{"results": [{"id": 4490, "text": "False N00020726"}, {"id": 4489, "text": "False [N00020726]Interserve Training Solutions"}, {"id": 4488, "text": "False african multiskills development (pty) ltd"}, {"id": 4487, "text": "False Imsimbi Training"}, {"id": 4486, "text": "False African Multiskills Development And Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 4485, "text": "False African Multiskills Development And Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 4484, "text": "False Afrika Multiskills Developemnt Training"}, {"id": 4483, "text": "False Interserve Training Solutions"}, {"id": 4482, "text": "False NL00020726"}, {"id": 4481, "text": "False Interserve"}, {"id": 4480, "text": "False iNTERSERVE TRAINING"}, {"id": 4479, "text": "False Interserve Trainning Solutions Nl00020726"}, {"id": 4478, "text": "False NL00020726"}, {"id": 4477, "text": "False [NL00020726] Interseve Solution"}, {"id": 4476, "text": "False NL00020726"}, {"id": 4475, "text": "False [False] NL00020726"}, {"id": 4474, "text": "False NL00020726"}, {"id": 4473, "text": "False NL00020726"}, {"id": 4472, "text": "False Interserve Solutions"}, {"id": 4471, "text": "False Elijah Barayi Memorial Training Centre"}, {"id": 4470, "text": "False NP00023505"}, {"id": 4469, "text": "False NP00023505"}, {"id": 4468, "text": "False L360724001"}, {"id": 4467, "text": "False NL00014741"}, {"id": 4466, "text": "False M3I SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 4465, "text": "False M3I Skills Development"}, {"id": 4464, "text": "False African Multiskills Development and Training (PTY)"}, {"id": 4463, "text": "False ETDP"}, {"id": 4462, "text": "False Ntiyiso Training"}, {"id": 4461, "text": "False [False] N00000421"}, {"id": 4460, "text": "False N00000419"}, {"id": 4459, "text": "False [False] Mosihle pty ltd"}, {"id": 4458, "text": "False mosihle"}, {"id": 4457, "text": "False M3I SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 4456, "text": "False M3I Skills Development"}, {"id": 4455, "text": "False aba"}, {"id": 4454, "text": "ETDPS011962 Tyme Training and Development"}, {"id": 4453, "text": "False NP00021018"}, {"id": 4452, "text": "False Training"}, {"id": 4451, "text": "False NP00021018"}, {"id": 4450, "text": "False Elective Training Institute"}, {"id": 4449, "text": "False Elective Tr"}, {"id": 4448, "text": "False Elective"}, {"id": 4447, "text": "False Elective"}, {"id": 4446, "text": "False Ledisa Academy"}, {"id": 4445, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4444, "text": "False Provider [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4443, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4442, "text": "False L440751438 Inkwenkwezi private College"}, {"id": 4441, "text": "False Elective Training Institute"}, {"id": 4440, "text": "False Elective Training Institute"}, {"id": 4439, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4438, "text": "False L440751438 Inkwenkwezi Private College"}, {"id": 4437, "text": "False L440751438"}, {"id": 4436, "text": "False L440751438 Inkwenkwezi Private College"}, {"id": 4435, "text": "False [False] L440751438 Inkwenkwezi Private College"}, {"id": 4434, "text": "False L440751438 Inkwenkwezi Private Colleg"}, {"id": 4433, "text": "False L440751438"}, {"id": 4432, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4431, "text": "False L440751438"}, {"id": 4430, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4429, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4428, "text": "False [L440751438] Inkwenkwezi Private College - Skills Development Cc"}, {"id": 4427, "text": "False L440751438 Inkwenkwezi Private College"}, {"id": 4426, "text": "False L440751438"}, {"id": 4425, "text": "False Inkwenkwezi Private"}, {"id": 4424, "text": "False L440751438"}, {"id": 4423, "text": "ETDP011793 Mogotlho Group (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4422, "text": "False lewerb holdings"}, {"id": 4421, "text": "ETDPS011930 A4 Consultancy CC"}, {"id": 4420, "text": "ETDPS011933 KZN Public Provincial Services Training Academy"}, {"id": 4419, "text": "ETDPS011958 Ayaabu Projects"}, {"id": 4418, "text": "ETDP011931 Mia Secret Professional Nail System (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4417, "text": "ETDP011942 Ngangezwe Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 4416, "text": "ETDP011934 Dofula Training Projects (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4415, "text": "ETDP011916 Thuto Skills Development Organization"}, {"id": 4414, "text": "ETDPS011922 B and T Skills Development Training"}, {"id": 4413, "text": "ETDP011917 Maatla Training Providers (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4412, "text": "ETDPS011923 Global Prospectus Development Institute"}, {"id": 4411, "text": "ETDP011938 Pass It On Training Centre NPO"}, {"id": 4410, "text": "ETDP011948 LCSM Investments (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4409, "text": "ETDP011912 QTN Business Services (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4408, "text": "ETDP011951 Sumeya Coaches (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4407, "text": "ETDP011947 L&P Excellence Training Academy"}, {"id": 4406, "text": "ETDPS011956 Meleric Holdings"}, {"id": 4405, "text": "ETDPS011908 Bokamoso Global Solutions"}, {"id": 4404, "text": "ETDP011944 Digitized Life"}, {"id": 4403, "text": "ETDP011906 African Training and Management Consultants"}, {"id": 4402, "text": "ETDP011949 MOA Construction"}, {"id": 4401, "text": "ETDP011939 Thuto Teach NPC"}, {"id": 4400, "text": "ETDP011943 DE GRACE TRAINING SKILLS (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4399, "text": "ETDP011904 Cutting Edge Training"}, {"id": 4398, "text": "ETDP011919 Ukugeleza Solutions (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4397, "text": "ETDP011866 Access Professional Development (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4396, "text": "ETDP011945 Electronic Arts Learning"}, {"id": 4395, "text": "ETDP011946 Ian Felix Academy"}, {"id": 4394, "text": "ETDP011905 Mechatronics Development Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4393, "text": "ETDPS011959 Martiq 1223 CC"}, {"id": 4392, "text": "ETDP011953 Yanela ECD Training Centre (Pty) Ltd "}, {"id": 4391, "text": "ETDPS011471 Career box NPC"}, {"id": 4390, "text": "ETDP011918 EDUCATION AFRICA"}, {"id": 4389, "text": "ETDPS011932 Grow Training Institute"}, {"id": 4388, "text": "ETDPS011921 Crystal Knowledge Training and Consultancy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4387, "text": "ETDP011901 Boitjhorisong Institutions Services & Networks."}, {"id": 4386, "text": "ETDP011902 Ntho Ntho Spares Suppliers (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4385, "text": "ETDP011935 Green Energy Foundation"}, {"id": 4384, "text": "ETDP011930 Elite Esthetics"}, {"id": 4383, "text": "ETDP011940 Trojan Training Solutions"}, {"id": 4382, "text": "ETDP011911 Fetsisa Lehuma Institute"}, {"id": 4381, "text": "ETDP011941 Ultraskills (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4380, "text": "ETDP011950 Solomon projects and developments"}, {"id": 4379, "text": "ETDPS011925 Magnacorp Project Management (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4378, "text": "ETDPS011954 Elada Institute "}, {"id": 4377, "text": "ETDP011913 Destiny Management Group"}, {"id": 4376, "text": "ETDP011903 Public Sector Accountancy and Audit Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4375, "text": "ETDP011937 Letlotlo Foundation"}, {"id": 4374, "text": "ETDP011907 Revo Quest Consulting"}, {"id": 4373, "text": "ETDPS011924 KLM Empowerment"}, {"id": 4372, "text": "ETDPS011926 Landfrog"}, {"id": 4371, "text": "ETDPS011919 SSG Training Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4370, "text": "ETDPS011891 Livhu Na Mashudu Security and Trading CC"}, {"id": 4369, "text": "ETDPS011955 Glamaro (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4368, "text": "ETDPS011928 TSM Business School (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4367, "text": "ETDP011867 DMT Communications (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4366, "text": "ETDP011873 MEY Hassan Training Consultants CC"}, {"id": 4365, "text": "ETDPS011910 International Business Training College"}, {"id": 4364, "text": "ETDPS011957 The Two Oceans Leadership Institute"}, {"id": 4363, "text": "False M3I SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 4362, "text": "False emtonjeni wolwazi"}, {"id": 4361, "text": "False Emtonjeni"}, {"id": 4360, "text": "False [N090894951] Shamariah Security Training"}, {"id": 4359, "text": "False N090894951"}, {"id": 4358, "text": "False Waterberg Tvet"}, {"id": 4357, "text": "False L100711482"}, {"id": 4356, "text": "False L100711482"}, {"id": 4355, "text": "ETDP011929 Nodino Prof Construction cc"}, {"id": 4354, "text": "False motheo"}, {"id": 4353, "text": "False m3i skills development"}, {"id": 4352, "text": "ETDP011798 BOULINK AFRICA"}, {"id": 4351, "text": "ETDP011838 Page Skills Academic NPC"}, {"id": 4350, "text": "ETDP011841 Funatomy Enterprise"}, {"id": 4349, "text": "ETDP011800 EDUPOWER SKILLS ACADEMY (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4348, "text": "ETDP011815 Phezulu Academy"}, {"id": 4347, "text": "ETDP011845 Robert Sobukwe Nursing Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4346, "text": "ETDP011842 Morena Ike Skills Development and Projects"}, {"id": 4343, "text": "ETDP011832 Thuli Learning Outcomes Training Centre"}, {"id": 4342, "text": "ETDP011830 Reah Sign and communicate"}, {"id": 4341, "text": "ETDP011796 ALPHA AND OMEGA MULTISKILLS CENTRE (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4339, "text": "ETDP011844 Inguqu Communications (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4338, "text": "ETDP011791 Nishi - National Industrial Safety Health Institute (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4337, "text": "ETDP011897 Imratec College"}, {"id": 4334, "text": "ETDP011807 SMO HOLDINGS AND PROJECTS (PTY)LTD"}, {"id": 4333, "text": "ETDP011808 THUSA BOKAMOSO PROJECT NPO"}, {"id": 4332, "text": "ETDP011820 KEITSHEPILE TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 4331, "text": "ETDP011829 KVN Learning Solutions (PTY) Ltd"}, {"id": 4330, "text": "ETDP011840 Azibuyemasisweni Cultural Village"}, {"id": 4328, "text": "ETDP011843 Clm Clothing and Textile (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4327, "text": "ETDP011801 First African Diversified Group Primary Co-Operative Limited"}, {"id": 4326, "text": "ETDP011788 AFRICA2050 HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4325, "text": "ETDP011806 KITSO COLLEGE"}, {"id": 4324, "text": "ETDP011835 Mookeng Training Services"}, {"id": 4323, "text": "ETDP011827 TECH Info Training"}, {"id": 4322, "text": "ETDP011811 Boeenelo'S Trading And Project (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4321, "text": "ETDP011812 Distictions Pathways (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4320, "text": "ETDP011799 CONNECT AFRIKA ACADEMY"}, {"id": 4319, "text": "ETDP011822 VISIOENR VAARDIGHEDE INSTITUUT"}, {"id": 4318, "text": "ETDP011797 BONAE ACADEMY"}, {"id": 4317, "text": "ETDP011810 Bensen Business Consulting And Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4316, "text": "ETDP011836 Ondlovu (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4315, "text": "ETDP011802 FIRST REAL PEOPLE INVESTMENTS GROUP (PTY)LTD"}, {"id": 4314, "text": "ETDP011834 Peace BSTIL Services"}, {"id": 4313, "text": "ETDP011768 Mpembe Skills Training Project Management Services (Pty) Ltd T/A Mpembe Skills Training"}, {"id": 4312, "text": "ETDP011828 Ultimate People Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 4311, "text": "ETDP011865 Tumpu Trading & Projects (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4309, "text": "ETDP011452 Mosadimotse Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4308, "text": "ETDP011857 Mastery Academy And Projects"}, {"id": 4307, "text": "ETDP011861 Tehilla College (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4305, "text": "ETDP011884 Linder General Trading (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4304, "text": "ETDP011852 Goodly Heritage General Trading (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4303, "text": "ETDP011451 Izinkanyezi Training and Development (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4302, "text": "ETDP011776 Ikage Sd College (Pty)Ltd"}, {"id": 4301, "text": "ETDP011745 T4 Technologies (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4300, "text": "ETDP011771 Sinqi Se Afrika Supplier And General Services"}, {"id": 4299, "text": "ETDP011744 Protea Competency Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4298, "text": "ETDP011714 Charnash Enterprise Solutions (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4297, "text": "ETDP011713 Buo Puo Pha (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4296, "text": "ETDP011773 Gundo Security And Supply (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4295, "text": "ETDP011855 Kopano Botho Holdings"}, {"id": 4294, "text": "ETDP011717 Today's Destiny Trading and Projects 158"}, {"id": 4293, "text": "ETDP011859 Segodi Prestige"}, {"id": 4292, "text": "ETDP011883 Five Training Skills (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4291, "text": "ETDP011742 PR Skills Development Group"}, {"id": 4290, "text": "ETDP011854 Indocraft (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4289, "text": "ETDP011858 Paths Of Speech"}, {"id": 4288, "text": "ETDP011898 Ditlou Sons And Daughters (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4287, "text": "ETDP011454 Nkosi AM (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4286, "text": "ETDP011850 Bububa Holdings"}, {"id": 4285, "text": "ETDP011803 Arsa Holdings Training And Services (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4284, "text": "ETDP011718 Ntshingila Group (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4283, "text": "ETDP011839 TSALACH TRAINING AND TRADING PROJECTS (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4282, "text": "ETDP011853 Gugulungi (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4281, "text": "ETDP011860 Shiphrah Skills Development Projects"}, {"id": 4280, "text": "ETDP011449 Dolphin Avenue Enterprises (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4279, "text": "ETDP011778 Najemo Training Institution (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4278, "text": "ETDP011888 Tnl Training And Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 4277, "text": "ETDP011767 Leading Leaders Training Centre (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4276, "text": "ETDP011774 Willshir Trading (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4275, "text": "ETDP011715 Mosihle (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4274, "text": "ETDP011886 Secure Skills Development"}, {"id": 4273, "text": "ETDP011887 Sinengomso Training & Development Centre (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4272, "text": "ETDP011728 VS Africa Security Training And Guard (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4271, "text": "ETDP011740 Deaf Federation of South Africa (DeafSA)"}, {"id": 4270, "text": "ETDP011459 The Unlimited Child"}, {"id": 4269, "text": "ETDP011864 Try Beta Skills (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4268, "text": "ETDP011889 Ulwazi Five Tees Trading Enterprise (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4267, "text": "ETDP011763 Singriha"}, {"id": 4266, "text": "ETDP011862 Thebu Mahanda Holdings"}, {"id": 4265, "text": "ETDP011851 Global Practicon Academy"}, {"id": 4264, "text": "ETDP011456 Phutaditshaba Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 4263, "text": "ETDPS011795 Frommetowe Global Institute Of Leadership (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4261, "text": "ETDPS011765 International Vocational Education College (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4260, "text": "ETDPS011784 African Multiskills Development And Training (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4259, "text": "ETDPS011755 Maite Business Consulting and Training Agency (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4257, "text": "ETDPS011792 Technical Support Lab"}, {"id": 4256, "text": "ETDPS011881 Thabangofe Le Joy Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 4254, "text": "ETDPS011756 Market Edge Enterprise"}, {"id": 4253, "text": "ETDPS011464 Mpondo Zengwenya Trading"}, {"id": 4252, "text": "ETDPS011789 BRIDGE BUILDING OPEX SOLUTION T/A BBOPEX (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4251, "text": "ETDPS011894 Labour Guide Cc T/A S.A Labour Guide"}, {"id": 4250, "text": "ETDPS011826 Umbono Training"}, {"id": 4249, "text": "ETDPS011821 LUX MUNDI TRAINING (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4248, "text": "ETDPS011892 Ursivox (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4247, "text": "ETDPS011882 Velley Of Thousand Hills"}, {"id": 4246, "text": "ETDPS011878 Reinforcing Steel Contractors"}, {"id": 4245, "text": "ETDPS011893 Diligent College And Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4244, "text": "ETDPS011877 Texcel (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4243, "text": "ETDPS011759 Capita South Africa (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4242, "text": "ETDPS011462 KVR Training & Business Consulting (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4241, "text": "ETDPS011824 Malope A Phahla Security Services (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4240, "text": "ETDPS011761 Smart Hr Solutions Cc"}, {"id": 4239, "text": "ETDPS011796 Mclennan And Associates"}, {"id": 4238, "text": "ETDPS011802 Hygro Training College (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4237, "text": "ETDPS011823 Ilearn Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4236, "text": "ETDPS011794 Explore Software (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4235, "text": "ETDPS011849 K2011145379 (South Africa) Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 4234, "text": "ETDPS011721 ILUBALETHU PROJECTS (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4233, "text": "ETDPS011750 BOHLALE PELONG TRAINING COMPANY (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4232, "text": "ETDPS011899 KATLO LOGISTIX (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4231, "text": "ETDPS011880 Nail Excellence (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4230, "text": "ETDPS011797 Roth Educational Services (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4229, "text": "ETDPS011819 IKUSASA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION (PTY) LTD"}, {"id": 4228, "text": "ETDPS011790 Signa Academy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4227, "text": "ETDPS011753 Imbizo Training and Development Consultancy (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4226, "text": "ETDPS011896 South Africa Advanced Skills Institute"}, {"id": 4225, "text": "ETDPS011875 Rainbow Technical Training Centre (Pty)Ltd"}, {"id": 4224, "text": "ETDPS011788 Jjm Security (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4223, "text": "ETDPS011785 Babina Tlou Trading And Projects 001"}, {"id": 4222, "text": "ETDPS011879 Bothakga Bjaka Catering Services And Projects"}, {"id": 4221, "text": "ETDPS011783 Thansa Trading (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 4220, "text": "ETDPS011751 THE DUX ACADEMY OF HEALTHCARE t/a DUXAH"}, {"id": 4219, "text": "ETDPS011876 Salt Lake Residents Action Group"}, {"id": 4218, "text": "ETDP011809 TICA CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 3912, "text": "False Academy of people development"}, {"id": 3896, "text": "False tshwane leadership"}, {"id": 3895, "text": "False SANDF College of Educational Technology (ETDP-598)"}, {"id": 3894, "text": "False Prestige"}, {"id": 3893, "text": "False NL000015521"}, {"id": 3890, "text": "False Motheo"}, {"id": 3889, "text": "False Ikhono Funda Training"}, {"id": 3888, "text": "False ikhono funda"}, {"id": 3886, "text": "False Marger Training and Properties"}, {"id": 3885, "text": "False Turnstone Training Solutions"}, {"id": 3884, "text": "False LEMBETSI BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 3883, "text": "False LEMBETSI BUSINESS NTERPRISE"}, {"id": 3882, "text": "False Adelaine Training Solutions"}, {"id": 3881, "text": "False dionysus s"}, {"id": 3880, "text": "False KVRTraining"}, {"id": 3879, "text": "ETDP0133 The Institute of People Development"}, {"id": 3877, "text": "False EMTONJENI WOLWAZI"}, {"id": 3876, "text": "False EMTONJENI WOLWAZI"}, {"id": 3875, "text": "False Emtonjeni Wolwazi"}, {"id": 3874, "text": "False NL00020712"}, {"id": 3873, "text": "False Emtonjeni Wolwazi"}, {"id": 3872, "text": "False TBL Academy"}, {"id": 3871, "text": "False [T000007975] Wildlife And Environment Society Of South Africa"}, {"id": 3870, "text": "False [False] [Np00022888] Ukhanyiso Ebantwini NPC"}, {"id": 3869, "text": "False [NP00022888] Ukhanyiso Ebantwini NPC"}, {"id": 3868, "text": "False [T000008060] Khanyisela College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3867, "text": "ETDP011746 ACS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3866, "text": "False NL00015524"}, {"id": 3865, "text": "False unathi training"}, {"id": 3862, "text": "False NL00015524"}, {"id": 3861, "text": "False Nsovo"}, {"id": 3860, "text": "False Nosipho Consultancy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 3859, "text": "False NP00023294"}, {"id": 3858, "text": "False Nosipho Consultancy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 3857, "text": "False Teachers Learning Centre"}, {"id": 3856, "text": "False NL00017672"}, {"id": 3855, "text": " Midlands Commun"}, {"id": 3854, "text": " Midlands Community College"}, {"id": 3853, "text": " Midlands Community College"}, {"id": 3852, "text": " Midlands Community College"}, {"id": 3851, "text": " BRIDGING GAPS ECD ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3850, "text": " Devolden Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3849, "text": " MOA CONSTRUCTION CC"}, {"id": 3848, "text": " Gundo Securityand Supply Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3847, "text": " RZT ZELPY 4220 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3846, "text": " ONDLOVU PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3845, "text": " Ditlou Sons and Daughters Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3844, "text": " B Safe Africa Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3843, "text": " Bhele Technical Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3842, "text": "ETDP011710 KENCED HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3841, "text": " ITHEMBA TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3840, "text": " LUX MUNDI TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3839, "text": "ETDPS011801 Africa College of Technology"}, {"id": 3838, "text": " Bosele Skills Development Services"}, {"id": 3837, "text": "ETDP011772 Bubomi Consulting and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3836, "text": " LP Excellence in Training Academy"}, {"id": 3835, "text": " CAPRICORN TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3834, "text": " UBUQOTHO INTEGRITY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 3833, "text": "ETDP011805 KHOMOTSO CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3832, "text": " RGK TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3831, "text": " STRATISM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3830, "text": " IMPI Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3829, "text": " NCA Enterprise Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3828, "text": " POLOKWANE ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3827, "text": " Gubanca Somdaka Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3826, "text": " Compus Training Institution"}, {"id": 3825, "text": " leadership Dynamics"}, {"id": 3824, "text": " All Things Are Possible Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3823, "text": " Moses Kotane Institute"}, {"id": 3822, "text": " THUTO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION"}, {"id": 3821, "text": " KULUVUYO CONSLUTANCY ANDWELLNESS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3820, "text": " Tax Faculty"}, {"id": 3819, "text": " NAVY ARTISAN TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3818, "text": " RENEPILE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3817, "text": " Thandiwenathi Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3816, "text": " Gobo Training Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3815, "text": " National English Maths and Science Learning Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3814, "text": " ROYAL KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3813, "text": " MINOLI LOGISTICS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3812, "text": " Southern Cape Education Trust"}, {"id": 3811, "text": " ALVA GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3810, "text": " Charisma Training Consultants"}, {"id": 3809, "text": " Destiny Management Group"}, {"id": 3808, "text": "ETDPS011800 Myfamily Projects and Consulting"}, {"id": 3807, "text": " Xolani TLS Research Initiatives Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3806, "text": " 02 Safety and Security Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3805, "text": "ETDPS011762 Tsolo Agriculture and Rural Development Institute"}, {"id": 3804, "text": " Securitas SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3803, "text": " SA Fire and Medical Academy"}, {"id": 3802, "text": " Taylor EnviroWaste Consulting"}, {"id": 3801, "text": " IRCA Cape Town Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3800, "text": " Bidvest Services Pty Ltd t a Bidvest Edge"}, {"id": 3799, "text": " SACOB South African College of Business"}, {"id": 3798, "text": "ETDP011699 HLOSI SECURITY SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3797, "text": "ETDPS011696 Nouvel Age Business Solutions"}, {"id": 3796, "text": " AVIC-INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3795, "text": "ETDP011683 Mabidi Funzani Trading And Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3794, "text": " NTINGA TRANSFORMATIONAL CONSULTING SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3793, "text": "ETDPS011681 THE STAR FACTORY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3792, "text": "ETDP011720 Safety and Training Solutions Pty LTD"}, {"id": 3791, "text": " Border Kei Training Trust"}, {"id": 3790, "text": "ETDP011668 Lionsden Africa Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3789, "text": " USB-Executive Development pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3788, "text": " Div Consulting PtyLtd"}, {"id": 3787, "text": " Stadio Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3786, "text": " agile42 Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3785, "text": " South African Mobility for the Blind Trust"}, {"id": 3784, "text": " The Priory for South Africa of the Order of St John"}, {"id": 3783, "text": " Aephoria"}, {"id": 3782, "text": " Institute of Business Management of Southern Africa"}, {"id": 3781, "text": " Clinical Research Education Development"}, {"id": 3780, "text": " INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3779, "text": " Absolute Health Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3778, "text": " Flight Safety Training SA"}, {"id": 3777, "text": " Safe and Eco Driving Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3776, "text": " RIAAN VAN ZYL"}, {"id": 3775, "text": " ROOM TO GROW BUSINESS SKILLS CC"}, {"id": 3774, "text": " The HR Touch pty LTD"}, {"id": 3773, "text": " GUGULUNGI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3772, "text": "ETDP011729 HAMBA BAMBA FUNDA NPC"}, {"id": 3771, "text": "ETDPS011698 Dalitso Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3770, "text": " LAUMEL BUSINESS SOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3769, "text": " Palucraft Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3768, "text": " WEZA HOME PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3767, "text": " Triple S Training and Development"}, {"id": 3766, "text": " JON ALEX HEALTH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3765, "text": " Ditshimegatota Education Training and Supply Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3764, "text": " Kgori Core Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3763, "text": " GIA DEVELOPMENT TRADES"}, {"id": 3762, "text": " Neo Africa World Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3761, "text": " Sisiscelo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3760, "text": " ETHEX GROUP TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3759, "text": " UGGU TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3758, "text": " Sakhisizwe Community Project"}, {"id": 3757, "text": " OWE REMARKABLES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3756, "text": " Dos Reis and Venter Education Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3755, "text": " DMR INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY"}, {"id": 3754, "text": " Centre for Career Guidance and Professional Development"}, {"id": 3753, "text": " Phosaane Training Institute"}, {"id": 3752, "text": " Emizo Trading Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3751, "text": " Khwezi Lomso Training and Services"}, {"id": 3750, "text": " CRANE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3749, "text": " Signa Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3748, "text": " GLOBAL PROSPECTUS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3747, "text": " Delt Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3746, "text": " Pretoria Learning Academy"}, {"id": 3745, "text": " SAFETY AND TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3744, "text": " Strat Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3743, "text": " Coding SA Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3742, "text": "ETDP011657 THE DORCAS PAGE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 3741, "text": " Maite Business Consulting and Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3740, "text": " K2021412240 South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3739, "text": " Brightstar Security Services and Cleaning CC"}, {"id": 3738, "text": " MSC BUSINESS COLLEGE MIDRAND"}, {"id": 3737, "text": "ETDP011701 Asakhe Education Network"}, {"id": 3736, "text": " Keyline Graphics"}, {"id": 3734, "text": " Straight Success Foundation"}, {"id": 3733, "text": " SOLID BEGINNINGS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 3732, "text": "ETDP011780 Slovaqmatome Training and Tracing Agency"}, {"id": 3731, "text": " PREMIUM FA TRAINING"}, {"id": 3730, "text": " Phutaditshaba Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3729, "text": " Phuhlisanani Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3728, "text": " Millenium Knowledge Race"}, {"id": 3727, "text": " Joypat Farming and Projects"}, {"id": 3726, "text": " G-STUFF TRADING"}, {"id": 3725, "text": " BRIGHT WORLD VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3724, "text": " Dora Tamana Agency for Cooperative Development"}, {"id": 3723, "text": " GREENRIM TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3722, "text": " FWC Welfare and Development Centre"}, {"id": 3721, "text": " Funda Community Training Centre Co-Operative Limited"}, {"id": 3720, "text": " EAGLE INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS"}, {"id": 3719, "text": " Balepye Inclusive Community College"}, {"id": 3718, "text": " Young Nails"}, {"id": 3717, "text": " Lightbearers Private Hair Academy"}, {"id": 3716, "text": "ETDP011724 Nokuphila Community Services"}, {"id": 3715, "text": " St John"}, {"id": 3714, "text": " The institute of Certified Bookkeepers ICB "}, {"id": 3713, "text": " CREATIVE GLAMOUR"}, {"id": 3712, "text": " Beauty Laser"}, {"id": 3711, "text": "ETDP011818 Yoqobo Training"}, {"id": 3710, "text": " A WORLD AWARE SA"}, {"id": 3709, "text": " BSE Holdings PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3708, "text": "ETDP011716 NORTH PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3707, "text": " Space Academy and Business Exploration Company Pty ltd"}, {"id": 3706, "text": " SkillWise Multipurpose College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3705, "text": " Elim and Cornelius Holdings"}, {"id": 3704, "text": " EEL PROTECTION SERVICES"}, {"id": 3703, "text": " Vusi J. Mahlangu"}, {"id": 3702, "text": " 3 Coin Investments Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3701, "text": " Dougthul Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3700, "text": " PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL INSTITUTE OF EXCELLENCE"}, {"id": 3699, "text": " Phakamani Impact Capital Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3698, "text": "ETDPS011757 QSS HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3697, "text": " CENTRE FOR PROFFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CPUT"}, {"id": 3696, "text": " SOLID BEGINNINGS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 3695, "text": " GREAT NORTH ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3694, "text": " Mbalenhle Internet Caf cc"}, {"id": 3693, "text": " Thal One Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3692, "text": " THANSA TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3691, "text": " Umehluko the Difference Group"}, {"id": 3690, "text": "ETDP011814 Nyungwa Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3689, "text": " ENVOY PLANET CONSULTING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3688, "text": " Foxe Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3687, "text": " B LUSCIOUS"}, {"id": 3686, "text": "ETDP011779 Oentshwe Partners"}, {"id": 3685, "text": " JJS Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3684, "text": " Heric Engineering Assessors Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3683, "text": " Riostep Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3682, "text": " Academy of Life Coaching Co-operative"}, {"id": 3681, "text": "ETDP011813 Magomani Training And Security (Pty) Ltd"}, {"id": 3680, "text": " VS Africa Security Training and Guard Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3679, "text": "ETDP011885 Rebakgoni Trading and projects CC"}, {"id": 3678, "text": " Lingomso Development Centre"}, {"id": 3677, "text": " Happy Rest Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 3676, "text": " Excellence Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3675, "text": " CHARNASH ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3674, "text": " Enseigner Training Academy"}, {"id": 3673, "text": " Victorious Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3672, "text": " SEUCRITY EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 3671, "text": " EMA-SEBATA TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3670, "text": " MECHATRONICS DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3669, "text": " World Wide Mice Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3668, "text": " Proffessional Accreds Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3667, "text": "19SAS/ACC/122780 Willshir Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3666, "text": " South African National Accreditation System"}, {"id": 3665, "text": " KGOTSO Safety"}, {"id": 3664, "text": " QUALITAS CAREER ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3663, "text": " Kopies Driving School"}, {"id": 3662, "text": " Genadeland GF4GF Centre"}, {"id": 3661, "text": " Creative Minds Skills development and Training"}, {"id": 3660, "text": " WISE GUY ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3659, "text": " Tshwaragano Driving School"}, {"id": 3658, "text": " Harvitex CC"}, {"id": 3657, "text": " Pampierstad Youth Forum"}, {"id": 3656, "text": "ETDP011216 Monepe Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3655, "text": " IKAGE SD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3654, "text": " Coega