, "text": "L820728139 DAB-DANCE SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36933, "text": "L820727966 MABEL"}, {"id": 36932, "text": "L820727578 M L SULTAN TECHNIKON"}, {"id": 36931, "text": "L820727404 154 PARTY GALORE CC"}, {"id": 36930, "text": "L820726885 SOUTH AFRICAN HEALTH PUBLICSERVICE WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 36929, "text": "L820725416 PRESTIGE ONDERRIG SENTRUM"}, {"id": 36928, "text": "L820725028 ST AUGUSTINE RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36927, "text": "L820724419 Optimi Workplace Pyt Ltd"}, {"id": 36926, "text": "L820724054 ADELAIDE GIMNASIUM"}, {"id": 36925, "text": "L820723668 WHIZZ KIDS"}, {"id": 36924, "text": "L820723593 PETRUCCI"}, {"id": 36923, "text": "L820723171 VOLLE EVANGELIE KERK"}, {"id": 36922, "text": "L820722892 WESTMINISTER COLLEGE OF"}, {"id": 36921, "text": "L820722215 THE SOCIETY FOR LANGUAGE AND HEARING IMPAIRED CHILDREN"}, {"id": 36920, "text": "L820721720 ROSEBANK SCHOOL - SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36919, "text": "L820721241 PARKHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36918, "text": "L820720383 LUCKY DUCK PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36917, "text": "L820719765 INST OF MATERIAL HANDLING"}, {"id": 36916, "text": "L820718130 THE BUBBLE SHOP-ROSEBANK"}, {"id": 36915, "text": "L820717231 SAFE AND SOUND LEARNING ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36914, "text": "L820716951 LAERSKOOL ORION"}, {"id": 36913, "text": "L820716589 EAST RAND CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 36912, "text": "L820716142 WONDERWATER"}, {"id": 36911, "text": "L820714899 BARBERTON NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36910, "text": "L820714519 SUNCREST HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36909, "text": "L820713560 H SKOOL WARMBAD"}, {"id": 36908, "text": "L820713255 SUTHERLAND HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36907, "text": "L820712588 LAERSKOOL QUEENSWOOD"}, {"id": 36906, "text": "L820712356 HILLVIEW HIGH SCHOOL-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36905, "text": "L820712349 VAN NIEKERK"}, {"id": 36904, "text": "L820712331 HAMILTON AFTER SCHOOL CENTRE"}, {"id": 36903, "text": "L820710988 ACADEMY OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 36902, "text": "L820710962 LAERSKOOL WILDEHONDEPAN"}, {"id": 36901, "text": "L820710335 BLIKOORTJIES OVV KLEUTER"}, {"id": 36900, "text": "L820709709 ST GREGORY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36899, "text": "L820709444 LITTLE VIOLETS NURSERY"}, {"id": 36898, "text": "L820708982 VIRGINIA PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36897, "text": "L820707950 MELMOTH PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36896, "text": "L820707638 ARNOTT"}, {"id": 36895, "text": "L820706424 HOERSKOOL OUDTSHOORN"}, {"id": 36894, "text": "L820705855 ST JOSEPHS RC P SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36893, "text": "L820705640 LAERSKOOL UNIE"}, {"id": 36892, "text": "L820705533 GOVERNING BODY ADELAIDE"}, {"id": 36891, "text": "L820705475 1820 FOUNDATION TEMPORY"}, {"id": 36890, "text": "L820705103 LAERSKOOL MAREETSANE"}, {"id": 36889, "text": "L820704601 HOERSKOOL UGIE"}, {"id": 36888, "text": "L820704551 HOERSKOOL DE VOS MALAN"}, {"id": 36887, "text": "L820704114 COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 36886, "text": "L820703181 HOLY CROSS CONVENT DAY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36885, "text": "L820702530 BERGVLIET PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36884, "text": "L820701755 MATHS CENTRE"}, {"id": 36883, "text": "L820701078 LAERSKOOL AKASIAPARK"}, {"id": 36882, "text": "L810794539 BUMBLE BEE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36881, "text": "L810794398 MORENA KE LETHABO TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36880, "text": "L810794224 SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SYSTEM"}, {"id": 36879, "text": "L810793549 XL EDUCATION"}, {"id": 36878, "text": "L810792376 THESSO TRAINING INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 36877, "text": "L810792194 ORANGE HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36876, "text": "L810791956 MODISE MOGOTSI COMMUNICATION CC"}, {"id": 36875, "text": "L810791618 FRIENDS OF DESIGN-BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36874, "text": "L810790826 WATERSTON"}, {"id": 36873, "text": "L810789703 UBAIDUL TRADING"}, {"id": 36872, "text": "L810789430 TOPO CLASS TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 36871, "text": "L810788739 BRIGHT IDEA PROJECTS 2660 CC"}, {"id": 36870, "text": "L810786261 SPESALIGN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36869, "text": "L810782856 CLEANERS TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36868, "text": "L810781411 EL KING PRIMARY"}, {"id": 36867, "text": "L810781304 LOGINEDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36866, "text": "L810780959 EXPERI-MAATJIES CC"}, {"id": 36865, "text": "L810777955 STANFORD PROGRAMME CAPE TOWN "}, {"id": 36864, "text": "L810777906 ARMOUR FOUNDATION LEARNER INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 36863, "text": "L810775819 ACTIVELY EDUCATING FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 36862, "text": "L810771065 IMPACT TUTORIAL CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 36861, "text": "L810770562 IKAPA DANCE THEATRE PRODUCTIONS"}, {"id": 36860, "text": "L810770497 HODELA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36859, "text": "L810769895 PG TEST SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36858, "text": "L810762171 GREENFIELDS INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36857, "text": "L810761421 EBENEZER COMMUNITY EDUCARE"}, {"id": 36856, "text": "L810761348 EAST COAST TRADING 10 CC"}, {"id": 36855, "text": "L810760555 REDDAM PROPERTY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36854, "text": "L810759169 EDUTEL WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36853, "text": "L810758914 QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVE TRAININGSOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 36852, "text": "L810758898 NGCETSHEZA TRAINING AND CONTRACTINGSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36851, "text": "L810758161 SPEED TRACK TRADING 2083 CC"}, {"id": 36850, "text": "L810757866 ZIPHOZETHU COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 36849, "text": "L810757411 RIVERWALK TRADING 151 CC"}, {"id": 36848, "text": "L810755845 3 DEGREE CLINICAL RESEARCH AND CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36847, "text": "L810755712 MOGANO"}, {"id": 36846, "text": "L810755431 ATHERFOLD"}, {"id": 36845, "text": "L810754947 ALEYAMMA THOMAS"}, {"id": 36844, "text": "L810754517 WHITTALL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTCC"}, {"id": 36843, "text": "L810754079 WOMEN ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36842, "text": "L810754020 KHONDLO SKILLS DEVELOPERS AND CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 36841, "text": "L810753402 FUNDA GAHLE TRAINING AND CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 36840, "text": "L810752958 DIEPEVEEN"}, {"id": 36839, "text": "L810752685 ZICEBISE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36838, "text": "L810751109 LMM TRANING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36837, "text": "L810750820 AFRICA COMMUNITY PROJECTS"}, {"id": 36836, "text": "L810750770 EXECUTIVE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36835, "text": "L810750754 GRS CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 36834, "text": "L810750291 ELLEN N MABANDLA"}, {"id": 36833, "text": "L810750275 QIKWA"}, {"id": 36832, "text": "L810750234 LLOYD S HOSPITALITY TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 36831, "text": "L810749442 DOUGLAS CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 36830, "text": "L810749194 PINK"}, {"id": 36829, "text": "L810748741 BELLINDA HARRIS EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 36828, "text": "L810748469 NON LINEAR INNOVATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36827, "text": "L810747032 MONTESSORI COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36826, "text": "L810746893 PANDA PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36825, "text": "L810746554 MATHNET BK"}, {"id": 36824, "text": "L810746539 CHEMBE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCYAS INCORPORATED UNDER SECTION 21"}, {"id": 36823, "text": "L810745838 MOHOLOWAGAE"}, {"id": 36822, "text": "L810745721 P AND T TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36821, "text": "L810745598 WELGEMOED KUNSTESKOOL MUSIEKTEATERBK"}, {"id": 36820, "text": "L810745457 TAMASA TRADING 383 CC"}, {"id": 36819, "text": "L810744732 WEST COAST COMMUNITY HIV-AIDS INITIATIVE NPC"}, {"id": 36818, "text": "L810744203 DIBANISANE ARTS AND CRAFTS"}, {"id": 36817, "text": "L810743155 CENTRE FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36816, "text": "L810742959 PRIMERE SKOOL IRISTA"}, {"id": 36815, "text": "L810742942 KIMBERLEY HIGH SCHOOL DEVELOPMENTTRUST"}, {"id": 36814, "text": "L810742900 MARINE AND ESTUARINE RESEARCH CC"}, {"id": 36813, "text": "L810742397 SCHOEMAN"}, {"id": 36812, "text": "L810741787 UND DISTANCE LEARNING ACCOUNTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36811, "text": "L810740573 EMMANUEL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36810, "text": "L810740300 KAREEBOUTER SPEELSKOOL"}, {"id": 36809, "text": "L810740128 SPRACHZENTRUM FUR DEUTSCH KAPSTADT CC"}, {"id": 36808, "text": "L810739310 TZANEEN MUSLIM ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36807, "text": "L810739070 HOERSKOOL CALVINIA"}, {"id": 36806, "text": "L810738809 SIMONDIUM VOLWASSE ONDERWYSSENTRUM"}, {"id": 36805, "text": "L810738536 DURBAN GIRL S SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36804, "text": "L810738312 RHIJNSBURG PUBLISHERS"}, {"id": 36803, "text": "L810738262 SOETFONTEIN RURAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36802, "text": "L810738106 UNICO PROVIDENT FUND"}, {"id": 36801, "text": "L810737983 HILLGROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36800, "text": "L810737603 ZANDVLIET HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36799, "text": "L810736779 SOUTH AFRICA TEACHER DEV PROJECT"}, {"id": 36798, "text": "L810736480 WATERBERG HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36797, "text": "L810735748 MUSIEKSENTRUM HUGO LAMBRECHTS"}, {"id": 36796, "text": "L810735334 SFP TRADE SALES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36795, "text": "L810735136 NOKUTHULA DUBE AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 36794, "text": "L810734881 BOSMONT MUSLIM SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 36793, "text": "L810734592 JFS ADVISORS CC"}, {"id": 36792, "text": "L810734337 XTRAPROPS 120 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36791, "text": "L810734139 PAARLZICHT PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36790, "text": "L810733651 DE ROOY"}, {"id": 36789, "text": "L810733602 SACS JUNIOR SCHOOL PTA"}, {"id": 36788, "text": "L810733529 CURRO SKOOLTRUST"}, {"id": 36787, "text": "L810732943 PELINDABA SKILLS INSTITUTE TRUST"}, {"id": 36786, "text": "L810732927 J AND B ELLIOT TRUST"}, {"id": 36785, "text": "L810732695 KLEINE EINSTEIN KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 36784, "text": "L810732448 EDU-ON-LINE CC"}, {"id": 36783, "text": "L810732422 CLAYTON TIMMS CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 36782, "text": "L810732323 PA THERON LAERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36781, "text": "L810732083 WITTEBERG SEKONDERRE SKOOLFONDS"}, {"id": 36780, "text": "L810731978 HOERSKOOL GORDON BESTUURSLIGGAAM"}, {"id": 36779, "text": "L810731374 HOERSKOOL NAMAKWALAND"}, {"id": 36778, "text": "L810731077 MERRIESPRUIT PRIMERE SKOOL VIRGINIA"}, {"id": 36777, "text": "L810731051 MHAKA PUBLIC PHONES CC"}, {"id": 36776, "text": "L810730400 URBAN DYNAMICS SOUTH CAPE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36775, "text": "L810729915 THE COTSWOLD MONTESSORI PRE SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36774, "text": "L810729790 HOERSKOOL WILGERIVIER FRANKFORT"}, {"id": 36773, "text": "L810729170 CMV INVESTMENTS SIX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36772, "text": "L810728941 KENGO CC"}, {"id": 36771, "text": "L810728719 NTSOANATSATSI EDUCARE TRUST"}, {"id": 36770, "text": "L810728339 VAN DER NEST"}, {"id": 36769, "text": "L810727877 IPELEGENG YOUTH DEVELOPMENTPROGRAMME"}, {"id": 36768, "text": "L810726309 R SANTOS CLOTHING CC"}, {"id": 36767, "text": "L810725822 SUID-AFRIKAANSE ONDERWYSERUNIE"}, {"id": 36766, "text": "L810725228 EASTERN CAPE TECHNIKON"}, {"id": 36765, "text": "L810723843 HILLVIEW HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36764, "text": "L810723801 THE EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 36763, "text": "L810723587 RAND PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36762, "text": "L810723132 LAERSKOOL A G VISSER"}, {"id": 36761, "text": "L810721821 Stephanie Stylianou"}, {"id": 36760, "text": "L810721508 THE RIDGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36759, "text": "L810721276 PERFORMANCE MARKETING"}, {"id": 36758, "text": "L810718397 CO OPERATIVE FOR RESEARCH "}, {"id": 36757, "text": "L810717332 TERSIA KING LEARNING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36756, "text": "L810717019 NODDY S CRECHE EDENVALE CC"}, {"id": 36755, "text": "L810716342 BEDFORDVIEW NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36754, "text": "L810716128 SUNWARD AFTER SCHOOL CENTRE"}, {"id": 36753, "text": "L810715666 CHANAN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36752, "text": "L810714131 SANTIE ZIETSMAN KLEUTERSKOOL EN DAGVERSORGINGS-OORD"}, {"id": 36751, "text": "L810714099 LAERSKOOL ORANJEGLOED"}, {"id": 36750, "text": "L810713950 LAERSKOOL AMSTERDAM"}, {"id": 36749, "text": "L810713539 VAN STADEN"}, {"id": 36748, "text": "L810713190 SAPS COLLEGE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 36747, "text": "L810712853 H SKOOL OOS-MOOT"}, {"id": 36746, "text": "L810712549 LORETO CONVENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36745, "text": "L810711020 LAERSKOOL ELDORADO"}, {"id": 36744, "text": "L810710998 LAERSKOOL BEKKER"}, {"id": 36743, "text": "L810710808 LAERSKOOL ROOSHEUWEL"}, {"id": 36742, "text": "L810710311 WILLOWS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36741, "text": "L810709081 WORKERS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36740, "text": "L810708315 PINETOWN BOYS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36739, "text": "L810708307 PINETOWN GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36738, "text": "L810706194 LAERSKOOL KOO"}, {"id": 36737, "text": "L810705535 GRAHAMSTOWN TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36736, "text": "L810705105 LAERSKOOL EUREKA"}, {"id": 36735, "text": "L810704751 SELBORNE PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 36734, "text": "L810704587 KIDDS BEACH PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36733, "text": "L810703589 MUIZENBERG JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36732, "text": "L810702532 BEACON VALLEY EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 36731, "text": "L800794507 AKADEMOS INSTITUTE OF TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36730, "text": "L800793327 THE EQUINOX TRUST"}, {"id": 36729, "text": "L800792196 LEBOGANG DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36728, "text": "L800791214 CHESTERHOUSE SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36727, "text": "L800788079 NORCAZ PROMOTIONS CC"}, {"id": 36726, "text": "L800787071 KIDS ZONE KLEUTERAKADEMIE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36725, "text": "L800786990 AL-HUSNA INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 36724, "text": "L800785885 REATA SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36723, "text": "L800784219 INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND STRATEGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36722, "text": "L800783666 PWGL SPORTS EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36721, "text": "L800781108 UPWARD SPIRAL TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36720, "text": "L800780019 RIKONISE HOME BASED CARE"}, {"id": 36719, "text": "L800779151 SAINT STITHIANS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36718, "text": "L800775480 BRIDGE INNOVATION IN LEARNING ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 36717, "text": "L800775142 SCHOOL OF MERIT CC"}, {"id": 36716, "text": "L800773162 SELCOURT PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 36715, "text": "L800770804 KEETILEAFRIKA TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 36714, "text": "L800767032 ELMOORE BK"}, {"id": 36713, "text": "L800764930 PROFESSIONAL CV ZONE CC"}, {"id": 36712, "text": "L800764724 INDEPENDENT QUALITY ASSURANCE AGENCY"}, {"id": 36711, "text": "L800764088 TGM CLINIC"}, {"id": 36710, "text": "L800764062 Academy Training Group"}, {"id": 36709, "text": "L800763890 UMFUNDI TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36708, "text": "L800763080 THE EAST LONDON INSTITUTE FORLEADERSHIP ADVANCEMENT AND DEV"}, {"id": 36707, "text": "L800761696 SUNSET MEWS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36706, "text": "L800760078 G AND H EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION"}, {"id": 36705, "text": "L800759781 TS READING CC"}, {"id": 36704, "text": "L800759724 JOUBERT"}, {"id": 36703, "text": "L800759633 DAVA DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 36702, "text": "L800756027 LATTITA SKILLS SERVICES"}, {"id": 36701, "text": "L800755532 KANAAN REKENAARGESTEUNDE ONDERRIG"}, {"id": 36700, "text": "L800754592 MC MULLEN"}, {"id": 36699, "text": "L800753545 DIRECTFIN TRAINING SOLUTIONS PROPRIETARY LIMITED"}, {"id": 36698, "text": "L800752646 ZUKISWA MDODANA"}, {"id": 36697, "text": "L800752315 KHANIMAMBA TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 36696, "text": "L800751721 NOZIQHAMO CONSTANTIA HANGE"}, {"id": 36695, "text": "L800751556 PERSPEKTIEF IN MENSWEES BK"}, {"id": 36694, "text": "L800750384 MAQHOBOZA CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 36693, "text": "L800750251 NTIBANE"}, {"id": 36692, "text": "L800750152 MISA SAMU"}, {"id": 36691, "text": "L800749717 SIKELELE COMMUNITY CO-ORDINATION CC"}, {"id": 36690, "text": "L800749113 The Matthew Goniwe School Of Leadership And Governance"}, {"id": 36689, "text": "L800748974 ND TECHNOLOGY CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 36688, "text": "L800747901 THOHOYANDOU NURSING SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36687, "text": "L800747463 SAMUKHO PROPERTY TRUST"}, {"id": 36686, "text": "L800747075 WHIZZ KIDZ SPECIAL NEEDS CENTRE"}, {"id": 36685, "text": "L800744791 BEAM SUN PROJECTS TRAINING CENTRE INTERNATIONALLY"}, {"id": 36684, "text": "L800744692 MNDAI"}, {"id": 36683, "text": "L800744452 GERRIE MERING SKOOLGEREEDSHEID SENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 36682, "text": "L800744007 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGERS ASSOCIATES TRAINING MARKETING CONS"}, {"id": 36681, "text": "L800743785 KARENA COETZER NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36680, "text": "L800743496 KRAAINES KLEUTERSKOOL CC"}, {"id": 36679, "text": "L800743462 DINAX TECHNOLOGIES CC"}, {"id": 36678, "text": "L800742746 MERCY MONTESSORI AFRICA TRAININGCENTRE CC"}, {"id": 36677, "text": "L800741649 FRANSCHHOEK BELGIAN DEVELOPMENTTRUST"}, {"id": 36676, "text": "L800741482 TUTORS ONE 2 ONE CC"}, {"id": 36675, "text": "L800741110 APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION OF SOUTH AFRICA CASINO ASSEMBLY"}, {"id": 36674, "text": "L800740732 BET-EL SCHOOL FOR EPILEPTICI"}, {"id": 36673, "text": "L800740237 SWART"}, {"id": 36672, "text": "L800739270 THE TRAFFIC SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36671, "text": "L800739098 QUANTUM COMBINED INDEPENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36670, "text": "L800739064 AFRICAN WILDLIFE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 36669, "text": "L800738488 LABUSCHAGNE"}, {"id": 36668, "text": "L800738256 CRC KINGSWORD ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36667, "text": "L800735831 THE EMPLOYEES LABOUR ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36666, "text": "L800735641 DE JAGER"}, {"id": 36665, "text": "L800735294 FROM FOETUS TO GENIUS CC"}, {"id": 36664, "text": "L800735229 FNS ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 36663, "text": "L800735062 PDK TRAINING DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36662, "text": "L800734065 LATTER"}, {"id": 36661, "text": "L800733976 ANCOR EQUITY TRAINING PACKAGES CC"}, {"id": 36660, "text": "L800732556 RAINBOW SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 36659, "text": "L800732416 ICESA CITY CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36658, "text": "L800731897 JIM JOEL EDUCATION TRAINING FUND"}, {"id": 36657, "text": "L800731756 GAUTENG INSTITUTE FOR CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT GICD"}, {"id": 36656, "text": "L800731707 BOUNCING BUBBLES DALVIEW NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36655, "text": "L800731186 Newton Technical High School"}, {"id": 36654, "text": "L800730584 LAERSKOOL GAFFIE MAREE"}, {"id": 36653, "text": "L800730451 CHRISTIAN MENS ASSOCIATION JOT MINISTRY"}, {"id": 36652, "text": "L800728943 STANFORD LAKE COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 36651, "text": "L800728901 STARLITE TRACKING COMMUNICATIONCC"}, {"id": 36650, "text": "L800728471 PIETERSBURG BUSINESS COLLEGE BK"}, {"id": 36649, "text": "L800728273 AKADEMIE REFORMIA"}, {"id": 36648, "text": "L800727879 SUSCA WATTS ACADEMY FOR ADVANCED BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY CC"}, {"id": 36647, "text": "L800727010 HOER MEISIESKOOL PAARL"}, {"id": 36646, "text": "L800726962 MAIDSTONE PRIMARY SCHOOL GOVERNER BODY"}, {"id": 36645, "text": "L800726947 NTATAISE NORTHERN PROV FARANI"}, {"id": 36644, "text": "L800726764 ELIJAH BARAYI MEMORIAL TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36643, "text": "L800726590 THE PORT ELIZABETH MONTESSORI SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36642, "text": "L800726558 PRIVAATSKOOL SIMOND"}, {"id": 36641, "text": "L800726517 Denise Krizek"}, {"id": 36640, "text": "L800724785 ERF 1154 PIETERSBURG BK"}, {"id": 36639, "text": "L800724058 BUTLER"}, {"id": 36638, "text": "L800723480 JUBILEE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36637, "text": "L800722862 IMAGE EXCELLENCE PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36636, "text": "L800722235 