Development Corporation Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3653, "text": " Alabaster Training Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3652, "text": " BUMBANI PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3651, "text": " Vince Consulting Group PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3649, "text": "ETDP11763 Singriha"}, {"id": 3648, "text": " Career box NPC"}, {"id": 3647, "text": "ETDPS011634 IZIBUKO THE BRIDGE INVESTMENTS AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3646, "text": " Ntshingila Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3645, "text": " INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3644, "text": " MAISLY Training College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3643, "text": " ELI-MOFO TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3642, "text": " GUILDFORD COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3641, "text": " Hencon Vacuum Technologies"}, {"id": 3640, "text": " WHITE RIVER TECHNICAL COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3639, "text": " SILUNGILE TALENT MANAGEMENT"}, {"id": 3638, "text": " Signify Learning Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3637, "text": " PETROCONNECT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3636, "text": " The Runanga Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3635, "text": " Masana Dieticians Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3634, "text": " The Photography Institute"}, {"id": 3632, "text": " BATHOPELE CONSULTING AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3631, "text": " HATFIELD CITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3630, "text": " Redi Cure Emergency Medical Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3629, "text": " DENVER TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3628, "text": " LEADING LEADERS TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3627, "text": " Very Smart kids"}, {"id": 3626, "text": " Vhembe Tutors and Coaches Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3624, "text": " Yenga Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3623, "text": " TKS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3622, "text": " Thubelihle Graduate Institute"}, {"id": 3621, "text": "ETDP011777 BRIGHT LIGHT TRAINING"}, {"id": 3620, "text": " Heartbeat Training Solutions"}, {"id": 3619, "text": " UMNGA TRAINING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3618, "text": " BLS Medical"}, {"id": 3617, "text": " THEKWINI TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3616, "text": " ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3615, "text": "ETDPS011758 AGRICULTURE AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 3614, "text": " Mofenoko Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3613, "text": " Sinengomso Training and Development Centre"}, {"id": 3612, "text": " Starplex 561"}, {"id": 3611, "text": " Burger King South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3610, "text": " BROOKLYN CITY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3609, "text": "False TYME Training and Development"}, {"id": 3608, "text": " Thaba Tee Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3607, "text": " Taupe Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3606, "text": " SILICON VALLEY ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3605, "text": " SAMPATLA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3604, "text": " RSTG PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3603, "text": " MA TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3602, "text": " Lons Pride Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3601, "text": "ETDPS011695 Kilimanjaro Training Solution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3600, "text": "ETDPS011689 JJM Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3599, "text": "ETDPS011688 GS LINK SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3598, "text": " JKL CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 3597, "text": "ETDPS011612 HARVESTEC GROUP"}, {"id": 3596, "text": "ETDPS011615 Glu Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3595, "text": " Gateway Development Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3594, "text": " Ekurhuleni Artisans and Skills Training Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3593, "text": "ETDPS011799 Akhule Development Institute cc"}, {"id": 3592, "text": " Synergy Transformation Solutions Pty LTD"}, {"id": 3591, "text": " Today s Destiny Trading and Projects 158"}, {"id": 3590, "text": "ETDP011561 Sithole - ithuba Community Development"}, {"id": 3589, "text": "ETDPS011684 TECHNOFIELD"}, {"id": 3588, "text": "ETDP011725 Sakhile Training Centre"}, {"id": 3587, "text": " Revo Quest Consulting"}, {"id": 3586, "text": " Rerotlhe Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 3585, "text": " Ontoanetse Consulting"}, {"id": 3584, "text": " LFS Designs PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3583, "text": " Jwatlala Investments"}, {"id": 3582, "text": " Enova Skills Development and Training"}, {"id": 3581, "text": " Duyaza Construction"}, {"id": 3580, "text": " Creative Joint Venture Trading and Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3579, "text": " Buo Puo Pha PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3578, "text": " CHR Academic and Business Consulting"}, {"id": 3577, "text": " MISATRON PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3576, "text": " Inyathelo : The South African Institute for Advancement"}, {"id": 3575, "text": " MOSHIA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3574, "text": " QI Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3573, "text": " THABANGOFE LE JOY TRANDING ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 3572, "text": "ETDP011719 Shine 4 U"}, {"id": 3571, "text": " CATO AND ASSOCIATES SDF SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3570, "text": " KVR TRAINING AND BUSINESS CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3569, "text": " INTELL SOLUTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3568, "text": " ACCESS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3567, "text": " CREATIVE VENTURE JOINT TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3566, "text": " Qhakaza Management Services"}, {"id": 3565, "text": "ETDP011693 G and K Module Developers"}, {"id": 3564, "text": " SHANEL TRADING"}, {"id": 3563, "text": " Blue Gem Innovations Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3562, "text": " KLM Empowered Human Solutions Specialists Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3561, "text": " Onesimus Rendezvous Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3560, "text": "ETDP011549 LAVUMA ICAMAGU"}, {"id": 3559, "text": " TSALACH TRAINING AND TRADING PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3558, "text": "ETDPS011961 Prospect Plus Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3557, "text": " LEBONE INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3556, "text": " GREEN INNOVATIONZ PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3555, "text": "ETDPS011664 PMT Construction Engineers"}, {"id": 3554, "text": " RESURGAM BUSINESS STRATEGIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3553, "text": " Impact Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3552, "text": "ETDPS011679 Hope HQ NPC"}, {"id": 3551, "text": " Swift Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3550, "text": " MAMOTHOKOA INVESTMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3549, "text": " Najemo Training Institution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3548, "text": "ETDPS011680 NBC and Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3547, "text": " STEVOL PRESTIGE TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3546, "text": " HUMAN CAPITAL LEARNING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3545, "text": " Makgoke Brothers Investments"}, {"id": 3544, "text": " Dolphin Avenue Enterprises Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3543, "text": " OL Afrika Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3542, "text": " LITONYA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT FOR AFRICA"}, {"id": 3541, "text": " SA National Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3540, "text": " October Wind Trading 85 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3539, "text": " POLOKWANE LEARNING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3538, "text": "ETDP011673 Azanian Community Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3537, "text": " Educate for Prosperity Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3536, "text": "ETDP011722 INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 3535, "text": " Midrand Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3534, "text": " MOSIHLE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3533, "text": "ETDP011606 Bakgaga Training Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3532, "text": " NALTHAROH SERVICE PROVIDER"}, {"id": 3531, "text": " HD21C Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3530, "text": " Southern African Future Skills Academy"}, {"id": 3529, "text": " Collaborate SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3528, "text": "ETDPS011613 CURRO HOLDINGS LTD"}, {"id": 3527, "text": "ETDPS011616 LabourNet Central PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3526, "text": " NHL DEVELOPMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3525, "text": "ETDP011685 ROTO CONSULTANTS PTY LTD."}, {"id": 3524, "text": " Youth with a Purpose"}, {"id": 3523, "text": " Ursivox Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3522, "text": " Mageba Training Provider"}, {"id": 3521, "text": "ETDP011624 SISONKE NEW GENERATION CONSTRUCTION SERVICES"}, {"id": 3520, "text": "ETDP011542 LITTLE LEADERS GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3519, "text": "ETDP011541 4 REAL SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3518, "text": " Nompumelelo Leadership Institute"}, {"id": 3517, "text": " AFRIMAT TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3516, "text": "ETDP011817 POWERGATE TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3515, "text": " RIBO S TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3514, "text": " OVERCOMERS TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3513, "text": " PINPOINT HEALTH AND SAFETY CC"}, {"id": 3512, "text": " KOL HR SPECIALISTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3511, "text": "ETDPS011579 Perez Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3510, "text": "ETDP011582 Shiloh Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3509, "text": " TSIBA IGNITION ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3508, "text": " Cornes Processing Machinery Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3507, "text": " Zuva College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3506, "text": "ETDP011676 MOKO SECURITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 3505, "text": " VRV Singh Enterprises PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3504, "text": "ETDPS011461 ClassTech"}, {"id": 3503, "text": " S P NOMALI PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3502, "text": " Baleseng Kopano Training Academy"}, {"id": 3501, "text": " Mqhakaza Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3500, "text": " IT LABS CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3499, "text": "ETDP011627 Vulindlela Bekwa Training Centre"}, {"id": 3498, "text": " Lathitha Training and HR Solutions"}, {"id": 3497, "text": " DIMPHO MAKGOBA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3496, "text": " KUTRIX SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3495, "text": "ETDP011704 Workers Knowledge Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3494, "text": " PRODICEL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3493, "text": " DMH Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3492, "text": "ETDP011775 Chithi Holdings"}, {"id": 3491, "text": " The Brite Light Bulb Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3490, "text": " FLI HI TRAINING Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3489, "text": " ACS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3488, "text": " Hashtag Academy"}, {"id": 3486, "text": " Empire Institute of Training"}, {"id": 3485, "text": "ETDP011747 Boneo Consulting"}, {"id": 3484, "text": " EDU GROWTH"}, {"id": 3483, "text": "ETDP011458 Thabang Xaba Foundation"}, {"id": 3482, "text": " XA MAVEKE Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3481, "text": " Phudurelepaza trading and Enterprise"}, {"id": 3480, "text": "ETDP011730 Enskills Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 3479, "text": " Learning Support South Africa"}, {"id": 3478, "text": "ETDP011618 KHETHA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3477, "text": "ETDP011837 Pachedu Skills Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3476, "text": "ETDP011604 Evolving People Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3475, "text": "ETDP011620 Grace and Mercy School Uniform and Projects"}, {"id": 3474, "text": " Rhens Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3473, "text": " Andziso Institute for Mathematics Science and Technology Advancement Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3472, "text": " Future Dynamics Learning Academy"}, {"id": 3471, "text": "ETDP011629 TLP SERVICES Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3470, "text": " SUNRISE TO SUNSET WOMEN AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 3469, "text": "ETDPS011518 Prospen Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3468, "text": " Nomady Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3467, "text": "ETDPS011588 Elangeni Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3466, "text": "ETDPS011517 Ri A Linda Security Solutions Trainings"}, {"id": 3465, "text": "ETDPS011587 Bitline SA 368 cc"}, {"id": 3464, "text": " Mahoai Wa Nkishe Agricultural Training Academy and Projects"}, {"id": 3463, "text": " Umbona Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3462, "text": " Soduko Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3461, "text": " Smart HR Solution CC"}, {"id": 3460, "text": "ETDP011816 Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Trust"}, {"id": 3459, "text": " ZN Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3458, "text": "ETDPS011516 Lablab Agri Professionals"}, {"id": 3457, "text": " GAGANE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3456, "text": " Teachet Bubbles Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3455, "text": "ETDP011509 NEO KNOWLEDGE"}, {"id": 3454, "text": "ETDP011508 Get Informed Youth Development Centre"}, {"id": 3453, "text": " Wits Health Consortium"}, {"id": 3452, "text": " TAVILLLA PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3451, "text": "ETDPS011596 Forum Sekuriteit NPC"}, {"id": 3450, "text": " Atile Management Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3449, "text": "ETDPS011760 MOLEMOTHEO TRADING"}, {"id": 3448, "text": "ETDP011507 SA KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 3447, "text": "ETDPS011506 Progressive School of Business and Engineering Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3446, "text": "ETDP011686 SRA Holdings Trainings and Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3445, "text": "ETDP011863 Tokelo Training Intervention in ECD"}, {"id": 3444, "text": "ETDPS011470 Axolemahle Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 3443, "text": "ETDP011623 Malumash Enterprise CC"}, {"id": 3442, "text": " Cycas Skills Consultancy"}, {"id": 3441, "text": "ETDP011565 KHULA KE ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3440, "text": "ETDP011671 PHALANE SAFETY CONSULTANT AND TRAINING PROVIDERS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3439, "text": " Ilubalethu Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3438, "text": "ETDP011804 Twilight Lehlabile Construction Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3437, "text": " Imbokodo Impact Project Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3436, "text": " LEARNING REFINERY"}, {"id": 3435, "text": "ETDP011677 TDM Management Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3434, "text": " Tinyiko E Hlakati Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3433, "text": " LA SUE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICES AND TRAINING DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3432, "text": " GAUTENG CET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3431, "text": "ETDPS011502 Hlamedia Trading"}, {"id": 3430, "text": "ETDPS011216 Gold Class Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3429, "text": "ETDPS011589 KTMO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3428, "text": " Quality Solutions"}, {"id": 3427, "text": " Intergrated Development Solutions IDS "}, {"id": 3426, "text": " The South African College of Applied Psychology PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3425, "text": "N090895459 Dr Phumzile Mmope Communications Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3424, "text": "ETDP3496 The Association for Office Professionals of South Africa"}, {"id": 3423, "text": " HERS-SA"}, {"id": 3422, "text": " Miricle Solutions CC"}, {"id": 3421, "text": " Resolve and Change Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3420, "text": " AssessmentWorld Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3419, "text": " CONFLICT DYNAMICS CC"}, {"id": 3418, "text": " ACADEMY OF YORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3417, "text": " I CAN 4 IR"}, {"id": 3416, "text": " WISDOM REPUBLIC TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 3415, "text": " Red and Yellow Creative School of Business Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3414, "text": " KZN BUSINESS TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 3413, "text": " eduSOIL Education NPC"}, {"id": 3412, "text": "ETDPS011637 E42moro Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3411, "text": " SARDONIX PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3410, "text": " SSG Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3408, "text": " Logika Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3407, "text": "ETDPS011598 Liderazgo"}, {"id": 3406, "text": "ETDP011621 MCMILLAN MANAGEMENT SERVICE GROUP"}, {"id": 3405, "text": " INCEPTION INCREDIBLE PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3404, "text": "ETDPS011752 Atlega For Woman Projects Enterprise"}, {"id": 3403, "text": " NTUTHUKO YESIZWE INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3402, "text": "ETDPS011631 New Vision Academy of Learning"}, {"id": 3401, "text": " CG Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3400, "text": " JMD Worx"}, {"id": 3399, "text": "ETDP011625 Sibize Group of Companies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3398, "text": " Ikusasa Technology Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3397, "text": "ETDP011896 DPS Projects"}, {"id": 3396, "text": " GEARUP SOLUTIONS IT SERVICES"}, {"id": 3395, "text": " Desgat Training Solutions"}, {"id": 3394, "text": "ETDP011630 Bascon Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3393, "text": "ETDP011563 Badirile Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3392, "text": "ETDPS011632 Altec Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 3391, "text": " Badumile Firearm and Security Training"}, {"id": 3390, "text": " Angrolinc solutions"}, {"id": 3389, "text": " Atvance Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3388, "text": " Academy International College"}, {"id": 3387, "text": "ETDPS011635 ALLINA FRANCIS SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3386, "text": " African Training and Management Consultants"}, {"id": 3385, "text": "ETDPS011692 Resolutions Studio Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3384, "text": " MarketEdge Enterprise"}, {"id": 3383, "text": " Tsamaya Thutong Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3382, "text": "ETDPS011590 Melatrend Management Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3381, "text": " MPOFU ENGINEERING PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3380, "text": "ETDP011475 Dr Indira Naidoo s Institute of Education Training and Engineering Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3379, "text": " The DUX Academy of Healthcare"}, {"id": 3378, "text": "ETDP011581 Burgess School of Studies"}, {"id": 3377, "text": " Ikusasalethu Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 3376, "text": " T4 Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3375, "text": "ETDP011667 ELIMA CONSULTING"}, {"id": 3374, "text": " Dagams Skills Development Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3373, "text": " MSC Corporate Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3372, "text": " Labournet Learning and Development Solutions Pty ltd"}, {"id": 3371, "text": " Think360 KZN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3370, "text": " Phambili Training Academy"}, {"id": 3369, "text": " BOHLALE PELONG TRAINING COMPANY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3368, "text": "ETDP011474 Talentline Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3367, "text": " Public Universities South Africa NPC"}, {"id": 3366, "text": "ETDPS011691 Pinnacle Skills Evolution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3365, "text": "ETDPS011472 Lodiscan Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3364, "text": "ETDP011473 Ulwazi Training Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3363, "text": " Mission Point Consulting"}, {"id": 3362, "text": "ETDP011628 The Wellness Specialist"}, {"id": 3361, "text": "ETDP011527 FUNZA SECURITY SERVICES"}, {"id": 3360, "text": " MALWANDLA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 3359, "text": " BRIGHTSOMETHINGTOMMORROW"}, {"id": 3358, "text": "ETDPS011468 MOVEUP AND ADVANCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 3357, "text": "ETDPS011469 ON GRID TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 3356, "text": " Aliangy Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3355, "text": "ETDP011564 Glidex International Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3354, "text": " PMV-DESTINY SKILLS TRAINING DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 3353, "text": " Siyathemba Consulting Skills Development Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3352, "text": " ELEXITO BUSINESS CONSULTING"}, {"id": 3351, "text": " KAMPA ETD AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3350, "text": " Jojo Training Institute"}, {"id": 3349, "text": "ETDP011603 COLOURWORKS INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 3348, "text": " FINAL CUE"}, {"id": 3347, "text": " grow"}, {"id": 3346, "text": " Trident Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3345, "text": "ETDP011464 Headway Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3344, "text": "ETDPS011463 Amasiko Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 3343, "text": "ETDP011462 Essential Skills Management"}, {"id": 3342, "text": "ETDP011576 Insight Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3341, "text": "ETDP011461 AMG Training and Hygiene Consultants"}, {"id": 3340, "text": "ETDPS011633 BEV SHORT TRAINING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3339, "text": " boti"}, {"id": 3338, "text": "ETDP011665 Academy of Personal Mastery"}, {"id": 3337, "text": " IMPILO TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3336, "text": "ETDP011764 UMO LEARNING SUPPORT SYSTEM"}, {"id": 3335, "text": "ETDPS011690 ORACLE TRAINING HUB"}, {"id": 3334, "text": "ETDPS011694 FAME SA AWARDS LEGACY NPC"}, {"id": 3333, "text": " Roptech Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3332, "text": " PNT AGENCIES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3331, "text": " Modern Training And Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3330, "text": "ETDPS011535 G-STUFF TRADING CC"}, {"id": 3329, "text": " Institute of Bio Research Auditing and Training in Southern Africa"}, {"id": 3328, "text": "ETDP011480 Sihle Global Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3327, "text": " Ramadumetja Funeral Parlour and Tombstone"}, {"id": 3326, "text": " IZINKANYEZI TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 3325, "text": " Tloumogale Business development and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3324, "text": "ETDP011626 PERSPECSTRO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROVIDER"}, {"id": 3323, "text": "ETDPS011477 Bontle Solutions CC"}, {"id": 3322, "text": " Umzingisi Solutions"}, {"id": 3321, "text": " NATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 3320, "text": " NERDIE-TECH"}, {"id": 3319, "text": " Izwi Labantu Forum NPC"}, {"id": 3318, "text": " LETHIKHONO TRADING ENTERPRISE 2"}, {"id": 3317, "text": " LIM TRADING ENTERPRISE Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3316, "text": "ETDP011666 DEAFNET CENTRE OF KNOWLEDGE"}, {"id": 3315, "text": " Deaf Federation of South Africa"}, {"id": 3314, "text": " THE ENERGYWISE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3313, "text": "ETDP011915 Skills Junction Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3312, "text": " TMX and DK Holdings"}, {"id": 3311, "text": "ETDP011595 EXCELSIORTECH BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 3310, "text": "ETDPS011460 VUMILIA AFRICA GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3308, "text": "ETDPS011458 Sinovuyolethu Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3307, "text": "ETDPS011457 KELLERY PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3306, "text": "ETDPS011456 PM SKILLSHOUSE L AND D PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3305, "text": "ETDPS011568 LUNGILE MCHUNU CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 3304, "text": " Yibanolwazi Educational Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3303, "text": " In School Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3302, "text": "ETDP011723 MULAMBO TRAINING AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 3301, "text": " SCIENTEC EDUCATION AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3300, "text": "ETDPS011703 Institutional Higher Education of South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3299, "text": "ETDPS011539 CM STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3298, "text": "ETDPS011614 TBL Academy"}, {"id": 3297, "text": "ETDP011455 VISION MEETS ACTION PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3296, "text": "ETDPS011636 Havohej Consultancy"}, {"id": 3295, "text": "ETDP011483 THE SKILLS EXTENSION TRAINING COMPANY"}, {"id": 3294, "text": " R I M Empowerment"}, {"id": 3293, "text": " Matsemela K Sam Maloka"}, {"id": 3292, "text": " ED-U OPTIONS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3291, "text": "ETDPS011786 EARLY LEARNING FUNDAMENTAL INTERVENTIONS"}, {"id": 3290, "text": "ETDPS011454 NokushoM Consultancy and Trading"}, {"id": 3289, "text": " Finefinish Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3288, "text": " Station Of Life PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3287, "text": "ETDP011577 JR SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3286, "text": "ETDP011617 ALTUS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 3285, "text": " KDS Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3284, "text": " FRESH BRAILLE"}, {"id": 3283, "text": "ETDP011748 MASHUSHE ETDP TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3282, "text": "ETDP011453 Genius Business College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3281, "text": "ETDPS011642 Hybri Consultants and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3280, "text": "ETDP011936 Lasting Impressions Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3279, "text": "ETDPS011452 NGM SKILLS TRANSFER PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3278, "text": " Foster-Melliar PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3277, "text": "ETDP011580 ALMENTA 240 ICHAF"}, {"id": 3276, "text": "ETDPS011538 COMMERCE AND COMPUTER COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3275, "text": " Motheo Institute of Business"}, {"id": 3274, "text": " Meleric Holdings"}, {"id": 3273, "text": "ETDPS011495 ODIGENIX GROUP"}, {"id": 3272, "text": "ETDPS011491 Atailpedia"}, {"id": 3271, "text": " Africa Expectation Safaris Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3270, "text": " West Coast Industrial Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3269, "text": "ETDPS011482 SAFARMEX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3268, "text": " PR Skills Development Group"}, {"id": 3267, "text": " ASPIRATION TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 3266, "text": " Mvision Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3265, "text": " Blazing Torch Trading And Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3264, "text": " CDP Sporting Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3263, "text": "ETDPS011451 Ekurhuleni Technical College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3262, "text": " CLEAN HEAT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3261, "text": "ETDP011450 KELLYGIRL SKILLS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3260, "text": " Capita South Africa PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 3259, "text": "ETDP011712 MKHASELA DEVELOPERS AND TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3258, "text": "ETDP011675 Masakhane Training and Consultant Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3257, "text": " Outcore Legacy Pty "}, {"id": 3256, "text": " Mfundo Development Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 3255, "text": "ETDP011551 The Nal ibali Trust"}, {"id": 3254, "text": "ETDP011500 Okudaliwe Institute of Learning PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3253, "text": " Imbizo Training and Development Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3252, "text": "ETDPS011546 AGRI RDA HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3251, "text": "ETDPS011562 Valley Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3250, "text": " PROTEA COMPETENCY TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3249, "text": "ETDPS011749 SOUTHERN SEAS INSTITUTE CC"}, {"id": 3248, "text": "ETDPS011449 MUST Graduate Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3247, "text": " IWELA-STS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3246, "text": " Xtyle Fitness and Entertainment Academy NPC"}, {"id": 3245, "text": "ETDP011566 WILMON GUIDANCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3244, "text": " ZAG CONSULTANTS Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3243, "text": " BODIBENG TRADING AND PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3242, "text": " Xomoloza General Trading"}, {"id": 3241, "text": "ETDP011497 Think Talent Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3240, "text": " RGD Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 3239, "text": "ETDPS011399 Mzulwini Traders Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3238, "text": "ETDPS011398 Nkarise Training and Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3237, "text": " Cape Town Workbased Learning Academy"}, {"id": 3236, "text": "ETDP011485 Ndikhondinani Skills Development"}, {"id": 3235, "text": "ETDP011448 Achieve Skills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3233, "text": " Octomate Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3232, "text": "ETDP011608 Level 5 Skills"}, {"id": 3231, "text": " Occupational Studies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3230, "text": " Sikhosiphisakhosi"}, {"id": 3229, "text": "ETDP011447 TT AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3228, "text": "ETDPS011466 Corporate Training Learning Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3227, "text": " Edulink Training and Projects South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3226, "text": " SML4change PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 3225, "text": "ETDPS011499 Artem Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3224, "text": "ETDP011446 Sino General Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3223, "text": " Jerisi Development Propeller NPC"}, {"id": 3222, "text": " Khantsha Projects NPC"}, {"id": 3221, "text": " Tumpu Trading Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3220, "text": "ETDP011674 Ikamva Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3219, "text": " Masooa K abd M group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3218, "text": "ETDP011445 LANGAVI SERVICE PROVIDER"}, {"id": 3217, "text": "ETDP011592 LEARNFORWARD TRAINING SOLUTIONS AND CONSULTING AGENCY"}, {"id": 3216, "text": " LENTSWE LA MOTHEO TRADING ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3215, "text": "ETDPS011532 E-Login Business Institute"}, {"id": 3214, "text": " Taryn G Training Growth and Development PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3213, "text": " Washindi Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3212, "text": " Phandora Investment Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3211, "text": "ETDPS011619 Ndlovhukazi Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3210, "text": "ETDP011584 Your Human Resource Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3209, "text": "ETDP011492 Senzar Marketing Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3208, "text": " Luntu for Education and Skills Development Practice Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3207, "text": "ETDP011498 EWCC Incorporating Skills Development"}, {"id": 3206, "text": "ETDP011585 Zendalo HR Consulting"}, {"id": 3205, "text": "ETDPS011444 TIYISELANI EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3204, "text": "ETDP011490 Digital Innovative Solutions"}, {"id": 3203, "text": "ETDP011524 RAKGAKALA INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION AND RESEARCH PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3202, "text": "ETDP011552 Social Emancipators Transformers NPC"}, {"id": 3201, "text": " SINGALOTHI IMBIZA MILLENIUM SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 3200, "text": "ETDP011523 HOPE INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 3199, "text": " A E Z CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3198, "text": " SK SIMPLIFIED PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3197, "text": " REATA SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3196, "text": " ALUTA EDUCATION AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3195, "text": " Phomelelo Skills and Labour Relations Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3194, "text": "ETDPS011739 Bells Technical College"}, {"id": 3193, "text": " Zizipho Labour Relations and Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3192, "text": "ETDPS011487 Clear Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3191, "text": " Training and Quality Assurance Projects"}, {"id": 3190, "text": " THINC ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3189, "text": " LULUTHO VALUE CREATION ENTERPRISE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3188, "text": " Inkululo African Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3187, "text": " Inyathi Vissions"}, {"id": 3186, "text": " Sapienta Professional Teacher Development"}, {"id": 3185, "text": "ETDPS011443 ROTH EDUCATIONAL SERVICES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3184, "text": " Mmuso and Associates"}, {"id": 3183, "text": "ETDPS011567 INTELLECTUS CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3182, "text": " S A Paramedical and OHS Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3181, "text": "ETDP011678 Totally Tailored Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3180, "text": " Rosco Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3179, "text": " Masutha Training and Security Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3178, "text": " Premier Human Capital Corporation"}, {"id": 3177, "text": "ETDP011442 Sonke Gender Justice"}, {"id": 3176, "text": "ETDPS011441 Treinamento CC"}, {"id": 3175, "text": "ETDP011727 TSWELOPELE TRAINING GROUP"}, {"id": 3174, "text": " Vukasizwe Multipurpose Primary Co-operative Ltd"}, {"id": 3173, "text": "ETDP011526 Footsteps"}, {"id": 3172, "text": " Gem-Meg projects"}, {"id": 3171, "text": "ETDP011594 Kubula Consulting and Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3170, "text": " F AND I ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3169, "text": "ETDPS011411 Emanzini staffing solutions"}, {"id": 3168, "text": "ETDP011622 Batho National Empowerment"}, {"id": 3167, "text": " Anchora Research and Development Practitioners PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3166, "text": "011441 Clowns Without Borders South Africa"}, {"id": 3165, "text": " MuhaNgwene Development Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3164, "text": " Tshedza Training Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3163, "text": " Skilled4IR Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3162, "text": "ETDP011593 ROBIN T J THOMAS BUSINESS CONSULTANT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3160, "text": "ETDP011440 PerformLink Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3159, "text": "ETDP011531 Occupatio Salvus Consultarios Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3158, "text": "ETDP011484 Mikhulu Child Development Trust NPC"}, {"id": 3157, "text": " Ink Scribe Solutions"}, {"id": 3156, "text": "ETDP011550 Infinity Academy Benoni Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3155, "text": " FAME Systems"}, {"id": 3154, "text": " Prue Leith Chefs Academy"}, {"id": 3153, "text": " Dotkay Language SchoolQ"}, {"id": 3152, "text": " Pandora SHEQ Consultants"}, {"id": 3151, "text": "ETDPS011476 Pax Projects"}, {"id": 3150, "text": " M Zikhali Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3149, "text": "ETDP011652 Ndalo Wellness Studio"}, {"id": 3148, "text": " Zibuyile Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 3147, "text": " Kusabelele Investments CC"}, {"id": 3146, "text": "ETDPS011687 Gajeni SE Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3145, "text": " HHH Training Academy"}, {"id": 3144, "text": " Teacher Coaching Firm Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3143, "text": " Harvestine Investments"}, {"id": 3142, "text": "ETDPS011533 Dewald Smit"}, {"id": 3141, "text": "ETDP011493 Unity Actions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3140, "text": "ETDPS011609 Online Convenience cc"}, {"id": 3139, "text": "ETDP011408 The Beneficiation Academy"}, {"id": 3138, "text": " NG Skills Development Center"}, {"id": 3137, "text": " Boitjhorising Institutions Services and Networks"}, {"id": 3136, "text": " BIZ AND LABOUR PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3135, "text": " Uhambo Training Solutions"}, {"id": 3134, "text": " Ratomac Trading Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3133, "text": " Ibanathi Academy"}, {"id": 3131, "text": " Mkalela Trading 100 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3130, "text": " Pace Academia College"}, {"id": 3129, "text": " Key Remedy Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3128, "text": " Mpondo Zengwenya Trading CC"}, {"id": 3127, "text": "ETDP011672 Siyabonga Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3126, "text": " Mpembe Skills Training Project Management Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3125, "text": " Pennyray projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3124, "text": " Khumo-Matlo Training and Projects"}, {"id": 3123, "text": " Advanced Assessments and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3122, "text": "ETDPS011479 Babcock Education and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3121, "text": " Pinnacle Performance Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3120, "text": " THABASHLEY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3119, "text": "ETDPS011496 ROSHEC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3118, "text": "ETDPS011610 Chanrose Training and Development Projects"}, {"id": 3117, "text": " Vickotech Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3116, "text": "ETDPS011438 IT CAREERS SA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3115, "text": " Institute of Skilling Africa"}, {"id": 3114, "text": "ETDPS011651 BEC Training Consultants"}, {"id": 3113, "text": "ETDPS011611 Meyiswa Training Academy"}, {"id": 3112, "text": "ETDPS011536 Reaithuta Computer Academy"}, {"id": 3111, "text": "ETDPS011489 Cedros Development and Projects"}, {"id": 3110, "text": " Crestwood College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3109, "text": " Trillium Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3108, "text": "ETDPS011488 Alpha Education Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3107, "text": "ETDPS011650 Vinton Consulting Group Pty Ltd."}, {"id": 3106, "text": "ETDP011437 Peak Skills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3105, "text": " The Leadership Dialogue"}, {"id": 3104, "text": " SchoolNet South Africa"}, {"id": 3103, "text": "ETDP-1346 Ndawo Wellness"}, {"id": 3102, "text": " ELAND PROJECT AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 3101, "text": " ORMS Cape Town School of Photography"}, {"id": 3100, "text": " Mastergrade IT"}, {"id": 3099, "text": " CILT"}, {"id": 3098, "text": " VEGA"}, {"id": 3097, "text": " Red and Yellow"}, {"id": 3096, "text": "ETDP011377 SmartStart Early Learning"}, {"id": 3095, "text": "ETDP011366 Premier Recruitment and Training Pty LTD"}, {"id": 3094, "text": " Torque IT"}, {"id": 3093, "text": " BC Landscape Training and Consultancy"}, {"id": 3092, "text": " Loron Education and Sports Management"}, {"id": 3091, "text": " 2ENABLE ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3090, "text": " Matric College"}, {"id": 3089, "text": " SAGE SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3088, "text": " NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS ORGANISATION OF SOUTH AFRICA SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE"}, {"id": 3086, "text": " SACAP"}, {"id": 3085, "text": " NET CAMPUS PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 3084, "text": " IALE School of Advanced Learning and Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3083, "text": "ETDPS011385 Creatividad Consulting"}, {"id": 3082, "text": " GMK Skills Academy"}, {"id": 3081, "text": "ETDP011528 Meliora Business Services"}, {"id": 3080, "text": "ETDPS011369 Nkuhlwana Trainers and Projects"}, {"id": 3079, "text": "ETDPS011436 Divine Academy Skills Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3078, "text": "ETDPS011435 Adom Technologies"}, {"id": 3077, "text": " Premier Knowledge Centre"}, {"id": 3076, "text": "ETDP011741 Millenials Holdings"}, {"id": 3075, "text": " TALETSO TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 3074, "text": " Growth Management Consulting"}, {"id": 3073, "text": " SOUTH AFRICAN COLLEGE OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY"}, {"id": 3072, "text": "ETDP011367 Tlotliso Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3071, "text": "ETDP011471 A and N Training Institute Pty LTd"}, {"id": 3070, "text": "ETDPS011486 AZFEMA Consulting and Skills Development Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3069, "text": "ETDPS011371 Azmon Nimrod Consulting"}, {"id": 3068, "text": " Dzindalo Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3067, "text": "ETDP011372 Click Certain Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3066, "text": " Lehumo La Ditlou Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 3065, "text": "ETDPS011578 RABS Galaxy Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3064, "text": "ETDP011375 Mindful Revolution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3063, "text": " Eagle Computer Training"}, {"id": 3062, "text": " Siyaphambili Training Solutions"}, {"id": 3061, "text": " Mngoma Empowerment Group"}, {"id": 3060, "text": "ETDP011360 Botho Nare Investments"}, {"id": 3059, "text": "ETDP011358 Sipheongobonga"}, {"id": 3058, "text": "ETDP011359 Charlie Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3057, "text": " Africa Psychosocial Support Institute"}, {"id": 3056, "text": "ETDPS011534 Shirs Vision Compleadev Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3055, "text": " Upgrade Training"}, {"id": 3054, "text": " Molefe Learning and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3053, "text": "ETDP011530 Lamanisi Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3052, "text": " Thuthukisa Talent Relations"}, {"id": 3051, "text": " Vuthelani Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 3050, "text": "ETDPS011378 Tinotel Communications"}, {"id": 3049, "text": "ETDP011374 Keletsoict ICT Media Academy"}, {"id": 3047, "text": "ETDP011388 CFK Actuaries and Consultants"}, {"id": 3046, "text": " Boipuso Training Academy"}, {"id": 3045, "text": "ETDP011529 Creamzo Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 3044, "text": "ETDP011505 Bojelong Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3043, "text": " Cliff Hair Beauty and Cosmetology Academy"}, {"id": 3042, "text": " Spilamart Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3041, "text": "ETDP011434 CJA Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3040, "text": " Exercise and Wellness Training Enterprise"}, {"id": 3039, "text": "ETDPS011478 Synergistic Covenant Network NPO"}, {"id": 3038, "text": " Maravillas Buisness Development"}, {"id": 3037, "text": " DTC Works Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3036, "text": " 42020 Vision Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3035, "text": "ETDPS011433 ATKV Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3034, "text": "ETDPS011586 Athenam Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3033, "text": "ETDP011669 Howtotender"}, {"id": 3032, "text": "ETDP011343 CMM Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3031, "text": "ETDPS011432 Intelek Training and Consultation Academy"}, {"id": 3030, "text": "ETDPS011522 Twinmark Strategy Management Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3029, "text": " The Depth Leadership Trust"}, {"id": 3028, "text": " FEATHER LEARNING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3026, "text": " Mojakhomo Trading"}, {"id": 3025, "text": " Kcobodo Training Centre"}, {"id": 3024, "text": "ETDPS011494 Siyabonga Multi Purpose and Telecentre"}, {"id": 3023, "text": "ETDPS011339 Thusega Financial and Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3022, "text": "798 KumaloGreen Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3021, "text": "ETDPS011387 Talitha Training and Development"}, {"id": 3020, "text": "ETDP011347 Skyhigh Skills Development PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3019, "text": " Mailula Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3018, "text": "ETDPS011709 GCC"}, {"id": 3017, "text": " ATTI NELSPRUIT"}, {"id": 3016, "text": " Reyaya Training Academy"}, {"id": 3015, "text": "HW591PA0800410 VUWA OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 3014, "text": " Charis Empowerment Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3013, "text": "ETDP011431 Elim Training and Project Management Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3012, "text": "ETDP011317 Autism Western Cape"}, {"id": 3011, "text": " Greenchild Project Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3010, "text": " INTELLIGENT AFRICA MARKETING AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 3009, "text": "ETDP011430 Edu Works College"}, {"id": 3008, "text": "ETDPS011368 Matash Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3006, "text": "ETDP011348 Umlilo Education"}, {"id": 3005, "text": "ETDP011376 Phendula Advancement Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3004, "text": "ETDPS011322 Works Training School"}, {"id": 3003, "text": "ETDPS011583 Umtha Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3002, "text": " Duke Corporate Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 3001, "text": " CURIOSA ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 3000, "text": "ETDP011335 Maluke Training Consultants"}, {"id": 2999, "text": "ETDPS011355 FROMMETOWE GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2998, "text": "ETDP011353 XO EDUCATION Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2997, "text": "ETDP011352 Cherity Diale Transormation and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2996, "text": "ETDP011314 Trinity Skills Solutions"}, {"id": 2995, "text": " Tsamaya Thutong"}, {"id": 2994, "text": "ETDP011320 South West Gauteng Tvet College"}, {"id": 2993, "text": "ETDPS011354 Octopus Business Solutions"}, {"id": 2992, "text": "ETDPS011639 Business Optimization Training Institute"}, {"id": 2991, "text": " TSS SASL TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2990, "text": "ETDP011344 EMERITUS TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2989, "text": "ETDPS011429 T69 Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2988, "text": "ETDP011316 Patnet Business Institute"}, {"id": 2987, "text": "ETDPS011428 Sediba Academy"}, {"id": 2986, "text": " Infinite Development Academy"}, {"id": 2985, "text": " Eastern Rose Trading Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2984, "text": " Itireleng Boitapoloso Business Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2982, "text": " Stallion Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2981, "text": " Softsource"}, {"id": 2980, "text": " ITSI Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2979, "text": "ETDPS011321 Masithuthuke Learning Institution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2978, "text": " Thalemfundo Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2977, "text": "ETDP011312 Sadhana Govender Project Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2976, "text": "ETDP011337 Yenza Umehluko Make a Difference"}, {"id": 2975, "text": " TJANTJELLO TRAINING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2974, "text": "ETDP011914 Ntiyiso Training and Skills Consultancy"}, {"id": 2973, "text": "ETDPS011323 THE ULWAZI COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 2972, "text": "ETDPS011325 CBM TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2971, "text": " GORDON INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS SCIENCE"}, {"id": 2970, "text": " Kwelanga Training"}, {"id": 2969, "text": "ETDP011301 Sisanda Traders Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2968, "text": "ETDP011300 Abongwe Amangwane NPC"}, {"id": 2967, "text": "ETDP011514 ADVS Security and Cleaning"}, {"id": 2966, "text": "ETDPS011278 Kym Management Consulting"}, {"id": 2965, "text": "ETDPS011277 Edzani Community Development and Consultancy"}, {"id": 2964, "text": "ETDPS011299 Fourways Private College"}, {"id": 2963, "text": "ETDP011427 DC DYNAMIC COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND FURTHER TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2961, "text": "ETDPS011327 Leeson s Skills Development Academy"}, {"id": 2960, "text": "ETDPS011426 Rasinkhu Investments"}, {"id": 2959, "text": "ETDPS011357 Retail School of Excellence Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2957, "text": " Mourema Pty "}, {"id": 2956, "text": " Dei Gratia Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 2955, "text": "ETDPS011425 Indalo Tradings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2954, "text": "ETDP011334 Durban City College"}, {"id": 2953, "text": "ETDP011326 Kez Enterprises and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2952, "text": "ETDP011285 Dot Connectors Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2951, "text": "ETDP011288 Alladin Learning Solutions"}, {"id": 2950, "text": "ETDPS011297 Abvaho Phanda Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2949, "text": "ETDPS011356 GNS Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2948, "text": " Tsiku Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2947, "text": " WITS LANGUAGE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 2946, "text": "ETDPS011276 Meals on Wheels Community Services - South Africa"}, {"id": 2945, "text": " Moesi Trading Enterprise Pty "}, {"id": 2944, "text": "ETDPS011294 Keletso ICT Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2943, "text": "ETDPS011331 Lefa Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2942, "text": "ETDPS011292 Seshego Risk Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2941, "text": " Kearabilwe Consultant"}, {"id": 2940, "text": "ETDP011284 Koke Legacy Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2939, "text": "ETDPS011305 S Squared Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2938, "text": "ETDP011346 Eastern Cape Disability Economic Empowerment Trust"}, {"id": 2937, "text": "ETDP011424 Ashley Kriel Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 2936, "text": " Kgopotso Computer Training"}, {"id": 2933, "text": "ETDPS011328 Rixaladza Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2932, "text": "ETDPS011330 Kenosis Beauty Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2931, "text": "ETDPS011275 Ngidi Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2930, "text": "ETDP011373 JT Goldilocks"}, {"id": 2929, "text": "ETDPS011295 Muselwa Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2928, "text": "ETDP011329 Elite Solution Corporate"}, {"id": 2927, "text": " Cotlands"}, {"id": 2926, "text": " Injabulo: Home Grown Learning and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 2925, "text": "ETDP011280 Project ECD Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2924, "text": " Sokwanya Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2923, "text": "ETDPS011273 Hlolo Entle Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2922, "text": "ETDP011271 Academy of Management and Entrepreneurial Excellence"}, {"id": 2921, "text": "ETDP011270 Redefined Skills Training and Development"}, {"id": 2920, "text": "ETDP011269 LM Training Development"}, {"id": 2919, "text": "ETDPS011268 Beritam Projects and Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2918, "text": "ETDP011286 Artisans Skills Development Agencies"}, {"id": 2917, "text": "ETDPS011267 Muthu Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2916, "text": " Amadlakhe Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2915, "text": " Hybrid Dynamics"}, {"id": 2914, "text": " ENTERPRISES UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA"}, {"id": 2913, "text": " ENTERPRISES AT UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA TRUST"}, {"id": 2912, "text": "ETDPS011332 Positics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2911, "text": "ETDP011265 MPIC Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2910, "text": "ETDP011282 Kele-Thabo Holdings"}, {"id": 2909, "text": "ETDP011281 Ayaba Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2908, "text": "ETDPS011293 HWM Consultancy"}, {"id": 2907, "text": "ETDP011345 Progressive Training Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2906, "text": "ETDP011333 Care4skills"}, {"id": 2905, "text": "ETDPS011290 Prosam Consulting Group"}, {"id": 2904, "text": "ETDP011279 Abnah Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2903, "text": " DANCE ACADEMY OF SA"}, {"id": 2902, "text": " LAERSKOOL BLACK ROCK"}, {"id": 2901, "text": "ETDP011336 Adziambei Academy"}, {"id": 2900, "text": " Culmen Wes Kaap CC"}, {"id": 2899, "text": "ETDP011263 Conferencing LK Company"}, {"id": 2898, "text": "ETDP011261 Dynamic Safety Solutions"}, {"id": 2897, "text": "ETDP011423 Advanced Risk Solution 10 000 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2896, "text": "ETDP011260 The Read Institute NPC"}, {"id": 2895, "text": "ETDPS011259 CC Protection and Investigation Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2894, "text": " Acacia West College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2893, "text": "ETDP011225 Skills Catalyst Consultants"}, {"id": 2892, "text": "ETDP011223 Footballers Investment Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2891, "text": "ETDP011224 Kgaebane Trading"}, {"id": 2890, "text": "ETDP011222 Drewmach Branding Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2889, "text": "ETDP011229 RSA Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2887, "text": "ETDPS011250 Lesmas Training and Consultancy"}, {"id": 2886, "text": "ETDP011365 CBR Education and Training for Employment"}, {"id": 2885, "text": "ETDPS011257 Bakhoana Management and Business College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2884, "text": " Sinqoba Ngokwenza College"}, {"id": 2883, "text": "ETDP011236 New Generation Publishing Enterprises."}, {"id": 2882, "text": "ETDP011313 Shintsha Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2881, "text": "MIC101 MiChem Dynamics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2880, "text": "ETDPS011220 K Boneng Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2878, "text": "ETDP011234 Melabongwe Skills Development HR Services"}, {"id": 2877, "text": " Grootkaroo Career Institute"}, {"id": 2876, "text": "ETDPS011255 Yolande Toohey Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2875, "text": "ETDPS011422 Oxy Trading 735 CC"}, {"id": 2874, "text": "ETDPS011238 The Finishing College"}, {"id": 2873, "text": "ETDP011232 LIFE LAUNCH ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2872, "text": "ETDP011231 HMM Tuition Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2871, "text": "ETDP011218 Boeketlo Conference Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2870, "text": "ETDPS011217 SAFRICA Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2869, "text": "ETDP011237 Khanyisile Multi Purpose Enterprise"}, {"id": 2868, "text": "ETDPS011256 Amadea Institute for Community Empowerment NPC"}, {"id": 2867, "text": "ETDP011233 MMS Training Academy"}, {"id": 2866, "text": "ETDPS011248 Jabukile Consultancy Private Ltd"}, {"id": 2865, "text": "ETDP011230 Simunye Assessor Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2864, "text": "ETDPS011249 Keduecwe Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2863, "text": " Siphefu Business Solutions"}, {"id": 2862, "text": "ETDPS011216 Career Builders Academy"}, {"id": 2860, "text": "ETDPS011252 Shamariah Security Training"}, {"id": 2859, "text": "ETDPS011289 Engie Security Services Training and Development Centre"}, {"id": 2858, "text": "ETDPS011246 Dynamic Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2857, "text": "ETDPS011245 Berea Technical College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2856, "text": "ETDPS011239 FULL CIRCLE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2855, "text": "ETDPS011240 Performance Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2854, "text": "ETDPS011247 Higherway Institute of Learning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2853, "text": "ETDP011287 Ndivuka Skills Development"}, {"id": 2852, "text": "ETDPS011251 On-Track Empowering Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2851, "text": "ETDPS11215 Camblish Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2850, "text": " The Arbinger Institute"}, {"id": 2849, "text": "ETDPS011963 Tonex Management Solutions"}, {"id": 2848, "text": " Investment Consultation Trustee Services"}, {"id": 2847, "text": " GetSmarter"}, {"id": 2846, "text": "FPMPTNAC120808 Practical Solutions"}, {"id": 2845, "text": " Maserumule Consulting Learning Organisational Growth Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2844, "text": " Jamavlo Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2843, "text": " Supercare Service Group PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2842, "text": "2550 Kahani Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 2841, "text": "ETDP011207 Tshianzi Development"}, {"id": 2840, "text": "ETDP011206 Dicla Training and Projects"}, {"id": 2839, "text": "TETA04-252 LIFTING OPERATOR TRAINING CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 2838, "text": "SDP 1220/17/00316 SACE 11277 AMORICOM"}, {"id": 2837, "text": "1999/014204/07 INLEXSO"}, {"id": 2836, "text": "ETDPS011205 South African National Tuberculosis Association"}, {"id": 2835, "text": "ETDPS011204 Sisizathu Training"}, {"id": 2834, "text": "ETDPS011203 QT Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2833, "text": "ETDPS011198 Standard Corp Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2832, "text": "ETDPS011537 Global Star Trading cc"}, {"id": 2831, "text": "ETDPS011254 Soyisa Learning Institute"}, {"id": 2830, "text": "ETDPS011324 The Funeral Academy for Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2829, "text": " Business Circle Consultation"}, {"id": 2828, "text": " Idwala Holdings 77 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2827, "text": "ETDPS011195 Mowils Consultants cc"}, {"id": 2826, "text": "ACC/2008/07/255 Kaelo Computer Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2824, "text": "ETDPS011191 Potential Exponent cc"}, {"id": 2823, "text": "ETDPS011649 Gorach cc"}, {"id": 2822, "text": "ETDPS011700 Novelile Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2821, "text": "ETDPS011298 Dego Consultants"}, {"id": 2820, "text": "AGRI/c prov/0426/13 TOMPI SELEKA COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE"}, {"id": 2819, "text": " Institute of Risk Management South Africa"}, {"id": 2818, "text": "ETDPS011166 Chippa Training Academy"}, {"id": 2817, "text": "ETDP011165 SK Empire Consultancy"}, {"id": 2816, "text": "ETDPS011162 Magos Group"}, {"id": 2815, "text": "ETDPS011421 ICOLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2814, "text": "NG11968 Autism South Africa"}, {"id": 2813, "text": "PR13022 INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 2812, "text": " SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL ACCREDITATION SYSTEM"}, {"id": 2811, "text": "PR13231 ESRI South Africa Pty LTD "}, {"id": 2810, "text": " Sipho Qakoshe"}, {"id": 2809, "text": " MONASH EDUCATIONAL ENTERPRISES NPC"}, {"id": 2808, "text": " MONASH EDUCATIONAL ENTERPRISES NPC"}, {"id": 2807, "text": " MONASH SOUTH AFRICA LIMITED INCORPORATED IN AUSTRALIA"}, {"id": 2806, "text": " Trama Agency Primary Cooperative Ltd"}, {"id": 2805, "text": " UCS Education and Training Services"}, {"id": 2804, "text": " Early Dawn Private School Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2803, "text": " Ilinge Labantu Debt Solutions CC"}, {"id": 2802, "text": "ETDPS011186 Imvula Skills and Development Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2801, "text": " OPTIMI HOME PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2799, "text": "ETDPS011181 Leading Edge Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2798, "text": "ETDP011141 Institute for Advancement of Women Children"}, {"id": 2797, "text": "ETDPS011193 Mmela Village Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2796, "text": "ETDPS011189 Arms Audit and Risk Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2795, "text": "ETDPS011190 Ruthekho Training Academy"}, {"id": 2794, "text": "ETDPS011172 Amadwala CC 623"}, {"id": 2793, "text": "ETDPS011169 THE TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 2792, "text": "ETDP011160 Crystal Training and Consultancy Services"}, {"id": 2791, "text": "ETDP011140 Mafo and Mank Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2790, "text": "ETDPS011135 Heartlines College"}, {"id": 2789, "text": "ETDPS011136 Dreyer Dreyer Risk Solutions"}, {"id": 2788, "text": "PR13150 Nonkosi Mangxangaza"}, {"id": 2787, "text": "ETDP011132 George Steven Academy"}, {"id": 2786, "text": "2018-PSB005/001/03/2018 JVR ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2785, "text": " BL2000 Bedryfsleiding 2000 BK"}, {"id": 2782, "text": " TSHEPO EA RONA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2781, "text": "ETDPS011127 Acorser Corporate and Business Consulting"}, {"id": 2780, "text": "ETDPS011125 Bavelile Consultants and Training"}, {"id": 2779, "text": "ETDPS011124 Thembeni Skills Development Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 2778, "text": "ETDPS011199 Inafrica General Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2777, "text": "ETDP011148 Siyawelela Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2776, "text": " R and L Compuer Repairs and Web Design Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2775, "text": "ETDPS011175 NBnet Consultancy Project Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2774, "text": "ETDP011123 Jacanas Trading"}, {"id": 2773, "text": "ETDPS011122 Umnotho We Afrika Foundation"}, {"id": 2772, "text": " NOSA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2771, "text": "ETDPS011164 Utopia Institute"}, {"id": 2770, "text": "ETDP011159 Gare Kgare Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2768, "text": "ETDPS011120 Mavuni Empowering Consultants"}, {"id": 2767, "text": "ETDPS011119 OD Management Services"}, {"id": 2766, "text": "ETDPS011118 Elvis Koena Konsulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2765, "text": "ETDPS011117 Insika Foundation"}, {"id": 2764, "text": "ETDPS011180 Pulakgadi Training Consulting"}, {"id": 2763, "text": "ETDPS011349 The Globe IT Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2762, "text": "ETDPS011116 Masikila Training Solutions PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2761, "text": "ETDPS011182 Smart Institute of Mines"}, {"id": 2760, "text": "ETDP011157 Madzivha HRD Services"}, {"id": 2759, "text": "ETDPS011185 Synergy Learning Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2758, "text": "ETDPS011661 Ithemba Lomphakathi Community Organisation"}, {"id": 2757, "text": "ETDP011705 Learning 4 Life Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2756, "text": "ETDPS011192 Innovative Technology Design"}, {"id": 2755, "text": "ETDPS011113 SABS Training Academy cc"}, {"id": 2754, "text": "ETDPS011110 Bambanani Community Development Organisation"}, {"id": 2753, "text": "ETDPS011109 Innovation College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2752, "text": "ETDP011158 Katlego Compliance Training"}, {"id": 2751, "text": "ETDPS011188 Within Reach Technology Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2750, "text": " New Beginning Learning and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2749, "text": "ETDP011708 Inter Personal Solutions"}, {"id": 2748, "text": "ETDPS011174 Opelong Business Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2747, "text": "ETDPS011100 Rasehlo Transport and Tourism"}, {"id": 2746, "text": "ETDPS011098 Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology"}, {"id": 2745, "text": "ETDP011108 Vhurena Consulting"}, {"id": 2744, "text": " Goldman College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2743, "text": "ETDPS011420 Skorbinski"}, {"id": 2742, "text": " Rock Lilly Connections Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2741, "text": "ETDPS011211 SIYAFUNDA COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY CENTRE"}, {"id": 2740, "text": "ETDPS011092 Nasinasi Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2739, "text": "ETDPS011084 IDLEADS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2738, "text": "ETDP011072 Carol Creche"}, {"id": 2737, "text": "ETDPS011070 Truware Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2736, "text": "ETDP011155 Inkaba Human Capital Solutions"}, {"id": 2735, "text": "ETDPS011253 THE CAPITAL HOTEL SCHOOL AND TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2734, "text": "ETDP011144 INDABA MONTESSORI INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 2732, "text": "ETDP011156 Precision Skills Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2731, "text": "ETDP011153 Watson Corporate Academy Pty LTd"}, {"id": 2730, "text": "ETDPS011183 Proexpert Training"}, {"id": 2729, "text": "ETDPS011171 Centretech Broadcasting cc"}, {"id": 2728, "text": "ETDPS011187 Benchmark Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2727, "text": "ETDP011068 Nemja Security and Projects"}, {"id": 2726, "text": "ETDP011197 Vukuthu Training Development"}, {"id": 2725, "text": " First Car Care Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2724, "text": "ETDPS011660 Intuthuko Yesizwe Community Organisation"}, {"id": 2723, "text": "ETDP011146 Nationwide Skills"}, {"id": 2722, "text": "ETDPS011170 Little Pig CC"}, {"id": 2721, "text": "ETDPS011163 Tri-Anagram Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2720, "text": " Forward Thinking Development"}, {"id": 2719, "text": "ETDP011525 Shongo Enterprise CC"}, {"id": 2718, "text": "ETDP011574 LESEDI MOHAU DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 2717, "text": "ETDPS011101 Licence Wise Training Specialists Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2716, "text": "ETDPS011706 Zinjiva Trading"}, {"id": 2715, "text": "ETDPS011201 Leibrandt Training Academy Cc"}, {"id": 2714, "text": "ETDPS011184 UMUZI PHOTO CLUB"}, {"id": 2713, "text": "ETDPS011177 The Skills Development Corporation Private Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2712, "text": "ETDP011235 VIA AFRIKA"}, {"id": 2711, "text": "ETDP011065 Loago Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2710, "text": "ETDPS011176 Amathuba Learning and Training Centre"}, {"id": 2709, "text": "ETDPS011291 Verge Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2708, "text": "ETDPS011080 Yarona Business Consulting"}, {"id": 2707, "text": "ETDP011064 HWW Africa Region NPC"}, {"id": 2706, "text": " Sigegede Emporium"}, {"id": 2705, "text": " Intermasiko CC"}, {"id": 2704, "text": "ETDP011154 Atleha Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2703, "text": "ETDP011575 Virtuoso Arts Institute"}, {"id": 2702, "text": "ETDP011194 Poly Maths Sci Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2701, "text": "ETDPS011062 Grace and Gaurdian"}, {"id": 2700, "text": "ETDP011061 Masmab"}, {"id": 2699, "text": "ETDPS011095 Infomage Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2698, "text": "ETDPS011106 Uhambo Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 2697, "text": "ETDPS011089 Tsoelopele Leadership Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2696, "text": "ETDPS011241 Shanwes"}, {"id": 2695, "text": "ETDPS011082 Sanda Skills Development"}, {"id": 2694, "text": " Defanzo"}, {"id": 2693, "text": "ETDPS011081 Rams Professional Training and Conferencing"}, {"id": 2692, "text": "ETDPS011659 Amos Kgaphamadi Community Organisation"}, {"id": 2691, "text": "ETDPS011090 Onye-Mon Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 2690, "text": "ETDP011415 Rousing Varsity College"}, {"id": 2689, "text": " LIP Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2688, "text": "ETDPS011085 Liberty College of Excellence"}, {"id": 2687, "text": " Konwaba Training Institute"}, {"id": 2686, "text": "ETDPS011682 Afrika Tikkun NPC"}, {"id": 2685, "text": "ETDP011107 Future Families Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2684, "text": " Verwey s Selection and Training Services"}, {"id": 2683, "text": " Ultimate Security and body guard training services"}, {"id": 2682, "text": " Renata Promotions cc"}, {"id": 2681, "text": "ETDPS011167 Luther Varsity in Southern Africa NPC"}, {"id": 2680, "text": "ETDPS011104 OPTIMI Workplace"}, {"id": 2679, "text": "ETDPS011059 Effective Interactions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2678, "text": "ETDPS011057 Lewerb Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2677, "text": "ETDPS011054 Vusheni Learning Academy"}, {"id": 2676, "text": "ETDPS011053 Skills Development Professionals Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2674, "text": "ETDPS011051 Noshtac Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 2673, "text": "ETDPS011055 Metro Minds Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2672, "text": "ETDPS011049 Leseding Computer Systems"}, {"id": 2671, "text": "ETDPS011047 East London Technical t a Buffalo City TVET College"}, {"id": 