CHARLES STEWART MOTT"}, {"id": 36635, "text": "L800722177 SOUTH AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC TEACHERS UNION"}, {"id": 36634, "text": "L800720742 MOTOR IND STAFF ASSOC HEAD"}, {"id": 36633, "text": "L800720478 MIDRAND PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36632, "text": "L800719918 JEPPE HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS"}, {"id": 36631, "text": "L800719249 FOREST HIGH SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY"}, {"id": 36630, "text": "L800719058 FAIRYLAND NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36629, "text": "L800718357 CROWN GARDENS RECREATION"}, {"id": 36628, "text": "L800717755 A Y TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36627, "text": "L800717466 ACADEMY TORATH EMETH"}, {"id": 36626, "text": "L800717169 RELAY SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY CC"}, {"id": 36625, "text": "L800717052 PEN HASLAM NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36624, "text": "L800716377 BEDFORDVIEW CHRISTIAN COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36623, "text": "L800715858 SME SPECIALISED MATHS EDUCACATION COLLEGE OF MATHS 2000 CC"}, {"id": 36622, "text": "L800714125 L S STANDERTON"}, {"id": 36621, "text": "L800713929 STRUBENVALE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36620, "text": "L800713655 DE BEER"}, {"id": 36619, "text": "L800713192 SAP HONDESKOOL ONDEROFFISIERS"}, {"id": 36618, "text": "L800713093 RINKINKIE KLEUTERSKOOL EN"}, {"id": 36617, "text": "L800712889 PUNCH JUDY NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36616, "text": "L800712574 LAERSKOOL VALHALLA"}, {"id": 36615, "text": "L800712392 IRENE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36614, "text": "L800711386 LAERSKOOL ALMA"}, {"id": 36613, "text": "L800711113 PREPRIMERE SKOOL SUIKERBOS-"}, {"id": 36612, "text": "L800710677 PRE-PRIMERESKOOL ASJASSIES"}, {"id": 36611, "text": "L800709687 SCOTTSVILLE PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 36610, "text": "L800709018 WINSTON PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36609, "text": "L800708770 STUDENT YMCA"}, {"id": 36608, "text": "L800708390 QUEENSBURGH HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36607, "text": "L800707186 DOLPHIN COAST PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 36606, "text": "L800706998 CLARE ELLIS BROWN PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36605, "text": "L800706964 CHILD EDUCARE TRAINING"}, {"id": 36604, "text": "L800706212 LAERSKOOL MONTAGU"}, {"id": 36603, "text": "L800705792 PORT ALFRED HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36602, "text": "L800705644 LAERSKOOL NEWTON PARK"}, {"id": 36601, "text": "L800705073 KIMBERLEY GIRL S HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36600, "text": "L800704548 WINTERBERG AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36599, "text": "L800704068 SUID AFRIKAANSE ONDERWYSERSUNIE"}, {"id": 36598, "text": "L800703631 NETWORK FOR HUMAN SCALE DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36597, "text": "L800703185 THE HILL PRE - PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36596, "text": "L800701635 HEUNIS"}, {"id": 36595, "text": "L800701148 BESTUURSLIGGAAM H SKOOL"}, {"id": 36594, "text": "L790794327 TECHNOINTERACTIVE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36593, "text": "L790792255 NORTHMEAD EDUCATIONAL CENTRE"}, {"id": 36592, "text": "L790791521 BRITZ"}, {"id": 36591, "text": "L790790952 FLOW ADVISORY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36590, "text": "L790790275 GCC"}, {"id": 36589, "text": "L790789020 HEALTH INFO-MATRIX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36588, "text": "L790788063 FIRST FRIENDS NURSERY SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36587, "text": "L790786513 THE RAPHAELI WALDORF SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36586, "text": "L790785630 A5 COMPETENCE EVOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36585, "text": "L790784807 Institute of Sport Education and Training"}, {"id": 36584, "text": "L790783460 JOOSTE"}, {"id": 36583, "text": "L790778270 SARYNA ONE STOP KIDDI CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36582, "text": "L790778015 NB TRAINING ACADEMY AND ACCOUNTINGEXCELLENCE CC"}, {"id": 36581, "text": "L790776423 NOOITGEDACHT NRSERY SCOOL CC"}, {"id": 36580, "text": "L790775177 UNIVERSITY BASED NURSING EDUCATIONSOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 36579, "text": "L790773891 AFRICAN MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENTINSTITUTE NETWORK"}, {"id": 36578, "text": "L790771945 IVORY FACTORY EVENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36577, "text": "L790770566 CROSS FIRE BUSINESS TRAININGACADEMY"}, {"id": 36576, "text": "L790769568 BESEK COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36575, "text": "L790768313 PRETORIUS KONSAFE MEASURES"}, {"id": 36574, "text": "L790766911 TYGER VALLEY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36573, "text": "L790765632 NORTHERN CAPE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36572, "text": "L790763991 ANCHOR-LITE COLLEGE SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36571, "text": "L790762860 UBUHLEBAKHE TRAINING ANDDEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 36570, "text": "L790762811 VISION FOR THE NATION TRAINING ANDDEVELOPMENT SEC 21 "}, {"id": 36569, "text": "L790761664 MINI-ME ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 36568, "text": "L790759643 DA VINCI HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36567, "text": "L790758868 WILMARY CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36566, "text": "L790758827 PEOPLE MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENTSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36565, "text": "L790757357 SI-WORKS CC"}, {"id": 36564, "text": "L790756672 ZG TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36563, "text": "L790755260 QUICK LEAP INVESTMENTS 181 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36562, "text": "L790754636 SILVERMINE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36561, "text": "L790754529 TEAM ATTITUDE CC"}, {"id": 36560, "text": "L790754057 MOVE AHEAD TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36559, "text": "L790753729 LINCOLNWOOD"}, {"id": 36558, "text": "L790753307 EZAKHENI SKILLS CENTRE"}, {"id": 36557, "text": "L790752614 JAMBO ARTS AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36556, "text": "L790752606 LEARNING IN-SYNC CC"}, {"id": 36555, "text": "L790752150 BONANG BOPHELO DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 36554, "text": "L790751996 VAN DEN BERGH"}, {"id": 36553, "text": "L790751004 PAINT POTS PLAYSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36552, "text": "L790750758 SKILLS FORWARD CC"}, {"id": 36551, "text": "L790749479 RIEKS KLEUTER EN NASKOOL"}, {"id": 36550, "text": "L790749370 JMB MINING TRAINING SERVICES"}, {"id": 36549, "text": "L790748901 ZB MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIALSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36548, "text": "L790748752 PHETHA PROFFESSIONAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36547, "text": "L790748604 RYNMEAD EDUCATIONAL CENTRE"}, {"id": 36546, "text": "L790748240 MARTIN"}, {"id": 36545, "text": "L790747671 STRAND MOSLEM PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36544, "text": "L790747655 GUMA TRADING AND COMMUNICATIONS CC"}, {"id": 36543, "text": "L790746715 BLUE HILLS COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 36542, "text": "L790746079 LIZARD LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36541, "text": "L790745337 RURAL PRE-SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 36540, "text": "L790745071 CAMELOT RIDING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36539, "text": "L790745063 584 SANDRAWEG BELEGGINGS BK"}, {"id": 36538, "text": "L790744959 SIBONGILE S DAY CARE CRECHE"}, {"id": 36537, "text": "L790744777 DINGA TIYANI CRECHE"}, {"id": 36536, "text": "L790744751 NEMABULANA"}, {"id": 36535, "text": "L790743407 BLACKPRIDE MARKETING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36534, "text": "L790740718 KARITAS SKOOL"}, {"id": 36533, "text": "L790740411 CONFLICT DYNAMICS CC"}, {"id": 36532, "text": "L790740007 ARTS AND TEACHING INITIATIVES NON PROFIT COMPANY"}, {"id": 36531, "text": "L790739553 LENTEGEUR SCHOOL FOR LSEN"}, {"id": 36530, "text": "L790738571 DUMAK TERTIARY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 36529, "text": "L790738225 PRETORIUS"}, {"id": 36528, "text": "L790736401 SCOTTBURGH PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36527, "text": "L790736336 HAPPY HAMSTER CC"}, {"id": 36526, "text": "L790736211 DEMOCRATIC PARTY -NORTH WEST"}, {"id": 36525, "text": "L790735668 OBERHOLZER"}, {"id": 36524, "text": "L790735510 WITWATERSRAND COLLEGE OF SCIENCE CC"}, {"id": 36523, "text": "L790735478 GROENIE NESSIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36522, "text": "L790735098 WEDNESDAY TRADING"}, {"id": 36521, "text": "L790734992 THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF VISION"}, {"id": 36520, "text": "L790734620 HORSKOOL PIET POTGIETER"}, {"id": 36519, "text": "L790734547 SOSHANGUVE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36518, "text": "L790733952 UNION PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36517, "text": "L790733531 VOLWASSE SENTRUM CLOETESVILLESEKONDER"}, {"id": 36516, "text": "L790733333 BENONI PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36515, "text": "L790733218 HOERSKOOL LINKSIDE"}, {"id": 36514, "text": "L790733192 HOERSKOOL VANDERBIJLPARKSKOOLFONDS"}, {"id": 36513, "text": "L790733184 KENT"}, {"id": 36512, "text": "L790732863 HOERSKOOL SCHOONSPRUIT"}, {"id": 36511, "text": "L790732525 PINNACLE BUSINESS COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36510, "text": "L790732467 ATHLONE COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 36509, "text": "L790732335 HOERSKOOL JIM FOUCHE"}, {"id": 36508, "text": "L790731899 HOERSKOOL REYNOPARK"}, {"id": 36507, "text": "L790730099 SUMMERWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36506, "text": "L790729877 HOERSKOOL MONUMENT PARK"}, {"id": 36505, "text": "L790729620 WESTERN REEFS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36504, "text": "L790729513 BRIGHT BEGINNINGS PRE-PRIMARY CC"}, {"id": 36503, "text": "L790729398 STRATECOR CC"}, {"id": 36502, "text": "L790729133 KIMBERLEY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36501, "text": "L790727541 KAGISO LEADERSHIP SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36500, "text": "L790726253 TRANSKEI TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36499, "text": "L790724738 LAERSKOOL MODDERFONTEIN"}, {"id": 36498, "text": "L790724340 REACH TEACH"}, {"id": 36497, "text": "L790724100 SUNGATE TECHNICAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 36496, "text": "L790723755 BASILEA"}, {"id": 36495, "text": "L790723607 SCHOLAQUIP CC"}, {"id": 36494, "text": "L790723367 DIE BESTUURSLIGGAAM LAERSKOOL JOSUANAUDE"}, {"id": 36493, "text": "L790720629 MARYVALE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36492, "text": "L790720215 LAERSKOOL FONTAINEBLEAU"}, {"id": 36491, "text": "L790719910 JEPPE HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS"}, {"id": 36490, "text": "L790719415 GLENHAZEL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36489, "text": "L790719142 FERNDALE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36488, "text": "L790716478 COLLEGE KIDS PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36487, "text": "L790714135 STANDERTON TEGNIESE KOLLEGE"}, {"id": 36486, "text": "L790713152 SA KARWEIERWERKNEMERSUNIE"}, {"id": 36485, "text": "L790712527 LITTLE LESEDENG PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 36484, "text": "L790711461 PIETERSBURG NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36483, "text": "L790710745 H SKOOL FERDINAND POSTMA"}, {"id": 36482, "text": "L790710406 NG KERK KOPPIES WELTEVREDE"}, {"id": 36481, "text": "L790709689 SCOTTSVILLE SCHOOL COMMITTEE"}, {"id": 36480, "text": "L790709291 EG PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36479, "text": "L790709077 WOELWATER PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36478, "text": "L790708806 Umfolozi TVET College"}, {"id": 36477, "text": "L790707501 THE HANKINSON FAMILY TRUST"}, {"id": 36476, "text": "L790707295 ESHOWE JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36475, "text": "L790707287 ESCOMBE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36474, "text": "L790705885 SPRINGFIELD NURSERIES"}, {"id": 36473, "text": "L790704672 PLAYWAYS PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36472, "text": "L790704540 HOERSKOOL ALIWAL NOORD"}, {"id": 36471, "text": "L790704482 ST. ANNES PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36470, "text": "L790703831 RIVERSIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36469, "text": "L780794113 HOPE FOUNTAIN COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36468, "text": "L780794105 REAGA SECHABA FACILITATORS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36467, "text": "L780794006 HVAC TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36466, "text": "L780793453 DURBAN ACTORS STUDIO"}, {"id": 36465, "text": "L780791705 NMM ADVISORY SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36464, "text": "L780791341 UMVUZO EDUCATION TRUST"}, {"id": 36463, "text": "L780790723 GLOBAL LEGACY TRUST"}, {"id": 36462, "text": "L780790046 COOL WINDS PRE PRIMARY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36461, "text": "L780789121 BOOST CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36460, "text": "L780788354 PARTNER AFRICA UNITED KINGDOM INCORPORATED IN UNITED KINGDOM "}, {"id": 36459, "text": "L780787497 LEGACY CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36458, "text": "L780786812 D T D HIGH TECHNICAL HEALTHCARE"}, {"id": 36457, "text": "L780785988 DOORNPOORT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36456, "text": "L780785467 Charterhouse School"}, {"id": 36455, "text": "L780785194 GLOBAL AFRICAN LEARNING EDUCATION AND TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36454, "text": "L780783603 BABALOO DAYCARE CC"}, {"id": 36453, "text": "L780782605 FUTURE THINKING FOUNDATION NPC"}, {"id": 36452, "text": "L780781789 REHOBOTH WELDING ASSESSMENT AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36451, "text": "L780781292 THE CIRCLE OF LIFE EDUCARE CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36450, "text": "L780781060 SUID-AFRIKAANSE STIGTING VIR ONDERWYS EN OPLEIDING"}, {"id": 36449, "text": "L780778249 PETHERBRIDGE"}, {"id": 36448, "text": "L780777647 RAINBOW BABIES AND KIDS NURSERYSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36447, "text": "L780777399 MEDIA WORKS INTERACTIVE TUTOR CAPE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36446, "text": "L780776961 HIGH TACT TRADING AND PROJECTS CC"}, {"id": 36445, "text": "L780775997 GOLDEN STEP COMPUTERS"}, {"id": 36444, "text": "L780772879 MANGAYA CRECHE"}, {"id": 36443, "text": "L780770196 VISSER"}, {"id": 36442, "text": "L780769297 SIR LOWRYSPAS PRIMER"}, {"id": 36441, "text": "L780767200 TRAINING PARTNER"}, {"id": 36440, "text": "L780763795 COMMERCE EDGE SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36439, "text": "L780763563 MOUNTAIN VIEW ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 36438, "text": "L780761831 MOKITLANE TSWANE C SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36437, "text": "L780760197 TSHELO TRADING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36436, "text": "L780759876 MOO ZOO PRE - PRIMARY CC"}, {"id": 36435, "text": "L780758894 FORMULA ONE DRIVING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36434, "text": "L780758217 THE SPONSORSHIP COMPANY"}, {"id": 36433, "text": "L780757516 DI NOSI SCHOOL BK"}, {"id": 36432, "text": "L780756773 FS HEALTH AND EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 36431, "text": "L780756401 DEVELOP-MEANT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36430, "text": "L780755767 INDEVCO BUSINESS CONSULTANTS HUMANCAPITAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36429, "text": "L780755601 LABOUR STUDIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36428, "text": "L780753960 INVEST BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36427, "text": "L780753952 ITHUTHUKO INVETMENTS CC"}, {"id": 36426, "text": "L780753507 CURRICULUM MODEL DESIGNS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36425, "text": "L780753192 PC ADMINISTRATORS TRUST"}, {"id": 36424, "text": "L780752400 NEL"}, {"id": 36423, "text": "L780751881 VONA TRAINING AND CONSULTINGSERVICES"}, {"id": 36422, "text": "L780750982 RESPO-AFRICA ENTERPRISE EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 36421, "text": "L780750883 PRINCETON OUTREACH"}, {"id": 36420, "text": "L780750735 GATEWAY SEMINARS CC"}, {"id": 36419, "text": "L780750016 IMPACT CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36418, "text": "L780749372 WILD RUSH TRADING 88 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36417, "text": "L780749232 ABASUNGULI TRAINING SPESIALISTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36416, "text": "L780749158 RJ AFRICA MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 36415, "text": "L780748689 AYANDA GERNERAL TRADERS"}, {"id": 36414, "text": "L780747558 FOUNTAIN EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 36413, "text": "L780747491 BERGVILLE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 36412, "text": "L780747095 BATHSHUA COMMUNITY FOCUS"}, {"id": 36411, "text": "L780746949 STEENBERG COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36410, "text": "L780746337 ALLINGHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36409, "text": "L780746246 GQEBA"}, {"id": 36408, "text": "L780745875 IN FUTURUM PRE-PRIMARY AND AFTERCARE"}, {"id": 36407, "text": "L780745479 PRIVAATSKOOL CUM LAUDE"}, {"id": 36406, "text": "L780745339 MINNAAR"}, {"id": 36405, "text": "L780744902 SWANEPOEL"}, {"id": 36404, "text": "L780744696 MNDAI"}, {"id": 36403, "text": "L780744514 NORTH WEST ISLAMIC ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36402, "text": "L780743961 DEPT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 36401, "text": "L780743524 TECOS CC"}, {"id": 36400, "text": "L780742534 BRENDA ANDERSON PERFORMANCE TRAINING SPECIALISTS CC"}, {"id": 36399, "text": "L780742518 JAAP WEIDEMAN OPVOEDKUNDIGE TRUST"}, {"id": 36398, "text": "L780742427 INSTITUTE FOR PARTNERSHIPS BETWEENEDUCATION AND BUSINESS"}, {"id": 36397, "text": "L780741841 SUIDER PAARL PREPRIMERESKOOL"}, {"id": 36396, "text": "L780740090 HOERSKOOL OTTO DU PLESSSIS"}, {"id": 36395, "text": "L780739688 BOKMAKIERIE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36394, "text": "L780739118 FAIRBREEZE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36393, "text": "L780738664 SHORT COURSE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36392, "text": "L780738276 NATIONAL UNION OF SECURITY OFFICERS GUARDS"}, {"id": 36391, "text": "L780737575 AIDS CARE TRAINING AND SUPPORTINITIATIVE ASS.INC UNDER SECTION21 "}, {"id": 36390, "text": "L780736783 ALLANDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36389, "text": "L780736254 LAERSKOOL PHALABORWA"}, {"id": 36388, "text": "L780734952 OPERA TRAINING TRUST"}, {"id": 36387, "text": "L780734168 MINDMAN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36386, "text": "L780733772 BEHEERLIGGAAM HOERSKOOL VENTERSDORP"}, {"id": 36385, "text": "L780733327 DIAZ PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36384, "text": "L780732584 EDUCATIONAL POLICY UNIT NATAL "}, {"id": 36383, "text": "L780731305 LAERSKOOL JIM FOUCHE"}, {"id": 36382, "text": "L780731156 MIDLANDS WOMAN S GROUP"}, {"id": 36381, "text": "L780730638 CULTURA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36380, "text": "L780730604 HOERSKOOL STOFFBERG"}, {"id": 36379, "text": "L780730570 NAMAQUALAND TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 36378, "text": "L780729416 AL TAWHEED ISLAMIC CENTRE"}, {"id": 36377, "text": "L780729101 SIMEKA MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS PTYLTD"}, {"id": 36376, "text": "L780728970 GREEN SQUARE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 36375, "text": "L780728152 NEKSA FLORIDA TRUST"}, {"id": 36374, "text": "L780727790 GRAINCORP TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36373, "text": "L780727535 MARITIME INDUSTRY TRAINING BOARDFORWARDING AND CLEARING SECTOR"}, {"id": 36372, "text": "L780727477 PERKINS"}, {"id": 36371, "text": "L780727303 HORSKOOL OVERBERG"}, {"id": 36370, "text": "L780726644 CHONDROU"}, {"id": 36369, "text": "L780726545 BESTUURSLIGGAAM LAERSKOOL DRIEFONTEINE STILFONTEIN"}, {"id": 36368, "text": "L780726537 KLEUTERSKOOL KOSMOS"}, {"id": 36367, "text": "L780725893 PORT ELIZABETH MUSIC CONSERVATOIRECC"}, {"id": 36366, "text": "L780725695 UNIVERSITY OF TRANSKEI PRIVATE BAG X1 UMTATA 5100"}, {"id": 36365, "text": "L780725125 KOBOT TEGNIESE DIENSTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36364, "text": "L780724185 MP MOCKE"}, {"id": 36363, "text": "L780724011 DU PREEZ"}, {"id": 36362, "text": "L780723641 VIDEO EDUCATIONAL TRAINING"}, {"id": 36361, "text": "L780723328 WEDELA PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36360, "text": "L780722429 THINK MARKETING CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 36359, "text": "L780722114 SA ISRAEL CHAMBER OF ECON"}, {"id": 36358, "text": "L780721686 E ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCING"}, {"id": 36357, "text": "L780721397 PLAYBALL ACTIVITIES CC"}, {"id": 36356, "text": "L780721330 POS TELEGRAAFVERENIGING"}, {"id": 36355, "text": "L780721256 PHOENIX COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36354, "text": "L780720787 MONITOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36353, "text": "L780720340 LOUIS LOMBARD BALLET SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36352, "text": "L780720290 LAERSKOOL DALMONDEOR"}, {"id": 36351, "text": "L780719417 HYDE PARK HIGH SCHOOL EDUCA-"}, {"id": 36350, "text": "L780717965 BMS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36349, "text": "L780715167 VAN DER WATH"}, {"id": 36348, "text": "L780714517 SPIRITLIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH"}, {"id": 36347, "text": "L780714459 THE PAINT POT"}, {"id": 36346, "text": "L780714095 HOERSKOOL OOSTERLAND"}, {"id": 36345, "text": "L780714020 HIGHVELD PARK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36344, "text": "L780713931 SPRINGS COLLEGE FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION"}, {"id": 36343, "text": "L780713758 H TEGNIESE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36342, "text": "L780713147 