2670, "text": "ETDPS011046 Centre for Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation Pty Ltd t a CEMI"}, {"id": 2669, "text": "ETDPS011045 CCTP Management and Consultants"}, {"id": 2668, "text": "ETDP011569 Indalo Cup"}, {"id": 2667, "text": " ACTCO PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2666, "text": "ETDPS011386 EDEN ISLAND TRADING 632 CC"}, {"id": 2665, "text": "ETDPS011042 NEW HOPE REVIVAL ORGANISATION NPC"}, {"id": 2664, "text": " Mortarboard Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2663, "text": "ETDPS011142 Ogni Cosa Trading Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 2662, "text": "ETDP011643 Kairos Soar Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2661, "text": "ETDPS011656 Inyapa Vhusiku Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2660, "text": " Kerdonhan Training and Development"}, {"id": 2659, "text": "ETDP011093 ICALC TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2658, "text": "ETDP011638 First Trust Academy"}, {"id": 2657, "text": "ETDP011039 Summative Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2656, "text": "ETDP011038 Next Level Learning Pty"}, {"id": 2655, "text": "ETDP011037 Logtra Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2654, "text": "ETDP011035 Cape Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 2653, "text": "ETDP011033 Barungwa Ribeth Consulting"}, {"id": 2652, "text": "ETDPS011032 Milpark Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2651, "text": "ETDP011149 Tshehang Training and Development"}, {"id": 2650, "text": "ETDPS011031 Heslop Bros Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2649, "text": "ETDP011200 TJH Business Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2648, "text": "ETDP011147 Semase Institute Community Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2647, "text": "ETDP011644 Joera Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2646, "text": "ETDP011228 People Centered Institution"}, {"id": 2645, "text": "ETDPS011029 All Risk Management"}, {"id": 2644, "text": "ETDP011152 Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy"}, {"id": 2643, "text": "ETDPS011091 Masithuthuke Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2642, "text": "ETDP011073 Jasintha Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2641, "text": "ETDPS011138 Muditambi Holdings"}, {"id": 2640, "text": " Green Tech"}, {"id": 2639, "text": "ETDPS011227 Danearl Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2638, "text": "ETDPS011086 Daluxolo Human Capital Development"}, {"id": 2637, "text": " HR OPTIMIZATION"}, {"id": 2636, "text": "ETDP011028 ADDNUM Education Training and Development"}, {"id": 2635, "text": "ETDP011026 Royalty Edu-Home Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2634, "text": "ETDP011022 Ndimeni Construction and Maintenance cc"}, {"id": 2633, "text": " NDIMENI TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 2632, "text": "ETDP011021 Khanya Information and Development Consulting"}, {"id": 2631, "text": "ETDP011020 Global diagnostics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2630, "text": "ETDP011018 Dynamic ECD Institute"}, {"id": 2629, "text": "ETDP011016 ABCR HRD Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2628, "text": "ETDP011015 Seanapyane Resources Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2626, "text": "ETDPS011014 Situational Security Training Academy"}, {"id": 2624, "text": "ETDP011012 Yab Business Solution"}, {"id": 2623, "text": "ETDPS011011 Uplift Quality Solutions"}, {"id": 2622, "text": "ETDP1687 BOLAND COLLEGE"}, {"id": 2621, "text": "ETDP011009 Siphiwosethu Open Development Initiative Corporation"}, {"id": 2620, "text": "ETDPS011008 Mbuso Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2619, "text": "ETDPS011007 National Skills and Technical College"}, {"id": 2618, "text": "ETDPS011006 Visionary Skill Academy"}, {"id": 2617, "text": "ETDP011283 St Mor Ventures"}, {"id": 2616, "text": "ETDPS011005 Kernel Management and Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2615, "text": "ETDP011002 Rhuboni"}, {"id": 2614, "text": "ETDP011001 Family Restoration Foundation"}, {"id": 2613, "text": "ETDPS011000 Zanda Izifiso Ezinhle Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2612, "text": "ETDPS010999 Resisa Logistics Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2611, "text": "ETDP010998 Unisa CPTCET"}, {"id": 2610, "text": "ETDPS010997 CTC College"}, {"id": 2609, "text": "ETDPS010996 SSD Consultants"}, {"id": 2608, "text": "ETDPS010992 Avenida Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2607, "text": "ETDPS010990 Ebotse Development and Training Centre"}, {"id": 2606, "text": "ETDPS010988 Glicam Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2605, "text": "ETDPS010987 World Pace Development and Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2604, "text": "ETDP010986 Sherq Global Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2603, "text": "ETDPS010984 Thrive College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2602, "text": "ETDP010983 Mentor Me Corporate Foundation"}, {"id": 2601, "text": "ETDP010982 Assured Vocational Skills Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2600, "text": "ETDPS010979 Mafamawethu Performance Consultants"}, {"id": 2599, "text": "ETDPS011178 Fort Hare Trading Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2598, "text": "ETDPS011134 Information Technology Resource Centre"}, {"id": 2597, "text": "ETDP010978 Nungu Trading 468 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2593, "text": "ETDP011145 Kay-Madume Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 2592, "text": "ETDPS010975 Pathways of Purpose Potential Development Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2591, "text": "ETDPS010976 Prestige Leaders Consulting Ltd"}, {"id": 2590, "text": "ETDPS011087 Trainers Without Borders"}, {"id": 2589, "text": "ETDPS011105 E focus Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2588, "text": "ETDP011363 Helpers For Life NPC"}, {"id": 2587, "text": "ETDPS011083 Intelligent Africa Company"}, {"id": 2586, "text": "ETDP011025 Pro4Kidz Academy"}, {"id": 2585, "text": "ETDP011097 Sibiya-Komape Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2584, "text": "ETDPS011645 KING VILA BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 2583, "text": "ETDP011019 Edu Funda Learning Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2582, "text": "ETDP011143 BTN Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2581, "text": "ETDP011597 PHAMBILI KZN CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 2580, "text": "ETDPS011243 Wattville Community Learning Centre"}, {"id": 2579, "text": "ETDP011573 KING JAMES TRADING AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 2578, "text": "ETDPS011600 Star Choice Trading 407 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2577, "text": "ETDPS011030 Bosasa Youth Development Centres Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2576, "text": "ETDPS011088 Kwindla Institute Of Learning And Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2575, "text": "ETDPS010985 Heavenly Button Trading"}, {"id": 2574, "text": "ETDP011338 Cresco Consultants CC"}, {"id": 2573, "text": "ETDP011036 Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu"}, {"id": 2572, "text": "ETDPS011544 MMBG Trading and Consulting"}, {"id": 2571, "text": "ETDPS010974 Powerpro Technologies and Training Facility"}, {"id": 2569, "text": "ETDP010972 Levi Training Centre and Projects"}, {"id": 2568, "text": "ETDP010971 Chrysalis Academy Western Cape Trust"}, {"id": 2567, "text": "ETDP010968 MBAT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2566, "text": "ACC/2012/05/822 ZJ AFRICA LEARN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2565, "text": "ETDP011226 Imisebeyelanga Services"}, {"id": 2562, "text": "ETDPS010962 Marble Gold 295 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2561, "text": "ETDPS010961 College on Hills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2560, "text": "ETDPS010959 Southern Africa Youth Academy"}, {"id": 2559, "text": "ETDP010957 Gauteng Sports Confederation"}, {"id": 2558, "text": "ETDP010952 Jacobs Well Village NPC"}, {"id": 2557, "text": "ETDP010951 K T Innovative Solutions"}, {"id": 2556, "text": "ETDP010950 Shelintons Enterprise"}, {"id": 2555, "text": "ETDP010949 Bear Foundation"}, {"id": 2554, "text": "ETDP010948 Sonti Associates Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2553, "text": "ETDPS010940 Tshikamotha Trading and Training"}, {"id": 2552, "text": "ETDP010939 Jonglad Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2551, "text": "ETDP7556 Regenesys Business School"}, {"id": 2550, "text": "ETDP10935 Southren African ABET and Skills Development Agency Pty LTD"}, {"id": 2549, "text": "ETDP10934 Grebino Projects and Training"}, {"id": 2548, "text": "ETDP10933 Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organisation"}, {"id": 2547, "text": "ETDPS1519 Sinokuhle Konke Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2546, "text": "ETDPS1517 Dijama Training Academy"}, {"id": 2545, "text": "ETDP10932 Vicresco Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2544, "text": "ETDP10931 Vezokuhle Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 2543, "text": "ETDPS1515 Ekukhanyeni Relief Project"}, {"id": 2542, "text": "ETDP10930 WORKERS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 2541, "text": "ETDP10929 Academy of Basic Learning PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2540, "text": " Eyabantu Business and Skills Developoment"}, {"id": 2539, "text": "ETDPS011219 Mabusha Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 2538, "text": " Institute of Sport Education and Training"}, {"id": 2536, "text": "ETDPS011168 I-fundi Customer Solutions"}, {"id": 2535, "text": "ETDPS011102 EFO College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2534, "text": "ETDPS1513 ClimaMark Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2533, "text": " Jeg Security Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2532, "text": "ETDPS011418 Bendrew Trading"}, {"id": 2530, "text": "ETDP10928 The League of friends of the blind LOFOB "}, {"id": 2529, "text": " Invuya Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 2528, "text": " Imperium Staff Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2527, "text": " CoachCompanion South Africa"}, {"id": 2526, "text": "ETDP011655 THE DIFFERENCE MAKERS INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 2525, "text": " Pro 4 Kids Academy"}, {"id": 2524, "text": "ETDP10927 Baselts Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 2523, "text": "ETDP011017 Careerlinx Business Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2522, "text": "ETDP011043 Bacdeen Montessori Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2521, "text": "ETDPS011196 Broadband College of Technology"}, {"id": 2520, "text": " Greater Makgoba Economic Development Agency"}, {"id": 2519, "text": " Jamela Resource Consulting"}, {"id": 2518, "text": " Msogwaba Youth Skills and Training Development Project"}, {"id": 2517, "text": "ETDPS1512 IMVANA TRAINING COLLEGE CC"}, {"id": 2516, "text": "ETDPS1511 Fasego 27 Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2515, "text": "ETDPS1397 INGWE FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 2514, "text": "ETDP011467 Botle Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2513, "text": " ROSEBANK JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 2512, "text": " WYNBERG BOYS JUNIOR SCHOOL"}, {"id": 2511, "text": " SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL FOR EDUCATORS"}, {"id": 2510, "text": "ETDPS1264 Boston City Campus Business College-Maponya Mall"}, {"id": 2509, "text": "ETDPS1263 Boston City Campus Business College-Ladysmith"}, {"id": 2508, "text": "ETDPS1237 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Roodepoort "}, {"id": 2507, "text": "ETDPS1236 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Richards Bay "}, {"id": 2506, "text": "ETDPS1235 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Randburg "}, {"id": 2505, "text": "ETDPS1234 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Queenstown "}, {"id": 2504, "text": "ETDPS1233 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Pretoria North "}, {"id": 2503, "text": "ETDPS1232 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Pretoria Arcadia "}, {"id": 2502, "text": "ETDPS1231 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Potchefstroom "}, {"id": 2501, "text": "ETDPS1230 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Port Shepstone "}, {"id": 2500, "text": "ETDPS1229 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Port Elizabeth "}, {"id": 2499, "text": "ETDPS1226 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Witbank "}, {"id": 2498, "text": "ETDPS1225 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Welkom "}, {"id": 2497, "text": "ETDPS1224 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Vereeniging "}, {"id": 2496, "text": "ETDPS1223 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Umhlanga "}, {"id": 2495, "text": "ETDPS1222 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Tzaneen "}, {"id": 2494, "text": "ETDPS1221 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Stanger "}, {"id": 2493, "text": "ETDPS1219 Boston City Campus and Business College- Pinetown"}, {"id": 2492, "text": "ETDPS1218 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Pietermaritzburg "}, {"id": 2491, "text": "ETDPS1228 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Polokwane"}, {"id": 2490, "text": "ETDPS1217 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Paarl "}, {"id": 2489, "text": "ETDPS1216 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Nelspruit "}, {"id": 2488, "text": "ETDPS1215 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Krugerdorp "}, {"id": 2487, "text": "ETDPS1214 Boston City campus Business College Pty Ltd Klerksdorp "}, {"id": 2486, "text": "ETDPS1220 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Springs "}, {"id": 2485, "text": "ETDPS1213 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Kimberley "}, {"id": 2484, "text": "ETDPS1212 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Kempton Park "}, {"id": 2483, "text": "ETDPS1211 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Somerset West "}, {"id": 2482, "text": "ETDPS1210 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd Rustenburg "}, {"id": 2481, "text": "ETDPS1227 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Johannesburg "}, {"id": 2480, "text": "ETDPS1209 Boston City Campus Business College Pty Ltd Germiston "}, {"id": 2479, "text": "ETDPS1207 Boston City Campus College PTY Ltd Newcastle "}, {"id": 2478, "text": "ETDPS1208 Boston City Campus and Business College - George"}, {"id": 2477, "text": "ETDPS1195 Boston City Campus and Business College- East london"}, {"id": 2476, "text": "ETDPS1194 Boston City Campus Business College - Durban"}, {"id": 2475, "text": "ETDPS1193 Boston City Campus Business College- Cape Town"}, {"id": 2474, "text": "ETDPS1187 Boston City Campus and Business College - Braamfontein"}, {"id": 2473, "text": "ETDPS1188 Boston City Campus and Business College - Bloemfontein"}, {"id": 2472, "text": "ETDPS1186 Boston City Campus and Business College-Benoni"}, {"id": 2471, "text": "ETDPS1185 Boston City Campus and Business College - Bedfordview"}, {"id": 2470, "text": "ETDPS1184 Boston City Campus and Business College - Alberton"}, {"id": 2469, "text": "ETDPS1183 Boston City Campus and Business College - Bellville"}, {"id": 2468, "text": "ETDPS1173 Boston City Campus and Business College- Orange Grove"}, {"id": 2467, "text": "ETDP011647 Andile Nontso Foundation"}, {"id": 2466, "text": "ETDP010944 Botshabelo"}, {"id": 2465, "text": "ETDP010941 Shuter Shooter"}, {"id": 2464, "text": "ETDP010954 TechX"}, {"id": 2463, "text": "ETDPS010956 Sovereign Skills Development"}, {"id": 2462, "text": "ETDP010953 South African Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2461, "text": "ETDPS011641 TECHNO GIRL TRUST"}, {"id": 2460, "text": "ETDP010947 Lamp child care academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2459, "text": "ETDP010946 Supreme Chess Trust"}, {"id": 2458, "text": "ETDP010942 CS Interactive Training cc"}, {"id": 2457, "text": "ETDP010945 Zuiks Investments"}, {"id": 2456, "text": "ETDPS011056 Sbongukhanyo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2455, "text": "ETDP010937 Masjadu Development agency"}, {"id": 2454, "text": "ETDP010936 Village Scribe Trust"}, {"id": 2452, "text": "ETDP10035 Northlink College"}, {"id": 2451, "text": "ETDP10025 Little Elephant Training Centre For Early Educationt a LETCEE"}, {"id": 2450, "text": "ETDP1567 Kids Development Academy"}, {"id": 2449, "text": "ETDP10014 HEART Solutions"}, {"id": 2448, "text": "ETDP0397 Health Science Academy"}, {"id": 2447, "text": "ETDP9990 Duplicate"}, {"id": 2446, "text": "ETDP7510 Gauteng Talent Management Solutions t a TMS Gauteng"}, {"id": 2445, "text": "ETDP4298 Northern Cape Rural TVET College"}, {"id": 2444, "text": "ETDPS1299 King Hintsa Fet College EC "}, {"id": 2443, "text": "ETDP011341 Growpoint Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2442, "text": " Bigtree Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2441, "text": " Valambya Training and Business Services "}, {"id": 2440, "text": "ETDPS1509 Terrawood cc"}, {"id": 2439, "text": "ETDPS1508 Certified Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2438, "text": "ETDP011340 Intact Education Training and Development"}, {"id": 2437, "text": " SkillWise Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd"}, {"id": 2436, "text": "ETDP011096 Fuze Divergency Enterprise2 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2435, "text": " Free State Training and Development"}, {"id": 2434, "text": "ETDPS011412 Orange Language Institute"}, {"id": 2433, "text": " Skill Yield Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2432, "text": " Lorabi 101"}, {"id": 2431, "text": "ETDPS011825 Seqebo Training and Counselling Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2430, "text": " SG Consultants"}, {"id": 2429, "text": "ETDPS011212 Future Discovery Training Academy"}, {"id": 2428, "text": " Realeboga-Bakulung Training and Development Agency"}, {"id": 2427, "text": "ETDP010969 HVK Consulting Engineers"}, {"id": 2426, "text": "ETDP10925 Kainav Conservation Global Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2425, "text": "ETDP10924 Saint Lifick College"}, {"id": 2424, "text": "ETDPS1510 Poshido Trading"}, {"id": 2423, "text": "ETDP10922 Nyathela Business College "}, {"id": 2422, "text": "ETDP10921 Mna Development Centre Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 2421, "text": "ETDP10919 Esigangeni General Trading"}, {"id": 2420, "text": " Yes We Can Consulting"}, {"id": 2419, "text": "ETDP010967 Tshase Education Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2418, "text": "ETDPS011050 Lukhanti Training Centre and Cleaning Services cc"}, {"id": 2417, "text": "ETDPS010993 Goldberg De Villiers Myburgh Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2416, "text": " Dek Research and Management Specialist"}, {"id": 2415, "text": " Vusi Mncube and Associates Education and Training"}, {"id": 2414, "text": "ETDP011560 NC COMPLIANCE SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 2413, "text": " Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust"}, {"id": 2412, "text": " Pioneers Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 2411, "text": "ETDPS011048 Fachs Business Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 2410, "text": "ETDPS011395 Skills Development and Training Company Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2409, "text": "ETDPS1507 Aotsa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2408, "text": " Skills Zone Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 2407, "text": " Ntirhisano Maxhakaza Christian Academy"}, {"id": 2406, "text": " Tumelo Education and Training"}, {"id": 2405, "text": " Tekmation Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2404, "text": "ETDP010965 Sovereign Skills Development Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2403, "text": "ETDPS1503 KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board"}, {"id": 2402, "text": " Enterprise for Learning Resources and Materials Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2400, "text": "ETDP011707 In Full Colour Consultancy"}, {"id": 2399, "text": " Spotlite Education"}, {"id": 2398, "text": "ETDP011024 ORT SA Cape Trust"}, {"id": 2397, "text": " Itsoseng Training Academy"}, {"id": 2396, "text": "ETDPS010980 Hluvuka Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 2395, "text": "ETDPS011173 KG Business Development"}, {"id": 2394, "text": "ETDPS1502 Mosaic Marketing"}, {"id": 2393, "text": " ER Kay Human Development "}, {"id": 2392, "text": "ETDPS011079 Sivile Housing Association"}, {"id": 2391, "text": "ETDP010966 Eiffel Corp Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2390, "text": " Rochelle Vetman and Training "}, {"id": 2389, "text": " Nyeleti Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2388, "text": "ETDP011077 Jale Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2387, "text": " Khusela Empowerment Solutions"}, {"id": 2386, "text": " Mpumalanga School of Governance - ECDI"}, {"id": 2385, "text": "ETDPS011351 Infantry School"}, {"id": 2384, "text": " Team Phatha Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2383, "text": " Park Rynie Technical College"}, {"id": 2382, "text": " Sizanemfundo Training and Development "}, {"id": 2381, "text": " Patnet Training Academy"}, {"id": 2380, "text": " Masegare Business School"}, {"id": 2379, "text": "ETDPS011406 Mintirho Development Services"}, {"id": 2378, "text": " Mmatlaseromo MPS Holdings"}, {"id": 2377, "text": "ETDPS011296 Mode Security Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2376, "text": "ETDPS011074 Ditebogo Consultancy"}, {"id": 2375, "text": " MHD Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2374, "text": "ETDP011394 Koketso Rakhudu Foundation"}, {"id": 2373, "text": "ETDP10917 Nyameka "}, {"id": 2372, "text": "ETDPS1500 Modise Computer College"}, {"id": 2371, "text": "ETDPS1499 Scaw Metals Group"}, {"id": 2370, "text": "ETDPS1498 Breaking Ground Learning and Development"}, {"id": 2369, "text": "ETDPS1496 Osolwazi Consulting and Development"}, {"id": 2368, "text": "ETDPS1495 Pebetse Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 2367, "text": "ETDPS1494 EH Hassim Hardware"}, {"id": 2366, "text": "ETDPS010977 Impactful Specialist Solution"}, {"id": 2365, "text": " Productivity SA"}, {"id": 2364, "text": "ETDP10916 Life Projects"}, {"id": 2363, "text": "ETDP10915 Funda Africa Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2362, "text": "ETDP011307 Brainwave Careers"}, {"id": 2361, "text": " ZBQ Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2360, "text": " Women Arise Primary Co-operative Limited"}, {"id": 2359, "text": " LLTV Services"}, {"id": 2357, "text": "ETDPS011103 Sebenzisanane Human Capital"}, {"id": 2356, "text": " Zigna Training"}, {"id": 2355, "text": "ETDPS010958 Atlegang Consulting"}, {"id": 2354, "text": "ETDP011023 NS Zonke Management Consultants"}, {"id": 2352, "text": " Sepaupau Training Academy "}, {"id": 2351, "text": " A2S Trading"}, {"id": 2350, "text": "ETDPS011543 Iketleng Mo Afrika Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 2349, "text": " Magic Moments Consulting and Services"}, {"id": 2348, "text": " Batlagae ETD Consultancy CC"}, {"id": 2346, "text": " Romula Business Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2345, "text": "ETDP011670 Nkotlo Kay Tshimole Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2344, "text": "ETDPS011078 Silalele Consultants cc"}, {"id": 2343, "text": " AG Occupational Training and Development Consultant"}, {"id": 2342, "text": " Maximum Development Institute"}, {"id": 2341, "text": " Capabilities Supply Institute"}, {"id": 2340, "text": "ETDPS011099 Sylman Consultancy CC"}, {"id": 2339, "text": " Trishul Food Catering Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2338, "text": " Prestige Leaders Consulting"}, {"id": 2337, "text": " Work Skills Resources cc"}, {"id": 2336, "text": " Abuso Services "}, {"id": 2335, "text": "ETDPS011161 Tashon Training"}, {"id": 2334, "text": "ETDPS011481 Ithemba Elihle Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2333, "text": "ETDPS011058 Pioneer Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2331, "text": "ETDPS010964 REATS Training Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2330, "text": "ETDP011040 Tsebo Business Intelligence Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2329, "text": " Ntataise Trust"}, {"id": 2328, "text": "ETDPS011400 Training Consultant and Skills Development College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2327, "text": " The Institute of English Language "}, {"id": 2326, "text": " TsheziMiya Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 2325, "text": " Thuto Yokuthutuka.org"}, {"id": 2324, "text": "ETDPS011244 Balefile Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2323, "text": "ETDPS011393 Classic Oriental Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2322, "text": " The Bear Foundation"}, {"id": 2321, "text": "ETDP011602 Mosima Service Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 2320, "text": "ETDPS011202 INZALO ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2319, "text": " Siyakhula Trust ETD Institute Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 2318, "text": "ETDP011034 Betanozone Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2317, "text": "ETDPS011405 Effective Engineering Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2316, "text": "ETDP10923 My Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2315, "text": "ETDPS1308 Mogale Solution Providers"}, {"id": 2314, "text": " MASH COMPUTER TRAINING"}, {"id": 2313, "text": "ETDPS1307 P L Hardware PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2312, "text": "ETDPS1306 Matiisetso Training Pty Ttd"}, {"id": 2311, "text": "ETDPS1305 Agency for Re-innovation and Development ARID "}, {"id": 2310, "text": "ETDPS1304 Mohau Gaolatlhe Training Development"}, {"id": 2309, "text": "ETDP011511 Skill Upliftment Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2308, "text": " Royal Bafokeng Institute RBI "}, {"id": 2307, "text": " Bet-El Guesthouse Conference and Training Centre t a Bet-El Leadership Academy "}, {"id": 2306, "text": " Double Stars Trading 238"}, {"id": 2305, "text": " Organet Contracting and Development cc t a Organet Trading cc"}, {"id": 2304, "text": " Bosch Ulwazi Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2303, "text": "ETDPS1303 Datamatrix cc"}, {"id": 2302, "text": "ETDPS1301 Tadi-Training and Development Institute"}, {"id": 2301, "text": "ETDP10554 Furniture World Training Centre"}, {"id": 2300, "text": "ETDPS1300 Top Performers for Africa cc"}, {"id": 2299, "text": "ETDPS1319 Assess Development Institute Mpumelelo"}, {"id": 2298, "text": " Institute for the Advancement of Journalism"}, {"id": 2297, "text": " Embury Institute for Teacher Education"}, {"id": 2296, "text": "ETDPS1466 LEARNFAST TRAINING SOLUTIONS CC"}, {"id": 2295, "text": " TSHWANE NORTH COLLEGE FOR FET"}, {"id": 2294, "text": "ETDPS1298 IIR SA Bv "}, {"id": 2293, "text": "ETDPS1297 Nchebeko Skills Consultancy"}, {"id": 2292, "text": "ETDPS1296 Sethike Trading cc"}, {"id": 2291, "text": "ETDPS1295 Tlhalefo Skills Development CC"}, {"id": 2290, "text": "ETDPS1294 Starcrow 36 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2289, "text": " South African Brodcasting Corporation"}, {"id": 2288, "text": " SANCO"}, {"id": 2287, "text": " SAGDA"}, {"id": 2286, "text": " SADTU"}, {"id": 2285, "text": " NATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY"}, {"id": 2284, "text": " Malteno Institute for Language and Literacy"}, {"id": 2283, "text": " Education Labour Relation Council"}, {"id": 2282, "text": " KNIGHTS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 2281, "text": " Glasgow Metropolitan College"}, {"id": 2280, "text": " Glagow Metropolitan College"}, {"id": 2279, "text": "ETDPS1292 Elason Pro-Active Security Services"}, {"id": 2278, "text": " South African Institute of Ruby"}, {"id": 2277, "text": "ETDPS1291 Special Force School"}, {"id": 2275, "text": " ARISE BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 2274, "text": "ETDPS1289 The Facilitation Workshop"}, {"id": 2273, "text": " Makhuva Consulting cc"}, {"id": 2272, "text": " Buni Advocacy and Training "}, {"id": 2271, "text": " Khanyisulwazi Training Academy"}, {"id": 2270, "text": " Boyzs General Services"}, {"id": 2269, "text": " Crix Training Academy"}, {"id": 2268, "text": "ETDPS1288 Johannesburg City Parks"}, {"id": 2267, "text": " PC TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 2266, "text": "ETDPS1287 Thuto Adult Centre"}, {"id": 2265, "text": " Matlafalangg "}, {"id": 2264, "text": " XSeven Group "}, {"id": 2263, "text": "ETDPS1286 Siyanqoba Seminars PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2262, "text": "ETDPS1285 Maurice Kerrigan Africa pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2260, "text": " Matprodev Consulting "}, {"id": 2259, "text": "ETDPS1284 Farhenheit Fire CC"}, {"id": 2258, "text": "ETDPS011208 UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 2257, "text": " CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 2256, "text": " Advanced Technology Training Institute College"}, {"id": 2255, "text": "ETDPS1283 Lesias Educational Services"}, {"id": 2254, "text": "ETDPS1282 Sport Science Institute of South Africa"}, {"id": 2253, "text": "ETDPS011139 Port Elizabeth TVET College"}, {"id": 2252, "text": " ICESA CITY CAMPUS"}, {"id": 2251, "text": " Career Training Institute"}, {"id": 2250, "text": " Griffiths Mxenge College of Education"}, {"id": 2249, "text": " Academy of Business Computer Studies"}, {"id": 2248, "text": " Warwicks Chef School"}, {"id": 2247, "text": " Computer Training Institute"}, {"id": 2246, "text": " Avuxeni Computer Academy"}, {"id": 2245, "text": " JOHANNESBURG SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND"}, {"id": 2244, "text": "ETDP000003 Nkangala FET College Central Office"}, {"id": 2243, "text": " TECHNIKON NORTH-WEST"}, {"id": 2242, "text": "ETDPS1281 Madzahisi College"}, {"id": 2241, "text": "ETDPS1280 PZ Security Services PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2240, "text": "ETDPS1279 TSK Projects"}, {"id": 2239, "text": "ETDPS1278 Four Stars Communication"}, {"id": 2238, "text": "ETDPS1277 Triple E Training Holdings"}, {"id": 2237, "text": " RR Wright Theological Seminary"}, {"id": 2236, "text": " Ntsu Eagle Consulting"}, {"id": 2235, "text": " Skills For All"}, {"id": 2234, "text": " Manotha Training "}, {"id": 2233, "text": "ETDPS1275 Ensemble Trading 460"}, {"id": 2232, "text": "ETDPS1274 MVDH Technical Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2231, "text": " Taletso FET College"}, {"id": 2230, "text": "ETDP011401 Nqowethu Trading"}, {"id": 2229, "text": " Acres of Love Care Centre"}, {"id": 2228, "text": " Oos-Einde Primary School"}, {"id": 2227, "text": " South African Communist Party"}, {"id": 2226, "text": "ETDPS1273 Skills Unlimited"}, {"id": 2225, "text": " DOE"}, {"id": 2224, "text": " Bakgatla Ba Kgafela"}, {"id": 2223, "text": " Siphane Traders "}, {"id": 2222, "text": " Institute of Commerce and Management SA"}, {"id": 2221, "text": " Ntshoe Educational Consultants and Services "}, {"id": 2220, "text": " Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysunie"}, {"id": 2219, "text": " MANCOSA"}, {"id": 2218, "text": " AAT SA "}, {"id": 2217, "text": " Southern African Association for Learningand Education Differences"}, {"id": 2216, "text": " White River TEchnical College"}, {"id": 2215, "text": " Hlumani Personnel and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2214, "text": " Sabah Inter Trading"}, {"id": 2213, "text": " Mathua-Thaba General Trading"}, {"id": 2212, "text": " Africa Institute of Technologies"}, {"id": 2211, "text": "ETDP010970 Mahube Skills Development Academy"}, {"id": 2210, "text": " Sehla Human Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2209, "text": " South African Language Academy"}, {"id": 2208, "text": "ETDPS1360 Qubelisa Enterprise Empowerment and Training"}, {"id": 2207, "text": " African Training and Management Consultants"}, {"id": 2206, "text": "ETDPS1359 Vala Nge Bhetshu Human Capital Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2205, "text": "ETDPS1358 Targagenix Training Centre PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2204, "text": " Harvest Time Hands Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2203, "text": "ETDPS1355 VEB Cele and Associates"}, {"id": 2202, "text": " Noxion Media"}, {"id": 2201, "text": "ETDPS1354 Aboutlearning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2200, "text": "ETDPS1353 Elective Training Institute Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 2199, "text": " Lefa La Rona Training and Projects"}, {"id": 2198, "text": "ETDP10734 E2E People Growth"}, {"id": 2197, "text": "ETDPS1352 Kukhula Global Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2196, "text": "ETDPS1351 Sharp Edge Consulting and Training cc"}, {"id": 2195, "text": "ETDPS1349 NICDAM"}, {"id": 2194, "text": "ETDP10657 Transnet School of Security"}, {"id": 2193, "text": "ETDPS1350 University of Intellectual Excellence PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2192, "text": " Multiple Productive Management Solutions"}, {"id": 2191, "text": "ETDPS1348 Imsimbi Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2190, "text": "ETDP10646 Tendazwau Trading 8 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2189, "text": "ETDP10645 Continuing Education for Africa"}, {"id": 2188, "text": " Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Decelopment APPETD ."}, {"id": 2187, "text": "ETDP10660 Sakhisisizwe Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 2186, "text": " Fundisa Agency cc"}, {"id": 2185, "text": " Fezinhloso Farming and Training "}, {"id": 2184, "text": " Eyethu Community Project "}, {"id": 2183, "text": "ETDPS011309 MASTEC"}, {"id": 2182, "text": " Library and Information Association of South Africa "}, {"id": 2181, "text": " BIDVEST PAPERPLUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2180, "text": "ETDPS1347 Legal Rock cc"}, {"id": 2179, "text": "ETDPS1346 National Occupational Safety and Health Consultancy "}, {"id": 2178, "text": " Higher Education South Africa HESA "}, {"id": 2177, "text": "ETDPS1345 Avisa Academy of Learning"}, {"id": 2176, "text": " PMDP"}, {"id": 2175, "text": "ETDPS1344 Khabonina Investment Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2174, "text": "ETDPS1343 TPN Training and Recruitment"}, {"id": 2173, "text": "ETDP011572 Highveld Training Academy and Business Solutions"}, {"id": 2172, "text": " Southern African Employability Institute "}, {"id": 2171, "text": "ETDPS1342 Triton Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2170, "text": "ETDPS1341 Train the Nation and Associates PTY LTD "}, {"id": 2169, "text": "ETDPS1340 Dinnesh Sahadev Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2168, "text": " Enviro Social Management"}, {"id": 2167, "text": "ETDPS1339 Unlimited Business Uplifting Through National Trading Units Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 2166, "text": "ETDP011513 Wazi Educational Support"}, {"id": 2165, "text": "ETDP10649 BF Quality Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2164, "text": "ETDPS1338 African Medical and Research Foundation South Africa"}, {"id": 2163, "text": " LIRA ELECTRICAL TRAINING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 2162, "text": "ETDPS1337 Bayteck Training Academy"}, {"id": 2161, "text": "ETDPS1335 Falcon Business Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2160, "text": "ETDPS1334 Labour Guide cc"}, {"id": 2159, "text": " Temple University"}, {"id": 2158, "text": "ETDPS011556 Itec College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2157, "text": "ETDPS1332 Susca Watts Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2156, "text": " Kathu Technical College"}, {"id": 2155, "text": "ETDPS011391 Amalungelo Training Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2154, "text": "ETDPS011130 Agriventions Consulting"}, {"id": 2153, "text": " Multi Tech College"}, {"id": 2152, "text": " CIDA City Campus"}, {"id": 2151, "text": " CTI College"}, {"id": 2150, "text": " University of Greenweich"}, {"id": 2149, "text": " NCC Education"}, {"id": 2148, "text": "ETDP10618 Rimns Education and Training Services"}, {"id": 2147, "text": " Sedibeng FET College "}, {"id": 2146, "text": "ETDPS1331 JEG Enterprises"}, {"id": 2145, "text": "ETDPS1389 Noxolo Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 2144, "text": "ETDPS1329 Call the Rain cc"}, {"id": 2143, "text": "ETDP10599 Foschini Retail Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2142, "text": " Emalahleni Municipality"}, {"id": 2141, "text": " Sikhuselo Communication"}, {"id": 2140, "text": " Tawutawu Training Institutes"}, {"id": 2139, "text": "ETDPS1328 21st Century College"}, {"id": 2138, "text": " Ezamangolsi Construction"}, {"id": 2137, "text": "ETDPS1326 Phophi Na Tshinako Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2136, "text": "ETDPS011041 Production Management Institute PMI PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2135, "text": "ETDPS1325 Khosithi Artisan and Skills Training Institute"}, {"id": 2134, "text": "ETDPS1324 Eazi Access Rental Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2133, "text": "ETDPS1323 Society for Family Health"}, {"id": 2132, "text": "ETDPS1322 Thuto Ya Setshaba Training Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2131, "text": "ETDPS1320 Candy Nxusani Trading"}, {"id": 2130, "text": "ETDP10786 Our Rainbow Children Multipurpose Institute"}, {"id": 2129, "text": " Managing Transformation Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2128, "text": "ETDPS1321 Faisit Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2127, "text": " Ithala Skills Services"}, {"id": 2126, "text": "ETDPS1317 Education Training Academy of South Africa ETASA "}, {"id": 2125, "text": "ETDP10586 TAM TRAINING"}, {"id": 2124, "text": " Linspire 127"}, {"id": 2123, "text": "ETDPS011571 Passmark Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2122, "text": " Southern Business School"}, {"id": 2121, "text": "ETDPS1315 Fraser Alexander"}, {"id": 2120, "text": "ETDP10573 MSE Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2119, "text": " E Africa Developments"}, {"id": 2118, "text": " Kwakuhle Interior Decor and Training"}, {"id": 2117, "text": " Mpophomo NPO 087 682 t a Mpophomo"}, {"id": 2116, "text": " Empowernet Health Solutions"}, {"id": 2115, "text": "ETDPS1314 New Heights 1082 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2114, "text": "ETDPS1313 Silver Solutions Security 1713 cc"}, {"id": 2113, "text": "ETDPS1312 NALITHUBA EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT T A NALITHUBA TRAINING SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 2112, "text": "ETDPS1310 A and R Engineering and Mining Suppliers Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2111, "text": "ETDPS1309 Execu Prime Training"}, {"id": 2110, "text": "ETDPS1151 Khanyisa Gavu Trading "}, {"id": 2109, "text": "ETDPS1150 Rand International Management Training Consultants cc"}, {"id": 2108, "text": "ETDPS1149 MTL Training and Projects cc"}, {"id": 2107, "text": "ETDPS1147 Ndibano Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2106, "text": "ETDPS1146 Mpumalanga Skills Training College"}, {"id": 2105, "text": "ETDPS1145 Bodubelo Hospitality Services"}, {"id": 2104, "text": "ETDP011510 The Legacy Four"}, {"id": 2103, "text": " Moyoyo Construction "}, {"id": 2102, "text": "ETDP011418 Kwa-Thema Stimulation Day Care Centre"}, {"id": 2101, "text": "ETDP011076 Phakamisa Training Company"}, {"id": 2100, "text": "ETDPS011648 Heaps of Trading"}, {"id": 2099, "text": " Phumelo Training Centre "}, {"id": 2098, "text": "ETDPS1152 Maqhawe College of FET"}, {"id": 2097, "text": " Black Education Upgrading"}, {"id": 2096, "text": "ETDP10305 The Need Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2095, "text": " Azuzastreet Consulting"}, {"id": 2094, "text": " KMT Training Centre "}, {"id": 2093, "text": "ETDP10400 Headspace Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2092, "text": " SAL Nkosi Advisors cc"}, {"id": 2091, "text": " Rapid Training Consultancy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2090, "text": "ETDPS1384 TZ Tsibane t a Legend Training College"}, {"id": 2089, "text": "ETDPS1383 Human Resource Training Centre cc"}, {"id": 2088, "text": "ETDP10914 Lubusi Consulting: ETDTraining Provider"}, {"id": 2087, "text": "ETDPS1382 Aranda Learnership College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2086, "text": "ETDPS1381 Positive Thinking Consultants"}, {"id": 2085, "text": "ETDPS1380 TPLR and Training Services PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2084, "text": " VSL Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 2083, "text": " Sedibeng College of Management and Technologies"}, {"id": 2082, "text": " Itireleng Educational Project t a Itireleng Development and Educational Project"}, {"id": 2081, "text": " Khuthala Constracting t a Khuthala Training and Development "}, {"id": 2080, "text": " Zora Horizon Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 2079, "text": "ETDP011521 Thando Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2078, "text": "ETDP10725 MGM Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 2077, "text": "ETDPS1379 ETS Emergency Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2076, "text": "ETDP10279 TSHIROLOGO DISABILITY TRAINING SERVICES PTY TLD"}, {"id": 2075, "text": " Kwazulu Development Foundation"}, {"id": 2074, "text": " St Augustine College of South Africa "}, {"id": 2073, "text": " South African College High School"}, {"id": 2072, "text": " Simonstown High School"}, {"id": 2071, "text": " Dumakunde Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 2070, "text": " Glenwish Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 2069, "text": " Sabeko Ya Kgwedi Trading"}, {"id": 2068, "text": " Ndlekezi Trading"}, {"id": 2067, "text": " Matalisi Trading "}, {"id": 2066, "text": " Dontra Social Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 2065, "text": " Edward Mkhosi Training Institute cc"}, {"id": 2064, "text": "ETDPS1169 Training Services Integrated Consultants C.C"}, {"id": 2063, "text": " Umvoti Wellness"}, {"id": 2062, "text": " Chueu Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2061, "text": " Intselelo Youth Development Consultants"}, {"id": 2060, "text": "ETDPS1168 National Coaching Academy "}, {"id": 2059, "text": "ETDPS1167 Experiential Technologies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2058, "text": "ETDPS1166 Business Presentation Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2057, "text": "ETDPS1165 Training at Work"}, {"id": 2056, "text": " Phaphamani Electrical cc"}, {"id": 2055, "text": " International Business Academy of Training"}, {"id": 2054, "text": "ETDP10377 Centre for Development Research Development"}, {"id": 2053, "text": " MCDP Academy for Science and Technology PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2052, "text": "ETDPS1164 Mancas Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 2051, "text": " Mpumelelo Online Service Providers"}, {"id": 2050, "text": " People to Assets Enterprise"}, {"id": 2049, "text": " KJL Enterprises cc"}, {"id": 2048, "text": " Selithuswa Events Management Projects"}, {"id": 2047, "text": "ETDP011067 Arden School of Management"}, {"id": 2046, "text": " Siyakhana Development Projects Centre"}, {"id": 2045, "text": "ETDPS1162 Hospitality Academy "}, {"id": 2044, "text": " Zwoitwa Health Care "}, {"id": 2043, "text": " Lwazi Community Facilitation"}, {"id": 2042, "text": " Centre for Development Research and Facilitation"}, {"id": 2041, "text": " Ngezusizo Consultants"}, {"id": 2040, "text": "ETDP10347 TSD Business Solutions"}, {"id": 2039, "text": "ETDP10345 Thuto-Boswa Education and Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2038, "text": " Mas Edu Man Consultants cc"}, {"id": 2037, "text": " Pulamadiboho Resource Centre cc"}, {"id": 2036, "text": " Seashore Training "}, {"id": 2035, "text": " KPK Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2034, "text": "ETDPS1302 Letlhokoa Management Services"}, {"id": 2033, "text": "ETDPS1161 Mako Centre of Health"}, {"id": 2032, "text": "ETDPS1249 TMG Quality Services"}, {"id": 2031, "text": "ETDP10341 DITASA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 2030, "text": "ETDP10338 Outlearning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2029, "text": "ETDPS1158 Holistic Soul Body Institute "}, {"id": 2028, "text": "ETDP10337 Motlalepule Development Services"}, {"id": 2027, "text": "ETDPS1157 Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2026, "text": " Seapei S A Africa Training and Catering "}, {"id": 2025, "text": "ETDP10362 Corporate Impact Training cc"}, {"id": 2024, "text": "ETDPS1156 Act Two Training cc"}, {"id": 2023, "text": "ETDPS1154 Capricorn College for FET"}, {"id": 2022, "text": "ETDPS010981 Makhophila Training"}, {"id": 2021, "text": "ETDPS1378 Kenmab Training Centre"}, {"id": 2020, "text": " Institute for Security Studies"}, {"id": 2019, "text": " Gijima Holdings Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 2018, "text": " TEGERKLOOF COMBINED SCHOOL"}, {"id": 2017, "text": " Southern African Association of Youth Clubs t a SAAYC"}, {"id": 2016, "text": "ETDPS011364 JPM and Associate Consultants"}, {"id": 2015, "text": " Qubani Isizwe NGO"}, {"id": 2014, "text": " Free State Coperative Academy "}, {"id": 2013, "text": "ETDPS1377 Chartall Business College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2012, "text": " Botjhabatsatsi Training and Consulting "}, {"id": 2011, "text": " Open Space Consultants t a Southern Hemisphere"}, {"id": 2010, "text": "ETDP10712 South Africa Varsity of Excellence"}, {"id": 2008, "text": "ETDPS1376 Situational HR Trainers"}, {"id": 2007, "text": "ETDPS1375 The Document Warehouse Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2006, "text": "ETDPS1374 Neftin Computers and Electronics"}, {"id": 2005, "text": "ETDPS1373 Uthuso Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2004, "text": "ETDPS1372 Sahara College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 2003, "text": "ETDPS1371 Ratidzo Training Solutions"}, {"id": 2002, "text": " Institute for International Research"}, {"id": 2001, "text": "ETDP011470 Mberwana Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 2000, "text": " South African Qualification Authority"}, {"id": 1999, "text": "ETDPS1370 Nomaku Traders cc"}, {"id": 1998, "text": "ETDPS1369 Solly Mabelana and Associates"}, {"id": 1997, "text": "ETDPS1368 Keybase Training Solutions"}, {"id": 1996, "text": " BARLOWORLD EQUIPMENT"}, {"id": 1995, "text": " Arcelor Mittal"}, {"id": 1994, "text": "ETDPS011013 Connect The Dots Training and Consulting cc"}, {"id": 1993, "text": " Centurion Academy"}, {"id": 1992, "text": " Zwelitsha Computer Centre"}, {"id": 1991, "text": " Achievers School of Business"}, {"id": 1990, "text": "ETDPS010943 AAH SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT CC"}, {"id": 1989, "text": " Enoch Mthetho High School"}, {"id": 1988, "text": "ETDPS1365 Knowledge For Ever Consulting"}, {"id": 1987, "text": "ETDPS1363 Guest Resource Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1986, "text": "ETDP10695 City of Tshwane Community Safety - FIRE"}, {"id": 1985, "text": " Mangaung Dynamic Consultancy"}, {"id": 1984, "text": " Isibane Student Support and Development Agency "}, {"id": 1982, "text": "ETDP011150 Tsheko-ke-Mokwena Transport and Projects PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1981, "text": " PMTC Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 1980, "text": "ETDPS1490 Prolific Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1978, "text": "ETDPS1486 RMK Industries Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1977, "text": "ETDPS1485 Everest Leadership Training"}, {"id": 1976, "text": "ETDP10909 Luxe College"}, {"id": 1975, "text": "ETDPS1484 World Focus 826 cc"}, {"id": 1974, "text": "ETDPS1483 Amathuba Hub Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1973, "text": "ETDPS1482 Networking HIV AIDS Community of South Africa t a Nacosa"}, {"id": 1972, "text": "ETDPS1481 Youth Media Development t a Youth Media"}, {"id": 1971, "text": "ETDPS1480 ABM College SA PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1970, "text": "ETDPS011384 Sadmon Projects and Consulting"}, {"id": 1969, "text": "ETDPS1479 Z J Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1968, "text": "ETDPS1477 New Generation Skills"}, {"id": 1967, "text": "ETDPS1476 kairos Training College"}, {"id": 1966, "text": "ETDPS1475 New Shelf 1207 PTY Ltd t a Fuel online"}, {"id": 1965, "text": "ETDPS1474 All Connections"}, {"id": 1964, "text": "ETDPS1239 Hydro Training Academy"}, {"id": 1963, "text": "ETDPS1238 Heirs Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1962, "text": " Nalulwazi Training and Management Consultancy"}, {"id": 1961, "text": " Strathrand College"}, {"id": 1960, "text": " JPM Leadership Training"}, {"id": 1959, "text": " Sunset Project"}, {"id": 1958, "text": "ETDPS1206 Phila Naturals KZN SA"}, {"id": 1957, "text": "ETDPS1204 BUSHBUCKRIDGE COMMERCIAL TECH COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1956, "text": "ETDPS1203 ML Viljoen Consultants"}, {"id": 1955, "text": "ETDPS1202 Nimico Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1954, "text": "ETDPS1201 Sims Khula Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1953, "text": "ETDPS1200 Congruence Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1952, "text": " Phila Wellness Skills Training"}, {"id": 1951, "text": "ETDPS1198 Incorporated Labour Solutions"}, {"id": 1950, "text": "ETDPS1196 Lulu Gwagwa Development Consultants"}, {"id": 1949, "text": "ETDPS1192 Dialogue Communications Training cc"}, {"id": 1948, "text": "ETDPS1190 Academy of Excellence"}, {"id": 1947, "text": "ETDP10451 BNZN Social Development and Training"}, {"id": 1946, "text": "ETDPS1189 TMR Development Agency"}, {"id": 1945, "text": " Motlogafelo Trading"}, {"id": 1944, "text": " Swelihle Training and Development"}, {"id": 1943, "text": " Kgatelang Pele Resesarch Development Consulting"}, {"id": 1942, "text": " Seomedi Training and Research"}, {"id": 1941, "text": " Rand Training College"}, {"id": 1940, "text": " Mashrik Social Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 1939, "text": " Sikhuthali Trading"}, {"id": 1938, "text": " DerrickDorries Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1937, "text": " Njabu Eure Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1936, "text": " Africa Unite"}, {"id": 1935, "text": "ETDP10450 Elgin Community College"}, {"id": 1934, "text": " Ngula Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 1933, "text": "ETDPS1181 Gert Sibande TVET College"}, {"id": 1932, "text": " Absolute Human Resource Management Consulting"}, {"id": 1931, "text": "ETDPS1179 Omni Learning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1930, "text": " Xhamela Development Services"}, {"id": 1929, "text": "ETDPS1177 Emini Investments cc "}, {"id": 1928, "text": "ETDPS1176 Prosperitas Training College cc"}, {"id": 1927, "text": " 1 - A Trading cc"}, {"id": 1926, "text": " Thibologa Sign Language Institute "}, {"id": 1925, "text": " Diatla Di a Bolela Trading Training"}, {"id": 1924, "text": "ETDP10452 Directflo"}, {"id": 1923, "text": " Mosiako Childhood Development"}, {"id": 1922, "text": "ETDPS1174 Boston City Campus Business College PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1921, "text": " Daisy Tshepo Business Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1920, "text": " Bunyebethu Skills Development"}, {"id": 1919, "text": " Ntandoyami Trading 45"}, {"id": 1918, "text": " Awethu Commercial Services cc"}, {"id": 1917, "text": "ETDP10415 The VHL Group"}, {"id": 1916, "text": " Bayanda Business Consulting "}, {"id": 1915, "text": " Minosa Trading Projects"}, {"id": 1914, "text": " Brainwave Projects 342 cc"}, {"id": 1913, "text": "ETDP10422 Hlunga Assessment Services"}, {"id": 1912, "text": "ETDP10423 Imvulayolwazi Education and Training Services"}, {"id": 1911, "text": " Ikamva Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 1910, "text": " Senzakahle Development and Training Centre"}, {"id": 1909, "text": "ETDPS1171 NOSA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1908, "text": "ETDP10398 Tshukudu MZM Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1907, "text": " Aboji Business Consultants"}, {"id": 1906, "text": " Zikhali Management Consultancy"}, {"id": 1905, "text": " Total Coverage Consulting"}, {"id": 1904, "text": "ETDP10396 Bruniquel Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1903, "text": " Seshimuwa Investment Holdings"}, {"id": 1902, "text": " Labohlano Trading 66"}, {"id": 1901, "text": " Gramo She Consultants"}, {"id": 1900, "text": " Zamadiye Jawsvilla General Trading"}, {"id": 1899, "text": " Holozana Trade General Projecs"}, {"id": 1898, "text": " Ponatshego Business Enterprises"}, {"id": 1896, "text": " Khethiwe Foundation"}, {"id": 1895, "text": " Inkcubeko Yakwantu"}, {"id": 1894, "text": " Nwa-Matluleng Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 1893, "text": " Jeanda Projects"}, {"id": 1892, "text": " Thulare Skills Training Centre"}, {"id": 1891, "text": " Saulin Security and Training Services cc"}, {"id": 1890, "text": " Danas Construction and Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1889, "text": " Mercey Kay Trading cc"}, {"id": 1888, "text": " Lian Daph Training Consultant"}, {"id": 1887, "text": " Fishoff 1100 cc"}, {"id": 1886, "text": " Patroloyd s Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1885, "text": " Ntombini Investment"}, {"id": 1884, "text": " TCT Consulting and Project Management"}, {"id": 1883, "text": " Phayindhani Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1882, "text": "ETDPS011501 Jumpstart Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1881, "text": " Mamiane Development Enterprise"}, {"id": 1880, "text": "ETDPS1272 Access Employment Skills and Development Agency"}, {"id": 1879, "text": " ST DOMINIC S COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1878, "text": "ETDPS011519 Kokano Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1877, "text": "ETDP011115 Botho Ubuntu Contract Cleaning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1876, "text": "ETDPS1271 Lemark Training and Development"}, {"id": 1875, "text": "ETDPS1270 Global People"}, {"id": 1874, "text": "ETDP10498 Blazing Moon Corporate Training PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1873, "text": " Rocklands day care cetre"}, {"id": 1872, "text": " south African National Tutor Services"}, {"id": 1871, "text": " Maruleng Municipality"}, {"id": 1870, "text": " Info Tech Resource Centre"}, {"id": 1869, "text": " Department of Higher Education"}, {"id": 1868, "text": "ETDPS011303 Ikhala Fet College"}, {"id": 1867, "text": "ETDPS011515 Lovedale TVET College"}, {"id": 1866, "text": " King Sabata Dalidyebo Fet"}, {"id": 1865, "text": " Buffalo City College"}, {"id": 1864, "text": " Department of Basic Education"}, {"id": 1863, "text": " Tswelopele Skills Academy"}, {"id": 1862, "text": " Khuluma South African Sign Language"}, {"id": 1861, "text": " Mason"}, {"id": 1860, "text": " Hetani Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1859, "text": "ETDPS011069 Wits University"}, {"id": 1858, "text": "ETDPS1268 INDUB TRADING T A MARITIME AND SKILLS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1856, "text": "ETDPS1267 International Firearm Training Academy"}, {"id": 1855, "text": "ETDPS1266 Mary Hope Health Care"}, {"id": 1854, "text": "ETDPS1262 Dynamiq Staffing Solutions"}, {"id": 1853, "text": " 2 Face Entertainments and Trainings"}, {"id": 1852, "text": " ITOCA"}, {"id": 1851, "text": " MOTHEO FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1850, "text": " CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 1849, "text": "ETDPS1261 South African Value Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1848, "text": " Mpumalanga Department of Education"}, {"id": 1847, "text": " QUADPARA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 1846, "text": " AQUADPAA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 1845, "text": " INTOTO LEGAL AND CO"}, {"id": 1844, "text": " African Union Skills Development"}, {"id": 1843, "text": "ETDPS011221 CTU Training Solution"}, {"id": 1842, "text": "2008/FE07/112 MSC Business College"}, {"id": 1841, "text": " OPTI CALL"}, {"id": 1840, "text": " National Concil of Trade Unions"}, {"id": 1839, "text": " The Ditsela Workers Education Institute"}, {"id": 1838, "text": " City Varsity"}, {"id": 1837, "text": " New Horizons"}, {"id": 1835, "text": "ETDPS011520 Bazalwane Business Partners"}, {"id": 1834, "text": "ETDP000002 WETLANDS PRIVATE FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1833, "text": " SANCA"}, {"id": 1832, "text": " Financial Management"}, {"id": 1831, "text": " NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HIGHER LEARNING"}, {"id": 1830, "text": " Sekgolomotho Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 1829, "text": " Mangosuthu Technicon"}, {"id": 1828, "text": "ETDPS011111 University of Pretoria"}, {"id": 1827, "text": " Khazi Communication"}, {"id": 1826, "text": "ETDPS011003 Central Johannesburg College"}, {"id": 1825, "text": "ETDPS1258 Sycint Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 1824, "text": "ETDPS1257 Umsizi Consulting cc"}, {"id": 1823, "text": "ETDPS1256 Ideal Method Training Projects"}, {"id": 1822, "text": "ETDPS1255 Boikgantsho Consulting Events cc"}, {"id": 1821, "text": " Moemisi Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 1820, "text": " Shine The way 1263 cc"}, {"id": 1819, "text": " Walmac Office Solutions cc t a Photonote JHB"}, {"id": 1818, "text": " Siyaqala Multi Services cc"}, {"id": 1817, "text": " Scarlet IBIS Investments 301"}, {"id": 1816, "text": " Qamani Training Centre"}, {"id": 1815, "text": " Lisolethu Training Centre"}, {"id": 1814, "text": "ETDP10503 Read 24 Seven Training cc"}, {"id": 1813, "text": " Poppyseed Investments"}, {"id": 1812, "text": " Kiepersol Toddlers"}, {"id": 1811, "text": " Thekgang Education Support and Training Services"}, {"id": 1810, "text": " Tsebo Foundation"}, {"id": 1809, "text": " Pasques Consulting"}, {"id": 1808, "text": " Serv Kwik Consultants"}, {"id": 1807, "text": " Act of Grace 97"}, {"id": 1806, "text": "ETDPS1253 AGB Mathe Business Services"}, {"id": 1805, "text": " Ambicor 118"}, {"id": 1804, "text": " Kuts Audio Visuals Production"}, {"id": 1803, "text": "ETDPS1250 Busisa Training and Development cc"}, {"id": 1802, "text": "ETDPS1248 National School of Government NSG "}, {"id": 1801, "text": "ETDP10484 Sash Business Management"}, {"id": 1800, "text": "ETDP10494 Training Answers"}, {"id": 1799, "text": "ETDPS1247 Zethembe Training Consultants"}, {"id": 1798, "text": " Atishang Dishego"}, {"id": 1797, "text": "ETDPS1246 High Point Management"}, {"id": 1796, "text": " Thuthuka Training and Devevelopment Consultant"}, {"id": 1795, "text": "ETDPS1245 Aurecon Training Academy"}, {"id": 1794, "text": "ETDPS1244 Dynamic Inetrvention Consulting"}, {"id": 1793, "text": " Forro Holdings"}, {"id": 1792, "text": "ETDPS1243 Business Development Centre of Excellence"}, {"id": 1791, "text": "ETDPS1241 Moqhaka Training and Employment"}, {"id": 1790, "text": "ETDPS1240 Bokamoso Business Consultants"}, {"id": 1789, "text": " MPOWER"}, {"id": 1788, "text": " Thuto Bo Tshabelo Training Academy"}, {"id": 1787, "text": " Thuto Botshabelo"}, {"id": 1786, "text": " Mponagele Consultancy"}, {"id": 1785, "text": " SWINTON COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1784, "text": " BEREA TECH NICAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1783, "text": " THEKWINIW COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1782, "text": "ETDPS011302 ELANGENI TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1781, "text": " AMATUBA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1780, "text": " VAAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 1779, "text": " MALUTIFET MAIN CAMPUS"}, {"id": 1778, "text": " UMFOLOZI COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1777, "text": "ETDPS011342 MTHASHANA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1776, "text": " MAJUBA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1775, "text": " esayidi FET"}, {"id": 1774, "text": "ETDPS1260 Afri Training Institute"}, {"id": 1773, "text": "ETDPS1259 Think Tank Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 1772, "text": "ETDPS011304 University of Free State"}, {"id": 1771, "text": " Edupark "}, {"id": 1770, "text": " dEAF Federation of Limpopo"}, {"id": 1769, "text": " HIDOSOURCE t a RPL.Net"}, {"id": 1768, "text": " THEMBEKILE TRAINING"}, {"id": 1767, "text": "ETDPS011060 South African National Council for the Blind"}, {"id": 1766, "text": " INTOTO LAW SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1765, "text": " PACE COM SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1764, "text": " EQINISWENI SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1763, "text": " HOERSKOOL VORENTOE"}, {"id": 1762, "text": " TLAKULA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1761, "text": " KHUTLO-THARO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1760, "text": " MISI HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1759, "text": " THABA-JABULA HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1758, "text": " TETELO SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1757, "text": " ORLANDO HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1756, "text": " RAND GIRLS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1755, "text": " PARK TOWN GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1754, "text": " VORENTOE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1753, "text": " MUSI COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1752, "text": " BHUKULANI SECONDARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1751, "text": " Mopani FET College"}, {"id": 1750, "text": " Wandering Star trading 10 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1749, "text": " Letaba FET College"}, {"id": 1748, "text": "ETDP011310 Imfundiso Skills Development"}, {"id": 1747, "text": "ETDP011319 South West Gauteng College"}, {"id": 1746, "text": " westcol"}, {"id": 1745, "text": " CJC"}, {"id": 1744, "text": " P C TRAINING "}, {"id": 1743, "text": " BODUBELO"}, {"id": 1742, "text": " INKANGALA FET "}, {"id": 1741, "text": " ILT"}, {"id": 1740, "text": "ETDPS011662 KFM Africa Logistics PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1739, "text": " LEGAL EAGLES"}, {"id": 1738, "text": " ROODEWAL PRIMARY SCHHOL"}, {"id": 1737, "text": "ETDPS1392 PRO-ACTIVE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1736, "text": " CORPORATE COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1735, "text": " IN-TUITION"}, {"id": 1733, "text": " GDE"}, {"id": 1732, "text": " UNISA COLLE OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 1731, "text": "ETDPS011272 UNISA"}, {"id": 1730, "text": " WCED"}, {"id": 1729, "text": "ETDPS011128 STELLENBOSCH UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 1728, "text": "ETDPS1473 Servilinx 93 t a Ikhono Consulting and Training"}, {"id": 1727, "text": "ETDPS1472 Lumk Training Academy"}, {"id": 1726, "text": "ETDPS1471 White Hall Trading and Projects 128 cc"}, {"id": 1725, "text": "ETDPS1470 Ukwakhile Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1724, "text": "ETDPS1469 Hugenote College"}, {"id": 1723, "text": "ETDPS1468 Nosipho Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1722, "text": "ETDPS1467 Innovatus FET College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1721, "text": "ETDPS1417 Training Business 2 Business cc"}, {"id": 1720, "text": "ETDPS1416 Trigon Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1719, "text": "ETDPS1415 Mokete Training and Consulting Services"}, {"id": 1718, "text": "ETDPS1414 All In One Driving Academy"}, {"id": 1717, "text": "ETDPS1413 Institute for Local Government and Housing IL G H "}, {"id": 1716, "text": " Thaba Information Resources"}, {"id": 1715, "text": "ETDPS1412 Simonsberg Mining Training School PTY LTD "}, {"id": 1714, "text": " Moxology Trading "}, {"id": 1713, "text": " Kamagi Trading"}, {"id": 1712, "text": "ETDPS011570 LETSETE BEHUB"}, {"id": 1711, "text": " Batau Babohlale"}, {"id": 1710, "text": " Basella Maintenance"}, {"id": 1709, "text": " Anawanti Development "}, {"id": 1708, "text": " Abakhonzi Moral Institute"}, {"id": 1707, "text": " Abshel Solutions"}, {"id": 1706, "text": "ETDPS1411 Workskills Training Solutions WTS "}, {"id": 1705, "text": "ETDPS1410 Red Management Consultants"}, {"id": 1704, "text": "ETDPS1409 Seventh Avenue Training 508"}, {"id": 1703, "text": "ETDPS1408 Eskilz College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1702, "text": "ETDPS1407 MCS Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1701, "text": "ETDP10784 Damelin Correspondence College"}, {"id": 1700, "text": "ETDPS1405 Kempston Driver Academy"}, {"id": 1699, "text": "ETDPS1404 SizaNesu Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1698, "text": "ETDPS1403 Orchards Graduate School Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1697, "text": "ETDPS1402 Love One Another Training Centre"}, {"id": 1696, "text": " Edu Pearl- Education For Practitioners in Early Childhood Development Pty Ltd t a Edu Pearl"}, {"id": 1695, "text": " Virtual University"}, {"id": 1694, "text": " Legitimate Leadership cc"}, {"id": 1693, "text": " LDM Training and Consulting cc t a Blue Blue Earth"}, {"id": 1692, "text": "ETDPS1400 LEDISA Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1691, "text": "ETDPS1399 Ndzuvani Skills Training Centre"}, {"id": 1690, "text": "ETDPS1401 M28 Consulting and Trading"}, {"id": 1689, "text": "ETDPS1398 Pi Company South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1688, "text": " Tirisano Ya Bakwena Consultants"}, {"id": 1687, "text": " Siphosenkosi Community Development"}, {"id": 1686, "text": " Sathya Sai Education Trust of SA"}, {"id": 1685, "text": "ETDP011397 Vuwa Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1684, "text": "ETDPS1396 Bantubanye Investments cc"}, {"id": 1683, "text": "ETDPS1395 Nkqubela Community Developers"}, {"id": 1682, "text": "ETDP10748 Johnson Access PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1681, "text": "ETDPS1388 Integrated Training Solutions Pty LTD"}, {"id": 1680, "text": "ETDP011601 Mlamuli M Connect Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1679, "text": "ETDPS1386 ICT International Consulting Training Worx cc"}, {"id": 1678, "text": " Da Vine t a Da Vine Education and Training Institute Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 1677, "text": "ETDPS1465 Training Force"}, {"id": 1676, "text": "ETDPS1464 Norkem Leadership and Development PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1675, "text": "ETDPS1463 Didintle Training Services"}, {"id": 1674, "text": "ETDPS1462 Tshireletso Multi Skills and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1673, "text": "ETDPS1461 Peakford Management Consultants"}, {"id": 1672, "text": "ETDPS1460 Madingoane and Family Construction cc"}, {"id": 1671, "text": "ETDPS1459 Magase and Shakong Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1670, "text": "ETDPS1458 Motshegwa Contruction and Accounting Services"}, {"id": 1669, "text": "ETDPS1457 Bafedile M Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1668, "text": "ETDPS1456 Kagisano ya MaAfrica Cleaning and Project"}, {"id": 1667, "text": "ETDPS1455 Amabamba Recruitment"}, {"id": 1666, "text": "ETDP10920 Sunshine Community Outreach Ministry of Youth With A Mission"}, {"id": 1665, "text": " School Trade .net"}, {"id": 1664, "text": "ETDPS011465 Nemalale Eagles Consultancy"}, {"id": 1663, "text": "ETDPS1453 Moripe Business Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1662, "text": "ETDPS1452 Glere Skills Consultant Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1661, "text": "ETDPS1451 Execuprime Academy"}, {"id": 1660, "text": "ETDPS1450 Ndwamato Training Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1659, "text": "ETDPS1449 Ukhanyiso Ebantwini Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1658, "text": "ETDPS1448 Tshepo Hope Consulting"}, {"id": 1657, "text": "ETDPS1447 Mod-Mosh Projects and Consulting PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1656, "text": "ETDPS1446 Mgwezane Training and Events Management"}, {"id": 1655, "text": " Mano Development Consulting"}, {"id": 1654, "text": " KEZZY Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1653, "text": " Izalathiso Consultants"}, {"id": 1652, "text": " Forlgate Business College"}, {"id": 1651, "text": " ERGOFLOX 283"}, {"id": 1650, "text": " Emellang Training Development"}, {"id": 1649, "text": " Coaching with NLP"}, {"id": 1648, "text": " BuyisiAfrika IKSP"}, {"id": 1647, "text": " Ben and Richard FET College"}, {"id": 1646, "text": " BBLS Enterprise Trading"}, {"id": 1645, "text": "ETDPS011179 The Skills Jar"}, {"id": 1644, "text": "ETDPS1445 Motheo Skills Entity Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1643, "text": "ETDPS1444 Ikhwezelihle Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1642, "text": "ETDPS1443 Highveld Digital Multimedia Productions"}, {"id": 1641, "text": "ETDPS1442 the training connection"}, {"id": 1640, "text": "ETDPS1441 Michaelmas College PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1639, "text": "ETDPS1440 Turnstone Training Solutions"}, {"id": 1638, "text": "ETDPS1439 Umfolozi TVET College"}, {"id": 1637, "text": " Xamere Trading cc"}, {"id": 1635, "text": " Siphiwe Ngesihle Project "}, {"id": 1634, "text": " Nicosa Youth Careers Program t a Nicosa"}, {"id": 1633, "text": "ETDPS1437 Thaleba Promotions and Events Management Services"}, {"id": 1632, "text": "ETDPS1436 PWI Corporate Training"}, {"id": 1631, "text": " Thamane Educational Services"}, {"id": 1630, "text": " United Pharmaceutical Distributors"}, {"id": 1629, "text": " Thariya Thebe Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1628, "text": "ETDPS1435 Reflections Development Institute"}, {"id": 1627, "text": "ETDPS1434 Idibi Health and Safety PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1626, "text": "ETDPS1433 Gatyana Training Academy"}, {"id": 1625, "text": "ETDPS1432 Phephani Learnerships cc"}, {"id": 1624, "text": "ETDPS1431 SOMANDLA ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1623, "text": "ETDPS1488 Empirical Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1622, "text": "ETDPS011417 TZ investments"}, {"id": 1621, "text": "ETDP011010 Reyapele Human and Organisational Development"}, {"id": 1620, "text": "ETDPS1429 SAAHST Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1619, "text": "ETDPS1428 In Excess Trading 22 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1618, "text": "ETDPS1426 Automotive Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1617, "text": "ETDPS1425 Glen Lilly Training College Pty LTD"}, {"id": 1616, "text": "ETDPS1424 Agisanang SA Training cc"}, {"id": 1615, "text": "ETDPS1423 Training B2B cc"}, {"id": 1614, "text": "ETDPS1422 TIPP Solutions t a TIPP Focus Training for Leardership"}, {"id": 1613, "text": "ETDPS1421 T A M AGRIDIV"}, {"id": 1612, "text": "ETDPS1420 Dimensional and Edu Training cc"}, {"id": 1611, "text": "ETDPS1419 Josmap Training Institute"}, {"id": 1610, "text": "ETDP10832 Mass Computer Training and Printers"}, {"id": 1609, "text": " Mapkho"}, {"id": 1608, "text": "ETDPS011390 Pacinamix Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1607, "text": "ETDP011558 Lebzatainment Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 1606, "text": " Inam Training Consultants"}, {"id": 1605, "text": "ETDPS1418 Ngaphakathi Professionals