ST MARY S DIOCESAN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS"}, {"id": 36341, "text": "L780712552 LOFFIELAND CRECHE"}, {"id": 36340, "text": "L780712545 LORETO SCHOOL QUEENSWOOD"}, {"id": 36339, "text": "L780711646 ALTYD H NASKOOLSENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 36338, "text": "L780711257 CAPRICORN PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36337, "text": "L780710796 KLERKSDORP PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36336, "text": "L780710507 DARU ONDERNEMINGS DIENSTE BK"}, {"id": 36335, "text": "L780710192 RINKINK KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36334, "text": "L780709541 NEW HANOVER PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36333, "text": "L780708246 PENNINGTON PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36332, "text": "L780707750 KLOOF PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36331, "text": "L780707446 GLENARDLE JUNIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36330, "text": "L780706752 PRIMERE SKOOL ARBORETUM"}, {"id": 36329, "text": "L780706042 JOLLY LOLLIE PLAY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36328, "text": "L780705101 LAERSKOOL STELLALAND"}, {"id": 36327, "text": "L780705044 HOERSKOOL DELPORTSHOOP"}, {"id": 36326, "text": "L780704856 H JONGENSKOOL PAARL"}, {"id": 36325, "text": "L780704740 SOUTHERNWOOD PRIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36324, "text": "L780704054 CENTRE FOR CREATIVE EDUCATION - IZIKO LABANTU BE AFRIKA"}, {"id": 36323, "text": "L780702934 DEARY"}, {"id": 36322, "text": "L780702892 PHILLIPS"}, {"id": 36321, "text": "L780702454 AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS CAUCUS WESTERN CAPE PROVINCIAL PARLIAMENT"}, {"id": 36320, "text": "L780701159 LAERSKOOL BELLVILLE-NOORD"}, {"id": 36319, "text": "L770794578 MYNGENOEGEN ENGLISH PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36318, "text": "L770792911 MADABOUTART TRUST"}, {"id": 36317, "text": "L770792770 PEAK CHILD EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36316, "text": "L770792184 NORTHERN TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36315, "text": "L770792036 BABY STEPS EARLY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36314, "text": "L770788521 JECZ HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36313, "text": "L770788398 BENHALE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36312, "text": "L770787580 KESCHAN CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36311, "text": "L770787291 CHETTY"}, {"id": 36310, "text": "L770786095 SETESPAN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36309, "text": "L770786038 EMAKHANDENI TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36308, "text": "L770785865 VIVID ENGAGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36307, "text": "L770785550 GREEN IRON TECHNOLOGY PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36306, "text": "L770784207 FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT FUND PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36305, "text": "L770782839 ABIGAIL KIDSON S PLAYSCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36304, "text": "L770782094 K2012086594 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 36303, "text": "L770778159 AKADEMIA NPC"}, {"id": 36302, "text": "L770776492 UTHINGO COMMUNITY ARTS CENTRE"}, {"id": 36301, "text": "L770775072 UP AN CUMIN YUPPIES CC"}, {"id": 36300, "text": "L770774893 Wanda Lehmkuhl"}, {"id": 36299, "text": "L770771204 MCLEISH"}, {"id": 36298, "text": "L770766618 SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36297, "text": "L770764878 A-PLUS BESTUURSKOOL CC"}, {"id": 36296, "text": "L770761536 KHONA TRAINING DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36295, "text": "L770761429 EBENEZER CHRISTIAN CHURCH"}, {"id": 36294, "text": "L770761387 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN A LEARNING PROVINCE"}, {"id": 36293, "text": "L770760900 NNDANDULENI"}, {"id": 36292, "text": "L770757526 MOTSWEDING EDUCATION TRAINING ANDDEV CC"}, {"id": 36291, "text": "L770757278 MASIFUNDE TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36290, "text": "L770755819 KLEUTERKAMPUS - ELDORAIGNE EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 36289, "text": "L770755751 TALENT EMPORIUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36288, "text": "L770755488 ERF 39 ELARDUSPARK CC"}, {"id": 36287, "text": "L770755108 BRENTVALE PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36286, "text": "L770754705 MARTIN"}, {"id": 36285, "text": "L770754606 MAHUBE DEVELOPMENT TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 36284, "text": "L770754598 TALJARD"}, {"id": 36283, "text": "L770754457 SKILLS DEVEOPS LEADERS CC"}, {"id": 36282, "text": "L770754440 THE COPY GENERATION CC"}, {"id": 36281, "text": "L770752774 PRANDIV BUSINESS AND COMPUTER COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 36280, "text": "L770751081 METANOYA CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY"}, {"id": 36279, "text": "L770750950 NOZUKO NTANTALA"}, {"id": 36278, "text": "L770750901 STONE"}, {"id": 36277, "text": "L770750695 EXALON 22 T A MASIVE"}, {"id": 36276, "text": "L770750653 H SKOOL NOORDER-PAARL"}, {"id": 36275, "text": "L770750604 ALICIA NOZIBELE MNYANI"}, {"id": 36274, "text": "L770750497 SYLVIA DADEWABO MVUME"}, {"id": 36273, "text": "L770750133 SNAP EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 36272, "text": "L770750075 JONES"}, {"id": 36271, "text": "L770749192 WOODWORKING TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 36270, "text": "L770748574 SIYAPHAMBILI NGO"}, {"id": 36269, "text": "L770748525 Y2K CUSTOMS CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 36268, "text": "L770747527 SIYAPHAMBILI ADULT EDUCATION SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36267, "text": "L770746974 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT COMMUNITY TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 36266, "text": "L770746933 OOSRAND SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36265, "text": "L770746578 KIDS ACADEMY OF COMPUTERS CC"}, {"id": 36264, "text": "L770745653 REDDAM HOUSE BEDFORDVIEW PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36263, "text": "L770745307 REATILE FISHER CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36262, "text": "L770745265 ROSHNEE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36261, "text": "L770745190 LITTLE EDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36260, "text": "L770745141 REB CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 36259, "text": "L770744920 BOITUMELO EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 36258, "text": "L770744599 DHLAMINI BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 36257, "text": "L770743203 BABOHLE MULTISKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER CC"}, {"id": 36256, "text": "L770743062 BLOEMBOSTON BK"}, {"id": 36255, "text": "L770742494 NATIONAL UNION OF FURNITURE ALLIED WORKERS OF SA SOUTHERN REGION"}, {"id": 36254, "text": "L770741819 KENT OUTSOURCING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 36253, "text": "L770741470 INSIDEOUT MONITORING AND EVALUATIONSPECIALISTS CC"}, {"id": 36252, "text": "L770741124 CHRISTIAN REFORMED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY"}, {"id": 36251, "text": "L770741082 GEHEUE INSTITUUT VAN SA"}, {"id": 36250, "text": "L770740969 HUIS ARCHER PINEHURST"}, {"id": 36249, "text": "L770740720 RYLANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36248, "text": "L770740597 ELECTROSEC CC"}, {"id": 36247, "text": "L770739763 ENDEAVOUR COMPUTER ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 36246, "text": "L770739581 THE CHILDREN S COTTAGE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36245, "text": "L770739524 SHELLY BEACH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36244, "text": "L770739037 RIEKSIE OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 36243, "text": "L770737908 ST AUGUSTINES PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36242, "text": "L770736884 SHELBY INVESTMENTS PTY LTD "}, {"id": 36241, "text": "L770736769 BLUE DOT PROPERTIES 1018"}, {"id": 36240, "text": "L770736181 WELLINGTON PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36239, "text": "L770736108 ST MARTIN S PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36238, "text": "L770735944 KUNSSENTRUM PJ OLIVIER"}, {"id": 36237, "text": "L770735738 ELKANAH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36236, "text": "L770735423 MAFIKENG PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36235, "text": "L770734798 ARBORPARK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36234, "text": "L770734780 SCHERKIDS CC"}, {"id": 36233, "text": "L770734434 LAERSKOOL PIET HUGO BEHEERLIGGAAM"}, {"id": 36232, "text": "L770734244 LAERSKOOL AGGENEYS"}, {"id": 36231, "text": "L770734046 BETHLEHEM BUILDER TRAINING PROJECT"}, {"id": 36230, "text": "L770733485 THE S.A FEDERATION OF WALDORF SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 36229, "text": "L770732776 TEACHER TRUST"}, {"id": 36228, "text": "L770732313 LAERSKOOL NOORDHOEK"}, {"id": 36227, "text": "L770731901 PETERSON"}, {"id": 36226, "text": "L770731638 COASTAL TRAINING TECHNOLOGIESPTY LTD"}, {"id": 36225, "text": "L770731521 PETER BAKKER CC"}, {"id": 36224, "text": "L770731380 PARTYSHOP CC"}, {"id": 36223, "text": "L770731018 FREE STATE TSWELOPELE FARMSCHOOLPROJECT"}, {"id": 36222, "text": "L770730705 LEMS EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENTASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36221, "text": "L770729954 ORANGE GROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36220, "text": "L770729855 KINGDOM ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36219, "text": "L770729723 HAPPY DAY COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36218, "text": "L770727644 ORANIA KUNSTERAAD"}, {"id": 36217, "text": "L770727198 THEART MGIJIMA CANCA ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 36216, "text": "L770726604 HLANGANANI PRE-SCHOOL ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36215, "text": "L770726521 H SKOOL VREDENDAL"}, {"id": 36214, "text": "L770726265 DELTAMEER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36213, "text": "L770725671 EFATA SCHOOL FOR BLIND DEAF"}, {"id": 36212, "text": "L770725135 TECHNILAW"}, {"id": 36211, "text": "L770725028 HILL SIDE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36210, "text": "L770724484 GILL KOLLEGE H SKOOL"}, {"id": 36209, "text": "L770723981 UNIVERSITY OF THE NORTH"}, {"id": 36208, "text": "L770723809 TSHEPO CRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36207, "text": "L770723395 CARAVAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36206, "text": "L770723254 LAERSKOOL KALABASFONTEIN"}, {"id": 36205, "text": "L770723148 NED HERVORMDE KERK VAN"}, {"id": 36204, "text": "L770723130 LAERSKOOL GROOTVLEI"}, {"id": 36203, "text": "L770723056 YOUNG CHRISTIAN STUDENTS"}, {"id": 36202, "text": "L770721480 QUALITY IMPROVEMENT TECH-"}, {"id": 36201, "text": "L770721100 PC FINANCE RESEARCH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36200, "text": "L770720037 KAT DE BEER TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 36199, "text": "L770719955 IMATU GREATER JHB BRANCH"}, {"id": 36198, "text": "L770718999 DANIE ERASMUS PARTNERS INC"}, {"id": 36197, "text": "L770718692 DART SCREENPRINTERS CC"}, {"id": 36196, "text": "L770716852 KHULULEKANI INSTITUTE FOR"}, {"id": 36195, "text": "L770715441 NED HERVORMDE KERK"}, {"id": 36194, "text": "L770714485 SOUTH AFRICAN ASS OF MUNICI-"}, {"id": 36193, "text": "L770714394 MICHAEL RUA SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36192, "text": "L770714261 DUNCANVILLE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36191, "text": "L770713578 WOMEN S OUTREACH FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 36190, "text": "L770713297 THE SA ASSOCIATION OF EARLY"}, {"id": 36189, "text": "L770713230 SCHOOL OF CATERING"}, {"id": 36188, "text": "L770713180 SAAMSTAAN KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36187, "text": "L770713040 Human Sciences Research Council"}, {"id": 36186, "text": "L770712828 NEURO LINK EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 36185, "text": "L770712687 MANSTRAT CC"}, {"id": 36184, "text": "L770710590 PREPRIMERE SKOOL WOEL WERK"}, {"id": 36183, "text": "L770709998 H SKOOL DIRKIE UYS"}, {"id": 36182, "text": "L770709709 SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE TRUST"}, {"id": 36181, "text": "L770709592 PIETERMARITZBURG TECHNICAL"}, {"id": 36180, "text": "L770708594 SEA VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36179, "text": "L770708305 PORT EDWARD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36178, "text": "L770707927 MALVERN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36177, "text": "L770706549 RADERMACHER"}, {"id": 36176, "text": "L770705046 HOERSKOOL KATHU"}, {"id": 36175, "text": "L770704767 TJOKKERLAND BK"}, {"id": 36174, "text": "L770704643 MOUNT CARMEL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36173, "text": "L770704437 CLARENDON HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS"}, {"id": 36172, "text": "L770703348 KIDDIES JOY EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 36171, "text": "L770703322 VAN BREDA"}, {"id": 36170, "text": "L770702738 THE CHILDRENS STUDIO MONTESSORI PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36169, "text": "L760794554 TEG INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 36168, "text": "L760794497 MSFO TRADING"}, {"id": 36167, "text": "L760793531 K2014165503 SOUTH AFRICA "}, {"id": 36166, "text": "L760793309 TIROCOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36165, "text": "L760793119 CANDEN SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 36164, "text": "L760792814 BRISTOL TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36163, "text": "L760792053 HOFMANN"}, {"id": 36162, "text": "L760791790 NYAJANI TRADING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 36161, "text": "L760790966 MISTY BLUE TRADING 345"}, {"id": 36160, "text": "L760790198 K2013037977 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36159, "text": "L760790073 QUEST EMPIRE"}, {"id": 36158, "text": "L760789745 JANET DU PREEZ DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT"}, {"id": 36157, "text": "L760789430 DIRE POTENTIAL IGNITION CENTRE"}, {"id": 36156, "text": "L760788655 HANSEL AND GRETEL EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36155, "text": "L760788523 LGS FOUNDATION PHASE"}, {"id": 36154, "text": "L760788499 CTU TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36153, "text": "L760787863 RATIDZO TRADING"}, {"id": 36152, "text": "L760787715 THE NKOWANKOWA DEMONSTRATION CENTRE-NDC"}, {"id": 36151, "text": "L760787673 WEST CONSULTING AND ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 36150, "text": "L760787368 CERTIFIED TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36149, "text": "L760787087 ABZUWIZE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36148, "text": "L760786956 JACARANDA COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36147, "text": "L760786584 ROYAL EAGLES FOOTBALL CLUB PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36146, "text": "L760783144 TRADE NOW NO 89 CC"}, {"id": 36145, "text": "L760781981 POTCHEFSTROOM HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS"}, {"id": 36144, "text": "L760780843 INTEROCEAN SCHOOL OF SHIPPING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36143, "text": "L760780603 DISA PRIMARY SCHOOL HOUT BAY"}, {"id": 36142, "text": "L760780348 STRATEXEC PRAESTO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36141, "text": "L760778524 EDEN ISLAND TRADING 632 CC"}, {"id": 36140, "text": "L760775603 MONDEOR COMMUNITY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36139, "text": "L760774606 BREYTENBACH"}, {"id": 36138, "text": "L760772741 MOONBUG ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 36137, "text": "L760770208 KGALAPA TRAINING INSTITUTION CC"}, {"id": 36136, "text": "L760769499 KHETHOKUHLE SKILLS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36135, "text": "L760769390 VUKUZANI EDUCATIONAL AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36134, "text": "L760768376 THE FELLOWSHIP COLLEGE TRUST"}, {"id": 36133, "text": "L760767857 VIA AFRIKA"}, {"id": 36132, "text": "L760762080 SCHUTTE"}, {"id": 36131, "text": "L760761686 MCM SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 36130, "text": "L760757288 TALJAARD"}, {"id": 36129, "text": "L760755811 KLEUTERKAMPUS - WIERDAPARK EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 36128, "text": "L760755761 GAUL"}, {"id": 36127, "text": "L760755381 MONASH SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED INCORPORATED IN AUSTRALIA"}, {"id": 36126, "text": "L760755175 WILMA ENGELBRECHT GESINSENTRUM CC"}, {"id": 36125, "text": "L760754954 NKANGALA TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36124, "text": "L760753428 CHAMPION COMMUNITY PROJECTS"}, {"id": 36123, "text": "L760753378 PRINCETON PHILANI KHAYELITSHA SURVEY"}, {"id": 36122, "text": "L760752313 RETHABILE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 36121, "text": "L760752156 VAN DER NEST"}, {"id": 36120, "text": "L760751448 VOORSPOED PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36119, "text": "L760751398 HOPE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CEN-TRE CC"}, {"id": 36118, "text": "L760751232 PABALLO LERATO INVESTMENTS CC"}, {"id": 36117, "text": "L760750895 NOLUSINDISO MAFUYA"}, {"id": 36116, "text": "L760750705 NGCEBA"}, {"id": 36115, "text": "L760750549 ENDEPENDENT MEDICO-LEGAL UNIT"}, {"id": 36114, "text": "L760750242 SHIKUNDU DAY CARE AND CATERINGPROJECT"}, {"id": 36113, "text": "L760749194 VAN DER WALT T A SMILEY KIDS WILLOWS"}, {"id": 36112, "text": "L760748550 BOKAMOSO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYEDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 36111, "text": "L760748378 LUFLO INVESTMENTS"}, {"id": 36110, "text": "L760748352 PERES ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 36109, "text": "L760748030 SEEGER"}, {"id": 36108, "text": "L760747875 NURAAN DAVIDS AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 36107, "text": "L760747586 MG MARKET RESEARCH CC"}, {"id": 36106, "text": "L760747545 MANSON"}, {"id": 36105, "text": "L760747222 SUNSHINE FROG CC"}, {"id": 36104, "text": "L760746588 LORRAINE SCHIRGE CC"}, {"id": 36103, "text": "L760746448 SADEPA ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36102, "text": "L760746307 SILVERSANDS PRIMER"}, {"id": 36101, "text": "L760746091 PEBBLE SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 36100, "text": "L760745721 KGOPANE"}, {"id": 36099, "text": "L760745697 EVERGREEN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36098, "text": "L760745531 NEBULAE CHRISTELIKE MONTESSORISKOOL INGELYF ARTIKEL 21"}, {"id": 36097, "text": "L760744302 COMPACT MANAGEMENT AND TRAINING SYSTEMS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36096, "text": "L760743536 CHILD CENTRED JUST THE WAY I AM CC"}, {"id": 36095, "text": "L760743296 INSTITUTE FOR HOSPITALITY EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36094, "text": "L760742363 DECISION SUPPORT IN EDUCATION CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 36093, "text": "L760741910 LINDRIENA ENTREPRENEURS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36092, "text": "L760741571 OASIS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36091, "text": "L760741522 HANNELIE VAN ZYL OPVOEDKUNDIGEDIENSTE CC"}, {"id": 36090, "text": "L760740631 PIKKEWYNLAND CC"}, {"id": 36089, "text": "L760737975 RIPPON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36088, "text": "L760736159 ANINKE DURBANVILLE SENTRUM VIR INTELLEKTUEEL GESTREMDE KINDERS"}, {"id": 36087, "text": "L760736134 HERCULES BESTUURSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 36086, "text": "L760736043 SOUTH AFRICAN PRISONERS ORGANISATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS"}, {"id": 36085, "text": "L760735227 HAASBROEK"}, {"id": 36084, "text": "L760734832 KURUMAN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36083, "text": "L760734444 MSC PRIVAAT KOLLEGE"}, {"id": 36082, "text": "L760734394 RICHTER"}, {"id": 36081, "text": "L760734170 OPPERMAN COMPUTING T A 1ST CAMPUS"}, {"id": 36080, "text": "L760733479 GROSSI"}, {"id": 36079, "text": "L760733388 ORBAN PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36078, "text": "L760733123 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL VEREENIGING"}, {"id": 36077, "text": "L760732802 IEGLAASI NIEYAH EDUCATIONAL ORGINISATION"}, {"id": 36076, "text": "L760732349 REINETT CROMHOUT OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE"}, {"id": 36075, "text": "L760732067 WALOG TRAINING DEVELOPMENT BK"}, {"id": 36074, "text": "L760731374 JUST JAVA PC TRAINING"}, {"id": 36073, "text": "L760730632 DINWIDDIE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36072, "text": "L760730467 LAERSKOOL ANDALUSIA"}, {"id": 36071, "text": "L760730012 PADDY S DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 36070, "text": "L760729881 MOMS AND TOTS CC"}, {"id": 36069, "text": "L760729501 THE HURST CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36068, "text": "L760729220 BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE OF NATAL"}, {"id": 36067, "text": "L760729089 BRUNETTE ASSOCIATES TRAINING DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 36066, "text": "L760728990 FUTUREKIDS HYDEPARK CC"}, {"id": 36065, "text": "L760726796 WOEPEL DOEPEL KULTUUR KASTEEL CC"}, {"id": 36064, "text": "L760725491 SOMERSET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36063, "text": "L760725350 CAPE STUDIES"}, {"id": 36062, "text": "L760725343 LAERSKOOL KENSINGTON"}, {"id": 36061, "text": "L760724882 ENRAH NURSERY CC"}, {"id": 36060, "text": "L760724148 SA AGRICULTURAL PLANTATION ALLIEDWORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 36059, "text": "L760723892 LIFESTYLE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36058, "text": "L760723660 WEST RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36057, "text": "L760723157 PINKSTER PROTESTANTE KERK"}, {"id": 36056, "text": "L760721912 SA NATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36055, "text": "L760721672 ROSEHILL NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36054, "text": "L760721441 PREPRIMERE SKOOL MATOPPIE"}, {"id": 36053, "text": "L760720286 LISTENERS LIBRARY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36052, "text": "L760718322 CHINESE KUO LING NURSERY"}, {"id": 36051, "text": "L760718249 CASA DO SOL SCHOOL ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36050, "text": "L760718074 BOLLIELAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 36049, "text": "L760718033 BRYANSTON HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36048, "text": "L760717563 ADRIANA HERBST EDUCATION"}, {"id": 36047, "text": "L760717217 SCHOOL CATERING"}, {"id": 36046, "text": "L760717209 SUID AFRIKAANSE VERENIGING VIR MUNISIPALE WERKERS"}, {"id": 36045, "text": "L760716847 LAERSKOOL KRUINSIG"}, {"id": 36044, "text": "L760716649 FEETJIELAND CRECHE CUM"}, {"id": 36043, "text": "L760716003 IMPALA PARK PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36042, "text": "L760715849 SHANAN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36041, "text": "L760715146 WHITE RIVER NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36040, "text": "L760715013 LYDENBURG CVO"}, {"id": 36039, "text": "L760714461 LAERSKOOL RISIVILLE"}, {"id": 36038, "text": "L760712291 GREENWOOD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 36037, "text": "L760712127 ELNA VERMAAK WISKUNDE KLASSE"}, {"id": 36036, "text": "L760711566 THUSANANG TRUST"}, {"id": 36035, "text": "L760711558 ST THOMAS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36034, "text": "L760711160 URSULINE CONVENT SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36033, "text": "L760710048 LESEDI EDUCARE ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 36032, "text": "L760708166 NORTHDENE PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36031, "text": "L760708000 MILLDENE PARK"}, {"id": 36030, "text": "L760707341 FOREST VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36029, "text": "L760707275 EDGEWOOD COLLEGE OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 36028, "text": "L760707044 CLARENCE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36027, "text": "L760706632 ACADEMY OF LEARNING DURBAN"}, {"id": 36026, "text": "L760706590 THEODORA CRECHE"}, {"id": 36025, "text": "L760706491 MILKWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36024, "text": "L760706384 ELJADA SKOOL"}, {"id": 36023, "text": "L760705873 SIEMBAMBA-PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 36022, "text": "L760704546 HUDSON PARK AFTER SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36021, "text": "L760704520 GONUBIE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36020, "text": "L760704132 TAMBOERSKLOOF PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36019, "text": "L760704017 SPES BONA GIRL STUDENTS RESIDENCE"}, {"id": 36018, "text": "L760703407 LITTLE LIGHTHOUSE NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36017, "text": "L760703357 RAVENSCROFT"}, {"id": 36016, "text": "L760701633 LAERSKOOL KLAWER"}, {"id": 36015, "text": "L750792766 PEMBURY SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 36014, "text": "L750792410 PRESTON NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36013, "text": "L750790950 MBOWA ACADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 36012, "text": "L750789861 PROCEDO TRAINING HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36011, "text": "L750789564 DATAMIND CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 36010, "text": "L750788657 PLAY WAY LEARING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36009, "text": "L750788343 MINISTRY AND MARKET PLACE LEADERSHIP AC ADEMY NPC"}, {"id": 36008, "text": "L750788012 EAST RAND MUSIC ACADEMY"}, {"id": 36007, "text": "L750786206 INCENTIVES DYNAMIC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36006, "text": "L750785232 PIKKIELAND PRE-PRIMERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 36005, "text": "L750783096 RANDVIEW COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36004, "text": "L750779458 MADIDI KINDERGARTEN CC"}, {"id": 36003, "text": "L750778567 THE INSTITUTE OF TRAINING AND EDUCATION FOR CAPACITY BUILDING"}, {"id": 36002, "text": "L750776132 NEOSPECTIVES CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 36001, "text": "L750775449 COPE CONSTITUENCY ALLOWANCE"}, {"id": 36000, "text": "L750775001 MIHLAU ELECTRONICS"}, {"id": 35999, "text": "L750774822 SERENGETI ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35998, "text": "L750773584 AFROPULSE 103"}, {"id": 35997, "text": "L750772719 DEA DIA CC"}, {"id": 35996, "text": "L750771422 ITHEMBA TRUST"}, {"id": 35995, "text": "L750771307 NTOZAKHE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35994, "text": "L750765382 NANCY MCDOWELL PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35993, "text": "L750764617 VHUTSHILO MOUNTAIN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35992, "text": "L750764096 PULLINGER"}, {"id": 35991, "text": "L750761480 AWARD MEDIA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35990, "text": "L750759724 WON LIFE"}, {"id": 35989, "text": "L750758064 SIZANANI ABET CAREER SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 35988, "text": "L750756670 NKOSI"}, {"id": 35987, "text": "L750755375 BUSICOR 120 CC"}, {"id": 35986, "text": "L750754915 YMS BOKAMOSO SKILLS TRAINING"}, {"id": 35985, "text": "L750754170 PIRISIAN BUSINESS ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 35984, "text": "L750753354 BTFS TRAINING 1 CC"}, {"id": 35983, "text": "L750753214 BALETTA MARKETING DISTRIBUTORS CONSTRUCTION"}, {"id": 35982, "text": "L750751648 GEORGE NIEUWOUDT AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 35981, "text": "L750750855 LAKESIDE CHALETS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35980, "text": "L750750608 NOMATHAMSANQA NTWALANA"}, {"id": 35979, "text": "L750749998 SYMBOL OF THE FUTURE TRAINING HEALTH CARE MDANTSANE YOUTH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35978, "text": "L750749485 REACH AFRICA MARKETING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35977, "text": "L750748792 SPENCE"}, {"id": 35976, "text": "L750747711 KRISTY AND ANDRE PLAYBALL SUNNINGHILL C C"}, {"id": 35975, "text": "L750747687 HARRISMITH KLEUTER TRUST"}, {"id": 35974, "text": "L750746937 STAUNTON DRAMA DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35973, "text": "L750746234 RAINBOW COTTAGE PRE-PRIMARY CC"}, {"id": 35972, "text": "L750745814 RELIGIOUS LIBERTY BIBLE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35971, "text": "L750745764 HARRIS"}, {"id": 35970, "text": "L750744908 ITSOSENG ARTS CULTURE AND SPORTSORGANISATION"}, {"id": 35969, "text": "L750744759 MULAUDZI"}, {"id": 35968, "text": "L750744742 MOKOPANE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35967, "text": "L750744692 MNDAI KA BUSO"}, {"id": 35966, "text": "L750744312 FAYMER PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35965, "text": "L750743512 DRAKENSBERG ENVIRO VENTURES CC"}, {"id": 35964, "text": "L750743496 DU BAR 27 CC"}, {"id": 35963, "text": "L750743249 COMMUNITY ORGANISATION RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35962, "text": "L750743231 CAREL DU TOIT TRUST"}, {"id": 35961, "text": "L750742761 WERKORP 90 INVESTMENTS HOLDING CC"}, {"id": 35960, "text": "L750741474 MOUTHPEACE WORKERS UNION"}, {"id": 35959, "text": "L750740666 DUNATOS PRIVAATSKOOL"}, {"id": 35958, "text": "L750739916 SEDIBA KWELE VELDSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 35957, "text": "L750739767 OVAL NORTH SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35956, "text": "L750739544 HJ KRONEBERG PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35955, "text": "L750738843 HOPE EAR;Y CHILDHOODDEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 35954, "text": "L750738488 UMKOMAAS SECONDARY SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY"}, {"id": 35953, "text": "L750738124 WELGEMOED KUNSTESKOOL CC"}, {"id": 35952, "text": "L750737837 WHOLESALE RETAIL SETA SERVICES"}, {"id": 35951, "text": "L750737530 FULLIMPUT 1419 CC"}, {"id": 35950, "text": "L750736771 CONDOR FRANCHISE OPERATIONS SA PTYLTD"}, {"id": 35949, "text": "L750736102 VELDENVLEI PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35948, "text": "L750735484 SKY INFORMATION SUPPLIERS CC"}, {"id": 35947, "text": "L750735252 BONAERO PARK PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35946, "text": "L750733315 SEKONDERE SKOOL CERES"}, {"id": 35945, "text": "L750733281 ACADEMY OF LEARNING BOKSBURG CC"}, {"id": 35944, "text": "L750733232 ROCK CORNER EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35943, "text": "L750732960 AMANZIMTOTI PC INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 35942, "text": "L750732598 TSHIFURA"}, {"id": 35941, "text": "L750732168 MAURICE KERRIGAN PRESENTATION PTYLTD"}, {"id": 35940, "text": "L750731145 LAERSKOOL TJAART VAN DER WALT"}, {"id": 35939, "text": "L750730394 INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION OF THE GERMAN ADULT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35938, "text": "L750729933 Jack Ridl"}, {"id": 35937, "text": "L750728984 Kyle Govender"}, {"id": 35936, "text": "L750728521 PRIMERE SKOOL FONTEINE SASOLBURG"}, {"id": 35935, "text": "L750728489 P M M GERBER CC"}, {"id": 35934, "text": "L750728232 ASSEMBLIES OF GOD SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35933, "text": "L750727523 ZOETENDAL AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 35932, "text": "L750727184 CRADOCK VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL"}, {"id": 35931, "text": "L750726954 GOOLDVILLE MISSION SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35930, "text": "L750726632 PREPRIMERESKOOL JAKARANDA"}, {"id": 35929, "text": "L750725907 NASIONALE PARTY KOUKUS PRETORIASTADSRAAD"}, {"id": 35928, "text": "L750725790 GLASY S KING PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35927, "text": "L750725444 HOLLINGSWORTH"}, {"id": 35926, "text": "L750723118 GROEPLEWENSVERSEKERING VIR"}, {"id": 35925, "text": "L750722243 LYCEUM COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35924, "text": "L750721955 SCHWARTZ TROMP ASSOC"}, {"id": 35923, "text": "L750721864 SANDRINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35922, "text": "L750721450 PROVIDENCE ACADEMY TRUST"}, {"id": 35921, "text": "L750721328 PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL"}, {"id": 35920, "text": "L750721146 Parktown High School for Girls"}, {"id": 35919, "text": "L750720247 FORTNA EMEA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35918, "text": "L750719843 IRED DEVELOPMENT INNOVATIONS"}, {"id": 35917, "text": "L750719728 IB NETWORK"}, {"id": 35916, "text": "L750719280 GEREFORMEERDE KERK JHB SUID"}, {"id": 35915, "text": "L750719082 CALVARY CHRISTIAN CHURCH"}, {"id": 35914, "text": "L750717342 TEDDY BEAR NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35913, "text": "L750716955 JAN MEYER NASKOOLSENTRUM"}, {"id": 35912, "text": "L750716831 KEMPTON PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35911, "text": "L750716559 LAERSKOOL MW DE WET"}, {"id": 35910, "text": "L750716534 DAERAAD KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35909, "text": "L750716369 BISHOP BAVIN SCHOOL - ST"}, {"id": 35908, "text": "L750716203 LAERSKOOL MOREWAG"}, {"id": 35907, "text": "L750716096 SUNSHINE DAY NURSERY SCHOOL-"}, {"id": 35906, "text": "L750716062 PINKSTER PROTESTANTE KERK"}, {"id": 35905, "text": "L750716054 NERINE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35904, "text": "L750715916 LAERSKOOL BAANBREKER"}, {"id": 35903, "text": "L750715148 WEM SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35902, "text": "L750714695 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL MIDDELBURG"}, {"id": 35901, "text": "L750714463 RIVERSIDE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35900, "text": "L750714141 TP STRATTEN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35899, "text": "L750713366 TEGNIESE INSTITUUT PTA-WES"}, {"id": 35898, "text": "L750712889 PRETORIUS"}, {"id": 35897, "text": "L750710503 DAGBREEK PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35896, "text": "L750710024 DIE KLEIN SOLDAATJIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35895, "text": "L750709513 MICHAELIS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35894, "text": "L750709349 GLENCOE PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35893, "text": "L750709208 CLIVIA PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35892, "text": "L750708903 THE TRUST FOR THE DEUTSCHE"}, {"id": 35891, "text": "L750708614 RAMSGATE COLEGE"}, {"id": 35890, "text": "L750707731 KHUPHUKA-STEP"}, {"id": 35889, "text": "L750707210 DURBAN DRIVER TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 35888, "text": "L750706998 COWIES HILL PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35887, "text": "L750706535 PLETTENBERG BAY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35886, "text": "L750705834 SAFETRAIN CC"}, {"id": 35885, "text": "L750704720 STRYDOM T A"}, {"id": 35884, "text": "L750704209 UCA STUDIO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35883, "text": "L750704167 NTINGA TRANSFORMATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35882, "text": "L750703474 TANIA LUCK CC"}, {"id": 35881, "text": "L750703334 KIRSTENHOF PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35880, "text": "L750701395 EDGEMEAD PRE PRIMARY SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 35879, "text": "L750701221 CAMPHILL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35878, "text": "L750701155 WESTERN CAPE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35877, "text": "L750701080 DIE ATHLONE SKOOL VIR BLINDES"}, {"id": 35876, "text": "L740794609 ADCETRA ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 35875, "text": "L740792736 THE WOMIN ALLIANCE TRUST"}, {"id": 35874, "text": "L740792330 BRIGHTER FUTURES TUITION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35873, "text": "L740791928 ANGELS CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35872, "text": "L740791274 EF DIGITAL LEARNING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35871, "text": "L740790748 ABACUS MATHS TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35870, "text": "L740790599 SARAHS SWIM ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35869, "text": "L740789955 KUMATA EARLY DEVELOPMENT INDEX"}, {"id": 35868, "text": "L740789641 JINTEK COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35867, "text": "L740789617 TRIBAL GROUP SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35866, "text": "L740786910 ISIBANI GRADUATE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35865, "text": "L740786795 GARAGE DANCE ENSEMBLE NPC"}, {"id": 35864, "text": "L740786407 PLAYBALL 1 DURBANVILLE CC"}, {"id": 35863, "text": "L740785516 MAPIMPANA DAYCARE AND PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35862, "text": "L740780822 THE AFRICAN SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCEFOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35861, "text": "L740779675 ALAN MAY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35860, "text": "L740778537 ADVIDATA TRADING 212 CC"}, {"id": 35859, "text": "L740777281 ETHEKWINI LANGUAGE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35858, "text": "L740776416 QUALITY TRAINING AND CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35857, "text": "L740776390 BLUE TANGENT TRAINING"}, {"id": 35856, "text": "L740774965 DELATRICIA TRAINING"}, {"id": 35855, "text": "L740774809 ADMATHS CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 35854, "text": "L740774205 BHEJANE NATURE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35853, "text": "L740773637 CRIMSON CLOVER TRADING 5 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35852, "text": "L740773124 ENDOGROWTH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35851, "text": "L740772803 3CU MATHS"}, {"id": 35850, "text": "L740772316 BOTSWELELO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35849, "text": "L740770567 HPM OPVOEDKUNDE PARYS"}, {"id": 35848, "text": "L740769114 ZWARTKOPS DRIVER TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35847, "text": "L740765971 CROSSMAN"}, {"id": 35846, "text": "L740764560 IATROS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35845, "text": "L740763778 U-NEEK EDUTAINMENT CC"}, {"id": 35844, "text": "L740763612 C-C DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35843, "text": "L740758729 KING EDWARD VII PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35842, "text": "L740756509 DREAM QUEST TRADING 49 CC"}, {"id": 35841, "text": "L740755857 ROUX"}, {"id": 35840, "text": "L740755519 LIKUSASALAKHO TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35839, "text": "L740754819 UMBONO TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35838, "text": "L740754611 CUNNINGHAM"}, {"id": 35837, "text": "L740754033 RIVER OF LIFE CHURCH"}, {"id": 35836, "text": "L740753530 BESTER"}, {"id": 35835, "text": "L740753464 MONAREDIRA MEDICINE DISTRIBUTION AND HAIR CLINIC"}, {"id": 35834, "text": "L740753365 IMPUMELELO SELF HELP CENTRE FORQUADRIPLEGICS"}, {"id": 35833, "text": "L740753100 BRAINWAVE PROJECTS 653 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35832, "text": "L740752714 RANDBURG BESTUURDERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 35831, "text": "L740752052 CULTURAL CROSSROAD CC"}, {"id": 35830, "text": "L740751948 LEADERS IN EDUCATION AND ADULT DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35829, "text": "L740751690 LESETSI YOUTH DEVELOMENT PTOJECTS"}, {"id": 35828, "text": "L740751476 BUYISIWE MANAGEMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35827, "text": "L740751211 MOKOPANE COMPUTER INDUSTRIES CC"}, {"id": 35826, "text": "L740750700 LUNGELWA ZWAKALA"}, {"id": 35825, "text": "L740750601 FANELWA BIKITSHA"}, {"id": 35824, "text": "L740748696 DIGITAL CONCEPT MANAGEMENT BK"}, {"id": 35823, "text": "L740747391 E-FORMATION AFRICA EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 35822, "text": "L740747029 ASHENZI CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 35821, "text": "L740746898 ICE COMPUTER COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35820, "text": "L740745726 PEOPLE CAPACITY SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35819, "text": "L740745296 MEE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT TRAINING"}, {"id": 35818, "text": "L740745270 ITUMELENG CHRISTIAN SKILLSTRAINING AND FARMING PROJECTS"}, {"id": 35817, "text": "L740744786 STELLENBOSCH COMMUNITY LEARNINGCENTRE"}, {"id": 35816, "text": "L740744778 PHUGWANA DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35815, "text": "L740743010 STANGER SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35814, "text": "L740741667 HOERSKOOL VOORTREKKER"}, {"id": 35813, "text": "L740740693 SONSKYN PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35812, "text": "L740740552 CRYSTAL POINT SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35811, "text": "L740740503 WINBURG COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35810, "text": "L740740404 ST MARKS PRIMER"}, {"id": 35809, "text": "L740739653 CENTUARI COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35808, "text": "L740739240 CHOICE DECISIONS 59 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35807, "text": "L740739166 IBIS"}, {"id": 35806, "text": "L740738689 INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION SOUTH AFRICA IEASA "}, {"id": 35805, "text": "L740738622 SIYAKHANA SKILLS CENTRE"}, {"id": 35804, "text": "L740738416 OELOFSE"}, {"id": 35803, "text": "L740738218 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL LANGLAAGTE"}, {"id": 35802, "text": "L740737988 MARIANNHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35801, "text": "L740737921 SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35800, "text": "L740737186 HEIFER PROJECT SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 35799, "text": "L740736857 WORCESTER RK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35798, "text": "L740736105 INSTITUTE FOR MULTI PARTY DEMOCRACY"}, {"id": 35797, "text": "L740736071 PIETERSBURG CHRISTEN SKOOL"}, {"id": 35796, "text": "L740735693 GOOD FOR ALL TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35795, "text": "L740735339 GEYER"}, {"id": 35794, "text": "L740734100 PARK AVE DEVELOPMENTS CC"}, {"id": 35793, "text": "L740734068 JVG DEVELOPMENTS CC"}, {"id": 35792, "text": "L740733599 INSPRITIVE CC"}, {"id": 35791, "text": "L740733102 THE CANON COLLINS EDUCATIONAL TRUSTFOR SOUTHERN AFRICA"}, {"id": 35790, "text": "L740732377 TOWN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35789, "text": "L740732369 BRITISH INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35788, "text": "L740731981 MASTER MATHS-PINETOWN CC"}, {"id": 35787, "text": "L740731635 LRMG Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 35786, "text": "L740730256 KEARSNEY COLLEGE OLD BOYS CLUB"}, {"id": 35785, "text": "L740729878 EZEKIEL SAMSON KALIDRIA"}, {"id": 35784, "text": "L740728276 ELKANAH PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35783, "text": "L740728144 SKILLS TRAINING RESOURCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35782, "text": "L740727997 BHC SCHOOL OF DESIGN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35781, "text": "L740727674 DUCK COUNTY NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35780, "text": "L740727658 ALISTAIR AND GLYNIS CLACHERTY CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 35779, "text": "L740727104 MOTIVATIONAL GUIDES ON EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35778, "text": "L740726528 KOSMOS KLEUTERSKOOL CC"}, {"id": 35777, "text": "L740725678 UMTATA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35776, "text": "L740724283 KLEINHAUS"}, {"id": 35775, "text": "L740724226 BETH-EL CHILDREN S ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35774, "text": "L740724192 ANNE S VOS EDUCATIONAL CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 35773, "text": "L740723921 ST BRENDAN S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35772, "text": "L740723020 WORKERS EDUCATION PROJECT"}, {"id": 35771, "text": "L740720943 NATIONAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35770, "text": "L740720844 MT TRAINING CENTRE FOR NUR-"}, {"id": 35769, "text": "L740720489 MARY IMMACULATE CHILDRENS"}, {"id": 35768, "text": "L740720307 LANSCRIA ADULT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35767, "text": "L740719887 JEPPE HIGH PREP SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35766, "text": "L740719366 GENESIS EDUCARE"}, {"id": 35765, "text": "L740719358 GALWAIN DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35764, "text": "L740719119 THE FEATHERBED TRUST"}, {"id": 35763, "text": "L740718988 EMMARENTIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35762, "text": "L740718202 CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE"}, {"id": 35761, "text": "L740717923 BASIC EDUCATION AND SKILLS FOR ADULTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35760, "text": "L740717444 WISDOM EDUCATIONAL TOYS CC"}, {"id": 35759, "text": "L740715786 SIMONCELLI"}, {"id": 35758, "text": "L740715711 FARRARMERE PRIMARY AFTER SCHOOL CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35757, "text": "L740715125 UPLANDS PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35756, "text": "L740713716 LAERSKOOL PROTEAPARK"}, {"id": 35755, "text": "L740713211 SERTEC"}, {"id": 35754, "text": "L740711397 LESEDI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35753, "text": "L740710258 Central University of Technology"}, {"id": 35752, "text": "L740709995 HEKSIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35751, "text": "L740709912 DEALESVILLE PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35750, "text": "L740709516 MONUMENT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35749, "text": "L740708757 STANGER HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35748, "text": "L740707635 DEMOCRACY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM NPC"}, {"id": 35747, "text": "L740706736 ATHOLTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35746, "text": "L740705613 KAAP RECIFE-SKOOL"}, {"id": 35745, "text": "L740704954 AB L BELEGGINGS EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 35744, "text": "L740704756 STEPPING STONE JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35743, "text": "L740704590 KARMICHAEL EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35742, "text": "L740704582 KING WILLIAM S TOWN PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35741, "text": "L740704442 CAMBRIDGE JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35740, "text": "L740704251 THE VILLAGE EDUCARE CENTRE AND PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35739, "text": "L740703493 MASTERMATHS - ATHLONE"}, {"id": 35738, "text": "L740703105 JOHN GRAHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35737, "text": "L740701778 MOEMFIE KLEUTERKLUB"}, {"id": 35736, "text": "L740701372 CAREL DU TOIT VERBLYFHUISE"}, {"id": 35735, "text": "L740701158 BESTUURSLIGGAAM H SKOOL BELLVILLE"}, {"id": 35734, "text": "L740701117 AMEBA"}, {"id": 35733, "text": "L740701042 WILDEKANISLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35732, "text": "L730794353 RIDGECREST FAMILY CHURCH NPC"}, {"id": 35731, "text": "L730794262 MATLHARINI MULTI CENTRE SKILLS"}, {"id": 35730, "text": "L730793512 SA ASSOCIATION OF LABOUR BROKERS PTY LT D"}, {"id": 35729, "text": "L730792910 MBOMBELA CHRISTELIK GEKOMBINEERD NPC"}, {"id": 35728, "text": "L730791920 HEAD UP TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35727, "text": "L730791201 MMELA VILLAGE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35726, "text": "L730789767 PRESTIGE ACADEMY PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35725, "text": "L730789650 RAMAPHOSA COMBINED SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 35724, "text": "L730789502 SLABBERT"}, {"id": 35723, "text": "L730788207 AFRIKA FREEDOM CLIMBERS"}, {"id": 35722, "text": "L730787506 SUMMERFIELDS PRIVATE SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 35721, "text": "L730786847 DURBANVILLE KLEUTERAKADEMIE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35720, "text": "L730786656 KINGS HIGHWAY ACADEMY 01 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35719, "text": "L730786185 GLEN AFRIC LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 35718, "text": "L730785971 MORIPE HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35717, "text": "L730785674 BROCADE LIBRARY SERVICES SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35716, "text": "L730784453 PENRYN NPC"}, {"id": 35715, "text": "L730783620 ACADEMY OF NURSING EDUCATION ANDHEALTH CARE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35714, "text": "L730783612 ALLINTACORP 64 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35713, "text": "L730783562 MTHETHWA FAMILY DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 35712, "text": "L730780568 BETTER BEST ENGINEERING SKILL DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35711, "text": "L730778786 EPT AVIATION TRAINING"}, {"id": 35710, "text": "L730776715 ALTIUS TRADING 402 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35709, "text": "L730776079 ST LOUIS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35708, "text": "L730775832 ACTIVELY EDUCATING SOUTH CC"}, {"id": 35707, "text": "L730774025 MAYWIL CC"}, {"id": 35706, "text": "L730773860 LEADERS OF DESTINY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 35705, "text": "L730770775 REBAONE ELECTRICAL AND CONSTRUCTION CC"}, {"id": 35704, "text": "L730769769 MPUMALANGA AVEXENI COMPUTER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35703, "text": "L730768381 EDU-SYNERGY DYNAMIC CC"}, {"id": 35702, "text": "L730766922 NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35701, "text": "L730765544 COMMUNITY INTELECT CENTRE"}, {"id": 35700, "text": "L730760883 EASTSIDE INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35699, "text": "L730760479 ITO FOCUS-GAUTENG SOUTH CC"}, {"id": 35698, "text": "L730757525 OPPERMAN"}, {"id": 35697, "text": "L730757236 ITY PROPERTIES CC"}, {"id": 35696, "text": "L730757079 FREE TO GROW SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35695, "text": "L730756758 STOTT"}, {"id": 35694, "text": "L730755974 CAPRICORN TRADING 125 CC"}, {"id": 35693, "text": "L730754779 CENTRE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE INNOVATION"}, {"id": 35692, "text": "L730754605 SILVA HAMMOND FIREARMS ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 35691, "text": "L730754399 DINYANE EDUCATION AND TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35690, "text": "L730754233 YOUELL"}, {"id": 35689, "text": "L730753474 IFUTHO SERVICE PROVIDERS CC"}, {"id": 35688, "text": "L730753169 HRD PERFORMANCE CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 35687, "text": "L730753037 THIMBLEWEED CC"}, {"id": 35686, "text": "L730752344 NOBATHEMBU DEBORAH MATYOBENI"}, {"id": 35685, "text": "L730752096 COLLEGE FOR ADVANCED CHRISTIANEDUCATION"}, {"id": 35684, "text": "L730750793 LOTS 2 LEARN PLAYGROUP CC"}, {"id": 35683, "text": "L730750371 Bedfordview Baby Toddler Centre"}, {"id": 35682, "text": "L730749738 RUITERS"}, {"id": 35681, "text": "L730749209 MICROMATH TRADING 48 CC"}, {"id": 35680, "text": "L730749183 GOLDEN REWARDS 202"}, {"id": 35679, "text": "L730747997 BLOEMFONTEIN SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35678, "text": "L730747450 LESEDI COMMUNITY SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35677, "text": "L730747112 TSHWARAGANO COMMUNITY PROJECTS"}, {"id": 35676, "text": "L730746114 THE ALLIANCE CHURCH IN SA"}, {"id": 35675, "text": "L730745587 MOKGADI PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35674, "text": "L730745561 TIQMS TRAINING IN QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 35673, "text": "L730745439 PRETORIUS"}, {"id": 35672, "text": "L730743483 DREAMLAND PLAY GROUP CC"}, {"id": 35671, "text": "L730742923 IHSAAN GIRLS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35670, "text": "L730742410 MELKBOSSTRAND PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35669, "text": "L730741875 OCEANSPACE CC"}, {"id": 35668, "text": "L730740661 FOUKIDS CC"}, {"id": 35667, "text": "L730740653 KELETSONG COMM TRAINING RESOURCECENTRE"}, {"id": 35666, "text": "L730739218 OUTSOURCE ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL RECRUITMENT CC"}, {"id": 35665, "text": "L730739119 LAERSKOOL TUINRAND"}, {"id": 35664, "text": "L730738392 LABOUR INTENSIVE TRAINING ANDENGINEERING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35663, "text": "L730736784 THE TEACHERS AND PARENTS PROJECT"}, {"id": 35662, "text": "L730735885 ACTONVILLE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35661, "text": "L730735323 THE SEED POD STUDIO CC"}, {"id": 35660, "text": "L730734383 NUTWOOD PRE-SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 35659, "text": "L730733476 FOR YOUR IMPROVEMENT TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35658, "text": "L730732429 CVO SKOOL PAUL KRUGER"}, {"id": 35657, "text": "L730728930 KENNARD"}, {"id": 35656, "text": "L730728286 STUDENT ACADEMICS CC"}, {"id": 35655, "text": "L730728237 QUALITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 35654, "text": "L730727924 GILLIAN KATZ ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35653, "text": "L730727874 LAERSKOOL KOCKSOORD"}, {"id": 35652, "text": "L730727783 CAIROO EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35651, "text": "L730727387 BENEKE"}, {"id": 35650, "text": "L730726694 COMMUNITY EDUCATION COPUTER SOCIETYGAUTENG"}, {"id": 35649, "text": "L730723998 THE AFRICAN CHILD DEV. TRUST"}, {"id": 35648, "text": "L730723378 CONSTANTIA KLOOF PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35647, "text": "L730723311 DIE TEGNIESE KOLLEGE RFTN"}, {"id": 35646, "text": "L730723295 ROSEMARIE KAHN KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35645, "text": "L730723006 WOMEN FOR PEACE"}, {"id": 35644, "text": "L730721919 SIR EDMUND HILLARY SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 35643, "text": "L730720960 NATIONAL ADVANCED TEACHING"}, {"id": 35642, "text": "L730720812 THE MOKUTHULA CENTRE"}, {"id": 35641, "text": "L730720622 M MC CORMICK TRAINING"}, {"id": 35640, "text": "L730720218 LITTLE PEOPLE PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35639, "text": "L730720168 LEGAL LIBRARY BOOKBINDING"}, {"id": 35638, "text": "L730718774 DELTA PARK SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35637, "text": "L730718436 CORONATION ADULT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35636, "text": "L730717420 WIELIE WALIE BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 35635, "text": "L730717255 SA AIRWAYS FLIGHT ENG ASSOC"}, {"id": 35634, "text": "L730717180 THE ROYAL OAK NURSERY SCHOOL CUM PIAY CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35633, "text": "L730716893 ALSTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35632, "text": "L730716117 TEGNIESE KOLLEGE BOKSBURG"}, {"id": 35631, "text": "L730715879 TOM NEWBY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35630, "text": "L730715739 HEIDI CRECH NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35629, "text": "L730714963 H SKOOL ROB FERREIRA"}, {"id": 35628, "text": "L730714922 DESILAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35627, "text": "L730713551 WOELBOS KLEUTERSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 35626, "text": "L730713346 TEGNIESE KOLLEGE BRITS"}, {"id": 35625, "text": "L730713239 SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST RE-"}, {"id": 35624, "text": "L730712769 NASIONALE PARTY GAUTENG"}, {"id": 35623, "text": "L730711928 CVO SKOOL PRETORIA"}, {"id": 35622, "text": "L730711845 BRENTIL NURSERIES CC"}, {"id": 35621, "text": "L730711076 LAERSKOOL KRUGERSDORP-NOORD"}, {"id": 35620, "text": "L730710466 ZENITH HIGH SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 35619, "text": "L730709427 KLEIN SPOORTJIES PRE PRIMERE"}, {"id": 35618, "text": "L730709237 CORDWALLES PREPARATORY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35617, "text": "L730708759 HARRISON"}, {"id": 35616, "text": "L730708163 NORTH CREST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35615, "text": "L730707991 MIGHTY MOUSE PLAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 35614, "text": "L730707801 LITTLE NODDY NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35613, "text": "L730707330 DORKIN"}, {"id": 35612, "text": "L730707157 DEUTSCHER SCHULUEREIN PORT NATAL"}, {"id": 35611, "text": "L730706738 ASHLEY SCHOOL COMMITTEE"}, {"id": 35610, "text": "L730706456 KNYSNA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35609, "text": "L730705615 Genieve Rademeyer"}, {"id": 35608, "text": "L730705060 JUNIOR PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35607, "text": "L730704568 ITEC"}, {"id": 35606, "text": "L730704527 GEORGE RANDELL HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35605, "text": "L730703867 ROCKLANDS CAMPSITE TRUST"}, {"id": 35604, "text": "L730703545 MILNERTON HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35603, "text": "L730703255 INKATHA FREEDOM PARTY"}, {"id": 35602, "text": "L730703008 THE FAIREST CAPE CAMPAIGN"}, {"id": 35601, "text": "L730702745 CHURCH OF CHRIST EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35600, "text": "L730701812 NASIONALE OPLEIDINGSINSTITUUT EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 35599, "text": "L730701564 HOLY CROSS EDUCARE"}, {"id": 35598, "text": "L720791880 THE TAX FACULTY NPC"}, {"id": 35597, "text": "L720791658 YESHIVA LE RABONUS"}, {"id": 35596, "text": "L720791641 BLUE ELEVATOR"}, {"id": 35595, "text": "L720791591 IDISA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35594, "text": "L720791385 OAK TREE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35593, "text": "L720791237 BLAU"}, {"id": 35592, "text": "L720790403 MIDRAND KIDS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35591, "text": "L720790304 BUITENDAG ARCHITECTURE BK"}, {"id": 35590, "text": "L720789264 SPELL IT TUTORING"}, {"id": 35589, "text": "L720788688 FORKLIFTWORLD CC"}, {"id": 35588, "text": "L720787441 THANDABANTU SKILLS TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35587, "text": "L720787177 THACKER"}, {"id": 35586, "text": "L720786351 COMPETENCE ONLINE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35585, "text": "L720785460 THUTO THEBE EDUCATIONAL FUND"}, {"id": 35584, "text": "L720784687 ASHA CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35583, "text": "L720783408 Annalene Mariah"}, {"id": 35582, "text": "L720782343 SAGE WISE 1283"}, {"id": 35581, "text": "L720782244 The Academy Hout Bay t/a The Bay Academy"}, {"id": 35580, "text": "L720781964 UBUNTU FOOTBALL TRUST"}, {"id": 35579, "text": "L720781774 WURDEMAN"}, {"id": 35578, "text": "L720778275 INTERSTUDY WORLDWIDE LTD INCORPORATED IN UK "}, {"id": 35577, "text": "L720774241 ZOOZOO LAND DAY CARE CC"}, {"id": 35576, "text": "L720770785 ECONOMIC RISE CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 35575, "text": "L720763012 NELSON"}, {"id": 35574, "text": "L720762246 PERRY S DRIVING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35573, "text": "L720759812 INVESTMENTWISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35572, "text": "L720759002 MELKBOS PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35571, "text": "L720758780 KYALEARN ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 35570, "text": "L720756883 RUWENZORI PROPERTY OPTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35569, "text": "L720756826 PREBKOV SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35568, "text": "L720756545 CLIFTON HILL NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35567, "text": "L720755869 KWA THEMA CRECHE COMMUNITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 35566, "text": "L720755778 ULOVANE ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35565, "text": "L720755323 LIGEGE SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35564, "text": "L720755174 M AND M KLEUTERSENTRUM CC"}, {"id": 35563, "text": "L720754276 PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 35562, "text": "L720753773 STEPHAN TIPPS TRADING CC"}, {"id": 35561, "text": "L720753237 CREDO COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35560, "text": "L720752882 CALITZ"}, {"id": 35559, "text": "L720752486 LANDIES SWIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35558, "text": "L720751249 NEW HORIZON COLLEGE NPC"}, {"id": 35557, "text": "L720751157 BOLLIE BEWAAR EN KLEUTERSKOOL CC"}, {"id": 35556, "text": "L720751132 HARPER"}, {"id": 35555, "text": "L720750704 VELISWA MBAMBO"}, {"id": 35554, "text": "L720750530 PUBLIC DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35553, "text": "L720750100 ROSEDALE HOUSE HOSTEL"}, {"id": 35552, "text": "L720749490 Phakamani Technology College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 35551, "text": "L720748633 STRAUSS"}, {"id": 35550, "text": "L720748195 BRIGHT RED DRAMATIC ART CC"}, {"id": 35549, "text": "L720747767 FAIRMOUNT SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35548, "text": "L720747643 BETHANY PLAYSCHOOL"}, {"id": 35547, "text": "L720747502 HLENGANA SIBIYA TRAINING AND ASSO-CIATES CC"}, {"id": 35546, "text": "L720747213 HG KRUGER OPVOEDKUNDIGE DIENSTE BK"}, {"id": 35545, "text": "L720747023 AUNTY MARY S KIDS"}, {"id": 35544, "text": "L720746959 ZONNEBLOEM GIRLS PRACTISING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35543, "text": "L720746488 PUDULOGO EARLY LEARNING AND DAYCARE"}, {"id": 35542, "text": "L720746033 CONQUESTA CC"}, {"id": 35541, "text": "L720745399 CITY AND GUILDS WOODCRAFT IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION"}, {"id": 35540, "text": "L720745050 CENTRE FOR COACHING"}, {"id": 35539, "text": "L720744780 WILBURY INSTITUTE OF TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35538, "text": "L720744749 KHUTHADZO PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35537, "text": "L720740127 DOKFIN FIFTEEN CC"}, {"id": 35536, "text": "L720738436 WOODVIEW SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35535, "text": "L720738410 HOERSKOOL PJ OLIVIER"}, {"id": 35534, "text": "L720737875 JUMA MUSJID PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35533, "text": "L720736208 HOERSKOOL ELLISRAS"}, {"id": 35532, "text": "L720736042 MERRIESPRUIT PRE- EN PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35531, "text": "L720735655 LIVERPOOL SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35530, "text": "L720735341 MIDDELBURG HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35529, "text": "L720735333 FLAMBOYANT SKOOL KOSHUIS"}, {"id": 35528, "text": "L720734245 JONSSON"}, {"id": 35527, "text": "L720733726 SPESIALE SKOOL WESKUS"}, {"id": 35526, "text": "L720733189 KALOSSIE PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35525, "text": "L720733072 BUCKS SECURITY TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35524, "text": "L720733056 IEC 193 DIAMANTVELD DC"}, {"id": 35523, "text": "L720732744 GOODWOOD KOLLEGE"}, {"id": 35522, "text": "L720731217 EKUFUNDZENI-A PLACE OF READING"}, {"id": 35521, "text": "L720730433 ONS KLEINTJIE PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35520, "text": "L720728585 STEPPINGSTONE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35519, "text": "L720727447 TEAM CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 35518, "text": "L720727389 MANNA KWARTELS BK"}, {"id": 35517, "text": "L720726837 LAPABA EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35516, "text": "L720726548 LAERSKOOL BASTION BRACKENFELL"}, {"id": 35515, "text": "L720726241 AFRICAN TRAINING INDUSTRIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35514, "text": "L720725797 UMTATA HIGH SCHOOL VICTORIA STREET UMTATA"}, {"id": 35513, "text": "L720723883 UNITAS SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35512, "text": "L720723495 KITTY PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35511, "text": "L720723339 AGAPE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35510, "text": "L720723255 LAERSKOOL RAPPORTRYER"}, {"id": 35509, "text": "L720723131 LAERSKOOL SEDAVEN"}, {"id": 35508, "text": "L720721796 SANMARINO PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35507, "text": "L720720889 NEKSA ELEKTRONIKA KOLLEGE"}, {"id": 35506, "text": "L720719196 MARDA HORN SCHOOL OF DANCE CC"}, {"id": 35505, "text": "L720718776 DAMELIN EDUCATIONAL GROUP"}, {"id": 35504, "text": "L720718271 CENTURIAN COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35503, "text": "L720717018 LAERSKOOL NOBEL"}, {"id": 35502, "text": "L720716002 INDIVIDUAL TEACHING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35501, "text": "L720715640 BENONI CAMPUS OF THE EKURHULENI EAST COLLEGE FOR EFT"}, {"id": 35500, "text": "L720714528 FLAVIUS MAREKA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35499, "text": "L720714437 PROTEC"}, {"id": 35498, "text": "L720714429 PRIMERE SKOOL NOORD"}, {"id": 35497, "text": "L720714239 COMPUTER TRAINING SPECIALISTS"}, {"id": 35496, "text": "L720714049 LAERSKOOL JEUGKRAG"}, {"id": 35495, "text": "L720711417 MOGOLO ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35494, "text": "L720710948 VOLKSKOOL POTCHEFSTROOM"}, {"id": 35493, "text": "L720709874 BREBNER HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35492, "text": "L720709361 HAAS DAS PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35491, "text": "L720709312 FAITH OUTREACH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35490, "text": "L720708843 THEKWINI TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35489, "text": "L720708512 YVONNE ROBINSON PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35488, "text": "L720707589 HL BARTHOLOMAI CC"}, {"id": 35487, "text": "L720706813 BETHEL PROJECTS CC"}, {"id": 35486, "text": "L720706425 H SKOOL OUTENIQUA"}, {"id": 35485, "text": "L720706193 LAERSKOOL KOUE BOKKEVELD"}, {"id": 35484, "text": "L720706060 TALJAARD"}, {"id": 35483, "text": "L720705997 THE WOODRIDGE TRUST"}, {"id": 35482, "text": "L720704446 COMMERCIAL PARK PRIVATE"}, {"id": 35481, "text": "L720704198 TTODDS COMMERCIAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35480, "text": "L720703976 SHEKINAH EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35479, "text": "L720703786 PUBLIC AND ALLIED WORKERS UNION OF S A"}, {"id": 35478, "text": "L720703620 NURAL HILDA NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35477, "text": "L720703125 GREYVILLE EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35476, "text": "L720702721 CLAREINCH NURSES HOME"}, {"id": 35475, "text": "L720702481 COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 35474, "text": "L720702465 ARDERNE GARDENS PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35473, "text": "L720702234 UIT TUIS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35472, "text": "L720702176 LAERSKOOL SWARTLAND"}, {"id": 35471, "text": "L720702101 SPRINGBOK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35470, "text": "L720702093 INTERACTIVE LEARNING HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35469, "text": "L720701202 H SKOOL BRACKENFELL"}, {"id": 35468, "text": "L710793540 EVELYNS PLAYPEN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35467, "text": "L710793169 RHENOSTERFONTEIN WILD LIFE CONSERVATION TRUST"}, {"id": 35466, "text": "L710793078 UNCAPPED POTENTIAL"}, {"id": 35465, "text": "L710791510 ELEVATE EDUCATION SOUTH AFRICA INCORPORATED IN AUSTRALIA "}, {"id": 35464, "text": "L710789472 ASPIRAL COACHING AND LEADERSHIP"}, {"id": 35463, "text": "L710788565 BERTHARRY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 35462, "text": "L710787864 KGOLO UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 35461, "text": "L710787401 PIKKIELAND PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35460, "text": "L710787211 QUALITYLIFE LEARNING CC"}, {"id": 35459, "text": "L710787161 MASTER MATHS ATHLONE-PINELANDS CC"}, {"id": 35458, "text": "L710786023 PRENESH TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35457, "text": "L710785835 LIFEPREP COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35456, "text": "L710785488 HENNOPS NASKOOL CC"}, {"id": 35455, "text": "L710783657 KM SCHEEPERS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35454, "text": "L710782097 THE BRITISH ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35453, "text": "L710781974 TOMORROW S PEOPLE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35452, "text": "L710781677 DUNSINEA DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35451, "text": "L710780331 SWIM ATLANTIS AQUA CENTRE"}, {"id": 35450, "text": "L710780182 DEAFNET CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE"}, {"id": 35449, "text": "L710776594 PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 35448, "text": "L710774938 NDABEZITHA LIFE SKILLS TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35447, "text": "L710774763 NERINA KNOTT"}, {"id": 35446, "text": "L710772544 SKILLS PRIORITY CC"}, {"id": 35445, "text": "L710772072 BASADI IN MOTION PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35444, "text": "L710771603 TOMORROW S PEOPLE INDEPENDENT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35443, "text": "L710770183 KYPHON SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35442, "text": "L710769631 SLG PROFESSIONAL PROJECT MANAGEMENTCC"}, {"id": 35441, "text": "L710767841 AFRICAN LASER CENTRE"}, {"id": 35440, "text": "L710766553 TSWELOPELE NURSING SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35439, "text": "L710766454 CHILDREN S DISABILITY TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 35438, "text": "L710766272 MZANSI DEVELOPMENT NETWORK CC"}, {"id": 35437, "text": "L710762107 JOHN WESLEY KOSI BAY PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35436, "text": "L710759400 HOME LANGUAGE PROJECT"}, {"id": 35435, "text": "L710757255 KANNEMEYER PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35434, "text": "L710757065 ODSDT CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35433, "text": "L710756067 PLAY CORNER NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35432, "text": "L710755234 BMTN BUSINESS SOLUTION AND TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35431, "text": "L710754880 LITTLE FISHES SWIM SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35430, "text": "L710754815 HEYNS"}, {"id": 35429, "text": "L710754716 LEADER 2 LEADER"}, {"id": 35428, "text": "L710754492 BOULEVARD ENTREPRENEUR ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35427, "text": "L710754153 FOURIE"}, {"id": 35426, "text": "L710753940 MORE EFFECTIVE ENGLISH TRAINING AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 35425, "text": "L710753411 ADAMS"}, {"id": 35424, "text": "L710753320 PEOPLE S DYNAMIC DEVELOPMENT - CAPE CC"}, {"id": 35423, "text": "L710752397 PRESTIGE COMMUNITY CENTRE"}, {"id": 35422, "text": "L710752272 REDO DEVELOPMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35421, "text": "L710751720 NOMZI SIKOTI"}, {"id": 35420, "text": "L710751381 SHUMA PRINTERS"}, {"id": 35419, "text": "L710750706 PHATHEKA NHOYI"}, {"id": 35418, "text": "L710750318 STAFANA"}, {"id": 35417, "text": "L710750292 MHLONYANE"}, {"id": 35416, "text": "L710750268 TSAWE"}, {"id": 35415, "text": "L710750235 WESBANK SEKONDR"}, {"id": 35414, "text": "L710749542 ITHUTENG QUALITY TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35413, "text": "L710749245 SANTHOBISA BUILDING CONSTRUCTION"}, {"id": 35412, "text": "L710749039 CAPE BIOTECH TRUST"}, {"id": 35411, "text": "L710748965 RAINBOW SOLIDARITY GROUP"}, {"id": 35410, "text": "L710748775 CENTRE FOR FINE ART ANIMATION ANDDESIGN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35409, "text": "L710748346 SPORT SKILLS FOR LIFE SKILL"}, {"id": 35408, "text": "L710748189 ZULULAND CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35407, "text": "L710748114 MBINDWANE TWALA NETWORK CC"}, {"id": 35406, "text": "L710746928 AFRICAN SOLUTIONS PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 35405, "text": "L710745870 LITTLE BUDDHA DIGITAL CC"}, {"id": 35404, "text": "L710745698 WALKER"}, {"id": 35403, "text": "L710745664 CHAI EDUCATION CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 35402, "text": "L710745441 FAMILY LITERACY PROJECT"}, {"id": 35401, "text": "L710745144 NEWK INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 35400, "text": "L710744816 LEMUKANI WELLNESS CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 35399, "text": "L710744782 DIEPFONTEIN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35398, "text": "L710744774 BRILLIANCE DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35397, "text": "L710744147 KHOSA"}, {"id": 35396, "text": "L710743776 Little Feet Day Care"}, {"id": 35395, "text": "L710743677 ZWAVHUMBWA TRADING ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 35394, "text": "L710743404 VAN WYK"}, {"id": 35393, "text": "L710742224 GOVERNING BODY OF ST RAPHAELS R C PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35392, "text": "L710741424 ARET SOGENG ADULT BASIC EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35391, "text": "L710741275 KING GOODWILL PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 35390, "text": "L710741051 LANGEBAAN PRIVAATSKOOL BK"}, {"id": 35389, "text": "L710740004 AH ERASMUS ENTERPRISES CC"}, {"id": 35388, "text": "L710739972 MGAGA"}, {"id": 35387, "text": "L710739261 MAMELODI COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35386, "text": "L710738883 SANDVLEI PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35385, "text": "L710737927 COMP-TEC ACADEMY TRUST"}, {"id": 35384, "text": "L710737877 FERNDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35383, "text": "L710737208 ADVENTURE-RELATED EXPERIENTIALTEAM BUILDING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35382, "text": "L710736333 TEIXEIRA"}, {"id": 35381, "text": "L710736077 HAENERTSBURG CHRISTIAN CHURCH"}, {"id": 35380, "text": "L710735970 KAT VALLEY MONTESSORI SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35379, "text": "L710735921 FOSKOR DEVELOPMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 35378, "text": "L710735756 EDUMAC TRAINING ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 35377, "text": "L710735475 WIERDA WONDERLAND CC"}, {"id": 35376, "text": "L710735434 JUBILATE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35375, "text": "L710735103 MASIZAKHE PROFESSIONAL LIFESAVING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INC SEC 21"}, {"id": 35374, "text": "L710734809 Hermanus Waldorf School"}, {"id": 35373, "text": "L710734577 VERSTER"}, {"id": 35372, "text": "L710734510 MALIBU SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35371, "text": "L710734023 ADVANCED POWER PLANT TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35370, "text": "L710733520 ADVANTAGE ALLIENCE CORPORATIONPTY LTD"}, {"id": 35369, "text": "L710733363 NEW NATIONAL PARTY"}, {"id": 35368, "text": "L710733132 HARTBEESPOORTDAM BUILDING SUPPLIES HARDWARE CC"}, {"id": 35367, "text": "L710733108 INTERLINK SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES CC"}, {"id": 35366, "text": "L710733041 NEWCLARE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35365, "text": "L710732910 TOUWSRIVIER PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35364, "text": "L710732340 CARELNAALDWERKSENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 35363, "text": "L710732043 ACQUIR-A-SKILL CC"}, {"id": 35362, "text": "L710731136 EMPOWER SUB SAHARAN AFRICAPROPRIETORY LIMITED"}, {"id": 35361, "text": "L710731037 THIRD MILLENNIUM COMPUTER SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35360, "text": "L710730849 RANDBURG SECURITY TRAINING CENTRECC"}, {"id": 35359, "text": "L710730609 QPROP CC"}, {"id": 35358, "text": "L710730146 CORNWALL HILL COLLEGE ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 35357, "text": "L710730104 PIKKIE PRETT NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35356, "text": "L710730054 ADEDCE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35355, "text": "L710729254 H SKOOL BASTION"}, {"id": 35354, "text": "L710729213 THE COTTAGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35353, "text": "L710728983 VAN DER WALT"}, {"id": 35352, "text": "L710728736 LAERSKOOL KAMEELDRIFT"}, {"id": 35351, "text": "L710728371 CHALLENGER TENNIS ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 35350, "text": "L710727670 TOP SCHOOLS BK"}, {"id": 35349, "text": "L710726730 TECHNIKON GARDENS RUGBY CLUB"}, {"id": 35348, "text": "L710725633 ALL TRACTOR PARTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35347, "text": "L710725039 KHULANI EDUCATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 35346, "text": "L710724974 HERBST"}, {"id": 35345, "text": "L710723257 LAERSKOOL RODORA"}, {"id": 35344, "text": "L710722838 JAC VAN NIEKERK PARTNERS"}, {"id": 35343, "text": "L710721913 ST MARYS SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Waverley"}, {"id": 35342, "text": "L710720964 NEW MODEL PRIVATE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35341, "text": "L710720923 NATIONAL PROGRESSIVE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35340, "text": "L710719537 THE HAMLET SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35339, "text": "L710718901 EDUCATION ALIVE"}, {"id": 35338, "text": "L710718042 BRYNEVEN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35337, "text": "L710717697 APPLIED GEOLOGICAL AND MINING"}, {"id": 35336, "text": "L710717150 LAERSKOOL RANDHART"}, {"id": 35335, "text": "L710717093 SCHOOL OF ACHIEVEMENT"}, {"id": 35334, "text": "L710715790 NASORGSENTRUM LAERSKOOL BRENTWOOD PARK"}, {"id": 35333, "text": "L710714967 HOERSKOOL BERGVLAM"}, {"id": 35332, "text": "L710714868 WITBANK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35331, "text": "L710714009 ERMELO PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35330, "text": "L710712508 KLEUTERSKOOL KANNABAST"}, {"id": 35329, "text": "L710712490 KLEINSEIN KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35328, "text": "L710711617 WIELIE WALIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35327, "text": "L710710783 KLEUTERSKOOL KEKKEL KRAAI"}, {"id": 35326, "text": "L710709454 LANGSYDE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35325, "text": "L710709165 BERGVILLE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35324, "text": "L710708217 OMNITEC INSTITUTE NTL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35323, "text": "L710707847 LYNDHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35322, "text": "L710707540 HILLCREST PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35321, "text": "L710707474 GROSVENOR GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35320, "text": "L710706591 TEGNIESE KOLLEGE GEORGE"}, {"id": 35319, "text": "L710706419 GEORGE PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35318, "text": "L710705908 STULTING PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35317, "text": "L710705387 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICAN PROFESSIO- NAL EDUCATORS USAPE "}, {"id": 35316, "text": "L710705346 BEACHWOOD PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35315, "text": "L710705163 PIKKIEBULT PRE-PRIMERE TRUST"}, {"id": 35314, "text": "L710704505 EASTERN CAPE COUNCIL OF TEACHERS ORGANISATIONS"}, {"id": 35313, "text": "L710704299 WINGFIELD TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35312, "text": "L710703226 ISLAMIC EARLY LEARNING FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35311, "text": "L710702681 CAREERS RESEARCH INFORMATION CENTRE INC AS SECTION 21 "}, {"id": 35310, "text": "L710702103 SONSTRAAL KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35309, "text": "L700793716 CFC ACADEMY OF LEARNING NPC"}, {"id": 35308, "text": "L700793286 BEE CROFT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35307, "text": "L700793179 TECUPART PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35306, "text": "L700792601 LEARN AND PLAY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35305, "text": "L700791934 KALAHARI RESEARCH TRUST"}, {"id": 35304, "text": "L700791868 OPTI-CENTRE ONE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35303, "text": "L700791629 VISIONARY ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35302, "text": "L700791421 BHONGOLETHU FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35301, "text": "L700791363 OAKFIELDS COLLEGE WESTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 35300, "text": "L700790688 TEHILLAH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35299, "text": "L700789896 BETTER CONCEPT RESEARCH"}, {"id": 35298, "text": "L700788922 RITNAND BALVED EDUCATION FOUNDATION INCORPORATED IN INDIA EXTENAL NO"}, {"id": 35297, "text": "L700788393 MEDICAE MANUS HEALTHCARE TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35296, "text": "L700788377 DIPHETOGO GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35295, "text": "L700787668 AUCKLAND PARK NURSERY SCHOOL AND BABY CENTRE"}, {"id": 35294, "text": "L700787320 3P INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS INCORPORATED IN VICTORIA AUSTRALIA EXTERNAL"}, {"id": 35293, "text": "L700785589 FUTURE ACHIEVERS ACADEMY TRUST"}, {"id": 35292, "text": "L700782842 BAMBOOH DAY NURSERY WINGATE PARK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35291, "text": "L700782354 EL-SHALEM HAVEN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35290, "text": "L700781745 INTERNATIONAL PRE-UNIVERSITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35289, "text": "L700780671 ZOOZOO LAND DAY CARE CC"}, {"id": 35288, "text": "L700779707 THE HATIKVAH TRUST"}, {"id": 35287, "text": "L700777743 KHOSA DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS"}, {"id": 35286, "text": "L700776943 GWENLO COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 35285, "text": "L700772314 VUKA UKHANYE NURSINGSCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35284, "text": "L700771308 ANESHA RECRUITEMENT AND TRAININGSOLUTIONS ARTS CC"}, {"id": 35283, "text": "L700771068 DITSEKO TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 35282, "text": "L700770896 BOHMER SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35281, "text": "L700770094 BEACONHURST TRUST"}, {"id": 35280, "text": "L700769393 THE SKILLS COLLEGE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35279, "text": "L700769252 BRAINWAVE PROJECTS 601 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35278, "text": "L700766738 AK PROGRESSIVE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35277, "text": "L700761457 CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35276, "text": "L700761085 BOTJHABATSATSI INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35275, "text": "L700761044 GET AHEAD PROJECT COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35274, "text": "L700760905 GUDANI COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 35273, "text": "L700758487 PATHWAYS PRETORIA"}, {"id": 35272, "text": "L700758073 PESHA TECHNICAL INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 35271, "text": "L700757711 VAALHARTS VISIE 2000"}, {"id": 35270, "text": "L700757232 KING S HOPE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35269, "text": "L700757042 BOSVELD AKADEMIE VIR CVO"}, {"id": 35268, "text": "L700755616 RIVER BIOSCIENCE"}, {"id": 35267, "text": "L700754320 MASANDE SKILL DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35266, "text": "L700753504 PRETORIA TECHNICAL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35265, "text": "L700753306 MASIZAKHE BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35264, "text": "L700752902 GOLDEE TRADING 77 CC"}, {"id": 35263, "text": "L700752126 BOOYENS"}, {"id": 35262, "text": "L700751862 MAPUKENG FARMING ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 35261, "text": "L700751516 AZILE MINING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35260, "text": "L700750914 MAKWENA BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 35259, "text": "L700750609 ELSIE NONGWANE"}, {"id": 35258, "text": "L700750310 WINTERHOEK ONAFHANKLIKE PRAKTYKS ASSOSIASIE"}, {"id": 35257, "text": "L700750252 NDZO"}, {"id": 35256, "text": "L700750146 TYGERBERG HOSPITAALSKOOL"}, {"id": 35255, "text": "L700749387 TABLEVIEW DRIVING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35254, "text": "L700747894 CAPE BIOTECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE"}, {"id": 35253, "text": "L700747274 VUKANI SKILLS LAB"}, {"id": 35252, "text": "L700747233 DELFT COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 35251, "text": "L700747084 RELEVANT RESOURCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35250, "text": "L700745401 NETHENGWE"}, {"id": 35249, "text": "L700745013 COLLEGE OF WHISKY"}, {"id": 35248, "text": "L700744859 GARFIELD PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35247, "text": "L700744743 MASHUPATSELA DEVELOPMENT FACILITORSCC"}, {"id": 35246, "text": "L700744461 PC EDUCATIONAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35245, "text": "L700742895 MOREWAG VGK PRIMR"}, {"id": 35244, "text": "L700741467 PRO AFRICA TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35243, "text": "L700740253 SOUTHERN CROSS WILDLIFE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35242, "text": "L700740113 ALTERNATIVE CAREERS PROP LTD"}, {"id": 35241, "text": "L700739941 CHERE BOTHA SKOOL - BEHEERLIGGAAM"}, {"id": 35240, "text": "L700739289 PROFESSIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT DIVISION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35239, "text": "L700738885 ACADEMY OF LEARNING NEWCASTLE CC"}, {"id": 35238, "text": "L700738877 NORTH COAST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35237, "text": "L700738778 ARTHUR BLAXALL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35236, "text": "L700738489 WILLIAM HARTLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35235, "text": "L700738380 ROCKLANDS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35234, "text": "L700737804 WIZY WO NURSERY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35233, "text": "L700737390 CVO SKOOL AKADEMIESE HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35232, "text": "L700736897 STELLA PREPRIMARY SCHOOL AND CARECENTRE"}, {"id": 35231, "text": "L700736038 SCOUT PROP CC"}, {"id": 35230, "text": "L700735188 PREPRIMERESKOOL DIE EIKE"}, {"id": 35229, "text": "L700734835 HUMAN PROGRESS MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 35228, "text": "L700734728 INNOVATION BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35227, "text": "L700734538 NOLUKHANYO WOMENS DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROJECT"}, {"id": 35226, "text": "L700734520 RICHKID CHILD DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35225, "text": "L700734009 DUPREEZ"}, {"id": 35224, "text": "L700733217 EKUFUNDENI TRANING SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35223, "text": "L700733084 THEOCENTRIC CHRISTIAN EDUCTION CC"}, {"id": 35222, "text": "L700733076 RISING EAGLES EDUCATIONAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 35221, "text": "L700732839 LAERSKOOL MAYVILLE"}, {"id": 35220, "text": "L700732607 COLLEGE STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35219, "text": "L700732524 HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35218, "text": "L700732094 RENOSTER DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35217, "text": "L700732052 DUMISANI THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE ANDBIBLE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35216, "text": "L700731690 EDU START EDUCATION CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 35215, "text": "L700730361 BO - KAAP COMMUNITY DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 35214, "text": "L700730320 SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF COMPUTERTRAINING CC"}, {"id": 35213, "text": "L700729926 THE CAPE TOWN HOLOCAUST CENTRE"}, {"id": 35212, "text": "L700729835 TSHILETE TRADING ENTERPRISE CC"}, {"id": 35211, "text": "L700729652 HOER TEGNIESE SKOOL WITBANK"}, {"id": 35210, "text": "L700729561 ASHTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE - BENONI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35209, "text": "L700728555 UBUNTU EDUNET PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35208, "text": "L700728431 MOUNT EDGECOMBE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35207, "text": "L700728316 AQUADOC ANALYTICS BK"}, {"id": 35206, "text": "L700728191 KUMON EDUCATION SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35205, "text": "L700727649 MILNERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35204, "text": "L700727631 EASTERN SEABOARD ASSOCIATION OFTERTIARY INSTITUTIONS"}, {"id": 35203, "text": "L700727136 YSTERPLAAT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35202, "text": "L700727094 MIRACLE VALLEY REVIVAL CENTRE"}, {"id": 35201, "text": "L700726765 SMARTEEZ KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35200, "text": "L700725833 COPELAND"}, {"id": 35199, "text": "L700724257 SIEMBAMBA EDUCARE BK"}, {"id": 35198, "text": "L700724240 NANOSYS DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35197, "text": "L700723432 FLORIDA PARK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35196, "text": "L700723259 LAERSKOOL JONGSPAN"}, {"id": 35195, "text": "L700721493 RANDBURG SWIMMING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35194, "text": "L700720727 MARILOU CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 35193, "text": "L700717491 AFRICAN SELF HELP ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 35192, "text": "L700716782 INKULULEKO DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 35191, "text": "L700716618 ELITE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35190, "text": "L700715834 RYNFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35189, "text": "L700715727 GEKOMBINEERDE SKOOL NOORDERLIG"}, {"id": 35188, "text": "L700714142 GERT SIBANDE COLLEGE ERMELO CAMPUS"}, {"id": 35187, "text": "L700714126 H S SECUNDA"}, {"id": 35186, "text": "L700714068 LAERSKOOL LEANDRA"}, {"id": 35185, "text": "L700713300 SE PROFFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35184, "text": "L700713177 SIEMBAMBA KLEUTERSKOOL EN NASKOOL"}, {"id": 35183, "text": "L700713144 SOFTWARE AND TECHNICAL SOLU-"}, {"id": 35182, "text": "L700712583 LITTLE FRIENDS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35181, "text": "L700712526 LYNNWOOD RIDGE PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35180, "text": "L700712328 HELLENIC COMMUNITY OF PRETORIA"}, {"id": 