CC"}, {"id": 1604, "text": " Community and Child Development Centre"}, {"id": 1603, "text": " Community Education Development Trust"}, {"id": 1602, "text": " Brainwave Projects 329 cc"}, {"id": 1601, "text": " Botkago Agang Community Development Foundation"}, {"id": 1600, "text": "ETDP9970 Boland College -Paarl Campus ,Stellenbosch Campus,Worcester Campus"}, {"id": 1599, "text": " Ba-Chiloane Childminders Pre-School Training Centre"}, {"id": 1598, "text": "ETDP9961 Aspiration - Consultants in HRD Process and Web Software"}, {"id": 1597, "text": "ETDP9956 African Learing and Development Academy for Adults ALDAA "}, {"id": 1596, "text": "ETDP2801 NQTAC"}, {"id": 1595, "text": "ETDP4426 The North West University Potchefstroom Campus "}, {"id": 1594, "text": "ETDP4983 HARMONY GOLD MINE"}, {"id": 1593, "text": "ETDP2222 Moshi Assessment College"}, {"id": 1592, "text": "ETDP4469 Goldfields TVET College"}, {"id": 1591, "text": "ETDP7216 GOLD FIELDS ACADEMY"}, {"id": 1590, "text": "ETDP2588 UNIVERSITY OF FORT HARE"}, {"id": 1589, "text": "ETDP7183 GEM ETDP s FIDELITY CORPORATE SERVICES,TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1588, "text": "ETDP1987 FARANANI FACILITATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 1587, "text": "ETDP7295 New Clicks SA"}, {"id": 1586, "text": "ETDP7831 ESKOM Academy Of Learning"}, {"id": 1585, "text": "ETDP7935 DAMELIN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1584, "text": "ETDP7135 Tshwane Leadership Management Academy TLMA "}, {"id": 1583, "text": "ETDP5172 Coastal KZN TVET College - Swinton Campus"}, {"id": 1582, "text": "ETDPS1160 Northern Cape Rural FET College"}, {"id": 1581, "text": "ETDP1451 Cape Penninsula University of Technology"}, {"id": 1579, "text": "ETDP7218 KITSO TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 1578, "text": "ETDP7571 Abeeda Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1577, "text": "ETDP7862 AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1576, "text": "ETDP6138 ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI"}, {"id": 1575, "text": "ETDP8944 MASSIVE COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS"}, {"id": 1574, "text": "ETDP5840 THE B BUSINESS"}, {"id": 1573, "text": "ETDP7403 CVS COLLEGES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1572, "text": "ETDP7809 Redpeg PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1571, "text": "ETDP0396 Khanyisela College Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 1570, "text": "ETDP7177 CARDS TOO TRAINING"}, {"id": 1569, "text": "ETDP7707 INSTRUCTIONAL TRAINING CONCEPTS cc"}, {"id": 1568, "text": "ETDP1279 ROMAN PROTECTION SOLUTIONS cc"}, {"id": 1567, "text": "ETDP5408 NewBridge Corporate"}, {"id": 1566, "text": "ETDP7733 RDM Associates"}, {"id": 1565, "text": "ETDP7703 Letsatsi Human Resources "}, {"id": 1564, "text": "ETDP 7934 IMBISA"}, {"id": 1563, "text": "ETDP7772 KUSILE CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 1562, "text": "ETDP7155 Prior Learning Centre"}, {"id": 1561, "text": "ETDPS1111 EXECUTIVE COACHING AND FACILITATION"}, {"id": 1560, "text": "ETDPS1143 Nomkhitha Gysman and Associates"}, {"id": 1559, "text": "ETDP10286 Ramazwi Security Services and Training Agency Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1558, "text": "ETDPS1141 D and D Lwazi Renaissance Research and Development Institute"}, {"id": 1557, "text": "ETDPS1140 Leap Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 1556, "text": "ETDPS011403 Maab Training Management PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1555, "text": " Khanyisile Consulting Services cc"}, {"id": 1554, "text": "ETDP10333 Schools environmental Education Development"}, {"id": 1553, "text": " Acete PTY Ltd "}, {"id": 1552, "text": " Madziba Training Development "}, {"id": 1551, "text": " Inkoleko Trading"}, {"id": 1550, "text": " Siya Solutions "}, {"id": 1549, "text": " Thora s Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1548, "text": " Matricia Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1547, "text": "ETDP10289 Khangelabantu Trading cc"}, {"id": 1546, "text": " Bammilo Consulting Services"}, {"id": 1545, "text": " MG Skills Development Training Centre "}, {"id": 1544, "text": " Thembela Dlokweni Support Services "}, {"id": 1543, "text": "ETDPS1139 Basetsana Consulting Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1542, "text": "ETDPS1137 Tidasa"}, {"id": 1541, "text": "ETDP10287 Welisa Abafazi Business Services t a Zethembe Learning Academy "}, {"id": 1540, "text": " Bahati HRD Solutions"}, {"id": 1539, "text": " Leo Brown Family Trust"}, {"id": 1538, "text": " MMF Training Services cc"}, {"id": 1537, "text": " Farrakhan Training and Construction cc"}, {"id": 1536, "text": " Mugubo Mulamby Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1535, "text": "ETDPS011557 Ukundiza Development Institute NPC"}, {"id": 1534, "text": "ETDPS011504 DC Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1533, "text": " foodservices "}, {"id": 1532, "text": " Scimalali Educational Service cc"}, {"id": 1531, "text": " Tertiary Bookshop "}, {"id": 1530, "text": " Personal Touch Education"}, {"id": 1529, "text": " Montessori Training Institute"}, {"id": 1528, "text": " East of Eden Trading 349"}, {"id": 1527, "text": " BSC Computers"}, {"id": 1526, "text": " Mother Tongue Multi-media Development cc"}, {"id": 1525, "text": " Ntataise Skills Development Trust"}, {"id": 1524, "text": " Home Instruction for parents of Pre-school youngsters"}, {"id": 1523, "text": " Holistic Opportunities for peoples empowerment"}, {"id": 1522, "text": " Community Action"}, {"id": 1521, "text": " Sermol Development Training"}, {"id": 1520, "text": " Letshego Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1519, "text": "ETDP10302 Hospitality Professionals Community Development"}, {"id": 1518, "text": " Lesbon Developers"}, {"id": 1517, "text": " Acclaim Human Capital PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1516, "text": " Tradeworx 26 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1515, "text": " Tlhaping Management Consulting"}, {"id": 1514, "text": " To Delete"}, {"id": 1513, "text": " Bakang Manufacturing and Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1512, "text": " Karolo Education Training "}, {"id": 1511, "text": " Multivision Youth Development Project"}, {"id": 1510, "text": "ETDP011402 WilRatty Consultants PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1509, "text": " Popela Modirwa Skills Development"}, {"id": 1508, "text": "ETDP1502 Too See Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1507, "text": " L.D.R Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 1506, "text": "ETDPS1135 Skills Talk cc"}, {"id": 1505, "text": "ETDP10420 Universitas Institute of skills development"}, {"id": 1504, "text": " Dipota Trading cc"}, {"id": 1503, "text": " S.J Global Career Development Consulting"}, {"id": 1502, "text": " Malttev Trading"}, {"id": 1501, "text": " LTTF Training"}, {"id": 1500, "text": " Carol Christian Pre-School cc"}, {"id": 1499, "text": " Mokgadikgadi Trainng and Businesss Solutions"}, {"id": 1498, "text": " Chimakha Trading"}, {"id": 1497, "text": " Bioafrica Solutions"}, {"id": 1496, "text": " Thulani Mhlongo management cc"}, {"id": 1495, "text": " The Coaches Training Institute South Africa cc"}, {"id": 1494, "text": " Ithandele Traiding Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 1493, "text": "ETDP10782 Busicor 97"}, {"id": 1492, "text": " 14 Defiant st, Northmead cc"}, {"id": 1491, "text": " Tumihle Trading cc"}, {"id": 1490, "text": " Philani Community Development Programmes"}, {"id": 1489, "text": " Harmony Trainig and Consultancy"}, {"id": 1488, "text": " Inkwekwezi building and electrical"}, {"id": 1487, "text": " Ilyuka Trading"}, {"id": 1486, "text": " Upward Spiral 1329"}, {"id": 1485, "text": "ETDP011512 PMC College Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 1484, "text": " Driving Insticts cc"}, {"id": 1483, "text": " Agabosha Training "}, {"id": 1482, "text": " TGN Trading cc"}, {"id": 1481, "text": "ETDPS011381 Umsebenzi Wethu Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1480, "text": " OAtic Psycho-Edu Consultants"}, {"id": 1479, "text": " Sweet Dreams trading 116"}, {"id": 1478, "text": " Kgololo Trading"}, {"id": 1477, "text": " Swongozwi Skills Development"}, {"id": 1476, "text": " Katawa Trading 19"}, {"id": 1475, "text": "ETDPS011114 KDS Centre for Skills Development and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1474, "text": " Natise Training cc"}, {"id": 1473, "text": " Tshepo Human Resource"}, {"id": 1472, "text": " key Cosulting"}, {"id": 1471, "text": " Itereleng:Instituteof Cultural Affairs S.A"}, {"id": 1470, "text": " Bembani Sustainibility Training pty ltd"}, {"id": 1469, "text": " Big Eye Investments 264 cc"}, {"id": 1468, "text": " G. K Art Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1467, "text": "ETDP011653 Bright Intergrated Holdings PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1466, "text": "ETDP011027 Zisize Educational Trust"}, {"id": 1465, "text": " Isicebi Trading 1121cc"}, {"id": 1464, "text": " Katlego Project for Development KPD "}, {"id": 1463, "text": "ETDP011553 Ayoba Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1462, "text": " Sinomonde Development Facilitation"}, {"id": 1461, "text": " G Nik and associates"}, {"id": 1460, "text": " Thrive 4 life skills Development"}, {"id": 1459, "text": " Menyetla Investment cc"}, {"id": 1458, "text": "ETDPS1178 Milzet Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1457, "text": " Mothizosco Trading cc"}, {"id": 1456, "text": " Ujama Africa Investments"}, {"id": 1455, "text": " Thandisizwe Facilitators cc"}, {"id": 1454, "text": "ETDPS011545 Lithala Financial Education NPC"}, {"id": 1453, "text": " Thukakgaladi Professional Education and training services"}, {"id": 1452, "text": " Swaranang Management Consulting cc"}, {"id": 1451, "text": " Mathobo Investment"}, {"id": 1450, "text": "ETDP011306 Giver of Givers Foundation Organisation"}, {"id": 1449, "text": " Riaphanda Education and skills Development"}, {"id": 1448, "text": " Madziba Project Managers Development Training"}, {"id": 1447, "text": "ETDPS011383 Makyla Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1446, "text": "ETDP011413 Mmuso and Associates"}, {"id": 1445, "text": "ETDP011137 FICS Ekurhuleni West"}, {"id": 1444, "text": " Intsatsakusa Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 1443, "text": " Active Professional Consultancy Services"}, {"id": 1442, "text": " Leading Skills Online pty ltd"}, {"id": 1441, "text": " Thezi Business Solutions"}, {"id": 1440, "text": " Tjobe Training and Development"}, {"id": 1439, "text": " Manegi Trading Enterprises"}, {"id": 1438, "text": "ETDPS011547 Matibidi Raphela Investments Pty LTD"}, {"id": 1437, "text": " Baimoro Training and Srvices"}, {"id": 1436, "text": " Afriklingo Language Bridges"}, {"id": 1435, "text": "ETDPS011503 We Invest Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1434, "text": " Rapid Works cc"}, {"id": 1433, "text": " Eric Mabaso"}, {"id": 1432, "text": " Fenyang Community Training"}, {"id": 1431, "text": " Ayanda Duma Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 1430, "text": " Ntjhafatso trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1429, "text": " Gili-Juli Enterprise"}, {"id": 1428, "text": " Selomang General trading in all aspects"}, {"id": 1427, "text": "ETDPS011548 Phafola Human Capital Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1426, "text": "ETDP10270 Montshai Skills Development and Consultants"}, {"id": 1425, "text": "ETDPS011380 Matholwane Consulting"}, {"id": 1424, "text": " Kungawo Development cc"}, {"id": 1423, "text": "ETDP011311 R4 Construction"}, {"id": 1422, "text": " Diseko Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 1421, "text": " Mmogwe Trading cc"}, {"id": 1420, "text": "ETDPS011126 Sure Leyo Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1419, "text": " Wantshela Consulting Cc"}, {"id": 1418, "text": " Virno Facilitators"}, {"id": 1417, "text": " Dikela Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 1416, "text": " Buchule HR and Events Management Services"}, {"id": 1415, "text": " Kakata General Projects "}, {"id": 1414, "text": " Curriculum Bookshop"}, {"id": 1413, "text": "ETDP10300 Ya Hina Management Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 1412, "text": " Vaal Education Trust"}, {"id": 1411, "text": "ETDP010991 ABA Health PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1410, "text": "ETDPS011555 Bex Business Consulting"}, {"id": 1409, "text": "ETDP011559 Sanctuary School for the Future"}, {"id": 1408, "text": "ETDP10274 Western Cape Education Department"}, {"id": 1407, "text": "ETDPS1155 Thembekile training consulting"}, {"id": 1406, "text": "ETDPS011129 Ukhamba Quality Skills"}, {"id": 1405, "text": "ETDPS1136 P E M Training cc"}, {"id": 1404, "text": "ETDPS011262 Makaota Training Consultants"}, {"id": 1403, "text": " Edcon pty ltd"}, {"id": 1402, "text": "ETDP011407 Perennial Services"}, {"id": 1401, "text": "ETDPS1251 Joan Nortje "}, {"id": 1400, "text": "ETDPS011711 Practicon Training"}, {"id": 1399, "text": "ETDP10254 Siqhamile skills development"}, {"id": 1398, "text": "ETDP011702 MMAMONGAE PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1397, "text": "ETDP10251 Afro Pulse pty"}, {"id": 1396, "text": "ETDP10249 African Information Institute PTy ltd"}, {"id": 1395, "text": " Tlhorong Consultants CC"}, {"id": 1394, "text": "ETDP011382 IMPAT Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1393, "text": "ETDP10369 IQRAAM DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING Pty LTD"}, {"id": 1392, "text": " Keewave Trading 411"}, {"id": 1391, "text": "ETDP10245 Barrier Free General Trading 3 cc"}, {"id": 1390, "text": " Comfort Tech"}, {"id": 1389, "text": "ETDP011362 IKAMVELIHLE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 1388, "text": "ETDP10247 Maximum Potential "}, {"id": 1387, "text": "ETDP011410 Pro Link"}, {"id": 1386, "text": " GAUTENG DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION GDE"}, {"id": 1385, "text": "ETDPS1133 KZN Tourism Training Centre"}, {"id": 1384, "text": "ETDPS1130 Reaba Peo Consulting cc"}, {"id": 1383, "text": "ETDPS1129 The BTC Group cc"}, {"id": 1382, "text": "ETDPS1120 Insimbi Security Service"}, {"id": 1381, "text": "ETDPS1119 Pure Innovation"}, {"id": 1380, "text": "ETDPS1118 Wendy Syers Training cc"}, {"id": 1379, "text": "ETDP10153 Global Business Solutions"}, {"id": 1378, "text": " Kamogelo Project for the Disabled"}, {"id": 1377, "text": " Centre for Hope Clinic"}, {"id": 1376, "text": "ETDPS011540 J M B Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 1374, "text": "ETDPS1427 Princely Knowledge Consulting"}, {"id": 1373, "text": "ETDP10159 Green Pastures Christian School"}, {"id": 1372, "text": "ETDP011396 Edgra Projects"}, {"id": 1371, "text": " SANQUE Enterprise"}, {"id": 1370, "text": " Langahead School of Language"}, {"id": 1369, "text": "ETDP10168 Duplicate"}, {"id": 1368, "text": " Khomanani "}, {"id": 1367, "text": "ETDPS1125 Itumeleng Training Solutions"}, {"id": 1366, "text": "ETDPS1252 Konani Training Development Institute PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1365, "text": "ETDP10152 Diamond Governance"}, {"id": 1364, "text": "ETDPS1356 MLG Consultants PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1363, "text": "ETDPS1115 Kaleidoscope Human Resources Pty LTD"}, {"id": 1362, "text": "ETDP10150 Southern African Institute of Learning SAIL "}, {"id": 1361, "text": "ETDP10149 Amogelang Marketing and Training"}, {"id": 1360, "text": "ETDP10148 PMA Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1359, "text": "ETDP10135 Enlighten Education Trust"}, {"id": 1358, "text": "ETDSP10118 Liza Gresse Consulting cc"}, {"id": 1357, "text": "ETDP10111 Lotavha Training Centre"}, {"id": 1356, "text": "ETDPS1114 Kalideen Management Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1355, "text": "ETDP10107 Tshepiso Consultants"}, {"id": 1354, "text": "ETDPS011389 Gakeinehe Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1353, "text": "ETDPS1131 Central Business Academy"}, {"id": 1352, "text": "ETDP10092 Water berg FET College"}, {"id": 1351, "text": "ETDP10156 Metcash Trading Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1350, "text": "ETDPS1116 MJT Consulting"}, {"id": 1349, "text": " EMS Academy"}, {"id": 1348, "text": "ETDPS1293 LHR Solutions PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1347, "text": "ETDP10089 S.A Training Services"}, {"id": 1346, "text": "NULL Global Village Training "}, {"id": 1345, "text": "ETDP011599 Education and Training Unit"}, {"id": 1344, "text": "NULL Corporate Interventions Services"}, {"id": 1343, "text": "ETDPS1336 Desto Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1342, "text": "ETDP1360 WEST COAST COLLEGE FET"}, {"id": 1341, "text": "ETDP6263 Vuselela TVET College"}, {"id": 1340, "text": "ETDP7747 UTI Sun Couriers Division"}, {"id": 1338, "text": "ETDP5420 Umgungundlovu FET College"}, {"id": 1337, "text": "ETDP10088 Enigma Training And Services"}, {"id": 1336, "text": "PABH7121 Learncorp"}, {"id": 1335, "text": "ETDP7740 Train Experience"}, {"id": 1334, "text": "ETDP5349 TEMBALETU COMMUNITY EDUCATION"}, {"id": 1333, "text": "ETDP7201 TRAINING DYNAMICS AFRICA"}, {"id": 1332, "text": "ETDP8965 ASINDO HR "}, {"id": 1331, "text": "ETDP7556 Regenesys Management Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1330, "text": "ETDP7210 Wits Commercial Enterprise"}, {"id": 1329, "text": "ETDP7741 Primeserv Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1328, "text": "ETDP538 TRADING JUNCTION 9cc"}, {"id": 1327, "text": "ETDP10083 Kingsbury International College SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1326, "text": "ETDP7153 VELD COOPER AND ASSOCIATES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1325, "text": "ETDP7628 SONANE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 1324, "text": "ETDP7569 Kensani Training"}, {"id": 1323, "text": "ETDP7253 ITO FOCUS"}, {"id": 1322, "text": "ETDP7150 COMPETENCY TRAINING ACADEMY"}, {"id": 1321, "text": "ETDP5726 THEMBA CONSULTANCY GENERAL TRADING"}, {"id": 1320, "text": "ETDP1515 South African Institute for Entrepreneurship"}, {"id": 1319, "text": " Zululand Skills Training Centre"}, {"id": 1318, "text": " Youth Kids South Africa YKSA "}, {"id": 1317, "text": "ETDPS1128 Witwatersrand University"}, {"id": 1316, "text": "ETDP0293 Vulindlela Human Performamnce Technology"}, {"id": 1315, "text": "ETDPS1254 ATCOR PTY LTD "}, {"id": 1314, "text": " "}, {"id": 1313, "text": " Vhembe Early Childhood Development Center Sebenzisane Training"}, {"id": 1312, "text": " Umgungundlovu Life Skills Centre"}, {"id": 1311, "text": " UGU EDUCATIONAL LIFE SKILLS CENTRE"}, {"id": 1310, "text": "ETDP10158 Tshwane South College for FET ECD Academy "}, {"id": 1309, "text": " Training and Development of Skills"}, {"id": 1308, "text": "ETDP10235 Trainrite CC"}, {"id": 1307, "text": " Thuthukani Solutions"}, {"id": 1306, "text": " Thusano"}, {"id": 1305, "text": " The Association for the Education Care of Young Children"}, {"id": 1304, "text": " Tembaletu Community Education Centre"}, {"id": 1303, "text": " South African Excellence Foundation"}, {"id": 1302, "text": "ETDP10052 South West Gauteng College: Roodepoort"}, {"id": 1301, "text": "ETDP10051 South Cape TVET College"}, {"id": 1300, "text": " Skillful Training Development"}, {"id": 1299, "text": " Shift Training Academy STA "}, {"id": 1298, "text": " Sethanthane Bertha Millicah Noge"}, {"id": 1297, "text": " Roman Protection Services"}, {"id": 1296, "text": "ETDP10043 Rand Afrikaans University"}, {"id": 1295, "text": " Ralph Research Strategies t a Ralph Research and Training Development"}, {"id": 1294, "text": "ETDP0230 P T Technology Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1293, "text": "ETDPS1159 Primeserv Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1292, "text": " Povey Mulven Associates"}, {"id": 1291, "text": " POTRATU - Provincial Organisation Training of the Unemployed"}, {"id": 1290, "text": " Pholo a Liseema Holdings Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 1289, "text": " PASCAP - Partners with after School Care Projects"}, {"id": 1288, "text": " Paballo Lerato Training Development Agency"}, {"id": 1287, "text": " O . W . L Practical Educare Training Centre Kay Dee Educare Centre"}, {"id": 1286, "text": "ETDP0231 Open Learning Group"}, {"id": 1285, "text": " Operation Upgrade of South Africa"}, {"id": 1284, "text": "ETDP10239 Nyologang Educare Training Project"}, {"id": 1283, "text": "ETDP0181 Ntsoanstsatsi Educare Trust"}, {"id": 1282, "text": " Northcliff 5 Erf 975 Beleggins Pty Ltd t a Centre for Education, Dev"}, {"id": 1281, "text": " Nkosinathi - Quality Assured Services"}, {"id": 1280, "text": " Nelspruit Life Skills Centre"}, {"id": 1279, "text": " National Association For Child Minders"}, {"id": 1278, "text": "ETDP011404 AMM Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 1277, "text": "ETDP011392 Buhlebodwa Trading Enterprise 1"}, {"id": 1276, "text": " Morwa Quality Assurance Consultants cc"}, {"id": 1275, "text": "ETDP0269 Montessori Academy for Teacher Training"}, {"id": 1274, "text": "ETDP10093 Mercy Montessori Africa"}, {"id": 1273, "text": "ETDP10030 MENTORNET PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1272, "text": " Makatanes Training Consulting"}, {"id": 1271, "text": "ETDP0232 IN TUITION"}, {"id": 1270, "text": " Lubombo Training Academy"}, {"id": 1269, "text": " Little Stars Training and Model Centre"}, {"id": 1268, "text": " KM A Training Consultants"}, {"id": 1267, "text": "ETDP10022 Khulisane Academy"}, {"id": 1266, "text": " Kgwana Community Centre"}, {"id": 1265, "text": " Key Spirit Trading 31 cc"}, {"id": 1264, "text": "ETDP010960 Katlehong Early Learning Resource Centre"}, {"id": 1263, "text": "ETDP0189 Institute of Training and Education for Capacity Building"}, {"id": 1262, "text": " Ingwe Education Dictionary Project"}, {"id": 1261, "text": "ETDP011605 Ikamva Labantu"}, {"id": 1260, "text": " Ifutho Service Providers"}, {"id": 1259, "text": " Hluvukisa Thuthukisa Trading PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1258, "text": "ETDPS011133 Spears Business and Life Couch Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1257, "text": " Gaborone Training Consulting cc"}, {"id": 1256, "text": " Ethekwini Skills Development Centre"}, {"id": 1255, "text": " Elloker - Education and Training Specialist"}, {"id": 1253, "text": "ETDP0147 Early Learning Resource Unit ELRU "}, {"id": 1252, "text": "ETDP10236 Qhayiya Skills Development"}, {"id": 1251, "text": " Ithemba Lentsha Skills Development Institute"}, {"id": 1250, "text": "ETDP10726 Imsimbi Training cc"}, {"id": 1249, "text": "ETDP10231 Lihlithemba Social Development"}, {"id": 1248, "text": "ETDP10230 Qhamani Training Centre"}, {"id": 1247, "text": "ETDP10218 Muguycha Learning Centre"}, {"id": 1246, "text": "ETDP10210 B T Group of Companies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1245, "text": "ETDP10237 Siyathembana Trading 46"}, {"id": 1244, "text": " Vision of Hope"}, {"id": 1243, "text": " Tshwane South College for FET"}, {"id": 1242, "text": "ETDPS1199 South African Police Service"}, {"id": 1241, "text": "ETDPS1126 Dck Training Institute cc"}, {"id": 1239, "text": "ETDP10202 Masivekelo Training and Technologies Services"}, {"id": 1238, "text": "ETDP10196 Xihlenge Finishing School"}, {"id": 1237, "text": "ETDPS1124 TL Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1236, "text": "ETDPS1122 STRICTLYMEERKAT INVESTMENTS AND CONSULTING Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1235, "text": "ETDPS1172 ATHENA-INTERACTIVE TRAINING NETWORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1228, "text": " Tondanani Development Focus"}, {"id": 1224, "text": " Isago Consulting Group"}, {"id": 1220, "text": "ETDPS011379 Abantu Sikona Trading and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1219, "text": "ETDP10258 Tselachueu Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1217, "text": "ETDP10243 MVN Training and development"}, {"id": 1215, "text": "ETDP10220 Namsi Training and Catering Services"}, {"id": 1212, "text": " IKHWEZI COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ICCE "}, {"id": 1211, "text": " Human Resources Generalist cc"}, {"id": 1210, "text": " Strategic Solutions Services"}, {"id": 1209, "text": " Cathsseta"}, {"id": 1208, "text": " Sizanani"}, {"id": 1207, "text": " MSC Braamfontein"}, {"id": 1206, "text": " Geraldine Yvonne Ogle"}, {"id": 1204, "text": "ETDPS011554 Simba Skills Consultants"}, {"id": 1203, "text": "ETDP011266 CMA Investments 34 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1202, "text": " Abakholwe Community Developers"}, {"id": 1201, "text": " THEKWINI CITY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1200, "text": " UNIVERSITY OF MPUMALANGA"}, {"id": 1199, "text": " Egugwini Trading PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1198, "text": "ETDPS1505 Kajini Investments 150"}, {"id": 1197, "text": "ETDPS1506 Kajini Investments 555 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1195, "text": " South African Black Economic Rating Agency"}, {"id": 1193, "text": " SERVICES SETA"}, {"id": 1192, "text": " BRACKENHURST PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1191, "text": "ETDPS1357 MALAIKA S EDUCATION AND RESOURCING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1190, "text": "ETDPS1182 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1189, "text": " EDUCATION ALIVE"}, {"id": 1188, "text": " SEKHUKHUNE FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1186, "text": "ETDP7197 Gengan Thulukanam (Megan)"}, {"id": 1185, "text": "ETDP1109 COLLEGE OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 1184, "text": "ETDP10178 FALSE BAY TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TRAINING COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1183, "text": "ETDPS1430 AMOKORO TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1182, "text": " NED OMAN HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1181, "text": "ETDPS1394 TAKE NOTE TRADING 205 CC"}, {"id": 1180, "text": " GLENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1179, "text": " LETJEMA PROJECT"}, {"id": 1178, "text": "ETDP7417 Marger Training Properties"}, {"id": 1177, "text": "ETDPS011209 UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN"}, {"id": 1176, "text": "NULL LINDE LEARNING CC"}, {"id": 1175, "text": " UNIVERSITY OF ZULULAND"}, {"id": 1174, "text": " HOERSKOOL LINDEN"}, {"id": 1173, "text": "ETDPS1327 THUTO-LORE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1172, "text": "ETDPS1175 MSC EDUCATION HOLDINGS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1171, "text": "ETDP10238 DINGAAN MOGONWE HUMAN RESOURCEDYNAMICS"}, {"id": 1170, "text": " BERGVLIET PRIMARY SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1169, "text": "ETDPS1311 Academy Training Group"}, {"id": 1168, "text": "ETDP011960 The Matthew Goniwe School Of Leadership And Governance"}, {"id": 1167, "text": " PINNACLE BUSINESS COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1166, "text": "ETDPS1144 CENTRE FOR CREATIVE EDUCATION - IZIKO LABANTU BE AFRIKA"}, {"id": 1165, "text": "ETDP5756 NKANGALA TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1164, "text": " DINWIDDIE HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1163, "text": "ETDPS1191 BUYISIWE MANAGEMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 1162, "text": "ETDPS011066 EPT AVIATION TRAINING"}, {"id": 1161, "text": "ETDPS1205 FREE TO GROW SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1160, "text": " TIQMS TRAINING IN QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CC"}, {"id": 1159, "text": "ETDPS1127 Phakamani Technology College Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1158, "text": "ETDP10375 FLAVIUS MAREKA FET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1157, "text": "ETDPS1393 NDABEZITHA LIFE SKILLS TRAINING INSTITUTE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1156, "text": "ETDP7330 ITHUTENG QUALITY TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 1155, "text": " EDUCATION ALIVE"}, {"id": 1154, "text": "ETDPS1390 HUMAN PROGRESS MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 1153, "text": " CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AND ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 1152, "text": "ETDPS1489 GATEWAY CITY COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1151, "text": " BROMBACHER AND ASSOCIATES CC"}, {"id": 1150, "text": "ETDPS1148 ARCH-PRINCE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 1149, "text": " GOLA KHULA TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 1148, "text": "ETDPS011004 ORBIT TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1147, "text": " TSHWANE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 1146, "text": "ETDP10154 BANTU BATHO MANAGEMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 1145, "text": "ETDPS1265 Puisanong Investment Enterprise PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1144, "text": " SENELO TRADING"}, {"id": 1143, "text": "ETDPS1112 TRAINING CHAIN CC"}, {"id": 1142, "text": "ETDPS1163 EKURHULENI WEST TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1141, "text": "ETDPS1318 NORTH WEST UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 1140, "text": "ETDP1665 INTEC COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1139, "text": "ETDP10686 REALITY TRAINING CONCEPTS CC"}, {"id": 1138, "text": "ETDPS010989 REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1137, "text": " BERGVLIET HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1136, "text": " RAND PARK HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1135, "text": "ETDP011131 Splendid Marketing and Communication cc"}, {"id": 1134, "text": "ETDPS1123 UNIVERSAL COLLEGE OUTCOMES SA"}, {"id": 1133, "text": "NULL RESULTS DIRECTED MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 1132, "text": "ETDPS011214 UNIVERSITY OF THE WESTERN CAPE"}, {"id": 1131, "text": "ETDPS1276 MIDLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1129, "text": "ETDPS1153 Nombulelo Dazela"}, {"id": 1128, "text": "ETDPS1391 SYNERCON PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1127, "text": "ETDPS1180 DYNA TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1126, "text": " Shahieda Hendricks"}, {"id": 1125, "text": " VHEMBE TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1124, "text": "ETDP10110 CULTURE OF LEARNING ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 1123, "text": "ETDPS1117 SIYAKHULA TRUST"}, {"id": 1122, "text": "ETDP7969 KATLEHONG EARLY LEARNING RESOURCE UNIT TRUST"}, {"id": 1121, "text": "ETDPS1183 BOSTON CITY CAMPUS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1120, "text": "ETDPS1197 PENRYN NPC"}, {"id": 1119, "text": " DONIC TRAINING DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING"}, {"id": 1118, "text": " MANGOSUTHU UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 1117, "text": "ETDPS011112 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA"}, {"id": 1116, "text": "ETDPS1138 DNL TRAINING"}, {"id": 1115, "text": " BIRNAM BUSINESS COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1114, "text": " Londiwe Ellen Mthethwa"}, {"id": 1113, "text": " PUMEZO EMPOWERMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 1112, "text": "ETDPS011210 UNIVERSITY OF LIMPOPO"}, {"id": 1111, "text": "ETDPS1364 MNAMBITHI TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1110, "text": " NAPTOSA"}, {"id": 1109, "text": "ETDPS1438 Nelson Mandela University"}, {"id": 1108, "text": "ETDPS1478 SPARROW FET ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1107, "text": "ETDPS011063 Academy of Learning SA PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1106, "text": "ETDPS011075 UNIVERSITY OF KWAZULU NATAL"}, {"id": 1105, "text": "ETDPS1493 ELITE OPERATOR AND SKILLS TRAINING"}, {"id": 1104, "text": " INKATHA FREEDOM PARTY"}, {"id": 1103, "text": "ETDPS1361 SHAPING THE LEARNER GAUTENG CC"}, {"id": 1102, "text": "ETDP10273 CHAMELEON PERFORMANCE IMPROVERS CC"}, {"id": 1101, "text": " GERMISTON HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1099, "text": "ETDP010995 LEPHALALE TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1098, "text": "ETDPS011213 Walter Sisulu University Agribusiness "}, {"id": 1097, "text": "ETDPS1366 AMANDLOLWAZI TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1096, "text": "ETDP010955 OAKLEY HOUSE SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1095, "text": "ETDP10448 NOVEL IDEA TRADING 98 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1094, "text": " CONGRESS OF THE PEOPLE PARTY"}, {"id": 1093, "text": " THE SOUTH AFRICAN COLLEGE OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1092, "text": "ETDPS1362 XTENSIVE ICT ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1091, "text": "ETDPS1330 OXBRIDGE ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1090, "text": " MAGAGULA MBAMBISO COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1089, "text": " RONDEBOSCH BOYS HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1088, "text": " SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 1087, "text": " UMSOBOMVU DEVELOPMENT CONSULTINGPTYLTD"}, {"id": 1086, "text": "ETDPS1142 Vaal University Of Technology"}, {"id": 1085, "text": "ETDPS1242 AFRICAN GLOBAL SKILLS ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1084, "text": " INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION"}, {"id": 1083, "text": "ETDP011416 Kenako Jwale Skills Development and Training Centre"}, {"id": 1082, "text": "ETDPS1113 CHERYL CARTER AND ASSOCIATES Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1081, "text": " TECHNIKON PRETORIA"}, {"id": 1080, "text": " EXTRA-MURAL EDUCATION TRUST"}, {"id": 1079, "text": "ETDP011658 LEMOHA WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS AND TRADING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1078, "text": "ETDP0167 REGIONAL EDUCARE COUNCIL"}, {"id": 1077, "text": "ETDP1720 CENTURION KOLLEGE VIR BEROEPSONDER-RIG"}, {"id": 1076, "text": "ETDPS1387 Sci-bono discovery Centre"}, {"id": 1075, "text": "ETDPS1132 SOUTH AFRICAN ABET DEVELOPMENT AGENCY SAADA "}, {"id": 1074, "text": "ETDPS1121 RHODES UNIVERSITY"}, {"id": 1073, "text": "ETDPS1385 EASTCAPE MIDLANDS COLLEGE BUSINESS UNIT UNDER SECTION 521 "}, {"id": 1072, "text": "ETDP2309 EASTCAPE TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 1071, "text": "0 MATAMELA THABELO MATIBE"}, {"id": 1070, "text": " ALBERTON HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1069, "text": " ICHTUS BUSINESS CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 1068, "text": " DIKETSO ESENG DIPUI COMMUNITY DEVELEMENT TRUST"}, {"id": 1067, "text": "ETDPS1333 INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SCHOOL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1066, "text": " THE COMMISSION ON GENDER EQUALITY"}, {"id": 1065, "text": "ETDPS1454 Waterberg TVET College"}, {"id": 1064, "text": " EHLANZENI TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1063, "text": "ETDPS1406 KSA TRAINING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1062, "text": "ETDP7850 UNIVERSITY OF JOHANNESBURG"}, {"id": 1061, "text": " EKURHULENI EAST TVET COLLEGE"}, {"id": 1060, "text": "ETDP10372 SAGEWOOD SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1059, "text": " NORTHCLIFF HIGH SCHOOL"}, {"id": 1058, "text": "ETDP10912 Siyashesha Leadership Incubator"}, {"id": 1057, "text": "ETDP10910 SELLOS TRAINING INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 1056, "text": "ETDP10907 Paradise Institution Training and Learning Centre"}, {"id": 1055, "text": "ETDP10906 Gender Education Development Institute GEDI"}, {"id": 1054, "text": "ETDP10903 Aspirations communication Training cc T A Creative Minds Randburg"}, {"id": 1053, "text": "ETDP10899 Sondela Academy PTY LtD"}, {"id": 1052, "text": "ETDP10898 Eagles Wings Skills Development Consultants"}, {"id": 1051, "text": "ETDP10897 Mine Safety Training Academy"}, {"id": 1050, "text": "ETDP10896 