35179, "text": "L700711627 AFRIKA INSTITUUT"}, {"id": 35178, "text": "L700710538 HOERSKOOL HENTIE CILLIERS"}, {"id": 35177, "text": "L700710058 LETTIE FOUCHE SENTRUM"}, {"id": 35176, "text": "L700709563 NORTHERN PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35175, "text": "L700709092 YOUNG MEN S CHRISTIAN"}, {"id": 35174, "text": "L700709076 WOODLANDS PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35173, "text": "L700708821 TINKERBELL PRE PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35172, "text": "L700708318 MISSIONARY SISTERS OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD"}, {"id": 35171, "text": "L700707484 GRANTHAMPARK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35170, "text": "L700707203 DURBAN MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES SOCIETY"}, {"id": 35169, "text": "L700706098 ZIKHULISE WOMEN DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35168, "text": "L700705975 VICTORIA PARK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35167, "text": "L700704820 BRIDGE HOUSE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35166, "text": "L700704549 HOERSKOOL BARKLY OOS"}, {"id": 35165, "text": "L700703194 HOLY CROSS HIGH SCHOOL MAITLAND"}, {"id": 35164, "text": "L700703046 FRIENDS DAY CENTRE"}, {"id": 35163, "text": "L700702790 CONSTANTIABERG PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35162, "text": "L700702410 AKKERSDYK STUDIOS CC"}, {"id": 35161, "text": "L700701255 DIE VERENIGENDE CHRISTEN STUDENTEVERENIGING VAN SA"}, {"id": 35160, "text": "L690794609 SCIENTIFIC TERRESTRIAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35159, "text": "L690794492 THE GARY KIRSTEN FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35158, "text": "L690792231 SIFISO LEARNING GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35156, "text": "L690791878 NICOL AND ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 35155, "text": "L690791340 STREETLIGHT SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 35154, "text": "L690790318 EDUCATION INSIGHTS INNOVATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35153, "text": "L690789260 SWANEPOEL"}, {"id": 35152, "text": "L690789062 CCH PRESCHOOL"}, {"id": 35151, "text": "L690788833 ENGLISH ONE"}, {"id": 35150, "text": "L690787280 PEARSON"}, {"id": 35149, "text": "L690783537 ACORN ACADEMY TRUST"}, {"id": 35148, "text": "L690783453 KANKATI TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35147, "text": "L690778057 LEADERS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35146, "text": "L690777141 AVUXENI COMPUTER ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 35145, "text": "L690775756 WILLOWLEAF CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 35144, "text": "L690773355 CURRO HOLDINGS LTD"}, {"id": 35143, "text": "L690772498 KATHU EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENTCENTRE BK"}, {"id": 35142, "text": "L690770583 SELCRAIG"}, {"id": 35141, "text": "L690769916 ZWARTKOP CHRISTIAN SCHOOL NPC "}, {"id": 35140, "text": "L690767878 CREATIVE HEARTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35139, "text": "L690767522 TRY-SERVE TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 35138, "text": "L690765187 TSHIROLOGO DISABILITY TRAINING SERVICES PTY TLD"}, {"id": 35137, "text": "L690764354 THABISO TRAINING AND ASSESSMENTCENTRE"}, {"id": 35136, "text": "L690762093 PROCYON COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 35135, "text": "L690760113 PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 35134, "text": "L690759974 INGELOSI TRADING 269 CC"}, {"id": 35133, "text": "L690759925 EAST OF EDEN 594 CC"}, {"id": 35132, "text": "L690759560 BETTER BEST SKILLS EMPOWERMENT SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35131, "text": "L690759040 VICKY S DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 35130, "text": "L690758067 STARKEY EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 35129, "text": "L690756947 VISION LIFE ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 35128, "text": "L690756475 KINGSBURY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE SA"}, {"id": 35127, "text": "L690756335 TEDILE EDU TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENTSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35126, "text": "L690756095 VOETSTAPPIE KLEUTER SKOOL BK"}, {"id": 35125, "text": "L690755857 NGC DEVELOPMENT AND ACCOUNTINGSOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 35124, "text": "L690755584 MANNKIND TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35123, "text": "L690755444 CRICKET DEVELOPMENT CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 35122, "text": "L690755329 HOERSKOOL CALVINIA"}, {"id": 35121, "text": "L690754934 ALDABRI 398 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35120, "text": "L690754736 TREMEER"}, {"id": 35119, "text": "L690754314 3 A TRAINING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35118, "text": "L690753936 ISIVUNO DISTRIBUTION AND ALLIEDSERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35117, "text": "L690752870 VAN STRAATEN"}, {"id": 35116, "text": "L690752649 NOPHUMZILE BUKELWA CHEBA"}, {"id": 35115, "text": "L690752409 SIBUSISIWE MXO"}, {"id": 35114, "text": "L690751898 SANDERS"}, {"id": 35113, "text": "L690751385 SHUMA TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 35112, "text": "L690751088 CASTLE BRIDGE SCHOOL ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 35111, "text": "L690750882 NOBATHEMBU SIDZIYA"}, {"id": 35110, "text": "L690750494 NOMAZA GENUKILE"}, {"id": 35109, "text": "L690749686 MOJA"}, {"id": 35108, "text": "L690749611 BOTHAVILLE JEUGRAAD"}, {"id": 35107, "text": "L690749553 STRATEGUS MANAGEMENT TRAINING ANDDEVELOPMENT ACADEMY BK"}, {"id": 35106, "text": "L690749363 FUNDANI EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENTCC"}, {"id": 35105, "text": "L690748928 ST MATTHEW S PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35104, "text": "L690748688 WESBANK SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35103, "text": "L690748290 NEWBERRY HOUSE MONTESSORI PRIMARY SCHOOL SECTION 21 "}, {"id": 35102, "text": "L690747433 PAT DANISA AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 35101, "text": "L690745973 INSCAPE EDUCATION GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35100, "text": "L690745585 MANGWAKO WA MOTEPA PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35099, "text": "L690743994 MAGALIESSKOOL BEHEERLIGGAAM"}, {"id": 35098, "text": "L690743820 KIP MCGRATH EDUCATION CENTRES ATHLONE CC"}, {"id": 35097, "text": "L690743531 ARANJO CC"}, {"id": 35096, "text": "L690742616 ZUZA SOFTWARE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35095, "text": "L690742467 TWINKLE-TOTS PLAY SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35094, "text": "L690740388 OLIVERS HOUSE"}, {"id": 35093, "text": "L690740248 MODIBEDI"}, {"id": 35092, "text": "L690739794 BRAAMBOS LAERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35091, "text": "L690739737 CLANWILLIAM SEKONDERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35090, "text": "L690739729 RAINMAN LANDCARE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 35089, "text": "L690738705 PRO-ACTIVE PUBLIC SERVICES COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35088, "text": "L690738481 CARRINGTON HEIGHTS JUNIOR PRIMARYSCHOOL"}, {"id": 35087, "text": "L690737905 LITTLE EDEN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35086, "text": "L690737848 RIDGEWAY COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 35085, "text": "L690737608 EGEDI LEARNING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35084, "text": "L690737046 NOTEFULL 1233 CC"}, {"id": 35083, "text": "L690736204 BEHEERLIGGAAM LAERSKOOL WESPARK"}, {"id": 35082, "text": "L690736188 KWAZULU NATAL PROGRESSIVE PRIMARY HEALTH CARE"}, {"id": 35081, "text": "L690736154 ACTION MEDIA 2000"}, {"id": 35080, "text": "L690735297 ALMA MATER AKADEMIE"}, {"id": 35079, "text": "L690735107 UPGRO LOCAL BUSINESS SERVICE CENTRE VERENIGING INGELYF KRAGTENS ART 21"}, {"id": 35078, "text": "L690734993 LAERSKOOL HEROLD"}, {"id": 35077, "text": "L690734563 LAERSKOOL PHALABORWA-NOORDSKOOL"}, {"id": 35076, "text": "L690734480 AZANIAN EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT SERVI-CES"}, {"id": 35075, "text": "L690734100 PERFORMANCE TRAINING TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 35074, "text": "L690733953 NEW ORLEANS SEKONDER"}, {"id": 35073, "text": "L690733862 VAN ROOYEN"}, {"id": 35072, "text": "L690733847 MOHAPI"}, {"id": 35071, "text": "L690733771 VIEWPOINT TRAINING AND CONSULTINGCC"}, {"id": 35070, "text": "L690733581 M-NTLAKANA SCIENCE AND COMMERCIALPRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35069, "text": "L690733508 BRODAVE TECHNICAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35068, "text": "L690733235 JACOBS"}, {"id": 35067, "text": "L690732930 DEMOCRATIC PARTY"}, {"id": 35066, "text": "L690732922 LEIERSKAPDINAMIKA BK"}, {"id": 35065, "text": "L690732518 HOPE OF GLORY TEBERNACLE"}, {"id": 35064, "text": "L690732146 BIYANA DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 35063, "text": "L690731395 ERMELO BUSINESS TRUST"}, {"id": 35062, "text": "L690730843 LETHUKUKHANYA HEALTH INSTITUTE ANDPROJECT"}, {"id": 35061, "text": "L690730330 INGULULE SECURITY TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 35060, "text": "L690729480 NORTHERN MUSLIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35059, "text": "L690729431 LAERSKOOL ORKNEY"}, {"id": 35058, "text": "L690729209 AUSMEIER MOUNTAIN"}, {"id": 35057, "text": "L690729118 RALLUS DEVELOPMENT CAPE CC"}, {"id": 35056, "text": "L690728425 HATFIELD BUSINESS COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35055, "text": "L690728045 Y T C TECHNICAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 35054, "text": "L690726353 GAUNT"}, {"id": 35053, "text": "L690726007 AKANANI RURAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 35052, "text": "L690723723 MULLER EST LATE"}, {"id": 35051, "text": "L690723251 LAERSKOOL WHEATLANDS"}, {"id": 35050, "text": "L690722949 WILSON LEARNING SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35049, "text": "L690722667 TRAVEL TRAINING INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 35048, "text": "L690722659 TROYEVILLE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35047, "text": "L690722238 ST MARYS SCHOOL OUTREACH"}, {"id": 35046, "text": "L690722097 THE SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS NPC"}, {"id": 35045, "text": "L690721933 SAXONWOLD PARENTS FUND"}, {"id": 35044, "text": "L690721636 REMBRANDT PARK PRIMARY"}, {"id": 35043, "text": "L690720307 LINK RESOURCES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35042, "text": "L690719655 HOUGHTON SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35041, "text": "L690718871 DUNCTONWOOD SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 35040, "text": "L690715059 KWETTERNES KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35039, "text": "L690715018 LAERSKOOL DRAKENSIG"}, {"id": 35038, "text": "L690714359 MEYER"}, {"id": 35037, "text": "L690714193 AFRIKAANSE H SKOOL"}, {"id": 35036, "text": "L690712809 NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS OR- GANISATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 35035, "text": "L690712593 LORD MILNER PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35034, "text": "L690711884 CHRISTIAN BROTHERS COLLEGE MOUNT EDMUND PRETORIA"}, {"id": 35033, "text": "L690711702 AFRIKAANSE H SEUNSKOOL"}, {"id": 35032, "text": "L690711504 PIETERSBURG COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35031, "text": "L690711090 WEALTH INTERNATIONAL NETWORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35030, "text": "L690710837 MARANATA KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 35029, "text": "L690710720 LAERSKOOL DELAREYVILLE"}, {"id": 35028, "text": "L690710407 NTATAISE"}, {"id": 35027, "text": "L690709623 PROJECT GATEWAY"}, {"id": 35026, "text": "L690709037 CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AND ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 35025, "text": "L690708484 RIDGE PARK COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35024, "text": "L690707569 HOERSKOOL SUID NATAL"}, {"id": 35023, "text": "L690706892 BRIGHTON BEACH SENIOR PRIMARY SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 35022, "text": "L690705647 LAERSKOOL VERKENNER"}, {"id": 35021, "text": "L690704970 BYENES PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 35020, "text": "L690704426 BERLIN PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35019, "text": "L690704327 WONDERLAND PRE-SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35018, "text": "L690704202 UNITED HERZLIA SCHOOLS"}, {"id": 35017, "text": "L690704012 SOUTH PENINSULA TECHNICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 35016, "text": "L690703907 SACS JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35015, "text": "L690703519 SOBAMBISANA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 35014, "text": "L690703444 BLACKMAN"}, {"id": 35013, "text": "L690703196 OUDE MOLEN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL TRUST"}, {"id": 35012, "text": "L690702016 ROBINHOOD CRECHE"}, {"id": 35011, "text": "L690701745 IAN SCOTT-RODGER CORPORATE COACH CC"}, {"id": 35010, "text": "L690701208 LAERSKOOL BREDASDORP"}, {"id": 35009, "text": "L680794916 EAGLES MULTI-SKILLS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35008, "text": "L680792670 GEMAJU DRIVING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 35007, "text": "L680792357 FANTASY CORNER NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 35006, "text": "L680792233 VAN DER WAAG"}, {"id": 35005, "text": "L680791540 HARVARD GLOBAL RESEARCH SUPPORT CENTRE SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 35004, "text": "L680791268 LOU MA EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35003, "text": "L680791136 H O T M"}, {"id": 35002, "text": "L680790575 STRATFORD"}, {"id": 35001, "text": "L680789460 IMPEPHO EDUCATION"}, {"id": 35000, "text": "L680785062 GATEWAY CITY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34999, "text": "L680783380 KISHUGU TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34998, "text": "L680781228 APTOFLEX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34997, "text": "L680780246 SUNERGEO CARE"}, {"id": 34996, "text": "L680778984 LAMBSON"}, {"id": 34995, "text": "L680776970 BALLOCH"}, {"id": 34994, "text": "L680775857 THE SHINE TRUST"}, {"id": 34993, "text": "L680771690 ELIZMA GOLTZ CC"}, {"id": 34992, "text": "L680771666 SAMSIDE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34991, "text": "L680770924 GID IT SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 34990, "text": "L680769215 ANZIKE"}, {"id": 34989, "text": "L680768159 SPECIAL OLYMPICS SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 34988, "text": "L680767961 THE KHAYELITSHA COMMUNITY TRUST"}, {"id": 34987, "text": "L680766591 VAAL MATHS"}, {"id": 34986, "text": "L680765718 ASSESSMENT AND RPL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34985, "text": "L680765320 HOERSKOOL HOPETOWN"}, {"id": 34984, "text": "L680762152 SILVEX 415 CC"}, {"id": 34983, "text": "L680761881 ORBIT FET COLLEGE MANKWE CAMPUS"}, {"id": 34982, "text": "L680760875 THE PEOPLE ARCHITECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34981, "text": "L680756360 JOLLY DEES CAMPUS"}, {"id": 34980, "text": "L680756204 SUPERIOR MATHS BK"}, {"id": 34979, "text": "L680756105 KELETSONG COMMUNITY TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34978, "text": "L680755867 BOUDAN"}, {"id": 34977, "text": "L680755826 BOITUMELO TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34976, "text": "L680755677 PRETORIA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34975, "text": "L680755453 SKILLS FACTOR TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34974, "text": "L680755446 MIZANE TRADERS CC"}, {"id": 34973, "text": "L680754712 KONANANI PFUNZO LEARNING CENTRE"}, {"id": 34972, "text": "L680753599 DENNEMERE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34971, "text": "L680753409 MPUMELELO PRE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34970, "text": "L680753086 INTERUNIVERSITERE SENTRUM VIR ONDERWYSREG EN ONDERWYSBELEID SORB "}, {"id": 34969, "text": "L680751957 WINDOW TO LEARNING CC"}, {"id": 34968, "text": "L680751676 LEON TINTO"}, {"id": 34967, "text": "L680751494 BOTHA"}, {"id": 34966, "text": "L680750702 CETYWAYO"}, {"id": 34965, "text": "L680750512 SABA BUKELWA NOKWETU"}, {"id": 34964, "text": "L680750116 CITRUSDAL PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 34963, "text": "L680748961 ARMINO 143 CC"}, {"id": 34962, "text": "L680747997 Natashia Naidoo"}, {"id": 34961, "text": "L680747583 BROMBACHER AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 34960, "text": "L680747161 NORTHDALE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34959, "text": "L680747096 LE ROUX"}, {"id": 34958, "text": "L680746742 MCLOUGHLIN"}, {"id": 34957, "text": "L680746445 SIZANANG CENTRE FOR RESEARCH ANDDEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 34956, "text": "L680746411 TANTYI DAY CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34955, "text": "L680746304 FUN 2 BE ME NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34954, "text": "L680744754 BELEMU PRE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34953, "text": "L680744416 INVESTOREX 39 CC"}, {"id": 34952, "text": "L680742915 MODEL PRIVATE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34951, "text": "L680742550 LAERSKOOL JULIAN MULLER"}, {"id": 34950, "text": "L680742428 EDUGAIN 60"}, {"id": 34949, "text": "L680741776 GENDER LINKS NPC"}, {"id": 34948, "text": "L680741727 BELGIUM CAMPUS 1"}, {"id": 34947, "text": "L680739747 BEHEERRAAD LAERSKOOL PROTEM"}, {"id": 34946, "text": "L680739739 MOROKWENG DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 34945, "text": "L680739721 ELYON ACADEMY TRUST"}, {"id": 34944, "text": "L680738830 WATER SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 34943, "text": "L680738392 DARUL-ULOOM PIETERSBURG"}, {"id": 34942, "text": "L680738046 OCEANVIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34941, "text": "L680737907 BAYSVILLE SPECIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34940, "text": "L680737865 SIYATHUTHUKA COLLEGE OF ADULTEDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34939, "text": "L680737824 BORDER-KEI TRAINING TRUST"}, {"id": 34938, "text": "L680737816 LEES EN SKRYF NOORDER PAARL"}, {"id": 34937, "text": "L680736453 NAIDOO"}, {"id": 34936, "text": "L680736198 ANC PARLIAMENTARY ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 34935, "text": "L680736123 NEWHOLME PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34934, "text": "L680736024 CALCULUS KOLLEGE"}, {"id": 34933, "text": "L680735893 COMPUTER TRAINING RETAIL MAINTENANCE 2000 CC"}, {"id": 34932, "text": "L680735315 LECHOBA MS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34931, "text": "L680735281 CHRISTELIKE PRIVAATSKOOL MALBESBURY"}, {"id": 34930, "text": "L680735240 THE COUNTRY READINESS SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 34929, "text": "L680734334 ANZ TECHNICAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 34928, "text": "L680734169 COMMITTEE OF UNIVERSITY PRINCIPALS"}, {"id": 34927, "text": "L680734060 UNION"}, {"id": 34926, "text": "L680733476 BURGHER RIGHT PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34925, "text": "L680733179 ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT COMPANY SA PTYLTD"}, {"id": 34924, "text": "L680733039 LINK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 34923, "text": "L680732981 ST MARKS COMMUNITY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34922, "text": "L680732775 MARTINS"}, {"id": 34921, "text": "L680732700 PROFESSIONELE REKENMEESTERSOPLEIDINGS SINDIKAAT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34920, "text": "L680730795 ENGCOBO BUSINESS ADVICE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34919, "text": "L680730555 DOHNEL DOARDING SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34918, "text": "L680729938 LEMS EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENTASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 34917, "text": "L680729516 KLEUTERSKOOL LEEUWPOORT PRE PRIMERESKOOL"}, {"id": 34916, "text": "L680729458 NOAH S ARK CHRISTIAN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34915, "text": "L680728955 BREINLYN BEMARKING EDMS BPK"}, {"id": 34914, "text": "L680728765 VERHOEF TRAINING"}, {"id": 34913, "text": "L680728203 TAZZ INVESTMENTS CC T A KIP MCGARTHEDUCATION CENTRES"}, {"id": 34912, "text": "L680728104 CAPE HEART COMMUNITY EDUCATIONAL THEATRE COMPANY"}, {"id": 34911, "text": "L680727171 KOLBE"}, {"id": 34910, "text": "L680726694 COALITION FOR PEACE IN AFRICA"}, {"id": 34909, "text": "L680726256 BJS FIRST AID TRAINING"}, {"id": 34908, "text": "L680726090 A M EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 34907, "text": "L680726009 RIVONI SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND"}, {"id": 34906, "text": "L680725787 MANNING HOFFMANN PARTNERS"}, {"id": 34905, "text": "L680725076 NUWE HORISON SENTRUM"}, {"id": 34904, "text": "L680724566 PHOENIX FOUNDATION FORSPECIALISED EDUCATION"}, {"id": 34903, "text": "L680724137 LAERSKOOL DAGBREEK"}, {"id": 34902, "text": "L680723501 LAERSKOOL FLORIDA"}, {"id": 34901, "text": "L680723253 LAERSKOOL VENTERSPOS"}, {"id": 34900, "text": "L680722941 WITWATERSRAND PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34899, "text": "L680722602 TORAH ACADEMY NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34898, "text": "L680722511 TASK LAND PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34897, "text": "L680722412 ST DAVIDS MARIST COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34896, "text": "L680722370 THE STUDY GUIDE CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34895, "text": "L680722172 SMALLWAYS NURSERY"}, {"id": 34894, "text": "L680722024 SEXUAL HARASSMENT EDUCATION"}, {"id": 34893, "text": "L680722008 SANSSA EDUCATIONAL DISTR"}, {"id": 34892, "text": "L680721802 SCHOOL OF TRUTH RELIGIOUS"}, {"id": 34891, "text": "L680721539 RISIDALE CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34890, "text": "L680721240 PEANUTS CRECHE"}, {"id": 34889, "text": "L680720549 MATHS CENTRE INCORPORATING SCIENCES"}, {"id": 34888, "text": "L680719897 JABULA NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34887, "text": "L680718758 DEDICATED COMPUTER TRAINING"}, {"id": 34886, "text": "L680717784 ATHLONE BOYS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34885, "text": "L680717529 ACCESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34884, "text": "L680716448 CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM"}, {"id": 34883, "text": "L680716380 BLOUBORSIE KLEUTER EN BEWAARSKOOL"}, {"id": 34882, "text": "L680715861 TOLBOSSIE KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 34881, "text": "L680715010 LOWVELD COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34880, "text": "L680715002 LAMMERLAND KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 34879, "text": "L680714849 VOLKSKOOL CAROLINA"}, {"id": 34878, "text": "L680714781 PINOCCHIO KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 34877, "text": "L680714187 ARCON PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34876, "text": "L680714005 H SKOOL ERMELO"}, {"id": 34875, "text": "L680713825 HOERSKOOL DELMAS SKOOLFONDS"}, {"id": 34874, "text": "L680713338 SUNGARDEN NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34873, "text": "L680713023 PRETORIA MUSLIM SCHOOL PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 34872, "text": "L680712769 NODDYLAND NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34871, "text": "L680712553 LAERSKOOL ELARDUSPARK"}, {"id": 34870, "text": "L680712462 AFRIKANEREENHEIDSBEWEGING"}, {"id": 34869, "text": "L680712306 HUMPTY DUMPTY NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34868, "text": "L680711381 LAERSKOOL EENHEID"}, {"id": 34867, "text": "L680710094 MOTOR INDUSTRY STAFF ASS"}, {"id": 34866, "text": "L680709922 SAND DU PLESSIS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34865, "text": "L680709492 MARITZBURG COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34864, "text": "L680709252 DONNYBROOK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34863, "text": "L680709138 ARBOR PARK PRE-PRIMARY"}, {"id": 34862, "text": "L680709021 WESTVILLE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34861, "text": "L680708767 STELLA PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL AND CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34860, "text": "L680707710 KLOOF HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34859, "text": "L680706811 BALLITO BAY MONTESSORI PRE-SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 34858, "text": "L680706779 Nancy Govender"}, {"id": 34857, "text": "L680706050 MUIR COLLEGE BOYS HIGH"}, {"id": 34856, "text": "L680704345 ZINZENDORF MORAVIAN EDUCARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34855, "text": "L680703115 GRACES EDUCARE"}, {"id": 34854, "text": "L680702950 EVANGELICAL BIBLE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34853, "text": "L680701812 H SKOOL NAPIER"}, {"id": 34852, "text": "L680701499 H SKOOL GRAAFWATER BESTUURS-"}, {"id": 34851, "text": "L670794165 C BOTHA EDUCATIONAL TRAINING"}, {"id": 34850, "text": "L670792268 BURGER"}, {"id": 34849, "text": "L670791773 SHOPPING CENTRED"}, {"id": 34848, "text": "L670785585 NORTHCLIFF NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34847, "text": "L670784877 CEED LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34846, "text": "L670782103 IES INTERNATIONAL HELDERBERG SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34845, "text": "L670781758 SKYLOU MONTESSORI PRE-SCHOOL AND AFTER CARE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34844, "text": "L670780040 IKAPADATA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34843, "text": "L670778770 REDDAM HOUSE WATERFALL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34842, "text": "L670778309 RIEBEECKSTAD PRE-PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 34841, "text": "L670775180 LOSKOP WELLNESS SENTRUM PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34840, "text": "L670774324 IMPERIAL TRAINING INTERNATIONAL CC"}, {"id": 34839, "text": "L670773854 BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 34838, "text": "L670768193 QCK LEZMIN 4430"}, {"id": 34837, "text": "L670765066 GREEN PASTURES CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34836, "text": "L670763541 INSTITUTE OF FITNESS PROFESSIONALS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34835, "text": "L670762956 RIVER DREAM TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 34834, "text": "L670761206 FIELD FURTHER EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 34833, "text": "L670760836 ELEDSERV EDUCATIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34832, "text": "L670757089 WYG INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM"}, {"id": 34831, "text": "L670756297 CALANDRA TRADING 509"}, {"id": 34830, "text": "L670755885 HEIDI SPEELKAMER"}, {"id": 34829, "text": "L670755463 WEIGHTMAN"}, {"id": 34828, "text": "L670754979 UPFRONT EVENTS TWO CC"}, {"id": 34827, "text": "L670754169 BUSHVELD LOCAL BUSINESS SERVICES"}, {"id": 34826, "text": "L670753526 DE BEER"}, {"id": 34825, "text": "L670751900 MAGDALENE NOMBEKO LUZIPHO"}, {"id": 34824, "text": "L670751322 RADPACK TECHNOLOGIES"}, {"id": 34823, "text": "L670750894 UNITED TEACHERS UNION"}, {"id": 34822, "text": "L670750597 D W HICKS AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 34821, "text": "L670750340 Laerskool Bellpark"}, {"id": 34820, "text": "L670750308 FLEXIBLE LEARNING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 34819, "text": "L670749912 MDANTSANE YOUTH ACADEMY , SYMBOL OF THE FUTURE TRAINING HEALTH CARE"}, {"id": 34818, "text": "L670749540 ARCH-PRINCE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 34817, "text": "L670749508 THE GRANNY FROG LITERACY FUND"}, {"id": 34816, "text": "L670749433 LETHULWAZI ADULT CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 34815, "text": "L670748682 YAPHI CONSULTING SERVICE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34814, "text": "L670748278 INFO AFRICA EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 34813, "text": "L670747510 SEITSHIRO TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 34812, "text": "L670747437 INTERNATIONAL FIREARM TRAINING ACADEMY CC"}, {"id": 34811, "text": "L670746884 LEZMIN 2228 CC"}, {"id": 34810, "text": "L670746843 AMELIA BRIDES CC"}, {"id": 34809, "text": "L670746488 TLAMELO EARLY LEARNING AND DAY CARE"}, {"id": 34808, "text": "L670746363 THE GIFTING INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 34807, "text": "L670745977 KING S CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34806, "text": "L670745902 SCIENCE MAGAZINE FOR AFRICA CC"}, {"id": 34805, "text": "L670745480 SOLOMON"}, {"id": 34804, "text": "L670745472 EIKENDAL PRIMERE SKOOL BEHEERRAAD"}, {"id": 34803, "text": "L670745449 PERFORMANCE CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34802, "text": "L670745407 The Custoda Trust"}, {"id": 34801, "text": "L670745290 IKAMVA DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROJECT"}, {"id": 34800, "text": "L670745068 GOLA KHULA TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 34799, "text": "L670744673 SAKHISIZWE HEALTH SERVICES"}, {"id": 34798, "text": "L670744590 COTSWORD CONTRACTING CC"}, {"id": 34797, "text": "L670743592 DAMELIN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34796, "text": "L670743550 UNIVERSITY SERVICES SA CC"}, {"id": 34795, "text": "L670742628 INTEGRATED LEARNING METHODOLOGYS"}, {"id": 34794, "text": "L670742586 SIJONGA-PHAMBILI CLC"}, {"id": 34793, "text": "L670742206 DEMOKRATIESE ALLIASIE NOORDWES"}, {"id": 34792, "text": "L670741422 RUSTENBURG KINDER GESINSORG"}, {"id": 34791, "text": "L670740093 CONCORDIA NGK PRIMER"}, {"id": 34790, "text": "L670739905 DE NEUS SSKV PRIMER"}, {"id": 34789, "text": "L670738816 GEELHOUTBOOM VGK PRIMER"}, {"id": 34788, "text": "L670738758 LAERSKOOL VISSERSHOEK"}, {"id": 34787, "text": "L670738634 KRAAIFONTEIN A.M.E. PRIMER"}, {"id": 34786, "text": "L670738386 CHATSWORTH SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34785, "text": "L670737651 MONYEKI"}, {"id": 34784, "text": "L670737479 RIVERBEND ON LINE EDUCATION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34783, "text": "L670737271 EVEREST CYBERVERSITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34782, "text": "L670736182 WORTHYTRADE 15 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34781, "text": "L670736109 NORTHWOOD SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34780, "text": "L670735440 BRACKENHAM PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34779, "text": "L670735382 CENTRE FOR UPLIFTING RURAL ECON OMIES"}, {"id": 34778, "text": "L670735218 HOERSKOOL DE AAR"}, {"id": 34777, "text": "L670734062 GIGASKILLS TRAINING"}, {"id": 34776, "text": "L670734047 HILLSIDE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34775, "text": "L670732330 COMPETENCY BASED EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 34774, "text": "L670732215 TRADEQUICK 84 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34773, "text": "L670731951 BARTRANS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34772, "text": "L670731886 PROTEC PROGRAMME FOR TECHNOLOGICAL CAREERS"}, {"id": 34771, "text": "L670731696 ST MICHAEL S PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34770, "text": "L670731654 THE ENGLISH CENTRE DURBAN CC"}, {"id": 34769, "text": "L670731613 HALY CRECHE CC"}, {"id": 34768, "text": "L670727736 SONSKYN BABASORG KLEUTER EN NASKOOLSENTRUM BK"}, {"id": 34767, "text": "L670727520 DEPARTEMENT VERVOER EN PUBLIEKE WERKE WES KAAP"}, {"id": 34766, "text": "L670727363 PARKER GORDON TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 34765, "text": "L670727181 KEY COLLEGET A ALMEGA COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34764, "text": "L670727074 JANSE VAN RENSBURG"}, {"id": 34763, "text": "L670727041 HAPPY HOURS PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34762, "text": "L670726498 BUSINESS ADVICE CENTRE LBSC"}, {"id": 34761, "text": "L670726290 HR STUDY PROMOTIONS HA DAMELINCAMPUS MALELANE"}, {"id": 34760, "text": "L670725789 RURAL ADVICE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34759, "text": "L670725268 VAN DYK"}, {"id": 34758, "text": "L670725243 MARTIAL COMPUTINE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34757, "text": "L670725029 SCHOOL OF TOMORROW"}, {"id": 34756, "text": "L670724345 PURSUIT HR CONSULTANTS AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 34755, "text": "L670723255 LAERSKOOL FOCHVILLE"}, {"id": 34754, "text": "L670721812 ST STITHIANS COLLEGE TRUST"}, {"id": 34753, "text": "L670720996 NORTH WEST SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34752, "text": "L670720277 LENASIA MUSLIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34751, "text": "L670720251 LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE CC"}, {"id": 34750, "text": "L670719949 JHB TRADES HALL SOCIETY"}, {"id": 34749, "text": "L670719865 JGPS AFTER-CARE CENTRE"}, {"id": 34748, "text": "L670719527 Frontline Christian School"}, {"id": 34747, "text": "L670719477 GLOBAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS"}, {"id": 34746, "text": "L670717950 B I F S A TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34745, "text": "L670717729 AUCKLAND PARK BABY CNTR"}, {"id": 34744, "text": "L670717323 EWC:KEMPTON CAMPUS"}, {"id": 34743, "text": "L670717091 PRIMROSE PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34742, "text": "L670716598 KLEUTERSKOOL ELMAPARK"}, {"id": 34741, "text": "L670716382 VENTER"}, {"id": 34740, "text": "L670716150 DALPARK INDEPENDENT EDUCATIONAL CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 34739, "text": "L670716127 SPARTYS STORES"}, {"id": 34738, "text": "L670716093 SUMMERFIELDS PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34737, "text": "L670716036 DOWNING"}, {"id": 34736, "text": "L670713728 LAERSKOOL RUSTENBURG"}, {"id": 34735, "text": "L670713397 TOP BESTUUR TECHNIKON N-TVL"}, {"id": 34734, "text": "L670713140 SUNNYSIDE AFTER SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34733, "text": "L670710682 INSTITUUT VIR LEERONTVANK-"}, {"id": 34732, "text": "L670710252 SAAILAND PREPRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 34731, "text": "L670708603 PENNINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34730, "text": "L670708496 HOERSKOOL RICHARDSBAAI"}, {"id": 34729, "text": "L670707795 MH LALOUETTE"}, {"id": 34728, "text": "L670707712 KLOOF SENIOR PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34727, "text": "L670706920 CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34726, "text": "L670706342 BLANCO CRECHE"}, {"id": 34725, "text": "L670705591 INSTITUTE FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT MAN AGEMENT OF SOUTH-AFRICA"}, {"id": 34724, "text": "L670705559 HANTAM COMMUNITY EDUCATION TRUST"}, {"id": 34723, "text": "L670705435 DEMOCRATIC PARTY"}, {"id": 34722, "text": "L670702929 EDGEMEAD PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34721, "text": "L670702671 CAPE TECHNIKON"}, {"id": 34720, "text": "L670702598 BRETTON WOODS FUTURES PTY"}, {"id": 34719, "text": "L670702093 H SKOOL SMUTS-MALAN"}, {"id": 34718, "text": "L670702002 REDGRAB PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 34717, "text": "L670701947 VOORBEREIDINGSKOOL PAROW-"}, {"id": 34716, "text": "L670701491 GOODWOOD PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34715, "text": "L670701376 CAREL DU TOIT SENTRUM"}, {"id": 34714, "text": "L670701202 CHILD WELFARE SOUTH AFRICA: BREDASDORP"}, {"id": 34713, "text": "L670701046 H SKOOL WILLISTON"}, {"id": 34712, "text": "L660794621 BUMBLE BEE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 34711, "text": "L660794308 AGAPE EIRINI ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34710, "text": "L660793888 DSBI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34709, "text": "L660792997 BADENHORST"}, {"id": 34708, "text": "L660791494 FLEXI TUTORS"}, {"id": 34707, "text": "L660791304 GLOBAL KTT TRAINING AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 34706, "text": "L660790736 LUXE TRAINING COLLEGE FOR SOCIAL SERVICES NPC"}, {"id": 34705, "text": "L660789571 VARSITY INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34704, "text": "L660789068 UBUHLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL NPC"}, {"id": 34703, "text": "L660788581 HOUSE OF FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTRE NPC "}, {"id": 34702, "text": "L660788482 Duduzile Zwane"}, {"id": 34701, "text": "L660787740 REAL MEAL REVOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34700, "text": "L660786460 VAN EEDEN"}, {"id": 34699, "text": "L660783533 MONDEOR ECO SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34698, "text": "L660782204 L E L E LANGUAGE CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 34697, "text": "L660781974 KAGISO SKILLS AND TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34696, "text": "L660780026 SAINT PETER CLAVER SCHOOL -KROONSTAD"}, {"id": 34695, "text": "L660779937 TANYA S KLEUTERLAND"}, {"id": 34694, "text": "L660779374 LIVIN AQUATICS CC"}, {"id": 34693, "text": "L660775836 ACTIVELY EDUCATING NORTH WEST"}, {"id": 34692, "text": "L660775026 S A LABORATORY INSTALLATIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34691, "text": "L660774128 HIS CHURCH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34690, "text": "L660771918 ROYAL BAFOKENG INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 34689, "text": "L660767650 PLATINUM CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34688, "text": "L660763451 OUTSOURCE SECURITY SOLUTIONS AND RISK CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34687, "text": "L660761513 ORBIT TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34686, "text": "L660758469 NOZI COACHING AND ASSESSMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 34685, "text": "L660758428 NANGUE"}, {"id": 34684, "text": "L660758014 LEB S INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY"}, {"id": 34683, "text": "L660757388 SOUTHERN SEAS INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 34682, "text": "L660756844 PRECIOUS ANGELS CC"}, {"id": 34681, "text": "L660756687 KIMBERLEY ACADEMY OF MUSIC"}, {"id": 34680, "text": "L660756182 SATHYA SAI EDUCATION TRUST OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 34679, "text": "L660755945 SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK DEVELOP-MENT TRUST"}, {"id": 34678, "text": "L660755499 SIPHETE AVIATION SECURITY SERVICESCC"}, {"id": 34677, "text": "L660755465 ACCELERATED LANGUAGE LEARNING PTYLTD"}, {"id": 34676, "text": "L660755093 STADIO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34675, "text": "L660754872 HARRIS"}, {"id": 34674, "text": "L660753643 BRITS DRIVING SCHOOL CC"}, {"id": 34673, "text": "L660753163 AP SHANGASE CONSULTING T A APS PLACEMENTS AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 34672, "text": "L660752223 SPAZAAM EDUCATION CC"}, {"id": 34671, "text": "L660752124 HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT CONSORTIUM"}, {"id": 34670, "text": "L660751670 LUCY NTLATHI"}, {"id": 34669, "text": "L660751134 BARTON-HOBBS"}, {"id": 34668, "text": "L660750946 NOPHUMZILE NGUDLE"}, {"id": 34667, "text": "L660750755 EDUTEL PUBLIC SERVICES COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34666, "text": "L660750540 TRAINING TECHNIQUES HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34665, "text": "L660750318 NQABENI"}, {"id": 34664, "text": "L660750268 KATLEGO EARLY LEARNG CENTRE"}, {"id": 34663, "text": "L660750177 ELAH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34662, "text": "L660749880 IDI ESTATE LATE"}, {"id": 34661, "text": "L660748817 DOVETAIL TRADING 139 CC"}, {"id": 34660, "text": "L660748437 GIMEL WORKSHOP MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 34659, "text": "L660748221 ARCADIA PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34658, "text": "L660747660 COALITION TRADING 82 CC"}, {"id": 34657, "text": "L660747363 UNITING REFORMED CHURCH IN SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 34656, "text": "L660747116 WORKTOGETHER DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 34655, "text": "L660747033 ACADEMY FOR SKILLS TRAINING ANDDEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 34654, "text": "L660746720 MOLOKO TRAINING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 34653, "text": "L660746563 TLHOAFALO TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 34652, "text": "L660745441 PAARDEBERG PRIVAAT PRE-PRIMERESKOOL"}, {"id": 34651, "text": "L660744733 M W PROVIDER AND ASSESSOR"}, {"id": 34650, "text": "L660744311 THE NDIZANI ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34649, "text": "L660743842 WELLINGTON COMMUNITY LEARNINGCENTRE"}, {"id": 34648, "text": "L660743073 DEPARTEMENT VAN ONDERWYS LAERSKOOL CLAREMONT"}, {"id": 34647, "text": "L660741572 OASIS FELLOWSHIP"}, {"id": 34646, "text": "L660740871 TURNER"}, {"id": 34645, "text": "L660740525 NOEM-NOEMPIE PRE-PRIMER"}, {"id": 34644, "text": "L660740392 NTSHINGILA-KHOSA AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 34643, "text": "L660740103 MOOI - UITSIG PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 34642, "text": "L660739485 OVERPORT SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34641, "text": "L660739105 ST GEORGE EDUCATION AGENCY CC"}, {"id": 34640, "text": "L660739048 INGQAYIZIVELE TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 34639, "text": "L660738255 BRANDT"}, {"id": 34638, "text": "L660738149 LAERSKOOL STAATSPRESIDENT SWART TRUST"}, {"id": 34637, "text": "L660737828 JENAVIVE CC"}, {"id": 34636, "text": "L660737737 EDEN COLLEGE RANDBURG"}, {"id": 34635, "text": "L660737513 YOUNG EAGLES CHRISTIAN ACADEMY"}, {"id": 34634, "text": "L660735988 JORDAAN"}, {"id": 34633, "text": "L660735541 JUNGLE RUMBLE PLAYGROUND CC"}, {"id": 34632, "text": "L660735301 JOVI EDUCATION AND MARKETING CC"}, {"id": 34631, "text": "L660734676 PHOENIX MUSLIM SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34630, "text": "L660733546 TITE"}, {"id": 34629, "text": "L660733322 HOLY CROSS NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34628, "text": "L660733173 STONIER"}, {"id": 34627, "text": "L660732993 OPPERMAN"}, {"id": 34626, "text": "L660732464 BELVILLE PC INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 34625, "text": "L660732449 OXBRIDGE SOLUTIONS SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34624, "text": "L660732340 UNIQUE INITIATIVES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34623, "text": "L660730096 RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT ADHOCRACY"}, {"id": 34622, "text": "L660727043 HEALTHMAN MANAGEMENT NETWORKINGSERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34621, "text": "L660725914 PATHWAYS KLOOF STIMULATION CENTRE"}, {"id": 34620, "text": "L660725799 NOMPUMALANGA SPECIAL SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34619, "text": "L660725096 HAWAII DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 34618, "text": "L660723463 HORIZON VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34617, "text": "L660723257 LAERSKOOL DE BEER"}, {"id": 34616, "text": "L660723232 GREENHILLS PREPRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34615, "text": "L660722713 UNITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 34614, "text": "L660721442 Police Prisons Civil Rights Union"}, {"id": 34613, "text": "L660720295 LILLYPUT PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34612, "text": "L660720063 KENT ACADAMY OF MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 34611, "text": "L660718729 DEPTH RECOVERY UNIT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34610, "text": "L660718638 DELTA ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 34609, "text": "L660718364 CRIDS EDUCATION TRAINING "}, {"id": 34608, "text": "L660718018 BLUE BIRD NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34607, "text": "L660717804 PATHWAYS CHRISTIAN PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34606, "text": "L660717713 AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR MANA-"}, {"id": 34605, "text": "L660717036 LAERSKOOL OOSTERKRUIN"}, {"id": 34604, "text": "L660716806 JEUGKLITSIES"}, {"id": 34603, "text": "L660716269 AFRIKA EVANGELIESE BOND"}, {"id": 34602, "text": "L660716244 ABC NURSERY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34601, "text": "L660715840 INDEPENDENT MUNICIPAL AND ALLIED TRADE UNION"}, {"id": 34600, "text": "L660715097 SCHOOL BOY PICKLE MNFRS"}, {"id": 34599, "text": "L660715006 IMPEY R L"}, {"id": 34598, "text": "L660714983 KONINGS KINDERS KLEUTERSKOOL"}, {"id": 34597, "text": "L660714918 CVG PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 34596, "text": "L660714553 VAALPARK PRIMERE SKOOL"}, {"id": 34595, "text": "L660712342 HOERSKOOL GARSFONTEIN"}, {"id": 34594, "text": "L660711492 PIETERSBURG HOERSKOOL"}, {"id": 34593, "text": "L660711302 FRANGIPANI SENTRUM VIR GESTREMDES"}, {"id": 34592, "text": "L660709413 IXOPO PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 34591, "text": "L660709298 ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE NET"}, {"id": 34590, "text": "L660708787 ST MARY S DIOCESAN S