SmartWorx Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1049, "text": "ETDP10891 MN Psychological Consulting"}, {"id": 1048, "text": "ETDP10890 Masinto Development Logistics"}, {"id": 1047, "text": "ETDP10889 National Versatile Training Institute"}, {"id": 1046, "text": "ETDP10888 Mmago Kea Pty LTD"}, {"id": 1045, "text": "ETDP10882 Patricia Temple Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 1044, "text": "ETDP10886 Lingua-World"}, {"id": 1043, "text": "ETDP10885 Gay and Lesbian Network"}, {"id": 1042, "text": "ETDP10881 Education Connection Spacers NPC"}, {"id": 1041, "text": "ETDP10895 K2014265859 SA t a InTouch Language School"}, {"id": 1040, "text": "ETDP10913 ISWM t a Proud 2 B Global"}, {"id": 1039, "text": "ETDP10911 Reality Learning SA"}, {"id": 1038, "text": "ETDP10875 Xigombe Business Enterprises"}, {"id": 1037, "text": "ETDP10879 BBM Qimba t a BBM Qimba Consulting"}, {"id": 1036, "text": "ETDP10877 Zamokuhle Our Little People"}, {"id": 1035, "text": "ETDP10861 G CUBE SA"}, {"id": 1034, "text": "ETDP7195 ITO FOCUS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD"}, {"id": 1033, "text": "ETDP10857 Akhiwelihle Trading Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 1032, "text": "ETDP10876 Yellow Media Learning Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1031, "text": "ETDP10869 Southern African Youth Movement"}, {"id": 1030, "text": "ETDP10894 Umthombo Wolwazi Training and Constructions"}, {"id": 1029, "text": "ETDP10871 The Skills Launchpad"}, {"id": 1028, "text": "ETDP10864 Lehlabile Emergency Institute"}, {"id": 1027, "text": "ETDP10880 Corporate Safety Training Academy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1026, "text": "ETDP10865 Masimong Resource Solutions"}, {"id": 1025, "text": "ETDP10870 The Brokers Learning Centre"}, {"id": 1024, "text": "ETDP10902 Monox Trading"}, {"id": 1023, "text": "ETDP10874 Train 2 Teach PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 1022, "text": "ETDP10901 The Supreme Training Academy"}, {"id": 1021, "text": "ETDP10863 Kwamfundo Training Services"}, {"id": 1020, "text": "ETDP10868 Sourcecocoon Software"}, {"id": 1019, "text": "ETDP10893 Great Debaters International Association"}, {"id": 1018, "text": "ETDP10867 Ncedikhaya Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 1017, "text": "ETDP10855 Motea Training Solutions"}, {"id": 1016, "text": "ETDP10854 Thuba Segole Bed and Breakfast and Enterprise"}, {"id": 1015, "text": "ETDP10848 MI Learning Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 1014, "text": "ETDP10847 Kago Kgolo"}, {"id": 1013, "text": "ETDP10884 MATSP Training"}, {"id": 1012, "text": "ETDP10846 Kapoko Trading Enterprise 5"}, {"id": 1011, "text": "ETDP10845 Franzos Projects"}, {"id": 1010, "text": "ETDP10844 Sikuyo Impumelelo Cooperative"}, {"id": 1009, "text": "ETDP10843 Success Avenue Enterprises"}, {"id": 1008, "text": "ETDP10842 Fizazad Projects t a Kajal and Associates"}, {"id": 1007, "text": "ETDP10841 Babuyile Community Development"}, {"id": 1006, "text": "ETDP10883 Basella Training"}, {"id": 1005, "text": "ETDP10872 The Ububele Educational"}, {"id": 1004, "text": "ETDP10840 Notshelo Investments"}, {"id": 1003, "text": "ETDP10839 Edu P Earl Education For Practitioners in Early Childhood Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 1002, "text": "ETDP10878 Zee Consulting"}, {"id": 1001, "text": "ETDP10836 Siphosikho Skills Dev. Centre"}, {"id": 1000, "text": "ETDP10835 Phuka Holdings"}, {"id": 999, "text": "ETDP10834 Sibesihle Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 998, "text": "ETDP10833 Golden Rewards 2134"}, {"id": 997, "text": "ETDP10860 DIPHETOGO GROUP PTY LTD"}, {"id": 996, "text": "ETDP10827 Tshepong Training Solutions"}, {"id": 995, "text": "ETDP10823 The BLV Coaching"}, {"id": 994, "text": "ETDP10821 Swamdla Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 993, "text": "ETDP10819 Somerset Oaks Trading 21"}, {"id": 992, "text": "ETDP10815 Remoratile Logistics"}, {"id": 991, "text": "ETDP10810 Nixispan Trading "}, {"id": 990, "text": "ETDP10801 Khuthala Contracting"}, {"id": 989, "text": "ETDP10798 DRM Skills Academy"}, {"id": 988, "text": "ETDP10796 Daleseb Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 987, "text": "ETDP10791 Cedars Academy for Technical"}, {"id": 986, "text": "ETDP10790 ATE Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 985, "text": "ETDP10789 Aobokoe-Thuto Management Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 984, "text": "ETDP10788 Alona Institute of Leadership"}, {"id": 983, "text": "ETDP10787 Alesih Projects and Consultancy"}, {"id": 982, "text": "ETDP10852 Omphile Botshelo Trading"}, {"id": 981, "text": "ETDP10785 Khululekani Training Centre"}, {"id": 980, "text": "ETDP10812 Pinetown Institute of Technology"}, {"id": 979, "text": "ETDP10849 Karabo Info Centre and Trading"}, {"id": 978, "text": "ETDP10807 Meshobane Manufacturing"}, {"id": 977, "text": "ETDP10806 Mawandi Mashasha Skills and Development t a Pretoria Training Skills and Development"}, {"id": 976, "text": "ETDP10820 STA Performance International"}, {"id": 975, "text": "ETDP10824 The Humane Education Trust t a Caring Classrooms"}, {"id": 974, "text": "ETDP10829 Kula Institute"}, {"id": 973, "text": "ETDP10822 Thandela Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 972, "text": "ETDP10804 Malaikas Nursing Academy"}, {"id": 971, "text": "ETDP10828 Vigilant Academy of Training "}, {"id": 970, "text": "ETDP10825 THT Hospitality Training"}, {"id": 969, "text": "ETDP10793 Change Agility Pty LTD"}, {"id": 968, "text": "ETDP10850 The Shell Science Mathematics Resource Centre"}, {"id": 967, "text": "ETDP10817 Sinobomi Consulting Services"}, {"id": 966, "text": "ETDP10813 Purple Red Stones"}, {"id": 965, "text": "ETDP10837 Premier Attraction 1343"}, {"id": 964, "text": "ETDP10851 Malomini Strategists"}, {"id": 963, "text": "ETDP10800 EQ Advant Edge Training"}, {"id": 962, "text": "ETDP10772 Tlhalefong Academy"}, {"id": 961, "text": "ETDP10768 Train 4 Gain Consulting"}, {"id": 960, "text": "ETDP10765 Sheperd Development and Projects"}, {"id": 959, "text": "ETDP10764 Sciomax"}, {"id": 958, "text": "ETDP10763 Prodev Education Quality Solutions"}, {"id": 957, "text": "ETDP10762 Platinum Peak Consulting"}, {"id": 956, "text": "ETDP10761 Lliwo Consulting Services"}, {"id": 955, "text": "ETDP10759 Kgaka Kgolo Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 954, "text": "ETDP10757 Jeke Training "}, {"id": 953, "text": "ETDP10756 Injongo Skills Perfomance Improvers"}, {"id": 952, "text": "ETDP10755 iDesktop t a Future Training"}, {"id": 951, "text": "ETDP10752 Confisource cc T A KST Safety Consultants"}, {"id": 950, "text": "ETDP10750 Armed with Training"}, {"id": 949, "text": "ETDP10749 Akhe Women Construction"}, {"id": 948, "text": "ETDP10797 Bogolo Ba Thuto Training Academy"}, {"id": 947, "text": "ETDP10816 S A Skills Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 946, "text": "ETDP10794 Children s Disability Training Centre"}, {"id": 945, "text": "ETDP10769 Umkhaya Satellite Solutions"}, {"id": 944, "text": "ETDP10753 Fine Touch Consulting cc"}, {"id": 943, "text": "ETDP10751 Bohlali Provider Support"}, {"id": 942, "text": "ETDP10853 Leadprotec"}, {"id": 941, "text": "ETDP10905 Edu Experts SA"}, {"id": 940, "text": "ETDP10808 Metro Evangeliese Sorg t a Entuthukweni Training Centre"}, {"id": 939, "text": "ETDP10862 Ka-Ntle Trading Enterprise 35"}, {"id": 938, "text": "ETDP10892 ECD Exel-lence Academy PTY LTD"}, {"id": 937, "text": "ETDP10767 Tovani Trading 418cc t a Library and Information Training Institute"}, {"id": 936, "text": "ETDP10805 Matsume Learning Academy"}, {"id": 935, "text": "ETDP10740 Meriven Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 934, "text": "ETDP10727 Zipgap Projects PTY LTD"}, {"id": 933, "text": "ETDP10766 Sunnyshelf 17 cc"}, {"id": 932, "text": "ETDP10744 Renaissance Training Services cc"}, {"id": 931, "text": "ETDP10741 Mzansi Youth Leadership Academy"}, {"id": 930, "text": "ETDP10733 Docufile JHB Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 929, "text": "ETDP10737 Khaas Training Academy"}, {"id": 928, "text": "ETDP10776 Jeyax Development and Training cc"}, {"id": 927, "text": "ETDP10728 A5 Competence Evolution"}, {"id": 926, "text": "ETDP10729 Acquired Skills Training Consultancy t a ASK Training Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 925, "text": "ETDP10730 Attractive Softcare Application Projects cc T A Brilliant HR Solutions"}, {"id": 924, "text": "ETDP10743 Public Management Academy of South Africa t a Pumasa"}, {"id": 923, "text": "ETDP10731 Baobab Trading cc"}, {"id": 922, "text": "ETDP10818 Siyazama Professional Management Services t a Siyazama"}, {"id": 921, "text": "ETDP10792 Centre for Advanced Training and Skills Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 920, "text": "ETDP10739 Mazibuko and Kabane Technical Training Services"}, {"id": 919, "text": "ETDP10802 Kivumbu Consulting"}, {"id": 918, "text": "ETDP10770 Zandisetha Enterprise Pty Ltd t a Zandisetha Institute"}, {"id": 917, "text": "ETDP10719 Prestige ETD Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 916, "text": "ETDP10718 Netgrow Training Solutions"}, {"id": 915, "text": "ETDP10717 Koma Training Capacity Building"}, {"id": 914, "text": "ETDP10716 Eureka Varsity Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 913, "text": "ETDP10715 The Early Care Foundation"}, {"id": 912, "text": "ETDP10714 Kimomanzi Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 911, "text": "ETDP10713 Khuphula Training Solutions and Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 910, "text": "ETDP10711 P P Education Management Training and Consultancy PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 909, "text": "ETDP10795 Covenant Kids"}, {"id": 908, "text": "ETDP10697 Centre for Elders Wisdom Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 907, "text": "ETDP10696 Moon and Earth Trading and Projects 532"}, {"id": 906, "text": "ETDP10814 Rampadise Education Training Development Centre"}, {"id": 905, "text": "ETDP10732 Certified Au Pairs Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 904, "text": "ETDP10778 Bakho Skills Development"}, {"id": 903, "text": "ETDP10706 Njabulo Yethu Trading"}, {"id": 902, "text": "ETDP10760 Khathazeka Ngentuthuko Constractors"}, {"id": 901, "text": "ETDP10799 Edubridge Training Solutions"}, {"id": 900, "text": "ETDP10698 Siletha Travels cc"}, {"id": 899, "text": "ETDP10699 Nnite Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 898, "text": "ETDP10701 Opehst Trading"}, {"id": 897, "text": "ETDP10900 True Reflection Training and Development cc"}, {"id": 896, "text": "ETDP10826 Thutong Training and Development"}, {"id": 895, "text": "ETDP10705 Blind SA"}, {"id": 894, "text": "ETDP10771 Zuzulwazi Development"}, {"id": 893, "text": "ETDP10709 Namuntlha Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 892, "text": "ETDP10745 Emergence Learning Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 891, "text": "ETDP10702 Malandela Training and Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 890, "text": "ETDP10830 Adelaine Training Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 889, "text": "ETDP10859 Children s Rights Centre"}, {"id": 888, "text": "ETDP10774 Sync Business Consultancy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 887, "text": "ETDP10775 Tiro Development Solutions PTY LTD"}, {"id": 886, "text": "ETDP10738 Mac Mampe Traders PTY LTD"}, {"id": 885, "text": "ETDP10780 Lusa Social Entrepreneurship Institute"}, {"id": 884, "text": "ETDP10831 Bella Onke General Trading Pty LTD"}, {"id": 883, "text": "ETDP10781 Motlalagohle Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 882, "text": "ETDP10742 Nsovo Learning Academy"}, {"id": 881, "text": "ETDP10838 Ubuntu Care and Development"}, {"id": 880, "text": "ETDP10679 Winglad Human Resources and Development"}, {"id": 879, "text": "ETDP10672 Shine The Way 294"}, {"id": 878, "text": "ETDP10662 Curoplex PTY LTD"}, {"id": 877, "text": "ETDP10707 Berry-M Consulting and Projects"}, {"id": 876, "text": "ETDP10703 Oreahile Consulting Services"}, {"id": 875, "text": "ETDP10664 Networx Training Foundation"}, {"id": 874, "text": "ETDP10858 Alintacorp 64 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 873, "text": "ETDP10704 Nketlana Holding Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 872, "text": "ETDP10758 KBW Languages cc"}, {"id": 871, "text": "ETDP10684 Employ and Empower Deaf Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 870, "text": "ETDP10692 Joyride Trading 15"}, {"id": 869, "text": "ETDP10688 LifeLine Pietermaritzburg"}, {"id": 868, "text": "ETDP10673 Halcyspace PTY LTD"}, {"id": 867, "text": "ETDP10746 WORK AND LEARNING DYNAMIX PTY LTD"}, {"id": 866, "text": "ETDP10723 Tufim Trading Enterprise CC"}, {"id": 865, "text": "ETDP10693 ROWCO 95"}, {"id": 864, "text": "ETDP10654 Leronsa Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 863, "text": "ETDP10659 Brain Boosters Business Education PTY LTD"}, {"id": 862, "text": "ETDP10682 Business Intelligence Trading 48 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 861, "text": "ETDP10736 First Class Foundational Learning Consultants"}, {"id": 860, "text": "ETDP10661 Entsimbini Trading and Catering "}, {"id": 859, "text": "ETDP10650 Mopani Development Academy"}, {"id": 858, "text": "ETDP10651 Phangwana Consulting and Training Services"}, {"id": 857, "text": "ETDP10670 MA Smalberger Incorporated t a Eden Language Academy"}, {"id": 856, "text": "ETDP10721 EDU-Bless College"}, {"id": 855, "text": "ETDP10689 Feed The Babies Fund"}, {"id": 854, "text": "ETDP10658 The Skills Depot"}, {"id": 853, "text": "ETDP10675 Inner Life Skills Coaching International"}, {"id": 852, "text": "ETDP10620 Step Up Training and Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 851, "text": "ETDP10724 Autumn Ridge Trading 29 T A Autumn Ridge Training"}, {"id": 850, "text": "ETDP10904 New Leaders Foundation NPC"}, {"id": 849, "text": "ETDP10628 Sebata Institute of Development"}, {"id": 848, "text": "ETDP10691 Dynatrainist Consultancy"}, {"id": 847, "text": "ETDP10683 SCI-TECH Maths Services PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 846, "text": "ETDP10655 Multilife PTY LTD"}, {"id": 845, "text": "ETDP10678 Carniflex Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 844, "text": "ETDP10666 Xumakho General Trading"}, {"id": 843, "text": "ETDP10667 Sgobodi Trading"}, {"id": 842, "text": "ETDP10669 Bayahamba MDK Trading cc"}, {"id": 841, "text": "ETDP10633 Training Unlimited Corporate Solutions"}, {"id": 840, "text": "ETDP10668 T and T Skills Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 839, "text": "ETDP10663 Sanku Consulting Agency"}, {"id": 838, "text": "ETDP10671 Manzezulu Consulting Agency"}, {"id": 837, "text": "ETDP10638 Robys Consulting PTY LTD"}, {"id": 836, "text": "ETDP10677 Wonkumntu Investment Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 835, "text": "ETDP10648 LBK Trading"}, {"id": 834, "text": "ETDP10803 Lerato La Tlhago Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 833, "text": "ETDP10652 Sanchaa Connection"}, {"id": 832, "text": "ETDP10676 Kalua Marketing Management cc"}, {"id": 831, "text": "ETDP10630 Avenue English cc"}, {"id": 830, "text": "ETDP10653 Ambumed cc"}, {"id": 829, "text": "ETDP10636 KZN Network on Violence Against Women"}, {"id": 828, "text": "ETDP10681 Diligence Defined Projects PTY Ltd t a Deligence Defined"}, {"id": 827, "text": "ETDP10601 Amyoli Consulting"}, {"id": 826, "text": "ETDP10600 Abinet Training and Development"}, {"id": 825, "text": "ETDP10626 Vicami Trading and Projects t a MV Coaching and Training Consultants"}, {"id": 824, "text": "ETDP10614 Interserv Training Solution Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 823, "text": "ETDP10603 Gauteng Baobab Early Learning Training Programme"}, {"id": 822, "text": "ETDP10656 Montague Education and Training PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 821, "text": "ETDP10643 Bridges of Hope Training"}, {"id": 820, "text": "ETDP10611 Talent of Tomorrow cc"}, {"id": 819, "text": "ETDP10613 Designa Qualifications Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 818, "text": "ETDP10687 Trainyoucan Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 817, "text": "ETDP10634 Environment and Language Education Trust"}, {"id": 816, "text": "ETDP10610 Emtonjeni Wolwazi"}, {"id": 815, "text": "ETDP10598 Dintshang Trading"}, {"id": 814, "text": "ETDP10606 3 At Work Recruitment Agency"}, {"id": 813, "text": "ETDP10642 Hlalasteady Trading t a Centre for Environmental Management and Planning- Africa"}, {"id": 812, "text": "ETDP10624 Madukhesa Consulting and Development"}, {"id": 811, "text": "ETDP10607 Zouel Training and Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 810, "text": "ETDP10615 Kids Academy"}, {"id": 809, "text": "ETDP10622 Lynne Hobbs cc"}, {"id": 808, "text": "ETDP10621 Ma-Usi Education Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 807, "text": "ETDP10685 JR Communications and Business Services"}, {"id": 806, "text": "ETDP10690 Ntsio Entertainment"}, {"id": 805, "text": "ETDP10596 Ikage Skills Development cc"}, {"id": 804, "text": "ETDP10674 Winston Academy"}, {"id": 803, "text": "ETDP10605 Moonlight Foundation"}, {"id": 802, "text": "ETDP10597 Learn Ability and Training Development t a LearnAbility"}, {"id": 801, "text": "ETDP10640 Pilgrims Rest Independent FET College"}, {"id": 800, "text": "ETDP10587 Sales Partners Southern Africa"}, {"id": 799, "text": "ETDP10579 Finese Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 798, "text": "ETDP10647 Brainwave Projects 1997 CC"}, {"id": 797, "text": "ETDP10612 Finger Talk Training and Development"}, {"id": 796, "text": "ETDP10589 Persona Doll Training SA"}, {"id": 795, "text": "ETDP10592 Loago Business Consulting"}, {"id": 794, "text": "ETDP011795 Konnect Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 793, "text": "ETDP10635 Newskills Consulting PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 792, "text": "ETDP10572 Mtk Corporation Solutions"}, {"id": 791, "text": "ETDP10625 Tshoki Trading"}, {"id": 790, "text": "ETDP10632 Mind Vision Education"}, {"id": 789, "text": "ETDP10616 Lerumo La Setshaba Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 788, "text": "ETDP10735 Eden Training Academy"}, {"id": 787, "text": "ETDP10588 MWG Logistical Services"}, {"id": 786, "text": "ETDP10639 Sekgwari Management Consulting"}, {"id": 785, "text": "ETDP10577 Dynamite Skills Development"}, {"id": 784, "text": "ETDP10576 Thalem Investments cc"}, {"id": 783, "text": "ETDP10575 Ntevho-Ketso Training and Recruitement Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 782, "text": "ETDP10574 Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency"}, {"id": 781, "text": "ETDP10694 Dataforce Trading 225 Pty Ltd t a Smart Brain"}, {"id": 780, "text": "ETDP10567 Ostritix t a CSM Concepts of Sustainable Management "}, {"id": 779, "text": "ETDP10566 Green Champions Day Care Centre t a Mafyat Training "}, {"id": 778, "text": "ETDP10565 Scan Training Solutions"}, {"id": 777, "text": "ETDP10617 Funda s Development Management"}, {"id": 776, "text": "ETDP10637 LEMBETSI BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 775, "text": "ETDP10708 African Enterprise"}, {"id": 774, "text": "ETDP10564 D and H Training Services cc"}, {"id": 773, "text": "ETDP10563 Heartbeat Centre for Community Development t a Heartbeat"}, {"id": 772, "text": "ETDP10562 Lulo Skills Development"}, {"id": 771, "text": "ETDP10908 The Montessori Iniative t a Montessori Campus"}, {"id": 770, "text": "ETDP10561 Xenocorp 346 t a Brain Gain Training and Consultancy"}, {"id": 769, "text": "ETDP10560 Professional Development and Training Institute Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 768, "text": "ETDP10582 Ilitha Lelizwe Consulting"}, {"id": 767, "text": "ETDP10558 Vavicorp t a Trainingworx"}, {"id": 766, "text": "ETDP10557 Tekollo Trading Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 765, "text": "ETDP10556 Trideco Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 764, "text": "ETDP10609 BORDERGATE EVENTS MANAGEMENT AND PROJECTS"}, {"id": 763, "text": "ETDP10555 Rudulu General Construction"}, {"id": 762, "text": "ETDP10553 Academy for Continuous Professional Development"}, {"id": 761, "text": "ETDP10602 Enjo Consultants Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 760, "text": "ETDP10552 Li Lichule Trading cc"}, {"id": 759, "text": "ETDP10747 BETTER BEST EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 758, "text": "ETDP10604 History Makers Business Consulting"}, {"id": 757, "text": "ETDP10549 Leratham Supply Distribution and Enterprise"}, {"id": 756, "text": "ETDP10540 Deon de Lange t a TDC"}, {"id": 755, "text": "ETDP10585 Siyahluma Education Institute"}, {"id": 754, "text": "ETDP10539 Le Femme Consulting cc"}, {"id": 753, "text": "ETDP10710 Kusile ECD Training Centre"}, {"id": 752, "text": "ETDP10546 Browers Entertainment"}, {"id": 751, "text": "ETDP10544 Abrina 5873 Pty Ltd t a Regal Training Academy "}, {"id": 750, "text": "ETDP10584 Fundukuzimela Investments Pty Ltd t a FdZ Investments"}, {"id": 749, "text": "ETDP10583 Ecclesiatic Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 748, "text": "ETDP10559 Mocha Fetoha Training Cooperative"}, {"id": 747, "text": "ETDP10547 Thabelanang t a Thabelanang Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 746, "text": "ETDP10538 Motheo Training Institute Trust"}, {"id": 745, "text": "ETDP10537 Ikhono Funda Training"}, {"id": 744, "text": "ETDP10551 Majahd Educational Services Multi-Purpose Primary Co-operative Limited"}, {"id": 743, "text": "ETDP10548 Braingro"}, {"id": 742, "text": "ETDP10580 Gautech Training Institution"}, {"id": 741, "text": "ETDP10523 Sisazi Consulting"}, {"id": 740, "text": "ETDP10519 Entwasakusa Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 739, "text": "ETDP10520 PND Academy of Learning cc"}, {"id": 738, "text": "ETDP10518 Tondanani Development Focus"}, {"id": 737, "text": "ETDP10594 Vholuga Consulting Services"}, {"id": 736, "text": "ETDP10522 SLK Beyond Solutions"}, {"id": 735, "text": "ETDP10529 Universal Knowledge Software"}, {"id": 734, "text": "ETDP10629 BPK Trading and Project"}, {"id": 733, "text": "ETDP10530 Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative t a REPSSI"}, {"id": 732, "text": "ETDP10515 Flomotion cc"}, {"id": 731, "text": "ETDP10517 Early Inspiration"}, {"id": 730, "text": "ETDP10535 Sector Based Skills Development Facilitators"}, {"id": 729, "text": "ETDP10811 Palat Rophe Skills and Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 728, "text": "ETDP10534 Sizani Consulting cc"}, {"id": 727, "text": "ETDP10521 Boitshepo Human Development"}, {"id": 726, "text": "ETDP10500 Ikhowe Staffing Solutions cc"}, {"id": 725, "text": "ETDP10568 Skills Tree"}, {"id": 724, "text": "ETDP10590 The Field Band Foundation"}, {"id": 723, "text": "ETDP10527 Bull s Business and Skills Training Institute"}, {"id": 722, "text": "ETDP10510 Commisioned Training cc"}, {"id": 721, "text": "ETDP10482 Pelox Trading 62 T A NBCC Staff Solutions"}, {"id": 720, "text": "ETDP10476 Amco Consulting Enterprise T A Amco Training Providers"}, {"id": 719, "text": "ETDP10485 Targeted School Development Services"}, {"id": 718, "text": "ETDP10516 Right 4 u College"}, {"id": 717, "text": "ETDP10581 Mpho Skills cc"}, {"id": 716, "text": "ETDP10508 National Children and Violence Trust"}, {"id": 715, "text": "ETDP10541 Metrofile Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 714, "text": "ETDP10483 Penreach"}, {"id": 713, "text": "ETDP10501 Haras Blu Consulting"}, {"id": 712, "text": "ETDP10475 CUMAX 193"}, {"id": 711, "text": "ETDP10474 Mentoring 4 Success Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 710, "text": "ETDP10502 Qingq ume Training and Consulting cc"}, {"id": 709, "text": "ETDP10532 Divine Inspiration Trading 704 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 708, "text": "ETDP10550 Nero Training Consultants cc"}, {"id": 707, "text": "ETDP10478 Intelligence Transfer Centre"}, {"id": 706, "text": "ETDP10525 Petra institute of Development PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 705, "text": "ETDP10487 IYAM Investments Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 704, "text": "ETDP10533 Bereshith Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 703, "text": "ETDP10542 Pro-Ed Training"}, {"id": 702, "text": "ETDP10465 Edu-Prof Training Centre"}, {"id": 701, "text": "ETDP10608 Water Sisulu Leadership Academy"}, {"id": 700, "text": "ETDP10512 MacMillan South Africa Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 699, "text": "ETDP10464 Basadi Africa Management"}, {"id": 698, "text": "ETDP10480 Karlyn Skills Training"}, {"id": 697, "text": "ETDP10569 Friendly Ties Management"}, {"id": 696, "text": "ETDP10493 Thene Trading"}, {"id": 695, "text": "ETDP10477 Assessment Matters cc"}, {"id": 694, "text": "ETDP10526 Genius Management Solutions"}, {"id": 693, "text": "ETDP10495 Unite Catering Training and Services"}, {"id": 692, "text": "ETDP10578 GENDER LINKS NPC"}, {"id": 691, "text": "ETDP10488 Jewellery Council of South Africa"}, {"id": 690, "text": "ETDP10460 Mzayifane Trading 6"}, {"id": 689, "text": "ETDP10543 Happy Day Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 688, "text": "ETDP10471 Intertrain Consulting"}, {"id": 687, "text": "ETDP10509 Basa Foundation NPO"}, {"id": 686, "text": "ETDP10591 Eastern Cape NGO Coalition"}, {"id": 685, "text": "ETDP10486 Emanuel K Trading"}, {"id": 684, "text": "ETDP10491 Whizz Skills Training and Development"}, {"id": 683, "text": "ETDP10470 Bangwaketse Trading and Projects"}, {"id": 682, "text": "ETDP10505 Siyamthanda Consulting Services"}, {"id": 681, "text": "ETDP10496 Scarce Skills Development and Training"}, {"id": 680, "text": "ETDP10479 Journey Through Stillness"}, {"id": 679, "text": "ETDP10507 Delatricia Training"}, {"id": 678, "text": "ETDP10467 Passion4Development"}, {"id": 677, "text": "ETDP10458 Ifalezwe Learning Express"}, {"id": 676, "text": "ETDP10457 Life Long ABET Consulting"}, {"id": 675, "text": "ETDP10462 ASM Communication and Training Solution"}, {"id": 674, "text": "ETDP10463 Avocado Vision Meeting and Conference Venue"}, {"id": 673, "text": "ETDP10466 Thasha Training and Consulting"}, {"id": 672, "text": "ETDP10489 Kumbuza Consulting Services"}, {"id": 671, "text": "ETDP10545 Danva Training and Projects"}, {"id": 670, "text": "ETDP10627 SERITI INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 669, "text": "ETDP10456 Pitt Institute T A Imithombo Institute"}, {"id": 668, "text": "ETDP10473 OMNI HR CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 667, "text": "ETDP10570 Zizzy Printing and Projects"}, {"id": 666, "text": "ETDP10492 Sogwa Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 665, "text": "ETDP10514 Abstract Minds Technologies"}, {"id": 664, "text": "ETDP10455 Mindset Network"}, {"id": 663, "text": "ETDP10481 Nomagwanishe Investments cc"}, {"id": 662, "text": "ETDP10866 Mathaveiya Skills Enhancement"}, {"id": 661, "text": "ETDP10524 Unique O D Consulting"}, {"id": 660, "text": "ETDP10442 Governess Connection Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 659, "text": "ETDP10468 Xhosa Fundis cc"}, {"id": 658, "text": "ETDP10444 Makhatla Trading cc"}, {"id": 657, "text": "ETDP10490 Sibusisiwe Investment"}, {"id": 656, "text": "ETDP10436 kitso Interventions"}, {"id": 655, "text": "ETDP10435 Ibazelo Printing Solutions"}, {"id": 654, "text": "ETDP10437 Mositabu Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 653, "text": "ETDP10445 QES Mpelamehlo Training Consulting"}, {"id": 652, "text": "ETDP10438 Refilwe Thuto Training Centre"}, {"id": 651, "text": "ETDP10446 The Development Link"}, {"id": 650, "text": "ETDP10441 Cutting Edge Consultants cc"}, {"id": 649, "text": "ETDP10623 Matsolo Traders"}, {"id": 648, "text": "ETDP10427 Gagle Trading Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 647, "text": "ETDP10406 Gramo SHE Consulting cc"}, {"id": 646, "text": "ETDP10430 Beatamol Training Services"}, {"id": 645, "text": "ETDP10407 Holofelang Business Enterprises cc"}, {"id": 644, "text": "ETDP011460 Saint Colonel Graduate Institute PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 643, "text": "ETDP10424 Labohlano Trading 66 Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 642, "text": "ETDP10459 Motlou Training Development"}, {"id": 641, "text": "ETDP10428 Ponagatso Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 640, "text": "ETDP10418 The Kings Pride"}, {"id": 639, "text": "ETDP10397 The National Coaching Academy"}, {"id": 638, "text": "ETDP10404 Dream For All Trading Pty Ltd "}, {"id": 637, "text": "ETDP10421 Durban Institute of Skills Training cc"}, {"id": 636, "text": "ETDP10410 Netts Training and Projects cc"}, {"id": 635, "text": "ETDP10432 Thantaswa Development Services"}, {"id": 634, "text": "ETDP10531 Rinds Investment cc"}, {"id": 633, "text": "ETDP10401 Cutting Edge Training Solution Learning Resources"}, {"id": 632, "text": "ETDP10506 Realeboga Development Services"}, {"id": 631, "text": "ETDP10412 Pono People Management Solutions"}, {"id": 630, "text": "ETDP10461 Pearson Education Achievement Solutions"}, {"id": 629, "text": "ETDP10425 Tiakeni Training Centre"}, {"id": 628, "text": "ETDP10453 Batho Pele Human Capital"}, {"id": 627, "text": "ETDP10413 Queenzo Exclusive"}, {"id": 626, "text": "ETDP10399 Brilliant Ideas Consulting General Trading"}, {"id": 625, "text": "ETDP10433 Cabo Skills Development Training"}, {"id": 624, "text": "ETDP10440 Teachers Learning Centre Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 623, "text": "ETDP10405 Five Star Medical Services cc"}, {"id": 622, "text": "ETDP10431 Leadership Options cc"}, {"id": 621, "text": "ETDP10447 Kitso Bokamoso Training Solution"}, {"id": 620, "text": "ETDP10393 TEBOGO M TRADING "}, {"id": 619, "text": "ETDP10390 NONQAWE TRADING CC"}, {"id": 618, "text": "ETDP10379 De-Vi Education and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 617, "text": "ETDP10376 Buchule HR Events Management Services"}, {"id": 616, "text": "ETDP10382 Nompumelelo Institute of Leadership"}, {"id": 615, "text": "ETDP10378 COETZER FIRE SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 614, "text": "ETDP10408 J and N Ikwekwezi Yokusa Development Training"}, {"id": 613, "text": "ETDP10426 Tsakane Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 612, "text": "ETDP10392 Southern African Institute of Productivity Business Excellence"}, {"id": 611, "text": "ETDP10388 Equipt Training and Development cc"}, {"id": 610, "text": "ETDP10383 Pam s Educational Consultancy"}, {"id": 609, "text": "ETDP10394 Curriculum Bookshop trading as Curriculum Training and Development Centre"}, {"id": 608, "text": "ETDP10414 Roi Consulting"}, {"id": 607, "text": "ETDP10411 Ntingantakandini Training, Education and Development Company"}, {"id": 606, "text": "ETDP10356 Go Factory Training Academy"}, {"id": 605, "text": "ETDP10353 Kuyenanelwana HR Management"}, {"id": 604, "text": "ETDP10352 Northshore Trading 19CC t a Makakhaunye Training and Development Agency"}, {"id": 603, "text": "ETDP10381 Dru-A Professional Further Education and Training College DAPFETC PTY LTD"}, {"id": 602, "text": "ETDP10387 Hlabeyakhe Consultants"}, {"id": 601, "text": "ETDP10386 Empire Conferencing and Training"}, {"id": 600, "text": "ETDP10344 Proserv International"}, {"id": 599, "text": "ETDP10342 Brain Gym in South Africa"}, {"id": 598, "text": "ETDP10340 Sinikiwe Isibusiso Training and Development "}, {"id": 597, "text": "ETDP10359 Isi-Star Senkanyezi Human Development Projects"}, {"id": 596, "text": "ETDP10391 Outreach training Consultants"}, {"id": 595, "text": "ETDP10380 Driving Instincts cc"}, {"id": 594, "text": "ETDP10384 STARPLEX LEARNING FOUNDATION INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 593, "text": "ETDP10354 Isago Consulting Group"}, {"id": 592, "text": "ETDP10351 Khamuka Training Services"}, {"id": 591, "text": "ETDP10350 Success in Action cc"}, {"id": 590, "text": "ETDP10357 Itireleng Bokamoso Trading Development Services and Associates"}, {"id": 589, "text": "ETDP10355 Thuto-Botshabelo Training and Projects Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 588, "text": "ETDP10349 Mochochonono Training Solutions cc"}, {"id": 587, "text": "ETDP10346 Vaiti Staffing and Training Solutions cc"}, {"id": 586, "text": "ETDP10429 Barcor Learn to Earn cc"}, {"id": 585, "text": "ETDP10358 Ora Trading and Projects cc"}, {"id": 584, "text": "ETDP10385 Ukukhula Projects"}, {"id": 583, "text": "ETDP10360 X Simelane and Associates "}, {"id": 582, "text": "ETDP10434 Boitlhneo Consultancy "}, {"id": 581, "text": "ETDP10449 Simakunye Investments"}, {"id": 580, "text": "ETDP10361 Paradise Skills Development"}, {"id": 579, "text": "ETDP10389 Aubrey Nyiko Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 578, "text": "ETDP10314 Skillsversity"}, {"id": 577, "text": "ETDP10365 Keitshere Construction "}, {"id": 576, "text": "ETDP10367 Marzies Executive Training and Placements"}, {"id": 575, "text": "ETDP10315 Kgang-Kgolo Consulting"}, {"id": 574, "text": "ETDP10402 Ubuhlebakhe Training and Development"}, {"id": 573, "text": "ETDP10364 Motete Business Solutions cc"}, {"id": 572, "text": "ETDP10722 Imbalenhle Learning Academy"}, {"id": 571, "text": "ETDP10311 Mooketsi 3T s Development Projects"}, {"id": 570, "text": "ETDP10309 Pachi Global Foundation"}, {"id": 569, "text": "ETDP10310 Jamec Development "}, {"id": 568, "text": "ETDP10308 Thinya Thanya Marketing"}, {"id": 567, "text": "ETDP10416 Sinobomi Development"}, {"id": 566, "text": "ETDP10313 Lisahluma Education Development Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 565, "text": "ETDP10306 Fundamental Skills Institute "}, {"id": 564, "text": "ETDP10298 Aids Consortium"}, {"id": 563, "text": "ETDP10296 Lesedi La Sechaba Consult CC"}, {"id": 562, "text": "ETDP10294 Zithwaleni Education Support Services"}, {"id": 561, "text": "ETDP10292 Applied Good Clinical Practice "}, {"id": 560, "text": "ETDP10312 Fullness of Time Trading Construction and Projects"}, {"id": 559, "text": "ETDP10304 Institute of Professional Studies and Services"}, {"id": 558, "text": "ETDP10419 Thusedi Connect"}, {"id": 557, "text": "ETDP10307 Learnership Support Systems Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 556, "text": "ETDP10403 Donald Madini and Associates "}, {"id": 555, "text": "ETDP10303 Neolebongi Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 554, "text": "ETDP10499 Molamudi Learning Systems"}, {"id": 553, "text": "ETDP10368 Proffecto Consulting"}, {"id": 552, "text": "ETDP10323 Sozim Trading and Consultancy"}, {"id": 551, "text": "ETDP10329 Mapheto Business Enterprises t a MBE"}, {"id": 550, "text": "ETDP10321 Jenn Training Consultancy"}, {"id": 549, "text": "ETDP10334 Foundation For Community Work"}, {"id": 548, "text": "ETDP10326 The Institute of Literacy Advancement "}, {"id": 547, "text": "ETDP10335 English Safari cc"}, {"id": 546, "text": "ETDP10319 Spot The Talent Development"}, {"id": 545, "text": "ETDP10856 THE SKILLS COLLEGE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 544, "text": "ETDP10443 Katiso-kuno Consulting"}, {"id": 543, "text": "ETDP10327 Lathibha Training"}, {"id": 542, "text": "ETDP10331 Rebaone Electrical and Construction"}, {"id": 541, "text": "ETDP10325 Zithande HR Training "}, {"id": 540, "text": "ETDP10370 E4 Kukhanyeni Consulting Services"}, {"id": 539, "text": "ETDP10373 Keetileafrika Training Institute"}, {"id": 538, "text": "ETDP10395 Tlotlangthuto Training and Consulting cc"}, {"id": 537, "text": "ETDP10291 Mokaba Manayementano Maintenance Consultants cc"}, {"id": 536, "text": "ETDP10328 Thobologo Training and Education Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 535, "text": "ETDP10320 Taballos Business Services"}, {"id": 534, "text": "ETDP10288 Omni-ED"}, {"id": 533, "text": "ETDP10720 Zamsiba Development Consultants"}, {"id": 532, "text": "ETDP10295 ATS Institute"}, {"id": 531, "text": "ETDP10282 Hodela Training and Development"}, {"id": 530, "text": "ETDP10280 Femsa"}, {"id": 528, "text": "ETDP10276 Khoali Group of Companies Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 527, "text": "ETDP10278 Education Alive Incorporated"}, {"id": 526, "text": "ETDP10409 Lebenga.com coaching and skills dvelopment services"}, {"id": 525, "text": "ETDP10439 Leaders of Destiny Institute"}, {"id": 524, "text": "ETDP10317 Mabatimi Management Services"}, {"id": 523, "text": "ETDP10665 Community Training and development programme"}, {"id": 522, "text": "ETDP10348 The Iscariota Group Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 521, "text": "ETDP10332 Ditseko Training development Services"}, {"id": 520, "text": "ETDP10417 Siyawela :Ready to succeed"}, {"id": 519, "text": "ETDP10363 Ikasa Consultancy Enterprise"}, {"id": 518, "text": "ETDP10322 KDM s construction and trading"}, {"id": 517, "text": "ETDP10511 Mhlenimhleni Trading and Projects Management"}, {"id": 515, "text": "ETDP10366 Cale Developments"}, {"id": 514, "text": "ETDP10454 Ditshiamiso Business Enterprise cc"}, {"id": 513, "text": "ETDP10290 Sphola Consulting CC"}, {"id": 512, "text": "ETDP10324 Business Resources Improvements cc"}, {"id": 511, "text": "ETDP10268 Dee s Training PTY LTD"}, {"id": 510, "text": "ETDP10266 Calvieno Skills Development and Training "}, {"id": 509, "text": "ETDP10264 Doors of Learning "}, {"id": 508, "text": "ETDP10259 Zabathwa Training"}, {"id": 506, "text": "ETDP10257 Inzu Business Services"}, {"id": 505, "text": "ETDP10256 The East London Institute for Leadership Advancement Development"}, {"id": 504, "text": "ETDP10255 Xolani TLS Skills"}, {"id": 503, "text": "ETDP10252 Inyameko Trading cc"}, {"id": 502, "text": "ETDP10250 Evening Flame Trading"}, {"id": 501, "text": "ETDP10248 Heinemann Publisher Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 500, "text": "ETDP10318 Boulton Providers"}, {"id": 499, "text": "ETDP10246 Legligs pty ltd"}, {"id": 498, "text": "ETDP10244 Inyameko Trading 605cc"}, {"id": 497, "text": "ETDP10265 MVN Training and development"}, {"id": 496, "text": "ETDP10242 National Youth Development Agency"}, {"id": 495, "text": "ETDP10241 Consulting and Training Specialists"}, {"id": 494, "text": "ETDP10240 Mondo Skills and services providers"}, {"id": 493, "text": "ETDP10234 Amaqamu Project Management and Consulting"}, {"id": 492, "text": "ETDP10232 Compass Academy of Learning"}, {"id": 491, "text": "ETDP10272 TRAINING AND INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 490, "text": "ETDP10228 PE Qwesha Business Enterprises t a Simo Consulting"}, {"id": 489, "text": "ETDP10226 Tshwane sign language centre and interpreting services "}, {"id": 488, "text": "ETDP10225 People Upliftments t a POPUP Upliftment"}, {"id": 487, "text": "ETDP10224 Top Training Solutions"}, {"id": 486, "text": "ETDP10233 Mawethu Training"}, {"id": 485, "text": "ETDP10223 Esteem Solutions CC"}, {"id": 484, "text": "ETDP10222 Networx for Career Development"}, {"id": 483, "text": "ETDP10221 Fulloutput 1132 cc"}, {"id": 482, "text": "ETDP10219 Mahoxo Multi Trading"}, {"id": 481, "text": "ETDP10217 Unathi Training"}, {"id": 480, "text": "ETDP10216 Lulamisa Community Development"}, {"id": 479, "text": "ETDP10215 The Kings Eden Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 478, "text": "ETDP10212 Gotsec Skills Training"}, {"id": 477, "text": "ETDP10209 Social Impact Ministry Sikhula Sonke"}, {"id": 476, "text": "ETDP10339 Global Skills"}, {"id": 475, "text": "ETDP10277 Centre of Hope"}, {"id": 474, "text": "ETDP10207 Multi Dimentional"}, {"id": 473, "text": "ETDP10206 KwaZulu Natal Blind and Deaf Society"}, {"id": 472, "text": "ETDP10205 VH Consulting"}, {"id": 470, "text": "ETDP10201 Save the Children South Africa"}, {"id": 469, "text": "ETDP10198 DM Training Consultants"}, {"id": 468, "text": "ETDP10197 Angimbonge Training and Supply"}, {"id": 467, "text": "ETDP10195 PMN Solutions 524 cc"}, {"id": 466, "text": "ETDP10194 Pikamo Training and Development"}, {"id": 465, "text": "ETDP10193 Follow the Star 508 cc"}, {"id": 464, "text": "ETDP10192 Sikhuthele Community Developers"}, {"id": 463, "text": "ETDP10188 Namsi Training and Catering Services"}, {"id": 462, "text": "ETDP10187 Vutivi Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 461, "text": "ETDP10186 ITO Focus Matlafatso"}, {"id": 460, "text": "ETDP10185 ITO Focus Serendipity FS"}, {"id": 459, "text": "ETDP10184 Xcite Skills Development cc"}, {"id": 458, "text": "ETDP10183 Full Circle Advisory Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 457, "text": "ETDP10182 ITO Focus East Rand cc"}, {"id": 456, "text": "ETDP10181 JIKA ST ANDREW S LANGUAGE PROJECT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 455, "text": "ETDP10175 Funda Fun"}, {"id": 454, "text": "ETDP10163 The Fundamentals Training Centre"}, {"id": 453, "text": "ETDP10299 Khulisa Crime Prevention Initiative"}, {"id": 452, "text": "ETDP10172 Lukhanyo Training and Development Consultants"}, {"id": 451, "text": "ETDP10164 Vutomi Provisional Health Agency"}, {"id": 450, "text": "ETDP10199 Noko-Mahabo Training and Development Solutions"}, {"id": 449, "text": "ETDP10166 PMG Education Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 448, "text": "ETDP10165 M3i Skills Development"}, {"id": 447, "text": "ETDP10167 Marang-Bosele Trading Services"}, {"id": 446, "text": "ETDP10191 CRYSTAL EDUCATION AND CONSULTING"}, {"id": 445, "text": "ETDP10155 Next Step Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 444, "text": "ETDP10281 Nomoyi Skills Development"}, {"id": 443, "text": "ETDP10809 MIET Africa"}, {"id": 442, "text": "ETDP10200 Isibani Skills Academy"}, {"id": 441, "text": "ETDP10160 Indlela Department of Labour"}, {"id": 440, "text": "ETDP10162 ICM t a Institute for Career Management"}, {"id": 439, "text": "ETDP10173 Sekunjalo Education Training and Development"}, {"id": 438, "text": "ETDP10513 Edu-Build Institute"}, {"id": 437, "text": "ETDP10161 Marriage and Family Life Office"}, {"id": 436, "text": "ETDP10169 MMAKGWARA KWENADI BUSINESSENTERPRISES"}, {"id": 435, "text": "ETDP10170 M M Training and Construction"}, {"id": 434, "text": "ETDP10204 Noni Community Development"}, {"id": 433, "text": "ETDP10374 Prosperity Skills Enterprise Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 432, "text": "ETDP10157 Marematlou Training Institute"}, {"id": 431, "text": "ETDP10171 NTI College"}, {"id": 430, "text": "ETDP10179 Future Performance Training and Development"}, {"id": 429, "text": "ETDP10151 Hlekesikoleni Trading cc"}, {"id": 428, "text": "ETDP10147 Sithembekile Project Management"}, {"id": 427, "text": "ETDP10141 Assessment Evaluation Research and Development ASEV "}, {"id": 426, "text": "ETDP10139 Impendulo Planning and Development"}, {"id": 425, "text": "ETDP10138 Training and Development at Wincor"}, {"id": 424, "text": "ETDP10136 STC Skills Consortium NASCO"}, {"id": 423, "text": "ETDP10137 Mbila Consulting Services"}, {"id": 422, "text": "ETDP10134 NY Management Development Consultants cc"}, {"id": 421, "text": "ETDP10133 Thuto-Ke Lefa Training cc"}, {"id": 420, "text": "ETDP10132 Tshililo Labour Consulting cc"}, {"id": 419, "text": "ETDP10131 Basicut IT Solutions"}, {"id": 418, "text": "ETDP10130 Khanyisa Training and Development Consulting"}, {"id": 417, "text": "ETDP10129 Keletso Academy Enterprises"}, {"id": 416, "text": "ETDP10128 Nnika Consultancy"}, {"id": 415, "text": "ETDP10127 Bondiswa Investments cc"}, {"id": 414, "text": "ETDP10126 Sekusile Development Practitioners"}, {"id": 413, "text": "ETDP10125 Wildfire Development Training Agency"}, {"id": 412, "text": "ETDP10124 Kenako Investments"}, {"id": 411, "text": "ETDP10123 Vuthela Africa Development"}, {"id": 410, "text": "ETDP10122 Edu-K of South Africa cc"}, {"id": 409, "text": "ETDP10121 Sirius Training"}, {"id": 408, "text": "ETDP10120 ITO Focus Buffalo City"}, {"id": 407, "text": "ETDP10142 Libizona Training Centre"}, {"id": 406, "text": "ETDP10119 Peritum Agri Institute Pty LTD"}, {"id": 405, "text": "ETDP10117 Nduvheni Consulting and Associates"}, {"id": 404, "text": "ETDP10116 Nyelati Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 403, "text": "ETDP10115 SANGARI SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 402, "text": "ETDP10114 Nthati Industrial Suppliers and Projects cc"}, {"id": 401, "text": "ETDP10113 Ulwazi Research Training Centre"}, {"id": 400, "text": "ETDP10112 Boitjhorisong Resource Centre"}, {"id": 399, "text": "ETDP10144 Northern Cape Urban College: Kimberley Campus"}, {"id": 398, "text": "ETDP10109 Dotcentre Business Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 397, "text": "ETDP10106 Creative World"}, {"id": 396, "text": "ETDP10090 Masikhulisane Poeple Inc"}, {"id": 395, "text": "ETDP9351 VUTLHARI BYA DZONGA CONSULTANTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 394, "text": "ETDP7252 Transformative HR Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 393, "text": "ETDP9532 Tinissa Trading 29 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 392, "text": "ETDP9546 THUKAKGALADI INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PROJECT"}, {"id": 391, "text": "ETDP7926 READUCATE"}, {"id": 390, "text": "ETDP859 NKOSINATHI TRAINING CENTRE -QUALITY ASSURED"}, {"id": 389, "text": "ETDP10087 MITANOYA TRAINING CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 388, "text": "ETDP7416 Lead The Field"}, {"id": 387, "text": "ETDP7663 KHUMAGADI SKILLS DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 386, "text": "ETDP10086 Kagaka Investments"}, {"id": 385, "text": "ETDP5775 IKHWEZI COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ICCE "}, {"id": 384, "text": "ETDP7376 HRD Performance Consultants"}, {"id": 383, "text": "ETDP9932 GWALA TRAINING SERVICES"}, {"id": 382, "text": "ETDP7147 EVEREST CYBERVERSITY"}, {"id": 381, "text": "ETDP9897 African Learning Development Academy Pty Ltd ALDA "}, {"id": 380, "text": "ETDP9950 Tembe Service Providers"}, {"id": 379, "text": "ETDP9601 SWARANANG DEVELOPMENT AGENCY"}, {"id": 378, "text": "ETDP10085 Mbonyoloso Education Development Solutions"}, {"id": 377, "text": "ETDP9675 Jenk Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 376, "text": "ETDP9791 Emthonjeni People Development Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 375, "text": "ETDP9565 Assessment and Entrepreneurship Centre"}, {"id": 374, "text": "ETDP8628 Ungaphelamandla Consultancy Private College PTY LTD"}, {"id": 373, "text": "ETDP7279 Umdlalo Wami Therapeutic and Skills Development Services Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 372, "text": "ETDP8332 Thubezihle Training Institute"}, {"id": 371, "text": "ETDP8490 Khensani Training Group"}, {"id": 370, "text": "PABH7981 Pfukani Training and Development"}, {"id": 369, "text": "ETDP8818 Ndoma Mathodi Trading Enterprise"}, {"id": 368, "text": "ETDP10084 MVIMBI BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 367, "text": "ETDP738 MHLONHLORI BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 366, "text": "ETDP8784 ISILULU CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 365, "text": "ETDP8688 Be At Focus Consultancy"}, {"id": 364, "text": "PABH7508 Zisukumele Training Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 363, "text": "ETDP7344 World Wide Education Providers Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 362, "text": "ETDP7738 VHUTSILA KWAHO HOLDINGS PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 361, "text": "ETDP505 Ulandi Lewena Lema Business Communications"}, {"id": 360, "text": "ETDP10103 Tununu Trading cc"}, {"id": 359, "text": "ETDP10081 THRIVE LEARNING FACILITATION CC"}, {"id": 358, "text": "ETDP7380 The Organisation Development Specialists Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 357, "text": "ETDP7638 The Portfolio Consulting Group"}, {"id": 356, "text": "ETDP7908 THEMOLO"}, {"id": 355, "text": "ETDP7312 The Link Assessment Moderation and Skills Centre PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 354, "text": "ETDP7554 The B G Connexion PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 353, "text": "ETDP7243 Synergy Training"}, {"id": 352, "text": "PABH5115 St Mary s Interactive Learning Experience S.M.I.L.E "}, {"id": 351, "text": "ETDP10080 SPS Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 350, "text": "ETDP7878 South African Congress For Early Childhood Development"}, {"id": 349, "text": "ETDP7465 South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind"}, {"id": 348, "text": "ETDP7934 Siragelaphambili Abet Skills Development"}, {"id": 347, "text": "ETDP7740 Sine Themba Ngabantu Training"}, {"id": 346, "text": "ETDP7186 RUDO CONSULTING cc"}, {"id": 345, "text": "ETDP577 QONDISA EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROJECT"}, {"id": 344, "text": "ETDP7417 PULA TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTING"}, {"id": 343, "text": "ETDP7608 Imithombo Institute"}, {"id": 342, "text": "ETDP7943 Pholo Human Capital"}, {"id": 341, "text": "ETDP10102 PMADS Holdings PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 340, "text": "ETDP7361 PEDRA BUSINESS ADMINISTRATORS cc"}, {"id": 339, "text": "ETDP7946 Malemane PeopleDevelopment Services"}, {"id": 338, "text": "ETDP7966 Osizayo Training and Skills Development"}, {"id": 337, "text": "ETDP7885 Gabaphalane Business Projects"}, {"id": 336, "text": "ETDP7274 MATHS CHAMP"}, {"id": 335, "text": "ETDP7889 MARGARET RAWICZ ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 334, "text": "ETDP10076 Management of Schools Training Programme MSTP "}, {"id": 333, "text": "ETDP7411 INTSIKA TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 332, "text": "ETDP10075 Regen Institute of Leadership and Management Education"}, {"id": 331, "text": "ETDP7666 IMBIZA TRAINING AND QUALITY SOLUTIONS"}, {"id": 330, "text": "ETDP7392 Human Resources Generalist cc"}, {"id": 329, "text": "ETDP7214 HEED CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 328, "text": "ETDP7132 Headstart Montessori Training"}, {"id": 327, "text": "ETDP7445 Green Mile Training and Enviro Services"}, {"id": 326, "text": "ETDP10101 EDU LEAD"}, {"id": 325, "text": "ETDP7368 EBUHLENI EDUCATION GROUP"}, {"id": 324, "text": "ETDP7842 Duxed Training Centre"}, {"id": 323, "text": "ETDP10100 CONTEXTUAL ASSESSMENT INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 322, "text": "ETDP7861 DEVELO CC"}, {"id": 321, "text": "ETDP7984 Dabulamanzi Njabulo Ndaba Consulting cc"}, {"id": 320, "text": "ETDP2161 Cooper-King Development Trust"}, {"id": 319, "text": "ETDP10099 Competency Alignment Forum C.A.F t a Tlhatlogo Educational Services"}, {"id": 318, "text": "ETDP7482 Breakeven 59 PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 317, "text": "ETDP7304 BOITUMELO TRAINING RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 316, "text": "ETDP10073 Berry Rose Project Consultants Service Providers"}, {"id": 315, "text": "ETDP10072 Audit Campus"}, {"id": 314, "text": "ETDP10071 AQUARIUS SKILLS SOLUTION"}, {"id": 313, "text": "ETDP786 Iziko Lekhono Skills Solutions"}, {"id": 312, "text": "ETDP7213 HAPPY KIDS"}, {"id": 311, "text": "ETDP6827 MOSAKONG MANAGEMENT CC"}, {"id": 310, "text": "ETDP6250 Retshetse Training Project"}, {"id": 309, "text": "ETDP5975 Z G TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICE CC"}, {"id": 308, "text": "ETDP5190 Wildlife and Enviroment Society of South Africa"}, {"id": 307, "text": "ETDP5248 Skills Dynamics"}, {"id": 306, "text": "ETDP5151 CMJ Training and Developments"}, {"id": 305, "text": "ETDP5176 SKILL FACTOR CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 304, "text": "ETDP5185 NKB PROJECTS CAPABILITY"}, {"id": 303, "text": "ETDP10069 Mthimkhulu Training and Development Institute PTY LTD"}, {"id": 302, "text": "ETDP5926 KWAZULU NATAL EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE"}, {"id": 301, "text": "ETDP5238 Khulakahle Centre"}, {"id": 300, "text": "ETDP5451 Keith Thomas and Associates"}, {"id": 299, "text": "ETDP5160 JUNCTION TRADING 9CC"}, {"id": 298, "text": "ETDP10068 Isibani Soluntu Development Trust"}, {"id": 297, "text": "ETDP5549 INKANYEZIYOKUSA CONSULTING CC"}, {"id": 296, "text": "ETDP2663 INKWENKWEZI PRIVATE COLLEGE - SKILLS DEVELOPMENT cc"}, {"id": 295, "text": "ETDP10067 IMPILO YOKHOZI GENERAL CONSTRUCTING SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 294, "text": "ETDP5344 Human Sciences Research Council"}, {"id": 293, "text": "ETDP5516 GOODISON CLARKE MENTORING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 292, "text": "ETDP7146 GABANGABO TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 291, "text": "ETDP10066 THE SKILLS FACTOR"}, {"id": 290, "text": "ETDP10065 COMMUNITY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE"}, {"id": 289, "text": "ETDP5896 Caversham Education Institute"}, {"id": 288, "text": "ETDP5327 BEPE Developments"}, {"id": 287, "text": "ETDP5238 Mandisa Development Services"}, {"id": 286, "text": "ETDP5974 Ugu Skills Academy"}, {"id": 285, "text": "ETDP2363 STAR UPLIFTING CENTRE"}, {"id": 284, "text": "ETDP2296 OD SDT CONSULTING"}, {"id": 283, "text": "ETDP2569 Khululeka Community Education Centre"}, {"id": 282, "text": "ETDP011646 Good News Trust"}, {"id": 281, "text": "ETDP2893 HDPSA"}, {"id": 280, "text": "PABH1414 Thutong Gankwane"}, {"id": 279, "text": "ETDP1577 THE EDUCO TRUST OF AFRICA"}, {"id": 278, "text": "ETDP10098 Sustainability Institute Trust"}, {"id": 277, "text": "ETDP1599 SLED,Sign Language Education and Development"}, {"id": 276, "text": "ETDP1565 Mind Magic Consulting"}, {"id": 275, "text": "ETDP1946 HEADSTART MERCY MONTESSORI TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 274, "text": "ETDP1113 EXPRESS TRAINING CC"}, {"id": 273, "text": "ETDP7673 EMASA CC"}, {"id": 272, "text": "ETDP1594 ECD CONSULTING SERVICES"}, {"id": 271, "text": "ETDP10062 AFRICA COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 270, "text": "ETDP0183 Woz obona Early Childhood Community Service Group"}, {"id": 268, "text": "ETDP5232 WonderKids Academy"}, {"id": 267, "text": "ETDP0261 Welile Consultancy t a A hi Dyondzeni"}, {"id": 266, "text": "ETDP0469 Vukanikids PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 265, "text": "ETDP9319 VHUTSILA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES"}, {"id": 264, "text": "ETDP0281 Unang Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 263, "text": "ETDP10061 Umzansi Educational Programs Centre"}, {"id": 262, "text": "ETDP10060 Ulwazi Training Development"}, {"id": 261, "text": "ETDP0237 Ubambiswano A St Andrews School for Girls initiative "}, {"id": 260, "text": "ETDP0322 Tshwane South College for ECD Academy "}, {"id": 259, "text": "ETDP10059 TSHEPANG EDUCARE TRUST"}, {"id": 258, "text": "ETDP10058 Tsela Training Consultants"}, {"id": 257, "text": "ETDP0178 Training and Resources in Early Education TREE "}, {"id": 256, "text": "ETDP0361 Total Development Solutions"}, {"id": 255, "text": "ETDP7251 T Mabuya Associates Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 254, "text": "ETDP0902 Tlakwano Training Development Institute"}, {"id": 253, "text": "ETDP10057 THUSANANG TRUST"}, {"id": 252, "text": "ETDP10056 Third Wave Human Development Enterproses Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 251, "text": "ETDP0286 TSG"}, {"id": 250, "text": "ETDP0197 The College of Modern Montessori"}, {"id": 249, "text": "ETDP0162 The Learning and Assessment Centre cc"}, {"id": 248, "text": "ETDP0550 The Port Elizabeth Early Learning Centre"}, {"id": 247, "text": "ETDP0146 THE NOVALIS INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 246, "text": "PABH0486 The African Child Development Trust"}, {"id": 245, "text": "ETDP10055 The Natal Adult Basic Education Support Agency NASA "}, {"id": 244, "text": "ETDP0168 THABONG EDUCARE RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 243, "text": "ETDP10054 Takatso Educare Training and Development Services"}, {"id": 242, "text": "ETDP0424 SWAN SUPPORT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 241, "text": "ETDP10631 Sunshine Centre Association"}, {"id": 240, "text": "ETDP0297 StrateCor"}, {"id": 239, "text": "ETDP10174 Spotru Training Centre"}, {"id": 238, "text": "ETDP10053 SANDF COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY"}, {"id": 237, "text": "ETDP10050 SANTS College"}, {"id": 236, "text": "ETDP0130 SKU Training and Assessment"}, {"id": 235, "text": "ETDP0156 SKILLS EMPOWERMENT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE"}, {"id": 234, "text": "ETDP10048 Siyathuthuka Nursery School"}, {"id": 233, "text": "ETDP8383 SIYATHELA EARLY LEARNING ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 232, "text": "ETDP0826 Siyakhana CC"}, {"id": 231, "text": "ETDP10047 SITHUTHUKILE TRUST"}, {"id": 230, "text": "ETDP0170 Simeka Management Consulting Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 229, "text": "ETDP0264 Sigodi Development Services and Associates SDS cc"}, {"id": 228, "text": "ETDP0191 Short Course Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 227, "text": "ETDP10046 Shelley Mcmaster cc"}, {"id": 226, "text": "ETDP0266 Safe and Sound Learning Association"}, {"id": 225, "text": "ETDP10045 ACADEMY WORKPLACE DEVELOPMENT AWD "}, {"id": 224, "text": "ETDP10044 Resonance Institute of Learning"}, {"id": 223, "text": "ETDP0312 Read Educational Trust"}, {"id": 222, "text": "ETDP10041 QED-Quality Executive Development"}, {"id": 221, "text": "ETDP0326 QED NDAWO"}, {"id": 220, "text": "ETDP0256 PULSE EDUCATION SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 219, "text": "ETDP0142 Professional Quality Management Institute of South Africa PQMISA "}, {"id": 218, "text": "ETDP0348 Project Literacy"}, {"id": 217, "text": "ETDP0196 Project for the Establishment of Pre-Primary Primary Schools PEPPS "}, {"id": 216, "text": "ETDP10039 Play with a Purpose Educational Trust"}, {"id": 215, "text": "ETDP0696 PHETHA PROFFESSIONAL SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 214, "text": "ETDP10038 People Growth and Development"}, {"id": 213, "text": "ETDP0295 Peddie Development Centre"}, {"id": 212, "text": "ETDP10037 PC Educational Holdings Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 211, "text": "ETDP0243 Pace Career Centre"}, {"id": 210, "text": "ETDP0187 Osizweni Community Development Centre"}, {"id": 209, "text": "ETDP10284 One World Language School OWLS "}, {"id": 208, "text": "ETDP5622 Okwethu Training Business Enterprises"}, {"id": 207, "text": "ETDP0176 OBET PRO - Outcomes Based Education and Training Programmes"}, {"id": 206, "text": "ETDP10036 Ntsangalala Business Enterprise"}, {"id": 205, "text": "ETDP0153 Ntataise Lowveld Trust"}, {"id": 204, "text": "ETDP7325 NIEBOR"}, {"id": 203, "text": "ETDP10034 New Beginnings Training and Development Organisation"}, {"id": 202, "text": "ETDP0271 New Ventures South Coaching Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 201, "text": "ETDP5466 New Age Strategies"}, {"id": 200, "text": "ETDP0204 Ndzalama Training"}, {"id": 199, "text": "ETDP10033 NATAL EARLY LEARNING RESOURCE UNIT TRUST"}, {"id": 198, "text": "ETDP0184 Namaqualand Association for Preschool Education"}, {"id": 197, "text": "ETDP7390 Changing Lives Community Development Training"}, {"id": 196, "text": "ETDP10091 M P van Rooy Training Consultant"}, {"id": 195, "text": "ETDP10336 M Power Learning and Development"}, {"id": 194, "text": "ETDP10143 Strategic Solutions Services"}, {"id": 193, "text": "ETDP0252 Montesori Africa Teacher Training cc"}, {"id": 192, "text": "ETDP10267 Montessori Teacher Training Centre South Africa"}, {"id": 191, "text": "ETDP10031 Vuka Training Development"}, {"id": 190, "text": "ETDP0258 Molteno Project, The"}, {"id": 189, "text": "ETDP10029 Matimba Management and Labour cc"}, {"id": 188, "text": "ETDP8304 MASEBAPALE RESOURCES"}, {"id": 187, "text": "ETDP0172 MASAKANE TRUST"}, {"id": 186, "text": "ETDP10028 MASIKHULE EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE"}, {"id": 185, "text": "ETDP0283 MASIBAMBANE RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 184, "text": "ETDP0242 Maputle Industrial Relations Consulting"}, {"id": 183, "text": "ETDP0126 MACCAUVLEI LEARNING ACADEMY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 182, "text": "ETDP10026 LITTLE SEEDS TRUST"}, {"id": 181, "text": "ETDP2977 Little Anchors Academic Pre-Primary"}, {"id": 180, "text": "ETDP7247 Lindithemba cc"}, {"id": 179, "text": "ETDP10097 Light Study College"}, {"id": 178, "text": "ETDP10024 LESEDI EDUCARE ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 177, "text": "ETDP0137 Learning for all Trust"}, {"id": 176, "text": "ETDP0125 Learning Performance Link"}, {"id": 175, "text": "ETDP0294 Knowledge Network Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 174, "text": "ETDP0299 Klein Karoo Resource Centre"}, {"id": 173, "text": "ETDP0247 KIP Training and Assessment Consultants and Contractors"}, {"id": 172, "text": "ETDP10023 Pineridge Training Centre"}, {"id": 171, "text": "ETDP0216 Khanyisa Community Educare Development Centre"}, {"id": 170, "text": "ETDP10301 KHANIMAMBA TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTRE"}, {"id": 169, "text": "ETDP0319 Ken Mathews AssociatesTraining Counsultants cc."}, {"id": 168, "text": "ETDP0276 Keletsong Community Training Resource Centre"}, {"id": 167, "text": "ETDP10371 Katehong Early Learning Resourse Unit KELRU "}, {"id": 166, "text": "ETDP10021 Guru Group of Learning Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 165, "text": "ETDP7739 JET EDUCATION SERVICES"}, {"id": 164, "text": "ETDP0287 Jennifer Quinn Trading as Quintessential Development Culture"}, {"id": 163, "text": "ETDP0326 JDG Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 162, "text": "ETDP0304 Jabulani Training Development"}, {"id": 161, "text": "ETDP0279 J2 Lab Assessor Training"}, {"id": 160, "text": "ETDP10536 Hlakola Projects cc"}, {"id": 159, "text": "ETDP10020 Isamon Vocational College of Excellence Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 158, "text": "ETDP10019 Aldabri 106 Institute for Quality Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 157, "text": "ETDP0212 Institute for Development Services"}, {"id": 156, "text": "ETDP7888 Inkwazi Learning Network"}, {"id": 155, "text": "ETDP5217 Ingcwenga Consulting"}, {"id": 154, "text": "ETDP0233 Infinite Education"}, {"id": 153, "text": "ETDP10018 INFOMAGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 152, "text": "ETDP10595 Inclusion support services"}, {"id": 151, "text": "ETDP10017 Ikhulubone Trust"}, {"id": 150, "text": "ETDP5795 Igugu Training and Investments"}, {"id": 149, "text": "ETDP10016 IEB Assessment Education and Training Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 148, "text": "ETDP0163 HTS ETD Practitioners"}, {"id": 147, "text": "ETDP10015 HRD Training Consulting"}, {"id": 146, "text": "ETDP10180 Hlengana Sibiya Training and Associates cc"}, {"id": 145, "text": "ETDP0135 HLANGANANI PRE-SCHOOL ASSOCIATION"}, {"id": 144, "text": "ETDP0118 Headstart ECD projects"}, {"id": 143, "text": "ETDP10013 GROW EARLY LEARNING TRUST"}, {"id": 142, "text": "ETDP10208 Greater Soweto Association for Early Childhood Development"}, {"id": 141, "text": "ETDP10012 Grassroots Adult Education and Training Trust"}, {"id": 140, "text": "ETDP10011 Golang Kulani ELC"}, {"id": 139, "text": "ETDP10010 Gogota Skills Development Consultancy"}, {"id": 138, "text": "ETDP10009 G K Gray Training cc"}, {"id": 137, "text": "ETDP10096 Future-Teacher Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 136, "text": "ETDP10007 Fundani Education Development cc"}, {"id": 135, "text": "ETDP10006 Free State Educational Skills Centre"}, {"id": 134, "text": "ETDP10005 Faranani Trust"}, {"id": 133, "text": "ETDP10004 Faranang Business and Training Solutions PTY LTD "}, {"id": 132, "text": "ETDP10003 Esiqongweni - The Flying Start in Skills Development"}, {"id": 131, "text": "ETDP10002 Equity Innovations"}, {"id": 130, "text": "ETDP10001 ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDUCATIONAL TRUST"}, {"id": 129, "text": "ETDP10000 Elsiemot Associates"}, {"id": 128, "text": "ETDP9999 Ekuhlaleni Community Preschool Project"}, {"id": 127, "text": "ETDP9998 Efunda Education Consultants"}, {"id": 126, "text": "ETDP9997 EDUTEL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 125, "text": "ETDP9996 Education Development Trust"}, {"id": 124, "text": "ETDP9995 EDUTAK PRE-SCHOOL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 123, "text": "ETDP0235 EDTECH CONSULTING"}, {"id": 122, "text": "ETDP0298 EBENEZER TRAINING HOUSE FOR EARLY LEARNING"}, {"id": 121, "text": "ETDP9994 Hawa Tayob"}, {"id": 120, "text": "ETDP9993 TLN HUMAN PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 119, "text": "ETDP9992 Dr Caroline Leaf Consultancy"}, {"id": 118, "text": "ETDP9991 Punchline Education And Training"}, {"id": 117, "text": "ETDP0238 De Hart Training cc t a Tswelopele Trading"}, {"id": 116, "text": "ETDP9989 Custoda Trust"}, {"id": 115, "text": "ETDP9988 CURMO Designs Pty Ltd Co"}, {"id": 114, "text": "ETDP9987 CORE TRAINING INTERNATIONAL"}, {"id": 113, "text": "ETDP9986 Corporate College International"}, {"id": 112, "text": "ETDP9985 Corporate Assessment Solutions Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 111, "text": "ETDP0259 Cooperative Organization for the Upgrading of Numeracy Training"}, {"id": 110, "text": "ETDP9984 VERYCOOLIDEAS"}, {"id": 109, "text": "ETDP9983 Convergent Ideas cc"}, {"id": 108, "text": "ETDP9982 Contra-Lit Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 107, "text": "ETDP9981 Competency International SA Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 106, "text": "ETDP7633 Competitive Edge Training Consulting"}, {"id": 105, "text": "ETDP0209 Competitive Capabilities International"}, {"id": 104, "text": "ETDP9980 Colleen Osorio Skills Development Consultancy cc"}, {"id": 103, "text": "ETDP9978 CLASS Consulting"}, {"id": 102, "text": "ETDP9977 CHRISTINE SHINGLES ASSESSMENT SERVICES CC"}, {"id": 101, "text": "ETDP9976 QPD CONSULTANTS"}, {"id": 100, "text": "ETDP0155 CENTRE FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 99, "text": "ETDP9975 Catholic Institute of Education CIE "}, {"id": 98, "text": "ETDP9974 Business Development Unit PTY Ltd"}, {"id": 97, "text": "ETDP9973 Annacol Training Consultants"}, {"id": 96, "text": "ETDP9972 BPC HR Consultants"}, {"id": 95, "text": "ETDP10283 BOTSHO BOTLE RESOURCES"}, {"id": 94, "text": "ETDP0311 Bopaditshaba Community Project"}, {"id": 93, "text": "ETDP10095 Bonang Training Development"}, {"id": 92, "text": "ETDP9969 Behaviour Systems Development Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 91, "text": "ETDP9968 Beam Sun Projects Training Centre International"}, {"id": 90, "text": "ETDP0203 BASADI PELE FOUNDATION"}, {"id": 89, "text": "ETDP9967 Barak learning and Development Consultants cc"}, {"id": 88, "text": "ETDP10094 Employmax"}, {"id": 87, "text": "ETDP9966 Ayanda General Trader"}, {"id": 86, "text": "ETDP9965 AVATAR ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 85, "text": "ETDP7404 Avax Training Development"}, {"id": 84, "text": "ETDP9964 Mary Poppins Professional Au P"}, {"id": 83, "text": "ETDP0253 ATTE - The Training Edge"}, {"id": 82, "text": "ETDP9962 Assessment Outsourcing"}, {"id": 81, "text": "ETDP9960 Art City Artworks"}, {"id": 80, "text": "ETDP9959 Amakhosi Moderators Assessors"}, {"id": 79, "text": "ETDP9958 Akhisa cc"}, {"id": 78, "text": "ETDP9957 Akani Communication"}, {"id": 77, "text": "ETDP9955 Motehong Foundation Training Providers"}, {"id": 76, "text": "ETDP9954 Affari Consultants cc"}, {"id": 75, "text": "ETDP9952 Accreditation Training Services"}, {"id": 74, "text": "ETDP9951 Abalimi Bezekhaya "}, {"id": 73, "text": "ETDP7966 SEJ Skills Academy Pty Ltd"}, {"id": 72, "text": "ETDP7774 D M Management and Consulting"}, {"id": 71, "text": "ETDP622 eDegree"}, {"id": 70, "text": "ETDP7122 RIO RIDGE 7 PTY LTD"}, {"id": 69, "text": "ETDP10213 DITSELA WORKERS EDUCATION INSTITUTION"}, {"id": 68, "text": "ETDP1606 OPERATION UPGRADE"}, {"id": 66, "text": "ETDP7724 SEOPOSENGOE TRAINING CONSULTANCY CC"}, {"id": 65, "text": "ETDP10140 TWR BUSINESS ENTERPRISES PTY LTD"}, {"id": 64, "text": "ETDP9963 ASSESSMENT COLLEGE OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 63, "text": "ETDP9765 MAKGABANE EMPOWERMENT DEVELOPMENT"}, {"id": 62, "text": "ETDP5910 MHS SKILLS CC"}, {"id": 61, "text": "ETDP5717 MAQHOBOZA CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 60, "text": "ETDP10528 ELIJAH BARAYI MEMORIAL TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 59, "text": "ETDP9953 ABASUNGULI TRAINING SPESIALISTS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 58, "text": "ETDP7987 WALOG TRAINING DEVELOPMENT BK"}, {"id": 57, "text": "ETDP0150 TEAM CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 56, "text": "ETDP10783 PRO-ACTIVE PUBLIC SERVICES COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 55, "text": "ETDP10064 NTATAISE"}, {"id": 54, "text": "ETDP7946 MATHS CENTRE INCORPORATING SCIENCES"}, {"id": 53, "text": "ETDP10641 TLHOAFALO TRAINING CENTRE"}, {"id": 52, "text": "ETDP10177 DELTA ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE NPC"}, {"id": 51, "text": "ETDP5514 NUTREND PUBLISHERS CC"}, {"id": 50, "text": "ETDP10070 ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION SOUTH AFRICA NPC"}, {"id": 49, "text": "ETDP10779 LINDOKUHLE BASIC SKILLS TRAININGCC"}, {"id": 48, "text": "ETDP10619 WESTERN COLLEGE FOR FURTHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING"}, {"id": 47, "text": "PABH5728 MAZMOH HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENTCC"}, {"id": 46, "text": "ETDP7401 PROTEC PROGRAMME FOR TECHNOLOGICAL CAREERS"}, {"id": 45, "text": "ETDP10497 SOULTALK CC"}, {"id": 44, "text": "ETDP10754 HOPE ACADEMIC AND SKILL CENTRE"}, {"id": 43, "text": "ETDP10078 PROFESSIONAL CHILD CARE COLLEGE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 42, "text": "ETDP10104 ACADEMY OF PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD"}, {"id": 40, "text": "ETDP10285 MOGOTO YOUTH ORGANIZATION"}, {"id": 39, "text": "ETDP5184 NEW HORIZONE PRE-SCHOOL TRAINING AND RESOURCES PROJECTS"}, {"id": 38, "text": "ETDP10593 MATHEMATICS EDUCATION PRIMARY PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 37, "text": "PABH9898 ALINTO BUSINESS ENTERPRISE"}, {"id": 36, "text": "ETDP10227 METAVARSITY PTY LTD"}, {"id": 35, "text": "ETDP7580 MTA GR4 ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 34, "text": "ETDP10330 MBIDZO DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME"}, {"id": 33, "text": "ETDP10504 FSCAI INSTITUTE OF LEARNING"}, {"id": 32, "text": "ETDP10773 EASY ENGLISH CENTRE CC"}, {"id": 31, "text": "ETDP10680 EDUTOUCH LEARNING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD"}, {"id": 30, "text": "ETDP10275 SELADI AND ASSOCIATES"}, {"id": 29, "text": "ETDP10777 LENIMAN TRAINING CAREER SERVICES"}, {"id": 28, "text": "ETDP10049 SKILLS DYNAMICS AFRICA PTY LTD"}, {"id": 27, "text": "ETDP111 ASORIP NPC"}, {"id": 26, "text": "ETDP10571 Gold Peer Education Development Agency NPC"}, {"id": 25, "text": "ETDP9264 SERANABO GLOBAL SERVICES"}, {"id": 24, "text": "ETDP10887 South African Municipal Workers Union"}, {"id": 23, "text": "ETDP10042 QUINTESSENTIAL DEVELOPMENT CULTURE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 22, "text": "ETDP10146 Amsi and associates cc"}, {"id": 21, "text": "ETDP7261 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT TRUST"}, {"id": 20, "text": "ETDP10027 LONA ULWAZI CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 19, "text": "ETDP1860 GROUP INDIGO CONSULTING PTY LTD"}, {"id": 18, "text": "ETDP7656 EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION ASSOCIATION INC"}, {"id": 17, "text": "ETDP10472 CENTRE FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION"}, {"id": 16, "text": "ETDP0123 INTERNATIONAL COMPETENSIE NETWORK CC"}, {"id": 15, "text": "ETDP0134 THE SKILLS FRAMEWORK PTY LTD"}, {"id": 14, "text": "ETDP7250 Advantage Training Services cc"}, {"id": 13, "text": "ETDP10040 HOSPITALITY PROFFESSIONALS CAPE TOWN PTY LTD"}, {"id": 11, "text": "ETDP7535 KHETHIWE MANAGEMENT TRADING MOTIVATION CONSULTANCY"}, {"id": 10, "text": "ETDP10873 THINK TWICE"}, {"id": 9, "text": "ETDP0122 INHLANSI CONSULTANTS CC"}, {"id": 8, "text": "ETDP10176 TLHARIHANI TRAINING CENTRE PTY LTD"}, {"id": 7, "text": "ETDP10105 THE GMC GROUP PTY LTD"}], "pagination": {"more": true}, "search_term": {"search_term": null}}